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WILLY WHITE PINSTRIPING December 2019/January 2020 Issue #77 UK: £5.50



UK: £5.50 www.pandkg.com

Explore the world of Kustom Art and Lifestyle

Air Compressor・Airbrush・Spray Gun・Airbrush Accessories

2020 SPARMAX International Airbrush Competition NO.KU100119

Regular features 6 13 35 48

Lowdown Between The Lines - Steve Chaszeyka Paul Waring - Twinwood PSI - Iwata Airbrush Maintenance Kit

Pinstriping, lettering & lowbrow 9 18 21 25 39 71

Amauri Shadow Brandon Shirley Willy White Pinstriping The Arch Villain Vince Cabral Rusty Sherrill

Airbrushing & Step by Steps 29 43 56 61 65 68

Liz Northrup - Icandy Serving Bowl Step by Step Jason Livery Airbrushing by Nick Maxime Xavier and Andy Saunders Ariel Castellaro Flakey Friday’s with Kraken - Motorcycle Tank

Elsewhere 42 50 52

Kool Yule Vault 1st International Spain Aerography Seminar 2019 Trident Review

www.pandkg.com l 3

Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine World HQ, 35 Westley Grange West Avenue, Wigston, Leicester LE18 2FB.

Web: www.pandkg.com Tel: +44 (0) 116 281 0009 The Guilty Parties! Editor Lynda Johnson editor@pandkg.com Financial Controller Debs Tetlow accounts@pandkg.com Design Manager Sarah Major studio@pandkg.com Advertising & Marketing Helena Hughes helena@pandkg.com Digital Marketing Grace Davis kustom@pandkg.com Customer Liaison Julie Dale admin@pandkg.com 0116 281 0009 Front Cover Image: Airbrushing by Nick - Nicky Dampier Printed in the UK by: Warners Midlands Plc The Maltings, Manor Lane Bourne, Lincolnshire PE10 9PH

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Pinstripe baubles by Jane at Vintage Pinstripe.

Now then...

So the nights are drawing in here in the UK so nothing better than to stretch out in front of the fire with your favourite read and boy oh boy do we have some brilliant artists in this issue as well as the how-to’s from Steve Chaszeyka, Liz Northrup and Quinn Chipman. Once again Trident regale us with reviews from their independent testers, and it’s great to have Svee writing with us again, this time he expounds on the Iwata Kit. Vince Cabral’s ‘Sharpie art’ is quite striking with all of his lowbrow art and sign painting on axes. We’ve got a great pinstriping section with Amauri Shadow, Willy White Pinstriping and Brandon Shirley with distinctive styles. The Arch Villain’s lowbrow monsters are wonderfully ghoulish for this season too. For airbrushing, we have the amazing Maxime Xavier and Andy Saunders stunning Ford Pop, and Jason Livery’s goalie masks are superb. You will be blown away by the one day portraits of Nick Dampier. Not forgetting the ‘dark art’ of Ariel Castellaro, finishing off with the surreal works of Rusty Sherrill. We also have a Kool Yule Xmas Gift Guide to find those elusive pressies for your Kustom Art and Lifestyle enthusiast! So as the next time we talk, we will be wishing you all a Happy New Year, please stay safe and warm this holiday season wherever you may be.

Lynda, Kris and the PKG Team

www.pandkg.com l 5

Our place for news, courses, updates, the latest products and anything else awesomely kustom.

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Spotted online is a new blog from famous Pinstripe artist, Pekka Mannermaa. He is researching the handicrafts and many other facets of kustom kulture to create a doctoral thesis about the kulture.

Read our fabulous TIKI BOOK! It’s a digital book (with a brand new cover) and it celebrates the incredible, vibrant world of tiki art. For fans, artists and newbies alike, this book will immerse you in everything tiki.

To find out more visit: https://kustomkultureresearch.blogspot.com

Read digitally now at www.pandkg.com/product/tiki-book-digital

6 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20

RETRO CHRISTMAS CARD COMPANY Get your hands on these vintage style cards designed by Diane Dempsey of the Retro Christmas Card Company. Visit the website to see their full range: www.retrochristmascardcompany.com Classic Car Santa Claus Christmas Cards feature Santa in his classic Cadillac convertible. He is out for a Christmas cruise with gifts overflowing out the back. Load up the sleigh!

PINSTRIPER STARTER KITS Wrights of Lymm Wrights of Lymm have 2 pinstriping kits available, ideal for your wanna be pinheads Xmas stocking. A basic kit which contains a smaller variety of products to help start you off with pinstriping and then we offer a complete pinstriping kit which contains everything you need to pinstripe as well as a Complete Guide to Pinstriping Book. Both contain products well known in the pinstriping community such as One Shot products and Mack pinstriping brushes. Kits start from £35. www.stonehouses.co.uk

8 Christmas Cards with Red Envelopes Folded Card Size 4.0”x 9.25”

LETTERFLY CUSTOM PAINT WORKSHOPS February in Florida Pinstriping, lettering, airbrushed murals, wet-blended pictorial painting, gold leaf gilding techniques and all aspects of custom paint procedure makes up the curriculum the first week of February each winter in Plant City, Florida at a studio called ArtPark. Dave “Letterfly” Knoderer is the principle instructor of interesting topics and challenges for the students who enjoy the five-day handson educational and enlightening experience. Dave began creating as a child and apprenticed the hand-lettering sign-painting trade as a teen during the seventies. His penchant for adventure lead him to many interesting projects; entertaining signage, painting theatrical sets, performing with the circus, gold leaf gilding and ornamentation on antique fire engines, amusement park scenery, Trompe L’oeil effects for residential interiors, motorcycle pinstriping, airbrushed murals on

motor homes and award winning store front decor. The vast repertoire of the artist is the result of the many changes that have taken place in his interesting career as technology changed the relationship of the artisan who creates by hand. Truly a renaissance man, active today as a motorcycle pinstripe artist at events across the USA, his passion for creating unique designs by hand combined with his desire to keep alive this fast disappearing form of art by creating an opportunity for students to learn timeless techniques from a master. Contact:

Email: Letterfly@aol.com Tel: 813 505 5539 Custom-Paint-Workshops.blogspot.com LetterflyPinstriping.com Letterfly.com

SPARMAX INTERNATIONAL AIRBRUSH COMPETITION Sparmax’s International Airbrush Competition is coming soon! All works to be received by the end of February 2020, with judging beginning mid March. There are 4 categories, with one entry per category: •

Fine Art (Realism)

Fine Art (Fantasy)

Automotive (cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc.)

Hobby / Models

Followed by winner interviews and winner announcement later in the Spring. www.pandkg.com l 7





1 SHOT and arrow and concentric circles designs is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.


i r u a m A shadow

Name/AKA: Amauri João Lorenz Studio Custom Experience: 4 years Location: São Paulo - Brazil Speciality: Pinstriping , Lettering, Kustom Kulture & Old School artworks Instagram: @studio_custom Facebook: Studio Custom


I’ve been working mainly in projects including helmets, motorcycles, cars, store windows and home decor items. One project that I’m really proud of was my participation in a philanthropic event. Artworks including a helmet with my art, were auctioned and all the money was donated to support children with cancer.


My inspiration and objective is to strengthen the Custom scene through my Pinstriping art.


I have to mention Kenneth Robert Howard (Von Dutch) and Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. But also Steve Kafka, Lumpy´s Garage and Mckeagart. There are also Brazilian artists as Marcelo Lobão from São Paulo - which was my first contact with this art, Nunes Pinstriping, Silvão Arts, Gabriel Free Hands, Mister Lui Kustom Paint, Luiz Hostyn, Xande Souto just to name a few.


In the US the Kustom market is big, but in Brazil we are working to make the scene known as many people are not aware about Kustom Kulture yet. But with our art, new brands and custom workshops, this scenario is going to change soon.‣

www.pandkg.com l 9



I always had interest in motorcycles, customization and arts. These interests lead me to discover Kustom art and I started to learn more and more about Pinstriping, which is not so popular in Brazil.


My favourite brushes are Mack, Kafka and Custom Shop. I support national inks, using Lobão Kustom and Chao Kustom.

