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Erasmus Academy NY Offers Free Language Lessons ONLINE There are 48 hours of instruction in the 8-week course. But participants need approximately 30 hours a week to keep up with pace of the course. In this program, you will receive a solid foundation in the language. It is not a conversation course for travelers. Just the opposite. You will be able to read and analyze difficult sentences, with the goal of reading the writers, artists, critics, philosophers, historians in the language of your choice. There is a discount for anyone who registers for one of our courses by April 15, 2013. Also, there is a “scholarship program”, whereby if you refer someone who also enrolls, you will receive a $50 discount on the course you register for. (To view the schedule of our free webinars, please visit: .)There you can also read the descriptions of all seven courses we are offering this summer. These are French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Latin, Classical Greek, Biblical Hebrew, and New Testament Greek. So if you have ever dreamed of being able to breeze through one of these languages, converse with people in towns where the language is spoken, or delve into the literature of the language, then give our program a try. After all, you risk very little. The course fee is $800. But, if after two weeks - which includes 12 hours of instruction - you decide that this course is not the right fit for you, you may withdraw and receive $750 back as your refund. Most college courses of this kind cost from $1,250 up to $2,300 for a course with 48 hours of instruction. Most importantly, we invite you to attend any of our free webinars to explore the language. It is like taking a dip in a pool after a hot day at work. We say, “Come on in, the language is fine.” This could lead to greater professional opportunities for you, a way to advance in your studies, or a means to develop a life-long love and appreciation of a literature to which you can always return for inspiration and adventure. In another article, we will profile our different Instructors, all of whom have extensive experience in teaching language, who are personal and caring, and who want you to succeed. Here, then, is a recent announcement about an upcoming free webinar for you to attend. If you like what you see, check out the schedule of the other free webinars. Free French or NT Greek Lesson.Sat.4.6.13 (Online. Attend from anywhere) On Saturday, April 6th, YOU ARE INVITED TO ATTEND A FREE LESSON IN FRENCH OR NEW TESTAMENT GREEK ONLINE. These free webinars are being offered by the Erasmus Academy NY, which runs a SUMMER LANGUAGE PROGRAM of intensive

language courses from May 20-July 11, 2013, which cover the equivalent of a year of college instruction. This will be an opportunity to experience what taking a language class is like online in real time. You will interact with the instructor and with the other students in the class. TO VIEW ALL OF OUR COURSES THIS SUMMER, PLEASE VISIT: intensive language courses 2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone. Dial +1 (805) 309-0014 classical language program

Erasmus Academy NY Offers Free Language Lessons ONLINE  

(To view the schedule of our free webinars, please...