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Recent books by NMSU alumni

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Compiled by Jane Moorman

Magic in the Desert Dan Perry ’62


“Magic in the Desert,” by NMSU journalism alum Dan Perry, celebrates the history of NMSU through the lens of its football team. With a focus on the perfect 1960 football season, celebrated by the larger-than-life photo of All-American Pervis Atkins, the book begins at the start of Aggie football and then recreates Las Cruces and the campus at the end of the 1950s, when New Mexico A&M College became New Mexico State University. The book follows Perry’s college roommates and colleagues at The Round Up student newspaper, Frank Thayer and Mike Waldner, as well as his lifelong close friend, Charlie Rogers. Before he died in 2013, Perry secured the commitment of these three to see the book through to completion. The release of “Magic in the Desert” is the fulfillment of their promise to him.

Walking with Herb: A Spiritual Golfing Journey to the Masters Joe Bullock ’71 IUNIVERSE

Joe Bullock, who earned a Bachelor of Science in agriculture, combines his knowledge of banking and his love of golf to write an inspirational novel that allows the reader to imagine the possibility of competing at the highest level with the help of a little practice, a lot of faith and a golf guru named Herb. In the story, God has decided he is tired of watching people fail to live up to their potential. He selects a very ordinary man – a banker named Joe – to prove that people are far more capable than they believe they are, and calls him to play in the Masters Golf Tournament. Bullock wants to help others live up to their potential and create a stronger bond with God, who is presented as humorous and approachable in “Walking with Herb.”

Divorce in New Mexico: The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect Jan B. Gilman-Tepper, ’74 ADDICUS BOOKS, INC.

This guide will help people obtain general knowledge of divorce in New Mexico, and learn what to expect as an outcome. A better understanding of the divorce process will help those in this situation move through a divorce feeling more empowered to make sound, rational decisions. Jan Gilman-Tepper has practiced family law exclusively for more than 30 years. In “Divorce in New Mexico,” she joins her law partners, Sandra Morgan Little, Roberta S. Batley and Tiffany Oliver Leigh, in providing valuable information regarding divorce law. During their years of practicing family law, they have helped hundreds of clients navigate the divorce process.

RC Soaring: A Laughing Matter Part 1, 2 and 3 Gene Zika ’63


Gene Zika, a music education graduate, is a professional cartoonist with cartoons appearing in newspapers in Ohio and Florida. He has created three different cartoon books that reflect the endless humor found in radio-controlled gliders. Book one “RC Soaring: A Laughing Matter” is available in print and as an e-book from Zika also has parts two and three available as e-books from the same publisher.

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Panorama - Spring 2016  

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