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a P lace for Everyone


t is our goal to assure that the services that are provided through the Charles Lea Center meet the variety of needs that our constituents in Spartanburg County expect of us. With that in mind, over the past several years we have introduced a number of new services and supports with the intention of making sure that we can reach as many people as possible regardless of what their level of need may be. This year is no different.

We have been successful in developing and implementing the CLOUD/Transitions program designed to assist individuals to live in their own home or apartment with minimal supports. We also have successfully integrated technology into our service package to maximize independence. We started a new day program, Seniors Without Walls, which is designed to be more flexible and accommodating to individuals who may not want to go to a day program everyday. We also have expanded our employment program to support individuals who are interested in working in the community and in small business enterprises. Most recently we have been working with the Department of Developmental Disabilities and Special Needs (DDSN) to develop several homes that support individuals with significant medical and health related issues who otherwise would need to be in a nursing home. All these different models really serve one and only one purpose, namely to provide a wide range of service options so that we can support individuals who may need more specialized services in the community. We are proud of the innovations that we have been able to develop. However, they would mean very little unless they had the desired effect of supporting individuals in the way that best suits their individual needs, while at the same time maximizing their dignity and independence.

This year we were asked to present and participate in a number of state, national and international conferences where we had the opportunity to share our stories. While we received a lot of positive responses from these conferences on some of our innovative models of service, we are most proud of the fact that people recognized that our services were focused on improving the quality of life of the individuals we support. Everything we do hinges on one question; How do we support these men, women and children so they can best live a happy and successful life? We could not answer this question successfully without the tremendous support of our Board of Directors, the Charles Lea Foundation and the community of Spartanburg County who all have been gracious in their support. However the people who do make it happen each day are our wonderful employees of the Charles Lea Center. It is their dedication, commitment and professionalism that they bring each day that makes us who we are.

It is all of you ‌ the Board, Foundation, community and our employees that I want to thank for helping us to meet our mission each day. I thank you all!

Gerald Bernard, Ed.D Executive Director, Charles Lea Center

Table of Contents Enhancing Lives. Encourage Dreams.........................3 Who We Are...................................................................3 Mission Statement.........................................................3 History.............................................................................4 What We Do..................................................................5 Core Values...................................................................7 Partnership Pledge........................................................8 Angle Tree Donors.........................................................8 CLC Board of Directors/Leadership Team.................9 A Place for Everyone..................................................10 Getting Hired...............................................................11 Year In Review.............................................................13 Living Options..............................................................15 Creating Opportunity.................................................17 Lee S. Poole Advocacy and Service Award............19

Charles Lea Center Budget.......................................21 A Culture of Choice....................................................22 Charles Lea Center Board/Staff................................23 Donor Lists....................................................................23 Memorilas.....................................................................27 Tributes..........................................................................28 Charles Lea Center Foundation Balances...............29

Enhancing Lives. Encouraging Dreams. As the first year of the Charles Lea Center’s strategic plan comes to a close, leadership wanted to publicly express the many positive changes brought on by the plan thus they developed this new tagline which you’ll be seeing – Enhancing Lives. Encouraging Dreams. Staff, who jointly wrote the tagline, said this accurately describes what they do everyday – work to improve the quality of life of the men, women and children who receive services at the CLC while encouraging them to do whatever they want – whether that means living independently, getting a job or just being happy.

Who We Are From newborns to seniors, the Charles Lea Center provides services that enhance the quality of life for approximately 1,500 children and adults in Spartanburg County with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities and/or chronic medical conditions. As a vital community resource for more than 43 years, the CLC provides innovative services that often cannot be found elsewhere in South Carolina. The CLC employs 525 people who are committed to providing compassionate care and developing opportunities that will lead to a better life for the men, women and children who receive services at the CLC. After opening in 1971 with a budget of $500,000 and 272 people who received services, the CLC’s budget now surpasses $25 million. The CLC is the county’s second largest nonprofit (after Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System) and is a driving force in Spartanburg County’s economy.

Mission Statement The Charles Lea Center is committed to supporting people with disabilities and special needs where they live, where they work and where they play.

Through the years.

History It has often been said that families have chosen to live in Spartanburg County due to the services and care offered at the Charles Lea Center. That is a testament to the outpouring of community support the CLC has enjoyed since it opened. Originally the CLC housed the Speech and Hearing Clinic and the School for the Handicapped. Throughout the years those services evolved into the array of supports offered today. While adults now receive the majority of services offered, this quote from the dedication of the CLC is as fitting today as it was when written.

The culmination of the dreams and efforts of hundreds of volunteers, both
 living and dead, the Center is a landmark in the diagnosis, treatment and training of handicapped children. It is certainly the most complete center for such a program in the Southeast and perhaps the nation. ­– Spartanburg Herald-Journal, October 24, 1971 Dedication of the Charles Lea Center


What We Do There are few places in South Carolina offering the breadth of services the Charles Lea Center provides.

Residential Supports

Day Programs

Also referred to as Living Options, individuals reside in one of 61 homes and apartments located throughout Spartanburg County. Residents receive care dependent upon their needs.

The Focus of Day Services offers a wide variety of programs for individuals of all abilities and ages. The S.A.L.T. Shakers - Seasoned Adults Living Triumphantly, was designed for senior citizens with a developmental disability. The Visions program was the first in the state to provide care for those with intellectual disabilities who also are considered to be medically fragile and/or have severe orthopedic needs. One of the newer programs is Seniors Without Walls, which allows individuals to receive services in their own home, making it more convenient and flexible.

Through our Transitions program individuals are able to live more independently as their homes and/or apartments have been upfitted with the latest in technology such as but not limited to: iPads programmed to open and close doors, computerized medication dispensers and off-site monitoring. Each house and apartment is tailored to fit the needs of the people living there. The recently opened SECURE Medical Homes are for people who are considered medically fragile. Fittingly, SECURE means: Supporting Enhanced Care in a Uniquely Redesigned Environment.

The Focus of Day Services also has other innovative programs including: Learning Hands, Growing Connections, Ambassadors for Autism and Transitions. Look for this list to increase as programs are added dependent upon the need and the interests of participants.

WorkAbility At this 55,000-square-foot facility located in Inman, approximately 200 men and women complete work for both local and national manufacturers and businesses. Jobs include assembly work, distribution, storage, warehousing and more. In addition, WorkAbility has a contract to make military tie-down straps for the U.S. Department of Defense. All WorkAbility employees work about six hours, five days a week and are paid every two weeks.

Business Ventures

Service Coordination Our knowledgeable service coordinators help men, women and children who are eligible for services, as well their families, get the resources and care they need. Service coordinators assist individuals and families with meeting their goals so they may lead an enhanced quality of life. In addition, case workers help to organize respite services.

