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Interiors New York

leading designers reveal their most brilliant spaces

leading designers reveal their most brilliant spaces

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Aline Matsika Interiors



Aman & Carson

Andrew Flesher Interiors

Simultaneously exhilarating and formidable, the process of interior design is unlike any other undertaking. To extract the essence that will reflect those living within the home, designers must embark on a journey through the homeowner’s life. The process requires knowledge of multiple disciplines, energy and enthusiasm to persevere over time, and a keen ability to understand and communicate with a plethora of personalities. Interior designers must also take into account the contrasting principles at work in each home: each room needs to have its own flavor yet flow with the rest of the home; the design should be relevant to modern life and still be timeless in aesthetic; and the living space must function as a private sanctuary as well as a haven for entertaining visitors. Interiors Southeast boasts the impressive work of professionals who effortlessly meet all of the challenges of design, expressing the homeowner’s lifestyle and sense of style in ways never even dreamed. This book lays the foundation for inspiration through unparalleled images that present an insider’s look into private retreats, and delves even deeper as the experts reveal their philosophies and advice gleaned through years of experience. Within this extraordinary collection, you’ll find hunting sheds turned into lodgelike retreats, high-rise condos transformed from stark to stunning, suburban estates with inspiring views, and weekend cottages that beckon relaxation from everyday life. From the coast to the lake, from the mountains to the cities, these designers passionately redefine what it means to turn a house into a home.

Geoffrey Bradfield


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Diane Durocher Interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Aline Matsika Interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . . 166

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Andrew Suvalsky Designs . . . . . . . . . . . . 170

Elissa Grayer Interior Design . . . . . . . . . . .


Calder Design Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .174

William R. Eubanks Interior Design . . . . . . . . 28

Campion Platt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 178 Geoffrey Bradfield . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 182


Justin Shaulis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 186

Aline Matsika Interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

Leyden Lewis Design Studio . . . . . . . . . . . 196

Aman & Carson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42

Marie Burgos Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200

Andrew Flesher Interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46

Matthew Yee Interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 208

Andrew Suvalsky Designs . . . . . . . . . . . . 54

Moment Design + Productions . . . . . . . . . . 212

Arlene Angard Designs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58

Neal Beckstedt Studio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 216

Calder Design Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66

P & T Interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 220

Design Concepts/Interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70

Stedila Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 228

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Studio 808 Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 232


Elissa Grayer Interior Design . . . . . . . . . . . 84 Glenn Gissler Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 Jennifer Bradford Davis Interior Design . . . . . . 92 Kathryn Scott Design Studio . . . . . . . . . . . 98 Leyden Lewis Design Studio . . . . . . . . . . . 110 Lilly Levy Designs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 114 Matthew Yee Interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 120 Moment Design + Productions . . . . . . . . . . 124 P & T Interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 128 Stedila Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 132 Susan Glick Interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 140 Tiffany Eastman Interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . 148 Vicente Wolf Associates . . . . . . . . . . . . . 154 Willey Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 158

P & T Interiors

“For an interior to be successful, it needs the following ingredients: harmony, cohesion, comfort, and some wit or whimsy.� Geoffrey Bradfield



