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Peninsula Elder College

Welcome to Peninsula Elder College! Welcome to our Second Season of Peninsula Elder College Courses! Our first year was very successful! Over 100 members signed up for courses in the first year!


Elder College Learning For Life

Elder College Courses are different than traditional general interest courses! These courses are general interest programs for adults 50 yrs and better who still want to learn! A Volunteer Advisory Committee works hard at developing courses for you! The courses are offered by volunteer instructors with a passion for their subject. This partnership lowers the cost of the programs for the community members. Your yearly membership allows adults 50+ to access these low cost courses. Course semesters run Sept- Dec and Jan- June.

Step 1 Purchase your Elder College Membership for $15 online or through reception at Panorama Recreation. You can purchase your membership anytime! Your Elder College Membership will expire one year from the date of purchase. Membership benefits include: • Access to register for courses. • Access to free community workshops • Quarterly newsletters Make sure you get your Membership Card!

Step 2 Register for courses at least one week prior to the course starting! You can register online, over the phone, in person or on the registration form at the back of the program guide.



Elder College New

Stress Management: How to Effectively Manage Your Stress

50 yrs+ Instructor: Mikiala Christie (Registered Acupuncturist) Are you overwhelmed with stress and not sure where to start to manage it? This course will offer a brief description of how stress affects the body and also provide some tools and guidelines for you to follow to help manage your stress. The instructor will also offer an ear acupuncture treatment at the end of the session. Please bring $5 for the supplies for the acupuncture treatment if you would like the treatment completed.

Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #6 72220



10am - 11:30am

Oct 1


Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #6 10am - 11am

Oct 22

The course leader is the author of three books, the latest of which, THE SMART CANADIAN WEALTH-BUILDER, will serve as a reference for this program. Participants will enhance their understanding of the personal Financial Planning process, of its Investment Plan component, and of the key role played by the financial services sector. The intent is to better equip participants for management of their financial resources, with the goal of enhancing net worth prior to retirement, and preserving wealth post-retirement.

Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #8 72212


10am - 11:30am

Sep 26 - Oct 31


50 yrs+ Instructor: Del Elgersma

‘Walking may be as close to a magic bullet as you’ll find in modern medicine’. Dr. JoAnn Manson, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, says: ‘If there was a pill that could lower the risk of chronic disease like walking does, people would be clamouring for it.’ Come and find out why! M

50 yrs+ Instructor: Peter Dolezal

Will and Estate Planning

A Walking Miracle

50 yrs+ Instructor: Peter Mason


Wealth Creation and Wealth Preservation


BC’s wills and estate laws are about to be overhauled for the first time in 90 years. Learn about how the proposed changes will affect your will and estate, practical advice about planning your estate, strategies to avoid probate fees, and how a tax-planned will can save taxes for your estate and beneficiaries

Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #8 72219



9:30am - 11:30am Oct 16 - Oct 23


Carving Christmas Snowmen

50 yrs+ Instructor: Norma Lofthouse

Snowmen are funny. They’re fat and roly-poly and sometimes they wear hats. They make people smile. Little wood snowmen make wonderful, simple gifts for Christmas! Learn to carve a funny snowman for your Christmas table or your favorite grandchild. This two-part carving and painting course will cover the basics of woodcarving along with safety advice. You can bring your own tools or borrow a carving kit from the instructor. All materials will be supplied, including a snowman cut out. Please bring $5 to the instructor for supplies. This course is suitable for all levels of expertise from beginner to advanced.

Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #8

The Tax Planned Will


50 yrs+ Instructor: Barb Sutherland & Milica Ivaz This course provides information and discussion about income taxes on an estate and how the use of ‘tax planed will’ may provide tax savings for a surviving spouse and/or the next generation of heirs. Also addressed are special considerations for blended families.

Location: Panorama Recreation Boardroom 72205


1pm - 2:30pm

Nov 20


M, W

10am - 12pm

Nov 26 - Nov 28


Volunteering has been shown to be an important part of healthy aging, helps to keep people connected with their community, is associated with enhanced longevity, and increases both happiness and satisfaction in older age. Planning for Healthy Aging: Literature Review



Elder College Women, Wealth and Wellness: Independent Living


50 yrs+ Instructor: Doreen Marion Gee

50 yrs+ Instructor: Debi Rich-Jones

Ever wonder where the terms ‘ Red Herring’ and ‘Sour Grapes’ came from? The study of the origins of phrases is an absolutely fascinating journey back in history. We can all have fun being word detectives as we explore the twists and turns along strange paths as ancient phrases evolved into modern language.

