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Across the Desk continued.... Gullifty’s in Camp Hill has a January events schedule that will make all live music fans drool and they will be checking their calendars to fit in all that Gullifty’s is serving in the entertainment department. Ghost Light Radio Show opens up the month followed by Rivers. 717 Entertainment will be hosting Nick’s Birthday Bash 5.0 with Pool of Thorns, Kamikaze Kupcakes, Hate Grenade and more. Then things will chill out when Grumpy Old Men take the stage the following night. These men may be grumpy but boy can they play some great music and will deliver a treat to your ears and soul. The following week the famous AC/DC tribute band Back In Black will present one of the best AC/DC tributes around. Check out Gullifty’s full schedule and don’t forget the excellent food they serve and they have their own baker on the premises that serves up some mouth watering desserts. Tubby’s in Duncannon continues to bring some of the greatest talent to good ole’ Perry County. Tubby’s is centrally located for everyone to get to fairly easy and they always strive to keep food and prices down so that you have a some jingle left in your pocket when you leave. True Becoming from up north will be returning to the scene after a small hiatus. The come to Tubby’s on the 3rd along with favorites, Small Town Titans and Divot. Voodoo and Broken Fayth will be rocking it on Saturday 10th. Steve Junkins was telling me that Voodoo has expanded their music list to cover a variety of songs. Their band is taking a new direction. On Friday the 30th Wayland will be rocking the fans along with Small Town Titans. Wayland was on the road

January, 2015

over 300 days this year. They will be touring nonstop 2015 as well. The band is quickly becoming known on a national level for their quality, high energy show and work ethic, adopting the slogan “Always On Tour.” Wayland has shared the stage with acts such as Slash, Stone Temple Pilots, Shinedown, Hinder, Seether, Pop Evil, Sick Puppies, Foreigner, Heart, Lifehouse, Jackyl, Vince Neil, Smashmouth, Eddie Money, Buckcherry, Volbeat, Saving Abel, All That Remains, Blackstone Cherry, Sevendust, and many more. Speaking of Jackyl, they will be returning to Tubby’s soon along with Alien Ant Farm. Closing out the month at Tubby’s is Gun Metal Gray that has recently returned from a tour in Europe. Gun Metal Gray is ready to rock out with their favorite Pennsylvania fans. It amazes me the amount of music that exist throughout the world. I experienced my grandchildren’s Christmas concerts this past month and I was astounded at the talent that abounds in our young people and how hard they had to work to acheive the sounds that they were performing. Music teachers have to be some of the most blessed people on the face of the earth as they get to experience watching their students develop over the years. I know Whitey gets a great deal of enjoyment teaching his students.


Get ready for some amazing music next month as the 2nd Annual Lancaster Roots and Blues Festival takes place on February 6th thru the 8th. You can read all about it on page 24. The amount and quality of music that Rich Ruoff has lined up will blow your mind. Then a few weeks later, February 19th thru the 22nd the Harrisburg area will be treated to another great musical event as the 19th Annual Millennium Music Conference will be taking place at the Central Hotel and Conference Center at Union Deposit. The Pennsylvania Musician Magazine will be hosting the Open Mic stage during the conference and indulging in the sights and sounds that will be happening in the various clubs throughout the weekends. Can’t wait. Thank you to Rachel & Whitey for helping me get this issue done. Happy Birthday Andrea & Kris!! Love & light to one and all.




January, 2015

OUT & ABOUT by RACHEL ROCKS! Happy New Year!!!! It’s so hard to believe it’s 2015! I am truly hoping this year SLOWS down! It can’t possibly go any faster than last year, right?!? In 2014 I was once again amazed at all of the entertainment that surrounds us here in Harrisburg on a daily basis. It’s so easy to look around and say the music scene is really dying in our area, or you can look around and count the blessings that we have in all the venues that are hosting live music! I know it’s not easy for any of them, and the more support they get, the more live music they can host for us. Do you have a band that you would love to see play your local watering hole, make sure and let the owner/bar staff know. Some bands need all the help they can get! So get on out there in 2015 and support as much live music as possible!!! I know that’s definitely one of my resolutions this year, and hopefully it’s one of yours too! This months article starts out a long time ago on Black Friday. I was utterly exhausted from all of my crazy Black Friday shopping, but I still made my way over to the Radisson in Camp Hill for Kix’s show and the WTPA Birthday Bash! I was shocked at the crowd. It’s amazing how many people can fit in one ballroom! When I arrived Big Jack was on the stage getting the crowd pumped up! These guys are an AC/DC tribute band from right here in Hanover, PA. They’ve been playing the area stages for a while now, I’m glad our paths finally crossed. They played a lot of the older AC/DC favorites and had the crowd singing and rockin’ along. They all had amazing stage presence and did a great job at keeping the crowd entertained and getting the party started! The next opening band were The Luv Gods. Shea Quinn has been rockin’ the Harrisburg area, just as long if not longer than WTPA! I’ve seen him in so many different venues, in different situations, and one thing is for sure, the fans are always there to support him, and his projects. The Luv Gods kept the party moving and played some original Sharks tunes, to keep the crowd singing along. As the night wore on the ballroom got more and more packed! It was great to see so many people out there supporting live music. I only wish those people would come out and support music all year long! I did see some die hard music fans that I see everywhere, and some guys from different bands that had a night off, and were happy to be able to get out and support more local bands. We truly do have a great music community of people that watch out for one another. It’s always awesome to see! Believe it or not I didn’t stick around for Kix. Jim Price was also at the show, squished in amongst the people in the VIP and loving every minute of it. I knew that he would do an amazing job at taking pictures, and covering that part of the show, so I decided to get home and go to sleep! When I talked to Jim the next day, he said that it was a great show and everyone seemed to have a great time. The following week I headed out to The Pour House on Derry St. to help celebrate Aaron Zimmerman’s birthday and check out the new Ebenezer Screw! That’s right “The Screw” is back!! Don Hosler has accepted the position as their new drummer, so they are back rockin’ the area stages. The Pour House has a nice large area for the band to spread out, so Ebenezer put on a great show as usual. I personally wish they would’ve just stacked some tables on top of each other and made a bigger dance floor, but that’s just my opinion. Ebenezer Screw was rockin’ the night away to a full house with Continued on page 12... January, 2015



Out & About Continued... standing room only! I’m sure you’ll see more of these guys soon. I’m excited that The Pour House is now offering live music at least 2 nights a month! We need all the live, music venues we can get! After celebrating with Aaron, I went to Double K to see Kat and the Mad Dogz. As usual Double K was filled with people enjoying the show! Kat is so energetic, I really don’t know where she pulls all of her energy from! She was dancing away on the dance floor, on the stage (obviously), and even on the bar!! The “Mad Dogz” were also holding their own playing away and harmonizing, and even taking the lead on vocals too! They were the first band I saw cover one of Taylor Swift’s newest songs, “Shake It Off”. Kat and the Mad Dogz do a great job adding in new songs and mixing up their show, one thing for sure though is you will always have a good time! Check out their ad in this issue to see where they will be shakin’ it up next!