Diane Durocher Interiors

Diane Durocher has always been drawn to design. Growing up, she spent weekends browsing furniture showrooms. She preferred House Beautiful and Metropolitan Home to the typical teen magazines. But it was a memorable Thanksgiving dinner at her aunt’s house that cemented her love of a beautiful atmosphere. From the wallcovering and matching tie-back panels to the antique brass chandelier to the impeccably set table, the ambience was so perfect that it made the meal taste even more delicious. That was when Diane realized that one’s surroundings exist not only as a lovely backdrop, but can positively influence how lives are lived and enjoyed. She founded Diane Durocher Interiors in 1995, and consistently strives to recreate that feeling with each room she designs, employing a keen eye for color, outstanding space planning skills, and the ability to design custom pieces that uniquely fit homeowners’ needs. Above: The great room’s large open floorplan allows for two separate seating areas, which are articulated by custom area rugs. A marble-topped table and stunning floral arrangement divide these two areas while creating a focal point from the entry hallway. The room’s scale was both a challenge and an inspiration. Floorto-ceiling windows, which soar upward to the 22-foot ceilings, open out onto the home’s spectacular views and are emphasized by gold satin panels. By day, the room’s serene ambience is heightened by abundant streams of natural sunlight. At night, the crystal sconces and chandeliers cast a soft glow around the room. Facing Page: By painting the moulding a creamy white, the magnificent ceiling does not overpower the symmetrically designed dining room. The coffers, as well as the dome, are painted a tarnished gold, while the stenciled damask medallion emphasizes the stunning chandelier, a focal point of the room. Mirroring the elaborate coffered ceiling—designed by Jack Wright—the area rug was custom-designed in soft gold, repeating the Greek key pattern on the upholstered chairs. The Venetian plaster of the cove makes a seamless transition from the walls to the ceiling. Photographs by Peter Rymwid Architectural Photography

Above: The stately, king-size half-tester bed commands the master bedroom. A subtle balance of femininity and masculinity was created with the beautiful brocade floral and other lush fabrics offsetting the darker woods of the bedside tables, dresser, and armoire, which are not ornately carved. The room’s warmth is complemented by the cool sky blue of the tray ceiling and accented with creamy white trim. Wallto-wall carpeting, soft yellow damask wallcovering, and plaid silk draperies give the room a feeling of unity and comfort—truly a fabulous retreat at the end of the day. Right: The Jerusalem gold tile influenced the monochromatic palette of the feminine yet functional master bath. The stunning cabinetry, designed by Peter Salerno Inc., flanks the magnificent tub, which is the room’s focal point. Drapery with crystal trim softens the architectural details of the elaborate columns and canopy of the tub area, while the crystal sconces and lighting add a feminine shimmer. Facing Page: Lighting was very important to the homeowner. Exquisite tarnished gold sconces were installed around the perimeter of the room, as well as two massive chandeliers. The scale of the room’s 22foot ceiling is emphasized by the gold satin panels embellished with tassel trim, a magnificent mirror above the fireplace, and the custom artwork. The texture of the elaborate moulding is highlighted by the creamy white paint set against the soft yellow walls. Painting the interior of the coffered ceiling gave depth to the beautiful millwork. Texture plays a major role in the design, from the tufts and pleats on the damask sofa to the nailhead trim on the ottomans to the glimmer of the gold-toned cocktail table. Photographs by Peter Rymwid Architectural Photography

“Great design improves our lives. It inspires creativity in our workplaces, brings us back to our favorite restaurants, and makes a house a home.” Diane Durocher

Above: Custom-designed cabinetry and bookcases provide the ultimate in beautiful function in a masculine library. Extra depth means that the everyday accoutrements of maintaining a home— printer, TV, files—are accessible without dominating the room. A chandelier, recessed lighting, and the desk lamp serve as task lighting, while the striped silk drapery, as well as the custom area rug that grounds the desk, aid with the acoustics of the paneled room. Facing Page Top & Bottom Left: The height of the great room was addressed by installing moulding, thus adding interest and articulating the space. The rust silk tieback panels with crystal tassel trim and tapestry further celebrate the height of the room. Sconces set on dimmer switches were installed around the perimeter of the room for ambience as well as a multi-hued crystal chandelier. The open floorplan is centered on the fireplace; the mahogany mantel anchors the artwork and adds warmth to the room. The homeowner’s desired autumn palette of russet, berry, gold, and navy perfectly complements the panoramic view of the Ramapo Mountains. Facing Page Bottom Right: The pale champagne color of the dining room walls showcases the homeowner’s neoclassical furniture, which has seating for ten. The oval dome with its soft blue palette and cove lighting is a focal point that highlights the room’s crystal chandelier. The elaborate striped damask-draped windows flank the china cabinet. This damask pattern repeats in the upholstered chairs, contrasted with a rich berry mohair. It’s all in the details: the floral arrangement adds romance while the Persian rug completes the elegance of the room. Photographs by Peter Rymwid Architectural Photography

