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Hello and welcome to Outrageous Bride! I’m so excited to finally be sharing our labour of love with you, and hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it! Everything we do is about helping you have the day that fits YOU, the couple. I write this just two weeks away from my own wedding date – my second wedding date, that is, after my original one was cancelled thanks to a certain pandemic. It’s a story that many of you reading this may be familiar with and we have some great help and guidance inside for dealing with any covid-related stress, just check out our awesome columnists Jennifer Claire on page 39 and Bev Seal on page 69. My fiancé and I will be legally marrying this August in a small ceremony, with a larger gathering to follow next year. I’ll be sharing hand-made tips, bits and bobs with you over the next few issues – for starters, you can find my origami paper crane tutorial on page 87 If you’re in the planning stages of your own outrageous wedding, we’ve got some gorgeous ideas to share, including hand-painted bespoke items (page 77), fabulous real wedding inspiration throughout the magazine, and two dazzling inspiration shoots (pages 19 and 83). So, sit back, forget everything you thought you knew about weddings and come with us on a colourful, passionate, fun journey through the most mould-breaking big day ideas out there…

Japanese Tea Garden Page 89

Steampunk Tablewear Florina Artfor,, Prices from £47

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A Wedding Day Wine Bats Blood Merlot, champagnecharliewilsden, £15.99 7 | Outrageous Bride

So, where did the obsession with white wedding dresses come from? The urban myth most prevalent is Queen Victoria when she married her Albert in 1841, as she broke with the traditions of the day and opted for white instead of the more colourful options in style at the time. For years little girls have been bombarded with images of Disney fairy characters and princesses in glittering gowns and waited for the day they could become that icon of beauty. However, the earliest recorded instance of a white wedding dress in Western culture is that of the English Princess Philippa at her wedding to the Scandinavian King Eric in 1406. She was dressed in a white tunic lined with ermine and squirrel fur. Then in 1558, Mary Queen of Scots wore white during her wedding to the soonto-be King of France, even though white was a colour of mourning for French queens at the time. For the next few centuries, white remained a popular but by no means obligatory colour for royal weddings. White dresses did not symbolize virginity or even purity, but rather were costlier and harder to keep clean, and thus communicated the status and wealth of the wearer. Brides have long gone for more unusual options: Princess Charlotte wore a gown of silver lamé for her marriage to Prince Leopold Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld in 1816! Right up to the middle of the 19th century, no woman, not even royalty, expected to wear her wedding dress once and then never again—an idea that would have been absurd even for the very rich before the industrial revolution. Even Queen Victoria repurposed her own wedding dress and veil for subsequent use. If a non-royal woman did have a new dress made especially for her wedding, it was likely to become her new Sunday best.

Queen Victoria’s choice of white, (actually more a pale cream or ivory) was twofold: firstly to compliment her delicate skin tones, but also to reinvigorate the businesses of artisans in the country. Her dress fabric was woven at Spitalfields and her veil was Honiton Lace from Devon, a pattern long since destroyed to maintain its unique design. Much like royalty today when they favour UK designers, or recycle as with Princess Beatrice using a gown from one of the Queen’s vast collection. The dress was originally worn for the premier of the film Lawrence of Arabia in 1962. The gown was a Norman Hartnell design. Beatrice imprinted her own personality and taste on the gown, adding sheer puff sleeves and a satin belt. The dress was made from Peau De Soie taffeta and organza, trimmed with Duchess satin, and encrusted with diamantés. Our perception of Queen Victoria’s wedding is influenced by the artists of the time. With photography in its embryonic stage there were no photos of the event, merely drawings and subsequent paintings. The royal couple also re-enacted their day some 10 years later when photography could be harnessed to better effect. So, although she was NOT the first, she did create the desire for the daughters of gentry to follow in her footsteps, and create their own emulation of the white dress and helped create the tradition brides are presented with today. However, over the past few years the move to individuality, and embracing alternative lifestyles, has been translated into the wedding day. Themes can cover everything from Alice in Wonderland to Zombie, Harry Potter to Rockabilly, Steampunk and more. Whatever your preferred theme, anything goes, so be like Queen Victoria and break the mould of today, it’s what this magazine is all about!


A steampunk gothic elopement


n intimate elopement can be the perfect way to celebrate in a style that is totally you: when, where and with whoever you want. Annie and Paul did just that with their steampunk, gothic Gretna Green day. Annie tells us all about it‌

11 | Outrageous Bride

The first thing to say, is that Paul and I aren’t strictly goths, but we do like dressing up and we don’t do “normal”! We were introduced to Whitby Gothic Weekend by our friends and encouraged to purchase outfits and get dressed up and we made our first trip there in April 2019 and loved every second of it. Shortly after returning from Whitby, we decided to get married but couldn’t decide on a date. It had to be something memorable otherwise we knew we would both most likely forget our anniversary (we are both awful with dates!) so, having booked October half term off already, we decided to go for the 31st (Halloween) and dress up in our Goth gear for the occasion. Having both been married before, we didn’t want a large wedding, so the six of us (plus Max the dog) took off up to the Lake District and rented a beautiful house in the country for the week, hopping the short 30 minute drive over the border into Scotland for our wedding at Gretna Green. We weren’t exactly your usual wedding party, so when we arrived, we found we were swamped by Japanese tourists, all with their cameras out. That was a bit surreal. As far as organising a wedding goes, ours was nice and easy. No guests, other than the six of us – I

Photo credit: Dave, Claire and Denise Taylor


made my own wedding hat, and the bouquet we put together with the help of a local florist the day before, from what flowers she had in the shop – perfect! Our wedding cake was given to us as a gift from a close friend and we purchased a fab new collar with bow tie and lead for the dog. As for the photography, all of our guests are superb photographers, so that wasn’t a problem either – they all had their cameras out! Our registrar suggested a nice place to take pictures, so we spent a bit of time afterwards in the beautiful sunshine underneath the kissing gate at Gretna. And our wedding breakfast? A nice lunch in the café which is attached to the Gretna Green marriage room. No speeches - lovely!

Kickass Stylist and Floral Designer

07977 212907 @vvravenfloral

Elspeth dress, model Threnody in Velvet, Photo by Belle Prive Photography

15 | Outrageous Bride


started sewing at the age of 12. My Mum used to make summer clothes for me and my sisters, every year she would take us to the Birmingham Rag Market and let us choose our own fabric. Once, when she was sewing some shorts for me, she said “would you like to try?” I jumped straight on the sewing machine and it feels like I never got off. I just loved how you could get fabric and turn it into whatever you wanted. That all happened back in 1987, so I have been sewing a long time. In 1992 I left school and spent the summer riding my motorbike. I really wanted to study fashion but although I could sew and had been making clothes for 5 years now, I was told that I wasn’t clever enough and had to do a one-year general art course and resit English GCSE. I was really disappointed but ended up loving the course and it only strengthened my feeling that my path was meant to be in fashion. In 1993 I was accepted onto the Fashion Design course. I wasn’t your typical fashion student: I was the kid into 90’s grunge and rock who could also sew. Although I had a few designers that I liked, I didn’t live for big name brands or designer labels, you’d usually find me wearing a Nirvana t-shirt, jeans and Docs. Much to my tutor’s horror I got into the rock scene more and in 1995 I based my final collection on a vampire wedding and played Type O Negative as my models walked down the catwalk. Alchemy Gothic supplied my models with jewellery and Goblet and Atherstone Hat Factory supplied me with two top hats. I was told by a tutor this is a fashion course, not ‘how to make clothing for greasy bikers’! Well if that’s what I’d achieved then that was fine by me, I was happy to make clothes for those greasy bikers, I was a greasy biker (just a young one at the time).

Luna Dress, model Laura Piearce, headdress Kind Hearts & Coronets Emporium, photo The Alternative Wedding Company

I decided that in September 1996 I was going to uni. I studied while working at the Jailhouse Rock Café on evenings and weekends. I bought another motorbike and joined the Jailers MCC in 1997. In 1998 I managed to bag myself a work placement at Red or Dead head office in London, I loved it and was asked to help out at London Fashion week but I said I couldn’t (I had a date back home… and I got stood up, yes I was foolish). Due to personal reasons, I left uni just before I was due to qualify. However, in 2000 I received a letter asking if I would like to go and finish a module so I could get my qualification and, now being a single mother (a lot can happen in two years), I decided that it was in my son’s best interests if I bettered my chances of a career. After graduating, I worked in many places so I could provide for my son, first at a company called Sposa Bella where I was a sample cutter and cut the material ready for the machinists to make wedding dresses. I then moved onto Talk Talk Clothing where I was a Fashion Designer and Pattern Cutter. The company supplied high street shops like Dunnes and McKays. In 2003 I had to leave as my dad had needed a hip replacement. My mum

Elspeth Dress, model Jay Emme, headdress by HeadWings Ibiza, photo The Alternative Wedding Company

Obsidian Outfit, model Marie Devilreux, photo Chris Murray Photography

used to look after my son part time, but with her taking over Dad's business and helping him to recover, I went part time to look after Tyler. I ended up getting a part time job at N P Aerospace as a team leader: we made bomb disposal suits for the MOD! In 2005 I married Tyler’s dad, Mark. I always knew I wanted to make my own dress as my Mum had made her own. I also made the bridesmaids’, groom’s and my son’s outfits, along with all our jewellery and headwear. I’d always loved corsets but had never made them before my wedding, after that I made corsets and PVC clothing, selling them at alternative markets and fetish events. In 2006 we had our daughter Harley and I started selling on eBay instead and got a part time job at an ice cream factory. When Harley was at school fulltime, I started working for Formal Affair altering suits for weddings etc. after a couple of years I found my dream job at The Couture Company making alternative wedding dresses and corsets just like I did myself from home! Eventually I moved my business into a shop called Created, in Tamworth along with my husband

and other local creatives for a few months. My husband and I later rented a shop at Hoar Park Craft Village. Unfortunately, this only lasted a few years and I now work from my old bedroom at my parents (they even feed me, it’s great to work on a Sunday: you get a free roast!). I love a challenge and find inspiration all over the place, if you’re looking for a bespoke dress, corset or suit get in touch, I’d love to chat with you! Find Zoe at

Lovebrok corset, collaboration with Mawsleatherworx

17 | Outrageous Bride

One-of-a-Kind Designs for Couples of All Kinds GW

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Elizabeth Ann Rowling and

Zachary James Edmonds request the pleasure of your company as they exchange vows on Saturday, the fifth of June two thousand twenty-four at two o’clock in the afternoon �ỳȚ First United Methodist Church 124 West Elm Street Bloomington, indiana

Custom Requests and International Orders Welcome!