My next night out I finally caught a new band for me, Fell From Zero, at Tubby’s. These guys have actually been playing out together since 2013, but I just haven’t had the chance to catch them Out and About, but I’m glad I finally did. Fell From Zero might be a newer band, but these guys are definitely not new musicians. They’re a great mixture of many different bands that have played throughout the area, and are all seasoned musicians that know how to entertain a crowd! Fell From Zero plays all of your favorite hard rock songs from great bands like Breaking Benjamin, Slipknot, Bullet for My Valentine, and many more. It’s great to see Bob Patterson back on lead vocals, he does a great job at belting out every song! Jake Gochenaur is also on drums, not only banging out his amazing beats, but also does an amazing job on backing vocals as well! Fell From Zero is definitely a band to see! Check out their schedule in this issue and get out there to support these amazing musicians!

Me and Bob Morris from Smokin’ Gunnz Photo: by Vicki

My next weekend out I headed down to The Field House in Etters for once again Kat and the Mad Dogz. What can I say… I just love these guys and gal! I’m glad I did go see them because I found out that Kat is moving to the DC area, but will still be coming up for shows at least once a month, so folks, their shows are fewer and further between, make sure and check out their schedule in this issue and plan your night to hear Kat fiddlin’ for you! This night out I even caught them rockin’ out to some Trans Siberian Orchestra! Kat just got in from traveling across the country, but she still had more energy than most people! I’m tellin’ ya that girl is INSANE! The Field House has really made some impressive changes and they have huge plans for the future. They now have in-house sound that is done very professionally, and even some amazing lights too. It’s still the same small stage, but with speakers half the size, it makes the room feel so much bigger, and you can still think because the music isn’t completely blaring your ears off! Jozef is really booking some top-notch musicians in there, at least 3 days a week. Check out their full schedule in this issue and go check out the new Field House soon! After a set, I bopped up the highway to Gullfity’s for Take 147. I was so glad to see these ladies back at Gullifty’s. It’s a great room to play in with plenty of space to rock out and a nice, big dance floor! Due to medical reasons this was their last show of the year, and the “takers” were out in full force to support them! Amber gave Gretta a special hat to bring out her inner “Michael Jackson”.. I would say it worked! Did ya see those dance moves! Take 147 does a great job at keeping their fans entertained. They treat everyone like family, and every show just makes ya feel right at home. I knew two people there that were witnessing Take 147 for the first time, and they were quickly “taken”. I know I write about these ladies a lot, but if you go check them out for yourself, you’ll know why! Take 147 had a very busy 2014, and I don’t see them slowing down anytime soon! Check out their full schedule in this issue and get out there and rock with them soon! My final night out was yet another trip to Gullifty’s for Blakkout opening for StarChild. Blakkout is one of our newer advertisers, and I’m glad I finally caught them Out and About. They are out there covering your favorite rock and metal music from the 80s and 90s: AC/DC, Whitesnake, Dio, and so much more! There is a lot of long hair and leather in this band! Bill Burns is their guitar player. I’ve seen Bill out supporting all kinds of local music all over the area! I swear he’s “Out and About” more than I am! It was awesome to finally see him on the stage again! Blakkout did a great job getting the party started. Check out their ad in this issue to see which stage they will be rockin’ next! Continued on page 13... 12


January, 2015

Out & About Continued... When StarChild hit their first chord the people in the crowd were already excited! StarChild covers a lot of your rockin’ favorites, but they also have their very own rockin’ originals. They have been all over lookin’ for a new drummer, but they are thrilled to announce that one of their old drummers, Timmy Vincent, has come back behind the kit! Timmy is a great match for these guys and fits in with the rest of the band fantastically! Everyone in the band has amazing stage presence! Jerry and Sharon, must also have an amazing shoe closet, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen them in the same pair of shoes. This night Sharon was wearing a beautiful, sparkly pair of red boots for the holidays, and Jerry was wearing a pair of Zebra boots with Goldfish swimming around in the heel (don’t worry they were fake fish). You just never know what these two will show up wearing for the show. StarChild has been getting quite the following! One guy came to see them all the way from Pottsville, ya just never know how far people will travel for good entertainment! Check out their schedule in this issue and plan your next road trip to check these guys, and gal out! You won’t be disappointed. Well that’s all the live music for this month! I’m glad I got back out there to see some more live music throughout December even though it was so crazy and hectic! One special announcement is don’t forget next month, February, 19th, 20th, and 21st is the Millennium Music Conference!! If you didn’t sign up yet, and you’d like to come to the Trade Show to see what it’s all about, let me know. Mom and I will be back again this year in full force. Jim and Meredith I’m sure will also be there with us, but Mom and I missed last year, and we won’t

January, 2015

make that same mistake twice! The Millennium is always a fun time, networking and talking to people all about music, and hearing so many different musicians that otherwise you would never get to hear. They will soon be posting their full schedule at On one last and very sad note, last month, on November 24th, we lost an amazing musician, and friend, Don Meas, He fought a long and hard battle against pancreatic cancer. There were gigs I saw him play the same week he had chemo. He fought so hard, but the cancer finally won the battle. For the time being, his band, Black Mountain Jack will no longer be performing. Don was Black Mountain Jack… His band mates tried hard to keep the band going in hopes that Don would be back, but unfortunately that was not the case. My thoughts and prayers go out to Don’s family, especially his wife Cindy, and all of his band mates, past and present. Don was an amazing guy, and one I won’t forget! There is a beautiful tribute to him on his Facebook page with the title “Go Rest High on That Mountain.” I’m glad that Don is now at rest, but he will be missed. Thanks to all who read my article every month, and who stop me and say Hi when I’m Out and About. It always helps writing this knowing that people do actually read and appreciate what I have to write! You can send all comments and suggestions to Get out there and Support Local Music!!! Check out all of my Hot Shots in color and so much more at


In Memory of Don Meas Frontman for Black Mountain Jack December 13, 1951-November 24, 2014 Don was a skilled singer and guitar player, his passion for music was evident, not only in his role in the band Black Mountain Jack, but also in his many acoustic performances. Don is gone, but will never be forgotten.