Elissa Grayer Interior Design

For Elissa Grayer, taking others’ suggestions to turn her love of design into a career has been advice worth heeding. Her completed coursework from Parsons is impressive, but it’s the avalanche of enthusiastic recommendations from homeowners, builders, and architects that propels Elissa’s success. Much like her coveted designs, Elissa’s career developed organically, growing from an inherent love of design to formal training to opening her own company in 2001. Since then, Elissa Grayer Interior Design has become known for taking a homeowner’s vision and overlaying a sense of function and practicality, all the while adhering to high standards of timeless beauty. Above: The homeowners loved the red leather banquettes from their favorite restaurant, so I recreated one to add flexibility around their custom kitchen farm table, which can expand to seat up to 12. Facing Page: A roaring fire, a gorgeous chandelier designed by the home’s architect, and a large wall-mounted television—the room was designed for social gatherings with family and friends. I chose oversized English roll-arm sofas in paisley patterned Ultrasuede to surround a custom-made padded leather ottoman with removable trays. A custom rug in cobalt, celery, and gold was designed to complement the darker wood tones. Architect: Max Buschfrers; Builder: Capitol Builders. Photographs by John Bessler, Bessler Photography

Above & Right: An existing section of the home was transformed into an airier, brighter space by adding paneling and lightening the color scheme. More seating and a new coffee table was incorporated for entertaining. Facing Page Left: Creating a bar area while still retaining a slightly formal aura meant installing glass panels to guard the spirits and suspending bell jar lanterns. In addition to the gorgeous woodworking, a vaulted plaster ceiling with wood beam details adds height and drama while still allowing the room to be warm and livable. Facing Page Right: The husband’s new study receives a remarkable amount of light, which showcases the intricate scrolling and woodwork, designed by the architect. It’s tricky to make new construction seem as though it’s a carefully preserved treasure, but working with a talented team of architects, designers, and craftsmen is imperative to achieving the result you want. Architect: Max Buschfrers; builder: Capitol Builders. Photographs by John Bessler, Bessler Photography

William R. Eubanks Interior Design

With an innate ability to design for any style, era, or personality, it is no wonder that William R. Eubanks opened his own design firm when he was only 25. Working closely with D. Mitchell Brown, vice president of interior design and showrooms, William and his team of experienced designers and draftsmen tackle challenges that vary from selecting the perfect upholstery fabric to completely mapping out a newly constructed home. Their expertise in antiques and Oriental porcelain adds yet another skill to an international portfolio that has garnered several awards. But no matter the task or expectations, the end result is always one that leaves homeowners wondering how William is able to read their minds. William’s design philosophy, which proves to be successful project after project, is to marry elegance with function while consistently delivering more than what a homeowner thinks possible. Above Left & Facing Page: Great bones were hidden in a Manhattan apartment that had not been touched in more than 40 years. Once we removed layers of plaster from previous renovations to reveal the studs, we reconfigured the space to add the illusion of more room with soaring ceilings while maintaining a Continental approach with wall paneling and moulding. The gallery is one long axis, halted by an antique mirror placed to reflect the view of Central Park. By moving the trusses and beams, we were able to raise the ceiling to create a chic coffered ceiling; the pilasters hint at the original ceiling height. Photographs by Kim Sargent Above Right: A reproduction cane chair upholstered in woven silk floral flanks a French painting and 18thcentury console table. Photograph by Kim Sargent

Above: The living room terrace is an elongated garden we designed so that it is impossible to tell where the garden ends and Central Park begins. Three separate areas for lounging, relaxing, and dining make the terrace into a true extension of the apartment, and a retractable awning means the space is useable year-round. A sculptural table grounds the dining section, while latticed wrought iron garden chairs maintain the airy atmosphere. Photograph by Kim Sargent Facing page: We worked from a color palette that accentuates the homeowner’s beauty. Apple green, coral, cream, and soft gold make her a knockout in every room while simultaneously complementing the enviable natural landscape that sits right outside her apartment. Architectural changes, such as the addition of French doors, flood the rooms with light while subtle mirrored and metallic accents further reflect the view. Photographs by Kim Sargent

