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Stories of Change


“SSE is more than a school, more than ­­a r ­ esource; it is a­­ ­place where social ­entrepreneurs caN Find t ­ hemselves” LEA MISAN,

SSE FELLOW (Act for Change)



Welcome to the London School for Social Entrepreneurs’ celebration event to recognise and congratulate the social entrepreneurs who are graduating from the 2009-10 programmes today. Each of these programmes recruited a diverse mix of entrepreneurial people, based their learning around practitioners and action, brought peers together to build networks, and gave long-term, indepth, needs-based support and development. Today’s social entrepreneurs join a growing base of over 500 SSE Fellows, with 150 more currently on programmes. This follows significant growth, with new SSEs opening in Cornwall, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Devon and Australia in 2009: hugely increasing the numbers we can support. We know from measuring the personal and project transformation that the impact of this work is significant. Both for the individual social entrepreneur (88% experience a

growth in confidence and skills to lead; over 50% of Fellows make 10+ practically useful contacts) and for their organisations (85% survival rate for those established at SSE; on average, each SSE Fellow creates 3 jobs). This is a people-powered approach to creating sustainable social and economic change. I would like to convey our sincere thanks to all those contributors, partners and funders whose generosity and support makes what SSE does possible. Finally, I want to congratulate all of the ­graduating social entrepreneurs here today. Their passion, commitment, and talent inspires us, inspires the people they work with, and, I hope, will inspire you.

alastair wilson Chief Executive, SSE



“During my time at SSE I feel like I have learnt so much – it’s as if my brain has been ­passive for the last few years and is now suddenly on hyper-speed. And such ­inspirational people - the staff, the ­witnesses and my wonderful peers” elspeth chasser,

SSE FELLOW (yes we can)



Farah Islam Future Champions International We are a charitable company that provides innovative combined sporting and personal development programmes based on our core belief of what we call RDR, “Respect-Discipline-Responsibility” through the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We work to nurture talented children from disadvantaged backgrounds. At SSE I have also developed two other small projects. One addresses families dealing with mental health issues and the other documents my love of boxing to encourage women to take control of their mental and physical health. , , Ï

Saritha Thomas People’s POWER People’s POWER (Participatory OWnership Empowerment Radio) Collective (PPC) is only a few months old in practice but in theory, she’s lived in my mind’s eye for most of my adult life.

Farah Islam

PPC’s vision is to support and grow not for profit, participatory, community owned and managed radio for empowerment and positive social change, amongst rural and marginalised communities in India.

Saritha Thomas

In a few months, we hope to be setting up another base in India, working with a rural community, training and capacity building and helping them take control of their own media landscape. Ï




Pelumi IgunnUbole Social Commentari

I am the founder of an orphans and family support organisation, which was started in August 2008. Our aim is to help orphans and families in Kenya by providing shelter, food, clothing and education.

Social Commentari's underlying philosophy is to address the root of any given issue and not just the fruit. As a business, Social Commentari is a clothing brand that tackles social and moral issues through creative, thought provoking ­designs and write-ups.

In addition we look for sponsors who support our orphans by paying school fees for those who are in secondary school. We are looking forward to building an orphanage and a school in Kenya as our orphans desperately need somewhere to live. We give parenting skills training to those who are caring for our orphans as well as for single parents. Ï

We have also partnered with several charitable and educational organisations to tackle social issues facing inner city children. We achieve this through interactive discussion, engaging videos and visual media as well as ­practical activities. Through workshops, we aim to equip our students with r­ elevant employable skills as well as encourage social ­awareness. , Ï



Margaret Mbuthia

Pelumi Igunnubole

Mark Barnett

“Being an SSE student has built my ­confidence on how to ­network with different kinds of people” MARGARET MBUTHIA,


MARK BARNETT Picture Perfect Design


We are a creative multimedia promotional small business based in East London. Our initial purpose is to help others to help themselves via creative multimedia.

