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Catalogue 2011/12

Seeing Solutions

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Entry Level Magnifiers

Key Features throughout this catalogue For an overview of each products key features there are a set of icons in the top right hand corner of each product. These will allow you to quickly find the information you need. 5x20x Magnification Range* 1.8” 4:3

8 HR



Enhanced Black/White

Wireless Operation

Screen Size and Ratio

Enhanced Colours

Battery Life (hours)

Distance Viewing


High Definition System

Speech Output

Home Warranty


USB 2.0

USB Connectivity

* on a 20-inch screen if not otherwise stated

SeeTV Television Glasses


The SeeTV glasses are designed to make watching TV easier and more comfortable. You can focus on objects from distances of 5 feet to infinity and are perfect for watching sporting events, films, theatre productions, bird watching, gardening, or any other distance viewing activity in which a magnified image would be helpful. They are focus adjustable, light weight and offer a new approach to watching television, allowing viewing in comfort. Unlike similar products, they are very durable and not easy to break.

ReadTV Wireless

8 HR



The ReadTV is a low cost way of reading books and magazines at home. Sit back in your armchair and magnify text onto your television without any wires. Connect the base station to your TV through the SCART or AV socket and just lift the mouse off when you need to read. • Compatible with any TV/monitor using video input • Displays in full colour, enhanced positive and negative • Zoom in/out in steps digitally • Freeze & unfreeze current image • Unique built-in guiding wheel mechanism keeps you in line

Also available is the ReadTV with a 4m cable, for a non-wireless alternative Pamtrad Customs Tel: 0115 981 6636 email: website:


Handheld Magnifiers



3 HR

3.5” 4:3

A-Max is a very useful pocket electronic magnifier that fits into the palm of your hand. Its 3.5-inch screen makes it the ideal next step for people who are having difficulty using a magnifying glass. Slim and discreet, it displays a clear image when held over text or pictures. The clip-on stand has retractable legs making it easy to focus. A-Max magnifies from 3 to 13 times in full colour, Grey scale, enhanced black on white and enhanced white on black, making print very easy to see. The built-in rechargeable batteries give up to 4 hours use between charges. Supplied with a clip-on stand, charger, soft case and full instructions. l Can be used in any lighting conditions even total darkness. l Freeze frame locks the picture, great for entering phone numbers into a telephone. l Very fast refresh rate with no image break-up or delay. l Adjustable brightness and contrast for different light conditions.



5 HR

4.3” WIDE

A superior, easy-to-use electronic magnifier with a large screen and large buttons. Switch it on, place it on a book and a perfect image is presented. Magnification from 2.8x to 16x. This great all-rounder is the perfect companion, making the reading of small print so easy. Compare the Eye-C to any similar product and see the difference: l Clearer image, NO picture break-up l Up to 6-hours battery life between charges. Full colour mode with enhanced positive and negative imaging and false colours. The Eye-C has it all. Freeze-frame, writing legs and adjustable brightness. Supplied with charger, leatherette case, shoulder strap, wrist strap and full instructions. Pamtrad Customs Tel: 0115 981 6636 email: website:


Portable Magnifiers

Visio Book


12” 16:10



A stylish desktop magnifier that folds up to the size of an A4 book. There is nothing else like it, the ideal friend to have around when you need it, and easy to put away when you don’t. The Visio Book is a battery/mains magnifier with a crystal-clear, high definition picture. Magnifying up to 30 times, its uses are limitless. In the kitchen, lounge or classroom, what easier way to read that small print. The built-in batteries allow it to be used literally anywhere even in an aeroplane. Carry it around in your bag just in case you need it. Full autofocus, natural colour, high definition picture with enhanced positive and negative images. Seven artificial colour displays and distance viewing are an option. Easy-to-use recessed buttons make it ergonomically attractive. It folds away in less than 5 seconds and lasts up to 4 hours between charges. Supplied with: charger and case.



