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About Pamporovo

PAMPOROVO The PAMPOROVO Resort is situated in the central part of the Rhodope, at altitude of 1,650m, at the foot of the Snejanka Peak. The climate of the region is characterized by mild winter, with more than 240 sunny days, which makes Pamporovo the sunniest mountain resort in all Bulgaria. The average annual temperature is 5.5掳小. Pamporovo is remarkably suitable for the development of ski sports, and has been recognized by a number of international organizations, including Neilson Active Holidays, as the best European Resort for beginner skiers with the Best Ski School of Pamporovo PLC for winter season 2009/10.

Almost all ski runways start from the Snejanka Peak, their altitude varying from 1,926m to 1,400m. The skiseason starts at the beginning of December and continues till the end of April. The snow cover often amounts to 2m. The mountain has temperate climate with Mediterranean influence, which is the cause for a long, but mild winter. An especially marked advantage of Pamporovo is the lack of avalanche hazard and strong hurricanes.

magical place, famous as the land of Orpheus and the cradle of the ancient Thracian civilization. The region also boasts the greatest number of centenarians in Bulgaria, environmentally safe food, inimitable local dishes, crystal clean air, and lack of industrial pollution. The high level of negative ionization of the area makes it the perfect place for prevention and rehabilitation of respiratory diseases, and for nervous system and metabolism disorders.

The unique beauty of local nature attracts tourists throughout summer, as well. The Rhodope are among the most picturesque mountains in Bulgaria, with authentic landscapes and breath-taking panorama, a

The Snejanka Peak is among the Hundred National Tourist Sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union.



PAMPOROVO The Pamporovo Resort has been offering various possibilities for practice of ski sports since the sixties of 20th century. The zone suitable for exercising of ski sports is a compact area located around the Snejanka Peak at altitude of 1,926m with a totally new modern look. It includes 37km of runways for alpine disciplines, 25km of runways for country-cross tracking, Fun park with a halfpipe runway, and a great number of stretches fitting for sleigh coasting down and free ride. There are several ski centers in Pamporovo from which the tourists can get to the top – ski center Bus station No.1, ski center Malina No.2, ground Studenets, Smolyan Lakes and Stoikite. They are starting point for skiers to Snejanka peak, from where start almost all ski runs and lifts. 4

ski zone Ski runs of Pamporovo are extremely diverse as difficulty degree both for advanced and beginners. Neilson Active Holidays recognizes “Pamporovo as the Best resort in Europe for beginner skiers” for the winter season 2009/10. The built two seasons ago Fun Park is gaining more popularity among extreme skiers and snowboarders and the half pipe is annual host to many prestigious competitions. Modern lifts, new snow processing machines, snow cannons ensure fast movement of tourists without crowding, optimal snow cover and excellent conditions for winter sports. Every tourist without his own equipment may rent such of the many ski storages with quality brands of equipment. Available to visitors are workshop for repair of ski and snowboards and first class ski school

for training of all comers. Special separate area for kids from 4 to 12 years old with ski centre Malina allows the youngest to make their first steps in skiing with the support of qualified teachers and instructors. Part of the ski area and emblematic place for Pamporovo is the TV Tower Snejanka, from whose panoramic terrace at 2030 meters altitude is revealed an incredible view to the mountain, the complex and ski runs are visible at a glance. On the south there is a fascinating view of the Smolyan Lakes. To the west rises the peak Golyam Perelik and great view to Rila and Pirin mountains is revealed. To the north you can see Stara Planina and to the east – the plateau of Rozhen and The National Astronomical Observatory.

Public parking zone

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VIP parking zone


Accommodation parking zone


PAMPOROVO The ski runways in Pamporovo have various degrees of difficulty, ranging from green – suitable for beginner skiers, to black ones – a real challenge for professionals. Their overall length is 37km and most numerous are the runways for beginner skiers – green and blue. The resort is especially suitable for ski running. The overall length of the ski-running route is 25km, crossing charming areas of Pamporovo to Mougla village, and the other way round. Pamporovo PLC has at its disposal seven pieces of snow-pressing machines of leading companies in this sector, such as “Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug” and “Prinoth”. The brand new purchase in Pamporovo is the latest snow machine model РВ.600 W Polar purchased during the winter season of 2012. The availability of ample machine park for runway processing, including 6

ski runs the latest model of PRINOTH – “The Polar Wolf”, brings about the excellent ski opportunities.

and statistics for full automation and increase the power and capacity of the system.

The company has been further investing in the expansion of the artificial-icing system. For this purpose there has been mounted and is now functioning a fully automated icing system, with a total length of the pipelines 13,860 m and 175 pcs of hydrating shafts. About 90% of the runways have been equipped with a system for artificial icing, which ensures constant snow cover throughout the whole winter season, independent of the relatively low altitude. The number of the functioning snow appliances within the ski zone amounts to 94 and their number are to be gradually increased every year. The system for artificial icing has been updated to the latest version “Liberty”, as there have been made extra developments, improvements

New last generation snow cannons for artificial snow, model ‘Rubis Evo’ and ‘Safyr Evo’ of the French company “My Niege” and of the Austrian company “Sufag”, type of fan guns, have been purchased in the last year providing 20% greater efficiency of artificial snow. The equipment of the power pumping station in the resort has been updated to ensure the maximum flow of water and increase the capacity of the system for artificial snow. In season 2013/14 the modern system of artificial snow cover is expected to operate 100% of its capacity, making Pamporovo resort with the most rapid and tightly covered with snow in Bulgaria.

