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Best Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Gifts for the Baker These one-of-a-kind tools and pans make the most successful recipes.





Unleash your favorite baker's creativity with this set that elevates baked treats. Boat Press & Pan Gift Set Includes A–D, plus a recipe card, in a festive gift-ready box.

#100202 Retail $88.50 $75.00


Boat Press Set Create wells in brownies, cookies, cornbread, meatloaf, and more, then add your favorite fillings. Includes one handle and three inserts that fit the Brownie Pan, Mini Loaf Pan, and Muffin Pan.

#100123 $14.50 

A. Muffin Pan Ideal for muffins, cupcakes, mini quiches, and rolls. Twelve ¹⁄ ³-cup wells. 16" x 11".

D. Brownie Pan Makes a dozen brownies, appetizers, or quiches. Each 2½" x 2½" x 1" well holds ¼ cup. 16" x 11".

B. Mini  Loaf Pan Make personal-size, quick bread and treats. Each 3¾" x 2¼" well holds ²⁄ ³ cup. 16" x 11".

E. Marble  Rolling Pin Smooth, matte marble keeps dough cool and prevents it from sticking to the barrel. Acacia wood handles. 3¾ lbs. 10" barrel.

#1601 $22.00 


#100020 $27.00 

#1544 $25.00 

#1607 $43.00 




Quality ingredients give you better flavor and results, even with box mixes.



F. Deep Dish Pie Plate The scalloped edge and glaze beautifully accent pies and casseroles. Graystoneglazed stoneware exterior; unglazed interior. 9" diameter. 6-cup capacity.

#1447 $43.00 

Available Oct. 16 for a limited time. I.  Korintje Cinnamon Holiday cookies, cakes, and pies will taste delicious with this high-grade pure cinnamon. It features a sharp, sweet flavor and slightly bitter edge. 2.25 oz.

#9712 $12.00

G. Stackable Cooling Rack Set These nonstick racks stack and collapse for easy storage. 10" x 18". Set of two.

J.  Double-Strength Pure Vanilla Extract The gold standard of vanillas. Made from premium Madagascar vanilla beans. You #1588 Retail $40.00 $32.00  can use half the amount a recipe calls Stackable Cooling Rack #1587 $20.00  for. Or, for a richer vanilla flavor, use the full amount. 4 fl. oz. Available only in the H. Batter Mixer & Dispenser 48 contiguous states. Mix and dispense batter from the same tool.

#100082 $50.00 

#9739 $39.00


Gifts for the Entertainer These stylish and thoughtful gifts are perfect for people who love to host for the holidays. Metallics are the new neutrals—they play well with any entertaining and serving pieces.





Wine Bag Gift Set The set includes A–C, plus a recipe card, in a festive gift-ready box.

B.  Metal Spoon Straws Set includes one gold, one rose gold, and two silver spoon straws, plus a cleaning brush and #100204 nylon storage bag. 10" Retail $44.00 $40.00 long. While supplies last. A.  Reusable #100131 $19.50  Wine Gift Bag—Gold C.  Mini Spoons This bag makes Great gift toppers. Set of gifts look pretty and three spoons includes festive. 14½" x 5½". one gold, one silver, and While supplies last. one rose gold. 5" long. While supplies last. #100132



#100139 $9.50 

Premium Charcuterie & Cheese Board Set Make the charcuterie board a holiday centerpiece. Includes D–E.

#100147 Retail $98.00 $89.00 D.  Charcuterie & Cheese Board Accessories Includes a fork, spreader, knife, crumbler, two bowls with spoons, four cheese markers, and eight labels. Made of acacia wood and stainless steel.

#100129 $49.00 

E.  Lazy Susan The perfect party accessory. A chic way to serve charcuterie, cheese, and after-dinner treats.

#100128 $49.00 






Wine Essential Tools The perfect gift for the wine lover. Includes F–G.

#1798 Retail $70.00 $65.00

F. Electric Wine Opener Open a bottle of wine with the touch of a button. Rechargeable; comes with two charging options. Foil cutter doubles as a stand.

#1489 $53.00 

G. Wine Aerator Aerates red wines as you pour, enhancing their flavor.

#1491 $17.00 

H. Wine Tumbler Holds two servings of wine, or a whole can of soda or beer. Double-walled stainless steel with silicone sleeve. Includes lid.

#100093 $25.00 

I. Stoneware Entertaining Set The ultimate set for any entertainer. Includes a Large Entertaining Platter, Medium Entertaining Platter, Large Serving Bowl, Small Graystone Serving Bowl Set, and Small Sandstone Serving Bowl Set.