In many cases we have found it is more productive to form our own work crews in order to provide work for the men and women who receive services at the CLC, as well as people in the community who do not receive services but want to work. We currently have two businesses – the Clean Crew (janitorial services) and GreenLea Greenhouse & Groundskeeping. Both businesses have contracts with Spartanburg-area businesses while the Clean Crew also has a contract with the City of Spartanburg.

Can Do Kids This program provides support for children with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Our experienced and caring early interventionists work with children, from newborns until age 5, to ensure they get their best start. These early interventionists also work with families, to help them receive the support and guidance needed for their children.

Customized Career Network Men and women receive specialized training that will enable them to find employment in businesses, such as, but not limited to retailers, manufacturers and restaurants. After employment a job coach helps these people to adjust to their job and provides ongoing training and support.


Charles Lea Center Core Values Integrity

We are committed to the highest standards of personal and professional behavior and are honest and ethical in all of our actions.



We respect one another by valuing our unique qualities and individuality and embracing
our differences.


We walk the talk. 
 We do the right thing. 
 We are Honest plus Trustworthy plus Truthful. We do what we say.

We treat each other the way we want to be treated. 
 We listen to each other.
 We help each other.
 We respond to questions and concerns in a timely manner.



We are for and about people as individuals.


We help people to have a good day. We are all here to take care of the people we support. We care. We help people feel better. 


We work together to assure success in achieving common goals.


It is all about ‘we’ working together. We share information and listen to each other. We help each other. We work together to make great things happen.

Quality Services

We provide the highest quality services, supports and products that are valued by our stakeholders.


We ask the people we serve what they want and then do our best to deliver it. We make sure that the people we serve get 
 the services that they were promised. We listen to what others say. We do what we say we will do.

We value the uniqueness of each person and support their desire to maximize their full potential.


The people we serve and their families are the reason we are here. We treat everyone as a person. Everyone at CLC contributes and shares in our success. Everyone is important.


We promote innovation and value new ideas and experiences.


We encourage everyone to think outside the box. We are flexible. We encourage new ideas. We welcome new ideas


We know ‘there’s a better way,’ and are committed to finding it or creating it ...


We are always looking to get better at supporting the people we serve. 
 We want to make a difference in someone’s life. We deliver on our commitments. 
 We demonstrate our values and behaviors every day.

Partnership Pledge 1.

We agree to consistently uphold and model our Core Values of: Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Excellence, Creativity, Teamwork, People and Quality Services.


We agree to share information that is clear, timely and relevant.


We agree to seek out and utilize talents, skills and experiences to accomplish our goals.


We agree to do what we say.


We agree to include all the right people.


We agree to collaborate and support one another.


We agree to establish realistic expectations and share responsibility.


We agree to celebrate our efforts and outcomes.

2013 Charles Lea Center Angel Tree Donors Lisa Addington Trista Anderson AnswerWork Tony Ashmore Rita Belue Gerald Bernard Kenneth Bigsby Mary Ann Bobo Stacy Bobo Mr. and Mrs. Tony Bobo Pearl Broome Brenda Brown Jamie Duncan-Chapman Marie Clark Loretta Dylgjeri Paula Gaffney Mary Gainey Alicia Guerrero Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Henderson Cheryl Hensley Donna Horton Tawanna Jones

Ann Kelly Kathy Libby Suzan Mason Dina McDowell Karen Moore Andrea Morrow Cindy Nardi Vickie and Keith Noble Pam Prevatte Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Radford Brittany Ridgeway Nena Robinson Stephanie Tillerson Carol Tuck Rachael Vise Dale Watkins Mekesha Watson Tamu Williams Ashley Wingo Also, a big thanks goes to all of our anonymous donors!


Charles Lea Center Board of Directors David Church, President Col. Jennifer Kindall, Secretary

Mario Insabella, Vice President Chad Dalton, Treasurer

Ed Bouknight Ernestine Canty Stewart Coates James Edwards
 Dr. Heather Esquivel Elaine Freeman (Life Member) Carolyn Harbison George Holbrook Richard Hollis Richard Jolley John Kellam
 Dr. Ann Kelly
 Joyce Lipscomb Jim McCabe

Tom McDaniel (Life Member) Mary Etta McCarthy (Life Member) Dana Moore Elizabeth Patterson (Life Member) Andy Peake Nick Phillips
 John Poole (Life Member)
 Donna Shetley
 Cheryl Somerset William Walsh (Life Member) Dr. Larry Ware Lori Winkles Mary Worthy Barry Zachery

Leadership Team Jerry Bernard, Ed.D, Executive Director Jeff Ballenger, Senior Director of Residential and Family Services
 Cyndi Beacham, Charles Lea Center Foundation President Robert Decker, Chief Financial Officer
 Jamie Duncan-Chapman, MS, DCDA Director of Clinical Support
 Lois R. Durrah, MA, Senior Director of Community Supports
 Sheila Garrison, Director of Quality Improvement/Corporate Compliance
 Pam Prevatte, Director of Communications
 Steve Ragland, Director of Special Projects
 Mike Vasilenko, Director of Human Resources
 Tamu Williams, APR Director (Awareness, Prevention and Reporting Department)

a Place for Everyone


ur philosophy is pretty straightforward at the Charles Lea Center. We support people where they live, work and play. If we do this right, like we strive to do every single day, this means we discover what people really want and work to help them achieve it, regardless of physical and/or intellectual abilities.

Our supports are based on the principles of person centered thinking, where the men, women and children receiving services, and oftentimes their family, direct the services they want and need. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in society and have an active and vibrant life based on his or her interests and abilities. To that end, we are committed to being flexible to accommodate the changing needs and expectations of the individuals we support. It also means really listening to someone and finding solutions. This past year has been an exciting swirl of activity as we have been more innovative than ever. As for results - we are pleased with where we are headed and excited about the future. People who heard all their life that they would never live without 24-hour supports are now doing so. More men and women are working at jobs in the community and earning a paycheck. Many more are training and learning how to work in the community. Our day programs are expanding with more personalized supports. For us it is all about finding a place for everyone. After all isn’t that what we all want? A place where we can live, work and play … the way we want? We think so.


