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PANCHOLI SAMACHAR Pancholi Samaj U.K. (Established 1967) January 2014

Edition: 150

Produced by: Bhavin M Pancholi

President’s Message 2014 Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all members of Pancholi Samaj UK a very Happy New Year. I hope 2014 showers you all with happiness, prosperity, good health and success in all avenues of life. Last year was another very eventful year for Pancholi Samaj UK with many exciting events and festivals celebrated with our amazing community. There were many memorable events last year, some of which gave us reason to gather together and rejoice whilst others have impelled us to reflect and think about those who have sadly departed us. Together with your support, Pancholi Samaj UK remains proud, active and at the forefront in the Hindu community within the UK! Over the last year we have celebrated many events and festivals together. These events and festivals are a key feature of our Samaj.

The greatest way to keep our Samaj alive is by attending and participating in our events and festivals. I would like to urge all our elder and younger parents to bring their children to all our events and festivals to allow them to develop an insight and passion for our values and status within the UK Hindu community. For the past few years; we have introduced new ideas and formats to several of our events and festivals. For example; we have combined our annual Samelan’s culture show with a Dinner and Dance fusion, which has proven to be a hit with all ages within the community; especially the younger generation. More recently; last year; we introduced a vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu option, which has also proven to be a success. Continually; we will strive to improve all our events to meet the interest of the wider community. Also; the planning and arrangement of all events and festivals is exciting, challenging and rewarding, therefore, I would encourage all community members to consider joining the Pancholi UK committee to help bring more fresh ideas and help in organising and working together to make all events and festivals even more successful. Finally; the success achieved so far would have not been possible without our Executive team, our Committee members, volunteers and the younger generation who have truly shown that they care about our Pancholi Samaj UK and therefore; I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

The Pancholi Samaj UK belongs to us all; so let's all be proud and continue being involved for an even successful 2014 and for an ever lasting legacy for all generations to come! Happy New Year! Jai Shree Krishna

Ashokbhai Mistry - President

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Annual Diwali Samelan Feedback Following on from the success of the revised format in from previous years, 2013 was again another success story! Whilst retaining the heritage of our Annual Diwali, Cultural, Samelan Programme, but changing the format of the show to live music and dance; this was an event enjoyed by over 450 people. The 2013 Samelan, saw the introduction of a veg and non-veg menu, which was a Samelan first and proved highly popular. This event would not have been such a success without the presence of the live DJ - 3Style Entertainment, who provided us with a great evening of entertainment. A big thank you goes out to Party flow (Ramilaben Niranjanbhai Pancholi), for providing the hall decoration.

Samelan Income & Expendture: Total Income = £5,846.30 — Total Expenditure = £6,139.66

Net Loss =


Sponsorships Nine sponsors supported this event and the management committee would like to express a great deal of gratitude towards them. The sponsors for the 2013 Samelan were:     

Bank of Baroda Punjab National Bank Yorkshire Building Society 4 Seasons Catering Services MY Car Service Repair Centre

   

Party Flow Music Makers Farani Javid-Taylor Solicitors Kavya Silk Saree

Graduation Awards 2013 saw nine Graduates honoured for their hard work in achieving academic excellence. The Samaj would like to congratulate each and every graduate for their achievement and wish them all the best going forward!

Address & Telephone Directory Updates Please continue to notify us of any address changes or changes to the make-up of a household. This data will be used primarily to keep our master database up-to-date. The changes will be published in the next newsletter which will also be posted on our website. If you prefer not to have your details published on our website please inform us at the time the details are given.



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Navratri Feedback Eight days of festive dancing was

Patter of Tiny Feet

held between 5th October - 12th

The Management Committee wish to congratulate:

October at Roundhill Community

Satish Balubhai Pancholi



The idea of selling food was again very successful and the Samaj would like to say a very big thank you to all

Reshma Satishbhai Pancholi

the members who volunteered in preparing and selling

on the birth of their Son:


the food. This was very well received by the guests. The Pancholi Samaj would like to extend their thanks to

Born on 17th November 2013

all the members for their generous donations and all the members who contributed their time and effort to make it a successful Navratri.