“Design a room you want to be in, not just look at.” William R. Eubanks


Aline Matsika Interiors

It’s rare when a designer is able to bring a true global perspective to her designs. Aline Matsika was born in Congo, Central Africa, and raised and educated in Paris, and has since traveled to such far-flung locales as Tokyo, London, and Milan to source her distinctive collection of furniture and artistic artifacts. Before headlining Aline Matsika Interiors in the States, she ran the interior design boutique Concept Ethnic in Paris. It’s this interplay between European antique furniture, Asian and African art, and exquisitely custom-made pieces that create Aline’s unique, multicultural style and help her transcend cultural boundaries. Above & Facing Page: The complete renovation of a pre-war duplex on Park Avenue offered the chance to integrate modern elements with magnificent original features. A gorgeous, low-slung chair is one of the only pieces of my homeowners’ that I kept; I reupholstered it in smoky grey leather and added nailhead trim. What used to be a marble fireplace was refinished in blackened steel with a bronze finish, scaling the wall to accentuate the remarkably high ceilings and matching the cast iron bronze side table. Venetian plaster with a moody purple tint plays off the sparkling crystal chandelier and glistening fabrics on the conversation chair and silk Tibetan rug, adding glamour and femininity. Photographs by Stephane Kossmann

Above: Seeking a balance between masculine and feminine, the master bedroom pairs leather—on the bed frame and closet doors— with embroidered umber and bronze silk curtains. The curves of the bed and Murano glass chandelier offset the rich grey Venetian plaster accent wall, while the metal lamps and blackened steel spindles on the nightstands add structure. Right: I believe handles interrupt the sleek lines of a well-designed piece of furniture. If the eye is supposed to be drawn to what’s displayed above, such as an interesting wall treatment or pair of metallic lamps, then handles will distract. Facing Page: Floor-to-ceiling mosaic tiles are commanding, but what really bring cohesion to the powder room are the silver accents and hidden conveniences. From the door handles and fixtures to the door frame, silver elements tie the room into the home’s color palette. Upon first entering, you are unaware of the guest closet and separate toilet area, making the powder room feel larger and more serene. Photographs by Stephane Kossmann

Above & Right: The black wall in the dining room was a fortuitous accident. It was supposed to be yellow and the rest of the room white, but the commanding presence of the dark wall was just too dramatic to alter. Besides accentuating the 24-foot-tall ceiling, the wall serves as a gorgeous backdrop for an antique chandelier and blends well with the bronze columns and baseboards. Furniture with simple lines allows the wall treatment to stand out. Facing Page Top: A pair of green armchairs became the starting point for the living room’s transformation after they were reupholstered in silver leather. I designed the couches that complete the conversation area, centered around the antique fireplace, bamboo coffee table, and painting by Jim Dine. Facing Page Bottom Left: I love to carry details throughout a home; it’s what ties each room together. A blackened steel staircase echoes the mammoth fireplace from the front room and spindles on the master bedroom’s nightstands. Facing Page Bottom Right: A lighting sculpture by Alain Douillard purchased at a museum retrospective adds character as well as function. Photographs by Stephane Kossmann

“Equality in a room—neither masculine nor feminine—is ideal.” Aline Matsika

Above & Facing Page: My contribution to Holiday House—the first designer show-house held in New York City to benefit a breast cancer organization—was based around the theme of winter solstice. Icy grey and snowy white sheer fabric on the walls, a palette of pale pastels, and dark wood tones convey the crystalline beauty of winter indoors. I designed the metallic lavender sofa and lilac ottomans, as well as the rounded coffee table, but chose to accentuate them with bronze sculptures by Korean artist Lee Won. In the dining room, a crackling wood bookcase pairs well with the clean lines of the table, and alternating chairs—lilac and white—keep the design from becoming static. Photographs by John Neitzel