The purpose of this presentation is to provide valuable information to women of all ages to ensure that they are adequately educated and can make informed choices to protect themselves and their loved ones now and in the future.

Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #1

Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #1 72218


10am - 11am

Sep 26



Sep 27


The Wonder of Wales

We’ve heard of the Wonders of Wales - the mountains, castles, dragons, music and much more! Do you wonder about your heritage, your holidays, daffodils and leeks on St. David’s Day, or cooking “Welsh Rarebit”? Please join this interactive discussion and anyone is welcome! Please bring your ideas, thoughts, memories or dreams of Wales! Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room 1 Nov 14 - Nov 21 2/$20 72773 W 9:30am - 11:30am

Learn a simple, fun way to produce your memoirs whether or not you’re a novice or experienced writer. Find out how to organize and present your memoirs to share your life experiences with family and friends. Writing, research, layouts and interview tips will be given.

Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #1 10am - 12pm 10am - 12pm

12pm - 4pm

50 yrs+ Instructor: Diana Gough nee Hughes

50 yrs+ Instructor: Kaye Thomson




All About You: Writing Your Memoirs

72214 72217

Big Wigs and Bee’s Knees

Sep 12 - Sep 19 Oct 17 - Oct 24

2/$18 2/$18


Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Kindred Spirits

50 yrs+ Instructor: Pat Sarsfield, MA (English) L.M. Montgomery’s works will be examined within Canada’s cultural, regional, and historical context. The class discussion will include two of her most popular works (Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon), two of her notable novels (The Blue Castle and Rilla of Ingleside), her final fiction (The Blythes are Quoted), as well as excerpts from her lesser known works, autobiography (The Alpine Path), and poems. Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room 1 1pm - 3pm Nov 1 – Dec 6 6/$54 72785 Th

Elder College Community Garden Free Garden Plots, help us build a new community teaching garden! The Peninsula Elder College will be developing a community teaching garden for the Peninsula Elder College participants. Free Garden Plots are available to passionate gardeners! In return for your garden plot we are asking that gardeners offer a course or workshop to the community. It can be on pruning, garden preparation, cultivation, basic gardening, anything you’d like to share! Please send in your expression of interest for your garden plot to Build me a garden to grow people in! (Jim Rouse, Developer of Columbia, MD)


FALL 2012 like


Elder College


Apple is Everywhere!


50 yrs+

Apple TV, Ipod, Imac, Macbook and Iphone, Apple store. What do these products all have in common other than being a fruit? Find out in an informative format what many of these products are, how to use them, how they work together and how really simple Apple products are. By the end of this course you will have the chance to try these products hands on and see if is really for you! This workshop is not selling any products. It is an information learning workshop only.

Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room 1 72837



9:30 -11:30 am

Nov 16

Location: Panorama Recreation Boardroom Instructor: Janet Epps 9am - 10am

Sep 14

Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room 1 72830 72831



How to Buy an eReader

Are you thinking about buying an e-Reader but not sure which one to choose or what features to look for? Find out what is available and compare the features to select the right eReader for you in this workshop.


50 yrs+

Everyone has heard of social media and many think its a fad. It is not about to disappear anytime soon! The way we communicate has fundamentally changed forever. In this short workshop, you will learn what social media is, the benefits and downsides and what it can do for you. We will explore the basics of popular social media sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. 9:30am – 11:30am Sep 28 9:30am – 11:30am Dec 7

1/$14 1/$14


50 yrs+ Instructor Janet Epps


Social Media Basics

Social Media Basics Part 2 50 yrs+

Have you heard of other social media sites but don’t know what they do? Spend this session exploring together other social media sites on the web including Yelp, Urban Spoon, Path, Pinterest, Instagram and Foursquare. You will learn why many of these sites are popular and why the masses are using them today.

Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room 1 72832 72833


9:30am – 11am 9:30am – 11am

Oct 5 Dec 14

1/$12 1/$12


The World Wide Web in a Weekend

50 yrs+ Instructor: Robin Davies

Where did the World Wide Web come from? What is the Internet? Why is Google so smart? What are blogs, wikis, and social networks? How have these and other WWW technologies changed local and global communication? These questions and more will be answered in this program, as we look at the history and current uses of the WWW. You’ll also get a chance to design and build your own web content in the hands-on portion of each class. Bring your own laptop and/or digital camera if you like, and you’ll be web designing in no time!

Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #1 Instructor: Robin Davies 72213

Sa, Su 10am - 3pm

Dec 8 - Dec 9




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