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OF ALL Business IMPRESSIONS Cards ask us how. By Chuck Green

"Branding" is one of those issues we picture the marketing VPs of Intel or Kraft Foods worrying about, hardly something for a small or medium sized business to concern itself with. It's easy, after all, to appreciate the value of a brand like Coca-Cola, but near impossible to see how the same principles apply to an organization with an advertising budget something less than 30 million dollars.

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Or is it? Like it or not, your organization and the products or services it sells, have a brand. It is the sum of all the impressions your prospects and customers collect from the first time they hear your voice, see your brochure, or link to your web site. And if you don't take branding seriously, you're leaving a critical piece of the marketing puzzle to little more than chance. A brand is a product's personality...its name, its packaging, its price, the style of its advertising, and above all, the nature of the product itself. How important is your personality to your everyday life? That's how important your brand is to your business. cont. pg. 18

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Why Do We Call Them

The Origin of the word “WORD” comes form the Greek word “LOGOS”. Logos defined is a single expressed thought plan or idea audibly or visually. Which is why we use this word today to describe our company’s icons. Thought the “S” has been dropped, the logo today should fulfill the original definition of the word. upon looking at a company’s logo, one should know and understand what that company does. We at Pandemic Brand pledge to do just that. Convey what it is that your company does in one single expressed thought manifested in your logo. A logo is like a standard or a flag for a country, it is something for you and your employees to rally around. It is your identity. 02


The inspiration for this logo is the name of the company. Mt. Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. We wanted to capitalize on the rich heritage that is associated with Greece itself. The battle at Thermopile in particular. This logo portrays the leader of that great battle with the likeness of the sculpture entitled Leonidis. Within the hard hat, we thought it to be appropriate to incorporate the crest that they used on their helmets of the era. In the actual spelling of the name Olympus, we have intentionally used a “V” instead of a “U” being that the Greeks did not have a U in their alphabet. Often times they would use the “V” as the “U” as in the word maximvs.


A patriotic look was our first intention in designing this logo. We also wanted to reference the industry at the same time. The stripes in the flag represent bolts of lightning. We also wanted to create an icon that would point to the logo.


Iconic Version The star represents the A in Advantage and the triple lightning bolts represent the E in Electric.

Here, in using the moibus strip we wanted to show that Allard Steel can accomplish the impossible. The moibus strip also simulate the “A” in the name “Allard”.



m a n i n a u J y d n a H k a e p S We ! h s i l g n E


INTEGRATED BRANDING We are the advocate behind your brand

Logos, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, fleet vehicles, and apparel all play a pivotal role in branding your company.

Where does your brand stand? Integrated branding is a leadership practice that aligns all actions and messages with the core value an organizations brings to its line of business. By aligning ever company activity and employee action with the brand promise, a company will create a deep, long lasting relationship with its customers. Every organization has a brand promise. The integrated branding process that creates buy-in and results that accurately reflect who you are as an organization. Marketing a brand through various means of communication. It includes the following activities: advertising, promotion, trade shows, direct mail, email campaigns, etc. At most companies, not a day goes by the marketers are not trying to integrate one or more of these activities with the other ones.


The Sum of All Impressions cont. The brand is less about your organization than it is about the product or service it offers. Customers buy a product or service because it offers a benefit—it solves a problem, it saves money or time, it supports their attitudes or beliefs, it is pleasing to their senses, and so on. They favor a particular company because it offers the best price on a widely available product, it provides better service, has a superior reputation, and so on. The first step in creating a new brand, or fleshing out an existing one, is to define those benefits. They should be the very essence of your organization—the foundational elements of every marketing effort and advertising campaign. Defining those benefits is the conceptual side of branding, but I want to focus on the other side—the visual side. If your message and visual style are working, stick with it. Too often clients get bored with a long-standing brand or new players make change for the sake of change. Though you may see your brand every day, remember that your prospects and customers do not. They need to hear, read, and see a consistent message over a long period of time for your brand to have maximum effect.




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