3 HR

15” 4:3



Ideal for class room use, the battery/mains operated View provides distance viewing as well as desk viewing with its rotatable camera. This is a classic all-round electronic magnifier with a proven track record. It folds completely flat for transportation and storage, yet still boasts a large 15-inch screen. There’s an optional feature pack of false colours, lines and masks which can be purchased if required. Supplied with case & wheels for mobility and protection.

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Desktop Magnifiers



19” 4:3



Sleek, Reliable and Stylish The popular Visio 19-inch is ideal for users who like a static magnifier in their home. Visio is loved by many for its practicability and simplicity. The Visio is slim and light enough to be carried by a handle fitted to the top of the unit. Reading and practical jobs are no problem. Generous space between the table and the camera allow for a variety of tasks. Writing and filling in crosswords is easy and no adjustment is required. Find out what’s on the TV, the Visio is ideal to have around. The intuitive control panel makes reading fun and enjoyable again, allowing you to change colours and make the text larger and smaller. Look at family photographs in beautifully enlarged natural colour again. Faint writing, receipts and packets straight out of the freezer are also easy to read by enhancing the text. This feature is unique to the Visio.

Trolley/table Is space in your home an issue? We provide a specially built, affordable, zero gravity height adjustable trolley/table for the Visio.

Visio HD


22” 19:9



High Definition systems give crystal clear images at all magnifications. The large 22-inch screen gives a massive field of view and pin-point clarity at low magnifications. Colours are well defined and the magnification range is larger. These are just some of the Visio HD’s advantages. See the difference, it’s amazing. Built on the same frame as the Visio 19, it maintains all the features of the 19 including its sleek non-bulky look which is aesthetically pleasing to any room. See high-detail maps, photographs and recipes like you used to see them. Pamtrad Customs Tel: 0115 981 6636 email: website:




USB 2.0


Easy Computer Magnification with Speech At last, a magnification/speech program for the computer that doesn’t require installation. Carry it with you and plug it into any computer and it works. No keys to press and no files are transferred at all onto your computer. Magnifying from 1x to 50x iZoom is simplicity itself. Use it as you would normally use your computer. CTRL + (up arrow) makes it larger and CTRL + (down arrow) makes it smaller. Ideal for people who don’t want to learn complicated key combinations.

As a USB stick As a Disk

Try it for FREE Get iZoom and the manual FREE for 30-days at:

iZoom’s unique font smoothing ensures the clearest, boldest characters become clearer the larger they get. Write letters, see your emails and browse the internet with ease. Human-like voices will even read them out to you. You will never get lost in a screen as scroll bars show your position all the time. Another magnification system will never be required as updates are all FREE. iZoom is also an option as a standard installation with a disk. Site licences and district licences are also available. Added features: l Posture correction program built in. l Dual-screen – 4 different options. l Supports 32 and 64 bit operation. l Supports networks.

Keyboards Having trouble seeing the characters on the keyboard? These high quality USB keyboards are available in two colours. They are full size enhanced 104 key keyboards with standard layout, printed in a big and bold 41 point typeface. This user friendly large print keyboard also has 12 'hot keys' providing easy access to common functions. Pamtrad Customs Tel: 0115 981 6636 email: website:





Powerful Screen Reader for Computers Cobra screen reader 9.1 English version is finished and now available. With its built-in screen OCR and Cobra Explorer (dedicated internet browser for visually impaired people) full speech, Braille and magnification access to the computer is easy and powerful. Cobra has set new standards in IT-accessibility solutions for blind and visually impaired. It simplifies Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 when using magnification, speech or Braille, bringing together all the functions of modern screen readers in a future-proof package. It can cleverly work out between what the user wants and doesn’t want and direct that information to the speech output, Braille display or both. Cobra doesn’t require hours of scripting for it to work. In many cases it will work straight out of the box saving thousands of pounds in setting up fees. Read those unreadable web pages by activating the screen character recognition. Cobra is particularly powerful where other screen readers cannot cope. Typical examples are: telephonist applications and applications where multiple screens are used. Cobra comes as: Speech & Braille, Speech & magnification or all three.

