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Restaurants & Bars service



Virtual TOUR Interior 360 degree HDR pictures

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• Show the capacity • Design and facility • Atmosphere of your place • Full navigation and control for users • Ready to use app.

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Exterior Show surroundings and location in daylight See here

Nigh life atmospehere See here

A unique views, gardens and yards See here

We are operating in 4 EU countries and Iceland. Pano 3D is focusing on 3D virtual tours and visualisations, social marketing. We have wide international promoting and marketing references and experience. Our main focus is a regional development in tourism and travel industry ,,ready to use,, customize ( from proposal to implement on your www)

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Restaurants Bars Catering services Bistros Coffee houses

Our 3D Virtual tour How to use? • • • • • • • • • •

On your web page Send via email Facebook, social media Online,offline galleries, Reservations,bookings domains e-Shops Touch screens, Tablets, Kiosk,Smartphones Exhibitions projects QR codes Many others

• Touch screens, Tablets, Kiosk, Smartphones Multi touch , catalogues

Hotel Mamas

• Facebook, social media Easy to share

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Effects & Features Live weather information's


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Video and photo galleries

Flash effects All our features and effects are for free of charge Map, navigation Facebook plug in

Panorama photographs

a highest standard of photo for web, gallery,posters, print. Wide panoramatic pictures to atract your customers.

Your unique FB page Design your own FB welcome page, Give people reason to share

It is a great way for promotions and free coupon campaigns Make people share it for you. see some FB samples

The art of Food by

Your own master peace Be original !

Your style Your food Our experience

You own gallery For : Web page Print Posters Fliers Menu Marketing

Additional photos

Restaurant Cousine Staff Wine , etc.

Food design Catering Events

• Our Prices are final and Include all fees and comisions • Include: • Proposal of our services • Profesional photoshooting • Graphic design • Programming • Customer service, implement to your web page • Subdomain, (dirrect approach www)


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