Navratri Income & Expendture: Total Income = £6,120.80 — Total Expenditure = £6,352.46

Net Loss =


*** 2014 Membership Fees *** As per the constitution*, all membership fees must be paid by 31st March 2014. Membership Fees 2013 are:

Newsletter Team Appreciation This is a personal Message from the Secretaries, on behalf of the whole Pancholi Samaj, who would like to thank the team of volunteers who work tirelessly and mainly out of sight of the public eye to deliver to Samaj Members our regular newsletters; as well as tickets for our main events. They include, not only, the writers but the large army of distributors, many of whom have been doing this dedicated work, behind the scenes, for many years.

£7.50 — Single Annual Membership for non-life

Thank you to all!

members aged 16 and over. £75.00 – Single Life Membership for anyone aged 16

Dearly Departed

and over. 

(Section 4.1 paragraph F) - It is the responsibility of the

On behalf of the Pancholi Samaj U.K, we would like to

member themselves to ensure their fees are paid. If fees

express our deepest sympathy and sincere condolences

are not received by the due date, they will be classed as a

to the families of:


Thank You

who sadly passed away on 25th November 2013

Family Events In order for the Samaj to plan events, it is kindly requested that you notify us of any major events, especially weddings and receptions so to avoid a clash with any Samaj’s events.

Late Mrs Sonal Alkeshbhai Kapadia

Late Mr Bhikhubhai (Vinodbhai) Pancholi who sadly passed away on 17th December 2013 Our thoughts and prayers are with their families

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Bank of Baroda 59A Belgrave Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 6AS Mr Shailendra Singh Tel: 0116 266 3970 Punjab National Bank 160 Belgrave Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 5AU Arya Mr Mital Gupta & Suman Kumar Tel: 0116 266 1960 Yorkshire Building Society Leicester,

Four Seasons Catering Unit 8 Buckland Road, Leicester, LE5 0NT Mr Prafulbhai & Mrs Rekhaben Visram Tel: 0116 274 0070

In Association with Pancholi & Associates

Farani Javid Taylor Solicitors 143 Loughborough Road, Leicester Fehmina Farani Tel: 0116 266 5666, Mob: 07773 706 866 Kavya Silks & Sarees 67 Belgrave Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 6AS Satishbhai

Service & Repair Centre

MY Car Service Repair Centre Ltd 39 Cannock Street, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 9HR Mr Mitesh Kantibhai Pancholi Tel:0116 246 4644 Partyflow 282 Gipsy Lane, Leicester, LE4 9BX Ramilaben Niranjanbhai Pancholi Tel:0116 266 2927

Rhythm Makers

For all occasions - Wedding, Parties, Reception‌ And many More!

