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About Us MHL Custom is the premier facility in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for making surf boards, stand up paddle boards, kite boards, foil boards and everything else that suits our love for the water. We are equipped with advanced tools and skilled artistic labor to produce off custom creations, we strive to express innovation and artistic creativity.

Why Go Custom Different people, different water conditions and different styes are three main reasons why you would choose a custom board over a generic pro duction board.

A few things that we look at when building product: intend to achieve with their new board ing and what they hope to improve

Race Boards

12-6 Race

14’ Race

Unlimited Race If you thought that boards stopped

paddling. Wether you are looking to become the next world champi on SUP racer, or you simply enjoy

mate displacement board that offer solutions for a variety of conditions. the overall outline in the board, while

rules of displacement speed dictate that crafts with a longer waterline length have reduced wave drag allowing them to glide at a higher

large surf and high winds to mirror handles it all.

paddle boards. Simply put, if you are looking for the ultimate gliding machine, then you must try an un limited MHL Custom. Lengths vary son, but rest assured that there is

Our Boards

the market has to offer and make sure that our products are tough where they need to be, while maintaining a competitive and comfortable weight.

SUP Surf

SUP Surf ence at the shop, there are no limitations on what we can build.

Lift Foils Our foils represent years of design and tuning in order to create the optimal the potential for speed. In the process, we have developed a range of de signs to suite any riders needs, whether you are new to the sport or looking for the next thrill. construction is critical. Our process and construction includes the latest technology and materials in the composite industry. We spare nothing in tion characteristics.

The Lift

onto a winged surface and riding in three dimensions, opens the sport of sensations. Sailing upwind and downwind is effortless, which allows the rider an unlim challenges, maneuvers and speed.

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