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Schirmacher 2014

Come on

Come on, Sit down, Here on the ground! Come on, Take sense, You human giant! Come on, Let time And all things be, Come on, From rush and run Feel free! Come on, Go with me, Put on my shoes, Come on, Be slowly On grass and wood! Come on, A day One single meter, Come on Every day, It‘s not getting later!

If I can not sing anymore, I lay down by flowers side, Colours, sounds and whispering filling up my empty mind. If I shall not to be found in the sorrow stricken world, Flowers come to heal me, what keeps me yet alive! If my breast feels narrowed, tied up with lang city walls, Flowers coming to give me - an new singers lust!

If I have no consolation anymore, can not sing and be, They begin to flourish before me, so sweet and so pure!

flowers And if I‘m back on singers tour, I say heartily „Thank You!“ to You all, who helped me so much: You, You, You, You, You, You,

violet, Imbellis perennis, trefoil, Campanula, Camomilla, teasel,

You poppy and not to forget dandelion And all I did forget!

Du hast die Kirschen gesehen Neben Flug und Rechen, Im Sonnenlichte Reihe stehen Ihre Rinde gr端n aufbrechen?

Du, Blüten über‘s Land verwehen, Die so viel versprechen, Doch auch solche überstehen, Die davon nichts brechen! Du, sieh den weißen Blütenzweig, Können freuen und gelingen Jahr für Jahr! Mensch, wo ist Dein eigen Kleid, Wo ist Dein Gelingen, Bist Du wirklich da?

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