Calder Design Group

It seems a natural leap from visual display and fashion illustrating to interior design; so natural, in fact, that Nicholas Calder has parlayed his knowledge and experience from one into great success in the other for the last 40 years. The keen eye needed for color, texture, and pattern, as well as arrangement and assemblage, works in both the worlds of fashion and design. It’s the knack for quickly establishing relationships and discovering people’s preferences that’s imperative for an interior designer, and Calder Design Group has effortlessly mastered this skill. With each project being guided by thorough collaboration and open communication at all times, the result is always nothing short of perfection. Above & Facing Page: Inspired by Philippe Starck’s celebrated style, the homeowner wanted a cross between an elegant boutique hotel and a fantasy cocktail lounge set high in the clouds. Pale river rocks add soft texture to the walls, while accents like the Venetian mirrored dining table and crystal chandelier bestow glittery, glamorous touches to the townhouse. Photographs by Morris Gindi

Above, Right & Facing Page: Located 45 stories up in the middle of Manhattan, the pied-Ă -terre is surrounded outside by cold glass and steel. To counteract this, luxurious, natural materials such as organic stone and high-gloss walnut inside create a soothing, cocoon-like environment. A laser-cut bronze medallion fitted into the limestone floor adds interest to a quintessential New York galley kitchen, while a circular conversation area defies the traditional box-like shape. Photographs by Peter Rymwid Architectural Photography

Design Concepts/Interiors

Like most creative types, Phyllis Harbinger, ASID—principal of Design Concepts/ Interiors, LLC—is forever inspired by her experiences abroad, but she is interested in more than each destination’s aesthetics. Having fallen in love with Barcelona, where she lived several years ago, and a number of other Mediterranean locales that she frequents, Phyllis is enamored with the concept of ancient civilizations and their influence on the modern-day design industry. This well-informed perspective allows her to create in an array of stylistic genres, though transitional design is certainly a sweet spot. Committed to a lifestyle of continual learning, Phyllis is an educator and cherishes the unique opportunities for creative exploration that her time with students at the Fashion Institute of Technology affords. Among other truths, she both preaches and practices the concept that coupling design with function is the only way to achieve a successful solution. Above: Elegantly communicating the owner’s zest for the finer things in life, the Trump Tower White Plains penthouse is designed to be comfortable for quiet evenings alone as well as lively dinner parties. The fabulous lacquered dining table doubles in size as needed. By request, I incorporated just three of the owner’s existing pieces—the chandelier, Pace buffet, and two important paintings. Overall, this room’s aesthetic feels collected and authentic. Facing Page: Every room in the home has a touch of violet—sometimes subordinate, other times dominant— which creates continuity without overwhelming the senses. Choosing such a large pattern for the bedroom draperies was a bold move, but the sheer fabric really softens the look and frames the whole environment. Refined yet comfortable, the design is a modern expression of the Art Deco era. Playful details like the black patent leather bench with corkscrew legs and sumptuous textures of the headboard and accent pillows reflect the resident’s sensibility. Photographs by Anastassios Mentis Photography

Above & Left: The high-gloss maple and chrome Mirak chairs in the dining room have an entirely unique silhouette yet play perfect counterpoint to the kitchen bar stools from a different collection. I was careful to give the space a feminine feel while still incorporating a few special mementos that remind the owner of her late husband— the bull sculpture, for example, symbolizes his accomplishments with the New York Stock Exchange. The whole living area is lined by silk string curtains that elegantly filter the light without obstructing the views; blackout shades reveal themselves only when complete privacy is required. Facing Page: Anigre cabinetry and stainless steel appliances and accents define the open-plan kitchen, beautifully setting off the darker wood of the signature Pace buffet. The reflective quality of the stone countertops complements that of the dining table. Photographs by Anastassios Mentis Photography

“Every room needs just a touch of black to add depth and make the design pop.” Phyllis Harbinger

