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Bangkok Congestion


City of Angels Thai Name: Krung Thep Maha Nakhon Country: Thailand Settled: Ayutthaya Period Founded as Capital: 21 April 1782 Region: Central Area Code: +66-2 Land Area: 1,568.737 km2 Population: 9,100,000 (est. 2010) Density: 5801/km2 Government Type: Special Administrative Area Subdivision Category: Metropolitan Administration Governor: M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra Time Zone: Thailand (UTC+7)


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We have traveled so far‌


Long time ago...

In 1768 Bangkok became the third capital city of Thailand.

The old tradition

is fading away‌

Nearly 250 years later

Estimated over 1,191 buildings 305 are skyscrapers

in Bangkok alone.

And more are coming Estimated over 660,000 people use the BTS and MRT daily.

700,000 new cars were

sold in 2009 alone

Every development, every new improvement comes with a cost. - Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Waste Pollutions - Traffic Jam - High CO2 emission. - Major contribution to global warming What will happen to this major city?

There was a prediction that within a few decades, Bangkok 30

because of global warming, will be completely submerged.

Unusual Weathers Abundant amount of rain Overflowing of Chao Phraya River Early winter Is this a sign to the Bangkok Residence, Thai people and so do all the human races?

WE All are contributing to Global Warming. Every thing we do releases CO2 gas.


WE Can still make a difference

GO GREEN Safe HER before it’s too late‌

By: Panod Srisinsuphya 5207640417

Panod JM213 Solo Final Project  

Every developments, every changes come with a cost. And this cost will be contributing to global warming. We can not stop producing Carbon M...

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