PAMPOROVO The appliances serving the runway network in Pamporovo have a capacity of 11 600 people per hour. The 9 haulers and 6 carrier lifts of world leading companies Doppelmayer and Pomagalski ensure timely and comfortable transport for the skiers. Pamporovo possesses and utilizes a modern access system of ropeways, a product of the Austrian company “АXESS”. Four automat card machines have been purchased and installed for quick direct purchase of tickets and lift cards for half, one or two days. The main ski run for international competitions Stenata has been homologated and recultivated with new final base, meeting all requirements of FIS to conduct competitions at European and world level. Ski arena Studenetz has been completely renovated during the last year with a new main frame and extended approach to tourniquets.

technical facilities In the spring of 2012 from France was purchased completely new machine to perform the method Hydroseeding in order to stop the erosion on slopes and restoration of the landscape. By hydro mixture were recultivated and planted 28 acres of runs in the Stenata ski run and ground Studenetz, entirely on organic base to protect the environment. In order to ease the stream of tourists, to double the speed and increase the security of the customers, in the ski area has been completely replaced the mechanical part of existing lift No.5, connecting one of the key areas – ski centre Malina and peak Studenetz. The reconstruction is production of one of the world leading companies – ‘Pomagalski’.

provide update information about the resort directly on the ski slopes. Four electronic panels have been purchased and will be placed on the main ski centers – Ski centre ‘Studenets’, Ski Center ‘Malina’, Ski Centre ‘Bus Station’ and Stoikite. The digital system will inform tourists about snow cover, weather, temperature, time and the latest information for the ski runways and the resort. Ski patrols of police and ski instructors were introduced in Pamporovo in the last two seasons, in order to ensure protection of tourists on the runways, as well as to monitor their safety from possibly intoxicated visitors and skiing on dangerous stretches.

During the new winter season in Pamporovo will operate new online digital information system that aims to


PAMPOROVO Fun Park Pamporovo is one of the fastest developing projects in Pamporovo resort complex, which is implemented in partnership with TRS Pamporovo (Youth organization of freestyle snowboarders and skiers). The project was officially launched with the opening of the first line of the park during the season 2010/11, which quickly became a favorite spot for skiers and snowboarders. The main line offers various devices, boxes, rails, bends and jumps as the most attractive and unique in the Southeastern Europe is Half Pipe with dimensions 3.8 m height of walls and 105 m length. During the season 2011/12 the line was modernized and extended, so the half pipe reached shapes and sizes very close to FIS standards. The favorable location of the Fun Park to the lifts makes it easily accessible for both beginners and advanced. Line 1 (main line): 3m table top - 6m kicker - 3m kicker - 6м Quarter Pipe - 10m Step Up - 4m Step Up - 1m Step Up - Wall Ride - 5m PVC Pipe - Pyramid with metal “Oil barrel” - 6m King Rail - 6m Down Rail - 6m 60sm-wide Fun Box – 10m 30sm -wide flat - down Box. Pro-line 2 (Stenata-Studenetz): 3m/5m kicker - 9m/12m kicker - A frame/ king box - 12m tabletop / PVC rocket 6m PVC pipe (blip*) 8

Fun Park During the season 2011/12 Pro-line 2 was officially launched – the only one with similar proportions in Bulgaria which meets all international standards and which holds the biggest competitions in freestyle skiing and snowboarding – ‘Pamporovo Freestyle Open’. Until now the Fun Park hosted more than 10-15 small competitions, events, photo and video sessions as one of them – ‘Air & Art’ provoked more serious interest in its debut, offering innovative format, combining sport and art in one event. In the upcoming winter season 2012/13, Fun Park Pamporovo will continue to develop. There are provided enlargement and standartization of the Half Pipe to the standards of FIS, improvement of the relief in the jumping area in the upper part of the Park, three new devices, preparation areas, improvement of signboards and information boards and coverage of the entire resort, improvement of Pro-line 2, which will host ‘Pamporovo Free Style Open 4’ with the status of national championship on Slope style and Big Air. Over the past two seasons, Fun Park Pamporovo enjoys the great interest, which continually increases – not just among freestylers but among all fans of winter sports. For beginners Pamporovo offers professional training in freestyle at the specially built centre ‘The ride spot’ (TRS).


winter sports

With its excellent climate conditions, the new-generation systems and modern lift devices with high access capacity, reducing waiting time to the minimum, the Pamporovo Resort offers practice of different winter sports. Ski The Pamporovo runways are suitable for people of all ages, and with different levels of skiing skills. The degree of difficulty of the runs allows the ski area to be both accessible for beginners and advanced, alternating workload and relaxation on steep and sloping sections. In Pamporovo every visitor, no matter whether absolute beginner, or confirmed professional, is sure to find a place of fun, practicing their favorite type of sport. Snowboard Pamporovo offers marvelous conditions for practicing of snowboarding. In the resort is located the unique 105 m half pipe in the Southeastern Europe which hosts many competitions. The favorable location of the Fun Park near skiing facilities,

the attractive devices, challenging jumps and well maintained half pipe attract youths and adults among snowboarding fans. Free Ride Pamporovo nature and characteristics of the terrain are attractive and suitable of practicing freestyle snowboarding and skiing. Due to the diversity of its slopes and suitable forests, skiing outside the runways here combines the pleasure of free ride with safety. The landscape of the resort does not allow for avalanche formation, no sharp peaks and the chance of getting lost outside the ski zone is negligible. Motor Sleighs For the past several years Pamporovo has initiated the practice of another highly popular sport in the USA and Europe – the ski-do – motor sleighing. This sport can be practiced along a variety of slanting slopes and meadows outside the official ski zone. Motor sleighing also offers excellent opportunities for winter trips and walks with friends.



ski & snowboard training

Ski schools

Children Ski Center

The Ski school in Pamporovo PLC is among the best in Europe and has won a number of prizes and awards. The traditions in this sector date back to the beginning of the seventies of the past century. At the national championships of the Association of Ski Schools in Bulgaria and at the most competitions for ski instructors as well, Pamporovo PLC. Ski School occupies the top spots in all racing disciplines. For several seasons it has successfully partnered with snowboard instructors from TRS.

If you have children and want them to learn skiing, you can easily leave them to the care of the Children’ Centre in Pamporovo, where kids aged 4 to 7 are accepted, while the Ski School welcomes learners aged 7 to 12. The hall of the Kids’ Garden has a separate entrance at the back of the Ski-Hire Hall “Malina”, and has been designed to offer games and relaxation after the ski coaching, or sleigh coasting down in the children’s zone.

Neilson Active Holidays awards and classifies Pamporovo PLC Ski School in “The Best Ski School” category as the first-rank school in all Europe with prize “Marque of Excellence” for winter season 2009/2010

The Children’s Zone has been fitted with a special transport conveyor 24m long, which carries the child to the highest point of a small hill, thus allowing ample time to young learners to master ski technique concerning proper ski fastening, making turns and stopping. The area is also furnished with inflated tunnels, figures and arcs, which alone create fun and entertaining atmosphere. A graduate pedagogue and several ski instructors take care of the children and give them their first skiing lessons. The Children’s Centre staff speaks Russian, English and Bulgarian.

