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Table of Contents Saving & Savoring Time Stoneware Collection.........................4–7 Weeknight Meal Sets..........................8–9 Pantry/TasteBuds...............................10–11



Enrichables .......................................12–13 ™

Deluxe Air Fryer.................................14–15 Deluxe Cooking Blender.....................16–17 Quick Cooker.....................................18–19 Rockcrok ...........................................20–21 Nonstick Cookware............................22–23 ®

Cast Iron Cookware............................24–25 Entertaining........................................26–29 Round-Up from the Heart ..................27 ®












Family Fun Time................................30–31 Pampered Chef Favorites..................32–33 ®

Baking................................................34–39 Forged Cutlery...................................40 Sheet Pans/Cutting Boards................41 Kitchen Tools.....................................42–47 Tiny Tummies.....................................48 Breakfast....................................... 49 Fresh & Easy Salads..........................50–51 Smarter Snacking...............................52–53 Grilling/Outdoor.................................54

Index...................................................55–61 About Pampered Chef Join Our Family..................................62–63 Party Rewards....................................64

Key to Symbols Lifetime Guarantee Limited Guarantee Years of Guarantee Dishwasher-Safe Gluten-Free Kosher Round-Up from the Heart® product

All Pampered Chef products designed to come into contact with food are BPA-free and meet or exceed all current and applicable regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

From the very beginning, Pampered Chef has been about enriching lives, in good times, and in challenging times. I feel just as strongly today as I did then that shared mealtimes are about so much more than what’s on the menu. They are where we grow relationships…celebrate milestones…build memories...and where we live between bites. And after 40 years, I believe the best is yet to come!


Doris Christopher Founder & Chairman

The Time of Our Lives @cleverlycooking

So many things have changed since the


first Pampered Chef party 40 years ago, but one thing remains true: The simple act of preparing and sharing a meal enriches our lives in so many ways—then, now, always. Together with our family of consultants and @ginaspamperedchefstable

customers, we love sharing timesaving tips,


thoughtful tools, and delicious recipes to help bring home a win whether it’s a weeknight dinner in a hurry, a holiday showstopper, or a sweet treat just because. @prettyfocusedcourse

When we’re confident and less rushed, we can open our eyes and hearts to those small things right in front of us just waiting to become happy memories.











@missmaciesmama @megkibyuk


Get Ready for the Best. Pizza. Ever. Our new unglazed stones turn out impossibly perfect crusts—crispy, chewy, and puffy all at the same time. Add that bubbly cheesiness you only get from broiling, and every night just might be pizza night.

Emily Kerrigan

A Consultant from Texas

My favorite thing about the new stoneware is we can now PREHEAT and BROIL and put in the DISHWASHER! And I love that the stones get better with use—you can’t say that about many other products. A well-seasoned stone is a sign of love and full bellies and memorable mealtimes!





About Our New Unglazed Stones • Super Strong: Broiler-safe to 550°F, oven-safe to 500°F, and you can use metal utensils like a pizza cutter. • Dishwasher-Safe: Pop in the dishwasher or rinse with warm water. A scraper is included to remove residue, if needed. • Even Crispier Crusts: You can preheat stones up to 30 minutes. • Made in the USA: Made from 100% natural materials. • Natural Nonstick Finish: Your stone develops seasoning—a nonstick finish—as you use it. • Won’t Retain Flavors: Today’s cookies won’t ever taste like last night’s dinner. • Patterned Bottoms: Each piece features a ribbon pattern, so you can easily distinguish from your original unglazed stones.

Most stones feature easy-tograb handles!

The raised back edge makes it easy to remove food without a mess.





Pampered Chef stones have been a staple in kitchens for decades. Because our customers put so much heart into what they make on their stones, we put our hearts into making them the best they can be. That’s why we developed the StoneFusion formula, which makes this our most durable stoneware, yet.


Fits in our Deluxe Air Fryer Stoneware Starter Set Available Oct. 1, 2020

A great addition to any kitchen! Includes A–C.

#100292 $120 $105  A.  Pizza Stone

#100280 $40 

14¾" x 10½" interior. 16" x 11¾" overall.


9" x 5" x 3" high. 6-cup capacity.


#100251 $45  B.  Stone Bar Pan Available Oct. 1, 2020 #100384 $45  C.  Stone Loaf Pan #100221 $30  D. 

Medium Pizza Stone

13¼"; 15¾" with handles.

Personal Pizza Stone

9¾"; 11¼" with handles.

#100253 $25  Microwave

→ Learn more on pamperedchef.com/stoneware-collection

Rectangle Stone

15" x 12".

15"; 18" with handles.

#100252 $35 




E.  Broiler


Medium Stone Bar Pan

13½" x 9¼".

#100255 $35  Small Stone Bar Pan

9¼" x 7¾".

#100256 $25  Pizza Peel

Just like the pros use! Easily transfer food on and off a preheated stone for crispier crusts, less mess, and safe hands. Made of durable acacia wood. Hand wash. 20½" x 14".

#100257 $35 

→ Get the recipe on pamperedchef.com White Pizza


Every Day & Special Days Whether it’s weeknight pasta or a holiday showstopper, our glazed stoneware goes from the oven to your table in style.



About Our Glazed Stones • Elegant Glazed Exteriors: Choose from a wide selection of glazed and partially glazed stones featuring our original stoneware material. • So Versatile: Cook in the oven or microwave, serve, reheat, and freeze all in the same dish. Oven-safe to 450°F. • Delicious Results: Baked goods turn out light and crispy, and meat stays tender and juicy. • Won’t Retain Flavors: Today’s cookies won’t ever taste like last night’s dinner. •M  ade in the USA: Made from 100% natural materials.





A. Rectangular Baker Set

Graystone glazed exteriors with unglazed interiors. Includes three bakers: 9" x 6" (4 cups), 11" x 7" (8 cups), and the 9" x 13" Rectangular Baker (14 cups). Hand wash.

#1424 $130 

Rectangular Baker A standard 9" x 13" size. 14-cup capacity. Unglazed interior. Hand wash.


Add a warm welcome to gatherings with this oven-totable-to-dishwasher set.

#1423 $55 

B. Stoneware Chip & Dip Set

Bake and serve classic rings, appetizers, and desserts on the platter with your favorite dip. Includes the Large Round Platter and one small graystone bowl. Fully glazed.

#100106 $78 

Large Round Platter


Graystone glazed interior with a sandstone glazed exterior. 1" lip. 15" diameter.

#100098 $68 

C. Deep Covered Baker

From chicken to casseroles to cakes, cook all your favorites in the oven or microwave. Graystone glazed exterior with an unglazed interior. 7" tall. 12¾" x 8¾". 12½‑cup capacity. Hand wash.

#1437 $93 

D. Stoneware Entertaining Set

Includes E–F, plus a large sandstone bowl (12¾" diameter; 15-cup capacity), two small sandstone bowls, and two small graystone bowls (each 6¾" diameter; 2¼-cup capacity). Fully glazed.





The scalloped edge beautifully accents pies and casseroles.

#100220 $199 

E. Entertaining Platter Set

Includes two platters with graystone glazed interiors and sandstone glazed exteriors. Large is 15½" x 10¾" and medium is 13" x 8½". Nests for storage.

#1471 $79 

F. Medium Serving Bowl

Fully glazed graystone bake-and-serve bowl. 10½" diameter. 8-cups.

#100083 $38 

G. Deep Dish Pie Plate

Graystone glazed exterior with an unglazed interior for golden brown crusts. 6-cup capacity. 9". Hand wash.

#1447 $43 

H. Mini Deep Covered Baker

Graystone glazed exterior with an unglazed interior. 6¹∕8" tall x 10¼" x 6¼". 6¼‑cup capacity. Hand wash.

#1444 $60 

I. White Large Round Stone

Features a white-glazed exterior and a 15" unglazed interior. A ½" lip keeps food contained. 17¼" with handles. Hand wash.

#1379 $50 

Our classic Deep Covered Baker in a smaller size.

→ Get the recipes on

pamperedchef.com Turkey Taco Ring Microwave Peanut Butter Caramel Brownies Thirty-Minute Chicken Autumn Baked Ziti With Squash Crostini With Lemon-Basil Ricotta Spread Apple Pie Crumble Cake Steamed Salmon in Vegetables Dessert Pizza

→ Learn more on pamperedchef.com/stoneware-collection


Get Set for Dinnertime These sets ensure mealtime wins night after night.


Each set includes: • Made-to-Last Products A selection of our most popular cookware, timesaving prep tools, and kitchen helpers.

• W  eeknight Inspiration Recipe inspiration for five familyfriendly dinners that make the most of each set.

Hello, perfect pizza. Of course, pizza, but this set doesn’t stop there. How about an easy chicken recipe, a breakfast ring that can be dinner, too, and the best nachos for an easy taco night. Or make individual pizzas and let the kids add their own freshly chopped veggies. A.

Pizza Stone Meal Set

Includes the Pizza Stone, Manual Food Processor, Microplane Adjustable Coarse Grater, and Pizza Peel. Also sold separately. ®

#100331 $180


White Pizza

Hello, delicious skillet suppers.


Nothing blackens chicken like a cast iron skillet. You know what else is great in cast iron? A macaroni & cheese dish with freshly grated cheese that grown-ups will love, too, stovetop pizza, and even a dinner version of corned beef hash. B.  12" Cast Iron Skillet Meal Set

Includes the 12" Cast Iron Skillet, Quick Slice, Microplane Adjustable Coarse Grater, Coated Chef’s Knife, and Teak Wooden Corner Spoon. Also sold separately. ®

#100332 $181

Blackened Chicken

Hello, simple sheet-pan dinners.


We’ve added Kentucky hot browns to our list of favorite comfort foods. Our bar pan also makes the best flatbread pizzas, roasted chicken with freshly sliced veggies, and so much more. For dinner in a hurry, how about loaded baked potatoes with a big green salad? C.  Stone Bar Pan Meal Set Available Oct. 1, 2020

Includes the Stone Bar Pan, Food Chopper, Simple Slicer, Wood Salad Bowl, and Pizza & Crust Cutter. Also sold separately.

#100330 $180

Kentucky Hot Browns

Hello, one-pot meals. Dinner practically makes itself with this set. Enjoy chicken pot pie chowder in under 30 minutes, beef stroganoff with a simple twist, pasta that tastes like pizza, and a hearty strata.


D.  Rockcrok Dutch Oven Meal Set ®

Includes the Rockcrok Dutch Oven, Mix ‘N Chop, Scoop Loop , and Nylon Straining Ladle. Also sold separately. ®


#100333 $180

Beef Stroganoff & Green Bean Casserole

→ Learn more on pamperedchef.com/collections-featured-this-season


Flavors to Savor


A pinch of this a dash of that is all it takes to go from pretty good to great. C



All our rubs and seasoning mixes are gluten-free.


A. Carnitas Slow

Cooker Seasoning Peppers, chilies, and spices. 4.1 oz.

#9697 $8

B. Herb  & Onion Slow Cooker Seasoning

Onions, bell peppers, leeks, garlic, and herbs. 3.2 oz. Contains milk.

#9696 $8

C. Spicy Pineapple Rum Sauce

Pineapple, coconut cream, mango, red peppers, and rum. 14.5 oz. Allergen-free coconut flavor.

#9807 $13

D. Teriyaki Sauce With Honey With sesame. 14.5 oz. Contains soy and wheat.

#9666 $14

E. Raspberry Habanero Sauce

A blend of sweet and heat. 14.5 oz.

#9702 $13

F. Pizza Crust Mix

16 oz. Contains wheat.

#9051 $9

























G. Smoky Applewood Rub

With garlic and chilies. 2.3 oz.

#9668 $6

H. Smoky Barbecue Rub

Paprika, garlic, onion, and spices. 2.1 oz.

#9722 $6

I. Chili Lime Rub

Chilies, lime, and spices. 2 oz.

#9664 $6

J. Jamaican Jerk Rub

Allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, and thyme. 2.1 oz.

#9812 $6

K. Chipotle Rub

Peppers, smoked paprika, and garlic, cilantro. 1.5 oz.

#9880 $6

L. Tex-Mex Rub

Cumin, cinnamon, chilies, and garlic. 2 oz.

#9680 $6

M. Garlic Rub


Garlic, onion, and chives. 2.2 oz.

N. Garlic & Herb Rub

With onion, basil, rosemary, and parsley. 1.9 oz.

#9492 $6

O. Dijon Mustard Rub Mustards, white wine, and thyme. 1.9 oz.

#9490 $6

P. Three Onion Rub

Use in place of onions. 1.3 oz.

#9659 $6

Q. Bell Pepper Herb Rub With garlic, onion, and oregano. 1.75 oz.

#9578 $6

R. Lemon Pepper Rub With garlic, onion, and parsley. 2 oz.

#9704 $6

S. Sweet Basil Rub

With garlic, peppers, cheese, and tomato. 1.7 oz. Contains milk.

#9686 $6

#9056 $6

Shop with a consultant. | Host a party. Get rewards.

T. Crushed  Peppercorn & Garlic Rub

Z. Rosemary Herb

Seasoning Mix With thyme, lemon, and garlic. 2 oz.

With chili pepper and dill seed. 2.25 oz.

#9733 $7

#9736 $6 U. Greek Rub

Oregano, lemon, garlic, and a hint of mint. 1.5 oz.

AA. All-Purpose Dill Mix

With garlic, onion, and parsley. Salt-free. 1.25 oz.

#9713 $7

#9870 $6

V. Italian Seasoning Mix Garlic, onion, and herbs. Salt‑free. 1.5 oz.

#9719 $7

W. Southwestern Seasoning Mix Chili peppers and spices. 2.25 oz.

#9714 $7

X. Herbs  de Provence Seasoning Mix

French blend with highlights of lavender. Salt-free. 1.2 oz.

#9496 $7

Y. Asian Seasoning Mix

Ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, and spices. 2.9 oz. Contains soy.

#9860 $7

BB. Coarse Sea & Himalayan Salt Sea salt and pink salt. 6.5 oz.

#9864 $8 CC. 

Seasoning Salt

Blend of salt, peppers, oregano, garlic, and parsley. 4.9 oz.

#100381 $8

Season’s Best (Fall/Winter 2020)


Get 15 recipes that’ll warm the body and soul with timesaving techniques and quick tips so dinner’s done in about 35 minutes or less. That’s a win!

#100316 $2

Fall | Winter 2020

 Season s Best® Saving & Savoring Time

If you’ve ever spent hours scrolling for recipes only to make the same chicken dinner you make every week, we feel you. Let TasteBuds do the work for you. Monthly delivery, endless inspiration.

Every Month Subscribers Get

3 Surprise Seasonings

You’ll get 3 packets of our most-loved spices, enough for 2–4 recipes each.

3 Exclusive Recipes

Additional Spice Uses

Each recipe card includes helpful cooking tips and ways to make it your own.

Learn how to easily spice up snacks, sides, veggies, apps, and even drinks!

Pick Your Subscription

The longer you subscribe, the more you save. Shipping is free with any subscription.



Month to Month $24/Month #100418 $24

Most flexible. Billed monthly.

3-Month Prepaid $20/Month


6-Month Prepaid

#100419 $60


Perfect for busy families. Billed quarterly.