NATIONALS By Eric Hoffman

Happy New Year .. Rockers and Rollers ! Welcome to 2015, a new year that will hopefully include great new music and concert tours. The year 2014 consisted of some amazing music memories including live shows from The Orwells, Stephen Pearcy (Ratt), The Pixies, Kings Of Leon, Har Mar Superstar, Genitorturers, Missing Persons, Lady Gaga, The Sounds, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, MIA, Nicole Atkins, Fuel, Guns N Roses, The Killers, Foxy Shazam, Tegan and Sara, Brody Dalle, Miley Cyrus, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Bret Michaels, Rusted Root, Jack White, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Virus, Jane’s Addiction, Judas Priest and Southern Culture on the Skids. The legendary KIX returned to the mid-state for their annual Thanksgiving show at the Camp Hill Radisson. A great sold-out show with opening bands The Luv Gods and AC/DC tribute Big Jack. KIX have made a huge comeback in 2014. First, signing with Loud & Proud Records and then making their first studio album in 19 years. A central PA favorite for the past three decades, KIX are currently touring their seventh studio album, Rock Your Face Off, which they released in August. KIX will return to Lancaster’s Chameleon in the new year on February 27th. Local punks, Lebowskis, finished the year with two final shows and possibly their last. HMAC threw a great night with Lebowskis on January 19th, which also included The Give Take, First In Space and The Black Fins. The following night Lancaster’s ABAG hosted Lebowskis with Mid Rats, First In Space and Edgewood. Rumors are Lebowskis are taking some time off with an indefinite hiatus. Luckily the band released a new cd “Tuesday Nights” in April 2014, so fans are still able to get their Lebowskis fix. Thank you to the Lebowskis for great songs, wild shows and being an amazing good group of people. NATIONALS NEWS ! Another reason to see “The Who Hits 50” North American Tour, it will now include special guests Joan Jett and The Blackhearts. Jett has a special connection to The Who. “After the Runaways ended, The Who and [manager] Bill Curbishley stepped up, and let me use their studio, Ramport,” Jett said. “I’m so happy to be part of their 50th anniversary tour. No one personifies rock and roll royalty more than The Who.” The Who’s Pete Townshend added, “We’ve been very close friends with Joan Jett for a long time. She is the real deal. This will be a great night of rock and roll for everyone.” “The Who Hits 50” tour visits Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia May 17th and November 4th. The punk trio Green Day, poet of the New York underground Lou Reed and “Lean on Me” singer Bill Withers will lead a new class of inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 18th. The hall will also welcome Joan Jett And The Blackhearts, and make Ringo Starr the fourth ex-Beatle enshrined as an individual. Besides Reed, the class includes other posthumous inductees Paul Butterfield and Stevie Ray Vaughan. U2 have announced their iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour for 2015. The Irish band will visit 19 cities in North American and Europe with multiple nights in arenas. The tour supporting their new album Songs Of Innocence, in which U2 gifted to the world via Apple’s iTunes, reached more than half a billion customers. Rolling Stone named Songs of Innocence No. Continued on page 15... 14


January, 2015

1 in its list of the “50 Best Albums of 2014.” A record setting 118,000 people attempted to purchase tickets online for the U2 shows at Madison Square Garden in NYC (July 18th,19th,22nd,23rd) so two more shows were recently added (July 26th,27th.) “We are going to try to have a completely different feeling from night one to night two and have some fun playing with the idea of innocence and experience,” Bono said. “More to be revealed!” The NFL announced pop star Katy Perry will headline the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show on February 1st at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona. It will air on NBC. Perry, 30, has dominated the Billboard charts since releasing her debut in 2008, including nine No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Her sophomore effort, 2010’s multiplatinum Teenage Dream, matched the record Michael Jackson set with “Bad” for most songs from a single album to hit No. 1 with five. Perry is

Eric with the Lebowskis

January, 2015

currently on her Prismatic World Tour. Her other hits include “I Kissed a Girl,” ‘’California Gurls,” ‘’Firework” and “Wide Awake.” Three artists have 6 Grammy nominations apiece for 2015. The year’s brightest newcomer, Sam Smith; the most nominated female in Grammy history, Beyoncé; and mega-producer Pharrell. Smith’s In the Lonely Hour, Beyoncé’s surprise self-titled release and Pharrell’s G I R L will compete for the coveted album of the year, along with Beck’s Morning Phase and Ed Sheeran’s X. U2’s Songs of Innocence, is up for best rock album against Beck, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Ryan Adams and The Black Keys. The 57th Grammy Awards will air live February 8th from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Rolling Stones’ saxophonist Bobby Keys died after a lengthy illness at his home in Franklin, Tennessee on December 2nd. He was 70 years old. Keys had been on tour with the Stones earlier this year before his health prevented him from performing. Keys had contributed musically with The Rolling Stones since the 1960s. Born the same day as Keith Richards – December 18, 1943 – and the Stones guitarist would often cite Keys as a soul mate and favorite musician. “I have lost the largest pal in the world, and I can’t express the sense of sadness I feel, although Bobby would tell me to cheer up,” Richards said in a statement.


The Give Take

UPCOMING SHOWS Future Islands Philadelphia Union Transfer January 10th-11th. Butcher Babies Reading Reverb January 12th. Barb Wire Dolls NYC Bowery Electric January 24th. Billy Idol Philadelphia Tower January 24th. Linkin Park / Rise Against Hershey Giant Center January 27th. Billy Idol Montclair, NJ January 29th.




