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Contractor Safety Seminar November 7, 2012 Presented By The Finishing Contractors Association of Illinois

What Every Contractor Needs to Know About Safety: Industry Specific OSHA Regulations Managing Safety on Your Jobsite Administrative Recordkeeping Requirements Training Required For Your Employees How Can Small Contractors Implement An Effective Safety Plan How Insurance Rates Are Affected By Safety Issues



About the Conference

The FCAI Contractor Safety Seminar has been designed for Owners/Officers, Safety Directors, Supervisors, Superintendents/Foremen, and Human Resource Personnel to assist with providing information and tools they need to develop an effective safety program, become informed about safety related human resource requirements/issues, jobsite requirements and how safety affects insurance. This is a great way to network with other safety conscious contractors.

This event is co-sponsored by FCAI, FCAC, and FVAGC.

Attendees will learn:

All attendees will receive a complimentary safety manual that can be customized to your company and information for each job! The Safety Manual and additional meeting handouts will be provided on a USB drive for your convenience.

• OSHA regulations specific to contractors • What are your employer safety responsibilities • How to manage safety at the jobsite • What to expect when OSHA shows up at your jobsite • Training required for your employees • What is involved in a site specific safety program & JHA • What documents are needed for record keeping • How small contractors can implement a safety program • How insurance rates are affected by safety issues

Travel Information:

The program will be held at the Westin Hotel located at 70 Yorktown Center in Lombard, IL. Guests traveling in from out of town may contact the hotel directly to book a room at (630) 719-8000.

Editable Safety Manual

Safety First! More than a mere expression, it’s the philosophy we work and live by every day. Don Steadman, All-Tech Decorating


Mike Chiras, PC Painting

Candra Jefferson, OSHA

Brian Davis, Rand-Tec Insurance

Steve Lefavor, PDC 30

Allan Gerszonovicz, Rand-Tec Insurance

Cindi Spangler, FCA International

Peter Graham, International Decorators

Charlie Vasconez, All-Tech Decorating

Mike Chiras joined P.C. Painting & Decorating in September 2001. After he graduated from the DC30 apprenticeship program in 2004 he became a journeyman and became interested in safety. Mike joined FCAI in 2008 and began serving on the International FCA safety committee in 2010, which allows him to provide resources to contractors throughout Central Illinois with various safety needs.

Brian has been with Rand-Tec Insurance Agency since 2007. He specializes in Construction, Manufacturing, Wholesale/ Distribution and a strong knowledge of Worker’s Compensation issues. His expertise in this area helps his clients reduce claims and handle risk management which translates to lower premiums. Brian is known best for his excellent customer service and consultative approach to sales.

Allan has been with Rand-Tec Insurance Agency since 2006. He specializes in the construction and manufacturing industry and has a great deal of experience with workers compensation claims. Allan’s expertise in the insurance industry has helped his clients reduce their overall insurance cost while maintaining excellent coverage.

Peter has been a Safety Director for the past 15 years in the construction industry. He has worked with International Decorators for 13 years and for LaCosta Incorporated for 2 years. Prior to that, Peter was in claims management and a compensation claims adjuster for the insurance industry. Peter is an OSHA 500 Certified Instructor, a certified Lead Abatement Supervisor and has certifications and training in many other areas.

Candra is the Compliance Assistance Specialist for the OSHA Aurora Area Office. Prior to assuming her position with OSHA, Candra was a health inspector for Tazewell (Illinois) County Health Department. Candra holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health from Illinois State University. She began her career with OSHA as a Compliance Safety and Health Officer and has since conducted a wide variety of enforcement inspections and outreach.

Steve became a Union painter in 1995, performing work in industrial and reworks and later specializing in decorative finishes. He is currently an instructor and Director of Training for The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades and has multiple certifications. Steve is currently leading the JATF’s effort to become an authorized testing facility for SSPC’s Coating Application Specialist (CAS) certification program.

