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Contributors GROUP PUBLISHER Clin D’Oeil Association CREATIVE DIRECTORS Ridah Aziz, Kevin Lopez, Josephine Picquet, Romain Chaillot, Claude Serra, Pamela Massari, Safaa Gad.


Photography : Ridah Aziz Model : Danny-Ella Maillard MUA : Josephine Picquet


A very big thank you to everyone who has been supporting this project since the beginning, to the people working at Clin D’oeil Asscociation for their legal support, to Ridah Aziz who had the idea of creating this webzine accessible to all, and to our readers for their support. Also a big thanks to Mireille Gautier for all the english transcription she has done for this issue.


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EDITOR’s LETTER “To define is to limit” Oscar Wilde Allow me to introduce a team of professionals indulging their passions to the utmost. Their nationality and identity agree in gender and number. Live from Rome, Singapore and the South of France, they explore, adore, they’re hardcore and a lot more:

Pandore. Pandore challenges you to see things differently. We want you to think outside Pandora’s Box…See the play on words? And it starts by ignoring universal knowledge. Don’t settle with the obvious: Pandora’s Box means tragedy…and opening it is known to trigger a series of catastrophic events… But, “to define is to limit.” So let’s just talk about the facts. Pandora’s Box hid secrets that a woman let out (of course she did) creating a fucking mess… We are different in the fact that we know that women are not the only ones disclosing secrets, cooking, complaining or chatting around a cup of coffee in a café. Let me prove my point by giving you a short summary of the first issue: Joséphine tells her secrets without getting her lips wet, Safaa reveals the ones of soldier fashionistas. Claude complains about the media, Romain suggests you try his recipe of fish with strawberries (don’t say ew before trying), Kevin formats and won’t shut up about Singapore and Ridah drinks cups of coffee all around the Mediterranean coast. They all do that for you. Soon, you’ll discover Cuba through the eyes of Pamela. And between two articles, you’ll meet a model you probably don’t know but who is worth knowing. Like you, like me…like Pandore. Pandore is an artists network, experts in the art of living: a make up artist, a stylist, a journalist, a chef, a videographer, a photographer and a globe trotter put their talents together to entice you to open that Box. Existing is no longer enough for passionate people. Living is an art and we have to distort universal truths to claim our singularity. Following pre-established rules just makes us ordinary while the current trend points to non-conformism; just look at what’s happening in the world right now: some people are so fed up with being normal that they feel the need to redefine normality by voting for Donald Trump as president of the United States, which makes Putin really happy, the same Putin who has been their sworn enemy for years… But we won’t go that far: to be different doesn’t mean being stupid. In short, don’t worry, Pandore will never ask you to leave for Syria or become a peacekeeper for the UN to be different. Pandore won’t add more to your life than any other magazine. It’s just the Box chosen by Pamela, Ridah, Claude, Joséphine, Safaa, Kévin and Donia to put their raves and rants, to record their identity as artists and most of all, to give meaning to what they do, because as Rabelais said (kind of): “Creation without sharing is but the ruin of Art.” We take photos to capture moments otherwise gone, we put make up on to shine through adversity, we buy clothes so we’re not naked, we travel because it’s the only thing you can pay for that makes you richer, we watch the Rio Olympic Games very late so we don’t have the kids and the mother around AND we eat fish with strawberries because Romain told us it was delicious. And it is. I tried it. Pandore, bringing Art to your life with a capital A

Mireille Gautier

Golden Hour

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone, It’s not warm when she’s away… Those few lines from Bill Whiters, along with the blazing Spanish sun, were my inspirations for this photo shoot in Catalonia. Friends and I were chatting around a cup of coffee in the South of France, more than happy to be together, linked by a special bond that goes beyond trust. One of our topics was the upcoming photographic project for the soon to be Pandore Magazine. As we’re all Southern kids from Spain or France, our meeting location was obviously in Joséphine and Romain’s summer house in Spain, a great place filled with light, giving us many creative perspectives. We talked about and searched for the small detail that turns a classic photo shoot into something different. We agreed on a shiny make up that would catch the eye like the Basque Coast’s sun did during this wonderful session: a gold leaf make up. I called Eddie and Jeannette to come up with a style that would be perfect for this idea. And everything pointed to white fabric, black and gold lingerie; a sexy and modern Cleopatra style. We wanted sexiness but there are limits that can’t be crossed. As usual, it’s all a matter of balance. A little too much or not enough and you miss the “sexy” spirit.