10 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20


www.pandkg.com l 11

g n i p i r t Pins INTRODUCTION TO

THE LONDON SCHOOL of PINSTRIPE In association with

www.vintagepinstripe.com One Day Workshop includes: • Practical tuition - the ‘how to’ part! • History of pinstripe • Identifying basic styles and design • Student folder - including notes & pics • Paint & panels provided • Lunch and refreshments provided




£125 Next dates:

Sunday 26th January 2020 Sunday 23rd February 2020 Sunday 29th March 2020 Location: North London Venue to be confirmed To book, contact: Jane at Vintage Pinstripe 07973 552 040 info@vintagepinstripe.com or Tricia at Hotties Vintage 0208 493 0303 hottiesvintage@gmail.com * Introductory and Advanced * * Full Day Group Classes * * Private Tuition * We Carry Stock including: Starter Kits, Paint and Brushes

12 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20







BETWEEN THE LINES Steve has been pinstriping for more than 50 years and has gained a worldwide reputation. A charter member of the PINSTRIPING HALL OF FAME, he has pioneered many new looks in pinstriping and has taught many newcomers to perfect their own style through both group and 1-2-1 classes as well as his popular Wizard Pinstriping DVD tutorials and signature brushes. The aim of this column is to inspire pinstripers of all levels in their use of colour and design.

Between the Lines: Steve Chaszeyka Substrate Experiment I found this small banner laying around in the shop. I’m thinking, “I know it takes enamel and urethane base paints pretty well, so let’s see if we can use it for a striping piece.” STEP 1 This banner is small, so I used a spray can to apply one coat of black single stage urethane. It dries in a couple of minutes and I am ready to begin.



Look closely, you might need a second coat. Looks great so far. It dries to a flat finish, keep that in mind.

I use this product exclusively. But any enamel or urethane black will do. Just be careful that it is completely dry before handling it.

www.pandkg.com l 13


STEP 4 Since this is not an airbrush piece. I will not give details here on the smoke background. I am only showing it because I sometimes think a plain background is not enough. I gave it some interest with this simple technique.

STEP 5 I strike a light center line with a stabillo and proceed with some light lavender lines for a subtle contrast.

STEP 6 The process is my usual style. Lots of C curves, dagger strokes and make sure to remember that there will be other colors following.

14 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20

BETWEEN THE LINES STEP 7 Adding a second color, I am thinking that I really like the base, and this second color will support and reinforce the design, harmonize with the existing lines rather than take them over.

STEP 8 I often mention ‘palleting dirty’. Here I am adding some imitation gold, a yellow tint, to the purple. This color being opposite on the color wheel to purple, will dull down the purple and itself to a quiet, complimentary hue that won’t compete, but compliment the existing colors.



You can see here, this color is anything but attractive. It’s a little muddy but that’s just what I am looking for. My theory here is that all colors shouldn’t compete for your eye. Some should just whisper and tip toe around the design.

Not only is this color quiet, it is used sparingly. I think that using this technique, it allows the viewer to see the design gradually and ‘find’ details, the closer he looks. Subtlety is key here. www.pandkg.com l 15

BETWEEN THE LINES STEP 11 Take some chances on a practice piece before trying on your finish piece. This stroke takes much practice and gives me trouble to this day. Push down, hesitate, then lift and pull away while turning the brush at the same time. Sure! Sounds easy!

STEP 12 Done. Simple, subtle, sublime. Flat finish makes a statement. Easy to roll up and ship in a tube. Some of us have banners laying around. Look around and see what you can come up with. This was my first time coating out and striping on this material and it was great fun. ‘Till next time...

16 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20

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(+44)116 281 0009 www.pandkg.com l 17


BRANDON SHIRLEY Name: Brandon Shirley AKA: Big B Experience: 20 years Location: Kentucky USA Speciality: Pinstriping I have been into painting and Pinstriping off and on for over 20 years. Thanks to my wife who encouraged me to get back to painting I have been back to doing customer work for 13 years. I have always drawn and painted, I got into the automotive side later on in life thanks to my dad. My family has always been into restoring cars and I guess you can say it is my blood. I love painting and doing different effects with paint as well the leafing and pinstriping. I love that the only limitation is my imagination when producing a design. I get great joy from going to shows and seeing people’s reactions as I stripe a car or truck on site, and their reaction when they pick up there stuff from the shop. I am one of the very few in and around my area that still does custom painting, leafing, and freehand pinstriping and will continue as long as I can. I am grateful to all my mentors and customers over the years for all the guidance and support. I can’t thank my family enough for all of their encouragement and support.

18 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20



www.pandkg.com l 19

20 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20


Willy White


Name: Jeff Whitehead AKA Willy White Location: Troy, OH Speciality: Pinstriping Experience: 4 years FB: @WillyWhitePinstriping Insta: @WillyWhitePinstriping

www.pandkg.com l 21



riginally from New Jersey and now residing in Troy, Ohio, Jeff Whitehead is the artist behind Willy White Pinstriping. He is a welder by day and pinstriper by night.

“I started pinstriping in 2015 and have been hooked ever since. I wasn’t familiar with the Kustom Kulture scene and pinstriping was actually my introduction to it. The pure visual excitement of aged Americana in the ratrod scene, all the way to the tricked out electric colors and metal leafing of lowrider culture had me dreaming of one day bringing something of my own into the mix. By day I am a welder and pretty much all my extra time is spent with brush in hand mostly completing panel work. Every vehicle I get a chance to pinstripe is an honor, to have someone who most of the time has only heard of you through word of mouth pay for you to put your designs on something they love is the coolest feeling in the world! I’ve always been into some type of artform but never really found one I felt comfortable in until coming across pinstriping, not to say I was good right off the bat. The best advice I can give for getting into it is just keep practicing. I know everyone says the same thing but that means it’s most likely the truth. Everyone, even if they have natural talent never starts off good, they hone the skill over time, and remember the pictures you see are only the good ones not the hours of mess-ups and mistakes. 22 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20



I still use the original brush I started with; a Kafka scroll #3 the majority of the time but I trade off between that and my VonDago Pro Series 000 Sword brush as of late. I can’t get enough of the new Alpha6 enamel paints, they are great and well worth the money. For those who feel inspired to try out pinstriping, I urge you to remember ‘to express yourself through art is worth every stumble along the way.’ www.pandkg.com l 23


Name: Danny “The Arch Villain” (Il Villano) Experience: 12 years Location: Milan, Italy Speciality: Lowbrow Facebook @thearchvillain Instagram @elvillano13


Arch villain

www.pandkg.com l 25


26 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20


1 minute Q&A with the ‘Arch Villian’ Q: WHAT/ WHO ARE YOUR INSPIRATIONS?

A: My inspiration comes from frequent car and motor cycle reunions, concerts and exhibitions, particularly in Europe. I also take inspiration from the great masters like Big Daddy Roth, Robt. Williams, Jim Phillips and Coop. I love monsters and I love to draw them in a kustom universe looking generally unhealthy! I use acrylic and marker on canvas or wood but just lately I’ve approached digital to create posters and marketing.


A: I was a singer in a Psychobilly group called ‘Retarded Rebels’ and a member of Cranksters, a Kustom Bike club. I collaborated with ‘Built for Speed’ to create some awesome T-shirt graphics.


A: I am working on new posters and a collaboration of various artists in the comic book of The Electric Frankenstein...


A: Stay coherent with your ideas, draw a lot and do not give up! www.pandkg.com l 27

Liz Northrup


iCandy Serving Bowl Step by Step

Materials used: •

House of Kolor paint

House of Kolor striping urethane enamel

Auto-Air colors Candy 20

1-shot clear

1-shot hardener

FBS Tapes

STEP 1 You can find a glass bowl like this at any hobby store or pet store. I first prepped the bowl by scuffing it with a scotch brite pad then washed it with hot water and dish soap.

STEP 2 I used the House of Kolor white base paint, diluted 1:1 ratio with HOK RU311 medium reducer, sprayed with the Iwata HP-CS airbrush. For the iris outline, I traced the outer edge of a roll of FBS tape. I did this first to get a visual of where to airbrush the pink for the eye. www.pandkg.com l 29

STEPBYSTEP STEP 3 Airbrush the bowl pink, leaving about an inch of space from the iris.

STEP 4 With the HOK Roman Red pinstriping paint, I added about 10% HOK striping catalyst and just a drop of the RU311 medium reducer for a nice flow in painting the veins. With a start point half way back of the eye, work towards the iris. For a proportionate, even effect I start by painting in diagonal cross points.

STEP 5 Leave enough space in between the lines for the side veins to branch out.

STEP 6 Since I don’t have an inner coat clear to prevent the paints from bleeding (before my next step) I clear coat the bowl with the 1-shot clear mixed with 10% 1-shot hardener. Usually I would spray a coat of clear from a SEM 1K HS can, but it is too cold outside for it to cure and it would stink up the house if I sprayed inside the studio. This is my alternative.