So why is Cobra different? l l l l l l l l l

Cobra can browse a live screen without losing focus The specially written Cobra Explorer internet browser gives easier access to the web. Read live text in Java, flash and bitmap images using unique OCR software. Split areas on a Braille display to show specific pieces of live information. Can support more than one Braille display for easy training Shows the screen of your mobile phone on the Braille display using Bluetooth The magnification has font smoothing, font rendering and graphic smoothing Supports multi-window magnification and multi-monitor use Magnifies from x1 including fractions like 1.2, 1.4 etc.

If you haven’t tried it then you’re missing out. Try it for free at: Go to the download tab and download the manual as well.

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Text-to-Speech Reading

Poet BE


USB 2.0


High accuracy, book-edge reading system. Newspapers, magazines, the Bible, CD inserts, food packets, flyers and bank statements, in fact virtually anything printed and the Poet will read it. Don’t try to hold a book flat, you don’t need to. Instead, place it on the glass plate and press a button. The Poet will read right into the spine of the book. The orientation doesn’t matter either, it works that out as well. Nothing could be easier. It doesn’t matter how thick a book or packet is the focus is always guaranteed. Lift the lid off if you need to read very large items. The Poet BE stores up to 500,000 pages of information and can convert files automatically to MP3 for listening on USB media players. Just plug it into one of the two USB sockets on the back and save. The five large operating buttons make the Poet a Large buttons Book-edge reading dream to use, just like the old tape players: play, pause, stop, forwards and back. Reading speed and volume are the only other controls. No complicated manuals or learning processes. The operation is straight forward. Scan while it’s reading to save time, entering large documents for future reference is no trouble. Compatible with all Baum Braille displays and organisers. Voice The Poet BE uses human-like voices (Serena and Daniel) for reading. They are clear with an English accent and pleasant to listen to when large amounts of text are to be read. Other voices can be added easily. The built-in speaker and headphone socket gives clear, good quality reproduction. Languages Poet BE can scan and speak in many different languages with the correct accent and intonation. Portability The Poet is light enough to be portable and has a finger grip on each side for easy carrying. The weight is only 5.3Kg (11.6 lbs). Pamtrad Customs Tel: 0115 981 6636 email: website:


Braille Displays

VarioConnect & SuperVario VarioConnect range

VarioConnect 12

VarioConnect 24

VarioConnect 32

VarioConnect 40


USB 2.0


VarioConnect and SuperVario are robust die cast aluminium Braille displays designed to be compact, light and elegant. These portable systems are great for personal, educational and professional use. Available in many dierent models: VarioConnect: 12-cell, 24-cell, 32-cell and 40-cell SuperVario2: 24-cell, 32-cell, 40-cell, 64-cell and 80-cell. VarioConnect was designed as a device for both Braille input and Braille-output and for use in combination with a wide variety of computer laptops and mobile communication devices. The powerful rechargeable battery allows you to use both the VarioConnect and SuperVario in Bluetooth-mode for more than 30 hours. When connected through the USB port of your computer you have the choice to either select the power source from the internal battery or the laptop battery. They only take 4-hours to charge using the external power supply.

Connectivity SuperVario 24

SuperVario 40

Baum Braille displays are compatible with all known screen reading software. They connect to the host using either Bluetooth, a USB lead or in most cases both.

SuperVario 80

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Braille & Speech Organisers

Pronto QS

USB 2.0

25 2

USB 2.0

25 2





Neat and practical the Pronto QS is the QWERTY version of the Pronto 18 with speech output. It is a powerful organiser for people who don’t use Braille. The functions include: calendar/diary, notebook, calculator, address & phone books, email & internet access, and immediate request functions: time, date, temperature, air pressure and timer/reminders. Spoken messages can be recorded using the built-in microphone. Listen to music using the integrated MP3player or Daisy-books. The Pronto QS communicates with other devices through the Bluetooth connection.