As we were getting ready for a photo shoot one day, one of my photography teachers told me that it was important to define the word “sexy.” Nudity is not sexy at all, and he said that a photo shoot of a naked body looked more like a concentration camp reunion than anything else. Harsh isn’t it? What we have to keep in mind is that being naked doesn’t make us sexy. On the contrary, it all depends on what we’re suggesting. I often see young girls (from 15 to 20) wearing low cut cleavages. When I think about it, all I see is their suffering and the low self-esteem they have for themselves. I want to tell them: “Do you think you need this to be beautiful?” Anyways, cleavage, and low rise jeans, why not? Not-too-low skirts, why not? But not too short… If you’re showing cleavage, good for you! But forget about the mini skirt and vice versa. I still hear Eddie repeating this “vice versa” rule after an hour-long conversation. When you think about it, isn’t it weird that the only thing I remember about our talk is this subject? Funny right? Sensuality is the main ingredient of sexiness. Our way of talking, dancing, walking defines our sexiness. It’s all about YOUR sensuality, it has to come from within, so forget about external disguise, forget about games: moving your head a certain way, hair blowing in the wind, shaking your booty… This is a real problem and the main source of a terrible casting session. What model could represent sexiness as we see it?

The answer came from a wonderful Parisian encounter I made 4 years ago. Ella, a model in her spare time, but mostly a splendid woman with a strong character, as professional as can be. I called her and talked to her about the project. She said yes immediately. The project was born and the team was formed, bringing a wide variety of skills, and magic happened under the sun. For this project, I chose to use the concept of “beloved photography.” It’s a natural approach to bring forward the beauty of emotions and feelings The renovated old hacienda lent by Cathy was the perfect scenery for it. I prefer going in a strict direction than telling my crew: “we’re going to work free style.” It doesn’t make any sense and hides a general truth: “I suck and don’t know what I’m doing.” Photography needs preparation, exactingness and shared feelings to go high and beyond. Every step of this project - gold make up, purple bougainvillea, white fabric, schedule was the result of wonderful teamwork with Romain and of course Joséphine, the make up artist who did a wonderful job talking to Ella, allowing her to feel relaxed and herself and setting her natural beauty free during the shoot. I thank her for trusting me. I thank all of you who brought this project to life. Wonder this time where she’s gone, Wonder if she’s gone to stay.

MOH DIA A model interview

Moh Dia, 5’8, signed and freelance model (able to bill) She lives near Paris and moves depending on the contracts she gets offered.

1. Besides modeling, what do you do? I work in International Business and helping foreign students come to France. I promote French higher education in sub-Saharan Africa and I’m in charge of a team of 12 people. 2.

What bothers you the most in life? And in the modeling industry? In life, 2 things: hypocrisy and dishonesty In the modeling industry: the same things but also the lack of representation of ethnic minorities.

3. What can you do that most people can’t? Make my eyes shake (hahahaha). Joking aside, I don’t know,I don’t have any particular talents; I’m a “normal” woman. 4. 5.

“And God created Woman”. What would you have created? I couldn’t have done better ^^ Is there a dream you often have that you really want to come true? Oh yes But I keep it to myself...a bit of mystery is essential to my well-being

6. Apart from Mireille Mathieu, what do you play on repeat on your MP3? Damn! Busted ^^ No seriously, I’m more into Claude François and Dalida, but right now, I listen to Rihanna and Drake a lot yes yes and I admit it! 7.

What photoshoot left its mark on you the most? The Egypt photoshoot (Nefertiti) insane production, amazing location, an unbelievably talented team and most of all a friend who’s no longer with us today and for whom I had a real crush

8. Tell me a story in which you ended up being totally ridiculous Really??? Alright, here we go: getting out of the subway station, wearing a loose skirt, carrying bags, and bam! A gust of wind, and bam! The skirt ending up on my chin and well I felt awkward


You were someone else… I’d be my mother…a unique woman, a big-hearted woman who loves people (and they love her back), an unequivocal fighter who dropped everything to give me a top-notch education and who keeps on fighting every single day.


