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Charming Princess

Charming Princess

“You can’t love me… For my heart is not meant to love anyone…” she wrote on her book. Kantarin Leelahuta or N'Eye, 18, one of the writer for Jamsai Publishing Company, the owner of a pen name Jao-Ying-Pu-LerChom or Charming Princess. Her writing career started since she was in grade 7 when she decided that she wanted to be a writer, so she wrote a story and posted it in website, a popular social website for Thai teenagers. Lucky enough, someone from Jamsai Publishing Company read and realized her writing talent and contacted her right away. Since then she have written over 23 books based mainly stories about love relationship of teenagers.

Kantarin Leelahuta or N'Eye got her pen name inspiration from Princess Diana, while she was choosing her pen name she read about Princess Diana and suddenly felt that she is a charming, smart, perfect princess in every way, and combined with her own beauty that she felt that this pen name would best fit her character the most.


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"I got my inspirations from my friends," she said. "I write stories based on their love story, and I also included mine."

"Then I just add a little bit of twist to make the story exciting," she added. It usually take her about a month to write each book, and most of the time, she would write it in her bedroom where she can freely express and create her imaginations. Being a writer shares her view about teenage love to her readers. Let them understand love better, give them a wider perception of this complicated issues, and let the readers understand that everything that happened because of love is just a simple and ordinary thing. Love is a feeling created inside us, a feeling that we could not control. Her book also creates imagination inside the reader's mind. A book is a friend, it will alleviate a person's mind to feel relaxed and yet still give a wider view of the word love.



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"The most successful book I have written is Sexy Gossip," she said. "This book was so successful that it was reprinted over and over again for 12 times." With her successful life at a very young age, she did not stop herself by just writing books, but also write screen plays which will be use to produce her own movie. With her busy schedule of both having to work and study, so far she have been managing her time very well.

"I try to attend the class as much as possible," she said. "Because education is my number one priority." She doesn't have that much time to rest like most teenagers do, she have been writing very high quality books, while also doing well in school. Her time management is surely very effective.

"By doing both work and study, it gives me a lot of experience," she said with a smile.

"Whenever I'm free I will use that time to work," she clarified.

It doesn't matter who you are, what age, gender, or nationality. Whenever you have realized that you have a gift, use it, where you will soon bring benefits to people around you and your family. Leelahuta's family is very lucky to have such a gifted daughter. With her writing abilities, she helped her family with most of the expenses in the house, and paid for all of her tuition. She is making her family proud. 3

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