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Hello and welcome to Outrageous Bride! I can’t believe that I’m writing this on the eve of another edition making its way into the world - it’s been a wild ride since we launched Issue 1 and I want to thank everyone who helped make it a success. You can see our gorgeous team enjoying our launch party/my surprise bridal shower in the pics below, which just goes to show that even a pandemic can’t stop a determined, wedding-crazy bunch of people from celebrating outrageously! Inside this shiny new issue you’ll find plenty of tips, guidance and advice on making your special day totally YOU! Shake off the demands of tradition and come with us as we explore everything from dip-dyed wedding dresses (page 69), to alternative big day headwear (page 89), to a fantastic piratical real wedding (page 15) ... and SO much more. Nothing is normal at the minute but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan and dream for the future - and it doesn’t mean we have to stop getting married, as our fabulous features throughout the magazine show. So, grab your favourite tipples and snacks and settle in for a voyage through the fantastical....

Our little Outrageous Bride Launch 'do!

Colour POP! Our gorge dip-dye feature (pages 69) got us thinking about more ways to include a splash of colour in your wedding dress, so we tracked down these beautiful rainbow petticoats from Dusk Bridal. Available in a variety of colours from Etsy @DuskBridal and, prices start from just £80.

A fairy-tail day If your beloved furry friend is joining your wedding party (and with Misa’s Pals on page 99, why shouldn’t they?) how about getting them decked out with an adorably blinged-up wedding day collar or leash? We love these from House of Furbaby, available at houseoffurbaby. com and on Facebook @HouseofFurbaby

Colourful Candles Add a splash of colour to your wedding décor with Candles Tiks! These scented tiki-style candles are made on the Big Island of Hawaii with 100% plant-based waxes. Produced by Big Island Art Scents and sculpted by Jacob Medina you can find them at or

Arrrrr-SVP With some absolutely stunning pirate themed weddings commandeering our attention this issue, we’ve been on the hunt for some appropriately swashbuckling ideas – and we are LOVING these piratical invitations from Oddlot Paperie. Snap them (or any of their other stunning designs) up at

All Good Wishes Capture the love on your big day with a delightfully gothic handmade guest book by ToBicouple. Check them out now on Etsy @ToBicouple

Mermaid Magic Continuing our big obsession with all things headgear, we are so into these fab mermaid hair combs from Alternative Finch. We think they’d be especially brill for bridesmaids – and what a lovely keepsake of the day! Have a nosey on Etsy @AlternativeFinch

One-of-a-Kind Designs for Couples of All Kinds GW

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Elizabeth Ann Rowling and

Zachary James Edmonds request the pleasure of your company as they exchange vows on Saturday, the fifth of June two thousand twenty-four at two o’clock in the afternoon �ỳȚ First United Methodist Church 124 West Elm Street Bloomington, indiana

Custom Requests and International Orders Welcome!


Grace & Mike, August 22nd 2020, Leicestershire, U.K. Our editor shares her covid wedding story… Our wedding was originally scheduled for June 13th 2020. Smack in the middle of lockdown. Neither of us could bear the thought of not marrying this year so, although we’re still planning a big party to celebrate with all our guests when we can, we decided to go ahead with just 17 close family and friends. On August 22nd, we married at my parent’s local church where Mike’s grandma had herself been married some 60 years ago. I opted for a non-traditional dress with an iridescent sequined bodice and pale pink skirt. I also wore my mother’s veil and completed the look with a fantastic bespoke hand-painted leather jacket by the amazing Sammy Leas. Mike wore a tweed suit he

already owned and we simply asked our wedding party to wear whatever they were comfortable in! We forged our wedding rings ourselves at a blacksmith’s in Wales (check out issue 3 for a feature on them!). I hand painted champagne flutes for each guest to take home as a wedding favour (something I would never have had the patience for with the 100 guests originally planned!) While the wedding was not what we’d ever expected - and seeing our very few guests masked up certainly hammered that home - it had an atmosphere all its own: an immediacy, an intimate feeling which harked back to days long past when weddings were simple, small affairs. That night, instead of the boutique B&B which would have been part of our big day, we simply went home to our cat, ate cheese and drank champagne - for me, you really can’t beat that! 9 | Outrageous Bride

Photography: @chrisguestphoto

Getting to know you In this occasional series, we find out more about the people behind some of the most creative and unusual wedding services and supplies. This issue we’re chatting with Marcia, owner of Grey Ghost Toppers, who makes some of the most outrageously beautiful hats around…


can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawn to creating something. I am not one to sit still. I always have to be doing something with my hands and imagination. As a young girl, I was enchanted by the beautiful 1950’s hats my mom had stored in the attic. I’d go up there and spend hours trying them on, admiring all their frills and fine details. History has always intrigued me too, especially the Victorian era, so when my friend Sandy introduced me to a local Steampunk band, I was hooked! I decided I needed my own top hat to wear to their gigs. But, not just any top hat. I wanted it to have a ship, a tribute to one of the band’s fun songs about an immigrant who sailed from Ireland to America to start a new life. So I created the perfect hat, complete with pirate ship, and wore it to their next show. To my surprise, I received many compliments on it. It appeared

I had finally found my niche. I then began making them as gifts. After a lot of encouragement from friends and family, I opened an Etsy shop, before renting booth space at several festivals. My business was off and running! I started out at my kitchen table. At first, I was nervous nobody would like my designs, but then I read this quote from Andy Warhol: “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make more art.” With this in mind, I got to work. Quickly outgrowing that space, I claimed the spare guest room in our home and turned it into my studio. It has become my one true happy place. During the creative process, I can actually feel my cares melt away. The satisfaction of completing a beautiful product rejuvenates my spirit, mind, and soul.

What I like so much about showing my wares at festivals is the gifted people, from all walks of life, that I encounter. I've made countless friends in this creative community. It really becomes like a second family. Over the past few years, I have been commissioned for custom top hats for Steampunk weddings. I absolutely love themed weddings! A ceremony and reception truly reflecting the connection between the couple is so special. The wedding garment is probably the outfit one spends the most time choosing and the thought of having a bride or groom ask me to design a topper exclusively for them makes me feel wonderful. I love the thought of having one of my hats being a part of a couple’s special day. Their sincere appreciation really inspires me to keep creating. Being drawn to all things historical, someday I hope to travel to Italy for the Carnival of Venice. The history, air of mystery, fantasy, pageantry and opulence of the Carnival fascinates me! Until then, to indulge my passion, I recently added a line of handmade masquerade masks to my shop. I hope you all will discover and continue to enjoy Grey Ghost Toppers - and love them. Meanwhile, I will keep doing what I do best: creating. Cheers! Find Grey Ghost Toppers on Instagram @ greyghosttoppers and Facebook Grey Ghost Toppers.

13 | Outrageous Bride

Bespoke Handpainted Shoes

Your shoes- personalised


15 | Outrageous Bride

Jackie and Guy, October 31st 2019, Isle of Wight

For their wedding, Jackie and Guy went big. Big on theme, big on fun, big on love. Jackie tells all about their steampunk/gothic/ carnival/kraken special day...

We always knew we wanted to do our wedding our way – we originally wanted to hire a theatre but we actually found something better. The venue was a 1936 art deco building which is a combination of theatre, restaurant and bar overlooking Ventnor seafront and harbour on the Isle of Wight. We used the restaurant and bar for the wedding and meal, had the handfasting ceremony out on the balcony overlooking the sea and then had a whole auditorium for the evening – we wanted to put on a show! We came up with the hashtag #wedloctopus, which was a combination of entering into wedlock with an octopus /kraken theme – for a few reasons! We both loved Dan Hillier’s artwork, we would have been together for 8 years when we got married and it fit perfectly with the steampunk vibe. Guy already had a kraken tattoo… mine was done specifically for the wedding! We used our favourite Dan Hillier image “Lovers” as the image for our website and also for the order of service and other various props we made.


My engagement and wedding ring were custom made by a local jeweller who had never made a tentacle wedding ring before and was really excited to do it! The diamonds were from my late mum’s engagement ring. We wanted to involve our guests in our handfasting so we bought 60 silver colour octopus rings, wrote a poem to go inside and gave each guest one as they came into the ceremony. The poem read; We don’t like many people Except a chosen few The ones we like are pretty strange And that’s why we chose you Although this is our wedding We want you involved too So please accept a ring from us And help us say I do We want you to remember The fun we had today And know you’re in this circus And in our lives to stay As part of the hand-fasting we had a “sand ceremony” where each member of our close family had a little vial of coloured sand which they poured into a glass bottle – this represents the joining of all our lives together.

We had a frame on a stand next to us with photos of deceased family members and gave a special shout out to them, as Samhain/Halloween marks the end of the Celtic year and the beginning of a new one. It is also thought to be the one time of year where the veil between this life and the next is thinnest. Two of our friends were holding hand puppets of our dogs who couldn't be there and we had four sets of friends do the calling of the quarters. When we jumped over the broom at the end we had faithless “We Come One� playing. For the reception, we didn't want anything traditional like a cake or speeches. We painted pumpkins with black and white stripes, hollowing them out to use as bowls for vegetable chilli from which the guests could help themselves. I made table name cards from carnival-themed tarot cards and tentacle table numbers out of clay and giant jenga blocks. The table plan was mannequin legs that I covered with silver glitter and fixed to a chair holding an old frame belonging to my parents and wearing my best friend’s shoes! The evening party was our main event and we had put all our efforts into organising it!


