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How to draw up insulin



Wash your hands with soap and water*.


Remove cap from needle. (Never touch needle with your hands.) Pull plunger down to number of units of insu­lin needed (for example, 40 units). You are filling syringe with air.

Check bottle label to make sure it is the right insulin.



Check expiration date. Do not use expired insulin or insulin that has been open for more than 30 days.

With plunger out, push needle into bottle. Then push plunger in. This injects air into bottle. (If you don’t inject air, a vacuum occurs, and insulin may be sucked out of the syringe.)



Turn bottle up. Pull plunger back until syringe fills with correct dose of insulin (for example, 40 units).

Roll insulin between hands to mix well. (Cloudy insulin must be rolled to mix.)



Wipe top of insulin bottle with alcohol.

Remove syringe from bottle. Check insulin in syringe for bubbles. If there are air bubbles, tap syringe until bubbles are all at the top. Push the plunger to get them out. (They won’t hurt you, but bubbles may keep you from getting the right dose of insulin.)


Take syringe out of package and remove plastic from plunger.


If needed, put needle back into bottle, and pull plunger to get the right amount of insulin.

* If your hands are not dirty, you can use a waterless alcohol-based hand rub instead of washing your hands with soap and water. ATLANTA GA • 800-241-4925 • Bringing Patients & Health Together

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How to inject insulin


Follow your doctor’s guidelines to prepare site. Either wipe with alcohol or wash with soap and water.


Let area dry.


Push plunger all the way down.


Hold the syringe or pen like a pencil. Quickly push needle into skin at a 90°angle. (Children and very thin adults may need to pinch the skin.)

Count to 5. Remove needle and syringe. Apply pressure to site.

ATLANTA GA • 800-241-4925 • Bringing Patients & Health Together

Have extra insulin and syringes on hand at all times. Keep supplies (syringes, cotton, alcohol, insulin) in a clean, handy place.

If you are using an insulin pen, dial up the correct dosage on the barrel of the pen and inject as pictured at the left. If your pen is reusable, change needles after each shot.

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Learning how to inject insulin can be scary for some patients. Help them relax and learn the correct techniques with an easy-to-follow guide...

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