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Johnny was a young boy when the overtaking occurred, he was only 14, but just like every other male in the district he was recruited at 15. The year is 2067 and technology has risen above humans capacity, and has enslaved the human population. The “Metal-Heads” as the humans called them, took over every country and forces young male humans to fight in all out brawls against each other. Those who do not fight are killed, and those who try to team together and fight back are killed. There is no way out of it, however if a male is able to survive 3 years of “the war” he was able to go home to his undeveloped district and live out his life in peace or he can choose to keep fighting and take a younger boys place. These “Metal-Heads” use humans to fight for pure entertainment, they take pride in their “countries” heroics and award a free year to the winning country. At 15, in the year 2068, Johnny was recruited as a front linemen in “America’s Marines.” However it wasn’t really America it was District 42 now, under the rule of “Hal” the very first super computer to turn on the humans, the oldest and best of them all. America had won the war of 2067, war #1 and they would now have a free year, they still however recruited for the next years war. Johnny was one of the many recruited that year, and because “Hal” took such pride in his army, he took the free year to train the men and make them

better, and he did not count this year for the 3 year fighting time. This made many upset, however there was nothing they could do. The military had been split into three groups; the army, the marines and the medics. There was no longer need for a navy or air force, these wars consisted of nothing but face to face combat. Johnny was placed into the marines by random selection. It was always the worst branch, they were always the first ones in and always the first ones to die. The army came in after waves of marines had secured a location on the battleground. That first year was nothing but train, train, train, and train so more, the men were not allowed to talk to each other other than in bunk house in fear of a possible rebellion. That year was hard for all the men, yet they knew the year or years, for some, ahead would be much more difficult. One year had gone by and it had finally come, the week of gear, where the men get assigned teams, jobs, positions and get ready for war. Johnny was split from his bunkmates for obvious reasons. Johnny was assigned to alpha team, squad leader, the very first team of men to go in. He was very nervous, he thought he might just quit and leave “the alternate route� as may called it. He thought to die by the hands of the machines, they ones he actually hated, would be better than to die by the hands of his fellow humans.

Johnny’s thought was interrupted by the campbell, everyone sprang into action, men and machines were hustling around grabbing gear, and loading up on the vehicles. Johnny quickly threw on his jacket and grabbed his rifle and gear. He ran over to his assigned vehicle, a troop truck filled with men from his unit, they all looked nervous. Johnny climbed in last and shut the tailgate, the truck was machine operated so no driver, it started up and moved down the road towards the docking station, it was about a 2 hour drive to the station, all of that time was spent in silence, each man alone with his thoughts. Ttshhh, Johnny had fallen asleep, the sound of the truck coming to a stop woke him, he dropped the tailgate, and the men filed out. He followed them out after, the docking station was a moving place, but today, it was solemn and grey, eveyone moved slower. Johnny's men moved in a solid line towards their ship, to think he just turned 16 and he is already a squad leader and is in charge of over 30 guys, most of them are only 15 and fresh in but some are even older and have already survived a year of combat. The past year had gone by so fast, he wished it would come back he would rather be there than here, about to go fight a war at 16. The ship lowered its ladder, all the men climbed up, one after the other, Johnny came up last. The men had just settled into

their positions around the ships deck when Johnny reached the top. Johnny took a seat next to the youngest private, he had turned 15 the day before the end of the draft. Johnny felt bad for the kid, he was still a baby face. The ships engine started and they slowly moved out of the station. All the men got up to look at their home for probably the last time, Johnny didn’t want to look he knew he would start tearing up if he did. So he sat on the deck and waited for the next orders. The ride from the ship to the battle grounds was said to be about 3 hours, but no one actually knew, the position of the grounds was said to change every year. Just then the an explosion, they were taking fire, how could it have been happening, they were supposed to fight until they got to the grounds, they weren’t even allowed to get ammo for there rifles until they got there. there. Johnny jolted to his feet and ran to get a head officer, the only male in a district that didn't go into combat. They were usually people who had been in the military before the machines took over. He asked the head officer what was going on and he calmly said they are just testing us, to see how much we can handle, tell everyone to keep calm its only a drill and its temoprary. Johnny told the men and eventually the explosions stopped. They have been on the ship for at least 4 hours now, or so johnny assumes, he can't tell without an actual time. The boat started to slow,

and it came to a stop and what seemed like a large foggy island. The men were hustled of the ship, by team, and told to stay put until further instruction. The first thing Johnny noticed about the island was all of the vegetation and rock formations, just in front of him he saw at least 12 caves. It was an eerie place, it gave Johnny the chills. A commander metal-head came over and instructed Johnny to take his men over the ledge in front of them to receive ammo and begin battle. Johnny got his men up and over the ledge, and what he saw in front of his he couldn’t believe. There was bodies everywhere, america was late to this battle, the rest of the worlds metal-heads had already sent in their armies, that could only mean one thing. An ambush is inevitable, he had to get his men down in the valley to the aid station to get ammo quick or it would be a slaughter. He had yelled for his men to spread out and get down to the aid station as quickly and as safely as possible. The men did as they were instructed, and getting down to the aid station was easier than he thought it would be. Each man was allowed 14 clips each with 30 rounds, thats 420 rounds to throw down range, that meant a lot of conservation. However, those who fell to die in the field would be scavenged for their ammo, it was like money on the battlegrounds, without it a man was hopeless. The unit had