I am currently re-furbishing a peasant cottage on a 20-acre site located in the heartland of Normandy farmland for use by children and families, carers, ­artists and as a workshop retreat.

Picture Perfect Design engages people of all ages within inner city multi-cultural areas. We encourage, motivate and help our beneficiaries to gain employability skills to either enter or remain in employment. We start with the person and build confidence, self-esteem, and self-belief in our ­beneficiaries.

Working on the Brick Lane city farm I have witnessed first-hand the positive calming and stimulating effects that alternative building projects, rural activities and animal care can have on different groups of people whom are unlikely to gain access to rural areas without external assistance.



Holly Jones

Josephine Smith

Holly jones The Fishing ­ Rod E ­ xperience

Josephine smith Three Mills Craft ­Association

My work is in bringing high quality arts experiences to a broader audience. I do this in two ways; by working with creative professionals to create participant-led projects and by working with arts organisations to help them develop strategic and practical approaches to broadening their relationship with audiences.

My project is to bring back crafts to the Newham ­Community where I live. I have ­always been interested in crafts and over the past years, attending and organising community events and talking to the community, I have seen an increasing ­interest in crafts.

Current projects include supporting primary school children to create a film script about the environment and advising ­community arts c­ harity Rowan Arts on their ­organisational development plan. Ï



I have also seen the health and social benefits of craft activities. So I would like to set up a centre to bring affordable crafts to the community, in a relaxed informal setting, offering event support, workshops and craft clubs. We seek to encourage skill sharing, cultural and intergenerational cohesion. Ï

“SSE is a

great place to come for i­nspiration and ­support, and an­­­­absolute must to ­anyone ­setting up a ­social ­enterprise” JOSEPHINE SMITH,


Anna Colao

ANNA COLAO 16 To Live By

LEA MISAN Act for Change

16 To Live By is a ­project that supports young people and c­ ommunities to take ­action to help themselves and others.

Act for Change (AFC) is a registered charity that provides tools to prevent hate-related crime.

In two months, 16 To Live By is launching a ­one-off magazine, website and cards on the festival circuit. In the time I have been running this project, I have worked with over 300 young people and run a six-week course in ­partnership with the Big Issue.

AFC partners with secondary schools and youth offending teams to promote emotional wellbeing and addresses the learning and social communication needs of vulnerable young people in their care.

Future plans include ­creating a centre for arts, ethics and social enterprise with another SSE Fellow, as well as creating training and networks for 14-19 year olds to get involved in social enterprise.

We work to build young people's capacity for empathy and resilience; providing opportunities for young people to connect with survivors of the Holocaust and other genocides to show them, through another person’s perspective, where the extremes of violence and conflict can lead.

, Ï

, Ï



Junior Smart

“I have ­received an immense amount of ­support from both the ­tutors and ­Action Learning ­Sessions AS you are ­surrounded by people who believe in you and what you can do” JUNIOR SMART, SSE FELLOW (sos gangs)



Karolina Ozadowicz

Junior Smart SOS Gangs ­

Karolina ozadowicz Ditto

I am the Team Leader on the St Giles Trust SOS Gangs Project, a project I designed in custody. Whilst serving my sentence for a drug-related offence I decided to turn my life around.

Ditto is working on replication of proven social programs and solutions with a focus on former communist countries.

The project works with young offenders both in prison and in the community who are serving sentences for gang related crimes. It offers a tailored package of support for each individual to help identify and realise alternative aspirations and goals away from gang life. , Ï

Ditto works on identifying effective and successful social projects and helps to incubate and grow them in new locations to bring about the same positive social change. We aim to serve a ­diverse range of clients, from governments and ­local authorities to small community groups and individuals, who are looking for an easier way to set up social ventures. Ï­

martin sherrard Restoration of an 18th Century Orangery

Martin Sherrard

This project aims to restore an eighteenth century walled kitchen garden and Orangery for use as a café. We plan to offer horticultural training and therapy in the garden for the three local care centres who cater for children in wheelchairs, special needs students and adults in a daycentre. We intend to use the produce from the kitchen garden and have some of the special needs students employed in the café. We also hope to open the gardens to the public and museum visitors.

