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Letter from the President www.ucfpanhellenic.com

On behalf of my executive board and my Panhellenic sisters, I would like to offer you a warm welcome to the Panhellenic Council at the University of Central Florida! I want to express my excitement that you have decided to go through recruitment and the journey you are about to embark on. While this year is not what you were expecting, I want you to know that this will be one of the greatest experiences you can have if you keep an open and positive mind. It is so crucial that you stay true to who you are and allow yourself to grow through this experience. Being yourself is the best power that you have—continue to be bold and fearless. Recruitment 2020 will be one for the books, and I am so happy that you all are a part of it. Our Panhellenic sisters are ecstatic to get to know each and every one of you and cannot wait to welcome you with open arms. I am so proud of this community, and all it has given me, and I cannot wait for you all to experience this. Go Knights, Charge On!

Panhellenic Love and Mine,



Table of Contents

................4 Meet the Panhellenic ................6 Executive Board Why Join a Sorority? ..............11 How Is Recruitment Different This Year? ..............14 Things to Complete Before ..............18 Recruitment Begins Virtual Recruitment ..............22 Schedule New Member Rights .............26 Sororities .............29 Frequently Asked ..............35 Questions About Panhellenic


About Panhellenic www.ucfpanhellenic.com

The National Panhellenic Conference was founded in 1902 and there are currently 26 women’s fraternities/sororities both nationally and internationally. The 26 organizations are different social, Greek-letter societies of college women and alumnae. Here, at the University of Central Florida, we have 12 chapters. Members are represented on more than 600 college and university campuses in the United States and Canada. There are currently more than 5,300 alumnae associations, making up more than three million sorority women in the world.

Alpha Delta Pi

Alpha Epsilon Phi

Alpha Xi Delta

Founded: 1851

Founded: 1909

Founded: 1893

Chi Omega Founded: 1895

Delta Delta Delta

Founded: 1888

Delta Zeta Founded: 1902


About Panhellenic

Gamma Phi Beta

Kappa Alpha Theta

Founded: 1874

Founded: 1870

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Pi Beta Phi

Founded: 1870

Founded: 1867

Kappa Delta

Founded: 1897

Zeta Tau Alpha Founded: 1898


Meet the Panhellenic Executive Board ucfpanhellenic www.ucfpanhellenic.com

Mackenzie President Majors: Legal Studies Minor: Sociology Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL Why I went Greek: I wanted to join a community that helped to make a huge school, not seem so big. I was able to find my people and my home away from home.

ucfpanhellenic www.ucfpanhellenic.com

Dani Vice President Majors: Business Communication Minor: Spanish Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Why I went Greek: I went Greek to have an automatic friendly face in a class, a cafe on campus, or a club meeting. I had a strong sense of community in high school through the different extracurriculars I joined, and wanted to continue that trend. By going greek, I've been given so much more than I ever could have imagined and I value these women so greatly.


Meet the Panhellenic Executive Board www.ucfpanhellenic.com


Christian Vice President of External Recruitment Majors: English-Creative Writing and Legal Studies Minor: Sociology Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL Why I went Greek: I went Greek because I was seeking a place where I could give back to the community on a larger scale and find my place on such a huge campus. ucfpanhellenic www.ucfpanhellenic.com

Charlotte Vice President of Internal Recruitment Majors: Elementary Education Hometown: Palm Beach Gardens, FL Why I went Greek: To find more friends and become bigger than just myself. Little did i know it would open so many more doors for me than i could ever imagine.


Meet the Panhellenic Executive Board ucfpanhellenic


Maci Vice President of Recruitment Guides Majors: Elementary Education Hometown: Lake Worth, FL Why I went Greek: Wanted to find the home-away-from-home, find my future bridesmaids!



Destinee Vice President of Community Involvement Majors: Political Studies Minor: Legal Studies Hometown: Tampa, FL Why I went Greek: To become more involved in the UCF community and find lifelong friends.


Meet the Panhellenic Executive Board ucfpanhellenic


Katie Vice President of Leadership & Academic Development Majors: Human Communications with a Health track Minor: Dance Hometown: Buffalo, NY Why I went Greek: Being 1,000 miles away from home I really wanted to find my people and going Greek has done exactly that, whether it be people in my own chapter or all of my friends throughout the Panhellenic community. ucfpanhellenic


Avery Vice President of Risk Management Majors: Health Services Administration Minor: Business Administration Hometown: Miami, FL Why I went Greek: I’m the first person to go Greek in my family, so for me it was all about breaking stereotypes, challenging misconceptions, and being the best woman I could be. Now I have a girl gang like no other and a community that pushes me to my full potential!


