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Dubbo Photo News May 23-29, 2019


Wednesday May 29 ABC




Dubbo’s TV Guide


6.00 News Breakfast. (CC) 9.00 ABC News Mornings. (CC) 10.00 Stealing Van Gogh. (PG, R, CC) 11.00 Catalyst. (PG, R, CC) 11.30 A Taste Of Landline. (R, CC) 12.00 ABC News At Noon. (CC) 12.30 National Press Club Address. (R, CC) 1.30 Compass. (PG, R, CC) 2.00 Newton’s Law. (M, R, CC) 3.00 The Cook And The Chef. (R, CC) 3.30 Hard Quiz. (PG, R, CC) 4.00 Think Tank. (PG, R, CC) 5.00 Nolan. (PG, R, CC)

6.00 9.00 11.30 12.00

6.00 The Drum. (CC) Analysis of the day’s news. 7.00 ABC News. (CC) Takes a look at today’s top stories. 7.30 7.30. (CC) Presented by Leigh Sales. 8.00 Anh’s Brush With Fame: Dannii Minogue. (PG, CC) Anh Do paints Dannii Minogue’s portrait. 8.30 The Weekly With Charlie Pickering. (M, CC) A satirical news program exposing the humorous, absurd and downright hypocritical. 9.00 The Letdown. (M, CC) (Series return) Audrey frets over Stevie’s first birthday, causing the celebration to be a fraught, over-catered extravaganza. 9.30 QI. (PG, CC) Hosted by Sandi Toksvig. 10.00 To Be Advised. 10.45 ABC Late News. (CC) 11.15 The Business. (R, CC) 11.30 Four Corners. (R, CC)

6.00 PRIME7 News. (CC) 6.30 PRIME7 News @ 6:30. (CC) 7.00 Home And Away. (PG, CC) Colby makes an enemy of Bella. Dean makes a bold move. Willow urges Jasmine to fight. 7.30 House Rules. (PG, CC) The teams battle the clock in the early reveal challenge of Shayn and Carly’s renovation. Hosted by Johanna Griggs. 9.00 The Bay. (M, CC) A confession leaves Lisa with a new perspective on Dylan’s killer. Abbie has a terrifying experience with local drug addicts. Med begins his own investigations. 11.00 The Latest: Seven News. (CC) 11.30 Blindspot. (M, CC) After Rich Dotcom solves a tattoo about the Michelangelo bombers, the team races to prevent a series of explosions that could devastate New York.

6.00 Nine News. (CC) 7.00 A Current Affair. (CC) 7.30 Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation. (PG, CC) Contestants include Love Island winner Tayla Damir, and comedians Jimeoin and Joel Creasey. 8.40 20 To One. (M, CC) Jimmy Carr, Kathy Griffin, Jane Fonda and more count down 20 viral mega hits. 9.40 New Amsterdam. (M, CC) (Final) Sharpe tries to find a creative way to help Max. Kapoor gets surprising news. Reynolds takes a big step in his relationship with Evie. One of the doctors makes a life-altering decision. 10.40 Rizzoli & Isles. (M, R, CC) Jane and the team join forces with another detective to investigate a roadside killer. 11.30 Mom. (M, R, CC) Bonnie is hurt to discover she is not Christy and Adam’s emergency contact.

6.00 WIN News. (CC) 6.30 The Project. (CC) The hosts and guest panellists take a look at the day’s news, events and hot topics. 7.30 MasterChef Australia. (CC) In teams of 8, contestants are allocated a “secret weapon� to help serve a four-course Italian meal for 40 diners. 8.45 Five Bedrooms. (M, CC) The housemates find themselves pushed to their boundaries by Ben’s behaviour. 9.45 Bull. (M, CC) Bull takes on a pro bono case for a client who received poor legal advice and plead guilty to a misdemeanour assault. 10.40 Sports Tonight. (CC) Scott Mackinnon, Roz Kelly and Ant Sharwood provide coverage of the latest sporting news. 11.10 Hawaii Five-0. (M, CC) Grover’s family visits for Thanksgiving.

