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First Report for PAMSA IFMSA Regional Meeting of the Americas - El Salvador 2013 March 4th, 2012

First Report for PAMSA | March 4th 2012 IFMSA Regional Meeting of the Americas - El Salvador 2013 The following document is divided into 5 main parts, describing the most important aspects required and made in relation to IFMSA Regional Meeting of the Americas - El Salvador 2013, being composed mainly of: 1. Administrative Activities. 2. Pre-Regional Meeting Activities. 3. Regional Meeting Activities. 4. Post Regional Meeting Activities. 5. Fundraising Activities. 1. Administrative Activities: Introduction of the Organizing Committee: For internal arrangements of our NMO, there was a new call to replace certain positions within the Organizing Committee, being composed of: Maximiliano Velasco Zaragoza President of the Organizing Committee Sury Mayra Yaffar Flores Vice-President of the Organizing Committee Cecilia Alejandra García Sorto Secretary of the Organizing Committee Daniel Enrique Hernández González Treasurer of the Organizing Committee

Mariella Carolina Aguirre Candray Logistics coordinator William David Handal Villatoro Director of pre RM and RM training Douglas Manuel Rodríguez Erazo Director of scientific program Germán Carballo Zelaya Director of Social program and Post RM Fabiola María Mendoza Ibarra Director of Hosting Lorena Guadalupe Campos Martinez Director of Food Miguel Eduardo Treminio Quezada Director of Transportation Mario Guillermo Cea Carranza Director of Publicity Christian Alejandro Langlois Bichara Director de Sponsorships

Miguel Alfonso G贸mez Medrano Director of Multimedia Gabriela Cecilia Cruz C贸rdova Director of volunteer and Green Strategy Meetings: General Meetings: The Organizing Committee meets once each month, in order to discuss general aspects of our work. To date there have been 7 meetings in our quality of candidates and 1 meeting after it was formalized as the host. Our next two meetings are scheduled for March 10 and April 21. EB and PAMSA team meetings: In order to ensure better implementation of planned activities within the CO, there have been 2 meetings with Gen (VPI) and Coti (RC): we welcome both your comments and suggestions. The dates of these meetings will depend on the needs and availability of all parties involved. Meetings with presidents of NMOS: The Organizing Committee is interested in sharing the work we are doing, and also to hear your comments and suggestions, so that soon our RC will establish the timing of these meetings. Reports: We shall be presenting these updates on a regular basis, so that our work sent out to all members of PAMSA. It has been calendarized to present 12 reports in total; the next two will be shared on May 6 and June 3. Various activities: Ministry of Tourism of El Salvador: Periodic meetings were held with this organization, it is working directly in the planning and Carrying out of our project. Convention Bureau of El Salvador: is the regulator of all such events and is working directly in the planning and Carrying out of our project, being the link between private companies and ourselves. Ministry of Health: In the course of this month, a meeting will be held with our Minister, as this organization is interested in supporting our project.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: during this month, will hold a meeting with the Directorate of Immigration to see how to resolve the situation of those countries without an embassy or consular section of El Salvador in its territory. 2. Pre-Regional Meeting Activities According to the meetings we had with the EB and PAMSA Team, there were some comments and requests, some of these being: Dates: It has been requested a change of the proposed dates in our Candidature (3 to 5 January 2013, suggesting a new date (2 to 6 January 2013). Costs: It was considered that the current cost of our Pre RM is high ($ 12,604.80), so we have been requested to reduce its costs. Registration: Under our Candidature were offered an attendance of 75 people, but given the growing interest PAMSA we have been requested to increase the number. Trainings: 5 different trainings will be hosted, so we were asked to verify that the proposed hotel meets this need by ensuring adequate spaces for its realization. In response to requests made, the Organizing Committee has worked among others in: Price list: To ensure the change of dates requested, we have begun negotiations with the hotel we offered in our (candidacy/period) and new options are being evaluated, in order to reduce costs and evaluate the possibility of increasing the number of entries. The two options that are being taken into consideration to evaluate the possibility of the requests made are:  Change the location to a hotel with more capacity and lower cost for not altering the budget and registration fee.