getting Hired

Helping people get what means most to them


ant to know one of the best cleaners in Spartanburg? Meet Laura Whitt, who works for ServiceMaster Janitorial Services and receives services from the Charles Lea Center’s Customized Career Network (CCN) department. Whitt goes to work several days a week, doing what she loves best, cleaning. “I’m just a clean person,” she said. “I always clean my apartment and if I go to someone’s house and it’s not clean I want to start cleaning.” When Whitt started talking with the employment coordinators at CCN she told them about her love of cleaning and how she would like to do it as a job. Now she’s been employed for almost two years, she’s one of the top employees at her job and she is one of the CCN’s many success stories. All of

this for a woman that never dreamed she would be working at a job in the community. In CCN the focus is on matching someone’s abilities, strengths, interests and requirements with a job that meets the employer’s needs. It’s a highly personalized process that usually forms a strong alliance between the employee, employer and the CCN employment coordinator. Virginia Williams works in packaging at Rustic Escentuals, a candle-making supply business located in Roebuck. She’s precise and very disciplined. She’s always on time for work and dressed appropriately. An ideal employee. “I like my job,” she said. “Before I was just so bored.” Both Williams and Whitt are treated as any other employee. And that’s fine; they don’t want special

treatment. They are capable of performing their jobs and they just want to work. Dozens of men and women are now taking classes on how to get a job at CCN’s newly re-designed location inside WorkAbility. The classrooms have laptops, iPads and computers where participants can practice their skills and look for work. Classes are held on topics such as how to dress appropriately and proper work behavior. There’s even a section on when to use your personal phone at work. The goal in this department is for employment counselors to work themselves out of a job … for people to do so well that they no longer need assistance. “I would tell anyone who was thinking of hiring someone to just do it, you won’t be sorry,” said Bill Monroe, co-owner of ServiceMaster Janitorial Services in Spartanburg. “Laura is one of our longest employed and best employees.”



Charles Lea Center Foundation Connection A grant from Women Giving for Spartanburg for $25,156 was received to up-fit the Customized Supported Employment Training Center located at WorkAbility. The grant paid for room divider partitions, furnishings, laptop computers, software, and training and certification for the staff working in the new career center.


Legislative Luncheon 1

year in Review

Annual Meeting 2 Legislative Luncheon 3 U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy’s Visit 4 PUSH America’s 5 Journey of Hope Stop Boy Scout 6 Induction Ceremony


Annual Meeting 7


Road Rally 8 Legislative Luncheon 9 PUSH America’s Journey of Hope Stop 10 Road Rally 11 Annual Meeting 12 Legislative Luncheon 13



Boy Scout 14 Induction Ceremony Legislative Luncheon 15 PUSH America’s 16 Journey of Hope Stop Boy Scout 17 Induction Ceremony Road Rally 18 PUSH America’s Journey of Hope Stop 19 Focus of Day Services 20 Beauty Contest
















15 14

living Options

It’s about where and how you want to live


ouses, apartments, supports, technology … living in a Charles Lea Center home these days can be like ordering from a menu. There are more options than ever before for individuals. CLC staff strives to match people with the supports they want thus creating opportunities many have never before experienced. Just a year ago Ansonia Byrd, Kathy Jo Frye and Tammy Robinson were living together in a transitional home, learning the skills needed to live independently. And now, they are enjoying living in apartments with limited monitoring systems. It’s like the best of both worlds. Each have their own space while friends and family have the assurance of knowing the CLC is still providing for them. “I love my apartment,” Byrd said. “I like being on my own.”

The CLC is a state leader in incorporating technology into living situations. Presently the CLC has 29 men and women who are living in homes or apartments that have some type of technology used for supports. These gadgets provide assistance or in some cases help keep watch of the person. There are two-way video cameras, motion detectors and other smart-house sensors. But for some, their desires are less and the ability to adjust the thermostat from their wheelchair is a sign of independence. Others have locked dispensers that sound alerts and dispense medicine at the appropriate times. In some locations web-based systems let off-site employees know whether the person is in bed, opening the refrigerator or leaving for work on time. It’s like smart-house technology that is mobile. And the two-way communication works similar to Skype.

It all may sound like Big Brother technology but it’s important to remember that there is nothing more Big Brother than having another person in your house. And of course, no one is forced to try it if they don’t feel comfortable. As the CLC is all about choices it recently opened new SECURE Medical Homes, yet another option for many. SECURE stands for: Supporting Enhanced Care in a Uniquely Redesigned Environment. These locations will provide medical care enabling people to live in a home and not a nursing facility. The residents of SECURE homes, due to fragile medical conditions, cannot live unsupervised but they do have a choice in daily activities. The new Seniors Without Walls day program allows them to stay home and work on activities or attend day programs a little later in the day, when they may feel more like leaving. It’s all up them. And that’s what it’s all about for us. Options to live, as you like.

Charles Lea Center Foundation Connection The Charles Lea Center Foundation secured a $35,000 Women Giving grant in 2011 to build a training apartment in the Life Skills Center at the main campus that is used to familiarize those moving into independent living situations with the electronic monitoring and accessibility equipment that enables and enhances their dream of a home of their own. Another Women Giving grant in 2012 funded installation of electronic monitoring in two transition-to-independent-living group homes.


creating Opportunities

It’s not about finding jobs; it’s about making them


ohn Daryl Watson and Chris Bensema look forward to work everyday. A week packed with hard jobs or working on a Saturday, in the hot sun? No problem. As members of the Charles Lea Center’s newest business venture, GreenLea Greenhouse & Groundskeeping, Watson and Bensema, who enjoy physical work, are thrilled with their positions. “These guys are gung-ho from 6 in the morning … they are ready to go, smiling faces all day, just loving to be outside and getting to do something a little different,” said GreenLea Senior Team Leader Dustin Gossett. 
“They tackle the job whole-heartedly. They aren’t afraid of hard work, they get out there and they know what they have to do and they get the job done and they are happy to do so.” From the Charles Lea Center’s mission to provide work opportunities for men and women with developmental

and/or intellectual disabilities, GreenLea Greenhouse & Groundskeeping was born. It follows in the highly successful footsteps of the Clean Crew, a janitorial service started two years ago. The GreenLea crew maintains the lawns at the Charles Lea Center’s main center, many of its homes and at WorkAbility. While the great outdoors and the lure of physical work attracted Watson and Bensema to the GreenLea crew, this was a new experience for them; neither had ever operated lawn equipment. As with any job, safety is paramount thus the Charles Lea Center put into place rigid training guidelines. The training mower does not have decks or blades so users can get used to the controls and just riding it. Other equipment has been modified as well. The training has paid off. Watson and Bensema can hold a straight line on the zero radius turn mower better than most. Plus they are all about details such as mak-

ing sure grass is blown off vehicles and sidewalks after mowing. “I didn’t really know what to expect; I had never worked with people with disabilities before so I was a little hesitant at first, “Gossett said. “I did not expect them to be as capable of doing the job as they were. It’s not at all what I expected.” GreenLea’s greenhouse division grows and maintains the flowers and shrubbery found at the various Charles Lea Center properties. Cynthia Nardi is the horticulturalist in charge. Her crew plans the popular greenhouse sales and makes sure the Charles Lea Center’s entrances and courtyards are inviting. Earlier this year they planted several employee benefits vegetable gardens where staff was free to pick the ripened veggies. As for what’s next, well, the possibilities are endless. “I see us venturing into other things, not just lawn, not just cleaning” said Kathleen Cobb, Social Enterprises Manager. “I think we have a wealth of ability at WorkAbility and in the community to do a multitude of things.”