STEP 7 Next I use a fan brush using the HOK Roman Red striping paint, with 10% catalyst and no reducer. I don’t want the paint to be very thin for I want a dry brush effect. I start from the back of the bowl, pressing down then lifting the brush at my stopping point towards the iris.

30 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20

STEPBYSTEP STEP 8 & 9 The dry brush effect/ bloodshot look is accomplished. I then fill in the rest of the back of the bowl with the Roman Red paint.

STEP 10 & 11 Next I added ‘Blood Red’ Auto – Air colors Candy 20 in my Iwata airbrush with no reducer added. Tilting the bowl on its side, I flood the paint onto the bowl with high pressure then use the air to move the paint towards the front of the eye, working my way back of the eyeball, in a layering effect. This can be tricky with the runs of the paint, so I work in a fast face, keeping a good balance of the bowl so the runs won’t escape from me. Bloodied eyeball effect accomplished.

STEP 12 After I filled in the iris with HOK black striping paint, I start building the color for the iris. Beginning with the HOK white striping paint, I use the same cross point method to achieve an even proportional effect, using a flat top brush. The reason why I start with the white is because I’ll be layering the candied paint over the top of it to give it that vibrant look.

STEP 13 The base color for the iris is finished.

www.pandkg.com l 31


STEP 14 Once the HOK white had cured, I then hand brush a couple layers of the Candy 20 ‘Caribe Blue’ over the top. STEP 15 I visually pick the center of the iris and mark it with this papermate marker. I like using this pen for it can easily be wiped off without leaving any ink or ghost lines, its my go-to marker for all my projects. Then I use an eclipse tool to trace out the pupil. STEP 16 Pupil is filled in using HOK black striping paint.

STEP 17 Hand brushed the inside of the bowl with the HOK Roman Red.

STEP 18 Next, I use an eclipse tool to airbrush the sun spots onto the eyeball, using HOK basecoat white.

32 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20


STEP 19 Using a hot glue gun, I outline the top edge of the bowl, giving it the blood drip effect.

STEP 20 I paint the edges of the glue first with a liner brush, using the HOK Roman Red, then filled in the rest with a flat top brush.

STEP 21 & 22 Once that is dried, I brushed on the ‘blood red’ Candy 20 over the Roman Red.

STEP 23 For final clearing, I use the 1-shot clear and 10% 1-shot hardener mixed and applied over the exterior of the eyeball.

shed i n i f e Th piece

www.pandkg.com l 33

34 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20

August Bank

Holiday 2019


By Paul Waring

he annual three-day multi-genre music festival at Twinwood in Bedfordshire was hot, hot, hot in every way this year. The sun shone all three days and mid-day temperatures were in the 80s. 1950s rock ‘n’ roll music was very much to the fore and we’ll concentrate on that here. The Control Tower stage specialises in the rockin’ sounds, but there were equally rockin’ acts on the Main Stage from time to time, and with the clever programming it was possible to find wall-to-wall rock ‘n’ roll throughout the event. The sun shone so intensely on all three days of this open-air event that between us we spent £40 on double raspberry sorbets alone! These were supplied by the Classic Scoops ice cream van, which was a most welcome addition to the proceedings, as the permanently long queue all day testified. As we entered the main grassy arena on our arrival The Daisy Chains, who were well turned out in 1950s frocks and, unusually, the vocalists were also the brass section which featured tenor and baritone saxophones and a trumpet. They played these well and we loved their sound. Our favourite acts included Laura B and her band, Mark Keely’s Good Rockin’ Tonight, Rockin’ the Joint, Greggi G and his Crazy Gang and the Revolutionaires Big Band, who appeared one after the other on the Sunday before Si Cranston gave his ever popular jump-blues act with welcome nods to Jackie Wilson, Roy Brown and Nappy Brown, in addition to his many selfpenned classics. ‣

www.pandkg.com l 35

Of the bands on the Control Tower stage, it was interesting to see that the biggest audience response was to the Revolutionaires Big Band with about three-quarters of the dance-floor taken up with people watching this eye-catching act, especially vocalist and leader, Ed Stevenson, who really throws himself into every number with power and enthusiasm whilst playing his big hollow-bodied guitar and harmonica. That said, the sheer professionalism and talent of Good Rockin’ Tonight, especially on the Elvis numbers, and the very full ensemble vocals of Rockin’ the Joint are hugely impressive. All the acts kept the dance-floor full, almost to overflowing, even in the heat-wave conditions. Roy G Hemmings, formerly from the later versions of The Drifters, closed the evening with his Dictionary of Soul show. He is a very talented singer able to deliver fine versions of classics made famous by artists such as Marvin Gaye and Otis Reading as well as having a well-rehearsed horn section and three ladies who really know how to capture churchy vocal harmonies and the Motown sound. It was a surreal sight to see conga lines forming throughout the audience as Roy and his band encored with ‘Love Train’ under the stars of the night sky. Monday had an equally strong line-up. This started with Richie and The Rockets, who sadly were making their last appearance together as lead-vocalist Richie has now left the band. However, his place is going to be taken by Pagan Gould, who we are confident will be an equally fine vocalist for this immensely jive-friendly rockin’ band. All the covers which they have successfully made their own were present in abundance. They kept us jiving, despite the temperature now being at least 90’F under the canvas covering the Control Tower dance-floor. The Ding Dong Daddios brought a slower and more jazzy tempo to the proceedings and featured a fine trombone player. We were able to put our feet up at this point and let the styles of people like Nat King Cole flow over us. Then once again we were rockin’ to just about every number by The Kingcats with their boogie woogie piano player and slick guitarist. We hoped we wouldn’t pass-out and at the end of their show we ran off for another couple of those raspberry sorbets! Then it was over to the Main Stage for the closing act for us, namely Zoot Serious and his Band, which are a 10-piece if you include Zoot himself. One of the many great things about Twinwood and other such weekenders is that we can get to hear these larger bands which are too big for the local rock ‘n’ roll clubs to afford. Zoots had a trombone and two trumpets in addition to an alto and tenor sax with him, along with a capable piano player and a sturdy driving bass guitarist. This outfit really packed a punch on numbers such as Louis Jordan’s ‘Caldonia’, Tiny Bradshaw’s ‘The Train Kept A Rollin’’ and Jimmy Wilson’s ‘Jumpin’ from Six to Six’. Zoot, looking resplendent in his big red zoot suit, had enough command to deliver Cab Calloway’s ‘Minnie the Moocher’ convincingly and retained the jacket of his zoot suit until the fourth number despite the tropical temperatures. We had to smile at the few guys who managed to maintain their full military uniform and the occasional Ted in drape jacket despite the heat – a triumph of fashion and style over common sense. Dee and I were in shorts throughout and Paul occasionally lost the battle to keep his shirt on. There is so much to this fabulous weekender and we hope our photographs convey some of the flavour. With many thanks to the team of organisers for such a smooth running and well-planned event and let’s hope for glorious weather again next year. Paul Waring and Dee Shore 36 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20


“It’s not honey, it’s liquor!” they would mutter under hushed tones in the original homeland of our craft moonshine. A confession that truly invokes our historical taste for secrets and disobedience. And in 2017, as the psyche of dissidence seeped its way onto our lands, infiltrating our minds and our bloodstreams, we would translate those murmurs into a calling of profound reverence. Slithering consonants collided with vowels to produce a new whisper as smooth as our high-proof liqueur. Joined with friendship, laughter and mason jars embellished by the slipped slices of silver moonlight, each sip condemned our dancing tongues to the jovial outpouring of our mission… “Discover your rebel spirit!” And that’s when George and his childhood friends began the British moonshine revolution, with O’Donnell Moonshine hitting bars, clubs, restaurants, delis, markets and farm shops right across the UK.

was coloured in such a way to disguise as the jam and honey sold during the day. This is reflected in the vibrant colours of our Wild Berry, Bitter Rose, Tough Nut and Roasted Apple flavours.

Rewind 100 years and take a trip across the pond, you will see America’s 18th amendment ratified as part of the constitution. A year later, on the 16th day of the 1st month, the longest dry January ever had begun, marking the beginning of the roaring 20s with a prohibition on alcohol that lasted 13 years! How unlucky.

O’Donnell, like other ‘wet’ supporters, enjoyed years of defiantly dampening the spirits of those in favour of the prohibition; the ‘dry’ crusaders. But this deviance came at a cost, as many attempts were made on his life and his group lost gang wars through violent bloodshed. Later in life, Spike became a government advisor, helping prevent youth from falling into gang crime. An unlikely hero!