There are 11 more ski schools in the resort that managed to prove themselves with professional training during the last 10-15 years. The ski schools Aspen, Bulsport, Enjoy, Energy 2003, Interski, Malina, Mirone, Skielite, Stesar, Steve, Shoki, also provide qualified ski instructors and professional training for beginners and advanced tourists in groups or individually. 10


winter services

Night Skiing

Ski on Hire

The one enjoyment that makes the difference - an exciting and different entertainment offers Pamporovo to night skiing fans. The first runway for night skiing Snejanka No.2 has a track length of 1,176m, width of 60m, de-leveling 283m, and 28 projector pillars – highly difficult ski track. The night skiing on the Snejanka No.2 Runway is provided and catered for tourists with the assistance of PassengerHauling Lift ‘Studenetz’ No.2 – four-carrier with a fully lighted track, and anchortype ski-hauler “Stenata”.

A number of Ski-Hire Halls function within the Pamporovo Resort, offering ski and snowboard equipment. The Ski-Hire Depots are located in the three basic centers for uphill transporting of tourists and in the absence of your own equipment, the check-rooms provide the opportunity to hire quality brands of equipment (Atomic, Salomon, Head). In Pamporovo works a workshop for repair of ski and snowboard equipment, offering full service.

Lift Cards and Tickets For the first time in Bulgaria were purchased and installed four kartomats of the Austrian company “Axess” for quick and direct purchase and issue of tickets and lift cards through debit and credit cards. Lift passes and tickets can be bought also from all ticket desks on ski centers and runways. The price of lift cards and tickets includes mountain insurance, covering on-site medical emergency and transport to a specialized clinical unit.

Internet Cameras To ski-sport lovers the cameras, located at crucial points in the Pamporovo Resort, supply constant real-time information about the weather conditions and the possibilities for active tourism all year round. Husky sled Arctic sled with beautiful husky on the ski slopes of Pamporovo is one of the most popular attractions in the resort. Snow trip lasts 20 minutes, as all comers to stroll with the beautiful animals may benefit from the convenience and excitement to explore the resort by husky-drawn sled.



sport events

The history of European competitions in Pamporovo dates back to 1981, when in the resort were the first races, valid for European cup. The efforts to maintain of the ski runs and the excellent conduct of competitions won the fame of the resort and hosting of competitions by European value during the next six consecutive years, when Pamporovo became arena for real ski battles. In 2012 Pamporovo once again came back to the map of European ski racings after 26 years break as host of a round of the European Cup Slalom for men. For racings in Pamporovo has gathered ski elite of 18 countries. The race was attended by total 74 athletes, including 30 of the hundred best skiers in the world who were greeted with excellent organization, a lot of snow and Rhodope hospitality. The winner of the European Cup competitions in Pamporovo in 2012, 17-years old Henrik Cristoffersen (Norway) declared the ski run in Pamporovo the best of his previous participations. 12

"I have not skied at a steeper run than this before, it was challenging but pleasing… Great resort, beautiful winter centre, especially for ski racing, especially for slalom. The ski run is perfect and perfectly prepared, very steep at its top but with excellent profile. Moreover, hotels, lifts, people, infrastructure – everything is OK. This is a really lovely place… I would agitate everyone to come to Pamporovo and to see the beauty here… You were amazing!” Henrik Cristoffersen For the second consecutive year the resort Pamporovo will host a round of the European Cup for women in slalom and gaint slalom. Racings will be held again on the fully homologated and recultivated ski run Stenata, which meets all European requirements and standards for holding of international racing. The ski run is equipped with modern LED lighting for night skiing, new system for artificial snow and is served by 4-chair lift and ski tow, type Kotva, which makes the moving fast and easy.


winter calendar


European CUP FIS

Alpine Disciplines


World championship for ski instructors ISIA

Alpine Disciplines



Men, women, veterans



Men, women, youths

Free style


Men, women



Men, women



FEBRUARY Feb. 2013

Winter Bike Duеl 2013

Mountain winter biking MARCH


State Competition Pamporovo Freestyle Open FIS

Ski & Snowboard free style APRIL


Among the sporting events that will take place in Pamporovo in 2013 are „Pamporovo Freestyle Open 4”, which will be with official candidature for hosting of European Cup Slope Style and Big Air, and FIS start of Half Pipe for season 2013-2014. With its unique Half Pipe, racings in freestyle in groove became the largest racing of its category in Bulgaria. The half pipe and the newly built pro-line give opportunity for competitions in various disciplines.

Pamporovo CUP FIS

Alpine Disciplines

Pamporovo will host the World Cup of ISIA (International Ski Instructors Association) for ski teachers in 2013. The resort runs to host Interski Congress in 2019, known as ’Little Olympics’, which expects to include representatives from 36 countries within one week. The competition aims to promote snow sports, education and development of winter tourism and achievements in technologies and skiing equipment.

During the past winter season in Pamporovo took place various campaigns and programs and a joint initiative with IMF and BF titled “Learn to ski”, promotions in the price of lift passes, prize raffles and facilitated programs with mobile operators. And in the new winter season Pamporovo will continue to organize various social and promotional campaigns, related to the education of children and youths through various incentives and sport events in the resort. 13



A wide range of restaurants is available to visitors of Pamporovo, in which they will be able to try both European dishes, and traditional Bulgarian meals, cooked with lots of love by professional chefs. Guests can choose between classical restaurants, Bulgarian taverns, or Italian restaurants.

style. They offer traditional regional dishes and drinks like the famous Rhodope “barbecue” in the accompaniment of folk music entertainment program. There are also classic restaurants, Italian restaurants, and cozy tea-rooms at the ski runs to warm up and have a cup of hot tea or fragrant mulled wine.