Best value: 2 months free. Billed semi-annually.

#100420 $108

Top Pick Each subscription renews automatically. You can choose not to renew any time before your renewal date.

→ Learn more on pamperedchef.com/tastebuds

Online Access

Get exclusive access to additional recipe support, timesaving tips, and more.

My kids can be picky eaters, especially when it comes to vegetables, so I sneak Kale & Fiber Enrichables into everything from chili to chocolate cake! It makes me feel good knowing my kids are getting some veggies in the normal meals I make. And, the Pea Protein keeps them fuller longer so they don’t need as many snacks. ™

Andrea Sale

A Consultant from Calgary, Alberta

Our NEW stand-up pouches are resealable for added convenience.

When your busy day finds you wishing you could work more nutrients into your meals, reach for Enrichables . ™

With just one scoop you’re off to a great start! Add more for an even bigger boost.






Made Without Nuts

Add a boost of nutrition to anything you make.

Drinks & Smoothies

Pasta, Rice, Oatmeal & Soup Enrichables Kale & Fiber

Enrichables Pea Protein

Each 2-tsp scoop (included) is made from ½ cup of kale and 2 g of fiber from chicory root. Kale contains important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, while fiber promotes good digestive health.

Each 2-tsp scoop (included) contains 2.5 g of high-quality plant protein, nothing else. Protein promotes fullness, provides energy, and maintains muscle function and mobility.

Enrichables Kale & Fiber, Regular

Enrichables Pea Protein, Regular

5.1 oz. (144 g). 48 servings. #100339 $31

5.5 oz. (156 g). 48 servings. #100341 $31

Enrichables Kale & Fiber, Small

Enrichables Pea Protein, Small

2.5 oz. (72 g). 24 servings. #100338 $20

Ground Meat & Ground Meat Substitutes

2.7 oz. (78 g). 24 servings. #100340 $20

Try before you subscribe with a one-time purchase. Once you love Enrichables (and we know you will), subscribe and save. → See p. 61 for options and pricing.

Pick Your Subscription If you love how Enrichables can easily add a simple upgrade to your daily route, try one of our many subscriptions. Shipping is free. ™



Batters & Doughs

Month to Month Starts at $19/month Most flexible. Billed monthly.


3-Month Prepaid

6-Month Prepaid

Starts at $18/month

Starts at $17/month

Perfect for busy families. Billed quarterly.

Best value. Billed semi-annually.

Top Pick

Sauces, Spreads, Dressings & Dips

Shipping is free with subscriptions. Each subscription renews automatically. You can choose not to renew any time before your renewal date.

→ Learn more on pamperedchef.com/enrichables

People Are Loving Enrichables 

“Very useful, love it! I’ve added to a casserole, potato dish, spaghetti sauce, and so far, no complaints from my picky family!”


“Added the Pea Protein to spaghetti sauce, was very filling and tasted great.” Bonnie from Illinois



“A great way to add extra fiber to a smoothie or a casserole. I like that I can add the amount I need.”

“Love being able to add these to my families meals and getting them the additional nutrients they didn’t know they needed!”

Denise from Florida

Jamie, a happy customer

Lawrence, a happy customer

→ Learn how to use Enrichables on blog.pamperedchef.com ™

Find out more on PAMPEREDCHEF.COM


When Dinner’s Up in the Air How about tender rotisserie chicken, restaurant-quality fish, or the crispiest tenders and fries? With our air fryer, you can make all your family favorites, fresh or frozen, with little to no oil. Problem solved!

About Our Deluxe Air Fryer • Little to No Oil: Air fry fresh and frozen foods with all the flavors and textures you love without all the oil. • Great Multitasker: Ours also roasts veggies and fish to perfection, rotisserie cooks juicy whole chickens and roasts, dehydrates fruit, veggies, and meat for jerky, bakes golden-brown desserts, and so much more! • Best Leftovers: Whatever you make will taste just as good on day two when reheated in the air fryer. • No-Guess Cooking: 8 programmed settings give you reliable results. • Family-Sized: 11.6-qt. interior fits up to a 4-lb. chicken, 4–6 servings, or apps for a crowd. • No Preheating Needed: Saves precious time and energy.

Host Exclusive Combo Deluxe Air Fryer Set

Includes the Deluxe Air Fryer, Deluxe Air Fryer Skewers, and Mini Oven Mitts. #HP1016 $319 $159.50 

Ask your consultant for details.

A A. Deluxe Air Fryer

Superheated air circulates for quick, consistent results. Settings include: Air Fry, Bake, Roast, Rotisserie, Reheat, Dehydrate, Custom, and Rotate. Includes two cooking trays, basket, rotisserie set, drip tray, retrieval tool, removable shield, and a cooking guide. Easily fits under kitchen cabinets: 14½" tall x 12¾" x 14¼".

Bread meat, fish, and veggies without a mess.

#100194 $279 

Removable Shield, Cooking Trays, Basket, Retrieval Tool, Rotisserie Set


Deluxe Air Fryer Skewers

Rotisserie cook up to 8 kebabs or sausages in the Deluxe Air Fryer. The flat design keeps food in place to perfectly cook on all sides. Includes eight 8" skewers, rotisserie bar, and 2 rotisserie wheels. Stainless steel.

#100285 $25 

C. Coating Trays & Tool

The interlocking sides and nonskid feet keep trays steady, and the turning tool keeps hands clean. Trays nest for storage. Largest tray is 10" x 6¾" x 1¼". Microwave-safe.





#2605 $25 

D. Meat Tenderizer

Use the flat side to flatten chicken breasts or crush crackers and nuts, and the toothed side to tenderize meat. Heavy-duty chrome-plated zinc. 4" handle; 3¼" diameter.

#2705 $35 

E. Kitchen Spritzer

Add a light coating of oil to salads, meat, fish, and veggies, or spray your pans to prevent sticking. The clear plastic refillable bottle includes a filter to create infused oils. 3.5-oz. capacity. #2733 $30  Bottle, Sleeve

Also Shown:

Mini Oven Mitts (p. 46)

→ Get the recipes on

pamperedchef.com Grilled Kebab Combinations Peruvian Chicken Air Fryer French Fries

→ Learn more on pamperedchef.com/deluxe-air-fryer


You’ve Got the Power Like magic, raw veggies, fruits, and nuts become something delicious with the simple push of a button. And while it’s doing its thing, you can do yours.

Host Exclusive Combo Deluxe Cooking Blender Set

Includes the Deluxe Cooking Blender, Long Skinny Scraper, and Smoothie Cup & Adapter. #HP1015 $446 $223

Ask your consultant for details.





About Our Deluxe Cooking Blender

Turn the Deluxe Cooking Blender into your own personal smoothie maker. Just add fresh or frozen ingredients, blend, and go!

• Fresh & Fast: Use your own ingredients for homemade soups, the smoothest smoothies, heated purees, fresh homemade baby foods, creamy nut butters, jams, flavorful dips and sauces, allergen-free alternative milks, and more! • Cooks to Perfection: The cooking programs heat to precise temperatures.


• Super Powered: The 2-peak horsepower* motor is powerful enough, and the blades strong enough, to pulverize nuts into creamy butters in under 3 minutes. *Peak horsepower refers to the maximum output of a motor achieved in laboratory testing. In actual use, the blender does not operate at peak horsepower.

• 8 Preprogrammed Settings: Takes the guesswork out of making everyday family favorites. • Heated Wash Setting: Cleans itself! A. Deluxe Cooking Blender

Holds up to seven cups. Presets: Smoothie, Soup, Heated Puree, Alternative Milk, Sauce, Custom Blend, Grind, and Jam. Includes a tamper, dual-sided cleaning brush, strainer bag, boil-over guard, and a cooking guide. 17½" tall.



#100125 $349 

Lid, Tamper, Brush, Boil-Over Guard

B. Deluxe Cooking Blender Smoothie Cup & Adapter

Measure, wash, and drain fruits and veggies in the removable sleeve. Includes a 24-oz. double-walled cup, lid, blade lid, blade cover, adapter, sleeve, reusable straw, and recipe card.

#100195 $85 

Cup, Lid, Blade Lid, Blade Cover, Sleeve

Deluxe Cooking Blender Smoothie Cup

Need an extra smoothie cup? Includes a 24-oz. double-walled cup, lid, sleeve, and reusable straw. 10½" tall. Only works with the adapter, sold separately. #100196 $30  Cup, Lid, Sleeve

A-B-C Baby Food •A  dd fresh ingredients to the Deluxe Cooking Blender. •B  lend on Heated Puree. •C  ool.

C. Long Skinny Scraper

A long handle, flexible tip, ridges, and slight curve gets every last bit out of your blender or tall jars. 13". Silicone.


$12 

Freezer Bowls

Freeze your made-in-advance foods and leftovers, then reheat in the microwave or oven. Silicone bowls are safe to 400°F.


D. 6-Piece Freezer Bowl Set & Rack

Add a boost of nutrition to anything you make with Enrichables . See p. 13. ™

Set of six 1-cup bowls, freezer-safe lids, and a rack for freezing. Rack: 14¼" x 8¼" x 3". #100158 $50  Bowls, Lids

4-Piece Freezer Bowl Set

Set of four 1-cup bowls and freezer-safe lids.

#100127 $35  E. Mini Freezer Bowls & Rack

Set of six 4-oz. bowls, freezer-safe lids, and a rack. Rack: 11" x 6¾" x 3".

#100181 $25  F. 

Digital Kitchen Scale

Get precise measurements in ounces, grams, or pounds for all your favorite recipes or for portion control. Features a durable stainless steel clad body and a slim design for easy storage. 8" x 8".

#100271 $35 

→ Get the recipes on

pamperedchef.com Cucumber Melon Smoothie Broccoli Cheddar Soup With Cheddar Biscuits Sweet Potato Soup

→ Learn more on pamperedchef.com/deluxe-cooking-blender


Hands-Off Cooking

Ellengton Boyce

A Consultant from Oklahoma

I love the no-hovering aspect of the Quick Cooker—I can plan a meal, dump in the ingredients, stir, and go away. Then I’m free to train, read, clean, watch TV, or whatever else. It’s like having a personal chef that pays me back with time. Plus, it saves so much money instead of running through the drive-thru!


About Our Quick Cooker

→ Get the recipes on pamperedchef.com

Quick Cooker Strawberry Cheesecake Quick Cooker Citrus-Herb Salmon & Green Beans Quick Cooker Key Lime Cups Quick Cooker Cilantro-Lime Rice

• Pressure Cooking: Up to 70% faster than cooking in the oven or stovetop, saving time, energy, and helping retain nutrients.

• Easy Sides: Cooks beans without soaking, mashed potatoes in minutes, and makes easy-to-peel hardboiled eggs.

• Quick or Slow Cooking: It cooks with steam, so everything comes out tender and juicy whether you’re in a hurry or not.

• Cooks From Frozen: Forgot to take meat out of the freezer? No problem! Cooks deliciously from frozen.

• 16 Presets: Takes the guesswork out of cooking all your family favorites. • Safety First: Steam releases away keeping your hands safe. Features a stay-cool exterior and carrying handles to securely move or store.

Quick Cooker Starter Set

Includes the Quick Cooker, Glass Lid, Ceramic Pot, and Mini Oven Mitts.



#100334 $304 $295 A. Quick Cooker

Now includes a free Glass Lid for slow cooking, searing, and proofing. Presets include: Sear, Steam, Slow Cook, Proof, White Rice, Brown Rice, Whole Grains, Chicken/Poultry, Beef/Pork, Fish/Seafood, Soup/Stock, Beans, Stew/Chili, Dessert, Custom, and Keep Warm. Comes with a wire rack, Glass Lid, and a cooking guide. 12" x 13" x 12½". 6-qts.

#100323 $249 

Lid, Inner Pot, Wire Rack

B. Quick Cooker Glass Lid

Need a lid for your Quick Cooker? Use on Proof, Slow Cooker, Sear, or Keep Warm settings, or as a cover to store in the fridge. Stainless rim and handle. 9½" diameter.

Quick or slow cook— you choose depending on your day.

#100197 $25 

C. Quick Cooker Ceramic Pot

Cook a main and side dish at the same time. Includes a stretch-fit silicone lid, and a wire cradle to easily remove from the Quick Cooker. 7¾" diameter. 3¼" deep. 8-cup capacity.





#100049 $40 

D. Quick Cooker Springform Pan

Make delicious desserts in the Quick Cooker or the oven. Includes a wire cradle to remove from the Quick Cooker. 7¼" diameter. 2¾" deep. 7-cup capacity.

#100048 $23 

E. Quick Cooker Steamer Baskets

Steam different foods at the same time. Includes two baskets with silicone covered handles. Baskets are 7" diameter x 3½" deep, and 7¾" diameter x 5½" deep.

#100118 $21 

F. Quick Cooker Racks & Prep Bowls Set  Steam up to 24 eggs at a time. Also great for custards, individual cakes and cobblers, mini omelets, breakfast cups, and more. Includes two Stackable Steaming Racks, six 1-cup Prep Bowls, and six stretch-fit lids.

#100108 $73 $65

Quick Cooker Stackable Steaming Rack Holds up to 12 eggs or three 1-cup Prep Bowls. Includes one rack. 8" diameter.

#100089 $17 

G. Quick Cooker Fluted Cake Pan

You don’t need your oven for a delicious cake (although it’s oven-safe 450˚F). Interior nonstick coating. Includes a wire handle for easy removal from the Quick Cooker. 8½" diameter. 2¾" deep. 5-cup capacity.

#100119 $22 

H. Quick Cooker Silicone Rings

Includes two replacement rings: one gray and one teal. You can use one color when cooking sweets and the other for savory foods.

#100112 $12 

Add Kale & Fiber to carb-heavy dishes.

Also Shown:

Instant-Read Food Thermometer (p. 27) Mini Oven Mitts (p. 46) 1-cup Prep Bowl Set (p. 43) Enrichables (p. 13) ™


Host Exclusive Combo Complete Quick Cooker Set

Includes the Quick Cooker, Glass Lid, Ceramic Pot, Springform Pan, Steamer Baskets, two Stackable Steaming Racks, 1-cup Prep Bowl Set, 1-cup Stretch-Fit Lid Set, Fluted Cake Pan, two Silicone Rings, and a wire cradle.

#HP1011 $432 $216

Ask your consultant for details.

→ Learn more on pamperedchef.com/quick-cooker-101


With Rockcrok , You Can’t Mess This Up ®

I use my Rockcrok cookware nearly daily, for everything from soups and pot roast to breakfast casseroles and mac ’n cheese to desserts—you name it. I always keep a boxed cake mix on hand, so when unexpected guests arrive, I can whip up a moist cake in 10 minutes flat. No one ever knows it was made in the microwave. Best quick fix ever! ®

Kristin Wierenga

A Consultant from Washington


Start anywhere, end anywhere. You can move Rockcrok between multiple heat sources throughout a recipe. ®







Slow Cooker Stand

About Our Rockcrok Collection ®

• Versatile Cookware: Heat-safe to 752°F so you can sear, braise, simmer, slow cook, fry, boil, bake, broil, microwave, and grill all in the same pan, during the same recipe.