January, 2015

January, 2015





“LIVE REVIEWS” By Jim Price HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015! As I piece together this month’s writ, I already have a great reason to proclaim it a happy new year. It was very shortly after our December issue went to press when I was informed that as a result of corporate downsizing, I was suddenly a “free agent” in the radio broadcasting world, and that the plug was being pulled on my long-running local music radio program, the “Homegrown Rocker.” Fortunately, it did not take long for the program to find a new broadcast home…Beginning on Sunday night, January 18th, the “Homegrown Rocker” begins its new journey on “Lion Country’s Rock Station,” 105.9 QwikRock. Big thanks to QwikRock for providing the opportunity, and proving that Sunday night local music radio has not “run its course”. And thanks to all the listeners and area music fans for the words of encouragement and support during this transition; it is very much appreciated! Two concerts in the state capital region and several benefit concerts highlighted my live music activities leading up to Christmas. The first of the state capital journeys in late November took me to Tubby’s in Duncannon to see the four band bill headlined by Monster Track Supergroup. Icy road conditions to the north of my locale forced me to take an alternate route to Tubby’s, and thus I missed openers Jampact (who traveled in from that same icy region). Journeying in from even further west to perform was Butler-based Highway 4, who performed melody-based, hard-hitting original rock. Singer Kelly Brown displayed an energetic presence and potent voice, flanked by lead guitarist Mike Angert, bassist Tylar Parker and


drummer Graham Huselton. Highway 4 enthusiastically delivered songs off their latest CD, “Up In Arms”, including “One of These Days,” “Day By Day” and “Break on Free,” and also did a scorching take on Rush’s “Working Man.” The revised roster of Scranton rockers Graces Downfall followed with their tightly-executed blend of hard-hitting original songs and select covers. Singer Kenneth Norton and guitarist Mark Yanish are joined by the new rhythm section of bassist Grant Williams and drummer Jamey Fisk. Graces Downfall introduced several numbers off their new CD, “Change.Adjust.Continue” plus older favorites like “Always the Victim” and “Blow,” and offered their own slants on tunes from Collective Soul, Rage Against the Machine, Foo Fighters and Living Colour. Monster Track Supergroup then capped the night with their jubilant celebration of classic rock and hits from the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Singer Jeff Pittinger, guitarists Bret Alexander and Tony Harlan, keyboardist Freeman White, bassist Jimmy Lovcik and drummer Jeremy Hummel stretched out and had fun this night, triggering dance floor activity with hits from Blue Oyster Cult, Pat Benatar, Badfinger, CCR, Doors, ZZ Top, Free, Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath, and more. Jeff’s clear and soaring voice was in excellent form, and this

Kix Curtain Call


lineup appears to cut loose and have more fun with each performance; I thoroughly enjoyed the way they stretched out their take on Five Man Electrical Band/Tesla’s “Signs” and turned it into a free-for-all extended jam! According to Jeff, Monster Track Supergroup enters 2015 with momentum and more plans afoot - details soon! On Thanksgiving weekend, I returned to the capital region to take in Kix’s annual concert visit to the Radisson Convention Center in Camp Hill. I arrived in time to catch the last part of AC/DC tribute Big Jack’s set; they sounded great on the three Brian Johnson-era numbers I heard; “Thunderstruck,” “Shoot to Thrill” and “Hell’s Bells.” The Luv Gods then fired up the crowd with their mix of classic rock and pop hits from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, U2, The Sweet and more. They also celebrated singer Shea Quinn and keyboardist Mark Showers’ popular former band with a number of Sharks numbers; including “On My Own,” “Will Tomorrow Be Today,” “Only Time Will Tell” and “Holiday.” Mark’s keys took the spotlight on a heated version of Deep Purple’s “Hush,” and guitarist Sal Saunders erupted on the fretboard with his version of Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption” into “You Really Got Me” to close the set. Then, supporting their new CD, “Rock Your Face Off”, Kix brought the party back to Harrisburg, a city that was on board with the group since their early 1980s beginnings. Kix frontman Steve Whiteman still puts out more energy on the live stage than most singers half his age! He was nonstop; leading the party, setting the festive mood, singing his full vocal range and slinging one-liners and witty humor along the way. This night seemed to center on the concept of “Thank you” and “You’re welcome,” as Steve thanked the crowd for cheering the band, and beckoned the crowd to yell back “You’re welcome!” This became a connecting thread throughout Kix’s set. Steve, guitarists Continued on page 19...

January, 2015

The Professor continued...

Ronnie Younkins and Brian Forsythe, bassist Mark Schenker and drummer Jimmy Chalfant performed party anthems from the new album such as the set opener “Can’t Stop the Show,” “You’re Gone,” “Mean Miss Adventure” and “Love Me With the Top Down.” Kix also fired off the hits and favorites from throughout their career as well, including; “Sex,” “Ring Around Rosie,” “The Itch,” “Cold Shower,” “Girl Money,” “For Shame,” “Cold Blood,” “Blow My Fuse” and many more. When the packed house crowd demanded the encore, Kix responded quickly with “Don’t Close Your Eyes,” “Midnite Dynamite” and...the 2014 edition of their groupie misadventure epic “Yeah Yeah Yeah.” Steve updated this song to the current day and kept the story fresh; that groupie that met up with him after the show on the group’s self-titled 1981 album is still showing up at concerts 33 years later, and according to Steve’s latest retelling of the legend, showed up in Houston, Texas the week before this Radisson concert. Hoping to score, he again invested in the case of “cold, cold” Heineken’ and the bottle of whiskey, but —explaining to the crowd that qualudes aren’t available any more (per the song’s original lyrics) – Steve had to settle for Excedrin. Of course, the groupie overindulged in all three, became grossly sick and threw up, and he ended up throwing her out of his digs again, much to the laughter of the crowd. The concert then ended with the unleashing of numerous huge balloons, and Steve telling the crowd, “See you next year!” Also on Thanksgiving weekend, Half Tempted hosted a reunion party and jam session at 30 Something, as they welcomed back former members and other musical friends for rocking fun and memories. After Lost Cause opened the night (more on them later), the current edition of Half Tempted; singer/guitarist Ron Dalansky, bassist Joe George, guitarist Jim Mincin and drummer Shawn Gioiosa, welcomed back alumni from the group’s nearly quarter-century run on area stages, along with other musical friends. Half Tempted alumni such as singer Steve Oswalt, bassist Billy Wolf and guitarist Doug Tussey each participated; as well as special guests Kirk Robison and Rich Piccerillo on guitars, Todd Hinkle on vocals and “Harmonica Dave” Baird on harp, all jamming on a mixture of 1970s and ‘80s-era hard rock and metal. In between Half Tempted’s sets, Zombie Butterflies ; singer/bassist John Scarfone, the aforementioned Rich Piccerillo on guitar and drummer Pam Hiles fired up hard rock from Lenny Kravitz, Stone Temple Pilots, Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden, as well as the Raconteurs’ “Steady As She Goes.” Thanks to the Butterflies for inviting me and Priscilla “The Tambourine Lady” Gati up to get hardcore Brazilian on Sepultura’s “Ratamahatta!” The Altoona area music scene joined forces several times last month to help out people in need. Two benefit concerts to remember fallen friends happened during the same weekend at 30 Something. First, family, friends and musical associates united to remember and celebrate former I Enemy guitarist Eddie Rickabaugh, and raise money for his surviving family. A video slide show in the back of the performance room showed pictures of Eddie, while various band members throughout the evening shared memories of Eddie on the stage. A poem by Eddie’s father was read on the stage, and two guitars Eddie once owned were donated back to his surviving family and young son, who frequently danced and did cartwheels on the dance floor as the musicians performed. The Backyard Rockers and Rich Edmundson led off with their respective sets of acoustic-geared sounds, followed by one of three bands I saw for the first time this night, Lost Cause. Featuring singer Byron Cassidy, guitarist Ryan Settle, former Continued on page 20... January, 2015