ruthie collins Positiveworld Studios Positiveworld ­Studios is a growing hub, ­network and platform for creatives from all backgrounds, passionate about inspiring positive change through their work. Based in Cambridge and with partner studios in London, we offer specialist coaching, workspace, and the chance to take part in shows, giving back to the community through projects, classes and courses. Our ethos is one of ­excellence, inclusivity, and community: we support new and established local, national and international artists. ,



maria verge Medicinal Herb Garden

elspeth chasser Yes We Can

This project is about Herbal Medicine: functional, public Medicinal Herb Gardens, sustainability, preservation of traditional herbal medicine knowledge and skills, and health education for the community.

Our aim is to equip thousands of people in the UK with the selfconfidence, finance and business tools to enable them to achieve their own great purposes.

It is intended, through education, to move towards re-establishing the lay-practitioner in the community. Over recent years there has been a decline in the training of traditional herbal practice and knowledge. It is our intention to ensure that important traditions, practices and knowledge are not lost but maintained for future generations. Ă?



We enable people to develop the self-confidence to achieve their goals with a proven change process and provide the finance to set up and grow a business. Participants form a weekly meeting with a clear process, set of principles and change tools. When people have a goal to make money from a skill / idea, we help by providing small loans and tools such as software to manage their business. Ă?

Maria Verge

“SSE has meant to me one main thing – ­thinking the way I do isn’t so strange; there are ­others: this has ­given me added ­confidence and moral support. I wish I had found the SSE 15 years ago” simon atkinson,

SSE FELLOW (east london capoeira)

Simon Atkinson

SIMON ATKINSON East London Capoeira

John linney Bodywise

I use Capoeira to improve the community I live in. It is an art-form which includes a rich Afro-Brazilian cultural heritage combining martial art, dance, ­music and storytelling.

Bodywise has traded in East London for over 30 years, offering classes in yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and a wide range of holistic therapies helping thousands of people find a better quality of life.

I have been teaching adults for the past 20 years in London. Since b ­ eing influenced by SSE my recent project has taken that teaching to youth groups, schools, community centres and colleges.

Bodywise has a tremendous untapped potential to increase well-being in the wider community. We are expanding by taking our services to people who may not be able to afford them. I have been ­working with the SSE to unlock the potential for Bodywise to deliver well-being to the wider community and beyond.

The charity Project Gem have provided funding for the majority of my young people classes and I am now looking to collaborate with a local dance group and open a creative dance/ Capoeira academy

, Ï Ï

, Ï

John Linney




Moramai Nunez-Trejos (Mimi)

Rise2Life is a project that aims to create awareness for women in prisons or those newly resettled in the community, preparing them to recognise the hidden barriers that could lead them back to offending and prevent them from achieving their goals. We aim to do this by mapping pan-London service providers for female exoffenders and establishing partnerships with organisations and agencies. And by giving presentations and holding interactive discussions at resettlement prisons and bail hostels across London: all to empower and create a solid base on which the women can build. Ă?



“EVERybody has the capacity to be remarkable” michael young, founder of sse



“The practical skills that I have ­developed via SSE’s unique ­approach to action learning, ­bringing in experts to be ­questioned on ­real-life solutions, has ­ensured that ­learning has been specific to my ­organisation’s ­development” DOMINIC Ellison,

SSE FELLOW (Ackroyd Community Association)



cemaliye deran Chrysalis Creative Communities

joy nwabudike Sufficient Grace for Women

My project is developing and offering personcentred therapy groups and workshops initially for young people aged 18-24 who are N.E.E.T and/or cannabis users.

Sufficient Grace aims to transform the lives of women and their families, including young mothers and single parents, by raising their self-esteem and building their confidence. We work to help them discover their talents and reach their potential.

The fundamental ethos of these groups is that its participants are heard - to be truly heard can have a profound impact on an individual. We will provide a safe and confidential space for young people to share their experiences using different media, both verbal and non-verbal. I am currently organising two pilot groups to research what is needed and wanted before developing a programme. Ă?

Our aim is to reach at least 150 young mothers and single parents in three projects. We will achieve this by providing the skills and courses that would move them into volunteer roles or paid work placements, as well as providing courses on nutrition, oneto-one support, counselling, training and crèche facilities.



Chris Corbett

alys jane exley Extra Care ­ Sheltered Housing

Chris corbett Lewisham Irish Community Centre

I will set up an Extra Care sheltered housing unit for people over 55 with an enduring mental illness. I have been working as a mental health support worker for over three years and have seen the problems faced by those with long term mental health ­issues.

The centre is a registered charity established in 1992. It exists to promote the benefit of the local community, particularly persons of Irish descent, to advance education and provide facilities in the interests of social welfare.

Their diagnosis often means they are not accepted for sheltered housing schemes due to a lack of support available. I will begin by setting up a floating support service with a view to developing the supported housing unit in the future, which will enable customers to continue to live as ­independently as possible. Ï



The centre provides advice, advocacy and representation for the homeless, financially excluded and Traveller community as well as the wider community. In addition a range of activites are offered such as IT classes for seniors, parent and toddler groups and Ceilidhs and concerts.

“SSE has been i­nstrumental in helping me­­ to ­structure and to ­develop this project. The greatest thing about THE SCHOOL is the support you get from the staff; and the networking is ­phenomenal” Ionie wilson, SSE FELLOW (Twilightdawn)

ionie wilson TwilightDawn

olu ojuroye Media Skills Centre

TwilightDawn will be arranging a wide range of social events and aims to put back some of the profits into funding employment and training for the local community, as well as funding community initiatives to help them develop and become more sustainable.

Media Skills Centre is a creative media training centre, which was formed to build and develop creative talents in people, especially young people with difficulty in furthering their education or gaining employment and people in need of skills to work in creative industry.

To do this we have designed and developed a digital strategy called the “Wilson’s Loop Concept.” The concept can be described as an e-commerce application that is a digital method of tackling unemployment, raising funds and, overall, challenging poverty.

Our vision is to promote ‘digital inclusion’ and empowerment in our community and beyond by providing creative skills through media arts: such as video editing, ­desktop publishing and web ­design. This is particularly to address the needs of the disadvantaged groups and individuals. This will ensure that they realise the benefits of digital technologies and help to reduce digital exclusion and social exclusion.

Ionie Wilson

The concept enables people to build-up their own employment/training hours through the points they collect within the “Wilson’s Loop” when they support TwilightDawn Events. Ï



Danielle menezes heath Supporting Voluntary Organisations

carol mew Lewisham Disability Coalition (LDC)

I have been a community activist as far back as I can remember. I have always advocated justice and equal opportunities, and the challenges I had only made me stronger.

The LDC is a user-led disability organisation. My project is to develop a social enterprise in order to sustain and diversify the organisation's funding whilst adhering to the principles of providing services that support independent living and promote equality for disabled people.

I play many leadership roles both at grassroots level and at strategic level aiming to influence policies around diversity management and the development of intergenerational relations. My project is intended to support voluntary organisations by exercising good practice and building strong partnerships. I believe we all have a social responsibility to contribute to our environment.

At the centre of the plan is the development of a hub which will house LDC social enterprises such as: a disability equipment display area, disability equipment recycling and hire, accessible meeting and training rooms, both for hire and to provide LDC training programmes from, and a cafĂŠ. , Ă?



Danielle Menezes Heath

Carol Mew

Irene Ishani

“SSE has given

me confidence not only to ­believe that I can bring into ­reality my dreams and vision, but has also p ­ rovided me with ­information, tools and ­connections to make it ­possible” irene ishani,

SSE FELLOW (link first

irene ishani Link First

sharon mcpherson Arise Therapy Trust

Link First seeks to provide services that will support vulnerable people to live a more healthy, safe and independent life.

