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  Baptist Mid-Missions P.O. Box 308011 Cleveland, OH 44139-8011

John & Robin Proios Caixa Postal 05 69100-000 Itacoatiara, AM, Brazil Tel. (011-55-92) 9144-8609

°§DQG*RGVDZWKDWLWZDVJRRG± Genesis 1:10 Good We   were   averaging   over   60   children   in   our   Sao   Pedro   Bible   club.   Picking   up   the   kids   for   club   was   becoming   a   problem.   The   day   we   had   to   transport   30   people   in   the   Kombi   before   reaching   our   destination   was   the   day   we
 realized   we   needed   to   divide   the   club   up   into  two  locations.  The  Lord  opened  the  door   for   us   to   meet   under   the   mango   trees   of   another   farm   about   5   miles   down   the   road.   All   three   of   our   clubs   are   doing   well   and  

average around  30  each  week.  The  new  club   is   located   near   the   community   of   Santo   Antonio.  It  is  such  a  joy  to  see  the  eagerness   on  the  children's  faces  as  they  come  to  club.   At  the  end  of  club,  one  little  girl  always  asks,   "Are   we   having   'little   church'   next   week,   too?!"   Please   continue   to   pray   for   these   precious   children   that   they   and   their   parents   will   come   to   a   saving   knowledge   of   Jesus   Christ.    

A Good  Response  to  a  call  for  help   Last   fall,   we   expressed   to   you   our   desire   to   send   as   many   of   our   club   kids   to   camp   as   possible.  How  thrilled  we  are  to  share  that  42   scholarships   were   given!   What   a   great   opportunity  for  the  children  to  have  a  chance   to   go   to   camp.   Each   of   the   42   children   completed   a   Bible   course   consisting   of   10   lessons   and   scripture   verses   to   memorize.   It   was  quite  a  task   to         work   with   the  children  and   help   them   to   complete   the   lessons,   yet   it   was   encouraging   to   Brothers who attend our new club see   their   eagerness   to   learn   the   Word   of   God.   At   the   end   of   the   course,   the   children   respond   to   a   call   for   salvation.   Many   of   the   children   indicated   that   they   had   received   Christ   as   a   result  of  camp  last  year  or  the  children's  club   ministry.  We  thank  all  the  sponsors  who  sent   the   scholarships   and   ultimately   made   a   difference  in  the  lives  of  these  children.    

the world.   We   are   hoping   this   situation   improves   by   the   time   we   return   after   our   furlough.  Meanwhile,  anyone  who  missed  it  in   our   last   letter,   we   are   trying   to   cut   down   costs   by   emailing   our   prayer   letter.   If   you   would  prefer  to  receive  our  prayer  letters  as  a   .PDF   file   instead   of   in   regular   mail,   please   send   your   email   address   to      An  added  advantage   would   be   that   we   could   send   out   more   frequent   updates   and   keep   you   informed   as   to  the  little  happenings  as  they  occur. One of the 4 teams of campers during teen week


Good During the   three   weeks   of   this   year's   camp   program,   there   were   around   300   in   attendance.   Our   whole   family   assisted   Director  Bob  Lankford  and  his  wife  Damaris  in   preparing   the   camp   and   supporting   the   program.   John   helped   with   the   bookkeeping   and  supply  buying  while  Robin  was  in  charge   of   the   kitchen.   Haley   and   Emely   were   the   errand  girls  running  messages  back  and  forth   from   the   camp   house   to   the   kitchen   and   other   areas   of   the   campgrounds.   With   all   of   the   message   running,   they   got   the   most   exercise   of   all!   The   camp   theme   was,   ³3UDFWLFLQJ <RXU )DLWK´ 7KH FDPSHUV VWXGLHG the   book   of   James.   It   was   amazing   how   it   tied   together   as   an   extension   of   what   our   club  kids  had  learned  during  the  Bible  course   they  completed  to  earn  their  scholarships.  


We want  to  thank  those  of  you  who  gave  us   email   addresses.   We   had   hoped   to   keep   in   contact  more  often,  but  just  after  we  got  the   email   addresses,   we   lost   our   internet   service   out  at  the  camp!  This  made  it  difficult  for  us   to   maintain   communication   with   the   rest   of  

It seems   hard   to   believe   that   it   has   been   almost  four  years  since  we  returned  to  Brazil   for   our   second   term.   We   will   be   flying   home   on  August  9th  to  begin  our  furlough.  We  will   miss  our  dear  friends  and  colleagues  in  Brazil,   but   look   forward   to   seeing   our   supporting   churches,  friends,  and  family  in  the  States.  As   always,   but   especially   now,   we   covet   your   prayers.   There   will   be   many   of   changes   and   tying  up  of  loose  ends  during  these  upcoming   months.   As   of   yet,   we   do   not   have   anybody   to  cover  our  clubs  when  we  are  gone.  Please   pray   that   the   Lord   will   give   us   wisdom   in   knowing  what  to  do.  Also,  please  pray  for  us   as   we   prepare   for   furlough.   Because   of   the   need  to  increase  our  support,  we  are  sending   out   letters   now   in   an   attempt   to   schedule   meetings   with   new   churches   to   present   our   ministry.   If   you   know   of   any   churches   that   might   be   interested   in   learning   about   the   work   here   in   the   Amazon,   please   let   us
 know   the   Pastor's   name   and   address,   and   we   will   contact  him.    

Good The   work   at   the   Sudam   is   continuing   to   go   well.  However,  with  the  rains,  the  condition  of   the  roads  is  making  it  increasingly  difficult  to   get  to  the  congregation.  Please  pray  for  us  as   we   travel   in   and   out   that   the   Lord   will   give   John  wisdom  as  he  drives.  We've  gotten  stuck   in  the  mud  three  times  in  the  last  2  months!   We   are   getting   pretty   skilled   at   pushing   our   Kombi  out  of  the  mud!    


We also  want  to  praise  HIM  for  the   Faith   Bible   Church   in   Glen,   New   Hampshire,   who   took   us   on   for   monthly  support.   Christmas  Outreach:  We  praise  the   Lord   for   both   individuals   and   churches   that   sent   enough   money   for   us   to   be   able   to   give   each   interior   household   an   8X10   portrait   of   their   family.   The   families   were   thrilled   to   receive   the   photo.   Their   eyes   literally   lit   up   as   we   presented   them   with   their   family   photo.   It   was  a  joyous  time  for  all  those  who  attended   the   program.   We   praise   the   Lord   for   the   parents  and  children  who  came  and  heard  the   Gospel.    

°7UXO\*RGLVJRRG§§± Psalm 73:1 After 2   surgeries   and   4   casts,   Haley's   arm   is   doing   well.   The   specialist   in   Manaus   was   pleased   with  the  results  of  the  surgery.  Haley  had  10   sessions  of  physical  therapy  and  regained  full   use  of  her  arm.  Thank  you  for  your  diligence   in  praying  for  her  during  this  difficult  time.   We   praise   the   Lord   for   the   special   gifts  that  were  sent  to  help  us  out   financially.  Please  continue  to  pray   for  us  as  the  prices  are  rising  and  the  dollar  is   falling.   We   just   paid   $7.60   a   gallon   for   gasoline   this   morning!   God   promises   to   supply  all  our  needs  and  we  are  trusting  HIM.   HE  is  always  faithful.  

We thank  him  for  all  He  has  done  for  us  and   is  going  to  do.  Please  keep  us  in  your  prayers   as   we   faithfully   endeavor   to   serve   HIM   here   in  the  Amazon.  

Proios April 2010 prayer letter  

Update from the Proios family regarding their ministry in Brazil.

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