We had stilt walkers and a table magician welcoming people in, it was a massive room so we had hung a black canopy from the ceiling, and had fairy lights along the walls to try and make it smaller. We decorated giant candelabras with fake candles, kraken bottles with lights in and various octopus themed ornaments. We made a card postbox from old suitcases (with an Overlook Hotel key attached) and a sign made from a Halloween skeleton hand with some clay tentacles attached. A vintage typewriter showed people where the guest book was and fifty masquerade masks lit up on the wall. I decorated the stage with our hen night octopus skirts that I sewed all together. I had made 2 octopus people out of mannequins and they sat either side of the stage. We also borrowed an enormous octopus sculpture made by a local carnival company who made props for festivals and he hung over the doorway as people came in. In the corner we had an aerial hoopist in front of mirrors who hopped on and off all night. We had made all manner of Halloween props including an “IT� light with a mannequin hand holding a light up red balloon. All the guests stuck to the theme and everyone was wearing a mask, some more flamboyant than others which was exactly why we chose the masquerade theme so people could go as far out or as minimal as possible.

My very good photographer friend had been with us all day doing our pictures and he set up a photo booth for the evening as well which was busy all night. We tried to make sure there wasn't any time where there was nothing going on, and had a timetable of events for the evening. The entertainment on stage started with a very classy and beautiful burlesque dancer which no one was expecting and they were all a bit shocked! Before they got over that, our amazing Madonna tribute act came on. We had a second burlesque act while Madonna packed up and the next act got ready: the magic show with a bed of nails and lots of audience participation. When their act came to the fire eating part they wanted volunteers - who better than the bride and groom? Unbeknown to everyone there, we had been secretly learning to eat fire for 6 months beforehand and we had our part of the act practised to perfection!

The ride of your life The immortal words of Eliza Doolittle’s father: “Get me to the church on time!” could be the motto for many a wedding. Well, while getting to the venue (church or otherwise) on time is kinda important, what about getting there in style?! We talked to Lee from Grave Limos, master of the spooky spectacular wedding ride… 21 | Outrageous Bride

Tell us about your wedding vehicle! We offer brides and grooms something truly unusual: a wedding hearse! Our pride and joy, the 21ft 'executive' model matt black car is a true beast of a vehicle. It features a staggered 6000 watt 'championship' sound system, custom seating, 42" flat screen tv, mini bar, Wi-Fi dancing lighting and neon under-glows, all rounded off with a custom quad pipe exhaust system so you can really feel the engines rumble. Why should couples think about hiring the Grave Limo? The Grave Limo isn't just another vehicle, it’s not even just another hearse! It's an emotion, the feeling of absolution, contentment, happiness, it's the feeling of being truly special and admired. What should couples look for in their wedding cars? Personally, I'd suggest a vehicle that best represents yourselves, some couples love classic stretches, some love vintage or new Rolls Royces, some are better suited to turning up in a fire engine or a local taxi. Whatever makes you feel happy and special on your day is what is important to choose. What’s the most memorable wedding you’ve been part of? I'd have to say our most memorable wedding so far was filming for the TV show "Don't Tell The Bride", was A LOT of fun with a massive tent in a field, drag queens and wolves! It’s definitely a wedding I’ll always remember! What areas do you serve? We cover nationwide as standard, however areas such as Scotland, Ireland and the Channel Islands are circumstantial and require contact prior to booking. Find Lee and the Grave Limo at



e’re Andrea & Brandon and we are huge horror movie & Halloween fans. Brandon proposed to me on Friday the 13th December 2019, in the park under Christmas lights. Before he got off his knee, he said Halloween 2020 for our wedding date because it's a Saturday. Perfect! We've been together for eight years this Halloween. We knew we wanted to do something different for engagement photos. Everyone was excited to see what we'd come up with. My fiancé called in a favor to The State Theatre downtown in our city. We cannot tell you how big our smiles were when we saw our names in lights! The photographers were pretty excited to see this as it was a first for them too. #BrandreaGetsHallowedd! Look out for Andrea and Brandon’s frighteningly fab wedding in a future issue of Outrageous Bride!

Photography: Robert and Lindsey Landeck, One Still Moment Photography

Kickass Stylist and Floral Designer

07977 212907 @vvravenfloral

W e d d i n g I n s p i r at i o n


ouse of Avalonia is all about choosing unconventional fabrics to make gowns and accessories, using materials that would not normally be the first choice – especially for bridal. Suzy Turnbull tells us more...

25 | Outrageous Bride


aux leather has become a particular favourite, featuring quite predominantly in most of my designs.

My passions and lifestyle have always been influenced by the alternative: the music, culture and especially the fashion, and I wanted to produce a small collection of alternative gowns portraying this. I love the biker and rock looks so they were my inspiration for the fishtail ‘Alannah’ dress and the ‘Raven’ ball gown and bolero jacket, both had bodices made from faux leather, in black of course! The promo shoot for these gowns was held at the magnificent Langley Castle near Hexham. The staff were incredibly supportive and the gothic look and feel of the venue suited the collection perfectly. I am lucky to have found the perfect team in model Kelly Forster and photographer Simon Jameson who share my passion for the gothic and alternative, so excel in bringing my ideas to life in such stunning photos. I believe that there is no normal to bridal and everyone has a different idea of that perfect dress, and that dream should be followed. I am a big, big fan of black and wanted to fight against the stereotype that black is just for funerals, showing that it can be just as exquisite and elegant as its white and ivory counterparts. I am glad to see that recently there has been an upturn in the black dress department within mainstream bridal and hope that it’s something that will become commonplace and not just a fad! But in all seriousness even if it’s black, white, red, leather, silk or satin if you can imagine it... Wear it!!!

W e d d i n g I n s p i r at i o n

Creative Team Concept, clothing and accessories: Suzy Turnbull @house_of_avalonia Photographer: Simon Jameson @daddyanarchy Model and MUA: Kelly Forster @ kelly_f_mua_model_x Location: Langley Castle @langleycastle

27 | Outrageous Bride

lowers add a pop of colour to any big day, however they aren’t the only option out there. If you’d prefer a keepsake item that you don’t have to worry about wilting or wasting, how about the paper alternative? We had a chat with Rebecca Ephgrave from Paper Bouquet who has a passion for perfect paper posies... Welcome to the wonderful world of paper flowers, where all things are possible and bloom for any season, taste or theme. With paper flowers the choices are endless, not just with colours and types of flowers, but any paper: comics, books, sheet music, maps. I've even used copies of a couples’ first online messages to each other... so cute!

I was raised in a family of super creative and talented artists, who in turn always encouraged me to follow my creative path. For me, getting to design and make bespoke bouquets for couples is so much more than a job: it’s a passion. I love getting to know each couple and what is important to them to make their flowers truly special. After all, these bouquets aren't just for a day, they can last a lifetime. I love fresh flowers, but the idea of spending so much money for one day and then they die just makes me want to cry. One of the things I love the most about paper flowers is the unique difference between each one. You can choose a design to feel closer to a traditional bouquet with roses and peonies and lots of foliage, or you can

be totally different with geometric and origami shapes and even pinwheels. One of the most popular choices for paper bouquets are books. Harry Potter is always in high demand and it can look utterly lush when we add pins and brooches. There have been some horror fans too with themes from Dracula to Pet Sematary! I recently made a cascade bouquet in a celestial theme, it was super romantic especially now we’re heading into the colder seasons; silvers, midnight blues and stars are a match made in heaven. I have an order in the books which I can't wait to get started on! The couple are having their wedding at a zoo and the bouquet is going to be in mixed animal prints, I’m also adding mini safari animals which I’ll be spray painting in rose gold… So when I say anything goes for paper flowers I really mean anything! Whether you are seeking a subtle way to bring something a little different to your day or looking for a never-seen-before showstopper, paper flowers are the perfect way to have a piece of the day which you can carry forward into your lives as a married couple. Find Rebecca at, Instagram @paperbouquetsuk and Facebook PaperBouquets

Photography by Charlotte Jopling Photography

Our ideal couple is creative, animal lovers, foodies, love to party and want a wedding which makes their guests say WOW. If this is you then read on....

phy Jos ep h Ph oto gra Ph oto by Pa ul

We offer you and your guests a fantastic creative space / blank canvas so you can design the ultimate fun, unique and magical wedding experience. We will help you with our proven SHAPE system of flexible wedding planning and support giving you and your guests a wedding they will never forget. From bow tie-wearing llamas, food designed to wow your guests, 3 bars and music playing until 1am, you and your guests will create the most amazing memories at our relaxed venue. Plus as an added bonus, we are one of the most eco-friendly venues in the UK! For further information, please contact The Wellbeing Farm on 01204852113 or visit The Wellbeing Farm, Lancashire BL70BY

Illustration - Samantha Symonds for Awen Creative.

HANDFASTING: An Ancient Ritual for Tying the Knot Rachel Cheer is our woman on the ground, north of the border! Her work as a writer, curator, artist and independent celebrant means she ideally placed to seek out all that is curious, weird and wacky in the world of Scottish weddings. As far is Rachel is concerned, there really is no excuse for being boring in life.

31 | Outrageous Bride


he popularity of handfasting at weddings is certainly increasing, but what exactly is it? And is it right for your ceremony?

Handfasting is a Celtic ritual for symbolically bonding two lovers together and likely dates back from before written records began. Handfasting is the marriage rite of our ancestors. In its most basic form, the couple clasp wrists and a ribbon or cord is laid across their hands and tied loosely underneath. This is where the phrase ‘tying the knot’ comes from, in case you ever wondered! Also, if it happens to rain on your wedding day, don’t worry, this means that the knot will hold even more securely and is considered good luck. The joy of a handfasting ritual is the diversity it offers, and it can be as elaborate as your imagination will allow. You may include it as an elegant addition to your traditional service or you can have a full handfasting ceremony in itself (although please note that this isn’t legally binding, so you would need to consider that aspect separately). Being physically joined to your beloved is a beautiful way to tangibly bond with them. It looks great in the photos too! You can choose lots of ways to personalise this ritual to your love story and what is meaningful to you.