#1479 Retail $184.00 $165.00 

J. Premium Cocktail Set All the tools you need to be an at-home mixologist. The set includes a jigger, strainer, shaker, bar spoon, muddler, bottle opener, and recipe card.

#100013 $103.00 

Jigger, Strainer, Shaker, Spoon, Bottle Opener


Gifts for the Cook Give top-of-the-line cookware and tools to the person who feels at home in the kitchen. Durable sheet pans are broiler-safe, great for baking and roasting, and clean like a dream. A



Sheet Pan Gift Set Professional-grade, premium sheet pans will become your favorite cook’s new kitchen workhorses. The set includes A–C, plus a recipe card, in a festive gift-ready box.

#100203 Retail $77.00 $65.00 A. Medium Sheet Pan 9" x 13" x 1".

#1772 $20.00 

B. Large Sheet Pan 10" x 15½" x 1".

#1771 $25.00 

C. Half Sheet Pan 12" x 17" x 1".

#1767 $32.00 

D. Quick Cooker Our best-selling, state-of-the-art pressure cooker takes the guesswork out of cooking. Features 16 preprogrammed settings. Includes a wire rack and a recipe book with cooking charts. 12" x 13" x 12½". 6-qt. capacity.

#100011 $240.00  Inner Pot, Wire Rack

E.  Meal Starter Set Simplify weeknight dinners with these flavor-packed sauces. Each vegetarian sauce makes 4–6 servings. Includes one of each: Beef Bourguignon (contains soy and wheat), Bolognese, and Ginger Sesame (contains soy and wheat). 12 oz. each.

#100146 Retail $35.00 $25.00







J H. Stainless Steel Tool Set F.  Deluxe Cooking Blender Includes a Stainless Steel Spoon, Ladle, and Blend and cook with our high-powered Fish Spatula. and innovative cooking blender. Includes a tamper, dual-sided cleaning brush, strainer #100154 $48.00  bag, boil-over guard, and a cooking guide I. Wood Cutting Board with over 60 recipes. 17½" tall. It’s durable, moisture-resistant, and reversible: #100125 $349.00  The well has a ½-cup capacity and a pour spout to Lid, Tamper, Brush, Boil-Over Guard easily drain juices. Acacia wood. 18" x 12" x 1¼". G. Knife Set #1591 $73.00  Fully-forged, high-carbon German Instant-Read Food Thermometer steel. Includes 8" Chef’s Knife, 8" Bread J.  Get accurate temperature within seconds. Knife, 5" Santoku Knife, 5" Utility Knife, Includes temperature guide, bottle opener, belt 5" Tomato Knife, 3" Paring Knife, Kitchen clip, and magnet. Attached probe is 2¾" long. Shears, Honing Tool, and a Knife Block. Removable corded probe is 3' long for use #1609 Retail $496.00 $378.00 inside your oven. Knives, Shears ; Block, Honing Tool  7

#100121 $49.00 

Gifts for Friends & Neighbors Share the love this holiday season by giving gifts you’d love, too.

Bake big batches of cookies in a fraction of the time— more time for decorating!



Cookie Lover Gift Set Give holiday cheer with sugar, spice, and lots of cookies—this gift set makes it easy. The set includes A-B, plus a recipe card, in a festive gift-ready box.

#100206 Retail $80.00 $70.00

A. Cookie Sheet Set Includes two Cookie Sheets and a Mini Nylon Serving Spatula.

#1592 Retail $56.00 $50.00 

B. Rolling Cookie Cutter Ideal for quickly and easily cutting cookies, pasta, pastries, and pizza dough. The thumb rest keeps pressure in the right spot so your cookies are cut evenly. Includes one handle and three interchangeable stainless steel heads: circle, heart, and fluted square.

#1442 $30.00 

C. Waffle Puff Pan Make delicious bubble waffles that are perfect for layering, turning into ice cream cones, or eating plain. 9" square pan; 17½" long with handle. Makes 8" waffles.

#100080 $65.00 Pan ; Fork 

D. Whipped Cream Maker Make your own whipped cream in 30 seconds. Nonskid silicone base doubles as storage lid. 1-cup capacity to fill line; makes 2 cups of whipped cream.

#1461 $27.00 





E. Pizza & Crust Cutter Two great tools in one—a pizza wheel on one side and a crust cutter on the other. Includes storage cover for wheel. Stainless steel blade. 9½".