W e d d i n g I n s p i r at i o n

19 | Outrageous Bride

W e d d i n g I n s p i r at i o n


o Thorndike, aka V V Raven, explains how she and an incredible team concocted this amazing colour-soaked carnival celebration…

‘We were inspired to concoct a colourful, vibrant event where anything goes and named this The Surreal Carnival shoot! It reflects our love of Mardi Gras creating a tropical party atmosphere that captures the joy of Carnival! Carrie (ccmillinerycreations) is the Caretaker of a dilapidated hotel that is due for redevelopment. This was going to be her last shoot here and we wanted to make it a memorable one! Our brands are both about inclusivity and collaboration, so we wanted to reflect a fun wedding experience that was achievable but hopefully also an inspiration to couples! We slowly built an exceptional team of current inclusive brands with an incredible energy for life that showed how you can be a bit different. Inspiration for the Carnival cake was such a joy, to be able to fully embrace all the wonderful colour spectrum associated with the full-on fabulous fun of a carnival. Each tier of the cake was iced in a vibrant primary and secondary coloured fondant wrap with edible gold edging to lift each colour block ready to clash with the contrasting base ribbon on each tier. An overlay of edible cake lace depicting Día de los Muertos style skulls ensured the carnival atmosphere was included before finishing the cake with oversized tropical fuschia coloured flowers along with deep purple blooms, showing that there’s no such thing as clashing!

W e d d i n g I n s p i r at i o n

Text by Jo Thorndike- V V Raven - July 2020 Concept: Carrie Courtney, C C Millinery and Jo Thorndike, V V Raven @ccmillinerycreations and @vvravenfloral Venue and Headdresses: @ccmillinerycreations - as above Stylist and Floral Designer: @vvravenfloral- as above Photographers: Vicki White and Holly Deacon @byvicki & @byhollybobbins Props: no Instagram presence. James Turner MUAH: Stephanie Cawley @stephaniealexandramua91 Models: Georgina Horne @fullerfigurefullerbust | Miss Asia Thorne @missasiathorne | Emma Smyth @the_em_edit | Lottie Goodchild @misslottielu Johnny Thackway @Johnny_thackway Dresses, Corsets, Robes and Clothes Styling: Rosie Red @rosieredcorsetry | Wig Stylist to Miss Asia Thorne: Paul Fernando-Thorne @mywigstyles | Balloon installation styling: Sophie Brandon @fableandmoon | Tableware: Gemma @aplacesetting | Stationery: Sarah Jayne Field @peachwolfe | Wedding Cake: Fifi Byrne @fifiscakery | Biscuits: Ester Hunter @sugarlillycakery | Floral Prop & Dinosaur Head: Nathan Shaw @floralfabrications | Jewellery: Rosie Wolfenden MBE and Harriet Vine MBE @tattydevine | Festival Fashion: Louise O’Mahony @l.o.m_fashion | Rainbow Jewellery Top: Claudia Pink @claudiapink |

23 | Outrageous Bride


25 | Outrageous Bride

Chris and Shane, September 2019 Kustom Kulture Blastoff, U.K.


hris and Shane are huge fans of Kustom Kulture and celebrate it every year at KKBO (the Kustom Kulture Blastoff festival), so when they decided to get married, there was only one place for them. Chris tells us their story… The Kustom Kulture Blastoff festival in Lincoln UK, has been a huge part of mine and Shane’s life for the last 6 years. My first year was 2013, I was there trading with my dad at Magic Gecko Kustom Artwerks. The first year Shane and I went together was in 2015. At this time, we were just friends! By the following year’s festival, we were there as a couple. We were sat around the fire at KKBO 2018 and our future plans to get married came up in conversation. Seeing as we found “our song” and had our first ever dance at KKBO years before, our friend thought it would be funny to suggest a wedding at the festival. Before we knew it, we were having conversations with the show owners and plans started coming to life! We never thought they’d go for it but KKBO was so special to us we just felt like it was right.

Was it difficult to plan a wedding at an event? Definitely! It’s hard enough planning a wedding, let alone one that is 2 and a half hours away and organised by others! It was so much fun though and we had a huge amount of support from everyone at the show. Were there any wedding disasters? Yes! And, as is tradition, they came in threes. Not only did the wedding cake fall apart the day before but the wedding dress was stained, and I had a bridesmaid drop out last minute! However, the day was saved by the KKBO family. One of the show caterers, Pop Top Kitchen, rebuilt the cake for us! Our wedding was unusual and very ‘us’! We got to drive around in a Mustang, we got tattooed on our wedding day, and had our first dance in front of hundreds of strangers! Not to mention sleeping in a tent the night before and of your wedding! I decided to have two different dresses – one full length, one tea length which was certainly easier to navigate a


Photography Credits: White Chalet Studio,, @whitechaletstudio

festival in! Shane went for a red and black drape suit, staying true to classic rockabilly style. The nature of the wedding presented its own unique challenges, especially on the morning beforehand. At one point we were meters away from each other getting our hair done and trying not to see each other! Attempting to avoid each other on-site was pretty hard but well thought out. We had our wedding party spies on hand to scope out the other person. While we have the chance, we want to give another huge shout out to everyone at KKBO who helped us make our special day perfect!

What’s the inspiration for your business? When I got married my parents took me out to buy a suit. I’d never worn a suit in my life and I’ve never worn one since! So I ended up having a ‘suit wedding’ which just isn’t me. I’m all about giving people what they want, not what everybody else wants. I don’t regret my wedding but it’s still that feeling of ‘really? I’m not comfortable in a suit, wouldn’t do it like that again!’ So, what do you offer? We provide custom sets, so if you want backdrops building, staging, LED dance floors, lighting: we can change how the whole room feels. You might have a theme or certain colours in mind and you probably can’t paint the walls of your venue so: paint them with coloured light instead! Obviously weddings can be pretty stressful, how do you work on the day to minimise stress? Well, we get on site and get it set up and ready as soon as we can, usually before people are awake! Nobody ever sees the set up! Then, depending on what you book, we have technicians on site all day who keep an eye on everything and make sure everything’s happening exactly how you want so there’s no stress for you at all. We can work directly with the wedding planner, or the DJ if you’re not using our own. We like to

make contact with the DJ beforehand so we can make sure everything is going to work absolutely fine on the day. Tell us about the special effects you offer and how people could make use of them! A great one is ‘walking on clouds’ which is often used during a first dance. We fill up the dance floor with low level smoke! Really, you tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll do it! We’ve got spark machines which are great for photos, cutting the cake, or grand entrances. We have vertical smoke machines, we can put LED lights behind them to change the colour of the smoke to match your theme. We have explosive confetti which is primed and ready to go off when you choose. Our bottom line is: whatever, whenever, however you want! How do people contact you? Send us an email or ring up, we’ll have a phone consultation to find out exactly what you want and give you a quote. We’re based in Buckinghamshire but can travel. Everything is bespoke to the couple – it’s their day, after all! Find Entire Production Services at or on Facebook @ Entire Production Services

Far north, in the quiet, quaint Scottish island of Bute, up where majestic landscapes battle with swirling seas for your attention, if you concentrate and listen really hard you may just hear‌ the KING OF ROCK N ROLL ALIVE AND WELL!

29 | Outrageous Bride


ep, in our never-ending quest to find the most expectation-subverting locations for YOUR outrageous wedding, we have stumbled across the beautiful madness of the Cadillac Kustomz Hotel and Scottish Honky Tonk ‘Love from Elvis’ Wedding Chapel! It’s a lot to take in. But this boutique venue and honeymoon destination in-one may just have everything you’ve ever dreamed of for a rocking big day. The venue was magicked up by Brody, an Alabamianexpat, and his wife Rima, a Lithuanian lady with a flair for the spectacular. Brody and Rima were inspired by their own rockabilly wedding and they truly live the rock n roll lifestyle, describing their vision for the nowrenovated dilapidated shack they discovered on the Scottish island as: “a world that Elvis, Boz Boorer or Brian Setzer would love to live in!” We reckon they’ve pretty much totally nailed it – everywhere you turn, your eye is grabbed by a flash of chrome, bright, shiny vinyl, or hand-picked rockabilly memorabilia. Rima and Brody certainly have an eye for the sleek beauty of the 50’s aesthetic and they have lovingly curated every single item you can find inside. The venue comes complete with authentic and tasty American food from the Rockabilly diner, and the Scottish Honky Tonk bar, where they’ll keep the party rolling til the early hours. Brody explained to us that from the very beginning, the pair had a clear vision for this rock resort: “We knew that offering proper rockabilly events, car shows and weddings was an absolute must! Elvis was, is and always will be a massive part of Vegas – so what’s better than having Elvis chapel weddings, with proper talented impersonators kickin’ out the vows?” And what fab 50’s wedding would be complete without a ride in a vintage limo, personally chauffeured by ‘Big Daddy’ Brody? And perhaps, on your return, being led by ‘Mama’ Rima to the hotel’s own luxury room, designed to be the perfect honeymoon accommodation? This fun-loving, passionately-run, rockabilly wedding dream venue is perhaps best summed up by Brody himself: “We go out of our way to make sure any couple’s wedding is nothing less than sensational and personalised, regardless of wedding size, and that it’s something they will never forget!”