Check out Donna & Phil's wedding on page 49 Celebrant Rebecca Burgess

Let’s start with the ribbon or cord itself. A quick search online will give you inspiration if you want to buy one. You can also design one yourself or ask your celebrant for help. We even know a couple who even used a football scarf for this. One way you might craft the cord, is by plaiting three ribbons together. Two of the ribbons represent the couple, the other being love or the universe or your spiritual beliefs. However, it is feasible to literally weave as many strands and as many symbolic ideas into your cord as you both desire. You can also add different decorations and emblems to your ribbons to really make it distinctive. The cord will be an heirloom keepsake from your big day. Next you might like to think about the knot itself, if this is of interest to you. Cords can be tied in different ways, for example in an infinity knot, or in multiple

Hayley, Julie and celebrant Linda Keys Photography by Natalie Holt

combinations. This can give added meaning and significance to your handfasting. The ritual could also contain words of commitment to one another. Or your celebrant may say something like ‘may this knot remain tied for as long as love may last’. If you love the idea of a handfasting, there are plenty of videos online to give a fuller flavour. Many wedding celebrants offer handfasting as a part of your ceremony. Some belief groups will have their own community members who are experienced in performing these rites. Love is as old as time and handfasting is a beautiful way to symbolise the depth of your feelings for one another in your unique way.

33 | Outrageous Bride


35 | Outrageous Bride

Kerry and Dave have been part of the North West UK Steampunk community since 2015. When they got engaged, they knew there was only one theme for them… We met at a craft event and decided to trade in Steampunk events. For us, Steampunk is a grown-up way of dressing up and meeting with likeminded friends, listening to fantastic musicians, while also selling my upcycled jewellery and Dave’s artwork at a great event. We’re truly hooked, so we decided after getting engaged at a Welsh Steampunk event, that the whole concept would be our ideal wedding.


37 | Outrageous Bride

I have a 3D design degree in metal work and I always wanted to make my own bouquet from upcycled metal pieces, wire and beads, so I did! I included wooden roses and had a metallic colours theme: copper, cream, silver and bronze. I also made the bridesmaids’ hair accessories, bouquets and all the buttonholes. Upcycling has been my passion since my early teens, so it made sense to make my own dress. I’m a big girl with a small waist, so an unusual size. I decided to have a top, dress and corset to flatter my good parts and hide my bumps. I started my dress before we had even found a venue, over 12 months before our wedding date in October 2017. My friend, and fellow steampunk trader, Laurian made my corset, she provides a fantastic service and colour matched my dress so I complimented exactly. Dave saw my dress in each stage but, as we were both older, it was never going to be a traditional wedding! I decided that as well as making my dress from upcycled fabrics, other items needed to be upcycled or sourced from charity shops too. I work in a recycling centre, so I had lots of help there. I also sourced my 2 ushers, one bridesmaid and the groom’s jackets, trousers, shirts and dress, from my workplace. I was having a female best man, Dave’s best friend, my 3 nieces as bridesmaids, my sister as Chief Bridesmaid and my niece’s partner and my son as our ushers. The venue was a local castle in our area, Bodelwyddan Castle. It was perfect with lovely grounds and rooms that had great old-fashioned furniture. We had our civil ceremony there and lots of photos before moving on to the local golf club for the evening. Dave designed the invitations to look like a pocket watch. We asked people to attend in Steampunk attire, and our friends and families really took this onboard! My Dad ordered his explorer outfit and added all the badges, medals and extras to it, my Mum wore lace and a long, ruffled skirt. My brother Andrew read some lyrics from Pink Floyd’s ‘Eclipse’ for the ceremony and did a bit of a sketch around being a steampunk military guard to entertain everyone. I walked into the ceremony to Richard Burton’s reading of the intro to ‘War of the Worlds’ (Dave has always been a massive sci-fi fan) followed by Elvis Costello singing ‘She’, my all-time favourite song. We invited musicians from the Steampunk scene including, Victor and The Bully, Paul Snook and Montague Jacques Fromage. We had a full line up for the evening, but also insisted that these friends came along as guests to the daytime ceremony, along with our friends from the Steampunk community. We had an old car for me to get to the ceremony in which was sorted out by my Dad and a Daimler for the bridesmaids. I left from my parents’ house which was lovely, I even got to pose with my westie Elsa in the front garden with her in her little bridesmaid dress.


I made hot air balloon table centrepieces from scratch, with hooped holders made by Dave with fairy lights set around them, chains and papier mâché balloons filled with metal, wooden flowers and ivy. I also wanted an afternoon tea themed meal, so we had cakes and sandwiches, all served with wine or fizz. We also had an old-fashioned telephone and a suitcase for cards, a Steampunk two-tiered cake with red velvet and carrot cake inside. This had cogs and a pocket watch draped down it, all made with icing. We had a wedding photographer for the castle and the evening which was paid for kindly by my work colleagues. It was an amazing day; it was perfect and all we could have wanted. A day of fun and laughter with those we treasure in our lives. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Weddings with no drama? It's no prob-llama! Looking for a stunning location, perfect photo opportunities, yummy food, bow-tie wearing llamas and flat-cap wearing donkeys for your wedding? Of course you are! Lucky for you, we’ve tracked down one of the UK’s coolest and quirkiest venues…


he Wellbeing Farm was set up in 2013 by Celia Gaze. After leaving a very stressful job in the NHS, Celia had a bit of mad idea: to turn a run-down farm in Lancashire belonging to her partner into a venue designed to help run fun and unique events which alleviate a bit of stress at the same time. So, she and the llamas set to work… and transformed it into a fun alternative venue – she has even published a book about her journey!

Fast-forward a few years, and Celia and her team have turned The Wellbeing Farm into one of the most soughtafter wedding venues in the country and have won a lot of awards along the way: including 2020 Events Team of the Year at the National Wedding Industry Awards...!

It doesn’t matter how outrageous a fun idea is for your wedding: the team will work with you to pull it off. With a flexible space to suit 50 to 300, whether that be Festival themed with Glastonbury-esque flags in the field, an autumnal wedding filled with pumpkins, or even a Middle Earth themed wedding with a wooden Mordor sign on the bar! You name it, The Wellbeing Farm has (likely) had it. They have a Prop Shed on site: a literal Aladdin’s Cave of all sorts of props that range from chair decoration to centerpieces, which are all included in their hire price! What they’re also known for is the food – they specialize in the informal, social and relaxed service, letting the food do the talking. Big platters of meat,

sharing dishes of potatoes, vegetables and salads that look irresistible! At night, tuck into wood-fired pizzas, BBQ delights or a hog roast served round their fire pit. What about the booze? Well the venue has three bars! This even includes a quirky Bar ‘O’ Llama – a converted horse trailer turned into a bespoke Gin and Cocktail Bar! The Wellbeing Farm is passionate about keeping it green. Since they opened, they’ve had a sustainable ethos: a wind turbine powers all their electricity, they source everything locally and they have the Green Tourism Gold stamp of approval to prove it! Need somewhere to stay? The farm has a luxury on-site farmhouse for six guests, two changing areas, a nearby stunning wedding house with its own lake, woodland and tennis courts! And one more thing – name another venue which has a link with a family butcher? Whiteheads Butchers in Edgworth has been running for over 130 years, and supplies the meat for all of the farm’s weddings and events. If this sounds like it is for you, I cannot recommend enough booking an appointment to be toured around The Wellbeing Farm and see how they can plan your wedding your way – you may even get lucky and grab a selfie with the llamas and donkeys! Find The Wellbeing Farm at or on Facebook and Instagram

WITCHING SEASON Missy Malone shares how she and an awesome team created this beautifully ethereal look:

A hauntingly beautiful and atmospheric shoot focusing firmly on Sustainable Bridal Fashion, using only a mixture of original vintage and custom handcrafted pieces. Even the flowers are sustainable with a stunning selection of dried flowers and grasses meaning they can be kept and reused. A distinctly 70's vibe and theme of "knotted" & "loosely woven" fabrics ran through the shoot in the form of macramĂŠ, lace, crochet and plaited hair. We also fully embraced the "Witching Season" and worked with its colour palette and moody natural light in our stunning local surroundings of the Cotswolds.

W e d d i n g I n s p i r at i o n

43 | Outrageous Bride

Creative Team Photography: Instagram: oobaloosphotography Concept & Styling: The Sustainable Vintage Stylist @ Instagram: thesustainablevintagestylist Flowers: Instagram: rebelandtherose Custom Macrame Pieces: Instagram: elysiumstudiolondon Long Vintage Lace Dress and Bell Sleeve Lace Dress: Instagram: willowhilsonvintage Model/Make Up: Instagram: missymalone Hair: Jade Nicole @ Instagram: simonsmithhair

The quirkiest wedding venue in the North West. Celebrations and ceremonies in a nuclear bunker in the heart of the Cheshire countryside.


y day, the Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker is home to one of the UK’s most significant Cold War museums, by night it becomes a playground for the weird and wonderful. From ghost hunts to parties, the bunker has a long history of hosting unusual events. As Museum Director, I get plenty of strange requests, but one we have received again and again is would we host a wedding. This year we took the plunge and launched Secret Bunker Weddings with a bit of help from our friend Natalie from Anywhere Weddings & Events. Our aim is to provide one of the most unique wedding venues you could find in a heritage setting. The bunker is 35,000 square feet of reinforced concrete over two levels. Couples have the option of four different ceremony spaces and a multitude of rooms and grounds to play with, from a drinks reception next to our nuclear weapons display to a full-sized tipi above ground. Our NAAFI Canteen can host up to 100 guests in a vintage themed room for ceremonies and receptions, the ceiling hung with Union Jack bunting and model aeroplanes. It has the added bonus of being fully wheelchair accessible. Suppose you like the idea of tying the knot underground? Then our small ceremony spaces of the Briefing Room (20 guests) and the Cinema (30 guests) are 40ft underground, hidden deep in the bunker. Finally, the War Room can host up to 150 guests for the party of their life or a special ceremony that is truly unforgettable.