In your free time in Pamporovo, you may immerse yourself in the atmosphere of taverns with typical Rhodope

In the evening the resort is a wonderful place for recreation after a day’s hard training. Everybody is wel-

come to find their own mode of entertainment – disco clubs, classical and lobby bars, English pubs and clubs, bowling halls, billiards and piano bars, casinos, and lots of other places of fun and pleasure. And if you relax with your children, you may leave the kids to specialist’s care in the children’s clubs and ensure peace of mind and time for yourself.





There are many hotels in Pamporovo resort, offering excellent conditions for organized events. The resort is favored by many leading Bulgarian and world companies in organizing their corporative event and has perfect conditions for congress tourism. Pamporovo annually holds many organized events like seminars, team-buildings, trainings, presentations, workshops, children’s parties, personal anniversaries. The hotels are equipped with different capacity conference halls for business meetings in small circle or large seminars. The capacity of halls varies from operating rooms for small groups or meetings of board of directors to polyvalent hall with 500 seats, where can be organized tourism fairs, filming TV shows, sporting events, large corpo16

rate conferences for business representatives, government and community organizations. In Pamporovo can be organized also group activities in nature as team building, sports camps and competitions. A team of experts ensures a high level of offered services and professional approach in organizing of important and significant events. For the convenience of customers and the perfect implementation of events, on-site is offered a wide variety of additional services – transportation, rent-a-car, tour guide, translator, VIP services, public relations and promotional events.



spa temptations

Spa centres are the best place to recover after tiring day, full with emotions on the ski runs of Pamporovo. Under special care and attention of qualified specialists and physiotherapists, in Spa centres of the resort you will find together relaxation, health and harmony. Make your body forget the stress and everyday worries, to relax and restore its perfect vision, to gather energy and strenght for new sport achievements. Get rid of stress and relax as indulging in the soft music, exciting flavors and moderate luxury of Pamporovo’s spa centres. Among relaxing spa treatements that offer hotels in Pamporovo are harmonious-aesthetic treatements, anti-cellulite programs, relaxing massage with hot volcanic stones, luxurious treatements with gold and pearls, hydro-massages and aromatherapy, Ayurveda, reflexology, exotic Thai, classic and sport massages and many other attractive procedures for every taste. Along with the wide range of topical cosmetic treatments in spa centres you can indulge in a restorative, relaxing and energizing force of water through underwater massage in the hydro-massage and perl baths, air massage of Vichy shower or a relaxing bath sea salts in Cleopatra and Dionysius bathtub. 17



Hotel Оrlovetz The five-star hotel Orlovets is a synonym of luxury, tranquility and coziness at Pamporovo Resort. It is located at 1600 m altitude in the centre of the resort and just opposite the emblematic Perelik Hotel. The building of the ten-storey hotel was built in 2005 by the owner of the ski infrastructure. All rooms have a south direction and each of its units has a terrace with a view to the ski-runs, Snezhanka Tower and the centuries-old pine trees of the Rhodope Mountain. The hotel offers 210 regular beds, allocated into 98 double rooms and 7 flats. Their interior and location predispose to seclusion, tranquility and comfort. Each unit is equipped according to the highest standards of a five-star hotel with telephone, cable TV set, mini bar and a free individual electronic safety deposit box. All bathrooms in the hotel have hairdryer, telephone and bathtubs where you can relax after a walk around the fascinating Rhodope Mountain. Our guests will enjoy the delicious regional and international dishes in the restaurant or have a cup of coffee and evening glass of whiskey in the hotel’s Lobby bar or in the Piano bar, which reveals spectacular panoramic view. Phone: + 359 309 58417 Mobile: + 359 882 886 402 E-mail:

In warm months among the greenery of the pine trees in the summer garden you can enjoy relaxing and lazy sunny days on a chaise longue. In winter the SPA centre is the best place for recreation after an exhaustive and full of emotions day on the ski-runs. It has an indoor pool with 30°C water, sauna, steam bath, fitness, hydro massage bathtub, massage rooms, Vichy shower and solarium. Our guests can benefit from the 24-hour room-service, fully equipped conference halls up to 500 places and a free high-speed Wi-Fi from any part of the hotel. For the comfort and security of our guests we offer 2 underground parking lots with total capacity of 50 parking places. 19


Hotel Perelik

The emblematic for Pamporovo three-star hotel complex “Perelik” is located in the very heart of the resort opposite the five-star hotel Orlovets. It is owned by the company managing the ski infrastructure. Built on 7 floors, the hotel offers 420 regular beds, allocated into 31 flats, 9 triple, 164 double and 8 single rooms. All units were completely renovated in 2007 and equipped with telephone, cable TV, mini fridge and free high-speed Wi-Fi. The lobby and the reception desk went through complete architectural refurbishment in 2012 and the Lobby bar was renovated. The hotel offers its guests a 24-hour Lobby bar, the largest restaurant in the resort with 450 seats, an Italian restaurant with 100 seats, a Night bar, an Apres-ski bar, a Bowling bar and hall with 6 tracks, a room for quiet games, a billiard room, a room for electronic games and a children’s corner “Pampy”. Completely renewed in 2009 the sports centre offers to its guests the largest indoor heated swimming pool in the resort (25m/12,5m), well-equipped fitness centre, 4 massage rooms which offer a diversity of body and facial treatments, a wide selection of massages, therapies and cosmetic programs, two saunas in each changing room, a solarium. The trade centre of Perelik Complex has 22 shops where one may find all reputable sports brands, ski and snowboard equipment, shops with accessories and souvenirs, a pharmacy, a hairdresser’s and many more. The hotel is known with its long-term traditions in conference tourism. There are two conference rooms, the polyvalent room with capacity of 500 seats, which is the largest in the region. Regardless of the season, our guests may move conveniently between the hotels Orlovets and Perelik through the established direct underground connection between them, which also connects them with the two 50-place underground garages and the outdoor parking lot. 20

Phone: + 359 309 58417 Mobile: + 359 882 886 402 E-mail:

Villa ARFA Phone: +359 309 58417, Mobile: +359 882 886 452, e-mail:, Deluxe five-star ARFA Villa Residence is situated amidst the Rhodope’s wild nature, and has 10 luxurious double bedrooms and 3 single bedrooms. It is owned by the company managing the ski infrastructure in the resort. The modern SPA Centre offers a unique diversity of massages and various beauty treatments, a pool, a sauna, a fitness room, a steam bath and Jacuzzi. The two conference halls, with 24 and 8 seats respectively, have been fitted with all kinds of facilities. The hotel also offers a restaurant with a summer garden and a cozy lobby bar, an exceptional combination of luxury and comfort. 21

“Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise”, George Washington Carver

Grand hotel MURGAVETS The four-star Murgavets Grand Hotel, located in the very centre of the sunny Pamporovo resort, combines contemporary hotel conveniences with a typical mountain hotel ambiance. The hotel offers year-round holiday opportunities to its guests. Free of charge in the hotel: • kids playroom • parking space • swimming pool, gym, sauna • Wi-Fi • transfer to the ski runs 22

Phone: 00359 309 58310 Fax: 00359 309 58366 E-mail: Website:    

Accommodation: • 80 luxury rooms • 10 luxury suites • 2 VIP suites • 2 presidential suites Services in the hotel: • “Bulgarian Village” barbecue offers traditional Bulgarian cuisine in an authentic atmosphere; you will spend a wonderful time enjoying live cooking shows, outstanding Bulgarian wines and Rakia, inspiring folklore program, nestinari dances and best service; for up to 250 guests • A unique “Cosmos” Panorama Vienna cafe on top of Murgavets Grand Hotel provides a stunning view to Snezhanka Peak • Luxury restaurant suitable for cocktail parties, company or family events and wedding celebrations; for up to 100 guests • Cosy lobby bar; • Night club • SPA centre: indoor swimming pool with kids section, jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath, tangentor, pearl bath, gym, solarium, cosmetic studio, massage rooms, physiotherapy – electrotherapy, laser therapy, magnetic field, light therapy, ultrasound • Electronic casino • Shopping centre, Hairdressers Meetings and events: • Well equipped conference hall for up to 150 guests • Dedicated event coordinator

Hotel Dafovska Let us to introduce you the 3 star hotel •DAFOVSKA•, which owner is the most successful Bulgarian winter athlete – Olympic Winner in Biathlon from OWG Nagano ’98 Ekaterina Dafovska. This is a comfortable hotel with 100 beds and modern facilities – lobby bar, restaurant, sauna, steam cabin, Jacuzzi and beautiful view to the ski runs. Located in the center of Pamporovo resort, near to the ski area. •DAFOVSKA• HOTEL offers to your guests: 10 apartments and 34 double rooms - they are modern equipped with TV (cable), phone, mini bar, bath with tub and dryer, Internet access and terrace with mountain view. The restaurant for 60 guests - there is plenty of international dishes and famose local specialties. Lounge bar offers various snacks and drinks. Тel.: + 359 309 59700 • e-mail: • 23

Contacts: Reception, phone: +359-(0)309-58367, 58368 Reservations, phone/fax: +359-(0)309-58374 E-mails:;

Hotel Finlandia • 73 rooms and 17 suites; 172 beds total. All rooms with minibar, cable TV, hairdryer, balcony. • 2 swimming-pools, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam-bath, hammam, massage, gym, billiards, “electronic games”, table tennis. • Classic restaurant, Barbecue restaurant, lobby-bar, night-bar. • 5 meeting-rooms of various capacity for all types of events. • Free Wi-Fi in all rooms and public areas. • Free shuttle-bus to ski-runs; ski-hire; excursions. 24

Prespa Hotel is located in the centre of Pamporovo. Just 200 meters from the central bus station and 500m from the ski slopes, it is the perfect place for your ski vacation or summer holiday in the mountain. Prespa Hotel welcomes its guests in 64 renovated rooms, 5 comfortable suites and a family suite. All rooms are equipped with cable TV, telephone, mini bar, and hair-dryer. A splendid view to Rhodope Mountains from each room. The hotel offers a cosy lobby bar with a fireplace, wireless Internet connection, and restaurant suitable for organizing company events, souvenirs shop, kids’ playground, electronic games, billiards, gym, sauna, massages, private parking and a ski wardrobe.

Hotel Prespa Prespa Hotel - 4870 Pamporovo Тel.: ++359 309 58422, Тel./fax: ++359 309 58354, Mobile: ++359 885 404 606 Email:; Website:


Malina Villas Each villa includes: • on the first floor - spacious living room, equipped kitchenette, bathroom, toilet and veranda; • on the second floor: two bedrooms - one double bed, the other with two separate single beds. Each villa is equipped with satellite TV, minibar, discreet security system, fire alarm and telephone for direct dialing. Fully renovated interior and furniture combines both a sense of comfort and unique atmosphere that only the intrinsic part of the region.

Tel: + 359 309 58388; Fax: + 359 309 58485; mobile: 0888/ 137-007, е-mail: m,; 26

Residence MALINA The Malina Residence opened its doors in 2005. Situated next to the Malina villas and only 150m away from the ski runs, Malina Residence is designed as a classic mountain hotel offering great conditions for relaxation, amusement and sport activities. There are 20 one- and two bedroom apartments available. All are with spacious living room designed in light color furnish, fireplace, cozy extending sofa, TV cupboard, dining table with chars. The en-suit kitchen is fully equipped with hot plates, oven, refrigerator, aspirator, cutlery and pottery. Each bedroom has a double bed or two single beds, wardrobe, cupboards and balcony. The Malina Residence consists specific elements for typical mountain hotel such as Reception desk, snack bar, internet café, underground garage, elevator, ski wardrobe, fireannouncing system and cable TV.

Аpartment hotel "The Stream Resort" is located in a picturesque pine forest area in Pamporovo ski resort, within 500 m away from Ski – center 2 and 2,5 km away from the city center of the resort. After the day on the slopes “The Stream Resort” is expecting you with delicious meals in the restaurant, relaxing massages in the Spa Center, opportunity to swim in the warm pool with Jacuzzi or take delight in the sauna or in the steam bath. Apartment hotel “The Stream Resort” offers accommodation in Studios, One bedroom apartments and Two bedroom apartments. Being accommodated in one of our apartments you will find the desired combination of home comfort and modern conveniences. The apartments have spacious living room and all are equipped with kitchen box, TV, phone, internet access. Most of the apartments have balconies with spectacular vew of the ski slopes, pine forests and Snejamka peak. Apartment hotel “The Stream Resort” is equipped with conference hall, fitness, play room with table tennis, billiard, etc., kid's corner and playground for the youngest guests, outdoor barbeque, ski storage, parking area. During the winter season free of charge transport to the ski slopes is available. We welcome you at “The Stream Resort” to spend a wonderful holiday with your family and share special moments with your friends! Tel. +359 3095 8252, +359 3095 8016 Mobile. +359 886 114 450; +359 886016 454 E-mail:

Apartment hotel THE STREAM RESORT Feel the spirit of Bulgaria at Аpartment hotel “The Stream Resort”!