C The Dutch Oven is a real crowd pleaser.

• Retains Heat: Food stays hot long after it’s done cooking which is great for your holiday table or when everyone isn’t eating at the same time. • Dishwasher-safe: Goes right from the fridge to the heat source to the dishwasher, saving time. • Special Black Glaze: Never needs seasoning or extra care, and always looks great for serving. A. Rockcrok Starter Set ®

Includes the Rockcrok Everyday Pan and Rockcrok Grill Stone. ®


#100230 $205 $175 

B. Rockcrok Everyday Pan ®

This pan got its name for a reason; it can be used every day no matter what you’re cooking. 2.5-qt. capacity. 9" diameter. Includes a glass lid (heat-safe to 400°F.)



#3139 $125 

C. Rockcrok Dutch Oven ®

Ideal for family-sized batches of stew, soup, pasta, braised meat, or a microwave cake. 4-qt. capacity. 9" diameter. Includes a glass lid (heat-safe to 400°F.)

#3140 $140 

D. Rockcrok 4-qt. Slow Cooker Set ®

Includes the Rockcrok Dutch Oven and Slow Cooker Stand. ®

#3115 $200 $175

Rockcrok Slow Cooker Stand ®

Turn your Rockcrok Dutch Oven or Everyday Pan into a slow cooker. Transfer food from the oven or stovetop to the stand without changing pots or pans. Great for keeping dishes warm while entertaining. 14" diameter. 4½" tall. ®

#3156 $60 

E. Rockcrok Grill Stone ®

Pizza tastes like it came out of a professional pizza oven! The raised lip keeps food contained. 15" diameter; 16½" with handles.

#3150 $80 

F. Rockcrok Small Grill Stone ®

Add a boost of nutrition to anything you make with Enrichables . See p. 13.

Grill small servings, breakfast, apps, and more! The raised lip keeps food contained. 9" x 9"; 12" with handles.

#3158 $40  Also Shown:

Pizza & Crust Cutter (p. 44)

→G  et the recipes on


Bruschetta & Zucchini Pasta.............. Grilled Loaded Nachos........................ Cheesy Shells & Italian Sausage.........................


Garlic Parmesan Chicken With Cauliflower Mash.....



Grilled Grape, Rosemary & Brie Flatbread........................



Grilled Veggie Flatbread....................... Enrichables Pesto Pizza.......................

→ Learn more on pamperedchef.com/rockcrok-collection


Stress-Free Cooking, Guaranteed

Top Registry Pick

About Our Nonstick Cookware Collection

Ask your consultant about starting a wish list or gift registry.

• Many Great Options: Choose from Nonstick and Stainless Steel Nonstick. • Guaranteed for Life: We stand behind the quality of our nonstick cookware. • Tough Coatings: So strong, you can even use metal utensils. • Dishwasher-safe: Cleanup’s a breeze. • No Interior Rivets: So no place for residue or rust to form.

A Stovetop






Removable handles on select pans save space in cabinets, oven, and dishwasher.

Nonstick Cookware

Your go-to for one-pan meals.

Features top-of-the-line, titanium-reinforced, four-layer coating. All pans are heat-safe to 480°F; tempered-glass lids with stainless rims are heat-safe to 400°F. Metal-utensil safe. Select pieces have a space-saving removable handle. PFOA-free.

6-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set Save on the set! Includes A–D.

#2741 $500 $450 A. 5.25-qt. Nonstick Stock Pot

Ideal for big batches of soup, stew, stock, sauce, and chili. 10" diameter. Includes a lid.

#2736 $180 B. 2-qt. Nonstick Sauce Pan

Features a two-step removable handle and comes with a lid. 7½" diameter. #2735 $130 Pan, Lid ; Removable Handle n

C. 10" Nonstick Fry Pan

Features a two-step removable handle. #2734 $120 Pan ; Removable Handle n

D. 8 " Nonstick Fry Pan


E. 12" Nonstick Skillet



Features a two-step removable handle. #2729 $70 Pan ; Removable Handle n Features a two-step removable handle and includes a lid. 4¼‑qt. capacity. #2737 $200 Pan ; Removable Handle n

F. Nonstick Grill Pan

Large enough to grill up to four steaks, chicken breasts, burgers, or chops on your stovetop. Features a two-step removable handle.11½" x 11½". #2738 $190 Pan ; Removable Handle n

G. Multipot With Collapsible Steamer

The innovative lid acts as a strainer, and makes condensation run into the pot, not on your stovetop. Includes the Multipot, lid, and Silicone Collapsible Steamer & Strainer. 9-qt. capacity. #2739 $300 Pan, Lid ; Collapsible Steamer 

Silicone Collapsible Steamer & Strainer

Use it fully expanded as a strainer, partially collapsed as a steamer, or fully collapsed as a trivet or boil-over guard.

#2742 $45 

H. Nonstick Double Burner Grill & Press Set

Includes the Double Burner Grill and two heavy-duty Grill Presses.



#100040 $310 $295 Nonstick Double Burner Grill

Large enough to grill four paninis, six steaks, or eight burgers at a time on your stovetop. High sides keep splatters contained. 20½" x 10½".

#100028 $230 Grill Press

This enamel-coated, heavy-duty cast iron press creates restaurant-style paninis and evenly cooks chicken breasts in less time. 8½" x 8½".

#2875 $40

I. Nonstick Double Burner Griddle

Make and easily flip big batches of your family favorites. Stacks with the Double Burner Grill for storage. 20¼" x 10".

#100029 $200

Stainless Steel Nonstick Cookware

A true hybrid: These pans combine the cooking and heating capabilities of stainless with the easy cleanup of nonstick. Designed with a mesh grid for browning, high-heat searing, sauteing, and creating flavorful pan sauces. Features tri-ply clad, a great heat-conducting aluminum core, and a polished stainless 18/0 exterior layer for faster, more even cooking. The pans and tempered-glass lids are heat-safe to 500°F. Safe to use on induction cooktops.


Our innovative nonstick mesh grid creates the perfect sear.


J. Stainless Steel Nonstick Wok

The high, bowl-shaped walls are great to saute and stir-fry. Includes a lid. 12" diameter. 5-qt. capacity.

#100111 $240

K. 12" Stainless Steel Nonstick Skillet

Enjoy one-pot meals and family dinners. Includes a lid. 4¼‑qt. capacity.

#2088 $210

L. 10" Stainless Steel Nonstick Skillet

Perfect for everyday cooking. Includes a lid. 2¼‑qt. capacity.

#2087 $145

→ Learn more on pamperedchef.com/nonstick-cookware-collection



Meet the Cast Our cast iron is meant to be used often, passed down, and loved forever, so it’s guaranteed for life.


About Our Cast Iron Collection • Guaranteed for Life


• Enameled and Non-Enameled Options .

• Superior Heat Distribution


• So Versatile


→ Get the recipes on pamperedchef.com Mushroom Stew | Corn Pudding Chili Lime Pork | Skillet Cookie




Enameled Cast Iron

Because of its smooth enameled coating, no seasoning is needed. Heat-safe to 500°F and dishwasher-safe if dried immediately and completely before storing. We don’t recommend using metal utensils. Gray exterior with a light gray interior. Oven-to-table design.


2-qt. Enameled Cast Iron Baker Available Oct. 1, 2020

Perfect for scalloped potatoes, casseroles, pot pies, stuffing, and more. 13½" x 8½" with handles.

#100247 $70 B. 

1-qt. Enameled Cast Iron Baker Available Oct. 1, 2020

Great for baked dips, desserts, fruit crumbles, breakfast foods, and more. 10" x 7" with handles.

#100248 $50 C. 

6-qt. Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven Available Oct. 1, 2020

Ideal for family meals, soups, stews, and chili. The wide-handled lid makes it easy to grip (with an oven mitt) and is self-basting for tender, juicy, and flavorful foods. 12¾" x 10¼" x 8".

Host Exclusive Combo Cookware Basics Set This 10-piece set includes the 2-qt. Nonstick

Sauce Pan, 5.25-qt. Nonstick Stock Pot, 8" Nonstick Fry Pan, 10" Stainless Steel Nonstick Skillet, 12" Stainless Steel Nonstick Skillet, and the 12" Cast Iron Skillet.

#HP1014 $805 $402.50

Ask your consultant for details.

#100249 $190



Cast Iron

Each piece comes preseasoned, although the seasoning gets better with use. Heat-safe to 650°F. Two pour spouts. Made in the USA. PTFE-free. Metal utensil-safe. Pan scraper included for easy cleanup. Hand wash.

Cast Iron Skillet Set Includes D–E. #100229 $120 $99 D. 12" Cast Iron Skillet

Perfect for searing steaks, one-pot meals, and crispy baked treats. Its unique shape cooks four chicken breasts at a time. 13.5-cup capacity.

#100179 $70 E. 10" Cast Iron Skillet

Great for side dishes, skillet cookies, corn bread, cobbler, and more. 8.5 cups.

#100178 $50

F. 5.5" Cast Iron Skillet Set

Make adorable, individual-sized desserts, cornbread, side dishes, little pizzas, crispy veggies, dips, and the best campfire breakfasts. Set of two. 1¾-cup capacity.

#100250 $45





→ Not sure what to choose? Take our online cookware quiz on pamperedchef.com/cookware-quiz


Simply Impressive Hosting a holiday or celebration doesn't have to be stressful to be fabulous.





E Folds to store!


Shop with a consultant. | Host a party. Get rewards.

The lid hooks on the bowl for easy serving.

A. Wood Cutting Board

Use one side to catch juices when carving (with a handy pour spout) and the other side for serving in style. Made of durable, moisture-resistant acacia wood. 18" x 12" x 1¼".

#1591 $73  B. Quick Shred

Easily lifts (up to 25 lbs.) and shreds meat, and acts as a guide for cutting. Magnetic handles for storage. Two forks: 8"–9¼".

#100122 $25 

C. Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

Adjust for fine or course grinds, with wide openings for easy refills. Includes two 7½" acrylic grinders and a sleek stand.


#2412 $65  D. 


Potato Masher

Ours won’t get stuck in the utensil drawer! Simply squeeze the sides to fold when storing. Sturdy stainless steel. 12".

#100268 $19  E. 

Scoop & Serve Spatula

The high sides keep whatever you’re scooping and serving in one piece. Sturdy nylon head with a metal handle. 14".

#100286 $15  F. 

Insulated Serving Bowl Set

Keep food warm up to 2 hours on your holiday table or during mealtimes. The clear plastic lid is double-walled and let’s you see what’s inside. The bowl’s double-walled vacuum insulation keeps food hot, prevents sweating, and ensures a stay-cool exterior. Can also be used with cold foods. Hand wash. Set of two: 2.5 qt. and 1-qt.

#100287 $105 $95   2.5-qt. Insulated Serving Bowl 9¼" x 4¾". #100263 $60   1-qt. Insulated Serving Bowl 7" x 4". #100262 $45  G. Instant-Read Food Thermometer

An accurate temperature in seconds! The 2¾"-long probe rotates 180° for use on the stovetop and the 3-foot long removable corded probe works in the oven and grill. Features a bottle opener, belt clip, and a magnet to store on the fridge. Includes a temperature guide. Fahrenheit or Celsius display.

#100121 $49 

H. Wood Salad Bowl & Servers Set

Durable and moisture-resistant acacia wood. Includes the Wood Salad Bowl and Wood Salad Servers. Wood grain might vary.

#100186 $60 $50  Wood Salad Bowl #100188 $35  Wood Salad Servers

Toss, scoop, and serve. Pairs with the Wood Salad Bowl. Includes a fork and spoon. Acacia wood. Hand wash. 12¼".

#100187 $25 

#100219 $30  Also Shown:

8" Chef’s Knife (p. 41) Quick Cooker Ceramic Pot (p. 19)

In partnership with Feeding America , we’re helping to provide meals to families in need. Here’s how you can help:

1. Round up your order. When you do,

100% of your contribution benefits your local Feeding America member food bank. ®

Silicone & Wood Utensil Set

The perfect combo of durable silicone and rich acacia wood. The heads are heat-safe to 482°F and won’t scratch nonstick pans, while the elegant handles won’t get hot. Set of 3. Hand wash. 12"–13" long.


No one can thrive on an empty stomach. 37 million people face hunger in the U.S. including more than 11 million children and 5 million seniors. Hunger knows no bounds; it touches every community in America. ®

14-cup capacity is ideal for large gatherings. Hand wash. 10½".


Serve Up a Little Kindness

2. B uy the Silicone & Wood Utensil Set.

From Sept. 1, 2020–Feb. 28, 2021, each set purchased will help provide at least 10 meals* to Feeding America . ®

Lazy Susan (p. 28)

→ Get the recipe on pamperedchef.com Quick Cooker Spinach & Artichoke Dip

3. Host a fundraiser. We’ll contribute a

portion of the total sales, up to 30%, to Feeding America to help families all across the country. ®


*$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks. Pampered Chef guarantees a minimum donation of $250,000 through the purchase of select Pampered Chef products and other fundraising activities associated with the Round-Up from the Heart campaign from Sept. 1, 2020–Feb. 28, 2021. Meal claim valid as of July 1, 2019, and subject to change. ®




Find out more on PAMPEREDCHEF.COM




Premium Charcuterie & Cheese Board Set

Everything you need to make the charcuterie board of your dreams! Includes A–B.

#100147 $98 $89 A. Charcuterie & Cheese Board Accessories

Comes with a fork, soft cheese spreader, semi-soft cheese knife, hard cheese crumbler, two bowls with spoons, four cheese markers, and eight labels. Acacia wood and stainless steel.

#100129 $49 

C. Premium Cocktail Set

Need a little grown-up time? The set includes a jigger, strainer, shaker, bar spoon, ash-wood muddler, bottle opener, and recipe card.

#100013 $103 

Jigger, Strainer, Shaker, Spoon, Bottle Opener


B. Lazy Susan

Beautifully serve charcuterie, cheese, or after-dinner treats on this beautiful acacia wood board. Rotates for sharing or to frost a cake, or locks in place. The base removes for display or cleaning. 12" diameter.

Wine Tumblers With Bag

Take your Wine Tumblers to backyard gatherings, picnics, or anywhere else you go! Includes two Wine Tumblers and one Wine Bag.

#100095 $68 $65 E. Wine Tumbler

Double-walled 12-oz. stainless cup keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks steamy (but you won’t feel it). Removable silicone sleeve. With lid.

#100128 $49  D. Metal Straws

Sip sustainably! Includes two stainless steel straws, wire brush, and nylon storage bag. #100092 $9  Straws

Shop with a consultant. | Host a party. Get rewards.

F. Wine Bag

Conveniently carry a couple tumblers or a bottle of wine.

#100094 $18 

#100093 $25 

Wine Essential Tools

Perfect for the wine lover in your life. Includes G–H.

#1798 $70 $65 G. Electric Wine Opener

Uncork with the touch of a button. Rechargeable through USB or wall outlet. Foil cutter doubles as a stand.

#1489 $53 

H. Wine Aerator

Instantly aerates as you pour, enhancing the flavor of your favorite red wines.

