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SALISH FUSION KNITTING WORKSHOP 50+yrs In the three-hour workshop you will learn a colour-work technique Sylvia calls Coast Salish. While not invented by the west coast knitters nor used exclusively by them the method is most often found in Cowichan style knitting. This colourwork method avoids stranding and has incredible elasticity. Make a great hat out of Lopi-weight wool from Custom Woolen Mills. Sylvia is a knitting story-teller so be ready for an enriching workshop of fusion and fun. Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #6

1 – 4pm

Jan 21



ACRYLIC PAINTING FROM THE GROUND UP! 16 yrs+ Find out what works best for you. This class encourages you to paint in whatever style you like while exposing you to all the different aspects of acrylic painting. Lots of demos and one on one instruction ensures that all levels of artists can learn efficiently. You may be surprised to find that a new approach will make your painting easier and more enjoyable. This course is suitable for all levels. Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #1 Instructor: Wendy Robson Tu

7pm - 9pm

This class is an introduction to the fundamentals of painting in acrylics. You will learn about the properties of working with acrylic paints while focusing on building skills with brush control and color mixing, then playfully create your own masterpiece in the style of the Impressionists. Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #1 Instructor: Sandy Terry Sa, Su 10am - 4pm NEW

May 6 - May 7 2/$150 105281


16 yrs+

Instructor: Dr. Sylvia Olsen Sa

16 yrs+

Mar 21 - Apr 25 6/$150 105240

Try a variety of mediums each week! This class is intended for the beginner to have fun exploring and learning by working with different mediums. Drawing in graphite, conte and pastel, creating texture and vibrant color with watercolor, layering to impasto with acrylics, simple printmaking techniques and combining it all in a mixed media project. Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #6 Instructor: Sandy Terry M 1pm - 3pm

Feb 6 - Mar 13

6/$150 105280

LEARN TO SEE LEARN TO DRAW 16 yrs+ In this class you will be encouraged to use your right brain skills and process all of your sight information. Some people are more right brained than others but all can learn to adapt. Your enjoyment of the world around you becomes much greater as does your perception of formerly overlooked details. We use simple materials while we explore graphite, charcoal and colored pencils. You can work in whichever medium you prefer. Almost all art is mark making and so all artists can benefit from a class of this nature. No former experience is required. Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #1 Instructor: Wendy Robson W

7pm - 9pm

Mar 22 - Apr 26 6/$150 105241


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