Charles Lea Center Foundation Connection A $6,800 grant in 2013 from the Charles Lea Center Foundation purchased start-up equipment for the GreenLea crew.


The Lee S. Poole Advocacy and Service Award


stablished in 2010, the Lee S. Poole Advocacy and Service Award is an annual award established by the Charles Lea Center to honor and recognize the commitment of an individual(s) who has worked to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in Spartanburg County.

Past recipients include:

2010 – Elaine T. Freeman Gil Hooper (posthumously) 2011 – Al Brumfeld 2012 – Cleveland S. Harley 2013 – Elizabeth Patterson






John and Lynne Poole wiith Elizabeth Patterson (middle)

About Lee S. Poole Lee Sterling Poole was used to beating the odds. Born prematurely, his parents, Lynne and John Poole, were told their first-born son would not survive. Lee may not have thrived as other children, but oh, did he live, growing into a wonderful young man before passing away at the age of 27 in 2009. Lee loved life and especially his friends at the Charles Lea Center’s Visions Program and at
the First Presbyterian Church of Spartanburg. Watching the movie ‘cars’ on television with mom, dad and younger brother Brad never grew old. Zooming through the house in his wheelchair pushed by his dad was a highly-anticipated nighttime ritual. When his mom pushed him onto the floor of the South Carolina State Capital to advocate for those with special needs, her cause could not be ignored. And how could it with precious Lee at her side? Lee had a cheerful spirit and conveyed an energy that was contagious. Sure his life had its challenges but it never showed in his big soulful eyes.

Lee S. Poole

Today, Lee’s legacy to the Spartanburg County community continues through the Lee S. Poole Advocacy & Service Award. Lee represented all that is good and caring about this community. His life is not only a testimony, but also a reminder, that regardless of your situation in life, everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their potential and enjoy their life to the fullest.


The Charles Lea Center Budget Comparison FY 2014 and FY2015 DESCRIPTION REVENUE CONTRIBUTIONS Contributions - Foundation United Way Subtotal Contributions


STATE FUNDS State Funds (DDSN) SC Deptartment of Transportation Subtotal State Funds

18,000 32,000 50,000

21,998,052 38,000 22,036,052

APPROVED BUDGET 2014-2013 2012 18,000 2012 Indiv 3.96 Indiv 3.96 51,000 69,000 Benchmark Benchmark 4.08

2013 2013 4 4

4.1 4.1  

1,692,821 250,000 64,000 2,006,821

1,628,559 250,000 64,000 1,942,559

LOCAL FUNDS Spartanburg County Subtotal Local Funds

1,320,000 1,320,000

1,290,000 1,290,000

OTHER Program Service Fees Miscellaneous Income Subtotal Other TOTAL REVENUE

4.11 4.11  

4.08 4.08  

4.06 4.06  

188,832 140,014 328,846

106,362 26,600 132,962



4.04 4.04   4.02   4.02   4   4  

Benchmark Benchmark  

1 1  ==    N Not   ot  SSatisfied atisfied


5 5  ==    V Very   ery  SSatisfied atisfied

Total Sales   WorkAbility   2012-­‐2014   Total   Sales   WorkAbility   2012-­‐2014   900,000   900,000   800,000   800,000   700,000   700,000   600,000   600,000   500,000   500,000   400,000   400,000  

$773,441 $773,441   $559,864   $559,864  

$636,046 $636,046   Sales  Sales  

300,000 2014 300,000   200,000   773,441 200,000  

100,000 100,000   0   0  

2012 2012  

2013 2013  

2014 2014  

Family &  Guardian  Sa4sfac4on  2012-­‐2014  

EXPENDITURES Salaries & Wages Employee Benefits Payroll Taxes Subtotal Staff Wages and Benefits Non Employee Related Expenses TOTAL EXPENDITURES Difference in Revenue and Expenses

2013 2013 636,046 636,046

4.11 4.11

Employee Satisfaction Employee Employee  SSa0sfaca0on   a0sfaca0on  

4.08 4.08  

FEDERAL FUNDS Federal Funds (SSI and SSA Consumer Rent) Food Service Funds (USDA) HUD Reimbursement Management Fee Subtotal Federal Funds

2012 2012 559,864 559,864

Sales Sales



20,447,594 38,000 20,485,594

2014 2014 4.3 4.3


14,033,104 3,299,613 1,076,443 18,723,259 7,018,460

12,822,675 3,229,613 983,573 17,105,861 6,814,254

25,741,719 23,920,115 0



4.3 4.2   4.1   4  



3.9 3.8   3.7  



1= Not  Satisfied        5  =  Very  Satisfied


Charles Lea Center Foundation......................................................................................

a Culture of Choice

My life as a wife, mother to adult children, grandmother, daughter to remarkable parents, sister, friend, and community volunteer offers a lot of variety! I bounce from task to responsibility to personal time having made choices throughout my life that have prepared me and allowed me to live the life God has given me to the fullest. Those with disabilities and special needs want and deserve nothing less than options for daily living, and because of the Culture of Choice created at the Charles Lea Center, they have that. As Chairman of the Charles Lea Center Foundation, I am proud of the role the Foundation plays in making choice possible. Choices for Housing: Grants through the Charles Lea Center Foundation from Women Giving for Spartanburg allowed the Lea Center to pioneer adaptive electronic technology that enables independent living even for individuals with extreme physical disabilities such as quadriplegia. A training apartment funded by Women Giving in the Center’s Life Skills Center serves as the training ground for enhanced independent living through technology. A Women Giving grant also paid for overnight electronic monitoring in two transition-to-independent-living homes that has now expanded into other Charles Lea group homes. All this technology makes independent living possible for individuals with special needs where it was not before. No doubt about it – The Charles Lea Center is the model for other organizations to follow as they integrate technology to create choices for independent living. Choices for Jobs: When a directive from the SC Department for Disabilities and Special Needs (SC DDSN) encouraged expanding community-based employment outside “sheltered workshops” such as our WorkAbility Center, the Foundation again received support from Women Giving to up-fit a Customized Career Center to train individuals for the jobs of their dreams. Group classes on job seeking skills and individual instruction for specific jobs are now offered in a professional-looking career training center at WorkAbility. Job coaches follow individuals into real world job sites to insure their success. The grant also paid for an on-line course and certification for the instructors/job coaches through Virginia Commonwealth University. Choices for Day Programs: Individuals in developmental day programs at the Charles Lea Center have all kinds of variety in their days! Art, pet and music therapies, Seniors Without Walls, Snoezelen sensory stimulation rooms, parties and special events, an indoor exercise gym, outdoor LifeTrail exercise equipment bought with a Mary Black Foundation independent living grant, the Life Skills Center, and a new Boy Scout troop funded by 18 special donors … Rest assured that the Lea Center’s day programs are way more than adult day care! Through the years as this Culture of Choice has been developed at the Charles Lea Center, private monies have allowed the Center to step out front. Charles Lea had a transition-to-independent-living program two years before the State implemented its CLOUD program because grants from private funders allowed the Center to try what had never been tried before. When the State encouraged Customized Supported Employment, the Foundation secured private funding to do it right. Recognizing the need for more active living on the part of the people served, the Foundation found a partner in the Mary Black Foundation to make that possible with exercise equipment that is safe for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities and is even wheelchair accessible. And the paradigm shift that made this Cultural Revolution possible, two years of on-site consulting and organization-wide staff training in Person Centered Planning, was paid for with a Milliken Foundation grant through the CLC Foundation.