The apart-hotel offers to its clients high level hotel services, such as lobby bar and a vanguard restaurant that impresses with its innovative design. For our family guests there is entertainment for children provided - playgrounds with trampoline, slide, ball pool, air hockey, foosball, and for sport lovers and amusement there is a multipurpose outdoor court 20/40m for football and tennis, table tennis, billiards, ATV and bicycles for rent. For business guests the complex offers a large and equipped for the purpose conference hall with 100 seats. The SPA center provides an excellent opportunity for a complete relaxation; it also includes professionally equipped gym.

Kamelia Complex is the newest apart hotel in Pamporovo which offers an elegant combination of luxury, comfort and relaxation. Its excellent location provides direct access to the ski-run through the ski wardrobe, which offers high class equipment for winter sports. The unique atmosphere and breath-taking view to the mountain ridges fascinate and cast a spell on everyone, regardless of the season. Kamelia Complex offers year-round services for guests who want to ski during the winter months, as well as tourists who want to enjoy fulfilling holidays during the rest part of the year. All apartments are luxury furnished, fully equiped and have fireplaces.

KAMELIA Complex Теl: +359 309 50 500, +359 885 701 703 28

The hotel offers to its guests: • Comfortable hotel accommodation – studios, one and two-bedroom apartments, equipped with a mini-bar, telephone, satellite television, and for the lovers of real fire some apartments are equipped with a fireplace • Folk restaurant – offering a wide range of national dishes and unique drinks from the very heart of the Rhodope Mountains • Modern SPA centre – swimming pool, dry Finnish sauna, steam bath, gym and massage rooms • Children’s play room and internet room – unforgettable amusement for little ones • Conference room – for business venues and company meetings • Barbeque and outside tent – for meetings in the open • Outside children’s playground • Numerous green areas and spots for relaxation • Immediate proximity to one of the most beautiful lakes of the area • Proximity to Pamporovo Resort’s ski runs • Warm and friendly team, who takes care of your ultimate comfort


Mountain Lake Hotel & SPA is located in one of the most picturesque parts of the Rhodope Mountains – the Smolyan Lakes area, below the Orpheus Rocks. Namely because of the untouched beauty of the nature and the exquisite comfort of the complex, it is a favorite place of stay for many guests all year round. In the summer, the hotel is a starting point of many tracking and bike routes, while in the winter lovers of the white sports can make use of the nearby Pamporovo Resort’s ski runs. The hotel complex is situated in a beautiful and well-kept park, which combines with and compliments the surrounding nature. Tel: +359 301/68848, 0888 774464, 0887001650 29

Hotel Forest Nook • • tel +359 879 331133

Apart-Hotel "Forest Nook" is located in the southern part of resort Pamporovo, 800 m away from the ski center "Studenets". The complex is open all the time. It is specifically designed as a place for recreation among forests and wilderness areas. The complex has 240 tastefully furnished studios, one and two bedroom apartments and 9 family villas. Apartments - consisting of a living room with fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, comfortable bathroom with shower, LCD satellite TV, refrigerator. Studio - double or twin beds, comfortable bathroom with shower, LCD satellite TV, refrigerator, some of them has a kitchenette. The complex has: • Spa - indoor pool, sauna, steam bath and fitness center • Italian Restaurant • Tavern • Night Club • Conference Hall -100 persons • Barbecue • Children's trampoline, kids area • Separate small run with own mini ski-lift • 2 parking spaces are available to guests • Wi-Fi Services and entertainment offered at the hotel: Free: • Daily cleaning, change of linen every 3 days • Transport to the ski-lift in the morning and afternoon / winter / • Sunshade and lounge / Summer / Paid: • Laundry and ironing • Transportation • Room service • Barbecue • Billiards Summer - riding Rovers /ATV/, bicycle, horseback riding, rock climbing, paintball, and hiking trips in the region - visits to caves and natural attractions. Winter Season - Snow-tubing, snowmobile riding and hikes with a guide, ski equipment, ski instructor. 30

Sofia - Pamporovo - Nessebar - Marina Dinevi, Saint Vlas Pleasure in the mountains will notняма be complete without good food in в a уютна cozy Удоволствието в планината да е пълно без хубава храна atmosphere. Gloria-Mar Restaurant in Pamporovo is special in many ways: the обстановка. Ресторант Глория Мар в Пампорово е специален в много interior is pleasant and elegant, the service is warm and professional, and the и отношения: интериорът е приятен и елегантен, обслужването е топло menu offers a huge variety of flavors and fragrances traditional Bulgarian професионално, а менюто предлага огромно разнообразие вкусове и аромати: dishes, fish and seafood,ястия fresh ,pasta crispy специалитети pizza baked on fire, lean beef и традиционни български риба and и морски паста , прясна barbecue, desserts. хрупкави пици на пещ, крехко телешко, барбекю, десерти... The food is prepared with care and talent by master of Gloria-Mar: one Храната е приготвена с талант и внимание от chefs майсторите на - готвачи of the most prominent professionals in Bulgaria. The products are fresh and Глория Мар – едни от най-изявените професионалисти в България. high quality,са selected the best in the market. The wine list contains a rich . Продуктите пресни from и качествени от най на пазара , селектирани -доброто collection of excellent Bulgarian and foreign wines. Винената листа съдържа богата колекция отлични български и чужди вина. Gloria-Mar situated a convenientиand prestigious location in Pamporovo Глория isМар е на on комуникативно престижно място ВИП - в Пампорово VIP residence in the heart of the resort. The customers can use a free shuttle to резиденция в сърцето на курорта. За клиентите е осигурен безплатен and from hotel. The Restaurant in Pamporovo is part of the elite Bulgarian chain транспорт от и до хотелите. Gloria Mar which works by the highest standards of cuisine and service and has Ресторантът в Пампорово е част от елитната българска верига Глория Мар, facilities in Sofia resorts, Nessebar, Marina Dinevi and Sunny Beach. Gloria Mar която работи по най-високите стандарти в кулинарията и обслужването и има restaurant will complement your vacation with an exciting gourmet journey, заведения в София, enjoy!

