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The heart of the building, the four-story Boettcher Atrium, captures the whimsy and spirit of the hospital via a terrazzo floor that incorporates butterflies, snowflakes, birds, fish and a variety of familiar shapes into a maze that runs across the entire space. The walls above glass panels depict images like snowflakes that, upon closer inspection, are composed of animals, skaters and baseball players. Well-known Colorado photographer John Fielder’s images of rustic Indian paintbrush, marsh marigolds, purple columbines, rocks with lichen and colorful aspen leaves brighten vinyl tiles in the flooring of Children’s new cafeteria. Additionally, trees dusted with fresh snow, mountain meadow scenes and aspen trees are etched into glass partitions throughout the hospital, adding to the spirit that is Colorado.

ABOVE LEFT: A gelato bar is just one of the many hospital amenities. Others include a chapel, a daycare center and a teen center with a movie theater and a basketball hoop. ABOVE RIGHT: The design team considered how light, touch and sound would impact the experiences of patients, as illustrated by this art glass detail. FACING PAGE: The Boettcher Atrium serves as the hospital’s public living room. Seven 20-by-30-foot glass-wall panels, designed by artist Larry Kirkland, are inspired by characteristics of the region and appeal to all ages. Photographs by Eckert and Eckert

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