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Embracing Technology by Jennifer Sloot continued from page 11

So here are Eight R’s for getting started on Twitter and building followers... • First, read and follow ten people. These may be friends, peers, mentors or just people of interest you know and now you will have an interesting Twitter feed. Find people who you may enjoy following by searching keywords that interest you. • Second, retweet (RT). Get your feet wet and simply re-tweet any tweet that you found interesting and add a thought or phase in addition to the RT (Retweet). This can spur conversation. • Third, relate. Building relationships online is just like building them offline. If someone does something nice for you, thank them. It is nice to thank people when they RT your tweets. • Fourth, rejoice. If you have something to brag about like your child won a race, people will be happy to congratulate you. Sometimes, face to face it is hard to make such announcements, but it is very acceptable to tweet them. Also, set a positive presence online. People don’t want to read about your complaints. Sharing your opinion and being authentic is one thing, but don’t be argumentative. Leave the negative vibes out. • Fifth, realize it is impossible for everyone to read all your tweets and for you to read everyone else’s tweets. Be selective. • Sixth, remember to keep your tweets informative, useful or funny. Leave out the mundane and uninteresting stuff. • Seventh, recognize there is the Twitter Lingo. For example: @reply, Direct Message (DM), Follower, Hashtag, Retweet (RT), Trending Topics and of course Tweet. • And finally, restrict how many people you are following. No one is going to follow someone who is following thousands of people but only has 10 followers. Build up slowly and enjoy the experience. Technology is certainly a double edged sword that has also created new problems such as pollution, identity theft, the greenhouse effect, maybe a depletion of the ozone layer, and perhaps even the threat of extinction from nuclear war. It has also been used to give us prosperity our ancestors could never have dreamed about. Whether it is ultimately used for our benefit or destruction is up to us. Panorama Magazine’s staff wish you all a very Happy July 4th holiday. Please acknowledge all the advertisers in the magazine who are instrumental in making this publication possible. P

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