#1491 $17 


Muddle herbs and fruit for the most vibranttasting drinks. Congrats, you’re now a mixologist!


“I LOVE this set! It makes mixing margaritas and other cocktails super easy. It’s very high end and you can see the quality.” Brittany from Ohio





Find out more on PAMPEREDCHEF.COM


Family Fun Time Keep the kids busy with projects they can be proud of, then eat. Who knows, it might just spark a lifelong passion!


“We used this set on National Pretzel Day and read Eric Carles' book ‘Walter the Baker.’ Made for wonderful memories. Great and meaning ful fun...a wonderful way to introduce children to baking.” Tania, a happy customer

→ Learn how to make pretzels on blog.pamperedchef.com



C Gingerbread and cookie houses are super easy and your little elves can have fun decorating!

Frozen treats using your own fresh ingredients in 45 minutes or less. Yes please!




D A. Ultimate Soft Pretzel-Making Set

Everything you need to make fresh, soft pretzels. Includes a detailed mat with step-by-step directions, a form to wrap the perfect pretzel, a basting brush, a crimper for pretzel bites, and a bag of Pretzel Dough Mix. Mat is 15" x 11". #100073 $45 Tools  ; Mix

B. Soft Pretzel-Making Set

Includes the step-by-step mat and the pretzel form.

#100087 $21.50  Pretzel Dough Mix

Makes 8 pretzels. 14 oz. Contains wheat.

#100074 $8

C. Kids’ Cookie Baking Set

Fun to make and fun to eat! Includes a Kids’ Mixing Bowl, stackable measuring cup set, funny face scraper, Mini Nylon Serving Spatula, Emoji Cookie Cutter Set, and four recipe cards. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

#1472 $65 Kids’ Mixing Bowl

The handle is designed for the way kids hold bowls. The wide spout helps pour without the mess. 13½-cup capacity.

#1762 $15 

H Emoji Cookie Cutter Set

Includes seven stackable cookie cutters: smiley sunglasses, sad face, silly face, lovey face, sleepy face, freckle face, and smiley lashes.

#1443 $15 

D. Cookie House Kit

Easily make and decorate your own cookie and gingerbread houses. Includes the Cookie House Molds, Small Decorating Bag, three decorating tips, and two Twixit! Clips. ®

#100137 $36  Cookie House Molds

These serve as the base for cookie houses (walls and roof). Set of two easy-release silicone molds. 12½" x 8½".

#100136 $25  E. Ice Cream Maker

Use your own natural ingredients to make smooth, customflavored ice cream, custard, frozen yogurt, sorbet, sherbet, and frozen drinks. Makes up to 1 quart. Includes a stretchy silicone lid for storing.

#1538 $95 

Improved nonstick coating

F. Ice Cream Spade

Easily scoop ice cream out of the Ice Cream Maker and spread into containers. Safe for metal pans. Soft-grip handle. 8½".

#100113 $8 

G. Freezer Storage Containers

Ice cream freezes quickly and has a smoother texture in shallow containers. These can also be used in the oven. Set of two 1-pint stackable containers with lids. 8¾" x 5¾" x 1".

#100078 $27  H. Ice Cream Scoop

Features an improved coating. Easily cuts through hard ice cream and the scalloped edges get into deep into cartons and corners. Comfortable soft-grip handle. 7½".

#100264 $11 

Also Shown:

Teal Mini Nylon Serving Spatula (p. 38) 1-cup Prep Bowl Set (p. 43) Decorating Bag Set (See p. 35)

Find out more on PAMPEREDCHEF.COM


40 Years of Favorites Nancy Jo Ryan

A Consultant from Florida


Healthier eating has never been easier with the Deluxe Cooking Blender and Quick Cooker. Meals that used to take hours to prepare are now perfectly done in a fraction of the time! Now my kitchen really rocks!

Such a big hit that

3 out of every 50


U.S. households own one. Mix ‘N Chop, Introduced 2007

Doris Christopher made a pizza on a stone at her first party and it’s been one of our most-loved products ever since. Large Round Stone, Introduced 1980, reintroduced 2020




Shop with a consultant. | Host a party. Get rewards.



The best of the best, these products made huge splashes when introduced and continue to top our bestsellers list year after year. A. Mix ‘N Chop

See p. 49.

#2583 $15 

See p. 44.

#1529 $17 

B. Rockcrok Dutch Oven



See p. 21.

Check out all the Quick Cooker accessories on p. 19.

G. Kitchen Paring Knife Set

D. Ceramic Egg Cooker

See p. 44.

#3140 $140 

#100035 $10  H. Brownie Pan

Pizza Stone

See p. 37.

Reintroduced in 2020. See p. 5.

#1544 $25 

#100251 $45 

C. Quick Cooker See p. 19.

F. Smooth-Edge Can Opener

#100323 $249 

See p. 46.

#2759 $25 

Lid, Inner Pot, Wire Rack

I. Deluxe Cooking Blender See p. 17.

#100125 $349  J. Food Chopper See p. 42.

#2585 $40 


There are many ways to use the Brownie Pan—only one is to make brownies. Brownie Pan, Introduced 2011



The Food Chopper is our bestselling prep tool and has been recently featured in Food & Wine . ®

Food Chopper, Introduced 1987


Find out more on PAMPEREDCHEF.COM


Baking Buddies With the right tools, every baker, even newbies, can make bakeryworthy treats.




Party Pan & Decorator Set

This set helps make your celebrations a little more special. Includes A–C.

#100299 $77 $70 Numbers and Letters A.  Cake Pan

Your celebrations will become even more memorable! Includes 1 pan, 8 inserts to form any number or letter, 1 cutting tool, and complete step-bystep instructions. The gridded bottom guides the insert placement and keeps secure for baking. Easy-release nonstick. Uses a standard boxed cake mix. Hand wash. 9¼" x 15" without handles.

#100279 $40  Easy Accent Decorator B. 

Adding a simple glaze takes your treats from ooh to ahh.


Add a decorative flair to cakes, cupcakes, cookies, deviled eggs, and more. Soft-grip handle for comfort and a sturdy stainless thumb lever for one-handed decorating. Includes 6 tips. 1¼-cup capacity.

#100260 $30  C. Cake Tester & Releaser

Test with one side and get around corners to gently release with the other side. 10".

#1794 $7 j





D. Measuring Cup Set

All nest and snap together for easy storage. Includes ¼, ¹⁄³, ½, ²⁄³, ¾, and 1 cup, and a leveler. Microwave-safe.

#2257 $19  E. Boat Press Set

Press into baked brownies, cookies, corn bread, meatloaf, and more to create a boat, then fill with something delicious! Comes with a handle and three shapes that work with our baking pans.

#100123 $14.50 

F. Measuring Spoon Set

Long handles snap together for space-saving storage. Flat bases stay put. Six sizes: ¹∕8, ¼, ½, and 1 tsp, plus ½ and 1 tbsp.

#2308 $11 

G. Decorating Bag Set

Create professional-looking cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more. Includes two sturdy, flexible bags with couplers, seven decorating tips, and two Twixit ! Clips. ®

#1586 $30 

H. Adjustable Measuring Spoon Set Sliders adjust to different sizes, and create a seal so great for wet or dry ingredients. Set of two: ¹∕8–1 tsp and 1 tsp–1 tbsp.

#2258 $10 

Measure-All Cups ®

Great for measuring sticky ingredients like peanut butter, honey, sour cream, and mayonnaise. Use one side for liquids and the other for solids.

Ours sit on the counter without spilling. Sometimes it’s the little things.

I. Measure-All Cup ®

2 cups.

#2225 $12  Sleeve J. Mini Measure-All Cup ®



1 cup.

#2236 $8  Sleeve K. Petite Measure-All Cup ®

4 tbsp.

#2268 $7  Sleeve

→ Get the recipes on


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups Baked Oatmeal Cups




A Piece of Cake

Anthony McClellan A Consultant from Minnesota


The best way to anyone’s heart is with fresh baked goods! Think mini banana or monkey breads or how about a double chocolate chip cake in our mini fluted cake pans! They taste so good and look amazing! Why not get your friends together and have a bake-a-thon. You can make all the mini treats in one day and give as gifts! Oh, and don’t forget the wine and hot cocoa!

W af f



A. Waffle Stick Pan

Makes oven-baked waffle sticks that are fun to dunk and easy to take on the go. Six ½ cup wells make 7¾" x 1½" waffle sticks. 16" x 11".



B. Mini Loaf Pan

rea d L

Great for gift-giving and custom flavors. Eight 3¾" x 2¼" wells hold ⁄ cup. 16" x 11". 2


#100020 $27 


C. Mini Fluted Cake Pan


Six mini bundt cakes at a time. 14½" x 10".




#1602 $30 



pl e C i d e r Do

St raw

Mi n i


#100018 $27 

s oave






• Even Cooking: Durable, heavy-duty steel, oven-safe to 450°F. • Easy-release: Top-of-the-line nonstick coating makes cleanup a breeze.


l e St i ck s

About Our Nonstick Bakeware

D. Fluted Cake Pan


Give packaged mixes an easy upgrade. 10½" diameter. 9-cup capacity.

n di es G

#1603 $22 

E. Mini Pie Pan Set

The perfect size for gifting or a holiday treat! Includes 2 dough cutters. 14½" x 10" x 1¼".

#100019 $27 






No deep fryer needed. Great for gluten- and allergen-free varieties. Twelve wells each make a 2¾" donut. 16" x 11".



F. Donut Pan


#1796 $30 


Brownie Pan Set

Brownie lovers rejoice. Includes G–I.

e un dt Cak

#100227 $57 $49 G. Cake Tester & Releaser See p. 35. #1794 $7 j H. Brownie Pan


ss i c Ch o



#1544 $25  I. Brownie Bite Pan


J. Muffin Pan

tC ake

Makes a dozen muffins, cupcakes, rolls, and more. Twelve ¹⁄³-cup wells. 16" x 11" overall.

#1601 $22 










#100177 $25 



Cl a s s i c Va n i


Makes two dozen two-bite delights with a standard brownie mix. Also great for other tasty tidbits. 16" x 11". 1½" square wells.

C upc

Cl a

K. Mini Muffin Pan

Makes 24 bite-sized tarts, pecan tassies, cupcakes, or appetizers. 15¾" x 10½".

#1606 $22 

L. Mini Tart Shaper

Evenly and quickly pats dough and wonton wrappers into the wells of the Muffin Pan.

#1590 $8 

→ Get the recipes on



c up



M i n i t a r t s,


ic h







Enjoy lightly crunchy edges on all sides. Great for desserts, apps, frittatas, and more. Twelve 2½" x 2½" x 1" wells hold ¼ cup. 16" x 11".




Mi n

p i Ap




Basics for Every Baker  A

“I placed this in my brown sugar that had hardened and by morning it was like sand. Amazing!”


Saysha from Iowa







A. Brown Sugar Keeper Set

These terra-cotta disks revive hard brown sugar and keep new sugar fresh. 2½" diameter. Set of two.

#100025 $12 

B. Deep Dish Pie Plate

The scalloped edge and glaze beautifully accent pies and casseroles. Graystone-glazed exterior; unglazed interior. 9" diameter. 6-cup capacity.

#1447 $43 

C. Chef’s Silicone Basting Brush

Neatly brush melted butter, egg, sauce, or oil. The handle has a hook to hang on a bowl for less mess. Heat-safe to 500°F. 8½".

#1755 $12 

D. Silicone Prep Bowl Set

These 1-, 2-, and 3-cup bowls have pour spouts and easy-to-read interior measure marks. Nest for storage. Bowls are microwave-, freezer-, and oven-safe to 400°F. Freezer-safe lids included.

#1751 $25 

E. Pastry Mat

Roll your dough to the perfect size every time, while keeping your countertop clean. Dough easily releases from this nonskid silicone mat. 24" x 16".

#1718 $35 

F. Powdered Sugar Shaker

Great for powdered sugar, cocoa powder, or cinnamon sugar. Stainless steel. Includes storage cover. #100023 $17  Body & Sifter

G. Marble Rolling Pin & Holder Set

The rolling pin’s weight does the work while smooth marble prevents sticking. The acacia wood holder keeps in place on counter or in your cabinet. Roller: 3¾ lbs. 10" barrel. Hand wash or wipe clean.

#100052 $53 Rolling Pin  Holder 

Batter Bowls

Mix, bake, store, reheat in these heavy-duty tempered glass bowls. Standard and metric measure markings. Microwave- and freezer-safe. Lids included. Bowls are oven-safe to 350°F. H. Small 1 qt. #2432 $15  I. Classic 2 qts. #2431 $20 

J. Slice ‘N Serve


Cut, lift, and serve with one tool. Serrated 5" stainless steel blade. Includes storage cover.

#1166 $13  Serving Spatulas

The beveled edges are perfect for removing the first slice from the pan. Stainless steel blades. K. Large 5" blade. #2626 $15  L. Mini 3½" blade. #2622 $9 

Mini Nylon Serving Spatula

Perfect for removing treats from the Brownie Pan and other cookware. Heat-resistant to 428°F. 7¾".

M. Black N. Teal

#2438 $6  #1406 $6 


O. Cake Pan Set

Make layer cakes, dinner rolls, cinnamon buns, cornbread, and more. Heavy-duty pans evenly bake and brown. Nonstick finish. 9" diameter. Set of two.

#1707 $25 

P. Stackable Cooling Rack Set

These nonstick racks stack to save space, and collapse for easy storage. 10" x 18". Set of two.

#1588 $40 $32 

Stackable Cooling Rack #1587 $20  Cookie Sheet Set

Includes two Cookie Sheets (Q) and a Black Mini Nylon Serving Spatula (M).

#1592 $56 $50 Q. Cookie Sheet 15" x 12". #1574 $25 










R. Reversible Silicone Baking Mat

Fits perfectly on our Cookie Sheet! Evenly space 1-, 2-, and 3-tbsp cookies and keep them from sticking. Rolls up for storage. Use with nylon utensils only. Oven-safe to 500°F. 14¾" x 11¾".

#1732 $30 

Stainless Steel Scoops

These heavy-duty scoops are great for portioning dough, batter, and filling. The squeeze-action handle makes them easy to use. S. Small Approx. 1 tbsp.

#2530 $19  T. Medium Approx. 2 tbsp. #2540 $20  U. Large Approx. 3 tbsp. #1790 $21 




V. Small Spreader

A short, offset blade gives you perfect control to frost cupcakes and other treats. 3½" stainless steel blade.

#2071 $10 

W. Easy-Read Measuring Cup Set

The cups are angled, so you can read interior measurements without stooping or bending. Standard and metric. Microwave-safe. Set of four: ¼, 1, 2, and 4 cups.

#100193 $35 

X. Easy-Read Mini Measuring Cup For small jobs and melting butter. Measures 1½ tsp–¼ cup. Standard and metric.


#2177 $8  Also Shown:

Cake Tester & Releaser (p. 35)


Find out more on PAMPEREDCHEF.COM


Superior Craftsmanship

Host Exclusive Combo Ultimate Knife Set

Includes A–E plus the knife block, honing tool, bread knife, tomato knife, and paring knife.

#HP1013 $513 $256.50 Knives, Shears

Jennifer Henderson A Consultant from North Carolina

; Block, Honing Tool l

Ask your consultant for details.