6.00 Mastermind Australia. (PG, CC) Presented by Jennifer Byrne. 6.30 SBS World News. (CC) 7.30 Going Places With Ernie Dingo. (CC) Ernie heads to K’gari, also known as Fraser Island, where he meets a proud Butchulla man. 8.00 Great British Railway Journeys: Ealing Broadway To South Kensington. (CC) Michael Portillo reaches the capital on his rail journey from Warwick to Rye in East Sussex. 8.35 24 Hours In Emergency: Mother’s Courage. (M, CC) A 20-year-old man is rushed to hospital after crashing his car into a wall. An 82-year-old woman is brought in by her daughter. 9.35 The Good Fight. (CC) Felix Staples returns with a new case. 10.30 Tennis. (CC) French Open. Day 4. From Roland-Garros Stadium, Paris, France.

12.15 Media Watch. (PG, R, CC) 12.35 MOVIE: Girl Asleep. (M, R, CC) (2015) 1.50 How To Stay Young. (R, CC) 2.50 Rage. (MA15+) 3.45 To Be Advised. 4.30 The Drum. (R, CC) 5.30 One Plus One. (R, CC)

12.30 Home Shopping. 5.30 Sunrise. (CC) David Koch and Samantha Armytage present the news, sport and weather, with business and finance updates.

12.15 World’s Funniest Videos Top 10 Countdown. (PG, R, CC) 12.40 Harry. (PG, R, CC) 1.30 Extra. (R, CC) 2.00 TV Shop. (R) 2.30 Global Shop. 3.00 TV Shop. (R) 4.00 Ellen DeGeneres. (PG, R, CC) 5.00 News. (CC) 5.30 Today. (CC)

12.05 WIN’s All Australian News. (CC) 1.05 The Project. (R, CC) 2.05 The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. (PG, CC) 3.00 Home Shopping. (R) 4.30 CBS This Morning. (CC)

4.00 Food Lovers’ Guide To Australia. (R, CC) Maeve and Joanna sample fish and chips. 5.00 CGTN English News. (CC) 5.15 NHK World English News. (CC) 5.30 Deutsche Welle English News. (CC)

ABC COMEDY 6.00 Children’s Programs. 7.05 Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures. (CC) 7.20 Bluey. (R, CC) 7.30 Spicks And Specks. (R, CC) 8.00 Squinters. (M, R, CC) 8.25 Upper Middle Bogan. (M, R, CC) 8.55 The Office. (PG, R) 9.35 Banged Up Abroad. (M, R, CC) 10.20 30 Rock. 10.45 Parks And Recreation. 11.05 Workaholics. 11.30 The Office. 12.20 30 Rock. 12.40 Parks And Recreation. 1.05 Workaholics. 1.25 The Thick Of It. 1.55 Stupid Man, Smart Phone. 2.45 News Update. 2.50 Close. 5.00 Children’s Programs.


2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00

Sunrise. (CC) The Morning Show. (PG, CC) Seven Morning News. (CC) MOVIE: Dark Desire. (M, CC) (2012) Kelly Lynch. The Daily Edition. (CC) The hottest issues from the day’s news. The Chase. (CC) Hosted by Bradley Walsh. Seven News At 4. (CC) The Chase Australia. (CC)

7TWO 6.00 Morning Programs. 9.30 NBC Today. (R, CC) 12.00 Property Ladder UK. (PG, R) 1.00 The Great Outdoors. (R, CC) 2.00 Million Dollar Minute. (R, CC) 3.00 Harry’s Practice. (R, CC) 3.30 Under The Hammer. (PG, R, CC) 4.00 The Real Seachange. (R, CC) 4.30 Air Crash Investigation. (PG, R, CC) 5.30 Property Ladder UK. (PG) 6.30 Bargain Hunt. (PG, R) 7.30 Border Security. (PG, R, CC) 8.30 Air Crash Investigation. (PG, CC) 11.30 Car Wars. (M, R, CC) 12.30 Late Programs.

