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Throw the best Halloween Party ever with our awesome guide.



Nintendogs DLC inside

All the leaves have turned brown! More info inside

Learn how to get the best out of Jack in our great feature


Message from the editor:

Hello and welcome to the first issue of ACNAU (Animal Crossing News and Updates). We are currently hiring writers who write about AC, interviewers who interview giveaway owner’s e.t.c. and reviewers who review service clubs. In this issue we’ll be kicking it off by telling you about the Czar of Halloween and telling you about this month’s DLC for Europe, the Nintendogs and also telling you about when the landscape changes.

Nintendog DLC: Where: Europe When: Labaradour-10/7 to 10/14 Chihuahua-10/14 to 10/21 Dachshund-10/21 to 10/28 Dalmation-10/28 to 11/3

Brand New Landscape:Your entire town has now turned brown; you’ve got a brand new landscape until December.

ACNAU Issue 1  
ACNAU Issue 1  

Welcome to the first issue of Animal Crossing News and Updates