The Professor continued...

bands. Mixing elements of alternative, metal, hardcore and rap was Tyrone-based Into the Storm. Comprised of Jonathan Wafa on vocals, guitar and digital effects plus Nathan Secrist on drums and additional guitar, Into the Storm did original numbers rooted in the raw early style of Nirvana garage punk. After the Backyard Rockers mixed acoustic classic rock, folk and country favorites, the benefit ended with the return of The Red Arrow. The new mach edition of founding singer/guitarist Dick Kos, bassist/singer Mike Gherrity, keyboardist Glenn Thomas and drummer Terry Wilt sounded strong as they fired off classic rock and country favorites. Dick again demonstrated his excellent guitar skills, and The Red Arrow joyously performed tunes from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bad Company, ZZ Top, Black Crowes, Eric Clapton, Santana, Spirit and more. Pat McGinnis has been making music on central PA stages since the 1970s, and writing songs for much of that span as well. Pat released his self-titled first CD last month, and marked the occasion with a celebration at Altoona’s Knickerbocker Tavern. Joined by some of the Altoona and State College area’s most renowned performers, Pat performed a set of songs off his CD, followed by a set of classic folk, blues and rock/pop favorites. Participants included many of the names who helped Pat on the CD including; guitarists Junior Tutwiler, Mark Ross, Felix Kos, Chuck Knepper, Mark Rossi on keys, Jack Wilkinson and Bob Watters on drums, Randy “Jackson” Rutherford on bass, and Natalie Race on backing vocals. The musicianship was stellar throughout, as each performer brought their best to the party and made this music shine! There were numerous highlights; some of my favorites included the Marks (Ross and Rossi) mixing it up on Pat’s bluesy “I’ll Cry for You,” Pat’s tender solo acoustic ode to his wife “Never,” the audience clap-along “Winds of Change,” Felix and Bob joining in on “Sure Feels Like She’s Gone,” and during the latter set, the musicians’ stylings on Little Feat’s “Willin,’” Stephen Stills’ “Love the One You’re With,” Willie Dixon’s “Bring It on Home” and the show-ending rendition of Crosby Stills Nash & Young’s “Helpless.” The blend of Pat’s cordial personality up front and relatable lyrics, plus the fun vibe of all of these musicians getting to share stage time with one another made this event a joy for the sizable audience. A rising name in Americana music, Binghamton, NY’s Driftwood, made their first visit to McGarvey’s early last month. Pennsylvania Mike & the Bedlam Boys and Nobody’s Heroes warmed up the sizable McGarvey’s audience, before Driftwood put on a display of maximum musicianship with their brand of freewheeling indie folk and Americana sounds. The roster of guitarist/singer Dan Forsyth, banjo player/singer Joe Kollar, fiddler/singer Claire Byrne and upright bass player Joe Arcuri displayed song arrangements that were often unpredictable, as they launched into jazz and progressive-informed passages, instrumental jams and duels. Some of the exchanges between Joe and Claire were amazing to witness! They did original songs from their three CD’s such as “The Carburetor and the Steam Engine,” “I’ve Got a Secret” and “To Kill Ya,” as well as an inventive take on the traditional “Turkey in the Straw.” Their playing was precise, but the vibe was relaxed and fun, and the McGarvey’s crowd thoroughly enjoyed it. When the crowd demanded an encore, Driftwood moved off the stage and directly onto the dance floor in front of the tables for a totally unplugged spin on Spencer Davis Group’s “Gimme Some Lovin!’” Watch for Driftwood on the regional Americana and bluegrass festival circuit this year as well as an eventual return visit to McGarvey’s.

January, 2015

Comedian Don Jamieson, host of VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show,” returned to McGarvey’s in late November to host a night of metal music with Naildriver, Choking Faith and The Filthy Low Down. Reuniting for the second time in two months, Choking Faith reportedly sounded strong on their set of original metal, reprising some of their better-known numbers as “Wait,” “Freedom in a Body Bag” and “Trainwreck of Life.” Next was Pittsburgh’s The Filthy Low Down, who unleashed a rampaging, no-holds-barred sound on their set of original numbers. Singer Abe Balestra was feral up front and set the mood with his over-the-top presentation, backed by lead guitarist Max Snyder, rhythm guitarist Brandon Habera, bassist Charlie Kowalski and drummer Dennis Snyder. Host Don Jamieson then did his stand-up comedy routine, bringing frequent laughter as he touched on such topics as the recent arrest of AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd, Ray Rice, Justin Bieber, Isis, Betty White and more. Naildriver then slammed the lid on the night with their volatile set;


Chris Woodward and ShinDiggin

introducing new originals such as “The Ghost of Me” and “Paper Soul,” firing off tunes from their “The White Devil Chronicles Vol. I” EP such as “Enemy,” “Hypocrite’s Anthem” and “Seal the Exits,” and select covers from Iron Maiden and Clutch. Naildriver is Continued on page 22...