The core mission of Arise is to empower and equip individuals and communities to live life abundantly, within the spirit of collective responsibility to the end cause of enhanced holistic wellbeing.

This will be achieved through home support, promotion of a healthier lifestyle and supporting clients with acquiring basic day-to-day skills. These services will provide a much needed support to customers enabling them to live a more independent and wellbeing life in the community. Ï

The Trust makes complementary therapy ­accessible to individuals on low wages working as professional carers and support workers within the health and social care sector. This work is being made possible through partnerships with existing complimentary therapy businesses and is also supported through grants and private sponsorship. Ï



Jimmy Beckley

“SSE has ­given me more ­confidence in what I am ­doing with my ­project to get it ­started” sharon marshall, SSE FELLOW (honor oak community centre)

Jimmy beckley Education, Therapy and Entertainment Through Music ­ Born and bred in Ghana, I am a musician, actor and an artist. My main passion for the last thirty years has been music in as many ways as it can be used. Entertainment, education, therapy. My passion is to be a social entrepreneur, help where I can, improve people’s lives by changing the way they think of themselves and others. I choose to think that music is a great currency for connecting people and am most happy playing music with people.

Rioch edwards brown So You Wanna Be in TV? So You Wanna Be In TV? is a one-off, weekly two hour session with three TV experts plus followup support. It offers free places to 800 Londoners per year who would otherwise not be invited to such an event. Particularly the unemployed, ex-offenders and ethnic minorities. The main reason for starting the enterprise was because my son aged 14 was stabbed and shot while in school. Instead of seeking revenge, I felt I should try and engage with disenfranchised young people. ,­ Ï­



dominic ellison Ackroyd Community Association

sharon Marshall Honor Oak Community Centre

The Association, based in Forest Hill, runs the Ackroyd Community Centre for the benefit of local people but it is the Association’s Elder People’s Support Project (EPSP) which I have been developing with SSE.

My project is to help the community by having a community nursery at the local community centre.

EPSP is a member-led project working with people over the age of 55 to provide an extensive programme throughout the week ranging through arts and education, wellbeing and social activities. Sharon Marshall

During the year we have succeeded in achieving grant funding that ensures the sustainability of the project until April 2011, giving us a clear timetable in which to develop contracts-based agreements with the local authority and build upon the working relationship we have developed with NHS Lewisham.

This will then link with the ICT suite to provide more services and work in partnership with Job Centre Plus to be able to put on Maths, English, ICT and any other skills training that will enable the local community to get back into work. There will be placements for childcare in the nursery giving the local people with young children more self esteem to be able to go out to work in the knowledge that there are childcare facilities in the local community. Ï




jacqueline Ani Empowered Woman Mentoring Programme This programme is designed to enhance the lives of 12 women who have a burning desire to be empowered so that they can empower those in their environment. It seeks to mentor those who are in a transitional season of their lives and need a strategy to motivate them into the next phase of their careers. To empower women who have spent most of their time nurturing a family and believe they have a talent that can be developed to support their community.

Jacqueline Ani

The programme will support women to believe they can become a contributor to the economy and have the ability to be an employer. It is an accredited programme, which will develop the women to mentor others by starting a mentoring programme in their own environment. Ă?



“To anyone out ­­ there t ­ hinking of ­starting a project or business with a ­social objective, I would say that YOUR dream will ­begin to start to come true the minute you enter the School” rioch edwards brown,

SSE FELLOW (so you wanna be in tv?)



“At SSE, I found peers who not only understood what I was talking about but valued what I w ­ anted to do and ­understood with empathy what I was ­experiencing” SUE BELL,




wale yusuff Drivers Edge UK

norma raynes Intergen

Drivers Edge UK is an innovative project that aims to dramatically reduce the instances of road traffic accidents and driving related crimes in the UK by changing the behavioural trends in young drivers across the UK.

Intergen was founded 12 years ago and brings together secondary and primary schools so that both the pupils and teachers can benefit from the skills and knowledge of older people living in the neighbourhood.