Meet the Panhellenic Executive Board ucfpanhellenic


Kayla Vice President of Administration Majors: Health Sciences Hometown: Deerfield Beach, FL Why I went Greek: To find a home away from home!

ucfpanhellenic www.ucfpanhellenic.com

Taylor Vice President of Public Relations Majors: Marketing Hometown: Jensen Beach, FL Why I went Greek: I wanted to join a community that could keep me busy, encourage me to get involved on campus, and help me better my career and network of amazing people. Panhellenic has given me these opportunities and lifelong friends, especially this Exec.


Why Join a Sorority?



Academic achievement is a significant component of your future success. The primary purpose of the Greek community is to encourage and develop high scholastic performance among its members. To go through sorority recruitment, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.5. Sororities offer many resources and educational opportunities to facilitate highquality learning for their members. In relation to the greater UCF community, the AllSorority average GPA is consistently higher than the undergraduate All-Women’s average GPA. Many Panhellenic members appear on the Dean’s list, President’s List, and belong to honor societies such as Order of Omega, Golden Key, and Rho Lambda.

Campus Involvement


Each year, members of the Greek community participate in a variety of university organizations and events. The Panhellenic Council and your chapter will encourage you to become involved in campus-wide activities. They are currently involved on campus in organizations such as the Student Government Association, honor societies, special-interest clubs, intramural sports, Orientation Team (OTeam), Resident Assistants, and campus tour guides.


Why Join a Sorority? Friendship & Sisterhood www.ucfpanhellenic.com

When you join a sorority you will not just be making new friends, but you will also find your home away from home. Sisterhood is more than wearing Greek letters and attending events. Sisterhood is a feeling and a sense of belonging. It is the feeling of being yourself and being respected for your individuality. Sisterhood is making friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Leadership www.ucfpanhellenic.com

Each sorority provides different opportunities to become a leader and help you develop as a leader. Leadership is not only attainable through Greek life, but on campus as well. Greek women currently hold leadership positions in the Student Government Association, President’s Leadership Council, Order of Pegasus, Orientation Team, Homecoming Executive Board, Knight-Thon Executive Board, along with countless other organizations and honor societies. Members of UCF Greek life have served as the SGA President and/or Vice President every school year since 2011.


Why Join a Sorority? Service & Philanthropy


Greek women’s interests and concerns go far beyond the confines of campus life. Sororities sponsor a multitude of activities each year to impact the local community and raise money for special philanthropies or identified projects. Each chapter also donates its time and efforts to a particular project, either locally or nationally. The community participates in each other’s philanthropy events throughout the year to help raise money for a wide variety of different causes.


We are extremely proud of our chapters for their efforts in raising money for their philanthropies. Over the course of the 2018-2019 Academic Year, the UCF Panhellenic Community raised over $830,000 towards their philanthropies. The Panhellenic Community raises more money than any other Greek council here at UCF. From dance competitions to food fundraisers, our chapters are constantly raising money to help those in need.

How Is Recruitment Different This Year? www.ucfpanhellenic.com

What is Virtual Recruitment? The health and safety of our Panhellenic community are some of the main priorities of the Panhellenic Executive Board. As you have chosen to go through this process to join our community this priority also keeps you in mind. As a result, Panhellenic Recruitment for the 2020 fall semester will be held in an entirely virtual format. This means that communication will be through text messages, phone calls, Zoom calls, and also through systems such as CampusDirector and LaunchPoint, which will be explained in this section of the booklet. Though as things change, many things remain the same, and the basis of recruitment has not changed. Recruitment is a week where sororities educate potential new members on their respective organizations and share their sisterhood with potential members while getting to know them. The days will be divided into “parties�, in which potential new members are invited to visit each chapter--in this case through a Zoom call--and have conversations with sisters. Each sorority has something unique to offer, and with 12 chapters, you should be able to find a group of women with whom you identify. The most important part of recruitment is to be yourself!



How Is Recruitment Different This Year? www.ucfpanhellenic.com

CampusDirector CampusDirector is an online recruitment tool that UCF Panhellenic has utilized for the last few years for our recruitment process. Here are some of the ways it will be used by you this year.