Rhythm Makers Dinesh Sawant Mob: 07769 536 508

A very big thank you to all of our sponsors


»É©ÉSÉÉ−÷ ~ÉmÉ {ÉÅ 150 X{«ÉÖ+É−÷Ò 2014


»ÉÉ±É 2014 ©ÉÉÅ +É~É »ÉÉä{ÉÖÅ ¾ú©ÉÉà »´ÉÉNÉlÉ Hí−÷Ò«Éà Uïà

¡É©ÉÖLɸÉÒ +¶ÉÉàHí§ÉÉ< Ê©É»mÉÒ {ÉÉà »ÉÅqàö¶ÉÉà ~ÉÅSÉÉà±ÉÒ »É©ÉÉWð «ÉÖ.Hàí. {ÉÉ lÉ©ÉÉ©É »É§«ÉÉà{Éà {É´ÉÉ ´ÉºÉè {ÉÉ, ©ÉÉ−÷É +ÅlÉ&~ÉÚ´ÉèHí +ʧÉ{ÉÅqö{É. +ɶÉÉ −÷ÉLÉÖÅ Hàí »ÉÉ±É 2014 {ÉÖÅ {É´ÉÖÅ ´ÉºÉè +É~É »ÉÉä{ÉÖÅ »ÉÖLÉ©É«É, ¶ÉÉÅÊlÉ +{Éà ±ÉɧÉqöÉ< Ê{É´Éeàô +{Éà lÉ©ÉÉ−÷Ò qö−à÷Hí ©É{ÉÉàHíÉ©É{ÉÉà ~É−÷Ò~ÉÚiÉè oÉÉ«É. £í−÷Ò +àHí´ÉÉ−÷ NÉlÉ ´ÉºÉè »É©ÉÉWð{ÉÖÅ ©É¾úl´É~ÉÚiÉè ´ÉºÉè NÉ«ÉÖÅ +{Éà «ÉÉqöNÉÉ−÷ ¡É»ÉÅNÉÉà {ÉÉà +É{ÉÅqö ©Éɳ«ÉÉà ~ÉiÉ »ÉÉoÉà »ÉÉoÉà +É~ÉiÉ{Éà Wðà »É§«ÉÉà UïÉàeôÒ{Éà WðlÉÉÅ −÷¾«ÉÉ +à©É{ÉÉà ¶ÉÉàHí ~ÉiÉ oÉ«ÉÉà. lÉ©ÉÉ−÷É »ÉÉoÉ +{Éà »É¾úHíÉ− oÉÒ ~ÉÅSÉÉà±ÉÒ »É©ÉÉWð, «ÉÖ.Hàí.{ÉÒ ¾úÒ{qÖ »ÉÅ»oÉÉ+Éà ©ÉÉÅ +àHí »ÉJíÒ«É +{Éà +ÉNɳ ~ÉeôlÉÒ »ÉÅ»oÉÉ −÷¾úÒ Uïà. NÉ«ÉÉ ´ÉºÉè qö−÷Ê©É«ÉÉ{É yÉiÉÉÅ ¡É»ÉÅNÉÉà AWð´«ÉÉ, +{Éà +É ¡É»ÉÅNÉÉà+à »É©ÉÉWð {ÉÉ »É§«ÉÉà {Éà XàeôÒ −÷ÉL«ÉÉ. »É©ÉÉWð {Éà Yð´ÉÅlÉ −÷ÉLÉ´ÉÉ Wð°÷−÷Ò Uïà Hàí +É~É »ÉÉä ¡É»ÉÅNÉÉà ©ÉÉÅ »ÉJíÒ«É §ÉÉNÉ ±É<, ¾úÉWð−÷Ò +É~ÉÒ, qö−à÷Hí Al»É´É {ÉÉà +É{ÉÅqö ©ÉɳÉà, lÉÉà »É©ÉÉWð ´ÉºÉÉàè »ÉÖyÉÒ `òHíÒ −à÷¾ú¶Éà. ©ÉÉ−÷Ò +É~É »ÉÉä{Éà Ê´É{ÉÅlÉÒ Uïà, LÉÉ»É Hí−÷Ò{Éà ©ÉÉlÉÉ-Ê~ÉlÉÉ +Éà{Éà Hàí, +É~É{ÉÉÅ ¥ÉɳHíÉà{Éà qö−à÷Hí ¡ÉÉàOÉÉ©É ©ÉÉÅ ±ÉÉ´É´ÉÉ{ÉÒ HíÉàÊºÉ¶É Hí−÷Éà Hàí WðàoÉÒ {ÉÉ{ÉÒ ´É«Éà »É©ÉÉWð +à`ò±Éà ¶ÉÖÅ +à{ÉÒ »É©ÉWðiÉ ~Éeàô +ÉNɳ WðlÉÉÅ »É©ÉÉWð {ÉÖÅ »ÉÅNÉoÉ{É Wð³´ÉÉ< −÷¾àú. Uïà±±ÉÉ PÉiÉÉÅ ´ÉºÉè qö−÷Ê©É«ÉÉ{É, ¾ú©ÉÉà+à {É´ÉÉ Ê´ÉSÉÉ−÷Éà +{Éà {É´ÉÒ{ÉlÉÉ ±ÉÉ´É´ÉÉ{ÉÒ HíÉàÊºÉ¶É Hí−÷Ò. ´ÉÉʺÉèHí »ÉÅ©Éà±É{É {Éà Wð−÷É WÖðqöÒ −÷ÒlÉ −÷WðÖ +ÉlÉ Hí−÷Ò WðàoÉÒ «ÉÖ´ÉÉ{ÉÉà ~ÉiÉ ©ÉX ©ÉÉiÉÒ ¶ÉHàí. ´ÉºÉè {ÉÒ ¶É°÷+ÉlÉ PÉÉÊ©ÉèHí ¡É»ÉÅNÉ oÉÒ ¶É°÷ Hí−÷Ò, WðàoÉÒ »ÉÉä{ÉÖÅ ´ÉºÉè »ÉÖ&LÉ +{Éà ¶ÉÉÅlÉÒ oÉÒ »ÉÅ~ÉÚiÉè oÉÉ«É. ´ÉàYð`àò−÷Ò«É{É +{Éà {ÉÉà{É-´ÉàYð`àò−÷Ò«É{É ©Éà{«ÉÖ, NÉ«ÉÉ ´ÉºÉè +É~ÉiÉà £ÅíHí¶É{É ©ÉÉÅ ±ÉÉ´«ÉÉ, Wðà »É£í³lÉÉ ~ÉÚ´ÉèHí »ÉÉ¥ÉÒlÉ oÉ«ÉÖÅ. +ÉWð −÷ÒlÉà {É´ÉÉ Ê´ÉSÉÉ−÷Éà ±ÉÉ´ÉÒ, »É©ÉÉWð {ÉÉ qö−à÷Hí »É§«ÉÉà{Éà +É{ÉÅqö ©É³à +à´ÉÒ ¾ú©ÉÉ−÷Ò HíÉàÊ¶ÉºÉ −à÷¾ú¶Éà. »É©ÉÉWð {ÉÉ qö−à÷Hí ¡É»ÉÅNÉÉà {ÉÖÅ ~±ÉÉ{ÉÓNÉ Hí−÷Ò +à{Éà ~É−÷Ò~ÉÚiÉè Hí−÷´ÉÖÅ, +à LÉÚ¥ÉWð ©Éà¾ú{ÉlÉ ©ÉÉNÉÒ ±Éà Uïà, +{Éà ¡É»ÉÅNÉ ~Él«ÉÉ ~ÉUïÒ +à{ÉÉà »ÉÅlÉÉàºÉ Wðà oÉÉ«É Uïà, +à +´ÉÊiÉè«É Uïà. ©ÉÉ`àò ©ÉÉ−÷Ò qö−à÷Hí »É§«ÉÉà {Éà qö−÷LÉÉ»lÉ Uïà Hàí HíÊ©É`òÒ ©ÉÉÅ Xàeô+Éà +{Éà {É´ÉÉ Ê´ÉSÉÉ−÷Éà ±ÉÉ´ÉÉà, WðàoÉÒ »É©ÉÉWð ´ÉyÉÖ ~ÉeôlÉÉà +ÉNɳ ´ÉyÉà +{Éà ¡ÉNÉlÉÒ Hí−à÷.+ÅlÉ©ÉÉ, +É HíÉ«Éè {ÉÒ »É£í³lÉÉ £íHlÉ ©ÉÉ−÷É ¾úÉoÉ©ÉÉÅW {ÉoÉÒ, ~ÉiÉ ©ÉÖL«É ¾úÉàqàqöÉ−÷Éà, HíÊ©É`òÒ ©Éá©¥É−÷Éà, ´ÉÉà±ÉÒ{É`òÒ«Éè»É, ´ÉNÉ−÷ ¶ÉH«É ¥É{ÉÒ ¶ÉHàí +à©É {ÉoÉÒ, lÉÉà +É »É´Éè {ÉÉà ¾ÖÅú +ÅlÉ&~ÉÚ´ÉèHí +ɧÉÉ−÷ ´«ÉHílÉ Hí°÷ UÖÅï +{Éà Xà HíÉà< ¾ú©ÉÉ−÷ÉoÉÒ §ÉÖ±É oÉ< NÉ< ¾úÉà«É lÉÉà ©ÉÉ£í Hí−÷¶ÉÉà. »É©ÉÉWð +É~ÉiÉÉà Uïà +{Éà +É~ÉiÉà »É©ÉÉWð{ÉÉ Uïà, +à Ê´ÉSÉÉ−÷ »ÉÉoÉà +É~É »ÉÉä{Éà {É©É»HíÉ−÷÷……Wð«É ¸ÉÒ ÊJí¶{É........