Above, Right & Facing Page: Foyers are usually treated as insignificant passageways but I like to think of them as rooms, which is why I championed a really interesting custom lighting fixture in the entryway of a private residence in Purchase, New York. Because of the entryway’s scale and the nature of the open floorplan, I knew that strategically using broad strokes of color would be an effective way to create a layered effect within the framework of the residents’ more modern preferences. In Feng Shui, red is an energizing choice that connotes recognition and power—perfect for the business-minded man and woman of the home. The red accent wall at the top of the short stairway is one of the first things you see upon entering and it draws you right into the heart of the home. I also incorporated red into the dining room with the long and low Cassina cabinet; the living room has shades of red in the large abstract painting. Photographs by Phillip Ennis Photography



Andrew Suvalsky Designs

“Downloading the information:” That’s what Andrew Suvalsky calls the important first step of each new design project. Through discussion, Q & A, and looking at images, Andy discovers where each homeowner’s head and heart lie, what they aspire to, what they envision, and even why they engaged him—vital pieces of data that lay the foundation for what will ultimately materialize into a dream residence. Andrew knows that he can’t deliver the perfect design without first understanding someone’s story, so he delights in piecing together the puzzle of both personal taste and lifestyle and discovering how to build a more beautiful, refined version of “home” for the owners. It’s Andrew’s reasoning that if your home is beautiful and cohesive, this will be reflected in other areas on your life. Hearing “we love living here” is one of the highest compliments he receives and what he strives for with every project. Above: Mixing elements in unexpected ways, such as the full-height, leather-upholstered wall with matching built-in banquette that’s used as a backdrop for a classic-modern walnut and chrome dining table, is one way to define a separate room within a larger, open living space. Photograph by Peter Murdock Facing Page: Strong geometric shapes with beautiful silhouettes set against each other results in a beautiful and inviting vignette. To create something both sexy and warm, I opted for warm bronzes and oranges with splashes of fresh cream. The oversized lamp and Venetian plaster wall, hand-polished to a high-gloss sheen, amplify the vibrancy of the space. Photograph by Mark Byron

Above Left: Luscious, bright colors—pinks, golds, yellows, and other enticing hues—leap from, but don’t overpower, the room’s neutral foundation of grey and sand tones. Though its colors suggest it was both commissioned and the inspiration for the room, amazingly the large painting over the sofa was found and placed as the defining finishing piece. Above Right: Different colors and materials can be more dramatically expressed when repeated in art and furniture within the same room. The homeowners gravitated toward orange tones and ebonized woods, and finding art and fabrics they loved in perfectly matched colors was at first a challenge, but ultimately the room’s biggest success. Design consultation by Jeffrey King, Jeffrey King Interiors. Left: When picking intense colors to mix together, the success of doing so hinges upon striking a delicate balance of elements, between patterns and solids, soft and hard textures, or forms of both small and large scale. Mixing Asian-inspired, horizontal-lined furnishings with bright pop-art colors was the original idea for the bedroom, but it’s the diamond-patterned wallpaper as the backdrop that ties both worlds together. Facing Page: Inspired by a classic men’s suit, the design is a handsome mix of charcoal-colored grasscloth wallpaper, a sofa in grey flannel, and dark neutral rugs. However, while the homeowners desired something both masculine and simple, they wanted accents introduced that would give the room real style. Much like a colorful silk placed in the pocket of an elegant Savile suit finishes the look of a well-dressed man, the acid green and chartreuse pillows, side chair, and drapes, set amongst a sea of deep grey tones, complete the story of the room. Design consultation by Jeffrey King, Jeffrey King Interiors. Photographs by Eric Laverty