Username and Password Upon registering for recruitment, you made a username and password via CampusDirector. After your registration is complete, you can use your username and password to log in to your CampusDirector account throughout recruitment. If you forget your password there is a Reset Password link underneath where you log in to CampusDirector. Click on that link and enter the email address used when registering for CampusDirector. Then follow the steps to reset your password. The Recruitment team can also reset your username and password at any time. To log-off, click on the Log Off link in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Personal Introduction Video This is also where you can update and edit your profile if any information needs to be added or removed. This is especially utilized for the Personal Introduction Video that you have to create for this year's recruitment process. A box is featured on your profile called “Video Link� and that is where the link should be posted upon completing your video. More information on that is found on page 18.

Need Technical Help? Contact your Rho Gamma or email the VP of External Recruitment at ucfpanexternalrecruitment@gmail.com


How Is Recruitment Different This Year? www.ucfpanhellenic.com

LaunchPoint LaunchPoint designs online learning experiences for many fraternity and sorority communities across the country. They have partnered with the National Panhellenic Conference over the past few years to provide online education to women around Panhellenic primary recruitment to help them learn about the community they are looking to join, the benefits and expectations of membership, and how to determine what they are looking for from their membership and how to present their best selves during the recruitment process! In the face of the current pandemic and university requirements, the UCF Panhellenic Association has partnered with LaunchPoint to bring you education and a virtual recruitment experience!

Be sure to talk to your Rho Gamma if you have any issues with LaunchPoint. They've used it during their training, so they'll be able to help you!


How Is Recruitment Different This Year? www.ucfpanhellenic.com

Rho Gammas Rho Gammas, or recruitment guides, play a key role in the Primary Recruitment process. These sorority women are selected by a competitive application and interview process conducted by the Panhellenic Executive Board. Rho Gammas have the option to disassociate from their respective sororities in order to facilitate the recruitment process. They go through extensive educational training on the twelve UCF Panhellenic sororities (including their history, insignia, songs, traditions, and ideals) which gives them an equal knowledge of all the chapters and a neutral and informed perspective. They also receive training that will help guide you through the recruitment process and help you find your home on UCF’s campus. Although they may choose to reveal their letters, they still have been thoroughly trained to remain unbiased through the recruitment process. During the week of Primary Recruitment, Rho Gammas will have a group of 9-13 women to guide through the process. Each Rho Gamma will be in a group with 7 or 8 additional Rho Gammas and a Recruitment Executive Board member who will explain the process to potential new members, help them reach difficult decisions, and be their confidential soundboard.


Things to Complete Before Recruitment Begins



Personal Introduction Video Due to the virtual format that recruitment has taken, a new method had to be devised to help the chapters get to know you. Hence the creation of the Personal Introduction Video. This video is meant for you to introduce yourself to the chapters and is replacing the usual face-to-face conversation that takes place during Round 1 of Recruitment. www.ucfpanhellenic.com

Basic Parameters: The video should be filmed on an iPhone, smartphone, digital camera, or laptop webcam. It should be an interview-style with a plain background and make sure the video is well lit. Upload the video to YouTube! If you would like to keep it from being public, make sure it is uploaded as an unlisted video. Only those with the link will be able to see it. Keep it between 20 seconds to 1-minute long. What to Wear: Wear what makes you comfortable and helps you to feel most like yourself. Confidence and authenticity are key. Be presentable. A Pinterest Board has been made on UCF Panhellenic Pinterest account to help you with this as well so check it out. What Should You Say/Talk About? Make sure you share your name, hometown, and at least one fun fact about you! We are excited to hear from you! Questions to Consider: What are you looking for out of your collegiate experience? Why are you interested in joining a fraternal organization? What is one area of growth you hope to develop while at college? What is one thing you are looking for in the fraternal organization you join? When is the video due? As of the release of this booklet, the video is due on August 15th by midnight. This date can be changed by the Panhellenic Exec board as new young women register for recruitment and for special circumstances. However, the sooner the video is received the more time the chapters get to see it and get to know you. Where should it be uploaded? The video link should be uploaded to two different locations: First, directly into your CampusDirector profile, and second, into the google form that was emailed to you directly (if you registered prior to August 1st) or through the confirmation registration email (if you registered after August 8th).


Things to Complete Before Recruitment Begins www.ucfpanhellenic.com

LaunchPoint SPEAK UP Course SPEAK UP is rooted in the power of storytelling and real-world narratives. This online sexual assault prevention education program incorporates powerful stories told by survivors of sexual assault, rape, and stalking. The videos, content, and activities presented in SPEAK UP cultivate an atmosphere of individual engagement that promotes student learning.