With alcoholic tyranny imposed on the nation, production fell into the hands of criminal gangs. One of the most notable figures of the time was our Moonshine namesake Edward ‘Spike’ O’Donnell. Exhibiting an innocent exterior at the Chicago markets, the O’Donnell family produced and sold honey and jam inside mason jars, but nocturnal crafts provoked a transformation of these wholesome treats to beverages of the illicit kind. To evade suspicion from the authorities, the drink

As we approach our third year of trading, our small team operating from the Northern Quarter in Manchester has shipped thousands of jars across the country, harnessing the clandestine era with every sale. Up to this day, most of our sales are made through direct consumer contact at events all across the UK. We strive to continue O’Donnell’s legacy by pouring the true elixir of rebellion into every one of our products, so that others can discover their rebel spirit too.

www.pandkg.com l 37



Regal Theatre 01209 216 278 Worcester Swan ANNIVERSARY Redruth 23 JAN merlincinemas.co.uk/regal-theatre Ŧ 10 FEB


Halifax Piece Hall Spiegeltent 01422 525 217 7 DEC thepiecehall.co.uk UTRECHT Big Top - Jarrbeurs 27 & 28 DEC circusofhorrors.nl Glasgow King’s Theatre 0844 871 7648 8 JAN atgtickets.com/venues/kings-theatre Ŧ Wellingborough Castle 01933 270 007 9 JAN parkwoodtheatres.co.uk/castle-theatre Ŧ Stoke on Trent Victoria Hall 08448 717 649 10 JAN bit.ly/2Yei8gs Ŧ Oxford New Theatre 0844 871 3020 11 JAN bit.ly/2kFdK7O Manchester Dance House 0161 832 1111 12 & 13 JAN thedancehouse.co.uk Ŧ Northampton Royal & Derngate 01604 624 811 15 JAN royalandderngate.co.uk Ŧ Peterborough New Theatre 01733 852 992 16 JAN newtheatre-peterborough.com Ŧ Weymouth Pavilion 01305 783 225 17 JAN weymouthpavilion.com Ŧ Southampton O2 Guild Hall 02380 632 601 18 JAN livenation.co.uk/southampton Ŧ Bath Pavilion 08444 993 666 19 JAN bit.ly/2Ki30ot Ŧ Hereford Courtyard 01432 340 555 20 JAN courtyard.org.uk Ŧ Swindon Wyvern Theatre 01793 524 481 21 JAN swindontheatres.co.uk Ŧ Exeter Corn Exchange 01392 665 938 22 JAN exetercornexchange.co.uk Ŧ



Plymouth Pavilions 03337 727 727 24 JAN plymouthpavilions.com Ŧ Torquay Princess Theatre 08448 713 023 25 JAN bit.ly/318v58F/ Ŧ Reading Hexagon 01189 606 060 26 JAN readingarts.com/hexagon Ŧ Tunbridge Wells 01892 530 613 Assembly Hall Theatre 27 JAN assemblyhalltheatre.co.uk Brighton Theatre Royal 08448 717 650 28 JAN bit.ly/2KfWxL0 Ŧ Newport Riverfront 01633 656 679 29 JAN tickets.newportlive.co.uk Ŧ Billingham Forum 01642 552 663 30 JAN forumtheatrebillingham.co.uk Hull Bonus Arena 08448 440 444 31 JAN bonusarenahull.com Ŧ Newcastle Tyne Theatre 08442 491 000 and Opera House 1 FEB tynetheatreandoperahouse.uk Ŧ Scarborough Spa 01723 821 888 2 FEB scarboroughspa.co.uk Ŧ Stockport Plaza 0161 477 7779 3 FEB stockportplaza.co.uk Ŧ Swansea Grand 01792 475 715 5 FEB swansea.gov.uk/grandtheatrewhatson Yeovil Octagon 01935 422 884 6 FEB octagon-theatre.co.uk Poole Lighthouse 01202 280 000 7 FEB lighthousepoole.co.uk Sheffield City Hall 01142 789 789 8 FEB sheffieldcityhall.co.uk Ŧ Colne Muni 01282 661 234 9 FEB themuni.co.uk

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*2 for 1. Available for most venues, in some cases other discounts apply. Subject to availability. The Circus of Horrors contains nudity and language of an adult nature. NOT SUITABLE FOR UNDER-16s 136x185 Pinstriping Dec CoH25.indd 1

The Ultimate Small Parts Spray Paint Booths

23/09/2019 8:03 pm

Removes VOC’s Perfect for: Spray Painting • Grinding • Powder Coating • Adhesives • Any application where particulate collection and filtration are required! Fully complies with NFPA 33, OSHA, NEC, and EPA code standards.


Multiple Sizes Available WORKING DIMENSIONS 52” WIDE 35” TALL 30” DEEP

Bench Top Models

Floor Length Models

Call for pricing: 800-919-9035


www.MarathonSprayBooths.com • info@MarathonFinishing.com 38 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20


Name: Vince Cabral My name is Vincent Cabral and I come AKA: Vince Cab from Switzerland near Lausanne. I describe myself as a “sharp” artist, my speciality is Location: Lausanne, Switzerland to paint only on old sharp tools, such as Speciality: Sharp Artist saws, butcher’s leaves, axes, etc. I started this by chance following an exhibition where Experience: 2 years I painted on a cleaver. The adventure was Instagram: @cab_vince then launched. Since then, I have spent my Facebook: @Kustom Chopper time searching for all sorts of old sharp tools in markets, flea markets and garage sales.‣ www.pandkg.com l 39


40 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20


I come from an alternative medium, punk rock and tattoo and that’s where I get some of my inspiration. Being also a big fan of cinema, comics, graphics and art of all kinds, that completes my references and inspirations (for example Coop, Jimbo Phillips, Ed Roth, Pushead (aka Brian Schroeder), Stan Lee, DC Comics, Marvel , etc ...). Self-taught, I deepened my technique through my experiences and creative ideas while adapting my projects to objects that serve me as useful. I do not set any goals or limits in particular, my priority is undoubtedly to find pleasure in what I create and to be able to share it.

www.pandkg.com l 41

Flakeys @flakeyscp

e l u Y Kool VAULT

Stuck for gifts for your kustom kulture enthusiast? Get inspired with unique items and services in our vault.

Always hand painted

e g a t n i V e p i r t s n i p

www.amberylart.com Instagram @amberylart

Prices from £12 for a set of 3 07973 552040


Annual Subscriptions from £25 (+shipping)

CALL: (+44)116 281 0009 EMAIL: admin@pandkg.com 42 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20


Jason Livery

Name: Jason Livery Location: Gulfport, Ms. Speciality: Goalie Mask Art Experience: 10 years helmets, 28 years airbrush Facebook: @HSGrafx Instagram: @headstronggrafx

Twitter: @headstronggrafx

Website: www.headstronggrafx.com www.pandkg.com l 43



ason Livery specializes in custompainted hockey masks for NHL players. Based in Gulfport, Mississippi, Jason has 28 years’ experience with airbrushing after getting the bug as a teenager…

‘I went to a friend’s house one day after school and found him airbrushing a T-shirt. I was in awe – I had never seen anything like this! I ran home and asked my mum for a kit for Christmas and the rest was history. When I married my wife, a military officer, I needed a business where location didn’t matter, as she was required to move every four years. This was when Head Strong Grafx LLC was born! Goalie masks were perfect: it didn’t matter where I was because none of my clients were local anyway. I really lucked out when my wife was posted at Scott Air Force Base near St Louis – a great hockey city! I got involved with rinks, stores and events across the area. One day a friend of mine got a job with the St Louis Blues. Goaltender Brian Elliott hated his current mask. My friend mentioned my name to him and I got a call to come in. I was star struck – standing in the 44 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20

locker room with all these NHL players! It was like a dream. When I returned to present Brian’s finished mask to him, goaltender Jaro Halak was there. He asked me to paint his mask and backplate in honor of his good friend Pavel Dimitry who had tragically died along with his team in a plane crash.


When Jaro saw my work he was thrilled. The backplate went viral. I was getting calls from Fox, ESPN, you name it! This launched my career. For the next few years I was one of the hottest mask painters around. NHL and AHL teams were requesting so many masks from me that I couldn’t keep up.