Images from Bridgwood Wedding Photography, Grant Harper Photography and Vicky Dubois Photography. To find out more about our suppliers visit our Suppliers Showcase on the Secret Bunker Weddings website.

We wanted to stay true to our values as a museum of making the space as accessible as possible, which is why we’re dog friendly and have no corkage fees. To cater for as many budgets as possible, you have the option to hire either the entire bunker complex and site exclusively. Or you can hire just part of the site up until 5pm when we close the museum, then the bunker is all yours. Prices start from £2300 for weekday off-peak partial hire. Sadly, COVID19 has upset many couple’s wedding plans. However this winter we’re offering two special offers to help bust some of those winter blues. Our Small & Secret offer gives all couples full exclusive use of the bunker and site for £2500 at weekends and £2000 on weekdays, saving up to £1850. If you book one of our Small & Secret weddings in 2020 and you want to come back for a massive shindig with all the friends and family you’ve been missing, you get £500 off the total price of the two celebrations as part of our Twice As Nice Offer. So far we’ve had nothing but overwhelming support from all of suppliers and supporters. We’re looking forward to offering a quirky wedding venue for couples who want something really different. We’ve packed in lots of extra options from hiring our TACTICA armoured personnel carrier as a wedding car to authentic historical military uniform hire. With such a large and flexible space, the only limitations are your imagination. Bunkering down at Secret Bunker Weddings has got to be the best way to start a bomb-proof marriage. Find Secret Bunker Weddings at


August 2020, Their Garden Lincolnshire, U.K.


e wanted a wedding that was personal to us: bohemian, fun and handmade with love. We held our handfasting ceremony in our garden with Rebecca from Willow Ceremonies as the celebrant. 49 | Outrageous Bride

My friend Verina, myself & hubbie all pulled together & created a magical space for our special day. Hubbie laid down decking & built a bar & garden furniture, Verina dressed a ceremony backdrop & made the whole space look boho, colourful & magical. We placed fresh flowers & tealights in empty jars, Mum made bunting & covered the furniture with pretty seat pads. We put up pom poms, dreamcatchers & festoon lighting. I put down rugs over the gravel to walk up with my brother taking the place of my Dad who passed away a few years ago. Verina printed off photos of family members who are no longer with us which we put in frames, attaching them to doilies and hanging them on bunting. My stepdaughter Millie made delicious cocktails all day. Our friend Mark planted lots of beautiful flowers in our garden 2 months before the big day which came out beautifully, he also took photographs & put together the music playlist.


My dress was from Sistaglam and was just £65 in the sale - I got my Mum to add on some gorgeous Stevie Nicks sleeves. Phil’s outfit was made of a floral shirt we bought at a music festival in Delhi, and a waistcoat from Oxfam Vintage. I did my own hair with my fairy goddaughter Isobel doing my makeup. We were so pleased with our bespoke handmade rings from our festival buddy Victoria Martin Jewellery in Dorset. Another festival friend Jules, from Flower Crown Magic in Lancashire, created my beautiful flower crown, ribboned flower and Phil’s corsage.

We wanted relaxed, tasty food so we had fish and chips from the pub next door for lunch and cheese and crackers in the evening...delicious & budget friendly! As for the cake, we had a bake off! A number of guests brought homemade cakes, I chose the winner and she won an upcycled vintage silk kimono from my ethical company Patchouli Fair. We invited family & close friends and it was amazing. The sun shone down on us all day. We didn’t want a traditional wedding. We are spiritual people but not religious. This was the most perfect day that we could have wished for.


Get inspired Wedding dress from Sistaglam Bride’s shoes from Ruby Shoo Rings from Victoria Martin Jewellery Facebook - victoriamartinjewellery Kimono from Patchouli Fair Web - Flowers from Flower Crown Magic Web -

Put your business infront of our readers!


By Sheryl Oobaloos Sheryl is passionate about shooting your wedding, your way. No cheese, no stiff posing, just real love, emotions and fun!! Consistently in the Top 50 list for the very best UK wedding photographers, she pushes the boundaries with creative techniques. Sheryl is an active writer, and loves sharing her years of expertise via her own blog and guest writing for other top blogs and magazines! 55 | Outrageous Bride

Well, there are three main styles of wedding photography...Traditional, Documentary, and Artistic. I don't pigeon-hole my work into any one of these categories personally as they all have their part to play. However, as a couple who don't like ‘posing', you will need a photographer with a very strong documentary style of photography.


ongratulations! You’re getting married! You’ve got the ring, you’ve visited lots of wedding venues, decided what style of wedding you want and booked the date! You have visions of how magical and unique your big day is going to be, and it looks amazing in your head. BUT you now need to find a wedding photographer that can capture the reality of these visions for you to cherish forever. One small problem... just a teeny one. You HATE having your photo taken! Hmmm... Right, I’m here to put your fears at rest and tell you how you can make this work for you. I have been a wedding photographer for six years now and one of the most common conversations I have with my couples is about how they feel very awkward in front of the camera, they hate posing, but their wedding photography is incredibly important to them and their legacy as a couple. So, how do you find your perfect photographer?

Most people prefer the images of themselves that they didn't know were being taken, caught in the moment looking relaxed and happy. Which is great, but if you want truly magical, intimate pictures of yourselves as a couple (on your own), you’ll know those photos are being taken and need someone like me to help you feel at ease. So what exactly is documentary style photography? This is when your photographer doesn't interact with you for the most part of the day and literally only shoots what naturally unfolds. Like I said, I personally feel that all three styles have their place. I would say that I shoot around 75% of the day as ‘documentary’ and the rest is with interaction with my couples, their bridal party and guests. I’m far too much of a naturally sociable person not to! Trust your photographer. You absolutely must hire a photographer you feel undoubtedly comfortable around. Your wedding photographer is like a loveable third wheel who will be with you all day on your wedding. If you don’t feel like you can relax and be yourself, it will show in your

photographs. I strongly advise either meeting with potential photographers or having a phone or video conversation to see how well you click.

to snap it. And as far as you’re concerned, you're just taking a stroll in the sunset with your new husband or wife.

I have discovered over the years that I have a magical talent for making people laugh... warning, this might be through extremely self-deprecating humour (hello Mrs Chandler here) but also by gently finding out what makes you laugh together, as a couple.

The best way to get the most from your photographer is to totally relax and be yourselves. Enjoy this time away from the wedding party to just breathe and say, ‘hi wifey’ or ‘hi hubby.’

If you already know you hate the camera and shy away from it, adding a photographer who you either don't know or don't gel with will only further add to your discomfort on the day. The lens will capture this tension in the atmosphere making for awkward, uncomfortable or forced photographs. Not a good look!

Sarah and Charlie advised future couples “Let go in your wedding photos, they may not all be profilepicture worthy, but if you’re not worrying about how you look the pictures radiate the happiness of the day which is so lovely to look back on.” Hold on to someone or something!

You want to be proud of your wedding photos, you'll want to showcase them and share them and reminisce until you’re old, so getting your wedding photography right is crucial and one of the most overlooked components of wedding planning.

Any tension will always show in your hands! If you don't know what to do with them, put them around your other half, walk and make sure a part of you is always touching, whether it's around the waist, holding hands or even tickling.

Be yourself...

In your ‘group’ shots, make sure you have your gorgeous bouquet. In informal shots, put your arms around your loved ones and pull them close. Just doing these small things will take your head out of ‘I must pose and smile and not have a chin and where shall I put my hands?’ This small tip instantly gets you imagery full of warmth, fun, laughter and love. Because THAT is how you want to remember your day.

-The reason that a ‘relaxed couples shoot’ with a professional photographer doesn't feel posed is that they are doing all the hard work for you. They already know where the flattering light is and have moved you into it without you even being aware. -They know that everyone looks at every photo and judges if there is a double chin or if their nose looks big! A good photographer will be taking the shots from the right angles so that you will love them. -A good photographer will know, as they ask you to walk, talk, and chat to each other that there is a certain moment they are waiting for and are poised, ready

If you would like to talk to me about how I can get YOU to rock YOUR wedding photography, please get in touch via


Sheryl x

Photography by Sheryl Oobaloos


A renaissance extravaganza Elena & Edgar, November 17 2018, Texas Renaissance Festival


hen we first met, Edgar asked me if I had ever been to the Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF), to which I told him ‘yes, when I was very young’. I had no idea he was a huge fanatic! I'm talking full makeup, costume, and speaking pirate language!!!

59 | Outrageous Bride


He invited me to go for one weekend and I completely fell in love with the whole atmosphere and people! I loved it so much that I started to put my own costumes together. I now own a full closet of costumes and we start getting prepared 4 months in advance. Yes, he created a monster! When Edgar proposed, we both immediately thought of getting married at the TRF, since this is our Magical Place! Our focus was to have a stress-free wedding and to ensure our guests experienced something unique and magical, just like we experience every time we go! The venue was perfect, letting us transport ourselves back in time and it was so special having our guests dressed up too. Our wedding was on November 17, 2018, and it was nothing but MAGICAL! My son, Sebastian, gave me away and Edgar’s daughter, Laura, walked her father down the aisle. We had guests from all over the US and South America. We put our own wardrobe together which was a lot of fun, and I made the hat that Laura wore. My gorgeous hat was from Grey Ghost Toppers (see our feature on pages 12) Laura did our make up herself which was really awesome!