Where can I access it? The link to this LaunchPoint Course will be provided to you during the first week of August through an email (if you registered prior to August 1st) or through the confirmation registration email (if you registered after August 8th). What does it contain? This course contains six quizzes and multiple videos that cover sexual assault prevention, bystander intervention, risk reduction, self-care, and quid pro quo. Panhellenic is a community of women and values the safety of our women greatly. We hope this educational course can help you be aware, vigilant, and a helpful source to the people in your life. When does this need to be completed? This needs to be completed by midnight on August 16th, 2020. www.ucfpanhellenic.com

LaunchPoint Greek Foundations Course This program helps sorority and fraternity members gain knowledge and skills in the areas of leadership, alcohol and other drugs, hazing, sexual violence, and mental health to start them with a strong foundation for a successful lifetime of membership! Where can I access it? The link to this LaunchPoint Course will be provided to you during the first week of August through an email (if you registered prior to August 1st) or through the confirmation registration email (if you registered after August 8th). What does it contain? This course contains fourteen videos and six surveys covering the topics of leadership, alcohol and other drugs, hazing, sexual violence, and mental health. These are important issues to the Greek community as a whole and we want you well informed upon joining our community. When does this need to be completed? This needs to be completed by midnight on August 16th, 2020.

Things to Complete Before Recruitment Begins


LaunchPoint PNM Orientation Course In previous years, Orientation was held in person, but this year we have taken the virtual approach in the form of an online course through LaunchPoint. Where can I access it? The link to this LaunchPoint Course will be provided to you during the first week of August through an email (if you registered prior to August 1st) or through the confirmation registration email (if you registered after August 8th).

What does it contain? This course contains fourteen videos, one quiz, five surveys, seven PDFs, and covers welcoming you to UCF Panhellenic, benefits and expectations of membership, recruitment best practices, explanation of the recruitment process, and more.

When does this need to be completed? This needs to be completed by midnight on August 16th, 2020.

Make sure you communicate your progress to your Rho Gamma and feel free to ask them any questions!



Things to Complete Before Recruitment Begins www.ucfpanhellenic.com

For Your Parents/Guardians Your parents also have a couple of responsibilities regarding your recruitment process. We understand that parents/guardians often like to be kept informed regarding our community so please share what's listed with them. www.ucfpanhellenic.com

Parents Orientation Course Written by parents, for parents to better understand fraternity and sorority life. This program was developed to help Parents of PNMs learn about the recruitment process, better understand the experience of being Greek, know the questions to ask their children throughout the process, and much more. Where can they access it? The link to this LaunchPoint Course will be provided to them (through you) during the first week of August through an email (if you registered prior to August 1st) or through the confirmation registration email (if you registered after August 8th). What does it contain? The course contains eight videos and four surveys covering topics such as benefits and expectations of membership, hazing, selection strategy, and more.

When does this need to be completed? Midnight on August 13th, 2020.


Parents Live Webinar Q&A This is an opportunity for parents to listen to a panel consisting of UCF administration, chapter advisors, and UCF Panhellenic Alum. The purpose of the panel is to share their sorority experience and answer any questions that might come up, as well as give insight into the importance of our community. Some of the questions the panel will address are the following: How much it costs to be in a sorority at UCF How Formal Recruitment week works How being part of a sorority will affect your daughter’s academics How being in a sorority will positively impact your daughter’s collegiate experience When is it? August 14th at 7:00pm-9:00pm, though the time is liable to change based on circumstances. What if your parent can’t make it to the webinar? First, we would encourage your parent to read over the Parents section on the Panhellenic website at www.ucfpanhellenic.com. If that doesn’t answer all of their questions, feel free to contact Fraternity and Sorority Life at (407) 823-2072 or email the Vice President of Leadership and Academic Development at ucfpanlad@gmail.com. We would be more than happy to answer your questions!


Virtual Recruitment Schedule

Sunday, August 16th www.ucfpanhellenic.com

Pan Knight Line-Up Panhellenic Knight Line Up is for women who will be missing one or more days or recruitment. It provides an opportunity to speak with the twelve chapters to make up for the time that you would be missing. If you will be missing days of recruitment, please email our Vice President of External Recruitment at ucfpanexternalrecruitment@gmail.com. This would be conducted through a Zoom call and both the link to the Zoom and the time of the event will be provided in an email to those who need to attend.


Panhellenic Exec Q&A To kick off the recruitment week, Panhellenic Exec will be hosting a Q&A session to make sure any of your last-minute questions are answered and covered. There are two sessions for the Q&A.The session you will be included in is based on which Rho Gamma Group you are in. They will let you know which session.