Find the Cadillac Kustomz hotel and wedding venue at or email Brody & Rima at 31 | Outrageous Bride


I’m Yvonne Tutt and my fiancée is Cherie Beasley. Our wedding is goth/Halloween themed. I am goth and have been for over 10 years now. Halloween is our favorite holiday so it made perfect sense for our wedding! We got engaged on August 25, 2019. Our wedding date is October 31, 2020. We’re getting married at The Lyceum of Galveston in Texas, which used to be a church and still has the beautiful stainedglass windows in it. Look out for Yvonne and Cherie’s gorgeous wedding in a future issue of Outrageous Bride! Photo credit: AngelaAngie Photography

Who says the celebration has to end when the big day is done? If you’ve had an outrageous wedding, why not go for an outrageous honeymoon! The guys at the Shady Dell, AZ might have just what you’re looking for…

33 | Outrageous Bride


ine lovely, fully restored, vintage aluminum travel trailers await you at the Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona. Whether it is the 33 foot Royal Mansion built in 1951 and restored with leopard carpet, martini glasses, Diner-style breakfast booth and phonograph with a collection of 78rpm records, or the 1947 Tiki Bus Polynesian Palace, complete with handcarved outrigger bar and your own Tiki God, the Shady Dell’s individual trailers will surely send you back to a time when freedom was just another word for jumping in your aluminum house on wheels, finding the Rat Pack on the radio and navigating the open road in search of your own slice of the American Dream. Our sleek collection of vintage travel trailers are all perfectly restored to combine mid-century Americana kitsch with the comforts of home in a way that only the 1950s were capable of. Experience the 1950s in full Technicolor. Interiors are the rich blonde woods or highly polished aluminum of the original and authentic dÊcor. Outside each trailer is a grassy yard with lounge chairs so you can enjoy the beautiful evening weather of southern Arizona. In the various trailers, vintage radios play era-appropriate radio programs, televisions only broadcast in two colors, period books and magazines allow for even more mental time travel and big band, early rhythm and blues and original rock and roll are available for your listening entertainment. The trailers are also equipped with original working kitchens, refrigerators and vintage electric percolators. Dishes and linens are also furnished.

Situated within walking distance of each front door and providing home cooked breakfasts and lunches, is Dot’s Diner, our authentic 1950s Valentine Manufacturing Company diner. The Shady Dell’s long and epic journey began in 1927 as a place to provide trailer and camping spaces to weary travelers along the famous Highway 80, which stretched from Savannah, Georgia to San Diego, California. Like its more famous brother Route 66, Highway 80 was a center of travel, exploration and family getaways in the early portions of the 20th century. Today, the park is a nice mix of practicality and vintage fun-seeking. Part of the park is equipped with full RV hookups while the other part is a unique step back to the heyday of travel trailering in America. Step off the premises and experience the beauty and charm of Bisbee, Arizona, a mile-high historic copper mining town nestled in the Mule Mountains and a stone’s throw from the Mexican border. Founded in 1880, Bisbee was a true hot spot around the turn of the century, known as one of the West’s most roaring towns on the route between St. Louis and San Francisco.

the Chiricahua National Forest, Cochise Stronghold, and the Ramsey Canyon Nature Conservancy provides numerous opportunities for bird watching, rock hunting, biking, hiking or just leisurely explorations of the wonders of southern Arizona’s high desert area.

Today, Bisbee is captivating and full of historic buildings, museums, art galleries, antique shops, hidden walkways and plenty of ghosts. Its close proximity to

Find The Shady Dell at or email owners Justin and Annette Luria at


e first heard about gorgeous couple Danielle and Wayne through their photographer Jane Ball – who took all the lovely images you’ll see in the next two pages. The couple approached Jane having been turned down by other photographers as their wedding was “too small”! Along with Jane, we at OB know that there’s no such thing as too small and Danielle and Wayne’s intimate celebration shows that outrageous doesn’t have to be extravagant…

I wanted a tea-length wedding dress and I love turquoise so went for a colourful petticoat and belt. My dress was custom made but was not right when it came: it was too big and too long. I had it altered by a local dressmaker but the day before the wedding I noticed it wasn’t sitting right. It turned out to be due to an off-centre seam. My Nan had to do an emergency restructure of the bodice the afternoon before the wedding!

The wedding was over two days. On Friday we had a small ceremony of just 12 people including us. We wrote our own vows and as we headed outside after the ceremony, we were surprised by my work colleagues who had gathered to shower us with confetti! This was followed by photos in a local park and a family meal.

My shoes obviously also had to be turquoise and so I chose glittery Dr Martens and Irregular Choice’s Iridescent Lazy River heels. My rainbow hair was achieved with a mix of Directions Lagoon blue, carnation pink and violet dyes!

Day two was party day! Friends and family came from all over the country. We did all the food ourselves. Our wedding cost less than £2k.

We had a wonderful, intimate celebration that felt completely us and I am so happy we did it our way!


37 | Outrageous Bride

Find your Celebrant Helen Jubb Ceremonies Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire & South Yorkshire. Travel nationally. Modern wedding celebrant 07795 276171 Humour-filled ceremonies for modern, fun couples. I love telling your relationship story in such a way that leaves you and your guests smiling, laughing and perhaps even shedding a happy tear.

Karina O'Donnell Kent, Mid Wales/Shropshire and France. Simply Ceremonies Uk - 07970 513715 Want a wedding ceremony with no restrictions? I will work with you both to create a wedding ceremony which truly reflects your personality. Tie the knot under an old Oak tree or invite your guests to share your Steampunk Spectacular or Love-Fest. Wherever you choose to hold your ceremony and whatever you choose to include, I will put the ♼ into your ceremony.

Susan Denton Celebrant The Midlands and destination weddings Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies and Handfasting 07877995469

themed do where you all dress up? Why the hell not! Pick the perfect celebrant for you and they’ll no doubt wear an appropriate outfit too. Choosing a celebrant to conduct your wedding ceremony means you are only limited by your imagination.

Looking to make your ceremony go with a fizz, pop or bang? Those in the know are booking celebrants to write and deliver their wedding ceremonies to make sure the party starts from the get-go. Having a celebrant led ceremony is all about giving couples a choice and letting you reflect your personalities, beliefs and style. If you have a certain theme or look, your celebrant can weave in references to that within your ceremony. Believe me there is a celebrant out there for every couple. Those who themselves are all about steampunk, Harry Potter or gothic and can truly represent you on all levels. You are just one internet search away from taking your ceremony to the next level and giving you and your guests something to be remembered forever. For those of you still wondering exactly what a celebrant is, I’ll explain. A celebrant is someone who writes bespoke ceremonies personal to each couple. They then come to the venue on your big day and perform your wedding service. Celebrants have the freedom to conduct your wedding in any location at any time. Fancy a woodland wedding at sunset? Not a problem. Hankering after a Medieval

Currently most celebrants do not have the power to legally marry you, although the Government has commissioned a consultation and it is being looked at as you read this. So, as it stands, the legal part (declaration and signing of the register) must be carried out by a registrar. This can be completed before or after your main ceremony performed by your celebrant. Many couples book it for the week of their actual wedding, but it really is up to you. There are various options and prices that each registry office offers, so it is worth checking your local council.

How about asking your venue if you can hold the ceremony outdoors? The likelihood is you will be allowed more guests to attend open-air I Do’s, plus the beauty of booking a celebrant to perform your ceremony is even if your venue doesn’t have a licensed space outdoors, it can still go ahead with social distancing in place. Chairs or benches could be grouped together for each household or ‘bubble’, using a creative layout. You could even set up a Zoom room for those guests who didn’t make the final cut, so they watch the ceremony live and are still included. Expect some extra ‘favours’ too in the shape of hand sanitiser and possibly face masks. Elopements may also become more popular as couples decide to truly make their commitment to each other all about them. With a celebrant on board, you could create something intimate and magical, an experience you had not envisaged before.