Our focus was to have a stress-free wedding and to ensure our guests experienced something unique and magical


Get inspired Photography by Brooke Taylor, Facebook - TaylorTreePhotos Bride’s outfit from Danny’s Trix & Kix and Etsy Groom’s outfit from Danny’s Trix & Kix, Etsy and Medieval Collectibles Bride’s gloves by Zen and Coffee Bride’s hat by Grey Ghost Toppers (see our feature on pages 12) Wedding rings by Jared the Galleria of Jewelry Party bus from Deluxe Limousine & World Transportation Venue, cake and flowers all supplied by Texas Renaissance Festival

Find your Celebrant Willow Ceremonies

Penelope Jayne

Cornwall & Devon

Yorkshire & Beyond 07548829029

The Original Cornish Sacred Celebrant With my extensive training & experience, I conduct your sacred handfasting unscripted, using your story as a couple to make your ceremony incredibly unique & original. I specialise in truly authentic handfasting ceremonies & wild weddings amongst the Cornish landscape and beyond. I am in service to your need to celebrate your love!

Karina O'Donnell Kent, Mid Wales/Shropshire and France. Simply Ceremonies Uk - 07970 513715 Want a wedding ceremony with no restrictions? I will work with you both to create a wedding ceremony which truly reflects your personality. Tie the knot under an old Oak tree or invite your guests to share your Steampunk Spectacular or Love-Fest. Wherever you choose to hold your ceremony and whatever you choose to include, I will put the ♼ into your ceremony.

Offering bespoke ceremonies across the globe for couples looking for unique and totally authentic ways to tell their story and celebrate their journey. So if you want tradition keep it. If you don't, lose it! No rules, no restrictions just your day your way.

Personalising your wedding to the max I want to share a secret with you. You can start your wedding day with a kickass ceremony that is like nothing you and your guests have experienced before. Let’s be honest, for the majority of people attending a wedding, the ceremony is the first bit that everyone wants to get out the way before they head to the bar and the dancefloor. Newsflash – it doesn’t have to be that way if you book a wedding celebrant. Celebrant led ceremonies are the perfect party starter. To quote the crowd-rousing, foot stomping words of Queen: ‘We will rock you’. If your mind is now swirling wondering how this magic can happen let me enlighten you. Now is the time to own your ceremony and start your own traditions. Make choices that reflect you as a couple. You can work with your celebrant to incorporate a mix of traditional, cultural, religious, symbolic, alcoholic, or just plain crazy. So, let’s look at them one at a time and delve a little deeper. Traditional (with a twist) Just because you book a celebrant doesn’t mean your wedding ceremony can’t still be traditional – you may just want to add a twist. Passionate about music?

Include live music and singing. Get your family and friends on their feet playing kazoos (true story) whilst you sing your heart out to your favourite song. If you can’t bear leaving your pampered pooch at home whilst you celebrate, how about including them in your wedding party as the ring bearer? There are even dog chaperone services to make sure your furry friend is looked after. A popular way to make your ceremony stand out from the crowd is to write your own vows. Humorous, ultrasoppy or consisting of your favourite film quotes or song lyrics, your celebrant can help you put your thoughts and feelings down on paper so you and your other half can look into each other’s eyes and express how you feel about each other. 65 | Outrageous Bride

If you love a cocktail, then how about making or creating your own. It could be a favourite one that you both enjoy drinking; a new blend of your most loved spirits or the cocktail could be used as a metaphor of life, the chosen ingredients (bitter and sweet) representing the highs and lows of marriage.

Cultural and/or Religious The world is such a small place and therefore more and more couples from different cultural backgrounds and religions are falling in love. This can result in epic weddings! You have the freedom to mix things up and create something extra special that reflects your differences in a positive way and may help satisfy the wishes of family. Perhaps you would like a reading with religious content or want to kick off your ceremony with a traditional dance. You may decide there are traditional wedding elements that you want to include in your ceremony. Whether that is the couple standing under a temporary alter covered in flowers, the bride’s mother pouring water into her daughter’s hands or the couple exchanging floral garlands, you can work with your celebrant to sensitively add them. Symbolic There are so many symbolic rituals you can include it is impossible to talk about them all, so I will focus on two of my favourites. A ring warming is such an intimate ritual and works particularly well with a smaller guest list. The couple place their rings into a small pouch or jewellery box which is then passed from person to person. Each guest can hold the rings and make a wish or a blessing for the couple. Once ‘warmed’ and returned to the couple, they represent the combination of strength and belonging to their family and friends. Or how about a unity candle ceremony. This involves lighting two single candles, each representing the two individuals. The candles are then used to light one central candle to symbolise a stronger, larger, and more powerful energy and light they have together as a union. It can be personalised in many ways such as the type, colour, and size of the candle. Alcoholic If you and your guests like the odd alcoholic beverage you are in luck! There are a variety of ways you can include your favourite tipple within your ceremony.

A mead ceremony is steeped in tradition from ancient China to the pages of the Epic of Beowulf. In Norse tradition, mead brewed from the blood of the man Kvasir was said to turn those that imbibed it into scholars or poets, tapping into the vast well of knowledge held by Odin himself. Some couples choose to use mead or honey wine as a way for them and their guests to toast their union. If you would like something with more longevity, then a Wine Box ritual may be perfect for you. It’s got a cool time capsule feel about it. You each place handwritten love letters into a box, followed by a bottle of wine then the box is shut and sealed or locked. You can then crack open the box to celebrate a milestone anniversary of your choosing, whether that’s your first, your fifth or your fifteenth. Make sure you buy wine that ages well though! Plain Crazy It’s not really for me to tell you what is a crazy idea, after all to one duo a couple’s quiz may be pushing the boundaries of what they feel comfortable with and for others that would be tame. Remember, you are only limited by your imagination! So, there you have it. I have given you a small taster of how you could rock your ceremony. Take ownership of your ceremony, book a celebrant and let them know exactly what vibe you want as you say your I Do’s. Be confident that a celebrant led ceremony will be a topic of conversation, for all the right reasons, for the rest of your wedding day. If you are thinking ‘we need to find ourselves a celebrant right now’ then check out www. to search who is in your local area. Most celebrants will travel nationally and internationally so search for the type of celebrant who fits you, be it alternative, completely wacky, traditional or anything in between!

Alternative Ceremonies 07891522531





m o c s. y da y a m ss e w.j w w


Nichola Reeder Outragous ad 165x61mm_Artwork 19/10/2020 11:46 Page 1



I’ll inspire you to trust your Rebel Heart and create the ceremony you’ve always dreamed of, but never thought you were allowed

T: 07891 122542 Nichola Reeder

W e d d i n g I n s p i r at i o n


elicity Westmacott, dip dye expert, talks us through all the options for achieving your colourful wedding dress dreams – including how to style your perfect dyed dress!

69 | Outrageous Bride

The sprays are also perfect on fabrics like polyester tulle, that don’t take a traditional wet-dye technique very well anyway. And it will coat mixed fabrics, like lace and sequin motifs, completely evenly. So, there are no worries about how different fibres might each react to a dye! The layer of colour does slightly change the texture of the fabric, giving a little extra body, so it’s less good for very soft fabrics like chiffon or silk satin. To prepare a dress for colouring I first send a full-length test sample (or two) to the client for approval. Designs usually look best with colours from palest above to deep at the hem. Most brides want colour coming up about 18” from the bottom at the front and I usually widen the colour bands at the back if there is a train. I pop the dress on a mannequin and protect the top half with a very glamorous plastic bag! I have to work outdoors due to the aerosols in the spray cans, so the floor is also covered to keep the dress clean! I usually have the skirt spread out over a hoop skirt to help me get into all the folds in very full styles. Then comes hours and hours of spraying! I usually apply four coats of colour with 24 hours to dry in between each. Layering up the colours means I create beautiful, gradual fade from one hue to the next and a really saturated vibrant colour. If the dress has layers of tulle and linings, I lift the outer layers and spray the inner ones too. This means we avoid any pale patches showing through sheer fabrics, or ‘shadows’ from lace motifs. Creating my signature Phoenix colour


I’ve often said that I’m in the wrong business as bridal is so predominantly ivory/white... so vanilla! And I love colour! My whole house is a riot of rainbows and I am most thrilled when I meet a bride who wants to buck tradition and wear a colour (or several) for her wedding day.

This is not a difficult technique to do yourself. You’ll need a mannequin, and a clean ventilated area plus 4-10 cans of oasis spray. As a guide my classic Phoenix uses 2-3 cans each of 5 colours; yellow, orange, holiday red, carnation red, cranberry and violet.

Dying a whole dress, top to toe is not usually advisable as different parts can be made of different materials and will react to the dye differently. A variety of techniques are possible depending on the desired end effect and the fabric to be coloured.

But if you’re not feeling quite that brave feel free to get in touch with me to talk about your ideas for colouring your wedding dress. Costs are usually £300-£500 for most designs. I also make dip dyed overskirts that can be worn over your own wedding dress for removable, colourful loveliness.

Spray Technique To create the classic rainbow effect, I use sprays called ‘Oasis’. Oasis was actually created for spraying live flowers, so it’s perfect for delicate bridal fabrics too! It comes in over 30 colours including metallics so I can create every design imaginable. A drawback is that it doesn’t really ‘dye’ the fabric, only evenly coating the fibres, so the colour will fade if laundered. But it’s safe on your skin and shoes; it won’t transfer during the wedding day.