6.00 News. (CC) 9.00 ABC News Mornings. (CC) 12.00 ABC News At Noon. (CC) 12.30 Press Club. (CC) 1.30 ABC News. (CC) 3.00 ABC News Afternoons. (CC) 4.00 Afternoon Briefing. (CC) 5.00 ABC National News. 6.00 ABC News Hour. 7.00 The Drum. (R, CC) 8.00 ABC News Tonight. 9.45 The Business. (CC) 10.00 The World. (CC) 11.00 ABC Nightly News. 12.00 ABC Late News. (CC) 12.30 7.30. (R, CC) 1.00 ABC Late News. 1.30 The Drum. (R, CC) 2.30 Late Programs.

6.00 8.30 12.00 1.00 2.15 2.30 3.00 3.30 4.00 4.30 5.00

6.00 Morning Programs. 12.00 Ax Men. (M, R) 1.00 World’s Toughest Cops. (M, R) 2.00 D.U.I. (M, R) 2.30 Pawn Stars. (PG, R, CC) 3.00 MythBusters. (PG, R, CC) 4.00 Restoration Garage. (PG, R) 5.00 Engineering Connections. (PG, R) 6.00 American Pickers. (PG, R) 7.00 Pawn Stars. (PG, R, CC) 7.30 Futurama. (PG, R) 8.00 The Simpsons. (PG, R) 9.00 Rostered On. (MA15+) 9.30 Family Guy. (M, R, CC) 10.30 American Dad! (PG, R) 11.00 American Dad! (M, R) 11.30 Late Programs.

6.00 Children’s Programs. 10.00 Dawson’s Creek. (PG, R, CC) 11.00 Friends. (PG, R, CC) 12.00 ER. (M, R, CC) 1.00 Xena: Warrior Princess. (M, CC) 2.00 Sliders. (PG) 3.00 Children’s Programs. 6.00 Friends. (PG, R, CC) 7.00 Big Bang. (PG, R, CC) 8.30 MOVIE: Waterworld. (M, R, CC) (1995) 11.10 Big Bang. (PG, R, CC) 12.00 Borderline. (M, R, CC) 12.30 Friends. (PG, R, CC) 1.30 Squidbillies. (MA15+, R) 2.00 Regular Show. (PG, R) 2.30 Children’s Programs.

6.00 Morning Programs. 11.30 My Favorite Martian. (R) 12.00 MOVIE: Please Turn Over. (PG, R, CC) (1960) 1.50 Mad About You. (PG, R, CC) 2.50 Four In A Bed. (PG, R) 3.20 Mary Queen Of Shops. (PG, R) 4.25 Heartbeat. (PG, R) 5.30 Vet On The Hill. (PG, R, CC) 6.30 Antiques Roadshow. (R, CC) 7.30 Blue Planet II. (PG, R, CC) 8.30 Serial Killer With Piers Morgan. (M, R, CC) 9.30 Westside. (CC) 11.30 Mary Portas Secret Shopper. (M) 12.30 Late Programs.


6.00 Morning Programs. 8.00 Girl Meets World. (PG, R) 9.00 Match It. (R, CC) 10.00 James Robison. (PG) 10.30 Black-ish. (PG, R) 11.15 Bewitched. (R, CC) 1.00 I Dream Of Jeannie. (R, CC) 2.30 Bewitched. (R, CC) 4.00 Just Shoot Me! (PG, R, CC) 5.00 Dr. Ken. (PG, R) 5.30 M*A*S*H. (PG, R) 6.00 Seinfeld. (PG, R, CC) 7.00 M*A*S*H. (PG, R) 8.30 MOVIE: The Prestige. (M, R) (2006) Hugh Jackman. 11.15 MOVIE: The People Vs Larry Flynt. (MA15+, R, CC) (1996) 2.00 Late Programs.

