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the secret diary of a banana the contact sheet of a season in love arhus 2012

I guess we were all ready for it, for the change. Who for one reason who for another we were all lost and found, alone but complete, and really never alone again. I guess it was perfect, for we could wear whatever mask we wanted, or we could finally decide to drop any mask, and simply be ourselves, or the self we always wanted to be. Nobody cared. We were free. Remember those long hours, around those tables, talking, laughing, dreaming, discovering ourselves through the others and the others through ourselves? How deep, how quick, how profoundly inspiring. Remember the stench of the bars, when we all danced without care, sometimes all together, sometimes alone, because we became aware of the possibility of actually doing so without feeling weird nor ashamed? Remember the beach, the smell of sausages, the taste of belonging, the wish for the day to never end, for hardly we could have had a better one: with the music playing, with the fire burning, with the dreams running, with the love pouring into our hearts and minds, and the drums of passion growing intensely strong, to fill and feed our hungry dancing souls.

Ah, Arhus, how will we ever forget those days, the stinging cold of the morning sky, and the deep warmth of a cozy place in the house of love, the love of a banana, the pleasure of a cake, the insatiable thirst for more beer, possibly a fished-beer. And the pasta with broccoli, and the fried bananas in the pan. C’mon, seriously, I have tears coming up to my eyes while a smile carves its way onto my stupid face. Ah, love. Friendship. Partnership. We’ll never forget those simple, intense days. Days of leisure, days of stress, days of fun. Heavy days of nightmarish feelings, the darkness: but also the lightness, those empty and light days full of the others, full of company, easy going, but true and honest. Call it happiness, if you’d to give a name to the lightness of being. It will never be the same, it can never be the same.We’ll love it forever, and forever we’ll shiver when the bitter sweet feeling of the memories will surface, to make us laugh, to make us cry. We left a piece of our heart in the cold city, for this was the only way that we knew we could be together forever. Let’s remember it all together, let’s live it whenever, wherever. More than a year later, the love is still on, and life has never been fuller. This is for you, this is for friendship.

The secret diary of a banana: from the contact sheets of a season in love  
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