And remember, more is more!

W e d d i n g I n s p i r at i o n

Creative Team AUTUMN SHOOT Model (dip dye dress): Keely Simeoni Photography: JessicaJillPartridge, Dresses made & Design: Felicity Westmacott Styling: Jessica of Models: Katja Cemic, Keely Simeoni and Isabella Crighton Hair styling: Very Bettie Make up: Bespoke Shoes: Marsha Hall Jewellery: Vicky Forrester Veil and headpieces: Jen Levet Floristry: Michelle Knibbs of Muscari Whites Garden wreath: The Girl who Gardens CHRISTMAS SHOOT Photography: Adam Rowley Dress design: Felicity Westmacott MUA: Anusha Solanki Accessories: Model: Elodie Foray Florist: Darvall Design

71 | Outrageous Bride

W e d d i n g I n s p i r at i o n

Wet Dye Technique As dying whole dresses is so difficult, dip-dyeing is the perfect compromise. The bottom part of the dress is carefully lowered into a large dye bath and agitated for an even colour. Then raised a little way out and left a bit longer. By gradually raising the dress out of the dye the hem will have longer exposure to the colour. The final effect is a beautiful fade from pale to deep colour. Just as with paint, dye colours mix, with darker and deeper shades overpowering pale ones. So, if you dye a dress yellow first you can then dip it in blue to get a fade from yellow, through green to darker blue where the hem has been soaked in the blue dye longest. Two colours gradually mixing, (pink mixing with deep blue for a purple fade in the middle) or adjacent colours on the colour wheel (aqua fading into forest green) create beautiful end results. As a second or third colour will always be affected by the ones already applied you can’t create a full rainbow using this technique. If you tried to dye the hem of a dress purple where you had already added yellow, red and green, you’d get a lovely shade of brown! Styling your Dip-Dye dress For the multi-colour spray technique, dresses with open work fabrics like lace, net and tulle work best. Beading and lace motifs present no problem at all and you can choose to have the colour applied on top of the motifs and detail or have some areas masked to remain pale amongst the surrounding colour. I advise not to have the same colour for you and the bridesmaids: you want to stand out, not blend into the background! So, aubergine for your bridesmaids would look lovely with an autumnal Phoenix coloured dress. Or a forest-green ombre wedding dress with a gold and olive theme. Then you can echo your colour in pops throughout your own outfit and the venue. Shoes, napkins, flowers, jewellery, there is no end to the potential for colour at your wedding! And remember, more is more! Find Felicity’s bespoke bridal wear at

73 | Outrageous Bride

PULLING FOCUS We take a peek inside the world of cool and quirky alternative wedding photographer, Bruce Middlemiss…

75 | Outrageous Bride

Trust me, after managing 300 kids hyperactive on sugar and adrenaline, I can deal with any wedding crowd


ompared to many I was a late starter in the photography world. I had an established job of 20 years which involved event planning and crowd management, and at that stage I had never touched a camera beyond the old point and shoots.

My inspiration was to capture memories of my son as he grew up and I bought myself a very basic DSLR camera. I spent the first year stuck in auto mode taking rather dull photos, until, one day I saw a photography magazine in a waiting room that showed the real potential. I began offering myself for portrait shoots and then my son's school asked me to do their summer and Halloween balls. Trust me, after managing 300 kids hyperactive on sugar and adrenaline, I can deal with any wedding crowd.

I put myself through night school and gained a diploma in photography which gave me the basics of how to use a camera and manipulate light to create interesting photos. But now I realise that was the easy bit. The key to creating truly wonderful pictures is about people and emotions. I have never been comfortable in front of the camera, actually I actively avoided being there, but I think this helps me put people at ease, as I understand their anxiety. On a couple’s wedding day, they spend a lot of time with me and it is important we get on and can have fun together so we get relaxed and natural photos. I love crazy ideas and couples that want to push the boundaries of weddings and wedding photography. Ever since school I have loved the alternative music scene, I still remember dying my lab coat black and scouring Camden Market to find the most outrageous accessories. I love the passion and creativity that comes with what some may describe as a non-conventional lifestyle and the opportunity to be involved in original and inspirational wedding days truly excites me. I want to be challenged, every wedding I try and bring something new and can’t wait to see ideas clients can come up with to test my photography skills. Photography and expressing my creative side have injected a new sense of life into me and the greatest satisfaction comes when I get to show the couple their edited pictures for the first time and then watching on social media as friends and family respond. Actually, I am probably more excited than the couple themselves. Find Bruce at

77 | Outrageous Bride

to Boss y w o o u r B ig Da y ! H Let’s start at the very beginning… As a wise woman once said, it’s a very good place to start! Wherever you are in your planning process for your big day, it's always good to stop and check and remind yourselves why you are getting married in the first place. It's easy to get caught up in big celebrations and huge ideas and forget that we now get married by choice, we don’t have to do this anymore! Therefore, your day should be a fun and exciting experience and not stressful, even with the world being topsy turvy right now. What made you want to make this commitment? What is it that has made your partner… the one? Tell each other, remind each other, write it down if you can’t say it, get back to basics and stop arguing over a colour theme or your guest list (don’t lie, you know you did)! Go back to your beginning, when you met, how you met, and remind yourselves why you are on this journey and now consider: does your wedding day reflect who you are as a couple? Is it what YOU want? I am assuming if you are reading this beautifully alternative mag, you are looking for something different for your big day and you are 100% in the right place but it helps to have an idea of what you might be looking for in the first place! You may have a theme and style already in mind – maybe your theme is how you and your partner met or a hobby you enjoy together, maybe you are totally stuck for an idea and have come here for help and inspiration! A good place to start, if you are wondering what direction to take your big day in, is to ask your friends and family to describe you as a couple, maybe a few key words or a sentence. Ask them what they think of when they think of you and this might give you some inspiration (you’ll also learn who your friends are in the process and who to take off the guest list!). It’s easy to get thrown into a routine for weddings, some

venues have strict timings/order of day policies but if you can, have you thought about changing it up a bit? If you are having a celebrant led ceremony (which I HIGHLY recommend for an alternative wedding) there are no rules! Why not have your ceremony after dinner? Or during? You don’t have to stick to a traditional format for your day, or you can mix traditional with alternative! Why not have your ceremony with speeches and toasts included, then you have the rest of the day to just relax and enjoy (hot tip – you’re welcome)! Are you looking to incorporate some traditions, have you considered where they come from? Most of our wedding traditions come from places that are no longer relevant. Did you know brides used to carry bouquets to cover their smell as hygiene was not great many years ago! Or wear a veil to cover their face so their groom (who they had never met before) didn’t do a runner before saying ‘I do’! Traditions are lovely and if you want to stick with them, that’s great. Just know you don’t have to! Weddings are changing, couples are changing. Most people I know have been together for a while and sometimes have kids before getting married which is a far cry from just 50–60 years ago when that was hugely frowned upon. Make your own traditions, rip up the rule book and go for it. You as a couple are unique and your day should be too. This wedding is your choice and your day. It’s also your money! Even if you are down the line with your planning, it's not too late to shake things up. In fact, if you have had to postpone, now is the perfect time to shake things up!

HOW TO WORK A CORSET Aimee Veitch, the creative talent behind Corsetry and Couture, gives us the lowdown on how to stun in a corset on your special day‌

79 | Outrageous Bride

What should people think about when planning to wear a corset for their wedding? Make sure you get one made to measure by a professional who understands anatomy and how a corset works. It's not about taking inches off a body, but they will consider bone structure, squishy bits and where the squish will move to! On a wedding day especially, the corset will likely be worn for a long period of time so it's advisable to have it made in advance of your wedding to get used to the feeling. Can anyone wear a corset? Yes! Because it is made to measure, it will be tailored to the wearer's body shape, size and gender. A corset can accentuate curves, correct posture and give support and confidence to the wearer. What are some things to look out for to make sure you're getting a high quality corset?

Definitely make sure it is made by a professionally trained individual who understands the body's anatomy and has expertise in all aspects of corsetry. Also, when measurements are taken, it’s important that vertical ones are taken in addition to the horizontal measurements, and not just the basic bust, waist and hip measurements. How would you work with a bride or groom to ensure their vision is brought to life? With our corsets the bride/groom are fully involved at each stage from design concept, material and fabric choices, colours and the fitting process. The creation of a corset is a true partnership between the wearer and the designer. You use traditional techniques and hand make your corsets, can you tell us why this is important? For us it's the only way to create a corset! In the time-honoured fashion using traditional techniques of individual pattern cutting, construction and

Photography: Craig McNair, ID Event Photography

embellishments. There are no modern shortcuts to a genuine bespoke corset. We use only high quality materials and components to ensure a first class outcome that is long lasting. What's the most fun request you've had the chance to make? There are so many to choose from, we could not have a more fun occupation! Stand out achievements have been to create corsetry for local hero fundraiser, 6 foot 6 Colin Burgin-Plews who dons magnificent dresses and headwear and runs marathons and half marathons to benefit many charities. The creations weigh between 1.5 and 3.9 stone! We were also involved in his Pride of Britain outfit. Find Aimee and her gorgeous creations at


W e d d i n g I n s p i r at i o n

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I wanted to create something a little bit spooky, a little bit gothic but also very bridal! The church ruins combined with a floral crown and gorgeous trailing bouquet make this look perfect for an alternative bride who may not want to wear white. The flowing black tulle was complimented beautifully by the autumnal toned florals. For brides that like black, this one is for you! Wear it in style, stand out from the crowd but also look majestic as hell with some serious Maleficent vibes!