The Charles Lea Center Foundation is proud to fund along with many loyal partners and dedicated donors the innovation that allows choice for those served by the Charles Lea Center.

Anne P. Flynn Chairman, 2013 – 2015, Charles Lea Center Foundation Board of Trustees


CLC Foundation 2014-2015 Board of Trustees Anne P. Flynn, Chair David Moody, Vice Chair Charles Shartle, Treasurer Elizabeth C. Young, Secretary Deborah Anderson, RN Cathy Bagwell

Leslie Bailey Elaine Brackett Nancy Bain Cote Darlene Dickson Loreta Dylgjeri Mary Elizabeth Evans Donna Fritz

Foundation Staff

Tony Grant Marianna Habisreutinger Mark Johnsen Geoff Lemonds Jason Lynch Thomas McMeekin Melissa Morehead

Cyndi Beacham President

Michael Pack Norman Pulliam, Jr. David Taylor Stephanie Monroe Tillerson Janis Turrentine Sally White Kathy Zimmerli Wofford

Sandi Horowitz Foundation Assistant

Adopt a Home Mr. and Mrs. Tom Adams Adventist Youth Group Dr. and Mrs. Ashley Allen Ms. Deborah Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Tom Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. William Bagwell Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bauknight, IV Dr. Jerry Bernard & Family Mr. and Mrs. William D. Blackford Mr. and Mrs. John N. Boyle,III Mr. Clarence Brackett Ms. Elaine Brackett Mrs. Katherine Brackett Mr. Ryan Brackett Mr. Jim Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Norman Chapman CLC Finance Dept. Mr. David Church Mr. and Mrs. Grant Cobb Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cogan Contec Cooper Standard Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cote Mr. Todd Crocker Mrs. Betty Lou Fasig Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Flynn, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Foust Freeman Gas Mr. and Mrs. Max Fritz Ms. Sheila Garrison Mr. and Mrs. Will Gramling Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Grant Mr. and Mrs. Joe Griffin, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Habisreutinger Mr. and Mrs. Joshua M. Henderson Mr. Craig Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Mark Johnsen Mr. and Mrs. Gene Johnson Dr. Ann Kelly Col. Jennifer Kindall Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. W. Alan Lyles Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Martin Mr. and Mrs. William Mayrose Milliken Chemical Associates Ms. Dana Moore Mr. and Mrs. McCall Morehead Moveable Feast Mr. and Mrs. John Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Walt Novak Mr. and Mrs. Corry Oakes, III Outreach SS Class, Bethel UMC

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Patterson Mrs. Lynne Poole and Friends Mr. and Mrs. Emory Price Mr. Steve Ragland and Family St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church Sam’s Club Mr. and Mrs. Kim Senn Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shartle Ms. E. Ann Shepherd Mrs. Sarah Simmons and Friends Mr. Barry Slider and Family Ms. Peggy Smith Mrs. Kella Smith Mr. and Mrs. L. Terrell Sovey, Jr. Mrs. Richard Stox Mr. and Mrs. Jim Switzer Mr. and Mrs. Alan Tewkesbury Total Product Destruction Trinity United Methodist Church Bible Study Class Trinity UMC Mary Greene Class Mr. and Mrs. David Tyner Mr. and Mrs. Bob West Mrs. Sally White

Annual Fund Drive Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Allen Dr. and Mrs. Charles Bebko Mr. William Canny Mr. and Mrs. Alasdair K. Carmichael Mrs. Donna Cart Mr. and Mrs. Pat Case Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Cash

Cassel Electric, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James T. Cavalaris Mr. and Mrs. Norman Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Philip Clarkson Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Cleveland Shirley S. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Justin Converse

Dillard and Patsy Copeland Mr. and Mrs. John Dargan Dr. Heather Esquivel Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Feemster, Jr. Robert L. and Ruth Anne Hickerson Mr. and Mrs. Roddy L. Jeffers Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen I. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Spencer H. King Mr. Lee Manatis Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Mauney Mr. and Mrs. John W. Miley Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy Mrs. Sandra Parker

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas T. Phillips Dr. and Mrs. David B. Pitts Dr. and Mrs. Jerry H. Reitzel Dr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Rieth Mr. and Mrs. Marcelo R. Sandrin Lisa U. Schoer Donna and John Shetley

Bequest Brian Lawrence Fund

Harward J. and Annie O. Davis Memorial Family Fund

Mrs. Frank J. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Rhett Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Lawrence Sara Lawrence Ashley and Ann Parker

Harriett Gagnon Fund Hooper Society Dr. and Mrs. G. Ashley Allen Mr. Jeffrey Alwine The Arkwright Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stan Baker Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bauknight, IV Mr. and Mrs. David M. Beacham Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Bernard Ms. Elaine Brackett Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Bradshaw Mr. Glenn A. Brumfield Dr. and Mrs. Brant Bynum Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Canty Drs. Leland and Gloria Close Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Cogan, Jr. Cooper Standard Correll Insurance Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cote Mrs. Nancy Rainey Crowley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Decker Episcopal Church of the Advent Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Falatok/ Tex-Mach, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Smoke Stanley M. Pack & Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David H. Tyner Dr. Brad Whitney Mr. and Mrs. William G. Willard, III

Mary W. Walsh Charitable Fund

Elsie R. Wright

Episcopal Church of the Advent

First South Bank Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Flynn, Jr. Mrs. Elaine T. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Freeman, III Mr. and Mrs. William Gee Mrs. Joan B. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Grant Mr. and Mrs. Roger Habisreutinger Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Henderson George M. Hill & Sons, Inc. Interflex Limited Liability Company JM Smith Foundation Jacksons Grove UMC of Landrum Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kahrs Kiwanis Club of Spartanburg Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Laughridge, III Kenneth Leconte Mr. and Mrs. Barry MacDowell Mr. and Mrs. William C. Mayrose Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. McMeekin Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mize