finished up getting their ammo and first aid packs, they filed out through the small doorway, Johnny took in a deep breath, this is the last of civilization he might see, then he turned and followed the rest of his men out the doorway. The valley seemed peaceful, it was almost serene, besides the machine gun chatter in the distance. Johnny’s info watch lit up, his commander metal-head spoke to him and said that his units first objective is to get up out of the valley and push forward in towards a location closer to the center of the island, so that the army could be sent in. His was also told he would have no back up as the first units were all spread out and pushing forward just as his unit would be, no medics either they would come in with the army, so they had to be careful of engaging enemy units. One day later, Johnny’s unit had been walking for hours, they hadn’t seen a single other soul, they had just reached the top of the valley and were stopping for an hours rest, then they would push down the other side to get to their objective. They had to keep moving though, to stay put in the battlegrounds was to wish for death. Rattling of the nearby bushes, every man in the unit froze in place, and dropped to the ground, each with a rifle in his hands. Johnny pointed to two guys to move left and two guys to move right, three to follow him forward towards the sound. With his rifle pointed

ahead of him Johnny moved into the bush with the three men following close behind. Quickly Johnny to the ground, without making a sound, the others did the same, a small patrol, looked to be american but it could have been british. He didn’t want to engage, there could have been more men behind them, however he didn’t want them to move directly into his whole unit they would be sitting ducks. Johnny said the american callsign, “Star!” He heard the right reply “Dallas!” Thank god Johnny thought, The patrol moved into Johnnys position, he asked if they were from Bravo unit, the unit just east of them. They said no they were from Delta unit they got separated when their unit engaged a japanese control post. They were severely outnumbered and think that they may be they only ones who had survived. Johnny said they could come into Alpha unit until they had found their unit. They got back to the rest of the unit and packed up to headed to their objective. Down the hill they went, getting closer and closer to the gunshots. Johnny’s info watch lit up, the commander had told him to stay put, they had not encountered any enemies fire and had found a position close enough to the center of the island, the army could now be sent in. The army had just arrived, it took them a full week to get to Johnnys position, nothing had really happen since they

were told to stay put, no enemies had been seen yet. The army, put the unit into a battalion, where Johnny had become lieutenant and was put in charge of the whole battalion. Johnny had been instructed to move west to pick up, charlie delta unit, then continue on to a position believed to contain the british command post, and take it out. His battalion, B battalion, and C battalion moved out along the valley ridge towards the suspected command post. Each battalion had about 300 men in it, so 600 men should have been able to take out a small british command post. However not so much, that small command post had turned out to be a full out british base. They engaged, and lost so many men, Johnny had about 20% of his battalion left and C battalion had been completely destroyed. This was bad news for america, Johnny had retreated back to their base, and gave to news to their commander. Who due to his disappointment, told Johnny he must pick 8 men to go on a stealth op to take out that base. Johnny thought it was absurd if 600 guys couldn’t take out the base, what makes the commander think, 8 men could do it. But he had no choice, 8 men, he has picked the best from his leftover battalion, and brought them to the commander. He explained the op to them, and realized they were all the same rank, the commander said there had to be an officer on te mission, and due to lack of time Johnny was forced to go.

They all geared up, each with 14 clips and now silencers on their rifles. When the began to set out, a younger officer in Johnny's battalion handed him some c4 and told him to make them brits pay for murdering his buddies. Johnny nodded and set out, it was about a 6 mile hike to the base, however they did not have as much gear, only a small ammo pack, a canteen, and one man had a first aid kit. The sun had started to set and the unit had initiated their night vision. They had been moving for the first 5 miles, then began to slow for the last one, so they wouldn’t make too much noise in case there was a small patrol walking around. They were just outside the base when fallen over into an anxiety attack, they had to leave him, they took 8 of his clips, one extra for each man, they was nothing else they could do, the would come back if they could. They had taken the base completely by surprise, they had the base downed in about an hour, it was completely silent the whole time, they had no idea, there would be an attack, half of the army had moved out. Johnny phoned in the news, he told him that it was a great success, so successful that his new crew would now gather up ammo and continue on to the next unknown base. One after one they took down small patrols, control posts and bases, they became the pride of the american army. They had taken down bases, with the full army behind

them, the japanese, british, and iran armies have all fallen back, all because of the success of this small crew led by Johnny. They were like a team of rambos, who had full armies behind them, Johnny and his crew pushed forward and the commander said they had won the war for america and they would be sent home soon. It had been 11 months already, america would have another free year because of the success of Johnnys crew, they had taken down the masses and would receive a bonus year of no fighting. Johnny was the best success story of the year and years to come.


A story of a young boys succes in a war when the earth is taken over by robots


A story of a young boys succes in a war when the earth is taken over by robots