Every kitchen needs good quality knives. Pampered Chef’s forged cutlery is great for cutting, chopping, dicing, and filleting— perfect for any cook!

About Our Fully Forged Cutlery •G  erman Steel: Each knife is finely crafted from a single piece of fully forged, highcarbon German steel for superior cutting. • Made to Last: Guaranteed for life. • Pakkawood Handles: Ergonomic, durable, and comfortable control. • Full Tang: Provides extra strength and perfect balance. • Specially-Designed Bolsters: Evenly distributes weight and keeps the knives balanced. • Storage Covers: Protects knives and safe for storage. A






→ Learn more on pamperedchef.com/cutlery-collection

A. Steak Knife Set

The serrated tips effortlessly cut through meat. Includes four knives and a wood storage case with magnetic closure. #1581 $135 Knives ; Case 

Knife Set

Premium Pans Our sheet pans are hard to beat and clean like a dream.

Includes B–E plus the knife block, honing tool, 8" bread knife, 5" tomato knife, and 3" paring knife (only B–E sold separately).

#1609 $378 Knives, Shears

; Block, Honing Tool 


B. 8"  Chef’s Knife

Best-in-class everyday workhorse. Makes quick work of chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing. Curved blade for rocking back and forth on a cutting board.

#1575 $94 C. 5"  Santoku Knife

The straight edge is perfect for thin, precise slices and small indentations prevent food from sticking while cutting.

#1577 $69 D. 5"  Utility Knife

Use for everything from slicing fruit to trimming meat and poultry. Easy to maneuver around whatever you’re cutting.


#1576 $49 E. Kitchen Shears

Trim meat, cut bones, and snip herbs. Stainless blades come apart for cleaning.


#1593 $35 Sheet Pans

Our pans combine the strength of steel with the heat conduction of aluminum. Oven-, broiler-, and freezer-safe.


F. Cookie  Sheet Set

Includes two Cookie Sheets and a Black Mini Nylon Serving Spatula.



#1592 $56 $50

G. Cookie Sheet 15" x 12". #1574 $25 

About Our Baking Sheets

H. Medium  Sheet Pan 9" x 13" x 1". #1772 $20 

• Quality Coating: Prevents food from sticking and keeps the pans looking new.

I. Large  Sheet Pan 10" x 15½" x 1". #1771 $25 

• Heavy-Gauge Steel: Resists corrosion and provides even heat distribution, like the professionals use.

J. H  alf Sheet Pan 12" x 17" x 1". #1767 $32  K. Half Sheet Pan & Baking Rack Set

Includes the Half Sheet Pan and Baking Rack.

→ Get the recipe on pamperedchef.com

#100104 $56 $52 Baking Rack

• Rolled Edges & Wire Rims: Keep from warping under the broiler.

Flank Steak Tacos

Takes one-pan meals to the next level. Keeps food out of the drippings while cooking. Nonstick coating. Doubles as a cooling rack. 16½" x 11¾" x 4½" when fully extended.

#100099 $24  Cutting Boards


Keep your knives from getting dull. Edges grip countertops to keep the boards steady. Standard and metric measurements. High-density polypropylene.


L. Large Grooved Cutting Board

One side is grooved to catch juices. 18" x 12".


#1023 $34 

M. Cutting Board 13" x 9". #1012 $20  N. Bar Board 8" x 6½". #1001 $13  O. Wood Cutting Board

Durable, moisture-resistant, and reversible: use the welled side for cutting and carving and the flat side for serving. The well has a ½-cup capacity and a pour spout to easily drain juices. Acacia wood. 18" x 12" x 1¼".


#1591 $73 

P. Oven  Rack Protectors

Keep hands and forearms safe. Heat-resistant to 450°F. 23¾" long; trim to size. Silicone.


#100100 $22 



One-Step Prep



Quickly prep and store big batches of fresh ingredients so they’re ready when you are.





H A. Stainless Steel Mesh Colander Set

The raised bottoms help you quickly rinse food and the flat rims make easy to lift. Set of three in 8", 10", and 11" diameters.

#2797 $41  B. Garlic Press

Press fresh garlic, even the largest cloves, without having to peel, keeping your fingers garlic-free. Great for ginger and horseradish, too. Comes with a cleaning tool. 6".

#2576 $20 

C. Basic Veggie Prep Set

The perfect starter set. Includes the Kitchen Paring Knife Set (p. 44), 3-Piece Peeler Set (p. 44), and the Flexible Cutting Mat Set.

#100226 $45 $40 Flexible Cutting Mat Set

Great for new cooks and light prepping. Set of three mats with handy information like proper knife skills, prep techniques, and measuring guidelines. 15" x 11"


#1519 $20 

D. Salad Chopper

Also for cooked meat, salsa, and more. Titanium-coated stainless steel blades lock for safety and storage.

#2582 $37 E. Quick Slice

Cut soft fruit and veggies into even slices in one simple motion without squishing. Great for avocados halves, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, hard-boiled eggs, or to slice several strawberries or mushrooms at once. 8¼" x 5½".

#1181 $40 

F. Veggie Spiralizer

Easily spiralize fruit and veggies! The chute keeps noodles from breaking, and the removable comb blade makes it easy to change from ribbon noodles to spaghetti or fettuccine. Includes a blade guard for safe storage. Nonslip base. 10¾".

#2111 $73 

Shop with a consultant. | Host a party. Get rewards.

G. Manual Food Processor

The more you pump, the finer it chops. Features a handle lock, measure marks, nonskid base, and storage lid. 3-cups. #2593 $60  Bowl, Storage Lid, Blade Post

H. Quick Prep Food Grater

The two‑part pusher safely guides food into the blade and the chute funnels grated foods into a bowl or the 15-cup storage container. Includes three blades: fine grating, coarse grating, and slicing. Disassembles for storage. 12" tall. 14½" long from handle to end of container. #100088 $100  Blades & Container

I. Food Chopper

Cut onions without the tears! The durable, stainless rotating blades chop fruits, veggies, nuts, and cooked meat in seconds. Chop small food in the flexible cap. 9¼" tall. 3¼" diameter.

#2585 $40 




“No more tears chopping up onions. Bought many years ago—still sharp!” Kali from West Virginia




Comfortably and easily core a barrel of apples.




Glass Mixing Bowls sold in set of 3. See p. 59.

Q J. Apple Peeler, Corer, Slicer With Stand

Peels in seconds! Clamps on a table or wooden stand. Great for potatoes and pears, too. ¹∕8"-thick slices. Stainless blade. #100234 $60 Slicer ; Stand 

Apple Peeler, Corer & Slicer #2430 $40  K. Citrus Press

Easily squeeze every last drop of juice from lemons, limes, and small oranges. Coated cast aluminum. Rust-resistant.

#2595 $21  L. 

Citrus & Onion Peelers Set

Quickly score, slice, and separate citrus rinds and an onion’s outer layers without a mess. 6¾".

#100265 $5   Citrus Peeler



Sharp stainless teeth easily pierce fruit to core, then with a simple twist, the spring-loaded hinge releases it. Great for pies, dehydrating, and to remove cupcake centers for filling. 7¼".

#100267 $15  Prep Bowl Sets

R Q. Glass Mixing Bowl Set

Set of three tempered glass bowls: 2 qts., 3 qts., and 4.5 qts. Freezer-, microwave-, and oven-safe to 350°F. Nests to store.

#1752 $40 

→ Our Stretch-Fit Silicone Lid Set works perfectly on the Glass Mixing Bowls. See p. 56.

Keep recipe ingredients organized, store leftovers, melt butter in the microwave, and even make mini cakes. Tempered glass bowls are freezer-, microwave-, and oven-safe to 350°F. Lids included. N. 3-cup Set of two. #1743 $21  O. 2-cup Set of two. #1742 $17  P. 1-cup Set of six. #1825 $24 

R. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set

Also Shown:

Silicone bottoms and padded thumb holes keep the bowls steady while mixing. Interior measure marks and pour spouts add convenience. Nest for storage. Set of three: 2 qts., 4 qts., and 6 qts. Lids included. Freezer-safe.

#1735 $105 

Stainless Steel Whisk (p. 44)

Also makes pretty garnishes from fruit rinds. 6¾".

#100269 $3 

Find out more on PAMPEREDCHEF.COM


The Best Basics






Coated Knife Set

Includes A–D plus a paring knife.

#100157 $87 $75 Coated Knives

Stainless blades have a nonstick coating and ergonomic handles. Storage covers included. A. Chef’s Knife 7" blade.

#1516 $21  B. Santoku Knife 5" blade. #1514 $20  C. Tomato Knife 4½" serrated blade. #1509 $16  D. Utility Knife 4½" blade. #1508 $16  Kitchen Paring Knives

Perfect for small tasks. 6½" long. E. Kitchen Paring Knife In blue.

#100034 $5  F. Kitchen Paring Knife Set

Set of three in green, orange, and blue.

#100035 $10 










G. 3-Piece Peeler Set

Includes a vegetable peeler, serrated peeler, julienne peeler, and protective covers. 5½".



L. Vegetable Peeler

The swivel blade is sharp on both sides to peel forward and backward. Stainless blade. Includes a storage cover. 7¼".

$15 

H. Stainless Steel Mini Whipper

The long handle lets you easily mix in a glass or tall container. Stainless steel. 9¼".

Heavy-duty and spring-loaded with ergonomic handles. Includes a storage cover. Stainless steel blades.

#2635 $8 

I. Stainless Steel Whisk

Rust-resistant and sturdy. 10".

#2475 $15  J. Mix ‘N Masher

Perfect for potatoes, guacamole, applesauce, or baby food. Flexible, reinforced nylon head. 11".

#2685 $15  K. Mix ‘N Chop

The beveled pinwheel blades thoroughly chop and crumble food. 10¾".

#1088 $30  Chef’s Tongs

Wide, slotted silicone tips grip food and lock for storage. Tips are heat‑resistant to 600°F and safe for nonstick surfaces. N. Large 12". #2955 $25  O. Small 8¾". #2957 $20  Includes a Spoon, Slotted Spoon, Turner, and Small Turner. Nylon.

#2436 $24 



Q. Stainless Steel Tool Set

Includes a spoon, ladle, and Fish Spatula. All three tools feature a weighted ergonomic handle. (Spoon and ladle are not sold separately.)

#100154 $48 

R. Stainless Steel Fish Spatula

Easily flip and serve delicate foods and baked goods. 13½".

#2008 $20  S. Scoop ‘N Drain

Great for boiling, blanching, or deep frying. The long handle keeps hands safe. 13¼".

#1622 $15 

T. Pizza & Crust Cutter

The 4" wheel is beveled on both sides for easy cutting. Includes a storage cover. Stainless blade. 9½".

P. Multicolor Kitchen Utensil Set

#2583 $15 

Shop with a consultant. | Host a party. Get rewards.


#1071 $12 

M. Professional Shears


#1303 $20 

The crust cutter gets into the edges of pans.

















Get every last bit out of your blender and tall jars. U. Microplane Zester ®

Get the zest not the pith. Ideal for hard cheese and nutmeg, too. Stainless blade. Includes cover. 8½".

#1107 $20 

Microplane Adjustable Grater Set ®

Adjusts to use in an easel or extended position. Stainless blades. Each grater includes a food holder and storage cover. Includes V–W.

Nylon Tool Set

Sturdy, weighted stainless handles combined with durable nylon heads. Includes AA–DD.

#100155 $60 $47 A. Small Slotted Turner 10". A #2012 $15  BB. Straining Ladle

Scoop, strain, and pour. 1-cup capacity.

#100063 $72 $65  V. Fine Grater #1105 $32  W. Coarse Grater

EE. Long Skinny Scraper

For soft cheese, fruits, and veggies. 13".

#1129 $40 

Teak Wooden Tool Set

A great set for cooking and serving. Includes X–Z.

#100156 $30 $27 14". #2004 $10  X. Spatula Y. Corner Spoon 14". #2003 $10  14". #2002 $10  Z. Spoon

Flexible tip, ridges, and a slight curve. 13".




Our heavy-duty scrapers won’t crack, burn, melt, or stain.

#100126 $15  CC. Turner 13". #2011 $15  DD. Slotted Spoon 13". #2009 $15 

For hard cheese, ginger, nuts, chocolate, garlic, and citrus zest. 13".


$12 

Classic Scrapers

The durable silicone heads are fused directly to the handles and are heat-resistant to 650°F; handles to 450°F. FF. Mini Mix ‘N Scraper ® 9".

Icons show which side to use.

#1656 $11  GG. Mix ‘N Scraper 12¼". #1657 $17  HH. Small Mix ‘N Scraper 10½". #1659 $14  II. Skinny Scraper 10¾". #1655 $10  JJ. Classic Scraper 11". #1650 $13  KK.  Mini Skinny Scraper 7¾". #1704 $8  ®


LL. Multi-Blade Sharpener

Works with the Manual Food Processor, Food Chopper, non-serrated Coated Knives, and Professional Shears. Carbide sharpening rods.


#1135 $22 

Find out more on PAMPEREDCHEF.COM


A. Microwave Grip Set

Compact silicone grips keep fingers safe. The raised ridges provide a secure and comfortable grip. Gray. Set of two.

Everything You Never Knew You Needed

#100201 $9  B. Mini Oven Mitts

Securely grip air fryer cooking trays, pressure cooker inner pot, pans, skillets, and dishes. The interior ridges keep fingers and thumbs secure. Heat-resistant silicone. Gray. Set of two.

#100176 $15  C. Hot Pad & Trivet

Nonskid ridges give a secure grip and it’s large enough for big pots and pans. Gray. 8" x 8". Heat-safe to 675°F.

#100200 $12 


D. Silicone Oven Mitt Set

Contours to your hands for a secure grip. Waterproof, so you can even lift foods from boiling water. Cotton/polyester lining. Heat-safe to 480°F. Machine washable. Gray. Set of two.

#100198 $37  Micro-Cooker Set ®

Cook vegetables, rice, pasta, heat soup, melt butter and chocolate, and reheat leftovers in the microwave. Includes E–G.

#100041 $53 $47  E. 3-qt. Micro-Cooker Plus #100010 $29  F. 1-qt. Micro-Cooker #100008 $11  G. 2-qt. Micro-Cooker #100009 $13  ® ® ®

H. Cookware Tool & Utensil Holder Set

Includes the Stainless Steel Rotating Utensil Holder; Stainless Steel Spoon, Ladle, and Fish Spatula; Teak Wooden Spoon, Spatula, and Corner Spoon; and Nylon Turner, Slotted Spoon, and Small Slotted Turner. Also sold separately on p. 44–45.

#2628 $154  Stainless Steel Rotating Utensil Holder

Have your favorite tools at your fingertips. The center is removable and there’s a spoon rest in the base. 7½" diameter. #2013 $38  Spoon Rest

I. Smooth-Edge Can Opener

Open cans without leaving sharp edges. The claw removes lids, so your hands stay clean. The hook opens pull-tab cans, too.

#2759 $25  J. Tortilla Warmer



Warm up to 12 tortillas in the microwave in one minute and keep warm up to an hour. Also great for heating up frozen pancakes, dinner rolls, and pitas. 11" diameter. Machine washable.