Session One: 6:00PM - 7:15PM Session Two: 7:15PM - 8:30PM


Rho Gam Group Meet & Greet Meanwhile, when you are not in a Q&A session, you will be in a meet and greet session with your Rho Gamma Group to get to know the other girls in your group and your Rho Gamma. There are two sessions for the Meet and Greet. The session you will be included in is based on which Rho Gamma Group you are in. They will let you know which session.

Session One: 6:30PM - 7:15PM Session Two: 7:15PM - 8:00PM


Virtual Recruitment Schedule

Monday, August 17th Tuesday, August 18th www.ucfpanhellenic.com

UCF Day 1 & 2 This year’s round one will not include a conversation and will instead be determined through the Personal Introduction Videos you created as well as similar videos that each of the chapters took the time to make.

LaunchPoint Panhellenic Chapters Course Chapter Videos These videos are 6 minutes long and feature sisters of chapters answering questions regarding their experiences in Panhellenic. You will be required to watch all twelve videos in full so that each chapter is given an equal chance. When will you be able to see these? The link to this LaunchPoint Course will be provided to you during the second week of August through an email (if you registered prior to August 9th) or through the confirmation registration email (if you registered after August 9th). There will also be a handful of short surveys after some of the videos to assist us in finding out how helpful the videos were to you and what you were able to learn. Post Video Reflections on Google Form You will get a chance to take notes on your feelings and opinions on the chapters through a google form. Making Selections Selections can be made on either Day 1 or Day 2 based on the completion of the LaunchPoint course. Talk to your Rho Gamma regarding this during recruitment. What to Wear? On this day you won’t be speaking to anyone directly, so feel free to wear whatever you want.


Virtual Recruitment Schedule

Wednesday, August 19th


Philanthropy Day In Round 2 you can get invited back to a maximum of 9 chapters where you will get the chance to learn about those chapters’ philanthropies. You will also be shown chapter dues during this round so that you know how much each sorority costs. Zoom Links Zoom Links will be provided to you through your schedule for the day and LaunchPoint. If any issues arise from this during the week let your Rho Gamma know right away. LaunchPoint Panhellenic Chapter Round 2 Courses This is a course that includes the philanthropy video and financial presentation and PDF sheet of the chapters that you were invited to for Round 2. This is not a traditional course like the ones you completed prior as it meant to provide information to you as opposed to be something you specifically need to complete. What to wear? Nice sundress, rompers. Today’s attire is slightly dressier but comfort should still be the focus.

Thursday, August 20th


Video Day On this day, you can be invited back to a maximum of 6 chapters to watch the chapters’ Recruitment Video, which will showcase different aspects of each chapter. This day focuses on sisterhood. Zoom Links Zoom Links will be provided to you through your schedule for the day. If any issues arise from this during the week let your Rho Gamma know right away. What to wear? Casual dresses, sundresses, nice tops. Today’s attire is dressier so keep that in mind.


Virtual Recruitment Schedule

Friday, August 21st


Preference Day This is the most significant round. You can be invited back to a maximum of 2 chapters for this round where you could have heart-to-heart conversations with chapter members, where they may share their story and discuss what the chapter means to them. Zoom Links Zoom Links will be provided to you through your schedule for the day. If any issues arise from this during the week let your Rho Gamma know right away. What to wear? Cocktail or tea-length dress, nice skirt. Today is a special day for you and the chapter members so we recommend making your attire the best it can be!

Saturday, August 22nd


Bid Day On Bid Day, you will attend a Zoom Panhellenic ceremony and receive a digital bid card distributed by Panhellenic. After that, you will be excused to your new chapter’s Zoom meeting where they will inform you what their bid day activities will be.

New Member Rights



Potential New Member Rights As you go through the recruitment process, it is important to understand how much we respect you and your decision to go through recruitment. It is our goal to make sure all potential new members feel comfortable and excited about going through recruitment and have fun throughout the entire week. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or feel that something just is not supposed to be a certain way, please let us know. The Recruitment Team and your Rho Gamma will do all we can to accommodate you. The following statements break down the rights potential new members have as they go through the process. The right to be treated as an individual The right to be fully informed about the recruitment process The right to ask questions and receive true and objective answers from recruitment counselors and members The right to be treated with respect The right to be treated as a capable and mature person without being patronized The right to ask how and why and receive straight answers The right to have and express opinions to recruitment counselors The right to have inviolable confidentiality when sharing information with recruitment counselors The right to make informed choices without undue pressure from others The right to be fully informed about the NPC Unanimous Agreements implicit in the membership recruitment acceptance binding agreement (MRABA) signing process The right to make one’s own choice and decision and accept full responsibility for the results of that decision The right to have a positive, safe and enriching recruitment and new member experience