The Professor continued...

taking some time off to work on new song material, but should resurface on stage later this winter and early spring. Chris Woodward & Shindiggin’ stirred up another fun country music party last month at McGarvey’s. A full house celebrated as Chris on vocals and guitar, guitarist Mike Gambardella, bassist Brianna Sheeder and drummer Zac Grace did plentiful country favorites from Blake Shelton, Gretchen Wilson, Kip Moore, Jason Aldean, Florida-Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Billy Ray Cyrus, Big & Rich and more. An increasing highlight of the Shindiggin’ experience is Brianna’s rise since joining the group earlier this year; she has blossomed into a talented co-lead singer alongside Chris; and displayed excellent voice this night on tunes from Gretchen Wilson, Maddie & Tae and more. Chris and Shindiggin’ again made it a party, even stepping off the stage and touring the building with their instruments during their fun rendition of “Folsom Prison Blues.” I finally caught my first look at Cambria County-based heavy rockers Rust last month at Slammin’ Sam’s in Johnstown. Singer/bassist Mike “Griff” Griffiths, lead singer/guitarist Aaron Wolf and drummer Jared Fetcko displayed strong chops as they laid down the hardrocking gospel according to Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Rush and more. Aaron displayed scathing lead guitar work and an incredible voice up front, capably singing the powerful Ronnie James Dio vocal leads on renditions of Black Sabbath’s “Children of the Sea” and “Heaven and Hell,” plus demonstrating Ian Gillan-like range on Deep Purple’s “Highway Star,” “Black Knight” and “Space Truckin.’” Fans of classic ‘70s and ‘80s era rock and metal should watch out for Rust in 2015. Flight 19 took their acoustic “Party Plane” for a spin last month at the Belmar Hotel, expanding their Ground Crew acoustic side project into a full band performance. This setting enabled singer Brian Thomas, guitarist John McKelvey, keyboardist Phil Steele, bassist Rogan Allen and drummer (cajon player this night) Paul Caracciolo to pull out some songs they don’t ordinarily perform during their electric shows, such as Collective Soul’s “The World I Know,” Def Leppard’s “Hysteria,” Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets” and more. During this show, Shallow 9 singer Erika Marino contributed her vocals on a version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin,’” and Flight 19 also did two of their own tunes in acoustic form, “3 of a Kind” and their anthem “Hands.” Other performers I saw in recent weeks included Terrible Minds, as they performed during and after the finals of the inaugural SKRAP Wars competition at Pellegrine’s, where aspiring skateboarders and rap artists competed for prizes. I also caught the tail end of Full Kilt’s first Thursday performance at Molly Maguire’s in Altoona, witnessed Felix & the Hurricanes at Pellegrine’s, and saw multiple performers during the weekly Tuesday Open Mic Night at D’Ottavio’s Gran Sasso in Hollidaysburg and Wednesday Jam Night at Pellegrine’s. The area music scene was recently saddened by the loss of Tom Skebeck, who passed away on October 31st at age 57. Tom played guitar in several bands over the years, most recently Swine Divine with Rick Swauger and Ron Bintliff. Our sincerest condolences go out to Tom’s surviving family and friends. News and notes: Flight 19, Tyne & the Fast Lyne, Miss Melanie & the Valley Rats, Mama Corn and Your Dad’s Friends are among the performers taking the stage during the third annual Mishler Bands Together at Altoona’s historic Mishler Theatre on January 17th. Bazooka Joe has a new bass player, as Scott Barkhimer replaces Richard Vargoii. Continued on page 23... 22


January, 2015

PA MUSICIAN REVIEWS —Reviewed by Jim Price JASON McINTYRE & JUNIOR TUTWILER “MILES” (Hickory Lane Music) Jason McIntyre and Jason “Junior” Tutwiler first started collaborating on music in 2003; a collaboration that evolved into the full-blown popular State College -based Americana-rock band The Rustlanders. After The Rustlanders disbanded in 2010, “J-Mac & Junior” continued their partnership, and have released their first album as a duo, “Miles”. McIntyre sings and both play guitars, helped out by a who’s who of State College area musical talent including Pure Cane Sugar, Ted McCloskey, Daniel Collins (who co-produced, recorded and mixed the album), Patrick McGinnis, Rev. James Harton (Miss Melanie and the Valley Rats) and more. American roots music continues to be the foundation of the duo’s sound, as they blend elements of folk, country, blues and rock over the disc’s 11 tracks. The songs deal with general themes of restless emotions, ambitions and atonement; the mild-mannered country-flavored opener, “Things You Said,” welcomes guidance and words of wisdom, while the country-rock driven “Time Is Forgotten” - co-written by Pure Cane Sugar singer Natalie Race - ponders a restless spirit and yearning. The duo offer up a hard-driving tear-in-beer honky-tonk ode with “Drinkin,’” and conjure an early rock’n’rollflavored ballad on “Please My Heart.” J-Mac & Junior rock out several times as well; demonstrated on the Stonesy “Magazine” and “Words.” Also in a harderrocking vein, “Storms & Gasoline” document tumultuous travels, while “Madness in Her Eyes” heeds storm clouds as a warning for atonement before the heavens. The pair offer a punchy take on Robert Johnson’s blues classic “Stope Breaking Down,” and also serve up two instrumentals, “St. Peter’s Time Rag” and the gentle rustic disc-closer “Ava’s Dreams.” The performances are strong and heartfelt, and the various guests’ contributions offer color, flavor and depth to the songs. The sound is full and smooth, and the disc flows along cohesively. “Miles” is a musical journey measured in life experiences and emotional capital spent; as Jason McIntyre and Junior Tutwiler document where they have been and plot to stay their course in Americana terrain. (The CD can be obtained through the website

And spearheaded by Cove Forge counselors Larry Breedlove and Luke Pfister, music program participants have recorded a CD of their creations, “All I Have”. Through the CD’s eight songs, anonymous Cove Forge clients bare their souls and share their thoughts and experiences about their addictions and journeys toward recovery. Recorded in-house at the facility’s recently added studio, “All I Have” shares these testimonials of adversity, struggle and hope through a mixture of musical flavors spanning acoustic, rock and hip-hop. On the acoustic folk-flavored opener, “Heroin and All My Friends,” the singer shares the struggle of heroin addiction, its costs in friends and lives, and the resolve to triumph over it once and for all. The first of several hiphop numbers, “Let It Go” presents the speaker, ‘Young Kang,’ who tells his story of drug addiction and street crime, and how embracing his music enabled him to purge his demons and get his life back on the right track. The female-fronted piano ballad “Fate Don’t Move” encourages those battling addiction to learn to love themselves, find inner peace and define their purposes. “Public Service Announcement” tells another story of

cocaine addiction and street crime, and the resolve to put those chapters in the rear view mirror. The melody-based hip-hop number “Sick” encourages accountability and discloses that changing one’s life must start from within. The acoustic “Montana” offers an angry testimonial about hitting rock bottom and climbing back up, while “The Stand” raps a message of courage to stand and rise above adversity. The disc ends with the down-and-outthemed “Here Lies Nothing,” which Pfister wrote and recorded in 2001 with his former band, Ten Sent Wings. The performances are sincere and from the gut as these artists share their stories and struggles; the singers often tap raw emotion in their deliveries, and the rappers weave their stories in cohesive, flowing rhymes. The production is simple but effective, as beats and some digital orchestration support and provide the dark hues to color these stories. “All I Have” is a revealing listen that takes listeners inside the psyche of recovery and putting lives back together. Hopefully through this project, the song creators can purge their demons and move forward toward total recovery and better lives. (The CD can be obtained by contacting either Larry Breedlove or Luke Pfister through the website