Headline News. (CC) Studio 10. (PG, CC) Dr Phil. (PG, CC) MasterChef Australia. (PG, R, CC) Entertainment Tonight. (CC) Neighbours. (PG, R, CC) Judge Judy. (PG, CC) My Market Kitchen. (CC) Good Chef Bad Chef. (CC) The Bold And The Beautiful. (CC) 10 News First. (CC)

6.00 France 24 English News. (CC) 6.30 Al Jazeera. (CC) 7.00 BBC News. (CC) 7.30 Italian News. 8.10 Filipino News. 8.40 French News. 9.30 Greek News. 10.30 German News. 11.00 Spanish News. 12.00 Arabic News F24. 12.30 Turkish News. 1.00 PBS NewsHour. (CC) 2.00 Dateline. (R, CC) 2.30 Insight. (R, CC) 3.30 The Truth About Fussy Eaters. (PG, R, CC) 4.30 Tennis. (CC) French Open. Day 3. Highlights. From Roland-Garros Stadium, Paris, France. 5.30 Letters And Numbers. (R, CC)





1.00 1.30 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00

Today. (CC) Today Extra. (PG, CC) Morning News. (CC) The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (PG, R, CC) Extra. (CC) Kevin Can Wait. (PG, R, CC) The Voice. (PG, R, CC) News Now. (CC) Afternoon News. (CC) Millionaire Hot Seat. (CC)



6.00 Children’s Programs. 6.00 Dragons: Race To The Edge. (PG, R, CC) 6.25 BTN Newsbreak. (CC) 6.30 Operation Ouch! (R, CC) 7.00 Horrible Histories. (R, CC) 7.25 Thunderbirds Are Go. (R) 7.50 Shaun The Sheep. (R, CC) 8.00 Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. (R) 8.10 Camp Lakebottom. (R) 8.20 TMNT. (PG, R) 8.45 Wishfart! (PG, R, CC) 8.55 Atomic Puppet. (PG, R, CC) 9.10 SheZow. (R, CC) 9.20 Barney’s Barrier Reef. (R, CC) 9.50 Rage. (PG, R) 10.50 Close. (R) 5.30 Children’s Programs.

6.00 9.00 11.30 12.00

6.00 Morning Programs. 12.00 Fixer Upper. (PG, R) 1.00 Postcards. (PG, R, CC) 1.30 Getaway. (PG, R, CC) 2.00 Flip This House. (PG, R) 3.00 The Block: Fans V Faves. (PG, R, CC) 4.00 Come Dine With Me UK. (PG, R, CC) 5.00 Restored. (R) 6.00 House Hunters Int. (R) 7.00 House Hunters. (R) 7.30 Escape To The Chateau. (PG, CC) 8.30 Stone House Revival. (R) 9.30 Building Off The Grid. (PG, R) 10.30 Find Me A Dream Home Australia. (CC) 11.30 House Hunters Int. (R) 12.00 Late Programs.


6.00 Shopping. (R) 8.00 Star Trek: Voyager. (R) 9.00 Jake And The Fatman. (PG, R) 10.00 Cheers. (PG, R) 11.00 Bondi Rescue. (PG, R, CC) 12.00 Matlock. (M, R) 1.00 WIN News. (R, CC) 2.00 Jake And The Fatman. (PG, R) 3.00 Diagnosis Murder. (PG, R) 4.00 ST: Next Gen. (PG, R) 5.00 Star Trek: Voyager. (R) 6.00 Judge Judy. (PG, R, CC) 6.30 Bondi Rescue. (PG, R, CC) 7.30 NCIS. (M, R, CC) A Mossad agent is killed in the US. 8.30 NCIS: Los Angeles. (M, R, CC) Callen and Hanna go on a secret mission to retrieve key evidence from a crime scene. 10.20 To Be Advised. 10.50 NCIS. (M, R, CC) 12.40 Shopping. (R) 2.10 ST: Next Gen. (PG, R) 3.05 Matlock. (M, R) 4.05 Diagnosis Murder. (PG, R) 5.05 The Doctors. (PG, R, CC)