One of my favorite sponsors of all is Marathon Spray Booths. They have created a 4 stage ventless spray booth which doesn’t need venting outdoors. With my wife’s USAF career we’ve moved many times over the years and lugging around my old bench-top booth was a huge pain, as was finding a spot to install it. I also love my fave Yellow Avery Spray Mask. I’ve tried many other brands and have only been disappointed. I always go right back to the Avery Yellow. It’s the best, in my opinion, for what I do. I’m blessed to have such a great group of clients and I’ve met so many friends over the years that I otherwise would never have known. You can now see my work at the Hockey Hall of Fame, and in some of the biggest events like the Winter Olympics. It’s just so awesome and such an honor.

It’s important to me to spend a lot of time making all the images on my masks very clean and sharp and legible, not only up-close but from a distance in the stands as well for all the fans to enjoy. I like to push the envelope and find new creative ways and techniques to provide my clients a finished product they could only get from Head Strong Grafx LLC. ‣

I use a huge variety of kit and equipment in my work and have been lucky enough to partner with some fantastic companies. A fun collaboration for me was with Lumilor, who make light up paint technology. They worked with me exclusively on a one-off custom goalie mask that lit up. The Badger owned Thayer and Chandler Omni 3000 is my go to airbrush for all my work. However, I do pick up my SATA airbrushes from time to time as well. Since I’m old school, I just could never get the gravity fed airbrushes to feel right to me. I’m so used to holding a bottle. So I stick with what I feel comfortable with. As I always say, it’s not the tool that makes you a great painter; it’s who’s holding the tool. For my base coat needs I’ve teamed with SATA and use the Minijet 4000 exclusively. It’s a great product and I’m so happy to be part of their team. Over the years, I’ve used many paint brands but currently I’m extremely happy with Custom Paints Inc Inspire products. So much so, that I teamed with them as well and we developed my own paint line catering to the goalie mask artists of the world. I’ve also teamed with TAMCO and exclusively use their HC-9500 30 min clear coat. Doing so many layers in my artwork I needed a clear that would cure fast so I can start the next layer of work. Not to mention it dries hard as a rock, which is great for my masks that have pucks travelling at them at 100mph.

www.pandkg.com l 45


"IT’S IMPORTANT TO ME TO SPEND A LOT OF TIME MAKING ALL THE IMAGES ON MY MASKS VERY CLEAN AND SHARP AND LEGIBLE, NOT ONLY UP-CLOSE BUT FROM A DISTANCE IN THE STANDS AS WELL FOR ALL THE FANS TO ENJOY." My future plans include finally building my own shop now we’re living somewhere we intend to stay. One of my newer clients is the NFL. Each year they contract me to paint a football helmet for the Whitey Zimmerman Equipment Manager of the Year Award, which is an awesome experience! My top tip would be to just stick with it. Think big, take chances and market yourself well!’. 46 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20

PRODUCTREVIEW KEEPING AN EYE ON THE WORLD OF AIRBRUSH By airbrush artist Svee Wheeler, email: svee@sveeart.com Hi there you lovely readers you! Svee here. If you have a topic or product you would like to discuss/review/know more about or have questions on, give myself and the P&KG crew a shout and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Iwata Airbrush Maintenance Tool Kit

Today for review we have The Iwata Airbrush Maintenance Kit. A well looked after airbrush will last you forever so it’s important to take care of our shiny friends. The Iwata Maintenance Kit helps you do just that. The kit comes in a really nice cloth case with a sturdy zip fastening. It measures 22 x 13.5 x 4 cm and has a nice big Iwata logo printed on the front. It features an internal zip up bag which is great for storing anything extra you use in your airbrush maintenance like a tube of superlube, cotton buds etc. It also has one side empty with little elasticated fasteners so you can store more tools or even up to 3 airbrushes in the same case.

48 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20

*Airbrush not included

Now let’s look at the tools you get in the kit. First up we have a nozzle wrench. This little tool enables you to remove the nozzle on your Iwata airbrush with no risk of damage or cross threading. It simply fits over the end of your nozzle and a gentle twist tightens or untightens it from the airbrush body without it shooting off into the distance never to be seen again… as I’ve done many times trying to do this with a pair of pliers!


Next along we have a nice sturdy tube for keeping spare needles safe and sound without the risk of damage.

Next along in the case we have the air valve wrench. This looks much like the nozzle wrench but this time its for adjustment or removal of the air valve in the bottom of your airbrush should you need to replace it or if you want to customise the spring tension on the airbrush trigger. It has two different ends on it, one small, one large and depending on which Iwata airbrush you own determines which end you need to use.

Then finally we have a set of soft jaw pliers. This handy little tool has nylon jaws that are fully replaceable should they ever wear out. The benefit of having these nylon jaws is that it protects the chrome finish on your airbrush which would get damaged should you try to use a regular pair of pliers. These also feature a slip jaw hinge allowing you to adjust the pliers to an even wider fitting making them useful for unscrewing parts on Iwata spray guns which have much larger parts than airbrushes. All together this is one seriously handy kit to have. I personally have struggled in the past to do full maintenance or replace parts on my airbrushes due to not having the right tool. The packing screw drivers for instance are invaluable in my opinion. If you’ve ever tried to replace a packing screw with a regular screwdriver you’ll know what I mean… it’s a nightmare! Then we have 2 needle packing screw drivers. Way down in the guts of your airbrush where the needle enters the paint cup area, there is a little screw with a washer. This stops the paint from flowing into the back part of the airbrush and dribbling all over your hand. So, as you can imagine, its quite important to have this part fitted properly. Too tight and your needle won’t move back and forth. Too loose and you’ll end up with paint everywhere and some serious airbrush cleaning needed. In the kit you get 2 different sizes. A 1.2 mm and 1.4 mm. You just use the correct one depending on the size of the needle in your airbrush.

More information on the Iwata Airbrush Maintenance Tool Kit can be found on the Airbrushes.com website at www.airbrushes.com.



1st INTERNATIONAL SPAIN AEROGRAPHY SEMINAR 2019 Organized by Hugo Maciel, Spanish Mexican artist, multidisciplinary of airbrushing. Hugo Maciel is a textile specialist, professor and promoter of airbrushing, President of the Cultural Association of Airbrush of Asturias (ACAA) and Director of the Hugo Mac Art airbrush academy.





he concept of this event is no different in its basic scheme: a group of national and international artists, gathered to share their art and knowledge about airbrushing in the same event. Only this time several aspects have been changed, since initially it was born as a meeting between several artists to celebrate in the week prior to the day of the airbrush, which is celebrated on October 6. Only that other artists from different parts of the world joined together and the idea of a party between artists was modified, to change to a party of artists and students of airbrushing, in which everyone contributes or collaborates to carry out this event, non-profit and with the economic cooperation of the students to obtain the resources of materials, equipment and rental of the place. Making this a unique event.

50 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20

In this way the cost of participation of the students, was reduced to a cooperation fee of â‚Ź180 with the right of participation of 11 artists in a period of 6 days. And with a program in which students had access to all courses, workshops, seminars, talks and demonstrations, by all the artists who participated. Without the limit of choice. Since, who had the time and willingness to participate, could choose absolutely the entire program. And it should be added that the event site is a privileged space full of beautiful stone architecture. Which is considered the largest building in Spain, La Laboral City of Culture, in GijĂłn Spain. The event was organized and directed by the host, Hugo Maciel. Who took care of the entire device for the promotion and development of graphics and videos to be shared on the networks. As well as the support and direction in the logistics and production of the event.

The program was developed as follows: Starting on October 1 at 9:00 am with the participation of the prestigious artist, instructor and one of the main collectors and promoters of airbrushing in Italy and the world, Mario Romani. Who delighted the opening of the event with a great talk about the history of the airbrush. For which he presented part of his famous collection of airbrushes. It was followed by the presentation of the Argentine artist Ariel Castellaro, who started with the first of the workshops. In which they painted a realistic portrait in black and white, on a black t-shirt. For which they used the colors of "Hugo Mac Art Colors", being one of the sponsors of the event, along with the magazine "Airbrush Step By Step" and the company Anest Iwata Iberica, which contributed with the airbrushes and compressors for the event.

And this fourth day concluded with the course of "Digital Painting" to apply to the preproduction of airbrush projects. Taught by airbrush and digital artist, Roger Hassler. Who is also the editor in chief of the “Airbrush Step By Step” magazine and sponsor of the event. RAFA GARCÍA-CANO

And that last day, he played the participation of the artist and airbrush teacher, Angus Alcántara. Who instructed in a demo to all, with his presentation of special effects on a hood, using the paintings of "Hugo Mac Art Colors".