Calder Design Group

Taking inspiration from architecture, world travel, fashion, and even films, Nicholas Calder manages to find a muse no matter where he is. That detailed absorption of the world around him not only provides endless creativity, it also helps him pick up on the cues his homeowners put forth when they engage Calder Design Group for a renovation or redecoration. Since the 1970s, founder Nicholas has been honing in on exactly what his clientele need and desire in their homes. Now daughter Melanie and her team help them to take ideas from the planning stages to the end result: exquisitely designed spaces that can be enjoyed every day. Above & Facing Page: The trick when combining patterns is keeping scale and proportion front of mind. Rather than fight against each other, the black and white designs in the rug and draperies echo the shape of the room’s furnishings and architectural elements. Chartreuse pillows, an emerald-green studded chair, and bold artwork by Donald Sultan inject color into the space. Black glass wall panels and dentil moulding keep the room from feeling claustrophobic—if anything, the reflective surfaces and repeating patterns create infinite depth. Photographs by Peter Rymwid Architectural Photography

Above & Facing Page: Formal yet fun, the black and white dining room is dressed up with an emerald-green Murano glass chandelier—which ties into the green in the living room—and sporty striped chairs. At the small bar, a cheeky zebra-patterned barstool reminds everyone to relax and smile. Photographs by Peter Rymwid Architectural Photography

“Personality is the most important element in any room.” Nicholas Calder

Geoffrey Bradfield

“Functional Opulence” is the term Geoffrey Bradfield uses to describe the daring, elegant, and luxurious residences he designs for a roster of international celebrities and power figures. Combining fine art and antiques with modern materials and high-tech accessories, Geoffrey and his team achieve environments that are at once intensely comfortable and superbly elegant. He has been repeatedly named one of the top designers in the world by Architectural Digest, proving that his versatile designs are well suited to the ever-evolving needs of his global clientele. Geoffrey, a South Africa native, works mainly from his New York-based office but also has satellite companies in Palm Beach, the Emirates, and Qatar. Above & Facing Page: Director Oliver Stone’s Manhattan apartment is on a low floor, eye level with the Hudson River, so we determined that a chic maritime theme, like that of a yacht’s stateroom, would best suit the space. A white rug with loops of royal blue hints at nautical ropes, a motif that is repeated in the living room cushions. Mediterranean blue and cherry-red chairs complement Caceres + Miranda’s Stern Decision, a painting reminiscent of Chinese communist propaganda which nearly covers one wall. The off-white sofa is deliberately oversized so that the six-foot-tall director can comfortably watch movies on his flat screen television. Photographs by Durston Saylor

“For an interior to be successful, it needs the following ingredients: harmony, cohesion, comfort, and some wit or whimsy.� Geoffrey Bradfield

Above & Right: A soothing palette of grey, blue, and oatmeal offsets the jubilant accent colors splashed throughout the home. Oliver Stone’s Academy Award for directing “Platoon” sits prominently on his desk. Facing Page Top: The entrance hall is an apartment’s first statement— its signature—and I wanted it to register immediately that this was the home of a movie mogul. Posters of some of Oliver’s best-known movies take center stage: “Wall Street,” “Alexander,” “W.,” and “Born on the Fourth of July.” Facing Page Bottom: Oliver’s master bedroom is masculine while still exuding personality, thanks to a vibrant painting by George Condo and an expressive sculpture created by Chinese artist Sui Jianguo. The nautical loops return in the headboard detail, which contrasts well with the charcoal grey chamois furniture upholstery and shagreencovered walls. Photographs by Durston Saylor

Marie Burgos Design

Contemporary design resonates with Marie Burgos, founder of Marie Burgos Design studios. The native Parisian has a passion for clean lines, open spaces, lots of light, and the revered Feng Shui philosophy—designs often integrate elements of wood, earth, fire, water, and metal. Marie is a modernist at heart, yet her repertoire also includes interiors that possess a multicultural atmosphere, très chic French feeling, or relaxed tropical theme inspired by the isle of Martinique where her family originated and to this day resides. Collaborating exclusively with internationally esteemed photographer and graphic technologist Francis Augustine, known for his stunning visual interpretations, she develops coveted residential spaces that are welcoming retreats from frenetic urban life. Never competing with magnificent city views, each highly edited design complements the magnificent skyline while feeding the soul. Above: I designed the living room of a Chelsea duplex penthouse with modern tufted leather seating to complement the sleek architecture and 25-foot ceilings; low profile furnishings allow an unobstructed view of Manhattan. My designs for living always embrace a thoughtful Feng Shui approach. Apple green accents bring a touch of freshness into the white, glass, and metal space. A shag rug provides softness underfoot, while the earthenware horse sculpture creates an unexpected element that grounds the high-rise space with a sense of history. Facing Page: The foyer’s simple mix of modern furnishings, antique architectural pieces, and natural elements creates an interesting flow and uncluttered luxury upon arrival. A glimpse into the comfortable family room invites residents to relax. Photographs by Scott Morris