Creative Team Photographer: Makeup: @sjsnailandbeautyretreat Dress: @nortiershallow Model: @jasminj_x Florals: @sprigsandblooms

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Robyn & Mark, August 8th 2020, Plymouth, U.K. Mark and Robyn met 24 years ago in a Yahoo chat room. Their love story blossomed from years of friendship, and they finally married on a magical rainbow-filled day‌


Photography by Peter Gosling,

We’re seeing a gorgeous trend for alternative wedding head gear popping up all over the place! We love this as a simple way of adding a hit of colour to an outfit or working an outrageous moment into your wedding look. To find out more about some of the creative minds behind these fab looks, we chatted to two very unique head-wear designers‌

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Peacock Pretties As I developed my skills and experience, I became more adventurous; my creations became bigger and more elaborate I began my journey into the world of hair accessories three years ago after a health scare and a not so subtle suggestion from my oldest friend who told me I should be doing more with my hands. She told me I should start making hats. I’m sure the fact she was going to the races and would need something to wear had nothing to do with the suggestion. I’ve always been a creative person, up to then life had kind of got in the way, but I needed to make a change. I started out like many people in cottage industries juggling part time work with experimenting designing and creating my own unique take on hair accessories and fascinators in a spare bedroom.

I began making flower clips to match vintage pinup and rockabilly inspired outfits. After hearing about a local burlesque event at my local rock club, I managed to organise a single tabletop there to sell from. I fell in love with the beauty and flamboyance of the show; the performers and the audience. People I met at that first show have become firm friends and continue to be customers. I was soon travelling all over the country with bigger and bigger stalls trading at lots of different burlesque events. I became too busy to juggle my business and a job, so I left the security of a regular paid job setting out entirely on my own, a hard decision I definitely don’t regret.

As I developed my skills and experience, I became more adventurous; my creations became bigger and more elaborate. I wanted to be able to provide more than a standard high street accessory. I love to provide bespoke unique accessories, so commission pieces are a huge part of my business. I work with customers from the very start, interpreting their ideas, drawing up the design to completion fulfilling their specific requirements in any style. Nobody else will ever have the same accessory. I have collaborated with lots of incredible models and photographers in some incredible locations. It is amazing seeing your work in a photoshoot or magazine. I have even had my work on the TV Soap Awards red carpet. I will never stop doing what I love, it is something I never thought I would ever do. I really do believe in “I didn’t come this far to only come this far". After three years my friend is thrilled to know I will be regularly making hats... at last. Find Peacock Pretties at

Photography: Christina Murphy

Luby Jay Millinery Being a milliner is the best job in the world – well, I think so! My studio is full of hat blocks, and an abundance of hat making materials, feathers, silk flowers, beads, along with thermoplastics, and leather. When I go to the studio in the morning, I get lost in all its treasurers, it doesn’t feel like work. I’d always loved hats from an early age, and that passion remained with me. After a life in the corporate world that didn’t bring happiness – but paid bills, I decided to retrain and follow my dream to become a milliner. It really was a leap of faith, but one of the best decisions ever. My only regret is I didn’t do it earlier! It took time to become a milliner and that learning never stops. There are always new fabrics and techniques coming to the millinery world. When I started training, I took courses with some of the best milliners around to get a good foundation to build upon. In 2018, I found myself involved in the film industry, making two hats for a period drama movie. This developed into 12 pieces from hats, to perchers, a bridal headpiece and veil. It’s a surreal feeling seeing your work on a movie poster.

All the hats in my studio are handmade from scratch and hand sewn for that couture finish. One of the things that I love the most is creating something different; being able to shape flat materials into sky scraping headwear, or making tiny crowns for little girls, I’m always up for a challenge. Meeting a customer for the first time is always special; there is always a warm welcome awaiting in the studio, Models – Hannah and Bea Film Still – Permission from Steve Baldwin, Director of “The Ballad of Lucy Sands”

and the kettle is always on. It’s a bit different at the moment with Covid 19, but technology is fabulous and virtual meetings are always available, just have your pot of tea or favourite drink to the ready, and we can have a chat! My personal style is whatever I like; if it makes me feel good when I put it on, then that’s all that matters. Expressing your own style is what makes us individual, wear what you love and feel amazing! Find Luby at or email

Luby’s Top Tips ◊ The key to a good hat is the right fit – one size doesn’t fit all. ◊ If your hat is too small, you’ll end up with nothing but red marks and a headache, too small and it’ll just flop around! ◊ Headpieces and fascinators are a different story as long as they have adjustable bands or are fitted with elastic. ◊ All that matters with a hat is that you like it – express your own style and don’t be bound by style ‘rules’!

BUTTONED UP Buttonholes can be so much more than just a flower matching the bouquet. Charlotte Laurie explores how to get the most out of the growing trend for alternative options‌

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Buttonholes are a great way to bring your team together but also reflect each of their own personalities too

Why do you think alternative buttonholes are seeing a surge in popularity? Two things seem to be happening simultaneously, firstly lots of couples are really starting to want to bring more personality into their days and are looking to the details like buttonholes to do this. Also lots more grooms are getting more involved in their own styling and wanting to have pieces that work alongside everything else but that reflect who they are. I love this, gone are days of grooms being dragged away from things they like at wedding shows (no joke, I have seen this actually happen!)

People are also often trying to keep costs from spiralling out of control and the fact that these double as gifts with personality is great. There is also a sustainability element here, something very much on people's minds (as it should be) at the moment. Do you think a lot of people have a mental image of buttonholes HAVING to be super traditional? How do you show people there is so much more out there? I do, a lot of people assume it simply needs to match the bouquet and move on but actually it can be SO much more. I love seeing people at shows coming up to the

buttonhole display and just being amazed at the options and potential. People can go crazy alternative or can still get that traditional feel with little personal elements like charms, there really are endless options. What should people think about when choosing buttonholes? What makes you smile, what do you love? What is your favourite flower? Hate flowers? Don’t have them at all, opt for something completely different like a button buttonhole. When you look back on your day what would you like to see? This can be as obvious as a Lego character but also as subtle as a football pin hidden behind a flower that makes you and your groomsmen smile. It’s important to consider colour and texture, think about what you are wearing, and any other colours included in the day to make sure that even if different, things complement each other. What are some cool ways people could use buttonholes? Buttonholes are a great way to bring your team together but also reflect each of their own personalities too. For example, each one could be inspired by a different superhero or Star Wars character. I’ve lost track of how many Han and Chewie combos I’ve made. If your group has a combination of men and women there are also options for wrist corsages that can be made to work perfectly. I also think buttonholes are a great

way to get children involved in your day, you could have anything from Peppa Pig to Pokemon or dinosaurs, no problem! I’m also seeing more brides opting for a corsage rather than a bouquet, especially with the surge in micro weddings. It means they don’t need to worry about carrying something around all day but still get something beautiful that’s personal to them. How would you work with couples to get buttonholes that will be a really memorable part of the day? Every piece I make is a collaboration with the person I’m working with and completely unique to them. It’s all about talking (primarily online now) even if you don’t have a clue where to start! On the flipside of that if you have an idea but you think it might just be too crazy, I say bring it, I do so love a challenge. Find Charlotte at

Photography by Florence Berry

FURever & Always Who says all your wedding guests have to be human? No, really, has anyone said that? Well, if they have, they’re about to be proved wrong! Pets are part of the family and with a pet chaperone service, there’s really no reason they can’t be involved in your big day. We chatted to Lisa from Misa’s Pals Pet Service to find out how all this works…


isa's Pals Pet Services is a small family run business consisting of myself, my husband and my mother. We all love animals both little and large. I myself have studied animal behaviour and welfare and have years of experience working within the animal rescue sector, passing that knowledge and training on to my partners. Thus, Misa's Pals Pet Services was started. Our business began to give people peace of mind that during the everyday comings and goings their companions are cared for. My husband and I have always had a shared passion for animals, he even volunteered at the rescue I previously worked for and eventually we were engaged. With two dogs of our own, we always had the thought of "who would look after our furbabies on our special day?" That's when it occurred to us, "how many more people have the same dilemma?" As we grew, so did our goals and we began our wedding service.

worked our own wedding, albeit you couldn't call it work, another day with our kids by our side! No matter how involved you want your companions to be, whether furry, scaly, feathered, you name it they are our number one priority. We chaperone the entire time, providing top professional, quality care. Ensuring your very best friend(s) have everything they need from tasty treats to toilet breaks to tummy rubs or even a good old scale scratch. You have the comfort on your special day that your best friends are being cared for as if by a family member. Our motto is "it’s not a job to us, it's an honour". Our passion became a way of life and we believe it should be a part of yours. Find Misa’s Pals Pet Services on Facebook and Instagram or email

What makes your big day extra special? Having your most cherished loved ones there beside you. For us, we 99 | Outrageous Bride

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icki Komorowski tells us how she along with a fabulous team created this richly autumnal, natural look:

‘Kissed by Fire’ is an eclectic contemporary boho festival/Wildling/Viking shoot fused with vibrant autumnal colours. Using simplistic, mostly natural materials the shoot features a beautiful knitted wedding dress, an amazing seaweed crown and naked tipi altar space. Our shoot is named after a Game of Thrones episode, it's a reference to what Wildlings call people blessed with ginger hair, but that is as far as our references go ... this is NOT a GOT shoot. We incorporated a boho/Viking vibe to a certain extent as it influenced our styling, but the focus was on the use of colour. I am a massive fan of the colour orange and autumn is a beautiful time of year to shoot. Some key details included a completely bespoke outfit for the bride including seaweed headdress and knitted gown, flowers which included foliage found onsite to maintain the natural feel, and wooden eco wedding rings. The shoot also included the talents of a fire poi performer, fire torches and a naked cake. We wanted to focus on the idea of a small venue for intimate weddings and filled it with macramé to die for including a chandelier made for the shoot.