Ariel's presentation continued on the second day. To conclude that day, the artists of France, Avero Graph, followed with a demonstration on the technique of erasing and scratching for detailed effects in the preparation of portraits. As well as the demonstration of the artist Kustom, Alex Germany. That instructed us how to use the paintings of "Sweet Candys" by Hugo Mac Art Colors. Starting the painting of a work on a metal board for a Skateboard, which later contributed to continue painting the rest of the artists. The third day, it was entirely for the Mexican artist Iván Loperena, who gave a chair of his knowledge about the shape, light and shadow and color theory applied to the black and white portrait. This being his speciality, he delighted the students with his amazing work of monochromatic realism. And for which an essay was performed using a technique to paint a realistic eye. His participation ended the next day, on the fourth day. For which it coincided with the visit of the local TV, with an interview with him and the organizer of the event, Hugo Maciel. IVÁN LOPERENA


Within the second part of this fifth day, the Argentine artist Cesar Deferrari, one of the great realistic cartoonists, made his presentation. With his seminar "painting" Marilyn Monroe ". Where students enjoyed this experience at the hands of a great expert like Cesar. To finish on the sixth day of the event.

A demo presented by the Argentine artist Romina Badaracco was added to the presentations, with a demonstration on the elaboration and painting of puppets. There was only the presentation of the great Gerald Méndez, which could not be done, due to a plane transfer problem, which prevented him from arriving at his appointment. Therefore, his presence was missed in the final act of the event.

For the fifth day, the activities began with the demonstration by Rafa GarcíaCano. Being one of the best airbrush in Spain, crime to everyone, with the first presentation on his realistic technique. With an exercise that developed in its middle part of a masterpiece of an illustration of an IWATA airbrush. In which he explained step by step his development, supported by physical examples of his work, as well as videos and photographs.

And to close the event, the Diplomas were given to students and Recognitions to Artists, for their participation in this first international seminar of airbrushing Gijón 2019. To conclude with a live link via Facebook, as part of the celebration of Airbrush Day. In conclusion, everyone was happy with this experience and eager to repeat in the second edition. For which, we will have to wait for news very soon.


www.pandkg.com l 51


Don’t just take our word for it... Hear what our recent UK testers have to say.

I am an amateur hobbyist airbrush artist and have been at it on and off for a few years now. So, onto the review.... Like a kid in a sweetshop when the paints arrived I was eager to get them out and get cracking. As a typical male, I don’t worry about research, like building a flat pack kit, who needs instructions? That was my first stumbling block. The reducer supplied with the kit is concentrated and needs to be further reduced with water (bottled is recommended) at a rate of 9 to 1. So 10 ml of reducer concentrate actually makes up 100 ml of reducer. What a fantastic idea. How many times do you get a paint set that has enough reducer for all the paint in the set? I only discovered this once doing some research as I was seeing the paint break up in the cup because I was reducing with the concentrate, lesson learned. Once the reducer issue was solved I found the paints to be superb. I was using ten drops of reducer, 10 drops of the transparent base supplied and just one drop of colour, flowed beautifully through 0.35 set up and 0.18 set up. I still think this could be pushed even further with more experimenting. At this ratio I could build up tones and depth really nicely with full coverage at around ten passes. Colours are bright and vibrant, only thing I found I was not so sure of was the brown is a little shifted towards red but can be altered using the good old colour theory. A colour mixing guide is available at https://www.dna-paints. com/trident-airbrush-paints/ along with all safety data should you need them too. Erasing techniques work well, various erasers, scotch pad, blades all did the trick on Lana Vanguard paper. I tried on some glossy photo paper too and had similar results. I did find however that the paint will come off if caught by some rough skin when brushing off the piece. I would recommend a final top coat to seal anything on paper. I also did a quick test for adhesion on some fairly heavily grained Vinyl and could find no issues at all with the paint taking to the surface. I was hoping to try on leather too but I know the amazing wallet artist Ashley Brayson uses Trident on his wallets and gets superb results.

Portraits are not my thing but I wanted something to test the erasing and was fairly happy with the result. Both my pieces have some issues in as with anything new it’s a learning curve, all paint ranges have their intricacies and with more time I’m sure this Trident will be simply superb. It flows beautifully and tip dry is almost non existent, for a water based paint it is the best I have tried. I ran for five minutes, air on all that time and a gently spraying. I found my habit of cleaning off tip dry every 30 seconds or so was unnecessary. The photo of the tip is after that five minute test and was still spraying well. It really is the closest to solvent that I have ever had the pleasure to use. The Jester piece will be made into a clock and I will give it to the amazing team at Supershoes to sell off at KKBO 10. I really hope that Trident can move into the UK with a distributor, this stuff really is very very nice to use. I wish them all the best with breaking into the UK market and hope that you can all have the pleasure of using such a great paint. Review by Paul Meadowcroft

RECEIVE A FREE 10ML CORE4 SET with any website purchase of TRIDENT. Use discount code “CORE4” at checkout or scan QR code.

www.dna-paints.com/trident UK, EU & US DEALERS WANTED

Developed with the airbrush artist in mind, Tru8 consists of 8 colours that are a must for any airbrush artist. These colours are TRU colours which means they mix cleanly and effectively to give you a rich, vibrant and extensive colour pallet.

Suitable for hard surfaces such as primed metals, concrete and sealed timbers, medium surfaces like paper and boards through to soft fabrics, leathers and other textiles.

PRODUCTREVIEW I was lucky enough to be selected to trial the Trident Tru8 set of paints, I used synthetic paper with an Iwata CM-SB. I was interested to see how they perform against my usual brand of paint, the consistency seems very similar but the depth of colour appears less translucent, but the colours mix well together, the reducer supplied was a concentrate, so had to dilute that before use or the paint would split. Having said that the paint with or without reducer sprays very well, with very little tip dry, yay! as we all hate that! I found the depth of colour more intense, I did need to use more reducer than I’m used to, to achieve the blurred/out of focus part of the picture . I found that if you spray a colour over the black it would taint it, so did have to touch it in some places where this had happened, I found it dried with a bit of a chalky finish in my opinion. Overall I thought the paints were really good and enjoyable to use, and great for eraser and blade techniques. Review by Catherine Thompson

I was invited to test and review Trident waterbased paints for P&KG magazine, being mostly a solvent paint user I thought it would be a good honest test of the product. I decided to test them out on the fridge magnet I was painting for the Supershoes charity auction being held at the Kustom Kulture Blast Off show. The panel was a 100mmX100mm (4”X4”) magnetic backed canvas and I decided to paint Deadpool on it. I used the Trident black, white, red, transparent base and reducer. At first glance they seem very strong and vibrant in colour and this proved to be the case. I first layout the image with a very transparent black (mostly transparent base with a few drops of colour) and build up layers and depth to create a monotone underpainting. Once happy with that I mix up my colour wash which again is transparent base with some red added, making the colour transparent allows the underpainting to show through. I finished off with reduced white just to bring out the highlights. So all in all I was very impressed with the Trident paint, it mixes very well and sprays nicely through the airbrush with minimal tip dry, has very strong colours that give good coverage but can also be extended using the transparent base to create your own transparents which is how I work. They seem to be quite durable once fully cured which is a good thing as this can be one of the downsides to many acrylic paints. Most definitely one of my top choices for a waterbased paint. Review by John Hayes, Silverfox Customs www.pandkg.com l 53




(.002 / .004 / .008 / .015 / .025 / .040)











*airbrush not included



WORK IN THE AIRBRUSH TRADE We constantly get asked if there is work in the airbrush industry. The answer is...Yes!! TO ILLUSTRATE While on a 3-month holiday with the wife in Europe, yes I do take a break now and then; we had work offered to us with a film crew on a 6-month start contract that would be extended to a 5-year contract. Now we had a problem, as we needed 6 artists that had been in our workshops that could actually do the job.

The above job was offering £100 an hour for 2 hours a day 5 days a week for the first 6 months... not bad money in anyone’s book. These opportunities come up every now and then; all that is needed is students/ artists capable of the work. And as I am writing this we had a call from a London television company asking if we had any one that was competent in airbrush make -up. Now to add to the list we have a request for an airbrush SO WHAT DOES MEAN TO ME?

We contacted all that were at the level needed and even some that were not quite there yet, and could not find anyone that had the time to work for this company. Why? Because they already were flat out, working in their own fields.

So what does this mean?? Well apart from the website working great, there is a lot of work to be had. And how does this impact all you airbrush artists out there in the real world?