New Member Rights www.ucfpanhellenic.com

MRABA Explanation of the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement The document on the opposite page is the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA), formerly known as the “Preference Card.” At the completion of the primary recruitment period, all women are given the option to sign an (MRABA). In order to receive a bid from a sorority on campus, the MRABA must be signed. Note that in not submitting an MRABA, you would also be removing yourself from the recruitment process. If you receive invitations to Preference, at the conclusion of your last Preference party, you will make your final selection in a classroom after the MRABA is read aloud to you by an Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life staff member, ranking the chapters you visited on Friday, August 21st in preferential order. You will electronically sign your MRABA through the PNM Companion app on your phone. Once the MRABA has been turned in to a representative of UCF Panhellenic it cannot be altered or changed. By signing this document, you as a Potential New Member agree that you are willing to accept a bid for membership from any sorority that you rank on the MRABA. If you do not receive a bid at the end of this process, you will be eligible for continuous open bidding (COB). Not all sororities may be open or participate in COB. If you decline a bid after receiving it, you will be ineligible to join any sorority on this campus until the next primary recruitment period. As a potential new member, you should also keep the following in mind when signing your MRABA: You should only list the sororities from which you will accept a bid of membership. You have the option to not list a sorority if you are certain you will not accept a bid. While maximizing options will increase a chance of you receiving a bid, you will never be forced to write down all your options. Maximizing your options does not increase the likelihood of receiving a bid. Should you choose to limit your options and not write all the sororities whose preference round you attended, you may not receive a bid at the end of this recruitment process.

New Member Rights www.ucfpanhellenic.com

Sample MRABA By signing this agreement, I understand and agree to the following terms: I am willing to accept an invitation to membership (a bid) from any sorority I list on this form. I will list the sorority(ies) in my order of preference for receiving a bid. I do not have to rank all the sororities that are my remaining choices if I am certain I will not accept a bid from them and do not see myself as a member of that sorority. I understand that should I choose to limit my choices, I might not receive a bid through this recruitment process. After submitting this form: I cannot change my ranking. I also cannot add or delete any sorority(ies). If I do not receive a bid from any sorority(ies) I have listed, I understand that I am eligible to join any sorority through COB if there is an opportunity. I also understand that not all sororities will recruit through COB. If I do receive a bid from a sorority I have listed, and I choose to not accept that bid, I understand that I am not eligible to join any other sorority on this campus until the start of the next primary recruitment period. NPC Unanimous Agreement III. The Panhellenic Compact 8. If through the primary membership recruitment process a potential new member accepts a bid and then has her pledge broken by an NPC sorority or breaks her pledge, then she is ineligible to be pledged to another NPC sorority on the same campus until the beginning of the next year’s primary membership recruitment period. By signing this membership recruitment acceptance binding agreement, I agree to accept a bid from any of the sororities I rank above. I also agree that I will be bound to that bid until the beginning of the next primary recruitment period on this campus. Date:___________________ I agree to the terms stated above, and I am willing to accept an invitation to membership from any of the following sororities whose preference event I attended (listed in order of preference): 1st preference:__________________________________ 2nd preference:__________________________________ Signature _______________________________________ Date_______________________ This agreement must be filed with the College Panhellenic within (1) business day of the above date.



Sororities ucf_adpi


Alpha Delta Pi Nickname: ADPi Colors: Azure Blue and White Symbols: Diamond and Lion Flower: Woodland Violet Values: Ambitious, thoughtful, loyal, and multi-faceted Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House Minimum GPA: 2.75 www.ucfadpi.com adpi@ucf.edu

ucfaephi www.ucfpanhellenic.com

Alpha Epsilon Phi Nickname: AEPhi Colors: Green and White Symbols: Columns Flower: Lily of the Valley Values: Friendship, selfless service, intellectual growth, & personal development Philanthropy: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation & Sharsharet Breast Cancer Network Minimum GPA: 2.5 (college), 2.75 (high school) www.ucfaephi.com aephi@ucf.edu