Pronto 18 & 40


The Pronto 18 & 40 are not just organisers they are capable of far more than that. With all the functions of the QS they will remind you of your appointments, help maintain your address book and take care of your everyday tasks using the many practical functions with a natural sounding voice. It’s a way of life. The Pronto 18 & 40 are fully working computers with a Braille or QWERTY keyboard. The 40 comes with both. You can keep in touch with the world anytime and anywhere via e-mail or Messenger. Pronto! 40 is the mobile organiser on your desk as well as on the road.




Pronto 18

Supplied with case, charger and manuals. Interfaces:Compact Flash Slot Type II, USB (Slave), Infrared (IRDA), Bluetooth, serial, PS2; Phone. Memory:

Internal: 64 MB RAM, 32 MB Flash Memory with SD-card expansion.

Pronto 40 with interchangeable keyboards

Pronto QS, 18 & 40 Applications: Address Book

Calendar with alerts

Date, time & alarms

Text Editor

Scientific Calculator

Voice Recorder

Compass, altitude & temperature

MP3 Player

Use as external Mobile Link braille display & Read/write SMS keyboard

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Public Accessability


Orientational support Ensuring the health and safety of blind people in unfamiliar environments. Safeguarding blind people in unfamiliar places is a difficult task but the Step-Hear gives a helping hand. Step-Hear gives useful information e.g. where the stairs or lifts are, where the exit is and makes users aware of hazards like a wet floor or a damaged carpet. Step-Hear is an easy and safe way to get vital messages across. The base unit announcement can be recorded in seconds and placed wherever it is needed. Multiple base units can be used. Each unit contains up to three messages, one for each button on the wrist strap. When an announcement is made no one knows who requested it so anonymity is ensured. It can be used it in places like scented gardens to give information about plants etc. The Step-Hear system is suitable for internal and external use, using either a constant power source, batteries or solar panels. This product is a must for excursions of blind people, and for use in hotels and access to large public buildings.

HOW DOES IT WORK? A A silent signal is transmitted from the Step-Hear announcement unit all the time. B The wrist band vibrates when the wearer is within its range signalling that there is relevant information. C Pressing a button on the wrist band triggers an audible recorded announcement from the static unit.

Tactile signs & maps There is a wide variety of high quality integrative tactile maps, signs and handrails available. These have high contrast prismatic tactile letters and clear Braille dots. There are many different formats and layouts in a variety of designs that are robust enough to be used indoors and out. Their unique manufacture is designed for the most challenging of environments. Tactile maps serve two purposes both for blind people and for sighted people so an investment in tactile maps covers all eventualities. Signs can be a mixture of Braille and text and where graphics are available they can be integrated into the chosen sign.

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Web Shop Visit our on-line shop For all your day-to-day living requirements we provide optical magnifiers, talking watches, clocks, large button, mobile and Phone Guardian telephones, diaries, calendars, bold-lined writing paper and glasses as well as larger items. You’ll find it easy to order and the prices very competitive.

How we can help you At Home For larger items we provide a home demonstration. This is free and without obligation. We will try to modify equipment to suit individual needs. Installation and basic training is included. At Work Besides an onsite product demonstration we also provide an in-depth report on their feasibility. Installation and basic training is included with all major products. In Education We work with you in your learning environment. Where possible we will modify equipment to suit individual requirements. Installation and basic training is included with all major products. For Professionals, advisors and assessors Every demonstration and evaluation includes a report and quote. This service is free of charge. Low Vision Optician

In Nottingham we work closely with SPX low vision opticians. If you would like to know more about your eye condition and what equipment there is to help you, make an appointment and call in. A selection of optical and electronic magnifiers are always on hand. SPX, Nuthall Road, Nottingham. Tel: 0115 924 4244

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Pamtrad Catalogue 2011-2012  
Pamtrad Catalogue 2011-2012  

The 2011-2012 catalogue from Pamtrad containing low vision aids for the blind and visually impaired.