Knights of Columbus Council No. 6076

Dr. and Mrs. David J. Moody, II Morgan Stanley Mr. Edward P. Perrin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Perrin Polydeck Screen Corp. Mr. and Mrs. John S. Poole Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Salley Dr. and Mrs. Olin B. Sansbury, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Simonet Mr. and Mrs. James M. Smith/ Contec, Inc. Spartanburg Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Steinberg & Associates, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William N. Turrentine, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Don Wilson Kathy Zimmerli Wofford Women Giving for Spartanburg Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. Wynn ZF Chassis Systems Duncan, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Zimmerli

Kiwanis Pancake Supper BASF Bommer Industries, Inc. Kiwanis Club of Spartanburg

Mr. Ed Memmott Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Miller Mr. Emory Price

Miss Evelyn Randall

Restricted Mr. and Mrs. Mario P. Insabella Jacksons Grove U.M.C. of Landrum

Lamb Foundation of NC, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Sydney McDaniel

Push America Women Giving for Spartanburg


RJ Rockers 2014 Action Printing Apexical, Inc. Mr. Larry Barnette Mr. and Mrs. David M. Beacham Budweiser of Spartanburg Mr. Jerry Camp Carolina Country Club Champion Investment Corp. Parker Champion Construction, Inc. Chartwells Mr. Timothy G. Chastain Mr. Arnold Clary Mr. William Conner Cooper Standard Cribbs Kitchen on Main Envirocare Mr. Tom W. Fenner Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Flynn, Jr.

Gerhard’s Café Mr. and Mrs. James B. Griffis Mr. James M. Harvey Hickory Tavern Mr. R. A. Hinson Mr. James M. Horn Mr. Justus Martin Huff Mr. Mark Isbell Mrs. Suzanne Johnsen Mr. and Mrs. Gene Johnson Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Laughridge, III Mr. Travis Linder Longleaf Holdings Main Street Pub Mr. and Mrs. Robert Means Meyco Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mooneyham NBSC

The Oasis Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Patterson, Jr. Mr. David Ponder Mr. Joseph P. Power Mr. and Mrs. Virgil E. Prescott Mr. Brian Pruitt RJ Rockers Brewing Company Mr. Charles H. Skidmore Solvay Mr. Stanley W. Sparks Spartan Federal Credit Union Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Tharpe Timken Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Wade Wakefield Automotive Group Mr. Garth Warner Mr. Taylor R. White Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Williams

Road Rally 27 2013 Action Printing Advance America Dr. and Mrs. G. Ashley Allen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allen Deborah T. Anderson The Arkwright Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stan Baker Mr. W. D. Bain, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Barnet, III Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Barnet Mr. and Mrs. William Barnet, III Mr. Larry Barnette Mr. and Mrs. John Barry Dr. and Mrs. R. Bruce Bass, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David M. Beacham Mrs. Ursula Bernard Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Bigger John and Anne Bomar Elaine Brackett Mr. John R. Burchfield Dr. and Mrs. Brant Bynum Mr. William Canny Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Canty Carolina Alliance Bank Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Chapman, III The Clinton House Mr. and Mrs. Grant S. Cobb Colonial Asset Management Contec, Inc. Correll Insurance Group Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cote Mr. and Mrs. Jon Couchell Mrs. Nancy Rainey Crowley Mr. and Mrs. Mac Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Dickson Diversified Pool Products, Inc. Ms. Loreta Dylgjeri Mr. and Mrs. David Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Esakov J.F. Floyd Mortuary, Crematory and Cemeteries Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Flynn, Jr. Mrs. Elaine T. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Freeman, III Mr. and Mrs. Max A. Fritz, Jr. Gernard’s Café Henry H. Gibson Family Foundation Barney G. Gosnell, CPA Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Grant Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Haas Mr. and Mrs. Roger Habisreutinger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harbison, III Harrison & Christopher Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Hollis Paul W. and Penny B. Hucks Inman-Riverdale Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Pinckney Irwin Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jacobs Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC Johnson Smith Hibbard & Wildman Ms. Wallace E. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kahrs Drs. Joseph A. and Julie S. Kavanagh Ann J. Kelly, MD Mr. Charles L. Kendrick, III Kohler Company Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kohler

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lawrence Mr. and Mr. Ed Mabry Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. MacDowell Mr. Zerno E. Martin, Jr. Mary Black Health System McAbee, Schwartz, Halliday & Co. James W. McCabe The Rev. and Mrs. Stephen Y. McGehee Amber McKinney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. McMeekin McMillan Pazdan Smith. LLC Mr. and Mrs. David Mitchell Dr. and Mrs. David J.Moody, II Kay E. Morgan Jeanie P. O’Shaughnessy Mr. Charles B. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Patterson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Perrin Phifer/Johnson Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Pinson Polydeck Screen Corporation Mr. and Mrs. John S. Poole Proseals USA, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Pruette Mr. and Mrs. Norman Pulliam Miss Evelyn Randall S. Michael Pack, Jr PA RJ Rockers Brewing Company Dr. and Mrs. Nayef H. Samhat II Samuels Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Shartle JM Smith Foundation Southeastern Printing Mr. and Mrs. L. Terrell Sovey

Spartan Federal Credit Union Spartan Felt Company Spartanburg Coca-Cola Spartanburg Regional Healthcare Foundation Spencer/Hines Properties, Inc. Steinberg & Associates, Inc. Mr. Wesley A. Stoddard

Mr. Andrew D. Strasburger Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Stringer SunTrust Banks, Inc. Tate Metalworks, Inc. Tex-Mach Mr. and Mrs. William Newton Turrentine, Jr. The J. F. Floyd Mortuary Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Walker

Shoot ‘n Shuck 2014 Action Printing Dr. and Mrs. G. Ashley Allen Atchison Transportation Services, Inc. Mr. Glyn C. Babb Mr. W. D. Bain, Jr. BB&T Vic Bailey Ford Vic Bailey Volkswagen Mr. and Mrs. Stan Baker Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bauknight, IV Mr. and Mrs. David M. Beacham Benson Nissan, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Bernard Bill Jenkinson - State Farm Insurance Agency Blackwood Associates, Inc. Mr. R. Michael Briggs Dick Brooks Honda Mr. Tim E. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Haynes Burnett Burts, Turner &Rhodes Ms. Kathleen Cates Chartwells Mr. David L. Church Mr. and Mrs. Ken Coesens Contec, Inc. Correll Insurance Group Costco Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cote Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Crowley Custom Forest Products Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Dickson Dogwood Partners LLC Dunbar & Zimmerli Outfitters Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Dunn Dave Edwards Toyota Thomas F. Eller, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Falatok First Citizens Bank