Cindi guides FCA’s safety efforts throughout the country and offers safety information to more than 7,000 of FCA’s members. Cindi has 20 years of safety experience with contractors. Her experience has given her an understanding of fall protection standards, hazard communication, accident investigation and lead regulations. Cindi is an OSHA 500 trainer and a Certified Fall Protection Inspector among other certifications.

Charlie is the Safety Director for All-Tech Decorating Company. He brings 27 years of experience as a safety professional and a wide-range of safety & health training programs, surveys, inspections, audits, regulatory compliance, Workers Compensation, Liability and other related items. Charlie is a Certified Safety Professional; an Associate in Risk Management; a Member of the American Society of Safety Engineers; and an authorized OSHA outreach instructor for construction.

Schedule at a Glance


OSHA Overview

9:30 am - 10:30 am Candra Jefferson, OSHA

• Overview of OSHA coverage • Employer Responsibilities • 300 Log • Inspection Priorities- Start to Finish • Most frequently cited hazards • Fine fee schedule for citations and violations • Available resources

Effects of Safety on Insurance

Registration Fees NiPDi Contributing Contractors

$75 each

Non-NiPDi Contributing Contractors

$150 each

If unsure contact FCAI/NiPDi Office at (630) 264-7880

-Company Name-

10:30 am - 11:00 am Brian Davis and Allan Gerszonovicz, Rand-Tec Insurance • Loss frequency vs loss severity • New split point change. How will it effect your MOD? • Simple common sense tips

Administrative Requirements

11:15 am - 12:30 pm Charlie Vasconez, All-Tech Decorating

• New Hires - Records & procedures employers should follow • Safety Training Fall Protection, scaffold, confined spaces, etc • Documentation - Safety manual, PPE purchasing, MSDS, etc. • Introduction to Global Harmonize System (GHS) • Specific safety training; policies; procedures • Site-specific safety program - What employers need to provide • Pre-task hazard analyses (Job Hazard Analyses-JHA)

Jobsite Employer Responsibilities

1:15 pm - 2:30 pm Peter Graham, International Decorators

• Employer’s safety responsibility at the jobsite • Onsite specific safety plan • Onsite lead-person’s safety responsibilities • Tools and equipment inspections • Loss/accident investigations • What to do when OSHA comes on site

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-PaymentTotal Amount Enclosed $  By Check: Please make your check payable to Finishing Contractors Association of Illinois. Mail your registration form with check or completed credit card information to: FCAI 1991 W Downer Place Aurora, IL 60506

2:30 pm - 3:15 pm Mike Chiras, PC Painting

National Safety Information & Safety Manual 3:15 pm - 3:30 pm Cindi Spangler, FCA International

• Available safety information from FCA International • National Safety Committee and safety activities • Editable company safety manual

Employee Training


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No Safety Director? What Small Companies Can Do • Proper time/management between running the company and Safety Director duties • How to ensure your employees receive proper safety training • How to ensure your employees use what they learn • How to manage the proper paperwork and requirements to ensure a safe environment


By Fax: Fax to 630-264-7988

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3:30 pm - 4:00 pm Steve Lefaver, PDC 30

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Everyone goes home alive and in the same condition as they arrive; Your loved ones count on it!


• What training does OSHA require and how often • What training is provided by your union • Overview of theory behind programs of curriculum

Butch Pintozzi, International Decorators

All cancellations are subject to a $20 processing fee. No refunds will be honored after November 1st. Registration substitutions are allowed.

Finishing Contractors Association of Illinois 1991 W Downer Place Aurora, IL 60506 630-264-7880 fax: 630-264-7988


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Westin Hotel - Lombard at 70 Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard, IL 60148 A map will be sent upon registration or feel free to visit our website at to download information.

“Safety can make or break our company” Rick Vandegraft, RW Vandegraft Painting

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FCAI Contractor Safety Seminar  
FCAI Contractor Safety Seminar  

The FCAI Contractor Safety Seminar has been designed for Owners/Officers, Safety Directors, Supervisors, Superintendents/Foremen, and Huma...