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Did you know...? No 5 - July 2012

No 5 - July 2012

. . . PAS has a student transportation system with high standards:

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98% of the vehicles have been on the road 10 years or less (the law allows for up to 12 years)

Bus drivers and assistants are subjected to drug tests regularly, and must also provide police and health certificates

Every vehicle has an adult assistant, trained in child care and discipline.

All seats are equipped with seat belts.

Students are left only with responsible adults; otherwise they are brought back to the school.

Every student must be accounted for before starting the bus route.

Student transportation provides the following additional benefits:

• The transportation service includes all official school schedules. • There is no charge for traveling on a different route or for alternate drop-off points.

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• Staff receives regular training by the Counseling staff on topics such as: discipline, special needs, and emergency procedures.

No 5 - July 2012

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No 5 - July 2012

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PAS has a student transportation system with high standards