#100120 $14 

K. Microwave Pasta Cooker

Make two servings of pasta or grains in about 10 minutes. The silicone lid keeps liquid from boiling over, lets steam escape, and doubles as a strainer. 4-cup capacity.

#2633 $25 

L. Microwave Bowl Cozy Set


Protect your hands from hot dishes. Set of two includes a larger size that fits our Microwave Pasta Cooker, 2-qt. Micro-Cooker , and Microwave Popcorn Maker, and a smaller size. Machine washable. ®

#100055 $18 

M. Fine Mesh Strainer

Strain liquids to create smooth, silky soups and stocks. Also for draining ground meat and washing quinoa. The handle sits on pots for hands-free pouring. Stainless steel. 8" diameter.

#100124 $50 

N. Leakproof Glass Container Set

Store and reheat food in the same container. Snap-lock lids have airtight seals. Glass containers are oven-safe to 350°F. Microwave- and freezer-safe. Set of three: 3-cup, 5¼-cup, and 8¼-cup. Also sold separately on p. 58.

#100223 $61 $55 j

O. Garlic Peeler & Slicer Set Place cloves in the peeler and roll to remove the skins, then drop in the slicer and twist. Your hands never touch garlic!

#2578 $24.50 $23 Garlic Peeler 5". #2586 $8.50  Garlic Slicer 2¼" x 3½". #1113 $16 

P. Splatter Screen

Protect yourself and your stovetop from splatters. It’s hinged so you can easily take a peek or turn food. Silicone-covered handles. Fits 10"–12" pans and skillets. Stainless steel. 13½".

#2407 $25 


Shop with a consultant. | Host a party. Get rewards.

The 3-qt. Micro-Cooker Plus includes a boil-over guard to keep your microwave mess-free.

Lids snap together for easy storage!





G The spoon rest slides out when cooking and tucks away when done.


“Simple and safe. With kids around when I cook, it’s nice not worrying that they might cut themselves on a sharp can lid." Stacy, a happy customer I K


J L The cozy goes with the bowl in the microwave so you never have to touch hot bowls!




Tiny Tummies

Becky Baxter


A Consultant from Tennessee

My oldest daughter has allergies and it’s nice knowing exactly what she is eating! I don’t have to worry about reading labels because I am the one putting in the ingredients. I can also sneak in some extra veggies, fruit and protein, and they don’t have a clue!

→ Get the recipes on pamperedchef.com Homemade Baby Food Hidden Veggie Applesauce



Always have a nutritious pouch on hand when out and about.

Homemade Baby Food Set

Easily make, take, store, and freeze your own baby food and kid-friendly snacks using fresh ingredients. Includes Reusable Food Pouches and Mini Freezer Bowls & Rack.

#100228 $45 $40  A. Reusable Food Pouches

Kids love how easy these are to open, and parents love knowing the kids are getting nutritious snacks. Spill-resistant and durable. Cover is attached to prevent losing. Set of two 4-oz. pouches. 5" x 3".

#100180 $20  Also Shown:

Deluxe Cooking Blender (p. 17)

B. Mini Freezer Bowls & Rack

Store and freeze homemade baby food, prepped ingredients, and leftovers. Includes six 4-oz. bowls that are freezer-, microwave-, and oven-safe to 400°F., freezer-safe lids, and a stainless rack for storing. Rack: 11" x 6¾" x 3".

#100181 $25 

Good Morning, Sunshine




Measure, mix, and pour all in one.



Add Enrichables to coffee creamer for a boost of protein. See p. 13. ™


C. Pancake Shaker Bottle

Includes pancake recipes right on the bottle. Agitator ball keeps batter smooth. Cap doubles as measuring spoon.

#1769 $23 

D. Easy Pancake Molds With Emoji Stencils

Molds are designed so batter won’t leak and have long handles to keep hands safe. Kids can decorate pancakes, cookies, and more with the stencils. Includes three molds that are heat-safe to 450°F and seven stencils.

#1839 $16  E. Waffle Puff Pan

Bubble waffles are perfect for breakfast, layering, or fun ice cream cones. A well catches batter spills and the long handle keeps your hands safe. PFOA-free ceramic nonstick coating. Includes a nylon fork for easy removal. 9" square pan; 17½" long with handle. 8" waffles. #100080 $65 Pan ; Fork 

F. Batter Mixer & Dispenser

Mix a full boxed brownie or cupcake mix in under a minute! Also great for pancakes. Six blades quickly blend thick batters. Choose from three dispensing sizes then squeeze the handle for perfectly portioned treats.

#100082 $50 

G. Ceramic Egg Cooker

Make scrambled eggs, omelets, instant oatmeal that won’t boil over, or poached eggs in no time. 2-cup capacity.

#1529 $17 

H. Cold Brew Pitcher

Easily brew and store 5 cups of coffee for rich, smooth cold brew. The insert is great to make iced tea and infused water. The sleeve gives a better grip. The lid lets you store brewed drinks up to a week. Glass pitcher.

I. Whipped Cream Maker

Three ingredients and 30 seconds is all it takes for fresh whipped cream. Also great for homemade butter. The nonskid silicone base doubles as a storage lid. Makes 2 cups of whipped cream.

#1461 $27 

Also Shown:

Stainless Steel Mini Whipper (p. 44) Metal Straws (p.28)

→ Get the recipes on pamperedchef.com Microwave Omelet Bubble Waffles Flavored Whipped Cream

#1568 $60

Find out more on PAMPEREDCHEF.COM



Freshly Made Two-part lid holds salad dressing or toppings!







The removable insert lets you store hearty and delicate herbs at the same time.


A. Kernel Cutter

Easily slice through corn husks, then quickly remove kernels from the cob. Includes a cover. 7¼".

#1114 $12  B. Egg Slicer Plus


Also get perfect, even slices of ripe fruit, mushrooms, and more. Stainless wires with a removable frame.

#1182 $15 

C. Salad & Berry Spinner

Clean and dry produce in seconds. Includes a bowl, pump lid, storage lid, and two baskets: one for greens and one for herbs and berries. Serve from the bowl and use the baskets as colanders. 7½" x 10¾". #1793 $73  Bowl, Baskets, Storage Lid


D. Measure, Mix & Pour


Leakproof design. Make, serve, and store homemade dressings. Creamy and vinaigrette recipes are listed on the container along with measurement markings. Plastic. With recipe card. 15-oz.

#100190 $18 

E. Make & Take Mason Jar Set

Includes a Make & Take Mason Jar, 1-cup snack jar with lid, foam-lined carrier, plus a fork and spoon. #1439 $30  Jars, Spoon & Fork

Make & Take Mason Jar

Take a salad, snack, or lunch on the go! 4-cup capacity. Plastic.

#1469 $20 

Herb Prep Set Includes F–H. #100224 $67 $60 F. Herb Keeper

Keep herbs fresh and at their peak flavor longer. The slim design easily fits inside the refrigerator door. 9¼".

#100184 $20 

G. Herb Mill

A fast and safe way to mince fresh herbs. The ceramic ball pushes herbs into the plastic blades without bruising or crushing. Store cut herbs in the lid.

#1524 $40  H. Herb Stripper

Remove stems and leaves with one easy swipe. Works on a variety of herbs and leafy greens.

#1552 $7 

→ Learn how to cook with herbs on blog.pamperedchef.com

I. Salad Claws

Separate for tossing and snap together for serving. Easily grab and serve a large portion without smashing or bruising. Nests for storage. 6" x 5½".

#100191 $12 

K, L All the pieces snap together for on-the-go meals! I


“Really love the way these grab EVERYTHING it’s meant to! The way they store is fantastic!” Laurie from Minnesota

J, K


Close & Cut Set Includes J–K.

#1557 $51 $47 J. Close & Cut

Cut a cup of seedless grapes, cherry tomatoes, and food that’s up to 1½" thick in seconds. Split chicken breasts in half for quick cooking or portion control. The angled plate keeps food in place and the finger guard protects your hands.

#1118 $30 

K. Coated Chef’s Knife

Stainless blade with nonstick coating and ergonomic handle. Includes storage cover. Blue. 7" blade.

#1516 $21 

Salad Cutting Bowl Set

Keep everything fresh and crisp until you’re ready to eat. All the pieces snap together for easy transport with compartments for dressing, toppings, and utensils. The colander acts as a cutting guide for chopped salads. Includes K–L, plus a snap-together spoon and fork.

#100103 $45 L. Salad Cutting Bowl

Includes a lid, condiment container, cutting platform/colander, and a bowl.

#100086 $25 

Also Shown:

2.5-qt. Cool & Serve Bowl (p. 54) Wood Salad Bowl (p. 27)

→ Get the recipes on pamperedchef.com Chicken Burrito Bowl Simple Vinaigrette & Variations Superfood Salad

→ Learn easy salads for lunch on blog.pamperedchef.com

M. Scoop Loop


The large serrated end is perfect to remove seeds from melons and peppers, and the smaller end is ideal for tomatoes and cucumbers. 5".

#1142 $10 

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Smarter Snacking

Collapses for compact storage.


“Both sizes work perfect. Fresh, hot popcorn without the waxy coating you get from purchased bags. Fast, easy, and way healthier.” Traci, a happy customer




→ Get recipes for bake, no-bake,

allergen-free, and gluten-free snack bars on pamperedchef.com



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Microwave Popcorn Makers

Get all the convenience of microwave bags without the cost and additives. Includes a cup to measure kernels. Silicone bowls collapse for compact storage.


A. Family-Size Microwave Popcorn Maker

Makes about 12 cups of popcorn.

#1569 $35  B. Microwave Popcorn Maker Makes about 5 cups of popcorn.

#1457 $25 

Popcorn Seasonings

Sprinkle over freshly made popcorn to add some variety.

Make twice as many chips as you can on a sheet pan.

C. Ranch Popcorn Seasoning

Tangy and slightly sweet, with a little bite. 4.4 oz. Contains milk.

#9057 $8 D. French Toast Popcorn Seasoning Sweet and maple-flavored. 5.5 oz. Contains milk.

#9058 $8

E. Snack Bar Maker Set

Easily make snack and candy bars. The flexible silicone tray makes it easy to remove finished bars. Plus, the lid lets you store leftovers (if there are any). Includes a tray, lid, and Teal Mini Nylon Serving Spatula.


#100001 $31 $28  Tray, Spatula

Make-Your-Own Chips Set Includes F–G.

#100107 $75 $59 F. Simple Slicer

Add fruits or veggies to the food holder and slide back and forth for even slices. Securely sits over a bowl or on a cutting board. Adjustable sizes: ¹⁄16", ¹⁄8", and 3 ⁄16". Safety lock keeps blades covered when storing.

#1099 $40  G. V-Shaped Baking Pan Set

Make fruit and veggie chips, hard-shell tacos without oil, and creative desserts. Includes two pans.

#100101 $35  H. Crinkle Cutter

Make fancy cuts of just about anything! Stainless blade is beveled on both sides. Includes a cover. 6".



#1089 $15  I. Apple Wedger

Core and cut 10 uniform wedges of apples or pears. Stainless steel blades. Includes a storage cover. 6¼".

#2427 $20 

J. Pineapple Wedger

Core, halve, and peel a pineapple in one easy step! Use for pears, cucumbers, and zucchini, too. Includes a storage cover. Fits most pineapples. 9".

#2416 $23  K. Cut-N-Seal


Make crust-free pocket sandwiches, appetizers, pastries, and tarts. The top is open for easy release. 3½" x 3½" x 3".

#100130 $12  L. Scoop & Spread


Use the silicone end to scoop butters and jams out of jars, and the serrated end to spread and slice. 10¼".

#1708 $10  Also Shown:

Teal Mini Nylon Serving Spatula (p. 38)




A. Indoor Outdoor Portable Grill


Grill Anywhere, Even Indoors

Fire up the charcoal or convert to electric when gathering in the kitchen. The grill grate covers the electric coil to reduce smoke. Safety features include a locking lid, stay-cool handle, and nonslip legs. 15½" wide; 16" tall with lid. 13¼" square cooking surface. #2719 $135  Grill Grate WARNING: When used with charcoal, the Indoor Outdoor Portable Grill can expose you to carbon monoxide which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

B. Grilling Tool Set

Master the grill with these great accessories. Includes Grill Basting Brush, Grill Spatula, Grill Tongs, Wooden Grill Scraper, and Grilling Tool Bag.


#2725 $85

Wooden Grill Scraper

Clean grill grates safely and easily! This oak scraper develops grooves customized to your grill. 14¼".


#2723 $15

C. Burger & Slider Press

Make up to ½-lb. burgers and 2- to 3-oz. sliders that fit perfectly on the bun. The flexible base makes it easy to remove pressed patties. Pieces nest for easy storage.

#1174 $15 

D. Family-Size Quick-Stir Pitcher ®

The plunger mixes everything quickly and thoroughly. You can even use for hot coffee or tea. Slim design fits in most fridge doors. 1-gal. 12" x 5¾" x 12½".


#2277 $30 

E. Quick-Stir Pitcher ®

All the same features as the Family-Size Quick-Stir Pitcher in a smaller size. 2-qts. 10¼" x 4½" x 10¼". ®

#2278 $25 

About Our Cool & Serve Collection •K  eeps food cool 4–6 hours, even outside.

• Lids nest under base for serving. • Perfect for parties, barbecues, after-school snacks, potlucks, road trips, tailgates, and picnics.



F. 5-Section Tray

Fits the Large Square Cool & Serve. Center well holds 1½ cups.



#2618 $18 

G. Small Square Cool & Serve

Comes with a 3-section tray, cooling insert, and lid. 9" x 9".

#2613 $35 

H. Large Square Cool & Serve

Includes two reversible cooling inserts with a flat side and a side with 12 wells for deviled eggs, and a lid. Divided trays and inserts can be used in multiple combinations. 12" x 12".

#2614 $47 


I. 2.5-qt. Cool & Serve Bowl Includes a spill-resistant lid.

#100091 $39 

J. 1-qt. Cool & Serve Bowl


Includes a spill-resistant lid.