And the money was good also, so no problems there.

JUST A NEED FOR MORE AIRBRUSH ARTISTS. In a world with people wanting to work for themselves as airbrush artists and enjoy their work, it reveals there is a great need for training so as to be able to accomplish the jobs offered.

artist to airbrush designs on leather coats. And another, to create the design and airbrush the artwork on bags and hoodies for a fashion shoot.

And there is a great need for airbrush artists and the work is very well paid. All that is needed is the right tuition and practise so as to be able to earn from what you learn.

Work running out? Well not at the moment. What is needed is quality work completed by artists that are passionate about what they do. Willing to give 110% effort and not shirk the responsibility needed to complete the job offered to them.

Well going back to the website – “Get One UP and Running …Properly”. Don’t leave things to chance; Promote Yourself Everywhere. We were getting asked to either do the work [And the one offering £100 an hour was so tempting if I could only get my wife to live back in England I would be doing very well for myself] or find students that can do the work. And happily we have been able to help some of our students to earn from what they have learnt.

"PROMOTE YOURSELF EVERYWHERE." So is there work in the airbrush industry? As you can see the answer is...Yes!! So Learn, Practice and Promote yourself in a career that you are passionate about.

Till next time, that’s Airicons’ Spray for the Day www.pandkg.com l 55


Airbrushing by Nick Name: Nick Dampier // AKA: Airbrushing by Nick/ Tuffnutz

Experience: 7 years // Location: South Wales, UK // Speciality: Airbrush Facebook: @Tuffnutzcustom // www.airbrushforum.org/members/tuffnutz.3144

56 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20


FEATUREDARTIST n the bowels of South Wales lives a Little Dragon called Nick...

"I started airbrushing about 7 years ago and immediately got the bug. Through a lot of practice and YouTube videos, I am improving. There aren’t any particular artists I look to for inspiration; I’ll take it from anywhere I can! I think that really every artist I see gives me ideas. At first I started off with cheap airbrushes, due to cost, but I’ve been working my way up to my all to my favourites. Number one for me is the Iwata Custom Micron CM-SB2, followed by the Harder & Steenbeck Infinity. My preferred paints are Auto Air Transparents, due to them being very flexible and able to be used on automotive panels, although I do mostly paint on cardstock. I have recently started to incorporate colours and bought the Createx Illustration Colour Wheel set along with Wicked and Wicked Detail paints. I don’t change paints very often because I reckon if it’s not broken don’t fix it. Portraits are my favourite thing to do. They’re challenging but hugely rewarding if they even come close to looking like what you’re supposed to be painting! I do a lot of freehand work, but I will use some homemade stencils to map out the basics. I found the best way for me to work on portraits was by painting on a black surface. The way I personally improved my painting was by training my eyes to see more, to really take in things like tones, shades and the hardness and softness of lines. I think people worry too much about making mistakes, just as I did at first. My advice to anyone wanting to improve is: just carry on and you will learn from any mistakes you make. Seven years since I began, I’m still learning new stuff every day. I let the airbrush do the work so I don’t tend to scratch or erase. My two top tips would be: have fun and don’t panic."



58 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20


Behind the scenes with Mick and Jennifer from

MICMANS Since 2002, Paint My Ride has been offering the best in automotive bodywork and training. Now they’ve branched out into the world of automotive paint supplies with their new business Micmans... ‘From the beginning we knew that Micmans had to be as personal as everything else we offer. It’s that personal touch that makes us really excited about this new venture.


At Micmans, we want to make sure we cover every step of the automotive body work process, which means we stock products for prepping, repairing and conventional painting – as well as custom painting supplies. Our product line-up includes body repair supplies such as filler, stopper, fibreglass, primer and abrasives. For conventional painting we have: lacquers/clear coats, paint, masking, degreasers, consumables, paint masks, paint suits and polish. In our custom range, we offer: airbrush paint, metal flakes, candy, sign mask, practice boards, practice tanks and special FX paints.

Our products are sold to painters, by painters. This means we extensively test and use every single product in our range, before we release it to the public. Our expertise, and extensive experience with these products, means that we can give the very best advice about each one of them. Taking that approach a step further, we also offer the opportunity to try before you buy, in our purpose-built training facility. This means that without any commitment, you can make sure you’re getting the best kit for the job. Even better, the support doesn’t stop when you leave the building: we’re proud to offer a free call back service for anyone who wants advice on using our products. We also have free samples of selected products for you to take home and try.

As a new business, our product range is continuously expanding and soon we’ll be moving into our fantastic new premises, where well also be taking on another role as an official Mipa supplier where we hope you’ll come and visit us. For now, however, you can buy online or at our current shop in Richmond, North Yorkshire.


www.pandkg.com l 59

TRAINING IN ALL ASPECTS OF CONVENTIONAL AND CUSTOM PAINT AND REPAIRS 1 to 11 day courses available on both cars and bikes: • Car Painting Courses • Motorcycle Painting Courses • Smart Repair Courses • Custom Paint Courses • Airbrush Courses

01748 517350

www.autopainttrainingcentre.co.uk Unit 1, Platform 1, Station Road, Brompton on Swale, North Yorkshire, DL10 7SH.

For all your Automotive & Custom Paint Supplies www.micmans.co.uk

Maxime Xavier & Andy Saunders


Experience: A life time!

Location: Lyme Regis, Dorset Speciality: Airbrush Art www.maximexavier.co.uk


have been an artist all my life. I have my own gallery in Lyme Regis and a garage in Poole, with my boyfriend Andy Saunders, where I airbrush. I’m completely selftaught and, as a child, used to spend hours copying masterpieces. One of my portrait paintings of Alan Turing has been recognised and recorded by the National Portrait Gallery in London. Airbrushing has become second nature to me. I wanted to airbrush an entire car to showcase my abilities and work. I found a great 1953 Ford Pop on eBay, Andy gave it the once over and then set about turning it into a bare blue canvas for me to work on. It was a rat rod with skulls and chains all over it and it needed a lot of body work doing to it!

I knew I wanted the Joker and Marilyn Monroe on the car but until I started sketching I didn’t realise they would be together. This has to be my favourite painting on the car. To the right of the Joker is Barbarella, perched on the back wing with her foot resting on the Joker’s shoulder. These characters lent themselves to an outer space scene, incorporating my beautiful and iconic dog, Diva, piloting a Star Wars space ship through the universe – as you do! The next panel ready was the bonnet and I had already chosen my subject. I wanted it to seem like you were looking through the bonnet to the engine: an iconic Chevrolet small-block with Edelbrock accessories. The first mural to go onto the body was Blade Runner-themed. I painted Harrison Ford’s face multiple times before I was happy: each time I finished I stood up to look at it and something was wrong! It took three attempts before I realised that, although it looked good whilst sitting a foot from the floor to paint, the slight bow in the door distorted the face from any other angle. At the end of the‣


As soon as I decided on the theme of icons, my imagination went into overdrive: 'Angelina Icon' was on her way. Our goal was to have the car ready for the Super Nationals in August 2019. This gave us just three months to do body work, interior, airbrushing and top coat. The boot lid was the first panel I worked on; as it was separate from the car I was able to airbrush while Andy was still working on the shell. I often found myself airbrushing until 3 am, and then starting again at nine the next morning.

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62 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20

FEATUREDARTIST film Rutger Hauer’s character lets a dove loose. Within the dove I have painted Rachel, the replicant that Deckard fell in love with. On the NSF wing I wanted to pay tribute to Esther Williams, the famous 1950’s swimmer and mermaid. Little does she know, as she swims blissfully unaware around the curve of the front wing, that danger is just behind her in the form of 70’s blockbuster, Jaws. Keeping the fishy theme going, the headlights have become two goldfish bowls. The OS features the iconic image of Steve McQueen, leaning up against the Ford Mustang from the film Bullet, idly playing with a gun. Overlaid with this is a large Colt Python gun, which runs down the bonnet side and ends on the grill shell with a cheeky child-like flag with ‘POP’ on it, coming out of the barrel. I love adding small details to my work: if you look hard around the car you will find a dead fly on the running board, a Ford logo on Harrison’s jacket and a mouth nibbling away at the Joker’s arm. The kustom design doesn’t stop once you get inside the car; along with the yellow velvet upholstery, you’ll also find a golden Oscar statue as a gearstick. The wings on the car are psychedelic lace overlaid with blue pearl. It really finishes it off a treat! My contact information is written inside the roll of film that scrolls its way around the rear roof pillar. I never have a business card with me when I need one, but this way I can't lose it (although some people may think I already have)! Angelina is now complete and it was so exciting to be asked by the Kustom Kulture Blast Off show to come and present her in all her glory. We had lots of fun and Angelina got such encouraging comments. We even managed to buy a two-foot Ford miniature for me to airbrush a miniature replica of Angelina.