WIN PEACH 6.00 Toasted TV. 6.05 Totally Spies! (R) 6.30 Transformers: Robots In Disguise. (R) 7.00 Cardfight!! Vanguard. (R) 7.30 The Amazing Spiez! (R) 8.00 Jar Dwellers SOS. (C, R, CC) 8.35 Rekkit Rabbit. (R) 9.00 Hanazuki: Full Of Treasures. (R) 9.30 Crocamole. (P, CC) 10.00 Raymond. (PG, R, CC) 11.00 Frasier. (PG, R) 12.00 WIN News. (R, CC) 1.00 Medium. (M, R, CC) 3.00 Raymond. (PG, R, CC) 3.30 Becker. (PG, R, CC) 4.30 King Of Queens. (PG, R) 5.30 Frasier. (PG, R) 6.00 Celebrity Name Game. (CC) 6.30 Neighbours. (PG, CC) 7.00 Raymond. (PG, R, CC) 7.30 Two And A Half Men. (M, R) 9.00 MOVIE: I Am Number Four. (M, R) (2011) Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant. 11.10 Two And A Half Men. (M, R) 11.40 James Corden. (M) 12.30 Shopping. (R) 1.30 Frasier. (PG, R) 2.30 Raymond. (PG, R, CC) 3.30 James Corden. (M, R) 4.30 Shopping. (R) 5.30 Late Programs.

6.00 WorldWatch. 12.00 Go Back To Where You Came From. (M, R, CC) 1.05 Rise Of The Supergamer. (M, R, CC) 2.10 Rise. (M, R) 3.00 The Pizza Show. (PG, R) 3.25 Jungletown. (PG, R) 4.15 WorldWatch. 5.15 If You Are The One. (PG, R) 6.15 News. 6.40 RocKwiz. (R) 7.35 MythBusters. (PG, R, CC) 8.35 MOVIE: Purple Rain. (M, R, CC) (1984) 10.40 MOVIE: Tokyo Tribe. (MA15+, R) (2014) 12.50 MOVIE: The Clown. (MA15+, R) (2010) 2.30 France 24. 3.00 Thai News. 3.30 Late Programs.

SBS FOOD 6.00 Morning Programs. 1.30 Hairy Bikers’ Bake-ation. (R) 2.30 Delia’s How To Cook. (R) 3.00 Mercurio’s Menu. (R) 3.30 Secret Meat Business. (R) 4.00 Food Lover’s Guide. (R, CC) 4.30 Delia’s How To Cook. 5.00 Food Lab. (PG, R) 5.30 The Cook And The Chef. (R) 6.30 Hairy Bikers’ Bake-ation. (PG, R) 7.30 Two Greedy Italians. (PG, R, CC) 8.35 Donna Hay: Basics To Brilliance Kids. (R) 9.00 Donna Hay: Basics To Brilliance. 9.30 Avec Eric. 10.00 The Cook And The Chef. (R) 10.30 Late Programs.

NITV 6.00 Morning Programs. 1.00 Settle Down Place. (R) 1.30 Get Your Fish On. (R) 2.30 Campfire. (R) 3.00 Waabiny Time. (R) 3.25 Yarramundi Kids. (R) 3.55 Bushwhacked! (R) 4.20 Grounded. (R) 4.50 The Time Compass. (R) 5.00 Volumz. (PG, R) 6.00 Desperate Measures. (PG, R) 6.30 Chefs’ Line. (R) 7.00 Our Stories. (R) 7.20 Young, Strong & Proud. (R) 7.25 News. 7.30 Vote Yes For Aborigines. (R) 8.30 The Point. 9.30 After The Apology. (M, R) 11.00 Late Programs.

CLASSIFICATIONS: (P) For preschoolers (C) Children’s programs (G) General viewing (PG) Parental guidance (M) Mature audiences (MA15+) Mature audiences only (AV15+) Extreme violence. (R) Repeat (CC) Closed Captions. Please Note: Listings are correct at the time of print and are subject to late change by networks.

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Dubbo Photo News 23.05.2019  

Dubbo Photo News May 23-29, 2019

Dubbo Photo News 23.05.2019  

Dubbo Photo News May 23-29, 2019

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