+¶ÉÉàHí Ê©É»mÉÒ

150©ÉÖÅ »É©ÉÉSÉÉ−÷ ~ÉmÉ LÉÖ¥ÉWð +É{ÉÅqö{ÉÉà +{ÉÖ§É´É oÉ< −÷¾«ÉÉà Uïà, +É 150©ÉÖÅ »ÉÉSÉÉ−÷ ~ÉmÉ +É~É{ÉÒ »É©ÉKÉ −÷WÖð Hí−÷lÉÉÅ. »É©ÉÉWð{ÉÖÅ +É +àHí +à´ÉÖÅ ©ÉÉy«É©É Uïà Hàí Wðà{ÉÉoÉÒ »É©ÉÉWð {ÉÒ qö−à÷Hí ~É´ÉÞÊllÉ +É~É{ÉÒ »É©ÉKÉ »É©É«É»É−÷ −÷WÖð Hí−÷Ò, ~ɾúÉàSÉÉeô´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´Éà Uïà. +ÅOÉàYð lÉoÉÉ NÉÖWð−÷ÉlÉÒ©ÉÉÅ Uï~ÉÉlÉÖÅ »É©ÉÉSÉÉ−÷ ~ÉmÉ {ÉÒ ~ÉÉUï³ PÉiÉÉÅ ±ÉÉàHíÉà{ÉÒ LÉÚ¥ÉWð ©Éà¾ú{ÉlÉ Uïà, +à`ò±ÉÖÅWð {É˾ú ~ÉiÉ +à{ÉÉ LÉ«Éè {Éà ~ɾúÉàSÉÒ ´É³´ÉÉ X¾àú−÷ÉlÉ ~ÉiÉ Wð°÷−÷Ò Uïà. »É©ÉÉWð {ÉÉ HíÊ©É`òÒ {ÉÉ ©Éá©¥É−÷Éà +à ©ÉÉ`àò »ÉlÉlÉ ¡É«Él{É Hí−à÷ Uïà. +à{ÉÖÅ UïÉ~ÉHíÉ©É Hí−÷´ÉÖÅ, ©É`òÒ−÷Ò«É±É §ÉàNÉÖÅ Hí−÷´ÉÖÅ +{Éà +ÉHíºÉèHí ¥É{Éà +à´ÉÒ HíÉàÊ¶ÉºÉ −÷¾úÒ Uïà. ¥É»É ¾ú©ÉÉ−÷Ò +àHíWð +ɶÉÉ Uïà Hàí +É »É©ÉÉSÉÉ−÷ ~ÉmÉ HíÉà< ~ÉiÉ Êqö´É»É ¥ÉÅyÉ {É ~Éeàô +{Éà lÉ©ÉÉ−÷É »É¾úHíÉ−÷ oÉÒ ¾ú−÷ ¾ú©Éá¶É ¥É¾úÉ−÷ ~Éeàô, lÉÉà Wð°÷−÷ oÉÉàeôÉà »É©É«É ±É< +à{Éà ´ÉÉÅSÉ´ÉÉ{ÉÒ HíÉàÊ¶ÉºÉ Hí−÷¶ÉÉà lÉÉà lÉ©ÉÉ−÷Éà +ɧÉÉ−÷………