Dr. and Mrs. David Weir Ms. Ruth L. Cate and Dr. Charles White Mr. and Mrs. John B. White, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis White William L. and Peggy Wilson Zimmerli Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wynn, III Young Office

First South Bank J. F. Floyd Mortuary Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Flynn, Jr. Ms. Kathryn A. Foster Founders Federal Credit Union Freeman Gas Mr. J. Robert Freeman, III Mr. and Mrs. Max A. Fritz, Jr. Garden & Gun Magazine Gibbs Charitable Foundation Terry Gilmer Mr. Robert S. Gilmore Goldmaster Jeweler Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Grant Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Grant Greenville Vein & Aesthetics Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard Grommer Mr. and Mrs. Roger Habisreutinger Mr. Cameron W. Hamrick Mr. and Mrs. Lyman W. Hamrick Mr. and Mrs. Troy Hanna Harrison & Christopher Mr. and Mrs. Ben C. Harrison Glorian E. Hayes George M. Hill and Sons, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Davidson Hobson Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Hollis Mr. Lamar N. Holt Home Depot Inman-Riverdale Foundation Inman Sod Dr. John E. Keith, Jr. Mr. John Kellam Ann J. Kelly, MD Mr. Peter J. Kobes Mr. Edward Gray Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lawrence Mary Stewart Loring Mr. and Mrs. W. Alan Lyles

Mr. and Mrs. Barry MacDowell Mattress Max Furniture Liquidators, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Mauney Mr. and Mrs. William C. Mayrose Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. McMeekin McMillan Pazdan Smith. LLC Milliken & Company Mr. O’Neal Mintz Dr. and Mrs. David J. Mood, II Morgan Stanley Mr. Charles B. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Perrin Mr. Richard Petty Mr. and Mrs. John S. Poole Dr. and Mrs. Jan Postma Todd Ramella Ms. Eileen N. Rampey Real Estate Plus Mr. and Mrs. William Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rossi Mr. and Mrs. Russ D. Rudolph Jay S. Shelley Mr. and Mrs. Barry Slider Smith Animal Hospital Mr. and Mrs. James M. Smith Mr. Taylor Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ted Smith Spartanburg Coca-Cola Bottling Spartanburg Dodge Jeep Ram Spartanburg Gun Club True Timber Mr. and Mrs. William N. Turrentine, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Wakefield Mr. and Mrs. Lewis White Wilkins’ Opticians Kathy Zimmerli Wofford Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wynn, III Mr. and Mrs. Tom Young ZF Chassis Systems Duncan, LLC

Col. Jennifer Kindall Patricia Lee

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Poole Mr. and Mrs. Phillip K. Sinclair

United Way Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Canty Mr. John Kellam


Unrestricted Mr. and Mrs. David M. Beacham Ms. Mary Ellen Bianco Mrs. W. Marshall Chapman

Gibbs Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Mauney Mr. and Mrs. David H. Tyner

Mr. and Mrs. Burnham Uhler, II Mr. and Mrs. Lewis White

Wine Tasting 2014 Dr. and Mrs. G. Ashley Allen Deborah and Jack Anderson Monta Anthony Art Lounge Mr. W. D. Bain, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Baird, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Baker Laurie Babb Barnette Haynes Burnett/Mountain Outfitters Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bauknight, IV Mr. and Mrs. David M. Beacham Mr. and Mrs. David P. Berry Mrs. Louisa Berry Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Bigger Harrison Blackford Mr. Jack Blasius Ms. Marjorie O. Boafo-Appiah Mr. and Mrs. Koger Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brendle Dr. and Mrs. Brant Bynum Nancy Cote Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cote Darlene Dickson Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Dickson Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Easterlin Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Evins Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Falatok Mr. and Mrs. W. Russel Floyd Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Flynn, Jr. Greg Foster

Four Seasons Restaurant Freeman Gas Dr. and Mrs. Ken Frick Mr. and Mrs. Max A. Fritz, Jr. Jennifer Futrell Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Grant The Green Zinnia Mr. and Mrs. Roger Habisreutinger Mr. and Mrs. Troy Hanna Mary Jo Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Scott Heath Hodge Carpets Home and Garden Classics Inside Irwin’s Invitations on Pine Tom James Clothiers Karen M. Keith Ann J. Kelly, MD Mr. and Mrs. Whit Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Kinard Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lehner Mr. Zerno E. Martin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Mayrose Mrs. Cabell C. Mitchell Dr. and Mrs. David J. Moody, II Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Moore Mr. and Mrs. McCall Morehead Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Nash Mr. Charles B. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Perrin

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Poole Lynne White Poole Price’s Store for Men Page Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Claude A. Saleeby Holland Satterfield, DMD Carolyn Schoeff-Harrison Charles E. Shartle Jay S. Shelley Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Simpson Alison Smith Mr. and Mrs. Louis Smith Sylvia Spears Mr. and Mrs. Warwick Spencer Bonnie Starnes Stafford Jewelers Stitch Golf Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Tillerson Mr. and Mrs. William N.Turrentine, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Burnham Uhler, II Mr. and Mrs. Gregory H. Wade Mr. and Mrs. Lewis White Mrs. Sallie Perrin White Dr. and Mrs. Clifton L. Williams, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Winn Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. Wynn Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wynn, III Mr. and Mrs. Tom Young

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Habisreutinger Mozelle M. Lee Joseph M. McConnell NOVA Chemicals Corporation Sandra Parker Mr. and Mrs. Dwight F. Patterson, Jr. Southside Baptist Church Kathy and David Weir Elsie R. Wright

Ursula Bernard by Cyndi and David Beacham Jamie Duncan-Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Flynn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Habisreutinger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harbison, III Joni and David Hennessey Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hollis Michele Kraus Susan and Barry MacDowell Mr. and Mrs. John Poole Simplyhome, LLC Wesley Court Assisted Living

Memorials Bill Amick by Martha and Syd McDaniel Bessie Ball by Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Baker J. Russell Blackburn Al Brumfield Dorothy W. Cate Lee Caviness Martha C. Chapman Matthew T. Echols Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gillespie Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Haas

Raymond C. Bouknight by Ed R. Bouknight

Jerry Bynum by Buddy Burke

Olin “Bubba” Johnston by Catherine Patterson Gramling

Bruce Cash by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Flynn, Jr.

Willie Kirk by Cyndi and David Beacham

Wyleen J. Corbett by Dr. and Mrs. G. Ashley Allen Cathy and Billy Bagwell Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Baker Sally and Jerry Cogan Mary Lynn and Randy Conway Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Flynn, Jr. Donna and Max Fritz Joan B. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Grant Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Harbison, III Mr. and Mrs. Roger Habisreutinger The Charles Lea Center, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight F. Patterson, Jr. Elsie R. Wright

Susan Kochenower by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Flynn, Jr.