#1303 $20.00 

F. Large Round Stone Our classic pizza stone is perfect for homemade and frozen pizzas, appetizers, cookies and reheating leftovers. Built-in handles makes it easy to remove from the oven. 15".

#1371 $37.00 

G. Snack Bar Maker Set Make homemade, allergen-free granola bars, snack bars, and candy bars. The Mini Nylon Serving Spatula is the same size as the wells so you can use it to press mixture to the edges. Includes tray, lid, and spatula.

#100001 Retail $31.00 $28.00  Tray, Spatula

Teal Mini Nylon Serving Spatula Heat-resistant to 428°F. 7¾".

#1406 $6.00 

Snack Bar Maker 10" x 15". Includes tray and lid.

#100000 $25.00  Tray


Gifts for the Family Give the joy of spending time together with gifts that bring everyone closer. Oh what fun! Create festive cookie houses with your family year-round.




Ultimate Cookie House Gift Set Includes A–C, plus a recipe card, in a festive gift-ready box.

#100205 Retail $61.00 $50.00

A.  Cookie House Kit Includes molds to make a standard cookie house, a small decorating bag, three decorating tips, and two Twixit! Clips. Silicone molds are oven-safe to 450°F.

Disney • Pixar Toy Story 4 Breakfast Set Includes Pancake Molds & Stencils, Hamm Pancake Flipper, and Forky Scraper (D–F).

#100117 Retail $45.00 $29.00

D. Disney • Pixar Toy Story 4 Pancake Molds & Stencils This holiday, make fun shaped B.  Christmas Cookie Mold pancakes with your family. Molds Add a holiday touch to your cookie house. Oven-safe are heat-safe to 450°F. Use to 450°F. 12½" x 8½". While supplies last. the stencils to add powdered #100134 $12.50  sugar Toy Story characters to pancakes. Includes three molds C.  Halloween Cookie Mold and three stencils. Add a spooky touch to your cookie house. Oven-safe to 450°F. 12½" x 8½". While supplies last. #100114 Retail $20.00

#100137 $36.00 

#100135 $12.50 

$13.00 


Available for a limited time!






E. Disney • Pixar Toy Story 4 G.  Ultimate Soft Pretzel-Making Set Includes a mat with directions, pretzel form, basting Forky Scraper brush, crimper for pretzel bites, and Pretzel Dough Mix ingredients for holiday favorites Mix (contains wheat). Mat: 15" x 11"; pretzel form: like pancakes, cookie dough, and 5¼" x 4½" x 5¾". more. Bamboo handle. Silicone head is heat-safe to 482°F. 12.5" long. #100073 $45.00 Tools  ; Mix

#100116 Retail $19.00 $12.00 

F. Disney • Pixar Toy Story 4 Hamm Pancake Flipper Flip your pancakes with this adorable turner. The nylon head won’t scratch cookware. Heat-safe to 428°F.

#100115 Retail $14.00 $9.00 

H. Ice Cream Maker Mix up smooth, decadent, custom-flavored ice cream, custard, frozen yogurt, sorbet, sherbet, and even frozen drinks. Makes up to 1 quart of ice cream—or eight ½-cup servings.

#1538 $95.00 

I. Family-Size Microwave Popcorn Maker Microwave popcorn just got better. Silicone bowl collapses for compact storage. Makes about 12 cups of popcorn.

#1569 $35.00 


Gifts for $25 & Under Stock up on stocking stuffers, grab-bag gifts, and gift-toppers.





A. Kitchen Paring Knife Set The sharp stainless-steel blade is perfect for small tasks like cutting, peeling, and slicing. 6½" long. Set of three in green, orange, and blue.

D. Mini Serving Spatula Perfect for removing the first piece of cake, lasagna, or pizza from the pan. 3½" blade.

B. Mini Mix ‘N Scraper ® This heavy-duty scraper won’t crack, burn, melt, or stain. The durable silicone head is fused directly to the handle and is heat-resistant to 650°F; handles to 450°F. 9".

E. Ceramic Egg Cooker Make a quick omelet, poached egg, or instant oatmeal in the microwave. 2-cup capacity.

#100035 $10.00 

#1656 $11.00 

#2622 $9.00 

#1529 $17.00 

F. Smooth-Edge Can Opener Open cans without leaving sharp C.  Metal Spoon Straws edges. The claw removes lids with the Set includes one gold, one rose gold, and two touch of a button, so your hands stay silver spoon straws, plus a cleaning brush and clean. The hook opens pull-tab cans. nylon storage bag. 10" long. While supplies last.