´ÉÉʺÉèHí »ÉÅ©Éà±É{É {ÉÉà +à¾ú´ÉÉ±É – 2013 »É©ÉÉWð {ÉÖÅ »ÉÅ©Éà±É{É +à`ò±Éà +àHlÉÉ {ÉÖÅ ËSÉ{¾ú. »É©ÉÚ¾ú©ÉÉÅ »É´Éè+à §ÉàNÉÉ oÉ< »É©ÉÉWð {ÉÒ ¡É´ÉÞllÉÒ Ê´ÉºÉà +{Éà Ê´É´ÉÒyÉ ©É{ÉÉà−Å÷Wð{É HíÉ«Éè «ÉÉàYð »É©ÉÉWð©ÉÉÅ +àHílÉÉ ±ÉÉ´É´ÉÉ{ÉÒ HíÉàÊ¶ÉºÉ Hí−÷´ÉÒ, +à +É~ÉiÉà ´ÉÉʺÉèHí »ÉÅ©Éà±É{É©ÉÉÅ Xà´ÉÉ ©É³à Uïà. ±ÉNɧÉNÉ 450 Wðà`ò±ÉÉ »É§«ÉÉà {ÉÒ ¾úÉWð−÷Ò©ÉÉÅ 2013 {ÉÖÅ »ÉÅ©Éà±É{É {ÉÒ AWð´ÉiÉÒ ¡ÉX~ÉÊlÉ ¾úÉà±É,±Éà»`ò−÷ ©ÉÉÅ Hí−÷´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´ÉÒ, +{Éà +É~ÉiÉÉÅ »É©ÉÉWð {ÉÉ ¥ÉɳHíÉà +{Éà «ÉÖ´ÉÉ{ÉÉà oÉ<, Wð¥É−÷Wð»lÉ ©É{ÉÉà−Å÷Wð{É ~ÉÒ−÷»«ÉÖÅ. »ÉÖÅqö−÷ »´ÉÉqöÒº`ò §ÉÉàWð{É, +à©ÉÉÅ +à +É ´ÉLÉlÉà lÉÉà ´ÉàWð +{Éà {ÉÉà{É-´ÉàWð ´ÉÉ{ÉNÉÒ ¾úÉà´ÉÉoÉÒ, »É§«ÉÉà{Éà ~ÉÉàlÉÉ{ÉÒ ~É»ÉÅqöNÉÒ{ÉÖÅ §ÉàWð{É ©É³«ÉÖÅ. −÷©ÉÒ±Éɥɾàú{É {ÉÒ−Å÷Wð{ɧÉÉ< ~ÉÅSÉÉà±ÉÒ (~ÉÉÊ`òè £±ÉÉà)+à +É~ÉiÉ{Éà ¾úÉà±É{ÉÖÅ eàôHíÉà−à÷¶É{É Hí−÷Ò +É~«ÉÖÅ +{Éà pÉÒ »`òÉ<±É eôÒ.Wðà. +à +É~ÉiÉ{Éà »ÉÉä{Éà – {É´ÉÉ-WÖð{ÉÉ ¥ÉÉà±ÉÒ´ÉÖeô NÉÒlÉÉà, §ÉÉÅNÉeôÉ{ÉÖÅ ©«ÉÖ]ñÒHí ~ÉÒ−÷»ÉÒ, +É{ÉÅqö +É~«ÉÉà. HÖí±É 9 OÉàW«ÉÖ+à`òÉà {Éà »É©ÉÉWð lÉ−÷£íoÉÒ `ÄòÉà£íÒ +à{ÉÉ«ÉlÉ Hí−÷´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´ÉÒ, +{Éà ¾úÉ, +É~ÉiÉÉÅ »~ÉÉà{»É−÷Éà {Éà Hàí©É §ÉÖ±ÉÉ«É. +à+Éà{ÉÉ »ÉÉoÉ +{Éà »É¾úHíÉ−÷oÉÒ lÉÉà »É©ÉÉWð{ÉÉ +É »ÉÅ©Éà±É{É {ÉÉà LÉSÉè©ÉÉÅ +É~ÉiÉ{Éà LÉÚ¥ÉWð £í−÷Hí oÉ«ÉÉà Uïà. +É »É´Éè »~ÉÉà{É»É−÷Éà {ÉÉà ¾ú©ÉÉà +ɧÉÉ−÷ ´«ÉHílÉ Hí−÷Ò«Éà Uïà. HÖí±É +É´ÉHí….. ~ÉÉBeô 5,846.30