Пампорово, Несебър, Марина Диневи и Слънчев бряг.

VIP Residence Ресторант Глория МарPamporovo ще допълни вашата ваканция с едно вълнуващо гурме Tel. пътешествие, насладете се ! + 359 893 55 00 55

Пампорово ВИП резиденция тел: 0893 55 00 55




The Mountain of Orpheus offers splendid opportunities for your summer holiday, amidst an oasis of purity and wild nature. Even a moment’s look at the stunning panorama and a single breath of the crystal clean air would be enough to make you fall in love forever with the lyrical, charismatic Rhodope. You could be wandering for days on end amidst centuries-old spruce and beech forests. You are sure to catch a glimpse of a dashing deer, a squirrel’s bushy tail, or a long pair of rabbit’s ears. The place boasts hosting more than 200 species of birds, among which the especially rare Tichodroma Muraria, Ciconia Nigra and Aquila Chrysaetos. Nights echo with an owl’s sinister hooting, and the dawn sings with the wood-grouse’s mating chants.

SUMMER ATTRACTIONS Mountain climbing In the region of Pamporovo the rock climbing on cliffs and passing through Via Ferrata can be practiced in the area in Neviastata near Smolyan and in Trigrad gorge. Cave exploring A major and exciting place for lovers of cave exploring is the Gorge of Trigrad and Garga Dere – a kingdom of caverns and chasms, of surface and underground Karst formations, of myths and fairy tales. Games of extreme character include mountain climbing, ropeway bridges, boating, getting inside the naturally wild Haramijska Cave, Uhlovitsa cave, the Devil’s Throttle, or the Yagodinska Cave. Mountain Biking The Pamporovo Resort offers excellent conditions for mountain biking. Newly build Bike Park “Velo Park Pamporovo” offers routes for advanced and beginners. The existing routes have different levels of difficulty, thus allowing relaxed downward sliding, to make you forget you daily stress, or speedy, adrenalin-boosting descents. Throughout your bike rides you will be able to enjoy the meandering mountainous paths, and the charm and purity of the unique nature in the region of Pamporovo. Sport Fishing If you like to bask in the tranquility of fishing, the region boasts a great number of dams and rivers, teeming with mountain salmon, perch pike, carp and perch. The fishing sites around Smolyan and Smilyan village have been enlisted among the most attractive fishing destinations for anglers from all over the country.

Walking Tours To lovers of walking tours the Rhodope offer more than 350km of marked routes, suited to all ages and walking capacities. The delightful landscapes and the fresh mountain air are a real feast to the senses. Combine a walk in the mountains with relaxing and healthy timeout in the countryside. Horse-Riding The Trigrad Equestrian Centre and the Horse Riding in Levochevo village offer various programs and passages, starting with per-hour horse riding and instructor coaching, going on to a several-day passages, up to a week’s marches along eight available routes in Bulgaria. Herb and Mushroom Collection The Rhodope are a true revelation to lovers of herbs and fungi. While taking long leisurely walks about the mountain, you can fill up a basket of delicious edible boletus, cibarius, parasol mushrooms, or luteus, as well as gather a fragrant bouquet of herbs. Organized Trips The Pamporovo Resort organizes tourist trips throughout spring, summer and autumn to the historical attractions in the region: Assen’s Fortress, the Bachkovo Monastery, Perperikon, Shiroka Laka Architectural Preserve, the Bridges of Wonder, The Momchilova’s citadel, Rozhen Observatory, the Canyon of waterfalls and many more natural and cultural sightseeing’s in the region. Extreme Sports Pamporovo and the surrounding vicinity offer to all lovers of extreme emotions opportunities for off-road crossing, cliff climbing on vertical stretches, organized paintball games, ATV tours and other adrenaline experiences. 33


Bike Park

The latest project in Pamporovo is the newly opened Bike Park for mountain biking ‘Velo Park Pamporovo’, which was completed in cooperation with Concept Creative. It was officially opened in the summer of 2012 and quickly managed to become one of leading bike destinations in Bulgaria. The park has totally 5 specialized and separate mountain bike routes with a total length of 20 km, suitable for all ages and abilities. The routes are filled with various obstacles and twists as bends, jumps, various wooden structures unique to Bulgaira and marked routes with diverse difficulty levels, aimed at cross country discipline. Those who do not have their own bike can rent on the spot the latest models of bikes ‘Drag’. In the bike check-room of arena Studenetz are offered various classes of bikes – from the most ordinary for a walk to fully equipped bikes for downhill, suitable for professionals. Qualified guides are available to accompany every biker on routes of the Bike Park. Velo Park Pamporovo quickly managed to establish itself as one of the most visited places by cyclists and tourists. Already in its first season, the Bike Park hosted several 34

sporting events, including a national championship in mountain biking in categories downhill and cross country, workshop on mountain training and demonstrations of famous names of the world bike stage. In the new season will be build three new routes within the Park to complement the variety of routes. In 2013 are planned two international competitions, one of them Balkan Cup, during which for the first time we will see the first XCo race listed in the calendar of UCI. The beginning of the racing season will be with the winter mountain bike race ‘Winter bike duel 2013’.

CALENDAR OF the INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE UNION 2013 Union Cycliste Internationale /UCI/ 22-23.06.2013

Pamporovo Bike Cup

Class 2 - DHI


Balkan Bike Cup

Class 2 – ХСО, DHI



summer events

Except with its beautiful nature, cultural and natural sites, Rhodopes attracts tourists with its traditional and typical of the region festivals and events. The region hosts a variety of musical festivals, folk fairs and instrument-playing contests.

of the village can witness a truly attractive show – huge monsters-mummers, armed with wooden swords painted in red, dance around the place, in order to drive out evil forces form the village, the houses, the human souls.