Back to the exciting stuff. Your ceremony usually starts with some storytelling, looking back at your relationship and your journey from meeting to your proposal. It can be as humorous, romantic or outrageous as you want – probably a mix of all three! Add in a dash or two of readings and maybe a drop of live music and terrible singing from your guests, and your ceremony will kickstart your day. Your celebrant will also include vows and a ring exchange if you wish. If you are feeling particularly creative, you can write your own vows. Many celebrants also offer a Handfasting blessing or a range of additional rituals that can be included, such as a Unity Sand ceremony. There is of course an elephant in the room right now when it comes to weddings and celebrations in general. With restrictions easing and Government guidelines changing daily, it is difficult to predict exactly how weddings are going to look for the foreseeable future. What we can say is it looks like social distancing is going to be around for a while. So, what will socially distanced weddings look like? The big one is guest numbers. If you had plans to invite 150 people to an indoor wedding anytime soon you are going to have to rethink your options. We don’t know how long it will take before the number of people allowed to attend a ceremony and reception is increased significantly, so first thing first is the big cut. Have a think about who must be there, the people who you could not imagine getting hitched without them by your side. This could well be brutal and a tad awkward when it comes to giving people the heave-ho, but I truly believe your family and friends will understand, given this unprecedented time.

Of course, if a socially distanced wedding really strikes you with fear and dread there is another option. If you are still dreaming of your originally planned day how about doing the legal bit this year and then tying the knot next year. You could celebrate in style earlier in the year or book it on the first anniversary of your legal ceremony and have a renewal of vows. The choice is yours. The important thing to remember is do what is right for you as a couple. This is your wedding, a day you may have been planning for weeks, months or even years. Whether you decide to embrace the craziness of our new socially distanced lives or run away from it and postpone until next year or even 2022, make it the best day it can be, make it personal and make it about you. If you are now thinking ‘we need to find ourselves a celebrant right now’ then check out www. to search who is in your local area. Most celebrants will travel nationally and internationally so search for the type of celebrant who fits you, be it alternative, completely wacky, traditional or anything in between!

Find your Celebrant Anu Celebrancy Ireland Alternative outdoor ceremonies specialising in Celtic rituals woven around love stories for elopements, micro-weddings, vow renewals and epic weddings ++353868872692 I'm a teller of love stories for quirky alternative couples. You be you and let me find the best way to tell your story. PenelopeJayne

Special offers: 10% discount for all bookings made in 2020

East Yorkshire 07548829029 Offering bespoke ceremonies across the globe for couples looking for unique and totally authentic ways to tell their story and celebrate their journey. So if you want tradition keep it. If you don't, loose it! No rules, no restrictions just your day your way.

Put the personality into your wedding with The Celebrant Directory. No.1 site for personalising your ceremony and finding your ideal celebrant and celebrant inspired venue. Helping you plan a ceremony as unique as you are. THECELEBRANTDIRECTORY.COM

Model Jessica Habit. Images by Linden Adams and AF Photography.

Haze, let’s start at the start: what is a custom printed shoe? Well, to put it simply: I print personal photos directly on to your shoe of choice! I digitally print onto a specially formulated waterproof, highly adhesive film, before finishing them off with a high shine gloss protective coating. This makes them completely weatherproof in all conditions, perfect for those unpredictable summers! How can brides make sure they’re comfortable on their wedding day? Choose what’s right for you! If you don’t ever wear high heels and aren’t comfy in them, don’t feel you suddenly have to wear them on your wedding day. I offer a range of shoes – from stilettoes, to ballet pumps, to low block heels and more. You can also send me shoes you already own (which also cuts costs for those on a budget)! To make extra sure you’re going to be comfortable, I offer a try on service so you can be sure of sizing and

fit, by sending out a plain shoe for you to try. If it isn't the right size, we’ll sort out a different size or style. What sort of design requests do you get? Some people ask for shoes which match their wedding theme, other go for their favourite football team, hobby or movie. You might like a selection of photos of your family or beloved pets! Another option I really love is adding your favourite photos of a deceased father, or other family member, so they can still walk with you down the aisle on your special day.

What are some other cool shoes you’ve created? Well, I was featured by The Guardian, BBC and Sky News for my now famous Football Team Logo Custom Printed Heels range, which I created when Leicester City (my local team) won the Premiere League! I’ve also created shoes for the former Prime Minister. What’s your advice for brides and grooms interested in custom shoes? Make sure you order with plenty of time! My work takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete and I send photos at each stage of the process so changes can always be made to make sure they are perfect for you. If you’re not sure what you’d like, I also offer a wide range of existing designs and prints, for example Elvis and Audrey Hepburn. I can also add Swarovski crystals, text or red soles. I deliver worldwide and offer free phone consultations at the start of the process. Each pair of ShoesbyHaze are specially hand customised, one off and bespoke just for you, an eye-catching addition to help make your Outrageous Wedding Day more memorable! Find Haze at 43 | Outrageous Bride



n the beginning we first got acquainted at local gigs in the Bristol area just as friends and then on Facebook. We discovered we both had a lot in common both loving punk, art, architecture, history and living an alternative lifestyle.

Later that year when we were both at a UK Subs gig at The Fleece in Bristol, he said something stirred inside making him realise he had feelings for me. When I got home, I got a message from Spiker saying he couldn't keep his eyes off me and could we meet up at the next gig? The band was called Chelsea and we met at the Louisiana Bristol. This is where we shared our first of many kisses. We were inseparable from then on and I helped him nurse his dad.

When we first met, Spiker had just come out of a toxic relationship and was living at home with his parents. His dad was ill with leukaemia and dementia. I gave Spiker advice and comfort in these difficult times, having worked in care for over 30 years.

Six months later in the November of 2016 Spiker completely surprised me by getting me on the stage at a UK Subs gig (Fleece Bristol) He got down on one knee in front of a packed audience and proposed. I promptly said yes. After the gig Charlie Harper, the lead singer of UK Subs and the Godfather of Punk, said that was the first time someone proposed on his stage and he had a tear in his eye, bless him!

Over the course of time I realised Spiker was the kind of man for me: funny, caring and sharing lots in common. I mustered the courage to ask him out on a date, but he said he wasn't ready to commit to a relationship at this moment in time. Never mind, I thought to myself, I like a challenge!

We both wanted to get married in an even year so set a date of 21st July 2018. Because of our love for architecture and history we thought it would be a dream come true to get married in a castle. We found a local ruined castle called Old Wardour Castle near the village of Tisbury. We had never been there before but


Photo credit: Matthew O’Toole, Adept Photography Ltd,, @adeptphotographyuk

47 | Outrageous Bride

upon our first visit to check the venue out we both fell instantly in love with it and knew that this was the place we wanted. We set about the planning, wanting to arrange everything ourselves from our Hen and Stag night, the ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening do. We wanted a red and black colour scheme running alongside an alternative Punk/Goth theme. We sorted his and hers Celtic style wedding rings. Spiker and his wedding party wore black Celtic bondage kilts with Argyll style jacket and waist coats. Dr Martens was a must for footwear. My dress was an all-black laced


garment, custom adjusted to how I wanted it. I also wore Gladiator knee-high lace-up boots. Our grandson was our page boy and ring bearer. He wore a red tartan suit. We organized a joint Hen and Stag the weekend before. A very good friend of ours does band promotions so he put on six punk/alternative bands for us to celebrate our forthcoming wedding. It was a brilliant way to spend our time with friends for the last time as singletons. Our ceremony took place in the 800-year-old wine cellar of Old Wardour castle. We came in to the music of “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers. This was Spiker's mum and dad’s favourite song. After we said our vows, for which we chose the words, the minister said he would always remember marrying us because it was unique and so different to any other marriage ceremony he has undertaken. Spiker has five children. Two of his daughters were bridesmaids along with my own daughter and granddaughter. My best friend was Matron of Honour. The rose bouquets for the bridesmaids were made from black and red leather and wrapped with barbed wire so they could be kept and cherished. We left the cellar to the music of “She's Mine” by The Adicts. We entered the beautiful castle courtyard to toast our happiness and have photographs taken all around the castle and the grounds, which are bordered by a lake. We were all blessed with a hot sunny day. After all the photographs were taken, transport was arranged to take the guests to our wedding breakfast at The Old Bell, Warminster which is steeped in history and one of the older pubs in town. We decorated the tables and venue the evening before, in keeping with the red/black, Gothic/Punk theme. The tables were decorated with candelabras, fruit bowls, skulls, black roses and gifts for our guests. We also provided a sweet trolley and guest signing book with black bird cages to put our wedding cards in. Another table was laid out with our wedding cake provided by my daughter who runs her own cake business. We carried on celebrating into the evening with a buffet and music – even our DJ had a Mohican! After the wedding we both had a King and Queen tattoo done on our arms as a gift to each other. Four years on from when we met, we are still very much in love with each other and celebrate our anniversary at our wedding venue, Old Wardour Castle, with a picnic in the castle grounds.

A darkly beautiful fairytale

Megen Santana, of Santana Amos Art, brings fairytales to life through her custom-created book centrepieces and table accents. These one of a kind, hand stamped book sets are completely personalised. Megen gives new life to worn-out, old books, and turns them into beautiful accents and floral centerpieces. Megen says: “I add that unique flare, which is inspired by life, to reflect who you are and what you love.” Megen is passionate about reuse and repurposing, explaining that the beauty of these centrepieces is the fact that they last: “Not only can you treasure these books on your special day, but for years to come as a home accent piece, or a special gift for someone.” Megen’s vision was ignited when her daughter, Ember, was born: "My family has always valued reading. Growing up it was a way I could dive into someone else's reality for a while. I've lived hundreds of lives this way! My family has always been very artistic, and so once my daughter was born I wanted her room to

reflect all the wonders this world had in store for her; fairytales and adventure. We decided to make her room storybook themed, which is when I started to create my own book decor. I took my love for art and reading and combined it into a beautiful collaboration. Before I knew it, I had started making them for everyone else too.” Megen soon found that couples looking for unique wedding centrepieces and table decor were coming to her for help! Megen offers both designed pieces and fully bespoke work: “Each piece is made with the customer in mind. I work with my couples to design gorgeous creations which fit their wedding day perfectly. I see each piece as a work of art which I hope they will be able to enjoy for years to come!” Find Megen on Etsy and Instagram @SantanaAmosArt

51 | Outrageous Bride

Outrageous couples, of course, deserve outrageous stag and hen parties, so when we heard about the immersive drinks experiences at Alcotraz and the Moonshine Saloon, we just had to find out more… Step through the doors of the Moonshine Saloon and leave behind the hustle and bustle of modern-day central London as you are welcomed by a scene that would not look out of place in the long-ago days of the wild American west. Available for private hire (perfect for hens, stags and even wedding receptions), the saloon is proud to be London’s largest immersive cocktail experience. This extraordinary venue is the perfect hire with your own alcohol twist. Inspired by the captivating tales of the Wild West and its undercover operations, Moonshine Saloon is truly a one-of-a-kind immersive cocktail bar. 