Robert E. Dellinger by Glyn C. Babb Dewey Foxworth by Martha and Syd McDaniel Ann Marie Hale by Joy D. and James R. Blanks, III Rosemarie and Randall Rogers Cleveland (Bubba) Harley by Al Brumfield Mr. and Mrs. Dwight F. Patterson, Jr. James C. Holland by Joe Klim Mildred Jellison Pisgah Baptist Church

Tributes Janis and Terry Cash by Mary Jo and Wendell Christopher Loreta Dylgjeri by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Rocks Sandy and Roger Fehrman by Ryan Fehrman Matt Fletcher by Mary Lynn and Randy Conway

Marilyn Kraft by Laurie Nivens Lanita Joyce Leake by Ruby and Marshall Meadows Tucapau Baptist Church Irene Libby by Cyndi and David Beacham Dr. Tim Llewelyn by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Flynn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tatum Flynn Linda Lowe by Newark Outbound Receiving Department Bernice Newman by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Flynn, Jr. Lawrence and Rachel Flynn Tatum and Margaret Flynn Anne Porcher and Haynes Burnett Eleanor Barnet Oppenheimer by Cyndi and David Beacham Nancy Rainey Crowley Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Flynn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Habisreutinger Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Laughridge, III Mr. and Mrs. William C. Mayrose Mary Ellen Wegrzyn

Anne Perrin Flynn by Patti Evans Edward P. Perrin, Jr. Kay and Perrin Powell Elizabeth Refshauge Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Flynn, Jr. by Lindsay and John P. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Lewis White Donna Fritz by Nancy and John Bane

Grace Cantrell Parrris by Al Brumfield Don Cantrell and Family Jeff Horton Insurance, Inc. Beth Magee Dave McFadden Wilma B. Shealy Sue and Michael Sloop Lamar Poole by Barbara Nurnberger Lee Poole by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Arthur Beckham Pate Dunbar Barbara Nurnberger Edith Ragland by Cyndi and David Beacham Caroline Frantz Lillie M. Somerset by Anita K. Bowles Spartanburg Methodist College Westview Baptist Church Stephen Willard by Dillon Drive Assisted Living, LLC Herbert B. Mercer Grace and Vince Poole White Oak Estates Apartments Residence Council Gayle Jones Yarborough by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Flynn, Jr.

Donna and Max Fritz by Susan and Barry MacDowell Betsy Funderburk by Judith and J.Vic Funderburk Mary and Jim Worthy Tony Grant by George D. Johnson Joel C. Griffin, Jr. by John E. Bauknight, IV


Marianna Black Habisreutinger by Loreta Dylgjeri Dr. and Mrs. Mark Hicklin by Mr. and Mrs. Lewis White Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Hunt by Mr. and Mrs. Lewis White Betty and Rhett Jackson by Sara Lawrence Christopher Laughridge by Marie Noelle and Jeffrey O. Smith Kay and Jack Lawrence by Sara Lawrence The Lesesne Children by Dr. and Mrs. Joab M. Lesesne, Jr.

Meredith MacDowell by Kenneth Leconte Polydeck Screen Corp. Jane and Jackie Queen Lee Anne and Joshua M. Stiles

Caroline Pulliam Drs. Bill and Elizabeth Joyce by Mr. and Mrs. Norman Pulliam, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Garnett Ramsbottom by Mr. and Mrs. Lewis White

Susan and Barry MacDowell by Fran and Fulton Ross Lee Anne and Joshua Stiles

Blair Reath by Tom Branch

Elizabeth J. Patterson by Catherine Patterson Gramling

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Spears by Mr. and Mrs. Lewis White

Hayden Phillips by Martha and Syd McDaniel

Gina Trakas by Mrs. Gus N. Trakas

Joy Phillips by Cannons UMC Friendship Sunday School Class

Mr. and Mrs. David White by Mr. and Mrs. Lewis White Mr. and Mrs. John B. White, Jr. by Mr. and Mrs. Lewis White

Allan Pruette by Mr. and Mrs. Don Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Don Wildman by Mr. and Mrs. Lewis White

In-Kind Loreta Dylgjeri Ford’s Drugs & Medical Mrs. Shirley Greer Milliken and Company Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mohr, Jr.

Lauire Nivens Obsessions Salon & Day Spa RJ Rockers Brewing Company Spartanburg Marriott Pam Stevens

David R. Stoltz O’Dell Vaughn Zaxby’s

Spartanburg County Foundation Special Fund Account Balances 7.1.13 through 6.30.14 PURPOSE


BAL. 7 /1/13

BAL. 6/30/14

Programmatic and Capital Needs

Foundation General Fund

$ 914,244

$ 1,106,953

Perception Court

Ethel Chase Davis



Programs and Activities of the CLC

Gilman S. Hooper Endowment




Beeson/Fogarty Endowment



Endowment/Capital Improvements

Larrabee Endowment



Summer Camp for McCarthy-Teszler Students

Brian Lawrence Memorial Fund



Benefiting Clients of the CLC

Oppenheimer/Barnet Endow Fund



Staff Longevity Service Awards

Elsie G. Tinsley Memorial Fund



Professional staff development

Lominack Endowment



Total Special/Endowment Funds

$ 1,699,724

$ 1,994,753

Balance Sheet as of June 30, 2014 ASSETS Current Assets Cash - Operating Pledges Receivable Net Disc Other Assets Investments at Spartanburg Foundation Equipment (Net of Depreciation) Cash Value of Life Insurance TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Current Liabilities Accounts Payable (To CLC) Payroll taxes payable Accounts Payable (Operating) Wages Payable Net Assets Unrestricted Temporary Restricted Permanently Restricted Current Year Gain/(Loss) TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS



219,130 174,276 50,000 52,250 269,130 224,526 1,678,820 1,970,854 0 0 38,050 38,974 1,716,870 2,009,828 1,986,000 2,234,354

56,437 9,281 1,008 1,061 5,200 0 1,373 1,694 60,028 12,036

55,848 77,216 1,615,532 1,823,766 21,000 21,000 233,592 300,336 1,925,972 2,222,318

1,986,000 2,234,354

The men, women and children who receive services at the Charles Lea Center want to send a huge THANK YOU! ‌ to you! Through the generous support of many people in our community the Charles Lea Center is able to provide an array of services enabling us to truly have

a P lace for Everyone.

195 Burdette Street l Spartanburg, SC 29307 l (864) 585-0322 l

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2014 charles lea center annual report  

2014 charles lea center annual report  

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