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Frank Hamrick ’05 OLD FAN PRESS

Frank Hamrick, a Master of Fine Art graduate, displays his photography talents as well as his bookmaking skills in this hand-crafted, limited edition book. “Madalyn,” a collection of 18 photographs printed on 50-pound, double-sided, matte Red River Paper, is named for his niece, who is the subject of the photos taken while exploring the Georgia wilderness. Hamrick is an associate professor at Louisiana Tech University. NPR has written about his handmade books and in 2012, Oxford American Magazine listed Hamrick as one of the 100 Superstars of Southern Art. His work is housed in collections including the Georgia Museum of Art and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans. He has created 13 other handmade books.

Cleansing Blade Saga Randolph Ashby ’10 SELF-PUBLISHED

The “Cleansing Blade Saga” includes two books: “Internal Fear Project” and “Camelot’s Dream.” A team of young, highly skilled agents are responsible for saving the world from itself. They protect and serve to ensure a future for all innocents in this world. “Internal Fear Project” finds them in a remote weapons facility where they are to stop a madman. During the mission, more secrets begin to be uncovered within the facility’s walls. In “Camelot’s Dream,” the team faces a ruthless organization of private contractors. Randolph Ashby received a bachelor’s degree in English with a creative writing emphasis in 2010.

Images of America: Hatch Valley

Cindy Carpenter ’92 and Sherry Fletcher ’68, ’75 ARCADIA PUBLISHING

Writer Cindy Carpenter and historian Sherry Fletcher have captured the early times of the Hatch Valley’s past through photographs, oral history and historical newspapers. In 1929, Hatch Valley was on its way to being known as the Chile Capital of the World. True to the nature of a pioneer, the hardy residents of the Hatch Valley have fought against devastation of floods, the Great Depression and a changing economy. Their tenacity has made the Hatch Valley what it is today. Carpenter and Fletcher have just completed a second book, “Elephant Butte Dam.”

The President Had Ninety Seconds: A Thermonuclear Holocaust Awaited David F. Felsburg ’75 WESTBOW PRESS

Dave Felsburg, an electronics engineering alum, wrote this fictional account of actual events that took place in a 1979-80 Cold War setting. On Nov. 9, 1979, the missile warning alarms sounded throughout the Cheyenne Mountain Complex near Colorado Springs. The warning system announced that U.S. surveillance satellites had detected 250 enemy missiles launched from within the boundaries of the Soviet Union, with projected impact points throughout North America. The president had 90 seconds to authorize a retaliatory strike or risk losing all or part of the U.S. nuclear arsenal while still on the ground.

Valley of the Shaman: A Journey of Discovery Arlan Andrews Sr. ’64 ’66 ’69 KINDLE EDITION

“Valley of the Shaman,” one of two Kindle and Nook e-books by mechanical engineering doctoral graduate Arlan Andrews Sr., is a science fiction novel set near the Jemez Valley in northern New Mexico. The book reflects the cultural uniqueness of the Land of Enchantment as the main character follows the directions of an encrypted email that takes him into another dimension. “Valley of the Shaman” is among more than 500 fiction and non-fiction items in more than 100 venues worldwide produced by Andrews. He was a Hugo award finalist for the novella “Flow,” which appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine, November 2014. Andrews’ second e-book is “Other Heads & Other Tales,” a collection of mostly previously published short stories. Spring 2016 | New Mexico State University | Panorama


Panorama - Spring 2016  

Panorama is NMSU's Alumni and Friends magazine. To read the current issue, visit To view the Fall 2016 issue as a...

Panorama - Spring 2016  

Panorama is NMSU's Alumni and Friends magazine. To read the current issue, visit To view the Fall 2016 issue as a...