If you bring some liquor, The King of the Moonshiners will be sure to let you into the Saloon! Once inside, chance your luck at card and dice games, exchange tales of the West and enjoy personalised cocktails made by an expert mixologist using your moonshine. It is important y'all don’t attract the wrong attention in the West so the local Tailors will ensure you look the part with your very own Stetson Hat and Cowboy gear!  And, as the barkeep says: “Remember...never trust anyone in the West! There is word that the Sheriff is in town so do your best to avoid the Law!” 

53 | Outrageous Bride

However, if the call of the west doesn’t stir your heart, how about the dangerously exciting Alcotraz – successfully smuggle your tipple of choice past the warden and get the jailhouse jumping! This extraordinary venue, inspired by America’s most infamous prison, along with cult TV and film, is an immersive drinking experience of the highest kind. From the orange jumpsuits upon entrance to the real metallic cells, Alcotraz becomes the perfect backdrop for unique weddings and receptions. Alcotraz has two locations, one in Shoreditch, London and one in Brighton. Both are available for exclusive hire for parties, weddings, receptions and more. Find the Moonshine Saloon at and Alcotraz at

55 | Outrageous Bride

Photography by

photography by


ello there! I’m Charlotte from over at Charlotte Laurie Designs. I’d love to introduce you to my bridal bouquet, buttonhole and accessories business making alternative items primarily from hand stitched felt and lots of lovely buttons (I’m obsessed with buttons!). I’m based in Kent but send things all over the UK and worldwide. I'm not ashamed to say that my work is a little quirky and doesn't necessarily fit into any obvious box or trend. I'm here if you are looking for something a little different that you can treasure forever. It all started after making the flowers, bouquets and accessories for my own wedding back in 2012. I fell in love with creating unique items, so now I create pieces for other couples who want to bring something personal and a little different to their day. Over the years, the business has evolved, which I love! If you had told me back in 2012 that I would spend days on end sewing Death Stars and Millennium Falcons, I would have laughed because who would do that for a job?!? (spoiler alert: me) My business is completely inclusive because love is love. I work with couples on whatever level they need; whether that is creating a single groom’s buttonhole or putting together a whole set of pieces from chair backs, to favours, to bouquets, and everything in-between! I ensure things are as special and as personal as possible. I LOVE personalisation, the little things that really make the item yours. I've loved doing things like making buttons from a book the bride and groom sent me, adding poetry and maps for where the couple met, creating themed pieces and adding secret buttons (did I mention I like buttons?) hidden in bouquets and

buttonholes that have special messages known only to each other. I strive to help you add that personal touch to your wedding, creating something unique and bespoke to you. Something I’m absolutely loving at the moment is my ever-increasing buttonhole collection. Grooms so often get a bit overlooked in the planning process and I’m super passionate about making sure these finishing touches, like buttonholes, can become real wow moments! Just like my bouquets, these don’t need to be copies of fresh cut flowers – nature has that covered. I like to think of them as little works of art with oodles of personality. I love a challenge so if you have what seems like an odd request bring it my way. Homer Simpson, for example: no problem, and I don’t think the couple that asked for dinosaurs expected me to be quite so excited at the prospect! So how does it all work? I know ordering from someone you have never met can be scary, especially when you are trusting them with details for such a special day but seriously, I get it so don’t worry at all. If you’re local, I’m very happy to have you round for tea and biscuits to discuss your needs, but if that’s not an option: no problem! Wherever you are I work closely and collaboratively with you; talking (I ask A LOT of questions, apologies in advance), updating, and getting feedback at regular intervals to ensure you get exactly what you want. I’m as flexible as I possibly can be, and always send photos of the work in progress, so you know what’s happening. So that’s Charlotte Laurie Designs in a nutshell! If you would like to find out more, I would love to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch and let’s chat. Find Charlotte at

photography by

photography by

photography by


Images by Hannah Dougal Film and Photography, Make up by Donna-Marie Sweeney (@deedeesween) Outfits by Anna Nield (@fancypantsemporium)


e're Emma and Luke and we decided we wanted something different for our engagement shoot as our wedding next year is Halloween romantic gothic themed. Lots of pumpkins, skulls, roses etc. We were due to get married on the 15th October 2020 but have postponed to 14th October 2021 due to covid-19. Luke and I have been together 12 years, we met at secondary school. We got together at age 18 and 19 and have a 9-yearold daughter. Our photographer, Hannah, is fantastic. She embraces our “weirdness” and encouraged us to take these amazing photos. We decided we wanted something a bit different but also some “normal”; photos too, hence having only half our faces painted as skulls. We were so encouraged by Donna who did our make up and Anna who provided the outfits. They are my best friends and are helping us plan our big Halloween wedding, which would not be possible without their support and creative input!


59 | Outrageous Bride


enn and Ewan, as a couple, changed their marital surname to that of legendary Viking hero, Ragnar Lothbrok. This alone tells you what need to know: here are a couple who don’t do things by halves. Here are a couple who did their day, THEIR way! We had to know more about their awesome Vikingthemed wedding, so we asked Jenn to spill the beans… ‘So, myself and hubby Ewan are huge history fans and love the show Vikings! We wanted to have a wedding completely unique to us and also incorporate nature as we love the outdoors. We collected all the logs, skulls and pinecones for the centrepieces and made a lot of the décor ourselves. As we are both artistic people, we pretty much made everything! All of the centrepieces and decor, Ewan’s outfit, he even hand sewed a bronze tree of life onto the train of my dress! We had no idea that everyone else would be dressing up too, my Mum organised it in secret and just rocked up in full Viking gear after the ceremony! It was absolutely amazing: a random battle broke out and we all ended up in the river later in the evening. Instead of giving out traditional favours, we gave everyone their own drinking horn to take home!


My absolute top advice for alternative wedding planning is to stick to your guns. Whenever we shared ideas with our friends and family, we were getting such weird comments which really put a dampener on the planning process (for example, everyone screwed their nose up at my green dress until they saw it!) Eventually, we stopped telling people our ideas and just did it our way. Every single guest told us it was the best and most fun wedding they’d ever attended. We both wish we could do it all again!’


63 | Outrageous Bride

After the ceremony, your guests will get the chance to meet one or two of the owls as they exit the venue and are free to take photos and ask questions and the owl will be available for photographs with the happy couple. The owl will be happy to sit on the glove and pose for photos as well as recreating the delivery and many other unique photo opportunities. There would also be the option to entertain your guests with a flying display and educational talk before the reception. Plus, prior to the wedding, you will be invited to meet the birds for an experience day at The Flying Squadrons

A quiet church, a tense moment as the question is asked for the bearer of the rings to step forward. The suspense, waiting for the precious moment as the symbol of love and eternity are passed on to the wedding couple. An almost silent flutter of soft feathers as an owl swoops down the aisle, over the heads of the congregated wellwishers, trailing behind it a long white ribbon to deliver the rings… For a truly magical experience for your wedding, nothing beats the awe and majesty of a live owl at your ceremony. The Flying Squadron, based in West Yorkshire, offers the amazing chance for one of her enigmatic owls to appear at your wedding. Usually saved as a surprise, the owl appears at the rear of the venue and flies silently over the seated guests, many don’t realize what’s happening until the bird has already passed overhead and the audible gasps can be heard throughout the room. After the delivery the owl will return to his handler, again, flying overhead, so closely to your guests that they will feel the breeze from his wings

base in Wakefield, to learn how to handle and fly the owls correctly, as well as capturing some great photos. There’s also an option for a costumed handler if you have a themed wedding such as a wizard, steampunk character or fairytale costume. So, do the owls actually carry the rings in their talons? Well no, not quite. “We know your wedding rings are an incredibly important and expensive part of your big day and we don’t want any accidents, such as someone dropping or accidentally swallowing the rings, so the ring delivery is more like a bit of theatre for your guests. Our owls fly to whomever is intending to receive them with a long ribbon, fitted with a quick release knot, to the anklet on their leg which can be easily removed, before turning around to return to the handler. As the owl flies back across the guests, this is usually the time when the rings are recovered from a pocket so as to give the illusion of the owl delivering the rings. Deliveries could also include scrolls, lightweight letters and a single flower.” With over 15 years of experience, The Flying Squadron have been working with raptors of all species, in a

multitude of environments and practices; displays and educational talks being their speciality, with a definite flair for showmanship and professionalism. A chance to get up close and personal with these stunningly beautiful owls is one not to be missed. If you would be interested in finding out more about this very special addition to your wedding, please contact Amy at animaleducation. or visit the Facebook page: theflyingsquadron

