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Diploma Project

Designing Smart Pill Box Designed a smart pill box, a medication reminder. The market considered was USA market.

The project has NDA

Nature & Form

2D & 3D Form The objective was to analyse a chosen natural form in its entirety and capture its essence into a 2D abstraction, 3D form and a product application. Getting inspired from Sweet Corn and getting 2D form by exploring and working on 2D for to get the 3D form and finally a product from 3D form.

2D Form

3D Form

3D Form

Product From Inspired from Sweet Corn - Peeler Storage for the peeled out

Main Body of Peeler

When you peel fruit or vegetables the peeled out part falls down on th platform and you have to collect it and throw it into dustbin. With the collector provided you can directly throw the peeled out part that falls off in the collector.

System Design

The System The system considered was regarding the facilities provided at MIT Institute of Design. The college system requires all paper work and managing and especially finding tools is difficult. In college the main problem is getting the books and tools back from the issued person. All the points were considered and a new system was been designed

Various Facilities Provided in College

Issuing flowchart at MITID

New System

Keypoints: - The I-card provided has a read and write memory chip, - Even if the college database crashes the whole database can be gained through the data stored in the I-cards. -The new system connects the whole college. - The facilities can be suspended if other facilities are not used properly, like not returning the book in time. - Tools and books can be gained back in time. - No paper entry required at any place.

Interface for New System A new software is required to perform all the function. With the use of software managing and maintaining the store will be very easy.

Login Page

Function Selection

Database Option 1

Branch Selection

Year and Branchwise Student List

Store Issue Options

Packaging Design

The final packaging that was designed was inspired from Shree Yantra and the food pyramid. The square from the shree yantra that corresponds to stability and the triangle from food pyramid corresponding to growth. A ttributes, the Shree Yantra gives wellness and the food pyramid shows all the nutrients that are required by the human body which is provided by ojasvita.

Mind map for the keyword ENERGY

Triangle:- Food Pyramid shows all the nutrients that are required by the human body

Square:- Shree Yantra gives wellness

Form Explorations Sketches

Final Design

Technically Complex Project

Current Sandwich Maker Random Checklist

The sandwich makers in houses are used once or twice a week, so the actual usable life of sandwich maker is very less so most of the time it is been stored.

Heating rod of sandwich maker


New Sandwich Maker The sandwich maker is made into a whole pack of heating appliances in one. It can make toast, sandwiches, small barbaque provides hot pan for making omlets. If directly used can heat up the vessels.

Form Explorations

3D Models The new sandwich maker has removable plates of diffetent type, so its easy to clean. The plates are for grilling sandwich, making toast, etc. Also a plate is provided that is double the size than the other plates which is used as a heat pan to make chapatis, papads, cutlets, etc when the sandwich maker is in open position Since it has heat pan and various other functions it can be contineously used in the kitchen, avoiding the storage part also.

The removable plates provide easy cleaning

The handle has a display that turns up at time of handling.

The flat plate on sandwich maker when it is in open position

Techno Aesthetic Design

Chakli Maker: Designed a chakli maker that takes less time for loading the to fill the chakli bater and also requires only one hand to be used wile operation. Also the shape plate at the bottom of the cylinder is made conical increasing the viewing angle of the person making the chakli, avodind bending to see where is chakli bater is coming out from the chakli maker

The Existing Design

New Design

The mechanism that was used ,was modified, the lever was removed and the downward motion was gained by slider (which can be seen in a side click mechanical pencil).

The previous locking was by threading that was provided on the cylinder, which took more time. But with this locking the locking can be done by just a small rotation of cylinder.


Using the existing chakli maker requires two hand and the removal of the cylinder requires time due to threading.

The new chakli maker can be used with one hand and the cylinder can be removed easily with the sloit locking.

Exploded View of the chakli maker

Final Product

HUMAN INTERFACE DESIGN We designed a interface for a multifunction gadget that will be used in 2035 while walking. We first created a scenerio for 2035 then defined the persona and then depending on the two we gained the product (gadget & interface).

Newspaper of 2035: We created the scenario and accordingly designed newspaper with the NEWS that will come in 2035

We created a persona and accordingly we designed the interface for that person

We thought of making her walking experience more interesting and enjoyable, so we created a multifunction device which will check fitness, play game, compose music, listen to music, navigate, share. The interface we made was for uploading music, that was created while walking.

Share page: Bubbles we considered since the first thought that comes to mind seeing the bubble is popping them

Upload to options

Share to, site selection

Login with Voice Command

Login Progress

What to Share Options

Music file selection by a scroll wheel

Sharing Lists

Friend Selection for sharing

Login with Voice Command

Final Upload Screen

Form Schemantics

Whenever we see a product it is related to a non-physical words, like the feeling. Form schematics consisted of select the non physical attributes and getting out the forms that will reflect that feeling.

Model Making

Material Handling & Explorations

3d Modelling




Curriculum Vitae Personal Details:

Name: Date of Birth: Sex: Contact No.: Mail ID:

Pankaj Vijaykumar Khamitkar 4th September, 1987 Male 9850777042

Educational Qualification:

Post Graduate Diploma in Product Design from MIT Institute of Design, Pune Mechanical Engineer from Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Software Skills:

Catia Rhino MS Office

Hobbies: Trekking, Coin Collection, Photography

Adobe Photoshop Keyshot

AutoCAD SolidWorks

Industrial Design Portfolio  

I am a Post Graduate Product Designer from MIT Institute of Design and looking for a job.

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