#100090 $29 




Key to Symbols

Only in the index Dishwasher-Safe Lifetime Guarantee Gluten-Free Limited Guarantee Kosher Years of Guarantee

Brownie Bite Pan P. 37 #100177 $25 

Brownie Pan P. 33, 37 #1544 $25 

Brownie Pan Set P. 37 #100227 $57 $49

Cookie Sheet P. 38, 41 #1574 $25 

Cookie Sheet Set P. 38, 41 #1592 $56 $50

Donut Pan P. 37 #100019 $27 

Fluted Cake Pan P. 37 #1603 $22 

Fluted Cake Pan, Mini P. 37 #1602 $30 

Mini Loaf Pan P. 37 #100020 $27 

Muffin Pan P. 37 #1601 $22 

Muffin Pan, Mini P. 37 #1606 $22 

Numbers and Letters Cake Pan P. 35 #100279 $40 

Party Pan & Decorator Set P. 35 #100299 $77 $70

Half Sheet Pan & Baking Rack Set P. 41 #100104 $56 $52

Sheet Pan, Half P. 41 #1767 $32 

Sheet Pan, Large P. 41 #1771 $25 

Sheet Pan, Medium P. 41 #1772 $20 

Waffle Puff Pan P. 49 #100080 $65 Pan , Fork j

Waffle Stick Pan P. 37 #100018 $27 

Baking Rack P. 41 #100099 $24 

Stackable Cooling Rack P. 38 #1587 $20 

Stackable Cooling Rack Set P. 38 #1588 $40 $32 

Cake Pan Set P. 38 #1707 $25 

Cake Pan Set, Layer 6" diameter. Set of four. #1749 $33 

Make-Your-Own Chips Set Mini Pie Pan Set P. 53 P. 37 #100107 $75 $59 #1796 $30 

Snack Bar Maker Set P. 53 #100001 $31 $28 

V-Shaped Baking Pan Set Baker’s Roller P. 53 10¼" long. #100101 $35  #1485 $22 

Biscuit Cutter Set Batter Mixer & Dispenser Set of four: 1½", 2½", 3", and Boat Press Set 4" diameter. Stainless steel. P. 49 P. 35 #1103 $14  #100082 $50  #100123 $14.50 

Brown Sugar Keeper Set P. 38 #100025 $12 

Cake Tester & Releaser P. 35, 37 #1794 $7 

Chocolate Drizzler 1.5-tbsp capacity #1458 $6 

Decorating Bag Set P. 35 #1586 $30 


Easy Accent Decorator P. 35 #100260 $30  ®

Mini Tart Shaper P. 37 #1590 $8 

Pastry Blender Stainless steel blade has five cutting edges. #1686 $12 

Pastry Mat P. 38 #1718 $35 

Pie Crust Shield 10½" diameter. #1715 $10 

Powdered Sugar Shaker P. 38 #100023 $17  Body, Sifter

Reversible Silicone Baking Mat P. 39 #1732 $30 

Rolling Cookie Cutter Set Cookies in no time. 5 stainless Scoop, Large heads, storage, and handles. P. 39 #1790 $21  #100051 $43 

Scoop, Medium P. 39 #2540 $20 

Scoop, Small P. 39 #2530 $19 

Marble Rolling Pin & Holder Set P. 38 #100052 $53 Rolling Pin ; Holder 

Whipped Cream Maker P. 49 #1461 $27 

Boil-Over No More, Large 12¾". Fits 8–12" pans. #2423 $30 

Boil-Over No More, Small 10¾". Fits 6–10" pans. #2422 $25 

Instant-Read Food Thermometer P. 27 #100121 $49 

Pizza Peel P. 5 #100257 $35 

Hot Pad & Trivet P. 46 #100200 $12 j

Microwave Grip Set P. 46 #100201 $9 j

Silicone Oven Mitt Set P. 46 #100198 $37 j

Mini Oven Mitts P. 46 #100176 $15 j

Cookware Protector Set Oven Rack Protectors Includes one 20" and two P. 41 16" protectors. #100100 $22  #2888 $11 



Pan Scraper Set Set of three. #2610 $5 

Splatter Screen P. 46 #2407 $25 



Rectangular Stretch-Fit Silicone Lid Set Set of three. Microwave- and oven-safe. #1761 $32 

Stretch-Fit Silicone Lid Set Set of three. Microwave- and oven-safe. #1758 $30 

5.5" Cast Iron Skillet Set P. 25 #100250 $45

10" Cast Iron Skillet P. 25 #100178 $50

12" Cast Iron Skillet P. 25 #100179 $70

Cast Iron Skillet Set P. 25 #100229 $120 $99

1-qt. Enameled Cast Iron Baker Available Oct. 1, 2020 P. 25 #100248 $50

2-qt. Enameled Cast Iron Baker Available Oct. 1, 2020 P. 25 #100247 $70

6-qt. Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven Available Oct. 1, 2020 P. 25 #100249 $190

8" Nonstick Fry Pan P. 23 #2729 $70 Pan ; Removable Handle 

10" Nonstick Fry Pan P. 23 #2734 $120 Pan ; Removable Handle 

12" Nonstick Skillet P. 23 #2737 $200 Pan ; Removable Handle 

2-qt. Nonstick Sauce Pan P. 23 #2735 $130 Pan ; Removable Handle 

5.25-qt. Nonstick Stock Pot P. 23 #2736 $180

6-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set P. 23 #2741 $500 $450

Multipot With Collapsible Steamer P. 23 #2739 $300 Pan, Lid ; Steamer l

Nonstick Double Burner Griddle P. 23 #100029 $200

Nonstick Double Burner Grill P. 23 #100028 $230

Nonstick Double Burner Grill & Press Set P. 23 #100040 $310 $295

Grill Press P. 23 #2875 $40

Nonstick Grill Pan P. 23 Rockcrok Dutch Oven #2738 $190 P. 21, 33 Pan ; Removable Handle  #3140 $140 

Rockcrok Everyday Pan P. 21 #3139 $125 

Rockcrok Grill Stone P. 21 #3150 $80 

Rockcrok Grill Stone, Small P. 21 #3158 $40 

Rockcrok 4-qt. Slow Cooker Set P. 21 #3115 $200 $175

Rockcrok Slow Cooker Stand P. 21 #3156 $60 

Rockcrok Starter Set P. 21 #100230 $205 $175 

10" Stainless Steel Nonstick Skillet P. 23 #2087 $145

12" Stainless Steel Nonstick Skillet P. 23 #2088 $210

Stainless Steel Nonstick Wok P. 23 #100111 $240

Pizza Stone P. 5, 33 #100251 $45 

Medium Pizza Stone P. 5 #100252 $35 

Personal Pizza Stone P. 5 #100253 $25 

Rectangle Stone P. 5 #100280 $40 

Stone Bar Pan Available Oct. 1, 2020 P. 5 #100384 $45 

Medium Stone Bar Pan P. 5 #100255 $35 

Small Stone Bar Pan P. 5 #100256 $25 

Stone Loaf Pan P. 5 #100221 $30 

Stoneware Starter Set Available Oct. 1, 2020 P. 5 #100292 $120 $105 

Deep Covered Baker P. 7 #1437 $93 

Deep Covered Baker, Mini Deep Dish Pie Plate P. 7, 38 P. 7 #1447 $43  #1444 $60 

Rectangular Baker P. 7 #1423 $55 

Rectangular Baker Set P. 7 #1424 $130 

Large Round Platter P. 7 #100098 $68 

Round Stone, White Large Serving Bowl, Medium P. 7 P. 7 #100083 $38  #1379 $50 

Entertaining Platter Set P. 7 #1471 $79 

Stoneware Stoneware Chip & Dip Set Entertaining Set P. 7 P. 7 #100220 $199  #100106 $78 

Coated Chef’s Knife P. 44, 51 #1516 $21 

Coated Knife Set P. 44 #100157 $87 $75

Coated Santoku Knife P. 44 #1514 $20 

Coated Tomato Knife P. 44 #1509 $16 

Coated Utility Knife P. 44 #1508 $16 

Cutting Board P. 41 #1012 $20 

Bar Board P. 41 #1001 $13 

Basic Veggie Prep Set P. 42 #100226 $45 $40

Flexible Cutting Mat Set P. 42 #1519 $20 

Small Flexible Cutting Mat Set Set of three. 8½" x 10½". #1523 $11 

Wood Cutting Board P. 27, 41 #1591 $73 

Can Strainer Fits most standard cans. 3½". #2495 $10 





Cutting Board, Large Grooved P. 41 #1023 $34 







Citrus Press P. 43 #2595 $21 

Coating Trays & Tool P. 15 #2605 $25 

Fine Mesh Strainer P. 46 #100124 $50 

Herb Mill P. 50 #1524 $40 

Herb Prep Set P. 50 #100224 $67 $60

Herb Stripper P. 50 #1552 $7 

Kitchen Spritzer P. 15 Juicer Standard and metric measures. #2733 $30  Bottle, Sleeve #2305 $15 

Meat Tenderizer P. 15 #2705 $35 

Salad & Berry Spinner P. 50 #1793 $73  Bowl, Baskets, Storage Lid

Silicone Collapsible Steamer & Strainer P. 23 #2742 $45 

Stainless Steel Mesh Colander Set P. 42 #2797 $41 

Jar Opener Grip stubborn lids up to 3½" wide. #2677 $15 

Kitchen Paring Knife P. 44 #100034 $5 

Kitchen Paring Knife Set P. 33, 44 #100035 $10 

Kitchen Shears P. 41 #1593 $35

Knife Set P. 41 #1609 $378 Knives, Shears ; Block, Honing Tool 

5" Santoku Knife P. 41 #1577 $69

5" Utility Knife P. 41 #1576 $49

8" Chef’s Knife P. 41 #1575 $94

Steak Knife Set P. 41 #1581 $135 Knives ; Case 

Multi-Blade Sharpener P. 45 #1135 $22 

Nylon Knife Cut right in bakeware or cookware. 9". #1169 $9 

Scoop Loop P. 51 #1142 $10 

Apple Peeler, Corer & Slicer P. 43 #2430 $40 

Apple Peeler, Corer, Slicer With Stand P. 43 #100234 $60 Slicer ; Stand 

Apple Wedger P. 53 #2427 $20 

Close & Cut P. 51 #1118 $30 

Close & Cut Set P. 51 #1557 $51 $47

Core & More Remove stems and seeds, and Corer make melon balls. 7½". P. 43 #1176 $15  #100267 $15 

Crinkle Cutter P. 53 #1089 $15 

Egg Slicer Plus P. 50 #1182 $15 

Food Chopper P. 33, 42 #2585 $40 

Garlic Peeler P. 46 #2586 $8.50 

Garlic Peeler & Slicer Set Garlic Press P. 46 P. 42 #2578 $24.50 $23 #2576 $20 

Garlic Slicer P. 46 #1113 $16 

Kernel Cutter P. 50 #1114 $12 

Manual Food Processor P. 42 #2593 $60  Bowl, Storage Lid, Blade Post

Microplane Adjustable Grater Set P. 45 #100063 $72 $65 

Microplane Adjustable Coarse Grater P. 45 #1129 $40 

Microplane Adjustable Fine Grater P. 45 #1105 $32 

Microplane Zester P. 45 #1107 $20 

3-Piece Peeler Set P. 44 #100189 $15 j

Peeler, Serrated Stainless steel blade. Includes cover. 6". #1072 $12 

Peeler, Vegetable P. 44 #1071 $12 

Citrus Peeler P. 43 #100269 $3 

Pizza & Crust Cutter P. 44 #1303 $20 

Professional Shears P. 44 #1088 $30 

Quick Prep Food Grater P. 42 #100088 $100  Container & Blades

Quick Shred P. 27 #100122 $25 

Quick Slice P. 42 #1181 $40 

Salad Chopper P. 42 #2582 $37




Citrus & Onion Peelers Set Pineapple Wedger P. 43 P. 53 #100265 $5 j #2416 $23 

Simple Slicer P. 53 #1099 $40 


Spiral & Slice Fill, push, and twist for coins, Veggie Spiralizer spirals, and half-slices. P. 42 #1136 $30  #2111 $73 



Handy Scraper Champagne Stopper Lift ingredients, turn soft Smooth-Edge Can Opener Brushed stainless, silicone Veggie Strip Maker stopper. Make veggie noodles. 13" x 5". dough, or clean work surfaces. P. 33, 46 #1615 $10  #1596 $10  #2759 $25  #1145 $17 


Electric Wine Opener P. 28 #1489 $53 



Metal Straws P. 28 #100092 $9 

Premium Cocktail Set P. 28 #100013 $103  Wine Aerator Jigger, Strainer, Shaker, Spoon, P. 28 Bottle Opener #1491 $17 

Wine Bottle Opener Includes foil cutter and storage pouch. #2199 $43 

Wine Essential Tools P. 28 #1798 $70 $65

Wine Tumbler P. 28 #100093 $25 

Wine Bag P. 28 #100094 $18 

Wine Tumblers With Bag P. 28 #100095 $68 $65

Charcuterie & Cheese Board Accessories P. 28 #100129 $49 

Premium Charcuterie & Cheese Board Set P. 28 #100147 $98 $89

Lazy Susan P. 28 #100128 $49 

Cold Brew Pitcher P. 49 #1568 $60

1-qt. Insulated Serving Bowl P. 27 #100262 $45 j

2.5-qt. Insulated Serving Bowl P. 27 #100263 $60 j

Insulated Serving Bowl Set P. 27 #100287 $105 $95 j

Quick-Stir Pitcher P. 54 #2278 $25 

Quick-Stir Pitcher, Family-Size P. 54 #2277 $30 

Salad Claws P. 50 #100191 $12 

Salt & Pepper Grinder Set Wood Salad Bowl P. 27 P. 27 #100188 $35  #2412 $65 

Wood Salad Bowl & Servers Set P. 27 #100186 $60 $50 

Wood Salad Servers P. 27 #100187 $25 

Homemade Baby Food Set P. 48 #100228 $45 $40 

Mini Freezer Bowls & Rack P. 17, 48 #100181 $25 

Reusable Food Pouches P. 48 #100180 $20 

Cookie House Kit P. 31 #100137 $36 

Cookie House Molds P. 31 #100136 $25 

Emoji Cookie Cutter Set P. 31 #1443 $15 

Kids’ Cookie Baking Set P. 31 #1472 $65

Under the Sea Cookie Cutters Set of seven. 3" cookies. #100072 $15 

Cut-N-Seal P. 53 #100130 $12 

Easy Pancake Molds With Emoji Stencils P. 49 #1839 $16 

Freezer Bowl Set & Rack, 6-Piece P. 17 Freezer Bowl Set, 4-Piece #100158 $50  P. 17 Bowls, Lids #100127 $35 