Photography Credits: Couple photo by Stu Ganderton Wedding Photography / Amy portrait by Craig Jenkins / Owl imagery by Maxine Furnandiz

65 | Outrageous Bride

Our ideal couple is creative, animal lovers, foodies, love to party and want a wedding which makes their guests say WOW. If this is you then read on....

phy Jos ep h Ph oto gra Ph oto by Pa ul

We offer you and your guests a fantastic creative space / blank canvas so you can design the ultimate fun, unique and magical wedding experience. We will help you with our proven SHAPE system of flexible wedding planning and support giving you and your guests a wedding they will never forget. From bow tie-wearing llamas, food designed to wow your guests, 3 bars and music playing until 1am, you and your guests will create the most amazing memories at our relaxed venue. Plus as an added bonus, we are one of the most eco-friendly venues in the UK! For further information, please contact The Wellbeing Farm on 01204852113 or visit The Wellbeing Farm, Lancashire BL70BY

One of the first things you might need to think about when planning a wedding are the invitations! Invitations can set the tone for the entire wedding and give guests a taste of the style or theme you’re going for. We’ve seen some gorgeous options out there and we absolutely love the idea of getting them custom-created, meaning they will be totally bespoke and fit your needs perfectly. It’s a lot to navigate so we’ve done the research and sat down for a chat with Kelly Heuss from Uniquely Inviting to find out how to get the best invitations for your day… Kelly, what sort of things do couples need to think about when planning their invitations? There’s a lot more to getting guests to your wedding than most couples expect. It is important to have an experienced invitation designer to help make sure that you have everything covered. What cards are you going to need? What about wording? Are you sticking with tradition or planning something a little more out-of-thebox? What about save the dates, showers, engagement parties? Paper types? Ink colors? Designs? Fonts? Like we said, it can be a lot! That’s where I would come in

Steampunk Invitations - Show off your steampunk aesthetic with this invitation embellished with all manner of gears and cogs in a variety of metal tones on a striped background. The matching Save The Date has room for your favorite photo. and help walk you through the process. I like to do consultations with my couples first - whether that’s via email, phone, Skype, or Zoom to make everything as easy as possible, especially in our new, socially-distant world! So, what do you do if custom isn’t your bag, but you still want something a little unusual?

Ouija Board Invitations – Contact your guests through the ether, or the mail, with one of our top designs of all time! These invitations are styled after the traditional ouija board. Perfect for Halloween weddings!

You might want to consider finding a designer who has a portfolio of designs you can choose from which could be adapted to your tastes. For example, we have over 150 exclusive Uniquely Inviting designs. Another fun way to make your invitations more personal is by choosing the exact combination of things like paper, size, inks and more. I like to offer clients a choice from our hundreds of paper colors and sizes, almost endless ink colors, access to specialty printing services like thermography, foil stamping, and more. With options from budget-friendly to luxury, we are happy to work with you to find what works best for your wedding. Custom requests and international orders are always welcome. 67 | Outrageous Bride

Vintage Tattoo Invitations - These invitations feature classic tattoo-style art and fonts on a parchment background. They are perfect for rockabilly-themed weddings or for anyone who appreciates the fine art of tattooing. What other stationery is worth considering for your big day? Well, you may want to think about save the date cards, engagement party invitations, thank you notes, seating charts, ceremony programs, place cards, escort cards and more - really it’s up to you to have whatever is important to you. I’ve seen a gorgeous trend of using wax seals to seal invites so we’ve added custom and stock wax seals to our service. If you’d like some help with all this, our website includes helpful worksheets, blog posts and planning tools to guide you through the invitation process.

We Solemnly Swear – Harry Potter-Inspired Invitations - These invitations, with a printed aged parchment background are perfect for witches, wizards, or even friendly muggles. The ornate top banner reads, "We solemnly swear we are up to no good" with the wedding date. The response card is ready to be sent back via owl post, and the accessory card features a wand hand-selected by Ollivander himself.

So how did you get into invitation design? I first started designing invitations in 2008 at Puttin’ On The Glitz, a brick and mortar boutique in Perrysburg, Ohio. They grew into a successful small business, helping couples across the globe design the invitations they had always dreamed of. After my mother retired and I made a cross-country move to Florida, I relaunched the invitation design business earlier this year as an online shop. My background is in art and design as I used to be an artist for Walt Disney World, a newspaper design director, and trainer for a team of 50+ skilled artists, fabricators, and painters at Universal Studios Orlando. I love weddings and I love helping couples get something that is just right for them, whatever their budget, wedding size or theme. We specialize in non-traditional weddings with invitations that show your love for fandoms, highlight your goth side, or take your theme to the next level! Find Uniquely Inviting at

Personalized Portrait Invitations - These invitations can be customized almost infinitely to look just like you! Customize body types, skin color, hair color and style, facial hair, outfits, colors, and more. There are also options to add blended families with children and babies, not to mention pets of all kinds!

to Boss y w o o u r B ig Da y ! H Well, who would have thought that 2020 would bring us a whole new vocabulary and see the world come to a standstill?

and make new arrangements as soon as you can. Be patient with your suppliers as they will be under a lot of pressure trying to keep everyone happy with new dates.

Have you had to postpone/change plans due to the “C” word? Don’t panic, it will all be OK, I promise.

Don’t forget to let your guests know your new date as soon as possible as well, your attendees may change now as many people will be rearranging plans - don’t be disheartened if this happens, maybe you’ll want to keep your numbers lower or invite someone you maybe didn’t have room for before? Make sure to inform your caterers/venue and any other supplier that might need to know specific numbers of any changes.

This year has brought many couples, and the wedding industry in general, stress when having to rearrange their big days - as if wedding planning wasn’t timeconsuming enough already! But, I am pleased to report I have heard mostly positive things with people being able to rearrange dates and suppliers and the majority of people have worked together to make the process as easy as possible. It is important to look on the bright side of life (ah-hem) and look at what positives you could take from this experience - do you have time to save more money and get that rainbow unicorn to ride in on now? It could even be something as simple as a friend or family member that maybe couldn’t have attended before is now able to, or your Bridesmaid will no longer be pregnant at your wedding and you will have a cute little one to add to the mix!

If you have had to cancel/change venues or had big hiccups, just take a second to breathe, reflect, step back, and dive in again when you have a clear head. It’s all too easy to make rushed decisions in a panic that you may regret later. It will also be a good time to reevaluate what you want your day to look like and why you are getting married. Maybe your priorities will change now as different things become important. Many people I know who got married a while ago would do their wedding differently if they got married again, take this time to think about what is important to you - do you need those fiddly favours that will probably get left behind? Could you use that money elsewhere? Does your wedding reflect you as a couple and do you feel comfortable with every aspect of your day? You could even take this time to change your whole idea or theme! On the other hand, though, don’t get carried away having more time to collect and buy things could be dangerous! Make a plan for any changes you want to make and re-evaluate your budget - then stick to it!

So what now? Possibly another year until your big day? Why not create a memory album from your time in isolation and any memories you make between now and your wedding for you guys to look back on? This will be one to tell the grandkids. Be sure to be in contact with anyone you have booked with to check where you stand with deposits and moving your dates etc - look over your contracts with them

It is OK to mourn your lost wedding date - but why not make it into two anniversaries - when you should have got married and when you did! The thing to remember is, no matter when you get married, it will happen and this shouldn’t change your relationship - you have made a commitment to be together forever and that starts the minute you get engaged, not just when you say I do.


ur wedding was two years in the making. We had a big wedding planned at a beautiful boutique garden venue with nearly 100 guests. Cocktail wedding, with crocheted skull table runners, and table décor such as snow globes with skulls, candelabras, and a skull mason jar. Kenrick was to wear a long tailcoat, with a top hat with a metal band, and holding a cane with a metal skull atop. Our two year old son Dashiel had a long tailcoat and top hat also, and his own little pair of Doc Martens to match his Dad. I had an ivory satin gown with a lace overlay and maroon accents, along with heeled maroon Doc Marten boots and a beautiful ivory and maroon top hat. There were two Groomsmaids and two Groomsmen, and two Bridesmen and two Bridesmaids. We had a limousine booked to take us to the wedding and a Shelby GT500 1967 Mustang to take us home. We had a honeymoon booked for New Zealand for 10 days. Our Celebrant Joined By Jeff specifically had a black shirt with white skulls made just to wear to our wedding. Everything was booked and almost paid for.

Then COVID-19 happened...3 weeks out from the wedding. Restrictions were brought in on indoor gatherings to less than 100 people, which meant our indoor wedding had to be moved outdoors, and as you had to include venue staff in your numbers, we had to cut our guest list, but at least we could still go ahead… so we thought. Around March 24, the government ruled that weddings could only have 5 people TOTAL (including the Bride, Groom, 2 witnesses and the celebrant.), so our big wedding was cancelled. We decided we were still going to get married at the venue… but then all “non-essential travel” was banned, so we had to cancel our accommodation and the wedding venue. About two days before the wedding, we decided to move it to our backyard. We had to put our son to sleep during the wedding, otherwise it would have been illegal. Our witnesses were my Mum and his sister. We live-streamed the ceremony to a Youtube channel for all our guests to watch, I walked down the aisle to


‘Endlessly’ by Amaranthe; and then after the ceremony, we included our surprise – Kenrick had learnt to play the piano, and I had singing lessons. We performed ‘Sound of Silence’ (in the style of Disturbed’s version) together. It was horrendously windy and our guests only heard parts of the ceremony sadly, but at least they were able to watch it. We have rescheduled our reception to May 2021, and will re-vow in front of our guests. We dressed our son up after the ceremony when he woke up as his tailcoat won’t fit him by next year. We had photos and ate a grazing platter with a glass of bubbly to celebrate. The weeks preceding the wedding were stressful as hell, but we made it! We got married. Our motto is “Love your butt”. And so we will....forever. 71 | Outrageous Bride

Photos can be one of the best ways to collect lasting memories of your awesome day, but of course those photos need to reflect YOU and your style! From Polaroids to disposable cameras, couples have searched for with ways to get a more informal record of their wedding. But what do you do if you want to go BIG? What do you do if your average photobooth just doesn’t cut the mustard?