You took part in a reality tv show… Unfortunately, I’ll have to pass…but no judgments for those who do it.

3. You won the lottery or something like that… I would invest in real estate, I would buy a house for my mother and take care of her needs for the rest of her life, I would give my close friends the gifts they are dreaming of and mostly, I would make sure to stay the same person I am today (money doesn’t buy happiness, it helps but it doesn’t make you happier… it shelters you from need, from worrying about a difficult end of the month… but it brings you other troubles…So you have to stay grounded). 4. 5.

You were an actor/actress… I would be Liam Neeson in Schindler’s List

You were President… I would be Nelson Mandela (for his battle, his fight, his principles, his ideals and for all he achieved thanks to his mental strength and the support of his loved ones.

IN YOUR LIFE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

What is your nickname and why? I have several…people close to me tend to give me a nickname pretty quickly (to name a few: Blondie, Chouim, La Gazelle, Criquet…etc…it’s their own personal choice… ) Who’s your best friend? Hicham Baqir, more than my best buddy, he’s my brother! Who’s the best in what he or she does? Eric Zemmour: perfect in his role of persona non grata ad vitam eternam With whom would you trade places? Honestly? No one. I love my life the way it is, with its ups and downs, and I love the woman I’m becoming (because it’s not over!) Your favorite motto… ”Don’t make a priority of someone for whom you are but an option.” Who has more attitude than you? (You can say it if you think it’s the President!) Well, yes, he’s the only one who can have more attitude than I do! Ahahah! Your favorite place? My apartment… I love it… it soothes me, welcomes me when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m tired and it welcomes all the people I love and makes them comfortable. What is your best memory? And your best memory of your photoshoots? The last time I saw my father is by far my all time favorite…and of my photoshoots, it’s not over ^^


Do you know any recipes? Yes 2. Do you have clothes that you bought but never dared to wear? I wear everything I buy. There’s no point nowadays in spending money for nothing… Even if I don’t wear them right away, I always end up wearing them. 3. During a Karaoke night, what song would you sing? I don’t sing…for the sake of my audience’s ears 4. When was the last time you made your bed? This morning 5. What household chores have you never done? Hem…I’ve done them all…I’m a cleaning freak, so I do them all, really! TO CONCLUDE… What question would you have liked me to ask you and what is the answer? Have you ever been in love? -> Yes


Hello, my name is Luigi Di Donna. I’m a fashion photographer, concept creator and artistic director for luxury and innovation events. 1. What do you do, apart from photography? I ‘ve created 3 magazines that I see more like pieces of art than magazines: “Red Collector” on cinema icons, “L’absolu” on formula one, and “Signature” on designer house’s “savoir faire”. I’m also the artistic director of numerous projects. I’ve created my own company in the luxury business. Here are some events I organized: Pinacothèque, Acurial Buddha Bar. All my projects have a real identity. I develop the image of models. I support and help young Houses looking for an outbreak in the luxury industry. I work with Severine Hartensein who launched her luxury House and brand strategy company. She took part in all my projects and worked on their identity. 2. What annoys you the most in life? And in photography? In life, nothing in particular except what’s happening in the world. And in photography, those who pretend to be photographers. 3. What can you do that most people can’t? I don’t look at what others do. I’m a visionary and see myself in many new projects. 4. What can you tell me about RED COLLECTOR? Red Collector is one of our greatest projects with Severine. A concept on cinema icons. It’s a wonderful human adventure, a concept on visual identity. 5. Is there a dream that you often have and that you wish would come true? No because they come true before I can even dream about them.

