English version a project for creative thinking and philosophy 2014 final

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“A project for creative thinking and philosophy: Tell me a story� 2013-2014 & 2014-2015

Greek students from 1st High School of Ilioupolis have worked together with students of Heerbeeck College, Best, Netherlands

In a digital classroom, twinspace, they have created their profiles and they have shared ice breaking activities

Greek students have presented to the Dutch students the custom of “vassilopita�, the new year cake and they have watched together a Christmas movie

Wishes through Voki-Padlet http://padlet.com/papanastasatou/netherlands14

We have worked with web 2.0 tools

All the students have conducted a survey about the traditional stories of two countries via Google Drive and Excel

Greek students have written down in English Greek Aesop s myths

They have drawn and illustrated the myths and turned them into a digital book

http://issuu.com/efstathiapapanastasatou/docs/greek_stories_illustrated_by_pu pils?e=10390398/11640951

Worksheets about Ancient Greece were given to the Dutch pupils during their visit to historical Greek sites

Saturday the 29th of March 2014 Welcome of our Dutch friends El.Venizelos Airport

Sunday the 30th of March 2014 Acropolis – Acropolis Museum – Plaka

Monday the 31st of March All- day tour to Mycenae – Nafplio – Epidavros

Tuesday the 1 st of April Work at 1st High School of Ilioupolis Presentations of Greek and Dutch myths. Watch The movie of Iliada

Wednesday the 2nd of April Tour of Marathon, Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon

Thursday the 3rd of April Collaborative work at 1st High School of Ilioupolis

Cross work - Creating new stories

Enter to the Digital book:

http://issuu.com/efstathiapapanastasatou/docs/cross_work_ -_greeks_dutch_pupils/1

Friday the 4th of April All- day tour to Poros –island

Dinner Invitation

Saturday the 5th of April Good-bye dinner

Arrival in Brussels - Atomium

European Parliament

The Royal Palace of Brussels

Grand Place

Heerbeeck college

PSV Philips Stadium – Eindhoven

Philips Museum

Escher Museum

The Hague – Peace Palace

The Hague – Mauritshuis

Creation competition: Design Logos

Creation competition: Design Logos

Efteling Park – In the Fairytales

Amsterdam - RijksMuseum

Farewell Party

Saying‌ Goodbye

Conclusion • • • • • • •

Pupils have practiced the English language They have improved their computational skills They have improved their communication and presentation skills Pupils and teachers have shared different and valuable aspects of the Greek and Dutch literature Greek students had the chance to visit and learn more about the European Union and the European Institutions. Teachers had the chance to share ideas and practice different educational techniques This collaboration was a unique experience for the local society

• Last but not least, the two parts have developed a strong friendship Visit: http://youtu.be/Z57y-AWmIrE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usTO9G4GI4I Public link to this TwinSpace: http://new-twinspace.etwinning.net/web/p98066