W e d d i n g I n s p i r at i o n

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Creative Team

Photographer: Nicki Komorowski Photography

Macrame: Handmade to Hire

Venue: Laura at Welsummer camping

Cake: Bake to the Future

Film: We Are Muriel

Earrings: Dark Horse Ornament

Dress (plus jackets): The Robing Room

Wooden rings: Eco Wood Rings

Flowers: Just Peachy Florists

Photo Booth Rail: Bus and Bug Vintage Weddings

Make-up: Lara James

Fire Poi: Jo Malyon @thekiwigardener

Hair: She Said Yes Bridal Hair

Selfie Photo Booth: Temptation Towers

Seaweed Headress: Daisy Chain Lane @dchainlane

Bride: Sonia Belsey @miss_betty_bee

Invitations: Tily Lily

Groom: Alistair Donaldson @alid124

How to get hair to knock 'em dead‌ modern meets 1920s! By Lynsey Le Keux, Owner at Le Keux Vintage Salon I've recently been experimenting a little more with modern and vintage hair styling techniques, it's been fun designing new styles and playing with very traditional waves set with braver, editorial finishes for photo shoots. My favourite look from my this experimenting has been this one, and I think it’s so perfect for our alternative brides!

Here's how to achieve it.... 1. Part your hair slightly to the side. 2. Set your hair in tight rollers or pin curls starting from ear level and down. To achieve tight curls, I recommend using hot sticks (rubber curling rods which have a metal centre and heat up) or winding hair around your fingers when wet, pinning up and setting overnight. The great thing about this style is you don't have to be particularly neat in your curling! Make sure you leave the top section of hair from your parting to your ears smooth and flat; we'll be waving this later. 3. Once your curls are dry or cooled, depending on the way you curled it, take out the rollers or pins and gently run your fingers through the curls to separate them. 4. Now for the trickier bit. Coat the flat section of hair between your parting and ears with hair smoothing cream, be generous, we want the hair to be slightly 'wet' in order to finger wave it. Take a thin tooth comb and place it along the parting, slide the comb about a centimetre down toward your ear, keeping the comb upright and parallel to the parting. Drag the comb and your hair toward your forehead. You'll see your first wave appear. Firmly secure with crocodile or duck bill (long silver) clips. Using your fingers to hold your first wave in place, drag the comb and hair backwards, still keeping the comb upright and parallel to the parting.

5. Repeat until the hair is waved down to where your curls start on both sides of the parting. 6. Spray very generously with hair spray to secure the waves. 7. Now for the fun part! Taking each curl one at a time, pull the hair till taut and pincer the strand at the very end. Now drag the hair up to the root. You should be creating a bushy, ruched curl with this technique. Repeat all over with every curl. 8. Spray again generously and you're done! 9. Pair with smoky eyes and deep red lips for a real Femme Fatale finish. Photography - Copyright Le Keux | Shooting location - Le Keux Vintage Salon, Birmingham @ The Custard Factory

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ons l a S e g a t in V Le Keux nues e V y t r a P s ’ 0 5 &‘ ir & Makeup

sion Ha a cc O d n a g in d ed W

Pin Up Photo Shoots Hen & Birthday P arties, Afternoon tea, d ancing, childrens

‘50’s venues: Birmingham, Cheltenham, Essex Mobile salons: Cotswolds, Midland s, Yorkshire, Essex an d UK Wide /




e’re Samantha and Kody. We completely adore Halloween and things that are different, so we decided on a Halloween wedding. For the whole month of October, we were set on the 31 Days of a Hallowedding. So, each day we released a new image telling a story. Motionless In White is one of our favorite bands therefore we based our engagement pictures on one of their songs: “Undead Ahead Two: The Tale Of The Midnight Ride”. The location was provided by A Touch Of Grace By Running Creek in West Virginia, who even had the horse tacked up for the shoot. Our wedding date is Halloween 2021. Our theme will be dark Victorian with lots of blacks, gold, and reds. We’ve told our guests that they are very welcome to come in costume. Look out for Samantha and Kody’s wedding in a future issue of Outrageous Bride!

Imagery by Brandy McPearson



top and skirt ÂŁ695

award-winning british bridal design ~ bespoke ~ ombre ~ upcycled ~ vintage

07801 443931 or visit our shop on

tsy - Eclectic Brides

photo: | florals: | venue: | models: @alternativelywed

bexbrides, bespoke designer and vintage bridal studio




Moonlight dress ÂŁ750

award-winning british bridal design ~ bespoke ~ ombre ~ upcycled ~ vintage

07801 443931 or visit our shop on

tsy - Eclectic Brides

photo: | hmua: | hairband: | boots:

bexbrides, bespoke designer and vintage bridal studio




rowan dress ÂŁ750

award-winning british bridal design ~ bespoke ~ ombre ~ upcycled ~ vintage

07801 443931 or visit our shop on

tsy - Eclectic Brides

photo - @kirstyrockettphoto | hair - @moiraborg | venue - @meadowvaleweddings | floral - @bigdaybloomsandcakes | planner - @thatblackandwhitecatweddings | model - @torisheardmusic

bexbrides, bespoke designer and vintage bridal studio


limestone, carved out by the River Axe running through them for millions of years. They’ve been used in various ways for 45000 years making them a site of special interest. The cave is famous for the Witch of Wookey Hole, a roughly human shaped stalagmite that legend says is a witch turned to stone by a monk from Glastonbury. Wookey Hole offers a choice of three chambers for weddings, all of which are surrounded by clear pools and candlelight, creating a warm, enchanting atmosphere. A cave wedding doesn’t have to mean a small wedding: the largest chamber here holds up to 110 guests, however if intimate is more your style, the smaller caverns could be just perfect for you.

While many couples know from the start that a traditional venue isn’t what they’re after, they often struggle to figure out where exactly to hold their special day instead. Well, thankfully we’re here to help, having ferreted out some of the most outrageously innovative venues around. This issue Hazel Groves is going spelunking with some magnificent caves and caverns…

First up, deep in the heart of Cornwall, on the edge of Bodmin Moor, lie the enchanting Carnglaze Caverns, which ooze atmosphere with their unique and peaceful setting. Carnglaze was originally Cornwall's only open cast slate mine, until 300 years ago miners started to dig underground too. This created large hand carved chambers of cathedral proportions, making Carnglaze one of Cornwall's premier underground experiences. The first chamber which is available for weddings is known as The Rum Store Chamber, as it was used by the Royal Navy during the Second World War to store rum for a naval yard in Plymouth. It has one of the longest aisles in Cornwall of approximately 80 metres for a truly magnificent fairytale entrance into the huge candlelit cavern. The second chamber is The Cathedral Cavern and is famous for its subterranean lake, filled with sparkling blue-green spring water, beside which you can hold your ceremony, making it a truly memorable location with a difference. Next on our list is Wookey Hole Caves in dreamy Somerset, which provide the backdrop for an unforgettable day with some of the most beautiful rock formations in England. The caves are formed by

Finally, The Follies at Hawkstone Park near Shrewsbury in Shropshire is our last stunning location. Set within 100 acres of parkland The Follies is a range of rugged natural sandstone hills and caves, providing a gorgeously dramatic venue. Your ceremony could be held in an underground grotto on Grotto Hill or under the natural stone archway which enjoys spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. Bookings are inclusive of 4 x4 transport to the ceremony and a beautiful swathe of fairy lights twinkling throughout the grotto. If you have an outrageously unique wedding venue and would like to be featured in a future article, let us know! To find out more about the featured venues, visit them at:, and Hazel loves all things unique and unusual and is the owner of ShoesbyHaze: custom printed shoes for your special day. Find her at or email

A rising trend during the pandemic has been that of the microwedding. As a newly-wed bride who had a last minute microwedding, I (your humble editor) have a few top tips to share about how to get maximum enjoyment out of your miniature day… 1. Be prepared to see all your guests in masks. For me, although I knew everyone would be masked, it did trigger a pang of sadness for the day that should have been. It’s a surreal moment! Try to give yourself room to acknowledge your feelings, but then set them aside to focus on your partner at the end of the aisle. If you’re worried about this, you could ask your guests to wear the funniest masks they can find, making it a memorable moment in a good way! 2. Find some positives about having an unexpected microwedding - for me it was being able to hand paint champagne flutes for each and every guest, which I would never have done with a larger guest list! Perhaps this can be an opportunity for you to create meaningful, handmade wedding favours, after all they’ll be quite exclusive keepsakes of the day! 3. Look for ways to include those who aren’t able to be present in person. This could be livestreaming the ceremony (make sure to sort out music permissions if you do this!), having video calls with friends and family on the day or making sure you get tonnes of photos to share with everyone! You could also send out wedding care packages to those who can’t be there - they could include a little something to toast you with, a wedding favour and even a copy of the order of service so they can follow along. 4. The whole day may bring up some unexpected or strange emotions. I know mine did: while I was so, so thrilled to be getting married at last, it did feel a bit strange that it was very different from what we had planned. Do allow yourself to feel these feelings, give them acknowledgement, but don’t allow them to dominate the day. Try to focus on the good things, most importantly the fact that you and the person you love are taking this wonderful step together.

See Grace & Mike's wedding on Page 9!


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Outrageous Bride - Issue 2  

Our stunning second issue takes you on a glorious journey through quirky and unusual wedding inspiration featuring everything from gothic to...

Outrageous Bride - Issue 2  

Our stunning second issue takes you on a glorious journey through quirky and unusual wedding inspiration featuring everything from gothic to...

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