The Perelik Peak, near the major community town of Smolyan, has been staging the JULY JAZZ Ethno-Jazz Festival for several years every last Saturday of July. The festival lasts several days, accompanied by art performances and traditionally ends with jazz concert in the open. The regional city Smolyan regularly hosts events of various arts as theatre festival for children, exhibitions of craftsmen and workshops for actors, sculptors and painters. In the area is conducted the Summer Art Academy ‘The Fire of Orpheus’ which aims to train and present musical talents from different schools.

A number of other local festivities have become popular, such as the Horse-racing on St. Theodore’s Day in Momchilovtsi, the Beans’ Day in Smilian village, the Nuts’ Day in Orehovo village. A Mineral Water’s Day has been organized in Devin and the bath resort Banite. The fairs in Trigrad and place Haidushki poliyani are annual and the Rozhen meadows periodically meets thousands of tourists, who come to participate in the National Folk Festival Rozhen with over centennial tradition.

Every first Sunday of August, on St. Ilia’s Holiday, Gela village becomes the scene of an exciting pipe-playing contest. The Rhodope have built up a worldwide reputation as a unique centre of pipe players, able to demonstrate their talent in front of everybody, who has come to appreciate the magical sounds in Gela village. Every year in the first days of March, Shiroka Laka stages one of the biggest mummers’ celebrations in Bulgaria, called by the local people “Cur-Monday”. On this day guests 36

In the history of summer events in Pamporovo is a summer workshop Week of crafts, which was carried out a few years ago. It gave an opportunity to visitors in the resort to train in any of presented crafts – weaving, wood carving, icon painting, painting on glass, pottery. Conducting of such events allows every visitor in Pamporovo to take a look into a world, filled with tradition and memory.

About Region

Тraditions and culture The Rhodope have been inhabited since pre-historical eras, up to modern times. The mountain is attractive with its picturesque villages, beautiful old houses, ancient bridges, chapels and mosques. Coming once to the Rhodope will leave in visitors indelible memories about the local people – their hospitality and splendid dishes, which will be prepared especially for you. In all trades the creative Rhodope people excel with their great ability and skill, producing rare specimens of authentic folk art. 37


Pamporovo is situated in the inner part of the Rhodope, at altitude of 1,650m, at the foot of the Snejanka Peak. It is located at about 220km from Sofia, 85km south of Plovdiv, 15km north of Smolyan, and 10km south of Chepelare.


The regional city is located just on 15 km south of Pamporovo. The modern centre of the city is notable; its architecture is adapted to local traditions and environment. In the city are located the largest planetarium in Bulgaria and the second largest church St. Vissairon of Smolyan. The near eco trail The Canyon of Falls, the panoramic cliff Neviastata and beautiful Smolyan Lakes are interesting to the nature fanciers and for those, who like cultural sites – the Momchilova fortress in the village Gradat.


In Rozhen is built the fifth largest astronomical observatory in Europe and first on the Balkans – the Rozhen Observatory, which is located just 12 km from Pamporovo. Periodically on the Rozhen’s meadows is organized the National Folklore Festival Rozhen Fest, which has long year history, dating back 115 years.



Amidst exuberant gardens and flowers, this small mountain town of Chepelare is beautifully situated on the two banks of the Chaya River only 10 km north from Pamporovo. The town hosts a “Museum of the Rhodope Karst”, unique on the Balkan Peninsular, which exhibits the innate beauty of a diversity of cave Karst formations. A major attraction to sport fans is the “Museum of Skis and Ski-Sports”, exhibiting over 900 exponents. The town of Chepelare is also the birth place of the Olympic Biathlon Champion of Nagano’98 – Ekaterina Dafovska.

Shiroka Laka

The village of Shirolka Laka has been recognized and officially announced as an architectural and folk preserve. Shiroka Laka village is situated in the valley of river Shirokolashka and is just 13 km west from Pamporovo. It is declared an architectural and folklore reserve, where the traditional masquerade fest ‘Pesponedelnik’ is held. In the village is located famous folk school and the oldest church in Rhodopes.


Town of Devin is famous spa resort situated 40 km from Pamporovo. In the close are located Beden mineral baths and springs of Michalkovo. Just 15 km from the town is located Trigrad gorge with famous caves Jagodina, Devil’s throat and panoramic platform Eagel eye.


Momchilovtsi is probably the largest Rhodope village. It is situated in the Middle Rhodope only 18km from Pamporovo. According to the legends, the village’s name comes from the local hero Momchil, who helped people and protected the local population during the Ottoman domination. On the outskirts of the village is located the area Haiduski polyani, where every August is held a festival and people’s celebration.


Smilyan village is located at 30km south of Pamporovo, sited upon the southern slopes of the Kainadinski Hill, in the valley of the upper stream of the Arda River. The village is known for the famous Smolyan’s beans, water basins, full with fish and nearby cave chain Garga Dere, attractive with the challenging water cave and alpine trolley for the bravest.


Mogilitsa village is located at about 45km south-west of Pamporovo, on the upper stream of the Arda River. The place is famous for its architectural memorial “Agushevi Konatsi”, as well as for the picturesque cave “Uhlovitsa”, which is to be found between the villages Smilyan and Mogilitsa.


Stoikite village is located in the centre of the southern part of Bulgaria, in the very heart of the Rhodope, at 7km from Pamporovo. In 2008 in Pamporovo a sixcarrier lift was built, unique for the Balkan Peninsula and second in Europe, which connects Stoikite village with the Snejanka Peak. The overall length of the ropeway facility is 2,992m. The seats are covered with defensive shields, thus ensuring protection and safety for the tourists.


Gela village has been alleged to be the birth place of Orpheus. The village is to be found at the foot of the greatest of the Rhodope peaks – The Big Perelik Peak, the Orpheus Peak and the Turlata Peak, at 18km from Pamporovo. Every summer Gela village hosts a nationwide pipe-playing contest.


Progled village is a small resort village, located at half a kilometer from the road Smolyan-Plovdiv, and at 7km. from Pamporovo. Some of the inhabitants of Momchilovtsi and Sokolovtsi preferred to settle down in the Bulgarian area of the Rhodope, and this is how Progled village was founded.


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