#100131 $19.50 

#2759 $25.00 






G. Emoji Cookie Cutter Set The perfect way to get the whole family baking. 3½" diameter; makes 3" cookies. Includes seven stackable cookie cutters: smiley sunglasses, sad face, silly face, lovey face, sleepy face, freckle face, and smiley lashes.

#1443 $15.00 

H. Garlic Press Presses fresh garlic without peeling and comes with a cleaning brush. 6".

#2576 $20.00 

I. Mix ‘N Chop The unique, beveled pinwheel blades are the easiest way to chop and crumble food—ideal for ground beef and turkey. 10¾".

#2583 $15.00 

J. Microwave Popcorn Maker The convenience of microwavable popcorn without the extra cost and chemicals. Makes about 5 cups of popcorn.

#1457 $25.00 

K. Brown Sugar Keeper Set These terra-cotta disks keep brown sugar fresh longer. Use them to soften hard brown sugar or keep new sugar fresh. 2½" diameter. Set of two.

#100025 $12.00 


3 Reasons You’ll Love Hosting During the Holidays 1. G  ain confidence 2. Get support from 3. Earn free in the kitchen. your consultant. products. You and your friends will learn about products and recipes that make meals and entertaining easier than ever.

Your consultant will help design a party you and your friends will love, and help pick out gifts for everyone on your list.

Most hosts redeem about $225* in discounts and free products—great for holiday shopping! See what you could earn.

What’s on Your Wish List? Free Product Value†

Number of Half-Price Items

Product Discount

When Guest Sales** Are:

$265+ $240 $215 $190 $165 $140 $115 $90 $55 $35 $20

5 5 5 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 1

30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 25% 25% 25% 20% 20% 20%

$1,200+ $1,100 $1,000 $900 $800 $700 $600 $500 $400 $300 $200

Use $25 or $50 of your free product value toward your new consultant kit! Plus, get a special offer the month you host and a 10% discount for an entire year. †For every $100 in guest sales over $1,200, add another $25 in free product value. *Based on 2017 host redemption of specials, discounts, half-price items, and free product value. **Guest sales exclude shipping and handling charges and sales tax. Free product value cannot be applied to monthly host specials, half-price products, discounted products, half-price combinations, shipping, or sales tax.

All You Need Is a Kit & a Dream

Have it all with a Pampered Chef business. Start for as little as $99. Each kit is a business in a box with everything you need—catalogs, starter recipes, your apron, your website, and more.

Starter Kit $400+ value for $99!

Deluxe Kit $700+ value for $159!

Includes the best-selling Rockcrok ® Everyday Pan.

You get everything in the Starter Kit* plus the Large Bar Pan and more!

Ultimate Kit $1,100+ value for $259! You get everything in the Deluxe Kit plus the Quick Cooker and more! *Rockcrok ® Everyday Pan upgraded to Rockcrok ® Dutch Oven.

Benefits Beyond the Kit When you start a Pampered Chef business, you get so much more than just your kit.

• Earn more products to enhance your kit. • Earn cash rewards to spend on anything you want. • Get personalized guided support to help you run your new business.

Contact me for more info!


Bake to Give Hunger affects more than 40 million Americans. Together with Feeding America®, we’re helping provide meals to people in need. Buy the Cookie House Molds, Donut Pan, Mini Loaf Pan, and Boat Press Set from Sept. 1, 2019– Feb. 29, 2020. Each purchase provides at least 10 meals.*

Contact me to learn more. *$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks. Pampered Chef ® guarantees a minimum donation of $250,000 through the purchase of select Pampered Chef ® products and other fundraising activities associated with the Round-Up from the Heart® campaign from Sept. 1, 2019–Aug. 31, 2020. Meal claim valid as of July 1, 2019, and subject to change. A BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY COMPANY

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Lifetime Guarantee Limited Guarantee Years of Guarantee

Dishwasher-Safe Round-Up from the Heart® product

For questions about our product guarantees, visit Prices are effective Oct. 1–Dec. 31, 2019. Pampered Chef reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, and to change or update information at any time without prior notice. © 2019 Pampered Chef used under license. Pampered Chef, Pampered Chef and Spoon design, PC and Spoon design, and Spoon design are trademarks used under license. PW1429-10/19

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Holiday Gift Guide 2019  

Let Pampered Chef make your holiday season the best ever. We can help you pick out the most amazing gifts for everyone on your list, from en...

Holiday Gift Guide 2019  

Let Pampered Chef make your holiday season the best ever. We can help you pick out the most amazing gifts for everyone on your list, from en...