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The main reception and staircase area

The RIBA interior is the perfect representation of art deco. From the gleaming bronze sculpted doors, to etched figures on every glass screen and the repetitive wooden panelling seen throughout, the art deco is instantly recognisable, evoking the images of glamorous flapper girls and 1920s jazz. The exterior however presents two columns either side of the entrance(designed by British sculptor James Woodford), topped with sculptures depicting the spirit of man and woman as creative forces of architecture. They are shown as strong and completely contrast the inside image of glitz and glamour. Art deco’s use of highly reflective materials allow light to be bounced of the gleaming surfaces which is seen in the RIBA. There is a lot of open space throughout the building and the artificial light does not make up for the lack of natural light but the use of reflective materials throughout helps light bounce around in different angles.