Sororities alphaxideltaucf


Alpha Xi Delta Nickname: Alpha Xi, AXiD Colors: Double Blue and Gold Symbols: Quill Flower: Pink Killarney Rose Values: Sisterhood, service, knowledge, and leadership Philanthropy: Autism Speaks Minimum GPA: 2.7 www.ucf.alphaxidelta.org alphaxi@ucf.edu

ucfchiomega www.ucfpanhellenic.com

Chi Omega Nickname: Chi O Colors: Cardinal and Straw Symbols: Owl, Skull, and Crossbones Flower: White Carnation Values: Friendship, High Standards of Personnel, Sincere Learning and Creditable Scholarship, Participation in Campus Activities, Career Development, and Community Service Philanthropy: Make-A-Wish Minimum GPA: 2.7 (college), 3.0 (high school) www.ucf.chiomega.com chiomega@ucf.edu


Sororities ucftridelta


Delta Delta Delta Nickname: Tri Delt, Tri Delta Colors: Silver, Gold and Cerulean Blue Symbols: Dolphin, Pearl, Pine, Pansy Flower: Pansy Values: Truth, Self-sacrifice, and Friendship Philanthropy: St. Jude Children’s Research Minimum GPA: 2.5 www.ucf.tridelta.com tridelta@ucf.edu

deltazetaucf www.ucfpanhellenic.com

Delta Zeta Nickname: DZ Colors: Nile Green and Rose Symbols: Turtle, Roman Lamp Flower: Pink Killarney Rose Values: Friendship, curiosity, generosity, citizenship, belonging, and empowerment Philanthropy: Speech and Hearing, Starkey Hear Foundation, and The Painted Turtle Camp Minimum GPA: 2.7 www.deltazetaucf.com dz@ucf.edu


Sororities gammaphibetaucf


Gamma Phi Beta Nickname: Gamma Phi Colors: Brown and Mode Symbols: Crescent Moon Flower: Pink Carnation Values: Love, Labor, Learning, and Loyalty Philanthropy: Girls on the Run Minimum GPA: 2.75 (2.5 - 2.74 first semester academic supervision) www.gammaphibetaucf.com gammaphibeta@ucf.edu



Kappa Alpha Theta Nickname: Theta Colors: Black and Gold Symbols: Kite, Twin Stars Flower: Black and Gold Pansy Values: Personal excellence, sisterhood/ friendship, scholarship, service, and leadership Philanthropy: CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) Minimum GPA: 2.85 www.ucf.kappaalphatheta.org kat@ucf.edu


Sororities kappadeltaucf


Kappa Delta Nickname: KD Colors: Pearl White and Olive Green Symbols: Nautilus Shell, Teddy Bear, Dagger, Emerald, Pearl, and Diamond Flower: White Rose Values: Confidence, sisterhood, and academics Philanthropy: Prevent Child Abuse America, Girl Scouts of the USA Minimum GPA: 2.5 www.ucf.kappadelta.org kd@ucf.edu



Kappa Kappa Gamma Nickname: Kappa Colors: Light Blue and Dark Blue Symbols: Owl, Key Flower: Fleur de Lis (Iris) Values: Truth, respect, and optimism Philanthropy: Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation, Reading is Fundamental, Cystic Fibrosis Minimum GPA: 2.75 www.ucf.kappa.org kkg@ucf.edu


Sororities ucfpiphi


Pi Beta Phi Nickname: Pi Phi Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Symbols: Arrow, Angel Flower: Wine Carnation Values: Integrity, Lifelong Commitment, Honor and Respect, Philanthropic Service to others, Personal and Intellectual Growth, and Sincere Friendship Philanthropy: Read, Lead, Achieve (Literacy) Minimum GPA: 2.5 www.ucf.pibetaphi.org piphi@ucf.edu ucfzta


Zeta Tau Alpha Nickname: Zeta Colors: Steel Grey and Turquoise Blue Symbols: 5-point crown, strawberries Flower: White Violet Values: Humility, being rather than seeming, leadership, love, loyalty, responsibility, seeking understanding that we might gain true wisdom, and service Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Education & Awareness Minimum GPA: 3.0 www.ucf.zetataualpha.org zta@ucf.edu