Well, we trawled the wedding world for the answer and fell head over heels for the Picturesque Photobooth: a vintage carousel-themed caravan stuffed to the brim with incredible props plus the crowning glory – a retro fairground Waltzer! We chatted with husband and wife owners Phil and Suzanne about their pride and joy: “We found the

booth due to our love of the 50’s and antiquing. We have filled it up with quirky, different and beautiful items – think not so much seventeenth century tables, but more 1920’s glamour!” But how to use such a show-stopping item? Perhaps in the midst of the ultimate festival wedding – the booth is fully mobile and can be towed anywhere you’d like it set up – or as part of a carnival celebration for funfair fans? The possibilities are endless! The booth comes with delivery, set-up and takedown as standard, and even features attendants in full costume for the duration of the event. “It’s a special thing to work on, it really is,” said Phil, “We found it together, I get to go to work every day with my best friend and we get to celebrate the love of the new couples we work with.” | Blackpool, U.K.

Encourage guests to each take a photo with a specific theme – maybe a re-enactment of how you guys met – you’ll get a great collection of funny pics to look back on with a smile! Make sure you build in some time to use the booth or any props you hire yourselves, you don’t want to be thinking afterwards: ‘I wish we’d made it in there!’ Don’t take photos too seriously. Often the best images are the slightly silly, funny, messy ones that capture a moment full of life & energy!


ake-maestro Laura Dodimead from Life in Sugar shares her guide to getting a wedding cake beyond your wildest dreams…

In recent years weddings have been turned on their heads with many couples wanting something a little different to the traditional options they’ve seen before. We see people bending the rules in most aspects of the matrimonial plan, except for when it comes to what I consider to be one of the most important decisions: the cake design. All too often, I see couples plump for a cake that they think they ‘should’ have - or that will please the family. Traditional 3-tiered, marzipan-swamped, fruit cakes with pillars, mini silver horseshoes and a field of gypsophila have been around for a long time. And while they have their place, they really aren’t for everybody! For the outrageous (and quite frankly amazing ) brides & grooms out there: I want to help you get a jawdropping explosion of flavour that will stay fresh in people’s taste buds for years to come! If your wedding theme is more sugar skulls than sugared almonds, you need this to be reflected in your choice of wedding cake and you must find yourself a cake designer that can leave you speechless and understand your dream. Stacked cakes limit your freedom of expression, so find a cake designer/sugar artist that has a portfolio full of humour, full of carved sponges… and full of unusual flavours. You need to build a relationship with them so that your vision is understood and can be implemented to create a cake that will keep tongues wagging.

can be hand painted, airbrushed, as bright or as dark as you want them, they can have toppers of any kind including mini versions of you guys - which can be fully edible too! Surprises within the cake are guaranteed to shock your guests and patterned sponges will have everyone hashtagging an insta-worthy picture of the wedding cake. We have seen life-size cakes carved into carbon copies of the happy couple, we have seen a bridal dress made out of cupcakes. We have even seen mechanical cakes that can fly, so whatever your dream, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want no matter how different you may feel it is. Appearance is not the only way to wow your guests! Consider an unusual flavour (or mix of flavours!). Yes, Victoria sponge is a classic, loved by many but you might fancy taking a chance and channeling your inner Heston Blumenthal. A good baker will be able to advise you on what works together and you should always arrange a tasting session to check that you’re happy (or maybe just so you can brag to upcoming guests about how utterly unique your taste combos are!). Whatever your taste, whatever your theme, if you want to stand out as an outrageous bride go bold, go brave, go personal and just go nuts! Find Laura on Facebook at Life in Sugar

It’s useful for cake makers to see a form of mood board from you, with details of any themes, colours, music choices, venue, dress, decor, backdrops, vows and even positioning of the cake Armed with this information, they can set the scene in their mind and come up with a unique, bespoke cake that will compliment your other choices. With all the advances in sugar craft, cakes can be flipped, hung, gravity defying, remote controlled and pretty much shaped as anything you can think of! They 75 | Outrageous Bride

Bespoke Handpainted Shoes

Your shoes- personalised

Over the past couple of years the demand for custom items for brides has grown hugely, with many brides opting to incorporate them for hen parties and photo opportunities on the big day itself. A custom item is a unique and timeless piece of art that you’ll continue to wear long after your wedding, so investing wisely is an absolute must. We spoke to two of the UK’s coolest hand-painted wedding-wear creators, to find out more about the best ways to include hand-painted bespoke items in your day...

77 | Outrageous Bride

What are your top tips for getting a custom jacket created? Find the right supplier Firstly, do a bit of research; look for a designer whose work you admire and open up communication by chatting to them about your jacket. You’ll soon get a feel for how you interact with each other, and whether they are on your wavelength – find someone you feel comfortable with who shares your vision. Finding the right suppliers for your big day is such a personal thing, it’s so important to feel that you’re able to rely on someone to not only follow, but to exceed your expectations. I definitely like to think I put 110% into every jacket I produce for a bride, and feel proud of each one as they head off to their new homes! Sourcing the base jacket I like to source vintage where possible as it’s a great way to breathe new life into a defunct item, and also helps to recycle and reduce landfill. Lots of brides actually have a favourite jacket of their own they would like painted – talk the designer through the type of fabric and the construction of the jacket and seams, to allow them to think about design placement and fabric suitability. If your designer is providing a jacket for you, make sure you give them correct sizing – ideally by giving a chest measurement at the widest part, and letting them know if you usually buy standard sizing, or whether consideration needs to be given to height or build when sourcing a jacket for you. Getting the right fit is essential – taking time to get this right will mean you feel great in your finished jacket. Sharing your vision Give your designer a great brief: think about the words you would like to use, the type of font and colour scheme which will compliment your wedding theme. Provide images if you would like colour schemes or florals matched – talk them through elements you would like incorporating into the design and the look and feel you want to achieve; try and chose something that you will want to continue wearing long after the wedding day… after all, you are buying an investment piece, so you want something future proof. A good designer will then mock up a draft design for you to approve or make changes to, they will work with you to create something that matches what you’ve imagined in your mind’s eye. Ask them what sort of paints they use, and whether the

jacket will be sealed and waterproof and how long the design is guaranteed for – we use specialist leather and fabric paints and sealant for the best possible finish and longevity. Discuss your timeline Lastly – make sure you give them plenty of notice, as most good designers will have a waiting list. We recommend an absolute minimum of 3-6 months in advance to start planning your jacket, obviously the earlier the better, as once wedding season starts most good suppliers are booked up. Tell us a bit about yourself… I’ve been creating fully customised hand painted jackets for a really diverse client base since 2015; from alternative brides and grooms, to bikers and even the occasional music video or celebrity! I think what sets us apart is that we work with our customer to make something that is very personal to them; for example, meaningful phrases, matching wedding flowers or themes, or even something subtle to commemorate those who are no longer with us. Although I’m based in North Devon UK my clients come from all over the world, so this makes for a really interesting mix of design requests. I'm a huge fan of 50's nostalgia and traditional tattoo art, and a complete magpie for collecting the macabre and unusual! The business started just after I got married myself, at the time there was a huge gap in the market for anything unusual and alternative for your wedding day, and I really struggled to find things my husband and I would feel comfortable wearing, or that expressed our personalities. Sammy Lea’s Retro Emporium was created immediately upon returning from our honeymoon, my ethos has always been to provide an outlet that’s inclusive to everyone. I can honestly say I’ve worked harder for myself than I have for any other boss – it’s literally life consuming, but so worth it! The lovely contact I’ve had with customers; the friendships I have made, and the fantastic wedding pictures shared with me by my brides after their big day make my job so fulfilling. Find Sammy Leas at: Instagram @sammyleasretro Additional text by Sam Astill Blackburn 79 | Outrageous Bride

So how does it all work? Well, all designs are created onto your own shoes that you post to me, this enables you to have footwear in which you feel comfortable, be it converse, pumps or stilettos. They can be high end boutique shoes, budget high street styles or even an existing pair you may have; by the time they have been painted they will be your own unique, personalised, shoes that nobody else in the world will have! I’ve worked on everything from DMs, satin ballet pumps, Louboutin stilettos to Debenhams and Rainbow club bridal styles.

Why do you think hand-painted items are getting so big right now? With the current covid situation and the limiting of numbers at weddings, I think brides may be looking for unique ways to make their day a bit more special. It’s a good time to treat yourself to something memorable with your outfit and accessories. The great thing about artwork on your shoes is that you have an actual piece of keepsake artwork as well as a functioning pair of shoes. Many of my brides wear them again and others display them in Perspex cubes or box frames.

What kind of designs can you put on the shoes?

Tell us a bit more about yourself and what inspires you!

