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No 4 June 2012

...Pan-American School will be a TED Point for the TEDxPuraVidaED Conference to be held on Friday, June 15th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm? ...Pan-American School serรก un Punto TED para la conferencia TEDxPuraVidaED que se realizarรก el viernes 15 de junio de 10 a.m. a 4 p.m.?

The conference will be streamed to the Pan-American School Cafeteria Conference Room via internet from the National Auditorium. La conferencia se transmitirรก en directo via internet desde el Auditorio Nacional.

For more information:

• • Article in La Nación • Program of Topics and Presenters

• Ministry of Education’s Declaration of Educational Interest / Tel. (506) 2293-7393 / (506) 2298-5709

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Heredia, San Antonio de Belén 300 m. South of El Rodeo Restaurant P.O. Box 632-4005, Heredia, Costa Rica


TEDxPuraVidaED Conference