DEADLINE for FEBRUARY... TUESDAY, JANUARY 20th! MMC 19 issue goes in all the goodie bags. Great additional exposure for all our advertisers

COVE FORGE MUSIC PROGRAM - “ALL I HAVE” (no label) Music reminds the world from time to time that it can be a healing force; it can rally people in times of turmoil and crisis, it can boost the morale of individuals fighting adversity, it can reach and communicate, and it can be therapeutic in easing emotional pain. The Blair County location of Cove Forge Behavioral Health System, a drug and alcohol treatment facility located in Williamsburg, started a music program three years ago. The program enables the facility’s clients to create and perform music, including their own original compositions, in front of the Cove Forge community. January, 2015



CLASSIFIED NOTES BUSINESS CLASSFIEDS WANTED: WE PAY CASH for used guitars, amps, effects, etc!!! Call Matt at Creter Guitar Shop, Jonestown at 717-8653677. We also do guitar repairs and have a variety of lessons available. WANTED: Vintage guitars, basses, amps, banjos, etc. Fender, Gibson, Martin,


Rickenbacker, Gretsch, etc. Top dollar paid! Call Player’s Exchange at 717975-2385 or stop by and see us at 225 S. Third St. Lemoyne, PA. Email: THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR RECORDING DOLLAR: Celebrating our 30th year in business. Pro Tools, HD3/Accel, 192k Interface, 2 inch 24 track analog, 16 channels of API outboard mic pres, Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit, SWR 7 GK


bass amps, Marshall half stack, Fender twin & Bassman guitar amps, Hammond B-3, Yamaha C7 grand piano. Authorized Pro Tool dealers. CD/DVD duplication on site 3 CCC Video Services. 5.1 surround mixing. $300 per day., Altoona PA. Phone 814944-2406. RIGHT COAST RECORDING: State of the art vintage recording environment with years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers. www.rightcoastrecording.c om Phone 717-560-1530.

WANTED TO BUY: Piano sheet music. Call 717-250-4798. FOR SALE: Music Store, complete stock and displays. M o e ’ st Everything Muse 825 Ann Street, Stroudsburg, PA 18360.Call 570-223-6900 shop or 570-350-2962 cell. WANTED: ARTIST to sponsor. This deal includes one of my guitars as well as maintenance on your other instruments. To be considered for this sponsorship you must be a working musician (band) playing a minimum of 8 gigs per month over the past year and have future continued on next pg...

January, 2015

bookings showing this to be a continuing schedule. At least 50% of your show must be performed with an acoustic guitar. Musical genre is not important. Would prefer someone playing the northeast circuit but will consider artists playing in larger local markets. Anyone interested should contact me. Please post and share this anyplace you think would be appropriate. Brian Howard Guitars 717-5669883 www.brianhowardguitars. com Please say, “I saw your ad in the PENNSYLVANIA MUSICIAN MAGAZINE” FOR SALE: Personal Collection 7,200 Country 45’s with origianl papers and picture sleeves. Very good condition, asking $1,800. 814-765-1222. Ask for Don. FOR SALE: 700 33 1/3 Records all in sleeves for $100; 700 45’s records all

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continued on next pg...

FOR SALE: Multitrack recorders. Tascam. (3) DA88’s, (1) DA-38 and (1)RC-848. Includes sync cables w/balanced snakes, rack cases and custom oakremote control stand. Leave message. 610-4880914.

Looking for Musicians or want to join a band? Check the classifieds in the hard copy and on line at

Deadline to place a FREE Classified for Musicians Wanted & Musicians Available is the 20th of each preceding month. Email your classified today... January, 2015



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MUSICIANS WANTED: continued on next page...

January, 2015

WANTED: Bass player. Loud, dancible, 80s cover band with mgt, Lebanon area, must be willing to do at least one show a week. Serious o n l y. realrockisback77@yahoo.c om

equipment after the show. Pay based on experience. We play south central PA and the Baltimore area periodically and need dependable person to do the job. Call Rich for details 717-421-2095

WANTED: Guitarist FMJ Entertainment hiring advanced level Guitarist for Hard Rock Cover Show. Guaranteed monthly WANTED: Drums, bass salary. Contact guitarists@ for rock, metal, original band. vocals helpful. Immediate work. No tired WANTED: Musicians. music recording studio Drummer and guitarists P.A. Sheet music provided. Lebanon area, starting hard Non-dictatorship. Wilkes- rock band, experience Barre area. 570-654-0700. preferred, vocals, bass, and lead/rhythm guitar needed. WANTED: Gun Metal Have jam space. Contact Gray is looking for their A n t h o n y @ next bass player!! Send your submission, including o r Chris at a bio and pictures or video to: WANTED: Roadie for the NO drugs and NO Happenstance Band. Run excessive drinking. lights and unload and load

WANTED: Musicians Metal/rock, some covers mostly originals. Male/female lead, vocals,drums and bass. Career minded! Influences; Z a k k Wylde, James Hetfield, FearFactory, Lacuna Coil 717-770-9621 Eddie

WANTED: Strong lead guitarist and keyboarist with harmony vocals for original project, including recording session at WVIA Studios and pending television show. “I’ve got the material!” Live regional gigs are a strong possibility also. (Scranton, Wilkes-Barre area). contact Daid at 570-899-2272 or

WANTED: Part time Lead Singer ! Just looking for fun, no pressure, male or female, that wants to rock in a part time Variety Rock Band! No ego’s, we laugh at practice not scream at each other, We have the gear and do a wide variety from John Cougar to Social continued on next page...