Your design can be as wild as you like, making Beautiful Moment shoes perfect for an Outrageous Bride! Popular choices have involved skulls, roses, lace effects and bright florals. More unusual requests have been Back to the Future themed shoes (these were featured on ‘Say Yes to the Dress’), Vintage Literature theme, ball and chain prison theme, pets, enchanted fairies and Venice waterways.

After completing an illustration degree, I was working as a freelance artist when I was asked by a friend in 2012 to put some personalised artwork onto her wedding shoes. I had never done anything like it before, but I figured a shoe was just a different canvas to work on and Beautiful Moment was born. 8 years and a few hundred pairs of bespoke bridal shoes later-here I am!

I hand paint everything using quality paints and inks to create long lasting water resistant artwork. You can have as much or little design input as you like and receive an emailed design sketch for approval before any painting takes place. Once finished your shoes are posted back to you by special delivery insured post. Easy! All orders are booked onto my calendar in advance with a small deposit but you do not need to have purchased shoes first in order to book your slot.

My favourite thing about this job is that every piece I create is different and personal to that particular bride (or groom, I did a pair of football boots once!). I get to paint so many beautiful designs that make people happy or even sometimes cry tears of joy! To be able to make just a small difference to someone’s day and generate positivity is a gift. Find Beautiful Moment at,, Twitter @ MomentArt

81 | Outrageous Bride

W e d d i n g I n s p i r at i o n

83 | Outrageous Bride


eep in the wilds of the Suffolk countryside, Alex and Elvis run Lanwades Hall, one of our favourite wedding venues. We availed ourselves of their beautiful new outdoor ceremony location, The Meadow Summerhouse, to showcase a ravishing ceremony. Using Jo, of Couture Company’s amazing Japanese inspired wedding outfit collection we created a fun Punk Tea Garden wedding. Based in Birmingham, Jo has been hand making beautiful, bespoke dresses for over 20 years. Our brands are all about inclusivity and collaboration so we wanted to reflect a playful wedding experience that was achievable and hopefully an inspiration to couples also! We decided on a clashing palette of pink and red revelling in Peach Wolfe’s stunning stationery and signs using amazing cranes, clouds, cherry blossom and origami swans! British locally grown flowers from Farm Flowers were used to great effect to decorate the massive flower arch with Fable and Moon’s exotic ombre cascading balloon installation mirroring the aisle, and a Wes Anderson inspired tablescape with Vics Vegan Bakes fabulous unicorn cake. In nature nothing ever clashes so we like to throw away the rulebook and played with all of the late Summer riot of colour using Dahlias, Globe Thistles, Gladioli, Roses, Amaranthus and Zinnias.

W e d d i n g I n s p i r at i o n

Text by Jo Thorndike - V V Raven- July 2020 Concept, styling, floral design and faux blossom headdress: Jo Thorndike, V V Raven @vvravenfloral | Floral hats: Carrie Courtney, C C Millinery Creations @ccmillinerycreations Photographer: Rebecca Knowles, Rebecca Knowles Photography @rebecca_knowles_photography Venue: Lanwades Hall, Newmarket @lanwadeshall | MUA: Stephanie Cawley, Stephanie Alexandra MUA @stephaniealexandramua91 Models: Twig, @twig_uk Lauren McConville, @laurenmcconvillemodel Outfits: Jo – The Couture Company @thecoutureco | Balloon styling and low table, cushions and joint stylist for tablescape: Sophie Brandon- Fable and Moon @fableandmoon | Celebrant: Katie – Katie the Celebrant @katiethecelebrant | Hair stylist: Jessica – Rocknrolla Hair Stylist @rocknrolla_hairstylist

Painted jackets: Hester- Bertie Valentine @bertievalentinelondon

Headresses (tiaras, pink fan and pink fluffy): Sammy Walden- Mr Mortimer’s Wife @mrmortimerswife |

Jewellery and Vintage silk kimono: Helen C Walls- Helen C Walls Jewellery @helencwallsjewellery

Stationery: Sarah Jayne Field- Peach Wolfe @peachwolfe | Cake: Vic- Vic’s Vegan Bakes @vicsveganbakes Flowers and floral arch - Lizzy Jones: | Shoes: Chanii B Shoes- Chantal Pilon @chaniibshoescanada | Alternative wedding bouquet: Jane Taylor-Marlow- Maddison Rocks Floral Black china, glasses and cutlery: A Place Setting @aplacesetting | Alternative china: Charlotte Clark Ltd @charlotteclarkltd | Assistant stylists and floral designers: Lizzy Jones: | Octavia Barnett: @octaviahannah

For our wedding, my fiancé and I are hand-making as many things as we can. One of those things is 1,000 paper cranes. The folding of a thousand cranes is an old Japanese tradition, said to bring good luck to the folder. I have always loved origami (despite not being very good at it, so trust me, if I can do this, so can you!) and thought the cranes would be a beautiful addition to our hand-made day! I’m going to be using the cranes to decorate the venue – I’ll hang them in multicoloured strings and put them in the windows – but you could also use them as part of table decorations, place setting or even create a wall or canopy of cranes!

Step 1: Fold your square in half, diagonally from corner to corner to make a triangle.

For this all you will need is 1000 (plus a few practice) sheets of square paper. Any size will work but the smaller, the trickier to fold! I’m using a rainbow pack but you could try theming the colours to your colour scheme or even getting patterned paper which matches your theme. Tip: the neater you can make the folds, the better, however my paper isn’t all perfect and most of my cranes come out a little unique but that’s ok!

Step 2: With the shortest point at the bottom, fold this triangle in half, left corner to right corner.

Step 3: Lift the top flap and open it up, bringing the point down to the bottom and creasing the sides down.

87 | Outrageous Bride

Step 4: Now turn the paper over and do the same thing on the other side: lift the flap sticking to the side, open it and bring the point to the bottom, creasing the sides down. You will now have a square shape again!

Step 6: From the bottom, open the flap by pulling just the top layer up.

Step 8: Flip your origami over and repeat steps 5 to 7.

Step 5: Take both sides of the top layer and fold them into the middle. The edges should meet and you will now see a kite shape. Unfold this – all we want for now are the creases made by doing this.

Step 7: This is the tricky bit! Keep lifting the flap upwards and flatten it down, bringing the two sides to fold into the middle. This will leave you with a long diamond shape.

Step 9: Now take the upper layer of both sides of the long diamond and fold them into the centre. Flip your origami over and do the same on the other side.

Step 10: Take the flap on the right and fold it over to the left, like you’re turning a page in a book. Flip your origami over and do the same on the other side.

Step 11: Lift the bottom flap and bring it up to the top before creasing it down. It should now be as tall or a little taller than the layer below it. Flip your origami over and do the same on the other side.

Step 12: Now we’re going to do something similar to step 10: take the flap on the right and fold it over to the left, like you’re turning a page in a book. Flip your origami over and do the same on the other side.

Step 13: Reach inside the origami and pull the left and right pieces outwards. Crease them so they stay in place. One of these will be the head, the other the tail.

Step 14: Choose whichever you want to be the head (I usually choose the wonkiest point, tbh) and slightly flatten out the tip, now pull this downwards and fold it back on itself, essentially turning this section inside out. Crease the sides so it will stay in place. Step 15: Now fold the other two flaps down – these are now your wings! Congratulations, you have one paper crane! Repeat steps 1 to 15, 999 more times… or however many you’d like!

In Japanese culture, the crane symbolizes good fortune and longevity - perfect for a wedding.

With traditional-style wedding fayres completely out of action during the covid-19 pandemic, resourceful vendors and suppliers have been taking to the internet to ensure engaged couples can still browse their wares and begin planning (or re-planning!) their weddings. Events like this might be the only option for a while so I’ve put together my hints and tips for getting the most out of virtual wedding fayres… 1. Look out for wedding fayre announcements on Facebook and other social media sites. Lots of planned in-person fayres will be switching to an online version, usually on the same date they would have been held. This is great news if you’re not free on the actual date because as long as you click ‘going’ on the Facebook event, you’ll be able to access all of their posts and resources after the live portion of it is over! 2. Be realistic – it can be incredibly easy to get swept away by the parade of exciting pretties on-screen, but make sure you don’t commit to anything that you don’t really want or is out of your budget. The easiness of ‘click and it’s yours’ can be dangerous so make sure you keep track of what you’ve gone for. If possible, it can be safer to simply register your interest in something or bookmark a website, before looking again the next day with a clear mind. 3. Don’t be frustrated if it’s not for you. Some people just don’t click with virtual fayres and that’s ok. Everything feels strange right now and affects us all in different ways. If stepping away from the computer is best for you, do it! Don’t feel any pressure that you ‘should’ be enjoying yourself. Listen to your feelings and be kind to yourself. The fayres will always be there for you to come back to if you choose to. 4. It can feel a little flat to just sit at a computer when you would have been wandering around a pretty venue, picking up free samples! But why not try making more of an event out of it? Get a video call going with your bridesmaids at the same time, pour a glass of something tasty and grab some snacks to nibble on. Have fun with it!

Imagery Table Setting - Santana Amos Art Brides - Charlotte Laurie Designs

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Outrageous Bride - Issue 1  

Our fantastic first issue is packed full of quirky, cool and personal wedding inspiration featuring everything from viking to steampunk to r...

Outrageous Bride - Issue 1  

Our fantastic first issue is packed full of quirky, cool and personal wedding inspiration featuring everything from viking to steampunk to r...

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