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About Panelife A month or two after moving into our home we stopped, looked around, and sighed at the plain white living room wall. What could we do with it? Sure, we had a few favorite pictures left over from college, holidays gone by, and a family photo or two, but those were played out. Our friends had seen them a thousand times and heard the story just as many. We needed something different - something that said who we were, but not just some cliché "Live, Laugh, Love" junk from the department store. Our lack of funds ruled out the hoity-toity, velvet rope sort-of stuff and we found ourselves in a home decor conundrum. After some time deliberating, the bulb lit up - let's create our own decor. I was pretty handy in the workshop and Ashley was an exhibited artist and designer. This plan was perfect! Two days later, we had produced a sizeable wooden panel with the grains highlighted by a glossy pecan finish. We chose a grungy, industrial graphic with birds on a wire and brightened it up with white vinyl. Several coats of finish later, our birds were up on the wall and have served as a great personal memory and conversation piece with our guests. Compliment after compliment from those guests inspired us to start Panelife. We've been to craft fairs, the farmer's market, and flea markets alike and have found a great interest in our craft. Now our basement is a small factory where vibrant decor pieces are handmade for our diverse audience. Our desire to create something unique and affordable has filled a gap in the marketplace. About Our Products Our panels are made at our home in the northern Baltimore neighborhood of Mount Washington. Each frame is assembled with miter cut corners and is flush trimmed to produce clean, uniform edges. After fabrication, one of several stain or paint colors is applied to the face and outsides of the panel. During the overnight drying step, we’re busy cutting out bold vinyl graphics that will accent and compliment the wood grain’s particular hue. Lastly, the graphic is applied and the whole panel is seal-coated with a clear, protective finish that further deepens the natural texture and makes dusting a breeze. We have produced panels ranging from 8-inch squares up to 80-inch rectangles, including everything between. In true hometown fashion, we have created a few Baltimore themed designs. The lower left images on page 3 represent our Baltimore Skyline panel in a traditional cherry stain. The bottom right panel outlines the many neighborhoods of our city on a deep Kona stained panel.

Our dog leash caddies are constructed of solid premium pine and feature a rounded edge that provides a refined look. A wide-gap hook is installed on each caddy to allow easy hanging for any style of leash. You can also store the venerable tennis ball right where it’s needed. Leash caddies are finished similarly to our panels and feature a silhouette graphic of your four-legged friend. We have graphics for most any breed out there along with a few universal canine designs.


Style and Entertainment for your walls. Handmade in Baltimore. Maryland.

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