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Q: What is primary recruitment? A: At UCF, primary recruitment is a process that allows interested women to get to know each sorority before deciding which organization is best for her. If you decide to go through primary recruitment, you (and over 1,000 other women) will come to UCF and move-in a week before school starts in the fall. To make the process easier, your Rho Gamma (recruitment guide) will be with you every step of the way. During recruitment week, you will meet with all of the chapters on campus and get to know women in each chapter. Each round of recruitment consists of planned zoom events. For example, video day allows the sorority women to showcase their creativity and humor with a short video, while philanthropy day focuses on each chapter’s community service. This day will help you figure out the goals, values, and personality of each chapter on campus, and help you decide which chapter is best for you. Keep in mind that recruitment is a mutual selection process, so while you are deciding which chapters you feel most comfortable in, the women in each chapter are also trying to figure out which potential new members will fit best into their chapter.  Q: What should students know before joining a sorority on the Panhellenic council?  A: A sorority is a fraternal organization of women. These groups of women are bonded together by their ritual, which contains the founding principles, ideals, and aspirations of each organization. As a lifetime member of a Greek organization, students are offered the chance to develop as leaders, serve the community, and focus on their academic and career preparation while being surrounded by a caring supportive network of peers and alumnae. With all of these advantages, also come expectations of membership. Sorority women are expected to commit to academic excellence, community service, and character development. Q: What is a recommendation letter and are they necessary?  A: Letters of recommendation are letters written by sorority alumna recommending you to her sorority. If you know an alumna, it is not uncommon to ask her if she would be willing to write a letter of recommendation to her sorority. While recommendations are definitely appreciated by the chapter, they are not mandatory or required. Each chapter’s national organization has its own protocol for recommendation letters, so if you have any questions, encourage the alumna to contact them for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions www.ucfpanhellenic.com

Q: I am involved in another organization that conflicts with the primary recruitment dates. I want to do primary recruitment, what should I do? A: We understand that students involved in LEAD scholars, the UCF marching band, Orientation Team, UCF Athletics, and Resident Assistants (RAs) have a lot going on the week before school which may conflict with the primary recruitment schedule. To accommodate those students who are participating in the activities we listed, we have a special event just for you! It is called Panhellenic Knight Line-Up, for more information on this event please check out the recruitment tab of our website. Q: Can women who are not freshmen go through recruitment? A: Yes! Sororities accept women of all class levels as long as you are an undergraduate, full-time student on the UCF campus; you are eligible to join a sorority! Sorority life has many wonderful opportunities to offer to all college women. There is no reason for you to miss out on the experience because you are not a freshman. All undergraduate college women are encouraged to participate in recruitment regardless of their year in college. Q: How much does it cost to join a Panhellenic sorority at UCF? A: Like most organizations, joining a sorority requires a financial commitment. That said, the cost of joining a sorority will be different for each organization: a full breakdown of dues will be shared on Philanthropy Day and the dues ranges are available on ucfpanhellenic.com under “Chapters�. However, think of your sorority dues as more of an investment. You are investing in lifelong friendships and amazing college experience. Furthermore, most sororities have payment plans that are available if needed. If you are worried about the financial commitment, be open and honest with the sorority you are interested in. Make sure to ask questions during the recruitment and that the sororities are providing you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions www.ucfpanhellenic.com

Q: Are there any scholarships or financial aid to help pay for sorority fees? A: A student’s financial aid is first used to pay for tuition and residence hall contracts. If a student has money left over, the university writes a refund check in the student’s name. That money can be used to pay for sorority fees or any other financial obligations. If a student moves into her chapter house, she may receive a larger refund check because she is no longer paying for dorm housing. In that case, the extra money could be used to pay housing expenses to the sorority. In addition, many chapters have local and national scholarship programs exclusively for members, and Panhellenic offers six scholarships throughout the year which will be announced in weekly Panhellenic meetings. Q: Which sorority is the best to join? A: Every sorority is unique. They all have different incentives and opportunities to offer through their membership. It really depends on what you are looking for in a sorority and which sorority you believe is the best match. The best way to find out which sorority is right for you is to go through primary recruitment. Q: How long does the new member period last? A: The length of new member periods, like many other things, differs from chapter to chapter. Each chapter has a different new member program, therefore; the new member period can last anywhere from four weeks to an entire semester. This is one of the questions you’ll have to be sure to ask while going through the recruitment process! Q: Can I withdraw from recruitment? A: Yes, you may. We encourage you to stay through the entire week because you will be surprised how happy you are in the end. The women are looking for the future leaders of their sororities, and often you may not know your best fit until you are in the chapter. As soon as you start to feel uncomfortable or uneasy about recruitment you should talk to your Rho Gamma, that’s why she’s there! She has already gone through this experience and may be able to give you advice that will ease your concerns. Our best advice is to stick it out for the entire week because you may be surprised.

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UCF Panhellenic Virtual Recruitment Guide 2020  

A helpful guide to virtual recruitment for the PNMs of the UCF Panhellenic community.

UCF Panhellenic Virtual Recruitment Guide 2020  

A helpful guide to virtual recruitment for the PNMs of the UCF Panhellenic community.