January, 2015



Distortion to U2 and Jason WANTED: Musicians: Aldean, Just fun Bar Music Previously full-time band ! Text 717-982-3999 (The Roadsters) now reforming. Looking for WANTED: Musicians. dedicated drummer, keys Theatrical Goth metal & guitar. Genre: Late 60’sband. Mostly originals. Today. Serious players Drums, bass and lead._ contact: Type O, Xandria, After Forever, Coal Chamber are a few influences._717- WANTED: Musicians for 770-9621. a rock/metal cover, tribute, original band in WANTED: Lead Guitarist. Norristown, PA. Call 621AD is looking for a Danny: 610-290-3492 or lead guitar player to email: complete their lineup. They are an Original band from Lancaster, PA Ryan WANTED: Musicians. Knox at 717-201-9449. That 70’s Rock Band is looking for musicians and WANTED: Musicians. lead vocalist. Berks Metal Core singer looking County, PA. contact: Dave, to start or join a Christian 610-406-5535. Metal Core band. Must have faith in Jesus Christ. WANTED: Bassist. All Location Honey Brook, original Lancaster based PA. Please call Rob 717- Christian progressive metal 327-5968. b a n d n a m e d Axiom Inherent is seeking WANTED: Professional likeminded bassist. Email drummer looking for professional musicians. US m. Tour followed by World Tour. I have management WANTED: Musicians. and equipment sponsors. Autumns Golden Oldies, Full time gig. If qualified, working 50’s/60’s band let’s talk!! NY 631-428- looking for lead guitar and 5494 or PA 570-254-8142 keyboard player vocals a or CA 805-637-7249 plus. Call Randy 570-8986888 (Northumberland, WANTED: Led Zeppelin Union County). tribute band auditioning for Robert Plant and WANTED: Musicians. Jimmy Page. Must look the Metal Core singer looking part. Professionals only to start or join. A Christian please. Call 570- 498- Metal Core band. Must 2848.

have faith in Jesus Christ . Location Honey Brook PA. Please call Rob 717- 3275968. WANTED: Drummer wanted for all original band. We play rock/hard rock. Must have equipment, transportation, and experience. 717-7122008 or 717-418-0020. WANTED: Female vocalist! Harrisburg and vicinity. Original / cover projects. Acoustic and electric positions available. Dedication a must! Top pay and top venues, must be able to play full schedule. Contact Willy G. at 717- 805-1302. WANTED: Part time lead singer! Just looking for run, no pressure, male or female, that wants to rock in a part time Variety rock band. No egos, we laugh at practice, not scream at each other. We have the gear and do a wide variety from John Cougar to social Distortion to U2 and Jason Aldean, just fun bar music. Text 717-982-3999.

MUSICIANS AVAILABLE AVAILABLE: Vocalist looking to join or start a band. Classic, Southern country or Blues, Rock. Influences include anything from A to Z. Lots of experience and stage time. CallKevin 717-2588719. AVAILABLE: Percussionists. Free to travel. Studio basement with drums located in Lancaster. Any genre. Congas, washboards etc. since 60’s. Jim. Email Call 717-380-2717. AVAILABLE: Beginner guitarist looking to form black metal band. Age 26. Over one year experience. Looking for dedicated musicians. Send pictures of yourself if interested. Email” AVAILABLE: Guitar player available, State college area, experienced , looking for people to jam with. Heavy influenced. Call Justice 410-353- 3425

WANTED: Drummer. All original rock band seeking serious minded drummer. Our sound is similar to Clash/Elvis/ Costello U2. Located in Lancaster AVAILABLE: Drummer county. Call Matt at 717Professional /Experienced 606-2749. looking for band in York, Harrisburg, Lancaster area.

Rock n Roll, Blues, Soul, Country or whatever email AVAILABLE: Lead Singer from Northumberland county looking for classic rock band. Many years of stage experience, no drama or egos, contact: frontman_classic_rock@ya AVAILABLE: Metal Core singer looking to start or join a Christian Metal Core band. Must have faith in Jesus Christ. Location Honey Brook, PA. Please call Rob 717-327-5968. AVAILABLE: Professional rock drummer available in Altoona area for established working band. 30+ years, Covers, Originals, and Studio, most recent: Half Tempted, HyTyde, Erik @ 814-3815312. AVAILABLE: Female Vocalist would like to join or start a band. Age 25. Country, R o c k , P o p persuasion. Does not play any instruments. Cambria/ Blair County. 814-3815845. AVAILABLE: Professional drummer looking for professional band that is currently touring or ready to tour but needs drummer. I have management and equipment sponsors, plus more! Let’s talk!! NY 631-428-5494 or PA 570254-8142 or CA 805-6377249. AVAILABLE: Looking for a Classic Rock, Blues, or Country Band. A weekend gig here and there would be nice. Professional equipment and transportation, No drugs or booze. Email: m AVAILABLE: Rock ‘N’ Rollin’ guitarist belting out what most can’t or don’t want to learn. I’m disappointed looking for quality players that can

make the grade. 717-3034211. AVAILABLE: Professional Drummer looking for professional working and to tour. i have management and equipment sponsors. Can bring lots to the table. If serious let’s talk! 631-4285494 or 570-254-8142. AVAILABLE: Versatile Bass Player available with strong vocals for fill-in or position in classic, modern rock band or acoustic. Have good equipment, transportation. 35 years experience. 610-451-3824 AVAILABLE: Female vocalist looking to start rock band in Lancaster County. Musicians ages40-60, genre 1960’s-today. Experienced and dedicated only need apply. 717-6824987 AVAILABLE: Bass player with over 30 years experience available, based in Lancaster, PA. Samples of work available. 508735-8197 AVAILABLE: Harrisburg area acoustic upright and electric bass player, singer/ songwriter looking to add to a duo or other. Enjoy country, bluegrass, folk or acoustic rock. Enjoy what I’m doing but miss the really strong harmony. Looking to be your third part for covers and originals. Call Mike 717565-0539 or email AVAILABLE: Rhythm Guitarist looking to join fun group playing 80’s style rock. Some originals too. State College area. Early 40’s. Call anytime. 814-342-9123. AVAILABLE: Bassist / strong lead and harmony vocals; Also play guitar and have originals: Available for working band or musical situation in Wilkes-Barre / Scranton area. Call David 570-8992272. 30


January, 2015

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