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Tape to the Max


Paintwork by Kyle Morley / Xecution Style

New generation tape for Solvent & Waterborne paint

Scan it ! choose the right tape

Shop online in EU

www.createx.de/en/fbs Shop online in Canada

www.mapleairbrushsupplies.com www.xecutionstyle.com www.instagram.com/xecutionstyle

Shop online in USA


FBS Distribution Co., Inc. www.fbs-online.com


Ariel Castellaro Name/AKA: Ariel Castellaro // Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Speciality: Airbrush Artist // Experience: 25 years // Facebook: @castellaroariel www.pandkg.com l 65



begun using airbrushes simply as a tool for my scale models, but they ended up completely replacing normal paintbrushes as the instrument for my artistic creations.

I started by painting drawings and advertisements on race cars, a neighbor ran in a local category and I took care of those jobs, then people started to ask me to paint motorcycles and car bonnets. Until that point I painted without training, just doing what I thought worked as there was not much information about airbrushing in Argentina.


I trained with the freehand technique in on-the-job training in 1998 and began to paint t-shirts professionally in an airbrush and tattoo shop. I also painted black shirts for rock clothes shops. For many years I perfected the technique of painting on dark backgrounds and this is still my favourite medium. I developed professionally as an industrial designer and worked several years in that profession, which led me to learn the use of new design tools. Programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop were, and still are, crucial to create my designs. I also started to deliver airbrush lessons. In 2004 I received a small distinction when a piece of mine was published in "Airbrush Action Magazine".

In 2010, I became sponsored by Sparmax, a relationship which is still maintained today and allows me to test a variety of aerographs, compressors and accessories. Soon after, I published a tutorial in the magazine "Airbrush Step By Step" and started giving seminars. Today I continue to train people, giving seminars and regular classes. For the past 6 years I have been invited to the "Kustom Art" show, which is the most important one at the local level. Here I show my work as well as painting a live work during the event. I also enjoy attending other events in the kustom world. Currently I am mainly dedicated to painting motorcycles, helmets, skateboards, guitars. I work on everything and anything that can be painted with automotive paints. Among my works there are thousands of jobs, from small scooters to gigantic Harley Davidson bikes. I consider myself versatile when it comes to surface and design; this is crucial for me, on the one hand to make a living from my art and, on the other, so as not to get bored and always find a new challenge that allows me to keep learning. This year I’m planning a trip to Los Angeles, USA, to give a seminar and paint some friends’ motorcycles while I’m there!



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Flakey Fridays With Kraken

Guide to flaking a motorcycle tank (part 2 of 2)

STEP 12 Your clear should be dry and will feel rough to the touch. You will need to wet sand with 600 to make smooth. Then you can go over it all with a red scotch Brite pad. Make sure it's smooth and no shiny spots.

STEP 13 I wipe down the tank and make sure it's nice and clean. I take a stencil and add it on the tank.

68 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20


STEP 14 Next I mix up some Tamco jet black and out line the stencil using my Airbrush.

STEP 15 Next I use my fine line tape and run and endless line. Have fun with it make any turns and bends that come to you during the process.

STEP 16 Next use my airbrush and shade the lines in on both sides of tape. I'll leave the tape on and the stencil on the tank. So it will remain silver flake.

STEP 17 Next we lay out the lace cloth over the tank. This can be tricky depending on the object your wrapping. Some use a spray adhesive and lay the lace on. This one I used magnets and tape on back side to make nice and tight. If not you can flutter when the air hits it making the image fuzzy no clear. So once the lace is in place nice and tight I spray a reduced down black over top maybe 2 light coats. Let dry then pull the lace off.

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STEP 18 So next is to mix up some kandy apple red in some Tamco intercoat clear. And spray the whole tank. 4 -5 coats depending on how dark you mixed. Let dry then pull all the tape lines slowly and gracefully. Then remove stencil. Spray a few coats of intercoat clear to lock down your work. Then your ready for clear.

STEP 19 My final steps are mixing up some clear. I lightly tack the tank then I sprinkle some Roth Window pane on top then lay 3 nice wet coats and your done!

70 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20



SHERRILL Experience: 30 years Location: Big Bear City, California Speciality: Acrylic painting Website: https://dropr.com/portfolio105028

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72 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20



orn in Lakeland, Florida, I had a childhood full of monster and sci-fi movies, comic books, hotrods, skateboarding and surfing. In the pages of hotrod magazines I discovered Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, who would become one of my greatest influences. After graduating art school in Tampa, I moved to California, the land of Kustom Kulture, where I worked as an artist in the surf clothing industry for 25 years. Although I never got to meet Ed Roth, I did meet Robert Williams, the father of Lowbrow art. Seeing Robert’s paintings in galleries, and knowing they were being taken seriously, helped me make the leap into the fine art world where I could pursue my lifelong dream of making a living off my paintings. Currently I’m working on my ongoing series, “The Human Condition.” These pieces, additional works, and my painting process can be viewed in my online portfolio. My process starts with thumbnail sketches of my ideas. Working small helps me get the composition and feeling of the piece right. Then I enlarge the best sketch, tighten it up and transfer

it to canvas. From there I prefer to work with acrylics, but I use the Old Masters’ oil painting method of doing a monochromatic under-painting, before adding washes of color over that. The paintings I do are drawn from childhood influences combined with my now arguably adult mind; I convey different perspectives on oftentimes very serious subjects. My aspiration is to make people think in a way they might not have before, by reaching out and grabbing them with powerful images. They enter my imagination which is filled with symbolism; some obvious, some very subtle. Pulled into my world, viewers are then free to find their own way, to explore and discover new things and wallow around in this place for a while. I strive to give the viewer a fascinating journey, where each time he or she can delve into a painting and find something new and unexpected. My best advice for artists wanting to take the fine art path is: be yourself, always strive to be better with every painting, work really hard and have thick skin and patience. Nothing truly great happens overnight. www.pandkg.com l 73




Spritzwerk | Heimschuh www.spritzwerk.at

Andrew Mack Brush Co



Amberyl Auto Art


A.S Handover / Pinstriping UK

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Bad Ass Stencils


Circus of Horrors


Coast Airbrush


Custom Paints


Da Vinci


Dirty Monkey Kustoms


FBS Tapes


Airbrush-shop.dk | Storvorde 9280 www.airbrush-shop.dk

Georg Petzoldt’s


Harder & Steenbeck





Georg Petzoldt | Hagen 58089 www.georg-petzoldt.de JahPix Kustom Art & Tattoo Gallery Elpersbüttel 25704 www.jahpix.de Ruhr Rod | Meisenweg 17 www.ruhr-rod.co

Marathon Finishing Spraybooths



59, 60

One Shot









Tamco Paint






Vintage Pinstripe

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Viva Las Vegas


Wonder World of AIrbrush


Trident/DNA Custom Paints | Victoria 3179 www.dna-paints.com


Toswos | Ronse www.toswos.be


Available at selected stores email kustom@pandkg.com to find your nearest Atlantic News | Halifax, Nova Scotia


Mutinous Coatings by 717 Custom Coatings www.717customcoatings.com


Custom Parts & Wear | Mellingen 5507 www.c-pw.ch


Centaur Custom Paint | Bangkok10520 www.facebook.com/PKGMagThailand


Pinstriping UK | London www.handover.co.uk The Magazine Man | Stoke-On-Trent www.themagazineman.co.uk


Available at over 200 Barnes & Noble stores Main agent & subscription partner Coast Airbrush | Anaheim www.coastairbrush.com Dick Blick Art Stores www.dickblick.com ION Graphics Inc | Alamosa www.mattbeckner.com Quimby’s Bookstore | Chicago www.quimbys.com

74 l P&KG Dec 19/ Jan 20

Now Available on Wherever you are in the world, you can keep up to date with all the latest in the world of Kustom Kulture: news, reviews, talented artists, step-by-steps, lowbrow, pinstriping, airbrushing and Kustom art. Visit readly.com or download the app.

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Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine #77  

Boy oh boy do we have some brilliant artists in this issue as well as the how-to’s from Steve Chaszeyka, Liz Northrup and Quinn Chipman. Onc...

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