HÖí±É LÉ«Éè….. ~ÉÉBeô 6,139.66 LÉÉà`ò..~ÉÉBeô 293.36

{É´É−÷ÉmÉÒ 2013 {ÉÉà +à¾ú´ÉÉ±É ¾ú−÷¾ú©Éá¶É +É{ÉÅÊqölÉ oÉÒ AWð´ÉÉlÉÉà {É´É−÷ÉmÉÒ {ÉÉà ~É´Éè, +É ´ÉºÉè ~ÉiÉ »ÉÉà+à LÉÖ¥É +É{ÉÅqö ©Éɳ«ÉÉà.−÷ÒyÉ©É {ÉÖÅ »ÉÅNÉÒlÉ +{Éà WÖð{ÉÉ lÉoÉÉ {É´ÉÉ NÉ−÷¥É+Éà oÉÒ ¾úÉà±É NÉÖÅYð Ac«ÉÉà. +É +àHí +à´ÉÉà ©É¾úÉàl»É´É Uïà Hàí {ÉÉ{ÉÉ©ÉÉà`òÉ »ÉÉä §ÉàNÉÉ ©É³Ò +Å¥ÉÉ ©ÉÉ {ÉÒ +É−÷ÉyÉ{ÉÉ Hí−à÷ Uïà, +{Éà ~É−Å÷~É−÷É oÉÒ +É´Éà±ÉÒ +É~ÉiÉÒ §ÉÉ−÷lÉÒ«É »ÉÅ»HÞíÊlÉ Yð´ÉÅlÉ −÷ÉLÉà Uïà. +É ¡É»ÉÅNÉ ©ÉÉÅ ¾ú©ÉÉà{Éà Wðà©ÉiÉà ~ÉiÉ lÉ{É,©É{É +{Éà yÉ{É oÉÒ ©Éqöqö Hí−÷Ò +à »ÉÉä{ÉÉà +ÅlÉ&~ÉÚ´ÉèHí +ɧÉÉ−÷ ´«ÉHlÉ Hí−÷Ò«Éà Uïà. +É~ÉiÉÒ +É´ÉHí…..~ÉÉBeô 6,352.46 HÖí±É LÉ«Éè….. ~ÉÉBeô 6,352.46 LÉÉà`ò..~ÉÉBeô 231.66

+àHí {ÉW−÷ð………………………………………….~ÉÅHíWð ~ÉÅSÉÉà±ÉÒ ¥É»É »`òÉà~É ~É−÷ ¥É»É {ÉÒ −÷ɾú XàlÉÉà ±ÉÉ<{É ©ÉÉÅ A§ÉÉà ¾úlÉÉà l«ÉÉÅ lÉÉà ~ÉeôÒ lÉÉ−÷É A~É−÷ ©ÉÉ−÷Ò…….....................+àHí {ÉWð− +ÉÅLÉÉà oÉÒ +ÉÅLÉÉà ©É³Ò, Hí<Hí Hàí¾ú´ÉÖÅ Uïà ©ÉÉ−à÷ lÉ{Éà +{Éà lÉÉ−à÷ ©É{Éà, ~ÉiÉ XàlÉÉÅ −÷¾«ÉÉ…………..+àHí {ÉWð−÷ ¶É−÷©ÉÉ< {Éà +ÉÅLÉÉà £àí−÷´ÉÒ ±ÉÒyÉÒ, UïlÉÉÅ SÉÖHíÒ {É˾ú lÉÖÅ ©É{Éà Xà´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +{Éà ¾ÖÅú lÉ{Éà, ¥É»É XàlÉÉ −÷¾«ÉÉ………..+àHí {ÉWð−÷÷ ~ÉÉ»Éà +É´É´ÉÉ{ÉÒ {É ©ÉÉ−÷Ò Hàí lÉÉ−÷Ò SÉɱÉÒ Ë¾ú©ÉlÉ £HílÉ +à`ò±ÉÖÅWð Hàí¾ú´ÉÖÅ ¾úlÉÖÅ Hàí - ¾úÉ ¾ÖÅú lÉ©É{Éà Wð XàA UÖÅï….+àHí {ÉWð−÷

+©ÉÉ−÷Ò lÉ©ÉÉ−÷Ò ´ÉÉlÉÉà


»ÉÉ±É 2014 {ÉÒ ©Éà©¥É−÷¶ÉÒ~É £íÒ……..