Change the location to several mini-hotels to meet the requested accommodation capacity, taking into account the cost reduction not to alter the budget and registration fee, trying to ensure that the social program and meal times are shared. 3. Regional Meeting Activities

Scientific Program: In order to ensure the inclusion of PAMSA in planning our Regional Meeting, it was necessary to develop a series of activities that allow us to achieve that objective. As the first activity, it was decided that the scientific topic was decided by PAMSA based on two proposals that we make as CO, which are described briefly below: Maternal and Child Health: Maternal and Child Health is central to the solution to many economic, social and community development problems in the world, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean, this studies specifically: Maternal and child from the area which women are of reproductive age, during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and child from birth, during infancy and childhood, and adolescence. The knowledge gained will allow us to know and manage risk and detect abnormalities for referral to a specialist in the area. It is believed to be possible to prevent the deaths of more than half a million mothers each year from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth as well as 10.6 million children under five due to preventable and treatable diseases. Health Systems: The health sector is seen in the crisis afflicting the countries of the region, expressed in problems of accessibility and coverage to health care services and the progressive deterioration of health of the population. Health systems in some Latin American countries experience, at present, significant reforms to improve their governability and ensure the, efficiency and effectiveness of its operation. It may be considered in several countries of America and the Caribbean, the implementation of social policies in general and health in particular which has been characterized by a lack of administrative continuity, a lack of evaluation of programs and a lack of accuracy of the target groups. Improving the performance of such systems should be observed closely as the success or failure of efforts in this direction can only be recognized in the medium and long term if implemented strategies achieve deepening and consolidation in a definitive way.

Soon a more complete document will be shared with you, justifying the importance of both proposals, so that subsequently our RC may establish and lead the selection mechanism by you. According to the meetings we had with the EB and PAMSA Team, there were some comments and requests, resulting in: Costs: It was considered that the current cost of our proposal is high ($ 147,718.00), so we have been requested to lower costs. In response to requests made, the Organizing Committee has worked among others in: Renegotiation: Since most of the budget contemplated for this part corresponds to services to conclude contracts with Decameron, a meeting will be made with the Regional Director of the same hotel chain that's scheduled for next week and aims, to renegotiate the current price. It was also decided to renegotiate with all businesses and organizations that seek to work. 4. Post Regional Meeting Activities So far there have not been comments or suggestions from the EB and PAMSA Team, however, some situations that have been conducted are: Renegotiation: In order to ensure that more people enjoy our region, all the proposals offered we have offered in our Candidature are being renegotiated, developing meetings with companies with which we currently work. New destinations: Given the short distances of our country and in order to know more about our region, we are evaluating to offer more national and international destinations. Rest assured you will love the new proposals, as well as the first we have offered.

5. Fundraising Activities Some situations that have been conducted are: Guidelines sponsors: A document divided into five economic categories has been created, contemplating the same benefits we offer our sponsors to reward their cooperation. The document is available if needed. Management sponsors: Letters have already been delivered, to 200 companies and organizations that can potentially become official sponsors of our project. The list of sponsors can be known at the end of our Application Packet. Fundraising Activities: In order to raise more funds, the Organizing Committee with the help of all IFMSA El Salvador through its Local Committees, has been developed activities such as:  Raffle medicine articles  Film forum "Why touch my patient?" Economic goals: As a strategy of evaluation continues, it was decided to establish the creation of economic goals every 4 weeks exactly, same as those shared with you in each of the reports that introduce them, to learn about the current economic situation:

March 18


April 15


May 13


June 10


July 8


August 51.50% 5

Septe mber 2


Septe mber 30

Total percentage achieved to the date this report is submitted (March 4th): 1.32% For any questions, feel free to contact us!


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