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Rama IX Park The Largest Public Park In Bangkok Rama IX Park is the largest green space in Bangkok, with a beautiful botanical garden large lake and gardens inspired by countries around the world. Built in 1987 to celebrate King Bhumibol’s 60th Birthday. a visit to this large park on the outskirts of Bangkok is a great break from the city and, despite all the interesting things to see, remains surprisingly free of tourists and offers a genuine experience of how locals spend their afternoons off. The park is open from 05:00 until 18:00 every day, and admission costs 10 baht. Early mornings most people are here to exercise, and in the afternoons families and young couples come to laze around on one of the hired mats. The best time to come is in December, when the park hosts a lavish annual flower festival, but even out of season there is plenty to keep you entertained.

Some countries, including England and Japan, are represented in gardens. The wooden pavilion that forms part of the Chinese garden is hidden in a walled garden, with a lily pond and miniature bridges behind it. The American garden is housed in a large futuristic dome and is reminiscent of the Nevada desert, sandy with plenty of cacti. The Italian Garden is represented by ornate fountains and perfectly manicured hedges, whilst the French garden is home to an impressive colonnade and a statue reminiscent of Rodin’s great works. If you want to learn more about Thai plants, the large botanic garden has a large variety of beautiful flowers and trees, with orchids and indoor plants found in colonial inspired greenhouses. Be sure to check out Thakon Phrakia Pavillion in the middle of a lotus pond, it is a picture-perfect representation of classic Thai design.

SHOPPING MALLs Seacon Square Seacon Square Shopping Center on Srinakarin Road is one of the largest shopping centres in Thailand. Lengthwise, it stretches more than half a kilometre. The shopping centre covers a total area of half a million square metres, and houses more than 400 stores.

Paradise Park (mall) Paradise park or formerly known as Seri Center is a shopping mall located in Prawet District, Bangkok, Thailand. The retail giants siam prawit and MBK made a new jointventure for new opportunities in the suburbs of Bangkok their Paradise Park Srinakarin transformed Seri Center at a total cost of Bt3.2 billion. The mall opened officially on August 24, 2010 . It has been a rival to a nearby mall, seacon Square. Of the visitors to Paradise Park, about 70 per cent are people who live within a 3-kilometre radius, while the rest come from other areas of Bangkok as well as upcountry. The two companies bought the shares of Seri Centre Management for more than Bt975 million and transformed it into a new mega-mall that is expected to attract about 100,000 visitors a day