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Practical DIY braided necklace guide-How to make a braided necklace How to make a braided necklace? Here, an absolutely free tutorial for a passionate braided necklace, with the rhythm of flamenco by super easy steps and materials!

Materials for making the braided necklace: 8/0 Glass Seed Beads 12/0 Glass Seed Beads Iron Bead Tips Jumprings Iron Twist Chains Tiger Tail Tools for making the braided necklace: Wire-Cutter Pliers Round Nose Plier

How to make a necklace? Step1: Gather the needed beads together for DIY braided necklace Above all, about how to design a necklace, the most important process is Gather the necessary

materials together. In today’s project, the most common used beads are seed beads, and specifically, according to the raw material, it can be divided into two main classes: Opaque Colors Lustered seed beads and Silver Lined seed beads! In addition, the main colors of this braided necklace are: sky-blue, yellow, green, silver, dark red and dark blue. When solve this problem, you can start to string the seed beads in strands as the picture show.

Step2. Group separate strands as small groups for the DIY braided necklace Take the two sky blue strands as example, in order to achieve the ideal design, you may use the 12/0 glass seed beads and Bead Tip. Firstly, string the Iron Bead Tip firstly and then the 12/0 Glass seed bead.

Secondly, fix the ending part at a proper position and then tie a knot.

Finally, cut off the excess wire and then pinch the cord end with wire-cutter plier.

After repeat the above actions, you will get the following new groups of the braided necklace:

Step3. How to DIY braided necklace Pick up one Jumpring, and then apply one tip of the prepared groups to it. Then twist the separate groups as the way braid your hair. After achieve the ideal shape, add on

another Jumpring at the end.

Step4. Add on the chains After prepare the above part for this braided necklace, the rest work is to open the Jumprings and add the chain to it for completing the whole design!

Get it? In fact the issue like how to design a necklace is not a certain professional work! Just use your imagination and do not be hesitate to move your hands, even the small seed beads can change into such an inspiration project! More directions for How to Bead, please





DIY braided necklace  
DIY braided necklace  

Practical DIY braided necklace guide-How to make a braided necklace