An intensive mentoring and coaching programme delivers the skills, knowledge and conscience to drive safely and behave responsibly.

As a practical professor I set up clusters of schools in different parts of the Borough of Trafford to research how well this approach could work and what the benefits are for everyone involved.

In addition to its relevance to driving, Drivers Edge UK promotes the raising of self esteem, achievement and personal development through the popular topic of driving. , Ă?

Wale Yusuff

Norma Raynes

In March 2009 I­ntergen Community Interest Company was established so our services can be bought by schools, housing imbrications, and local communities. We can now ensure the organisation trades so its resources and its benefits can become widely available. ,



Stephanie Thomas

“The SSE has

nurtured my ­concept, ­providing me with the belief, ­understanding and ­confidence ­required to be a ­successful social ­entrepreneur” Charles ogunnowo, SSE FELLOW (the african connection)

Dalibor Ojikic

stephanie thomas Elav8 ­

dalibor ojikic VIDI Media

Elav8 is a social business that empowers the misfit individual into a role of significance.

VIDI Media is a social enterprise that aims to generate income for charitable organisations and local community ­initiatives through outdoor advertising revenues from sites under construction.

I am a 23 year old c­ reative artist from Hackney. Due to the restrictions in ­avenues to make an honest living from their skills many people get lost amidst the social chaos. ‘Elav8 My Style’ is my sales site based in Camden trading products of independent creative artists and community organisations, including products made by individuals touched by homelessness. The site also offers employment and training to the more deprived members of society.

We encourage ­meaningful engagement between property owners, local authorities, advertisers and third sector organisations to make a positive impact on local people’s lives. VIDI Media redistributes profits to local third ­sector organisations. This ­holistic approach to media is unique in UK large format outdoor advertising. , Ï­



Kamlesh Bahl

Charles Ogunnowo

kamlesh bahl Lotus Resolutions

charles ogunnowo The African Connection

At Lotus Resolutions we help individuals, organisations and communities to transform the way they view and deal with their differences and conflict. We facilitate the discovery of that solution, moving the relationship from a negative to a positive interaction.

In a multi-cultural society it is so easy for one’s cultural identity to get lost. As a result various segments of the African community have become excluded and marginalised from the mainstream, and their distinctiveness and identities have become under-represented and forgotten.

Our aim is to create an environment in which people feel safe and empowered to make positive choices about how they manage and resolve their differences and conflict. We also provide pro bono support for people on low incomes and donate a percentage of our profits to charity. Our services include conflict resolution, mediation, research and training. , Ă?

This project is being developed as a media outlet to represent and address these issues. Its focus is on providing digital media training to equip the African community with skills and understanding on how to run and manage the media outlet. As a result trainees will not only be consumers of the outlet but also producers and presenters. , Ă?



sibo sesay Teenschoice

sonia meggie Harmony Foundation

I am a registered nurse and health visitor (specialist community Public Health Practitioner) with special interest in teenage pregnancy and teenagers’ health and wellbeing.

I have formed a community group that consists of 10 professionals from varying backgrounds who share my ethos of giving back.

I was a teenage parent, and I understand the complexity of the issues. My project, Teenschoice, aims to provide a service to meet those complex needs.

Sibo Sesay

My project aims to ­empower and support teenagers in line with national standards: the ­government’s aim is for every child to have the support they need to be healthy, stay safe, make a positive contribution, enjoy and achieve. Ï

I mentor and support individuals who are interested in the third sector and the events industry. My principal reward is the knowledge that I have made a positive impact. I am also setting up programmes that will focus on improving educational attainment in ethnic minorities, as well as inspirational workshops for women and young people and those wanting to become social entrepreneurs. These projects will be ­delivered in schools, community settings and organisations that focus on CSR. Ï



Obinna Nwosu

obinna nwosu SONA MELODiC

grace ayanfalu Bookkeeping Angels

SONA MELODiC provides audio-visual workshops that connect people to the visual arts. By facilitating participation in the art-making process, we encourage those across our communities who feel alienated from art galleries, museums and conversations about art to claim these territories.

