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When: March 20, 2010 Time: Noon Location: Martin Luther King, Jr. Bridge (enter at the intersection of Salem Ave. and 2nd St., downtown) REA Belief Statement It is a disgrace when elected state officials try to steal $ 1 billion dollars from the future of our children. It is a tragedy when lack of adequate funding for public schools can lead to the cutting of over 30,000 teachers and school support personnel state wide. It is a catastrophe when the state does not do whatever is necessary to keep the promise to our children "to continually maintain" high standards for schools and the teaching profession. The Roanoke Education Association believes our children deserve a high quality education. We believe our schools must be fully funded to meet the needs of our urban students. We believe salary cuts are unacceptable in any form. The Roanoke Education Association understands the current economic challenges we face; however, we must act now to minimize job losses and maintain current class sizes. The REA is committed to supporting the proposal for the Roanoke City 2%/2year meal tax that will generate much needed revenue for Roanoke City Schools. We will continue to advocate for all RCPS students and employees We will continue to collaborate with community and civic leaders to promote dynamic and effective solutions. Since we can’t count on the State to Keep the Promise to Virginia's children, the REA believes we must do whatever it takes to Keep the Promise to Roanoke's children.

Join us in standing up for the children of Roanoke.

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SOLIDARITY Rally for Public Education  

Join us in standing up for the children of Roanoke.