Above: In the master bedroom, I chose a monochromatic palette to subtly lead your eyes to the amazing vista. Clean and simple furniture pieces emphasize the proportions of the room. We installed the flowing silver abstract painting by artist Peggy Bates above the bed, which complements a pair of mercury glass lamps and grey linens for a most sublime setting. I punctuated the room with intense color representing the fire element; floor-to-ceiling red velvet draperies are completely automated for ease of use. Facing Page Top: My open dining room concept respects the modern feel of the glass and metal penthouse, as furniture placement delineates the space enhanced by comfort and curves in soft textures. The nailed oblong mirror reflects a vivid blue-hued contemporary art piece by Peggy Bates to represent the Feng Shui element of water. Facing Page Bottom: I designed a cozy family room focused around the fireplace using elements of glass and metal to link it to the rest of the loft. Comfortable pieces, nuanced textures, and a predominantly white scheme with turquoise hues welcome relaxation and fireside conversation. Photographs by Scott Morris

“Every urban interior should embrace Feng Shui elements, as they bring natural harmony to the environment.� Marie Burgos

“For an ultra hip and chic space, go with a crisp white palette and keep it simple.� Marie Burgos

Above and Right: I created the look of clean in a Park Avenue residence using all white furniture and minimalist dĂŠcor to best interpret the ancient Feng Shui philosophy. For a highly edited modern lifestyle, it means parting with most of your sentimental possessions or storing them in bespoke built-in cabinetry. We simplified and organized the entertainment system by installing floating shelves. Facing Page: My objective is to bring abundance, happiness, and prosperity into the home and permit positive chi energy to flow through the open layout. The living room is enveloped in a white palette from floor to ceiling to make it appear bigger and more accommodating. I created a yin and yang balance using warm lighting and a juxtaposition of textures from plush wool carpeting and a leather sectional to the clean-lined coffee table and mirrors. Photographs by Francis Augustine

“Urban spaces require precise planning with every inch deftly utilized.” Francis Augustine

Above: We achieved a functional, peaceful living environment in the Tribeca penthouse ideal for entertaining, gathering with friends and family, and working. The challenge of designing a small space is about integrating the right pieces: A glass table, simple leather chairs, and horizontal crystal chandelier highlight the space, while a silver arc lamp introduces an architectural dimension. In continuity with the dining room, the office space showcases an opaque glass desk and leather office chair. Our simple color scheme keeps the space flowing, light-filled, and clutter-free, anchored by the muted blue rug for a sea of tranquility. Facing Page Top: A breath of fresh air in the city, the 2,300-square-foot penthouse is flooded with light. I incorporated modern art to create an engaging gallery and give the space its unique éclat. The narrow corridor now has interest, dimension, and elegance thanks to a mix of oversized art pieces and reflective surfaces. Facing Page Bottom: A deep bathtub, earth-toned tiles, a single teak bench, and ocean hues of the painting inspire a spa day in the beautiful ensuite bathroom. The master bedroom features bold color on the accent wall as backdrop for Dan Christensen’s impressive work of art and a black headboard echoes the ink sketch effect on the pearl bedding ensemble. Sprinkles of blue adorn the room in an upholstered bench, pillows, and cushions. Photographs by Scott Morris

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Interiors New York—SNIPPET  

Explore the best of traditional, transitional, and contemporary living in a stunning collection of beautiful homes by top interior design pr...