6. Let’s talk about motorsport and Formula one in particular Yes, it’s a very nice project. I love great cars and I am passionate about Formula one. The idea was to take Formula one to its core along with “Les 24h du Mans” and Indianapolis Grand Prix. The connoisseurs know more about this sport. And L’Absolu is only distributed during the Grand Prix so it goes around the most beautiful countries of the world and we give them to Formula one VIPs for free. It is very private. Inside the issue, you can find a Luxury conciergerie. 7. What photoshoot had the most impact on you? There are many! So let me just say that each photoshoot is a new adventure. 8. What are your inspirations? Cinema. The atmosphere, the light, the script. Cinema tells you a story, I work with mood boards. I love daylight, for me, it is the most difficult light but it inspires me. So I work on my photoshoots as if they were movies. 9. Tell us a story where you found yourself completely ridiculous Oups…Don’t have any. 10. 3 words to describe yourself? Professional, passionate, demanding. 11. Your worst flaw? Demanding 12. For you, what are the best signature houses? The best are the ones with a real talent, no matter if they are well known or not. I am the artistic director of a very beautiful house with a real savoir faire named Tercecret, they’ve been creating the boxes I use for my work for 2 years because each of my project, like the newest one, is like a collection piece, so a beautiful handmade box has been made by this house. A wonderful box that brings all the “savoir faire” I want my concept to inspire.

What if… 1. You were someone else I’d be me 2. You had to create a crazy project? No, because they are well thought out. 3. You won Euromillion? I don’t play hazard games. Photography is a rich man’s sport. 4. You were an actor or an actress? I couldn’t, I prefer being behind the camera 5. You were President? Very funny 6. You went on a desert island, what are the three objects that you wouldn’t forget? This question is not for me. In your life 1. What is your nickname and why? I don’t have any 2. Who’s your best friend? My camera 3. The best trip you’ve ever taken? There’s a lot because I love travelling 4. Who would you exchange your life with? No one 5. Your favorite saying? Be yourself 6. Your favorite place? My bubble 7. What is your best memory? And during your shootings? The day I met Roberto Garcia York 8. Your last vacation? Corsica 9. A few words about your luxury events company? Yes. I created this company because every event brings forward a visual identity. A photography exhibition. It puts forward young designers. By the way, in the beginning of January, I’ll bring to light a very talented designer who’s also a very close friend. There’s a lot of poetry in her collection, her name is Florence Gaillard. I also work with staging, and always choose places adapted to the atmosphere … 10. Is involvement always a trademark in your projects? Yes, involvement is a will which becomes a power but everything comes from inside like I told you, I am passionate and everything comes from that.

A little bit of everything 1. Your favorite photography tools Nikon Nikon Nikon 2. What clothes did you buy that you’ve never dared to wear? I wear everything I buy because I am careful about what I purchase. 3. Is a model’s visual identity important in your work? Yes because I see many girls with a bad image or without any who don’t know which way to go. So I like showing them an artistic path and helping them because many of them don’t find work. I like it a lot. There’s a human relationship to it as well as a bond of trust. 4. During Karaoke night, what song would you choose to sing? None. I hate that kind of ambiance 5. When was the last time you re-invented the world in your head? I don’t have time for that. And it’s too complicated. 6. What housework have you never done? I don’t do any. 7. How do you see yourself in 20 years? I live one day at a time. To finish What question would you have liked me to ask you? And what is your answer? Why did you choose me? I would like to illustrate this interview with a model that I discovered, for whom I recently made a sublime beauty series along with a movie. She represents all that a woman represents for me, I called her “Excellence”. Because it really defines my work and my entire universe.

The Right Spot


The Garden City

Surrounded by many touristic destinations such as Bali, Thailand and Cambodia (to name a few), Singapore is a unique city where ancient traditions and futuristic buildings live in harmony. It’s a special place where you can go trekking in the jungle only 30 minutes from downtown. Discover the city through the eyes of Kevin Lopez, videographer and VFX artist.