Freezer Storage Containers P. 31 #100078 $27 

Herb Keeper P. 50 #100184 $20 j






Kids’ Apron Set Includes apron and oven mitt set. #100109 $33

Kids’ Mixing Bowl P. 31 #1762 $15 

Soft Pretzel-Making Set P. 31 #100087 $21.50 

Ultimate Soft Pretzel-Making Set P. 31 #100073 $45 Tools  ; Mix

3-cup Leakproof Glass Container Oven-safe to 350°F. #1202 $16 

5¼-cup Leakproof Glass Container Oven-safe to 350°F. #1203 $20 

8¼-cup Leakproof Glass Container Oven-safe to 350°F. #1204 $25 

Leakproof Glass Container Set P. 46 #100223 $61 $55 

Make & Take Mason Jar P. 50 #1469 $20 

Make & Take Mason Jar Set P. 50 #1439 $30 

Salad Cutting Bowl P. 51 #100086 $25 

Salad Cutting Bowl Set P. 51 #100103 $45

Twixit! Clip Set Set of 10. Freezer and microwave-safe. #2651 $10 

All-Purpose Spreader 4" serrated stainless steel blade. #1642 $10 

Bamboo Spoon Set 10" and 12" round spoon, and a 12" oval spoon. #1674 $15 

Chef’s Silicone Basting Brush P.38 #1755 $12 

Chef’s Tongs, Large P. 44 #2955 $25 

Chef’s Tongs, Small P. 44 #2957 $20 

Cookware Tool & Utensil Holder Set P. 46 #2628 $154 

Dual-Sided Cleaning Brush Cleans tight spots. #1689 $6 

Ice Cream Scoop P. 31 #100264 $11 

Ice Cream Spade P. 31 #100113 $8 

Mix ‘N Chop P. 33, 44 #2583 $15 

Mix ‘N Masher P. 44 #2685 $15 

Multicolor Kitchen Utensil Set P. 44 #2436 $24 

Nylon Slotted Spoon P. 45 #2009 $15 

Nylon Small Slotted Turner P. 45 #2012 $15 

Nylon Straining Ladle P. 45 #100126 $15 




Nylon Tool Set P. 45 #100155 $60 $47

Nylon Turner P. 45 #2011 $15 

Potato Masher P. 27 #100268 $19 

Scoop ‘N Drain P. 44 #1622 $15 

Scoop & Serve Spatula P. 27 #100286 $15 

Scoop & Spread P. 53 #1708 $10 

Serving Spatula, Large P. 38 #2626 $15 

Serving Spatula, Mini P. 38 #2622 $9 

Serving Spatula, Mini Nylon P. 38 #2438 $6 

Serving Spatula, Teal Mini Nylon P. 38 #1406 $6 

Silicone & Wood Utensil Set P. 27 #100219 $30 j

Slice ‘N Serve P. 38 #1166 $13 

Small Spreader P. 39 #2071 $10 

Stainless Steel Fish Spatula P. 44 #2008 $20 

Stainless Steel Rotating Utensil Holder P. 46 #2013 $38  Spoon Rest

Stainless Steel Tool Set P. 44 #100154 $48 

Teak Wooden Corner Spoon P. 45 #2003 $10 

Teak Wooden Spatula P. 45 #2004 $10 

Teak Wooden Spoon P. 45 #2002 $10 

Teak Wooden Tool Set P. 45 #100156 $30 $27

Toaster Tongs Safely grip hot food. 8". #2571 $4 

12" Cast Iron Skillet Meal Set P. 9 #100332 $181

Pizza Stone Meal Set P. 8 #100331 $180

Rockcrok Dutch Oven Meal Set P. 9 #100333 $180

Stone Bar Pan Meal Set Available Oct. 1, 2020 P. 9 #100330 $180

Ceramic Egg Cooker P. 33, 49 #1529 $17 

1-qt. Micro-Cooker P. 46 #100008 $11 

2-qt. Micro-Cooker P. 46 #100009 $13 

3-qt. Micro-Cooker Plus P. 46 #100010 $29 

Micro-Cooker Set P. 46 #100041 $53 $47

Microwave Bowl Cozy Set Microwave Pasta Cooker P. 46 P. 46 #2633 $25.00  #100055 $18 










Microwave Popcorn Microwave Popcorn Maker Maker, Family-Size P. 53 P. 53 #1569 $35  #1457 $25 

Tortilla Warmer P. 46 #100120 $14 

Batter Bowl, Classic P. 38 #2431 $20 

Batter Bowl, Small P. 38 #2432 $15 

Glass Mixing Bowl Set P. 43 #1752 $40 

1-cup Prep Bowl Set P. 43 #1825 $24 

2-cup Prep Bowl Set P. 43 #1742 $17 

3-cup Prep Bowl Set P. 43 #1743 $21 

Silicone Prep Bowl Set P. 38 #1751 $25 

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set P. 43 #1735 $105 

Digital Kitchen Scale P. 17 #100271 $35 

Easy-Read Measuring Colander Rinse, drain, and measure. 3 cups. #2324 $12 

Easy-Read Measuring Cup Set P. 39 #100193 $35 

Easy-Read Mini Measuring Cup P. 39 #2177 $8 

Measure-All Cup P. 35 #2225 $12  Sleeve

Measure-All Cup, Mini P. 35 #2236 $8  Sleeve

Measure-All Cup, Petite P. 35 #2268 $7  Sleeve

Measure, Mix & Pour P. 50 #100190 $18 

Measuring Cup Set P. 35 #2257 $19 

Measuring Spoon Set P. 35 #2308 $11 

Adjustable Measuring Spoon Set P. 35 #2258 $10 

Pancake Shaker Bottle P. 49 #1769 $23 

Batter Scraper Clean batter off beater blades and whisks. 8¼". #1693 $10 

Classic Scraper P. 45 #1650 $13 

Mix ‘N Scraper P. 45 #1657 $17 

Mix ‘N Scraper , Mini P. 45 #1656 $11 

Mix ‘N Scraper , Small P. 45 #1659 $14 

Skinny Scraper P. 45 #1655 $10 

Skinny Scraper, Long P. 17, 45 #100192 $12 

Skinny Scraper, Mini P. 45 #1704 $8 

Silicone-Coated Sauce Whisk Heat-safe to 500°F. 10". #2481 $20 










Grill Mat & Tray Heat-safe to 500°F. #1808 $25 Tray  Mat

Grill Mat Set Set of two. Heat-safe to 500°F. #2146 $10

5-Section Tray (for Large Square Cool & Serve) P. 54 #2618 $16 

Small Square Cool & Serve P. 54 #2613 $35 

Deluxe Cooking Blender Smoothie Cup & Adapter P. 17 #100195 $85 j Cup, Lid, Blade Lid, Blade Cover, Sleeve

Quick Cooker P. 19, 33 #100323 $249  Inner Pot, Glass Lid, Wire Rack

Quick Cooker Starter Set P. 19 #100334 $304 $295 Inner Pot, wire rack, Glass Lid, Ceramic Pot

Quick Cooker Steamer Baskets P. 19 #100118 $21 

Stainless Steel Mini Whipper P. 44 #2635 $8 

Stainless Steel Whisk P. 44 #2475 $15 

Burger & Slider Press P. 54 #1174 $15 

Grilling Tool Set P. 54 #2725 $85

Indoor Outdoor Portable Grill P. 54 #2719 $135  Grate

S’more and Fondue Sticks Set 4 telescoping sticks, 4 heads, 1-qt. Cool & Serve Bowl P. 54 4 forks, and a storage bag #100090 $29  #1809 $35 

Large Square 2.5-qt. Cool & Serve Bowl Cool & Serve P. 54 P. 54 #2614 $47  #100091 $39 

Wooden Grill Scraper P. 54 #2723 $15

Deluxe Air Fryer P. 15 #100194 $279 j Removable Shield, Cooking Trays, Basket, Retrieval Tool, Rotisserie Set

Deluxe Cooking Blender P. 17, 33 Deluxe Air Fryer Skewers #100125 $349  Lid, Tamper, Brush, P. 15 Boil-Over Guard #100285 $25 

Deluxe Cooking Blender Smoothie Cup P. 17 #100196 $30 j Cup, Lid, Sleeve

Corn Butterer Spread and store butter easily. Ice Cream Maker Includes cap. P. 31 #2460 $6  #1538 $95 


Quick Cooker Quick Cooker Ceramic Pot Fluted Cake Pan P. 19 P. 19 #100119 $22  #100049 $40 


Quicksicle Maker Frozen treats in 8 minutes. #1799 $65  TM

Quick Cooker Glass Lid P. 19 #100197 $25 

Quick Cooker Racks & Prep Bowls Set P. 19 #100108 $73 $65

Quick Cooker Silicone Rings P. 19 #100112 $12 

Quick Cooker Springform Pan P. 19 #100048 $23 

Quick Cooker Stackable Steaming Rack P. 19 #100089 $17 

Fall | Winter 2020

 Season s Best® Saving & Savoring Time

Season’s Best (Fall/Winter 2020) P. 10 #100316 $2 

All-Purpose Dill Mix P. 10 #9713 $7 

Asian Seasoning Mix P. 10 #9860 $7

Beer Bread Mix Two 19-oz. pouches. Contains soy and wheat. #9721 $14

Bell Pepper Herb Rub P. 10 #9578 $6

Carnitas Slow Cooker Seasoning P. 10 #9697 $8

Cherry Balsamic Vinegar Aged balsamic vinegar Chili Lime Rub with cherry juice. 8 fl. oz. P. 10 #9688 $18 #9664 $6

Chipotle Rub P. 10 #9880 $6

Coarse Sea & Himalayan Salt P. 10 #9864 $8

Crushed Peppercorn & Garlic Rub P. 10 #9736 $6

Dijon Mustard Rub P. 10 #9490 $6

French Toast Popcorn Seasoning P. 53 #9058 $8

Garlic & Herb Rub P. 10 #9492 $6

Garlic Rub P. 10 #9056 $6

Greek Rub P. 10 #9870 $6

Herb & Onion Slow Cooker Seasoning P. 10 #9696 $8

Herbs de Provence Seasoning Mix P. 10 #9496 $7

Italian Seasoning Mix P. 10 #9719 $7

Jamaican Jerk Rub P. 10 #9812 $6

Korean Barbecue Rub Korean peppers (gochugaru), Lemon Pepper Rub garlic, onion, and spices. 1.9 oz. P. 10 #9656 $6 #9704 $6

Peppercorn Medley Black, white, pink, and green peppercorns. 3 oz. #9865 $9

Pizza Crust Mix P. 10 #9051 $9

Pretzel Dough Mix P. 31 #100074 $8

Raspberry Ranch Popcorn Seasoning Habanero Sauce P. 10 P. 53 #9702 $13 #9057 $8

Rosemary Herb Seasoning Mix P. 10 #9733 $7.00

Seasoning Salt P. 10 #100381 $8

Smoky Barbecue Rub P. 10 #9722 $6



Smoky Applewood Rub P. 10 #9668 $6

Garlic-Infused Canola Oil Canola oil infused with fresh garlic. 8 fl. oz. #9677 $14


Southwestern Seasoning Mix P. 10 #9714 $7

Spicy Pineapple Rum Sauce P. 10 #9807 $13

Teriyaki Sauce With Honey P. 10 #9666 $14

Sweet Basil Rub P. 10 #9686 $6

Tex-Mex Rub P. 10 #9680 $6

Three Onion Rub P. 10 #9659 $6



Month to Month


3-Month Prepaid

6-Month Prepaid

#100418 $24

#100419 $60

#100420 $108

Most flexible. Billed monthly.

Perfect for busy families. Billed quarterly.

Best value: 2 months free. Billed semi-annually.

Shipping is free with subscriptions. Each subscription renews automatically. You can choose not to renew any time before your renewal date.

→ See details on p. 11.




Month to Month

3-Month Prepaid

6-Month Prepaid

Enrichables Kale & Fiber Pouch, Regular

#100411 $29

#100389 $81

#100395 $150

Enrichables Kale & Fiber Pouch, Small

#100410 $19

#100388 $54

#100394 $102

Enrichables Pea Protein Pouch, Regular

#100413 $29

#100391 $81

#100397 $150

Enrichables Pea Protein Pouch, Small

#100412 $19

#100390 $54

#100396 $102

Enrichables Kale & Fiber Pouch, Regular P. 13 100339 $31 ™

Enrichables Kale & Fiber Pouch, Small P. 13 100338 $20 ™

Enrichables Pea Protein Pouch, Regular P. 13 100341 $31 ™

Try before you subscribe with a one-time purchase.

Enrichables Pea Protein Pouch, Small P. 13 100340 $20 ™

Shipping is free with subscriptions. Each subscription renews automatically. You can choose not to renew any time before your renewal date.


Freedom. Friendship. Fun.

Be a Consultant • Earn commissions • Never pay full price. and fantastic rewards. • E  njoy the support of • Find work/life balance. a caring community. No experience required! As a consultant, you’ll bring people together—online or in person—and share how the right kitchen tools and recipes make everyday cooking simpler, tastier, and more memorable.

Start for as Little as $99!

Each kit is a business in a box with everything you need to get started—catalogs, starter recipes, your apron, your website, and more.

Ultimate Kit $1,100+ value for 269!

Deluxe Kit $700+ value for 159!

Starter Kit $400+ value for 99!

You get everything in the Deluxe Kit, plus the Deluxe Air Fryer and more.

You get everything in the Starter Kit, plus the Stone Bar Pan and more. And, the Rockcrok Everyday Pan is upgraded to the Rockcrok Dutch Oven!

Includes the best-selling Rockcrok Everyday Pan.







Rewarding In Even More Ways You’ll be part of a strong community who share the same passion for our products and helping others. Plus, you’ll be recognized for your efforts every step of the way. National Executive Directors as of June 2020

2019 Circle of Honor Achievers

Claudia Bazaar, Ellengton Boyce, Love Carpenter, Sherri Carr, Cammie Cruz, Steve Drapalski, Barbara Duke, Shan Eisler, Jennifer Henderson, Becky Ishee, Stacy Itzel, Beth Jacobs, Donna Landy, Jill Lerner, Donna McDonald, Anne McMillan, Patti Mocerino, Kelly Price, Carol Radu, Nancy Jo Ryan, Robin Shilling, Pam Sztukowski, Kristin Wierenga, Bekah Yawn, Sharon Zelen

From left: Cammie Cruz, Stacy Itzel, Claudia Bazaar, Nancy Jo Ryan

Are You Ready to Make Your Everyday Better?

It’s easy to get started. Ask your consultant to help choose the right kit for you. Kit contents are subject to change without notice.


Host a Party. Get Rewards.

Your party, your way! Connect with friends—online or in person— for a fun, personalized cooking experience while your consultant shares tips, family-friendly recipes, and ways to simplify mealtimes.





Product Rewards

More products at


All the rest at a


Host Exclusive Half-Price Combos

Make the most of your half-price rewards with one of these exclusive sets. Each counts as just one half-price item.

For every $100 over $1,100, add $25 in free product rewards.





















Kit Credit of $25



30% off everything else


Deluxe Air Fryer Set

$319 $159.50 (p. 14)


Deluxe Cooking Blender Set $446 $223 (p. 16)

10% off everything else

New Consultant Kit Credit Use $25 or $50 of your free product rewards toward your new business.

Complete Quick Cooker Set

Plus, get a special offer the month you host, and a 10% discount for an entire year!

$432 $216 (p. 19)

Cookware Basics Set

$805 $402.50 (p. 25)

Booking Bonuses Future Party Pick: Get 40% off any item or set at parties booked from yours. Details: Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, you can get 40% off any ONE item or set at any party booked from yours within six months when guest sales are $200 or more, not including your discounted item. Past hosts redeeming this reward before Jan. 1, 2021 can get 50% off any ONE item or set. Future party picks cannot be combined with other offers.

3-Party Booking Bonus: Get $50 in free product rewards when three guests book parties. Details: When three of your guests host parties within six months of your party, each with guest sales of $200 or more, you’ll get an additional $50 in free product rewards. The reward will be added to your account after the third party is submitted. *Guest sales excludes shipping and sales tax. Free product rewards cannot be applied to monthly host specials, half-price products, discounted products, half-price combos, shipping, or sales tax.

Ultimate Knife Set

$513 $256.50 (p. 40)

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Fall | Winter 2020 Catalog  

So many things have changed in Pampered Chef’s 40-year history, but one thing remains true: The simple act of preparing and sharing a meal e...

Fall | Winter 2020 Catalog  

So many things have changed in Pampered Chef’s 40-year history, but one thing remains true: The simple act of preparing and sharing a meal e...