Bookkeeping Angels is a project based on practical real life workplace experience for students studying bookkeeping and accounting. No student is turned away, irrespective of their past or current level of study.

This project offers young people and others, initially in Tooting, Brixton and Hackney, the opportunity to reshape their lives and the society around them by participating in workshops creating audio-visual art. As the project develops we will run in parallel MELODiA AVENUE, where local people’s stories and songs are recorded. Ï

At Bookkeeping Angels students have the opportunity to work together as a team in an office environment, making them confident in how to prepare a set of accounts. They are also introduced to the “real world” of preparing specialised voluntary/ charity sector accounts. With this training they are fully equipped to take up jobs in any kind of business, or set up their own businesses like I did. ,­ Ï­

“SSE provides the e­ nvironment where one is energised to believe in one’s vision, and where doubt is replaced by a drive to make tangible and successful that vision” obinna nwosu,

SSE FELLOW (sona melodic)



Ryan O'Kane

ryan o'kane OrganicLea Community Growers ­

“SSE helps you transform all obstacles into opportunities and provides a rocket fuelled launch-pad for creative future builders” ryan o'kane,

SSE FELLOW (Organiclea community growers)

We are a cooperative social enterprise based in Waltham Forest. The project grows fruit and vegetables organically at its own site and distributes the surplus produce of local allotment growers and food producers. It also runs training and supports local people to grow their own food. In April I will take over as coordinator of distribution and help the transition from grant-funding to self-sustaining social enterprise. I also hope to develop the social impact of the project and increase the diversity of participants in the scheme through exploring the links between cultural identity and food.

sarah middleton Out of the Box Out of the Box, a not for profit company, is producing ‘The House that YOU Built.’ This provides hands on training and specialist courses in building sustainable and self-sufficient ecological houses. These courses will take place from 2011 onwards in developing countries and offer the opportunity to train people both globally and locally, through bursary places in sustainable building techniques, with the main focus being on the eco-friendly and self-sufficient Earthship design. These courses will not only provide valuable training but will also provide much needed housing for those in need. Ï­



Mireille Kasonga

Mireille kasonga Children Hope Forever

Sue Bell Community Pension

Children Hope Forever was born out of the trustees’ concern about the lack of opportunities available to Congolese communities in the UK, particularly in the London Borough of Greenwich and London-wide.

After many years working in health, education and finance I became ill and unable to create an income, eventually declaring myself bankrupt. The journey, which continued to the annulment of the bankruptcy, gave me insight into the processes and attitudes within financial, governmental and legal systems in this area.

The organisation facilitates a host of activities particularly targeting young people and adults who may be refugees and asylum-seekers and who have English as a second language. We are committed to advancing education opportunities and broadening information provision to enable them to participate in the social, economic and cultural growth of their communities.

I am setting up networking events within local communities that will enable people to find ways of managing their money, learn to live and trade interdependently and empower them to set up community enterprises that trade with local currencies. Ă?

Sue Bell



surrel stewart Youngstars Creative Arts Academy The Academy is a registered community interest company formed in 2008 out of the need to provide high quality but affordable creative and performing arts services to the underprivileged. Our mission is to use the arts as a way in which to promote the personal development of all those we work with, and to inspire and empower our students as individuals, artists and members of their community. We run weekly classes in a variety of performance and creative art genres. Alongside this, we also provide our beneficiaries with “Creative Extras” our balanced and holistic service package. , Ï



“SSE has been an i­nvaluable experience for me. Through it I have learnt the importance of having structure within my company, the power of networking and, most importantly, the support that being amongst like-minded people can provide” surrel stewart,

SSE FELLOW (youngstars creative arts academy)




Lewisham programme


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SSE Graduation Booklet 2010  
SSE Graduation Booklet 2010  

A booklet showing the fellows graduating from the School for Social Entrepreneurs 2009-10 courses.