If there’s one thing to be mentioned about Singapore, it is the incredible melting pot it shelters. People from more than 80 different countries live in this city. Meaning that five major religions coexist in peace, their festivities shared on the same calendar. Chinatown is the perfect example of this state of mind: Buddhist and Hindu Temples, Mosques and Churches can be found in a one mile area. It is also the perfect place to celebrate Chinese culture; a big part of its population has Chinese roots due to the fact that Malaysia chased Chinese people from its newly formed territory half a century ago. Everything can be found there, from toys to food, electronic devices and fancy souvenirs. A very popular fruit is served in some places. But be careful, it can only be eaten inside the shops that are selling it, as its smell is terrible and will last for hours, floating in the air. This fruit is called “durian� and is forbidden to eat in public places, workplaces and even residential buildings. After visiting the incredible markets, jump on the subway nearby and get ready to go on an adventure in the deep jungle where insects, birds and monitor lizards can be seen in their natural environment.

But the jungle is not the only place you can make pretty encounters: if you go to places like The Gardens by the Bay or The Botanic Garden (a park classified by UNESCO), you’ll see beautiful animals and vegetation. Gardens by the Bay is a fantastic place to visit, with gigantic metallic trees covered with actual foliage, where you can attend light and sound shows every night before 8pm. There’s also a bio dome where you can discover various natural environments from different countries. And behind you, facing the Bay, you have the impressive Marina Bay Sand Hotel with one of the most iconic infininity swimming pools lodged on its rooftop. Giving you a clear and amazing view of the entire city while enjoying a fresh cocktail.

Fashion is also something that is quite important here. Lots of modeling agencies from around the world travel to find the next Top Model in Singapore. Add a TV show, made the American way, in which you can follow the everyday lives of “models-to-be,” and you get one of the most watched shows in the region. Now, let’s leave this beautiful city knowing that the Merlion will keep an eye on it. It has the perfect spot to do so on the other side of the Marina Bay front. It can enjoy all the lights Singapore has to offer when night comes and the beautiful light of the sun when it rises above the shoreline. Credits : Kévin Lopez



Red glitter lips by Pat McGrath. Where do these red lips come from? Let’s not go back too far, but yes, Cleopatra was already trendy with her homemade red lips. But the world had to wait until 1914 to see the first tube of lipstick. Way after that, Estée Lauder and Elizabeth Arden invented the businesswoman look. The history of modern lipstick then continued with the creation of “Rouge Baiser” in 1927. From 1914 up to today, many women have influenced this style: Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Courtney, Catherine Deneuve… But we can also see it in fashion shows with lips that are more and more flamboyant; we dare to use different colors, fuchsia, orange, and even black! Since then, the lipstick market keeps on growing: new textures, new colors. Lipstick hasn’t finished surprising us! Jamaican-English professional Pat McGrath perfectly embodies the term “makeup artist”. She prefers working with her fingers rather than with brushes, Pat McGrath paints faces like they were canvas. In 1990, she drew the attention of Edward Enninful, then fashion editor of I-D Magazine. She has worked with the elite: Prada, John Galliano Dior, Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana, to name a few. She sets new trends, is well-known for her creativity and for her sophisticated vision of makeup. She was named global creative-design director for Procter & Gamble in 2004. She has been called “The most influential makeup artist in the world” by Vogue Magazine in 2007.

My catwalk look These famous red-glitter lips are everywhere on social networks. This is the new trend imagined by Pat McGrath for the FW16 Versace Haute Couture fashion show. A nude and shiny touch with red-glitter lips for a glamorous and a sensual look. A perfect match between the fashion house and makeup. Pastel dresses bring out sexy and flamboyant red bustiers and linings- a style that inspired Naomie Campbell recently at the MTV Awards. If you want to adopt this “red carpet” look, it’s very easy: all you need is a beautiful red lipstick and red glitter to apply directly on your lips with your fingers. Put on a little of clear gloss to finish and to create a mirror effect. And that’s how it’s done!!! Pro tip: to remove the glitter, use tape. It will remove glitter but not your foundation. What will be the next lip trend? Stay tuned, makeup hasn’t finished surprising you. Credits : Joséphine Picquet