LÉÒ±«ÉÖÅ +ÉÅNÉiÉà +àHí £Ùí±É…………

lÉ©Éà Xà »ÉÉ±É 2014 {ÉÒ £íÒ {É §É−÷Ò ¾úÉà«É lÉÉà lÉÚ−÷lÉ §É−÷Ò qàö´ÉÉ Ê´É{ÉÅlÉÒ. +É~ÉiÉÉÅ {É´ÉÉ ¥ÉÅyÉÉ−÷iÉ ©ÉÖWð¥É £íÒ lÉÉlHíɱÉÒHí §É−÷´ÉÉ{ÉÒ −à÷¾ú¶Éà. ~ÉÉBeô 7.50 – 16´ÉºÉè {ÉÒ A~É−÷{ÉÉ - ´ÉÉèʺÉH. í~ÉÉBeô 75.00 – 16´ÉºÉè {ÉÒ A~É−÷{ÉÉ - ±ÉÉ<£í ©Éá©¥É−÷ LÉÉ»É {ÉÉáyÉ& 31©ÉÒ ©ÉÉSÉè ~Éà¾ú±ÉÉ »É©É«É»É−÷ £íÒ §É−÷~ÉÉ< Hí−÷´ÉÉ{ÉÒ Wð´ÉÉ¥ÉqöÉ−÷Ò lÉ©ÉÉ−÷Ò −à÷¾ú¶Éà..

»ÉlÉÒºÉ ¥ÉɱÉÖ§ÉÉ< lÉoÉÉ −à÷¶É©ÉÉ »ÉlÉÒºÉ ~ÉÅSÉÉà±ÉÒ {Éà l«ÉÉÅ ~ÉÖmÉ ¶ÉÒ´É©Éà {ÉÉà lÉÉ&17©ÉÒ {É´Éá©¥É−÷ 2013 {ÉÉ −÷ÉàWð Wð{©É. ¾ú©ÉÉ−÷É ¾úÉÊqèHí +ʧÉ{ÉÅqö{É….

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¥Éqö±ÉÉ«Éà±ÉÉ »É−÷{ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ {ÉÒ {ÉÉáyÉ ±Éà¶ÉÉà….. ©ÉÒ{É±É −÷©Éà¶É§ÉÉ< lÉoÉÉ ¶ÉÒ±~ÉÉ ©ÉÒ{É±É ~ÉÅSÉÉà±ÉÒ 9, HíÉà−÷ɾú H±ÉÉà]ñ, »Hàí~É`òÉà£`ò, ±Éà»`ò−÷.

2013 {ÉÉ ´ÉÉʺÉèHí »ÉÅ©Éà±É{É {ÉÉ »~ÉÉà{É»É−÷Éà…. {ÉÒSÉà qö¶ÉÉè´Éà±É ©É¾úÉ{É֧ɴÉÉà+à +É~ÉiÉÉÅ »É©ÉÉWð {Éà »~ÉÉà{É»É−÷ Hí−÷Ò, »É©ÉÉWð ¡Él«Éà »ÉÖÅqö−÷ ±ÉÉNÉiÉÒ qö¶ÉÉè´ÉÒ +à ¥Éqö±É »É©ÉÉWð +à »É´Éè {ÉÉà »É©ÉÉWð LÉÖ¥ÉWð +ɧÉÉ−÷Ò Uïà& 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)

¥ÉáHí +Éà£í ¥É−÷ÉàeôÉ ~ÉÅX¥É {Éà¶É{É±É ¥ÉáHí «ÉÉàHèí¶ÉÉ«É−÷ ¥ÉÒ±ÉeôÓNÉ »ÉÉà»É«É`Òò £íÉà−÷ »ÉÒ]ñ{É Hàí`ò−÷ÓNÉ »É−Ç÷櫃ȃ £í−÷É{ÉÒ-X´ÉÒqö-`àò«É±É−÷ »ÉÉà±ÉÒÊ»É`èò»É HíÉ´«É »ÉÒ±Hí »ÉÉ−÷Ò]ñ ~ÉÉÊ`òè £±ÉÉà ©«ÉÖ]ñÒHí ©Éà<Hí−÷í

EST. 1979

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Newsletter 150