Romain’s Recipe

Turbot fillet with capers and strawberries butter When I was at the market this morning, a majestic linecaught turbot caught my eye. It brought back wonderful memories of my grandmother cooking these filets in butter with capers and I found my mouth watering again. On my way back, I came across my truck farmer who kept a basket of strawberries for me. Hmm…And the magic happened: ideas coming to my head, tastes coming to my mouth, I knew that these strawberries would be delicious with my turbot… Turbot Filets with capers and strawberries butter. Ingredients (Serve 4) 1,5 kg turbot 125g strawberries 50cl champagne 25g capers 2kg eggplants 1 sweet potato 50g butter 1 clove of garlic 1 lemon Olive oil Salt and pepper

The turbot - Cut the turbot into filets but keep the skin. Add salt and spread with olive oil. Eggplant purée - Preheat the oven at 180°C, split the eggplant lengthwise from stem to bottom, score the flesh with a knife. Add olive oil, salt and ground pepper. Bake for 30 minutes. Scoop out of the peel. In a bowl, add 1 clove of garlic, crushed; 10cl of olive oil and the eggplant flesh. Mix with a fork to form a purée. Sweet potato chips - Peel and thinly slice the sweet potato on a mandolin. Deep fry them in a 180°C oil for 60 seconds. Drain them and add salt. Sauce - Wash the capers and strawberries with water. Cut the strawberries and finely chop the capers. Take 50g of butter, 50cl of champagne and squeeze a lemon. Prepare the plate When you’re ready to serve, cook the turbot filets on their skin with olive oil in a frying pan. Flip them and add the chopped capers and the strawberries. Finish cooking with a hint of butter, glaze with champagne and lemon juice. Add salt and pepper if needed. Place the eggplant purée in the center of your serving plate, put the turbot filet with its caper and strawberry butter on top. Complete the dish by putting the sweet potato chips on the sides to add volume to your plate. Tips: For this recipe, you can also use: cod, hake, haddock or pollock…all cheaper than turbot. Wine: Chablis Premier Cru (Yonne), Rully, Mâcon (Sud Bourgogne). Credits : Romain Chaillot


For a casual look, this timeless khaki military coat

Military Look This Fall Trend

The ARMY fashion trend, a new classic? Star of all the fashion shows, the “Army” look is now the timeless tendency of all dressing rooms. Like every year, no matter the season, the military trend rules the catwalks. This style appears in all forms: khaki parkas, officers ‘coats, pants, ranger shoes, camouflage prints… Centuries after centuries, this type of clothing has evolved and today is simply pieces of a “modern” era. Having shed its bad reputation, the military style can be subject to many interpretations and has never really left our closets. The Army fashion trend is infinitely adaptable and comes from many different inspirations making it adaptable throughout different eras and styles. Since the 70s, the military inspiration has grown in our everyday outfits. Before, wearing a uniform could have been interpreted as a statement of contention but this style has made its way into the mores. But styles have evolved a lot in the 90s, making it a real fashion trend. In 2010, the camouflage pattern was everywhere and today, it seems it has reached a more chic and stylish orientation.

Army Chic look with this beautiful piece. (Officer coat with golden buttons)

The chic version Yes! This year, military clothing is no longer limited to camouflage prints and can be found in plain colors, nonetheless keeping its Army identity. Khaki is often worn on top of dark clothes; this type of outfit will only keep its military trend thanks to the little touches (crossed buttonholes, epaulettes, thick sole shoes and so on…). This style is a must have, along with the rock and sailor styles. The color khaki is still the must wear this season even if navy blue and red are also great for this style. Each collection has a lot to offer: loose suits, masculine parkas, “Kate Moss style” pea jacket, belted trench coats, shearling bomber jackets, neo-ranger shoes or khaki sailor coats. The list is long and the military influenced items are now timeless.


To finish, unless you’re ready to mix all shades of khaki or dare to go for a total military look, you’ll never be wrong if you purchase an Army style piece this season. And you will probably be able to wear it next year and many years after that without risking a fashion faux pas. Credits : Safaa Gad

Rihanna opted for a casual look with khaki camouflage combat pants

Profile for Pandore Magazine

Pandore magazine January-February  

Pandore magazine is a magazine oriented on fashion, discoveries, travel and everything that gravitates around the photography world.

Pandore magazine January-February  

Pandore magazine is a magazine oriented on fashion, discoveries, travel and everything that gravitates around the photography world.