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he simple answer to this question is, hike more! As with any subject you want to master, you need practice. Walking in your neighborhood is a good start but will not be sufficient; hiking on trails is the key to becoming a better hiker. The difference between walking on the sidewalk and hiking on the trail is in the activation and use of various muscles. Trails are uneven, strewn with roots and rocks, and they can be slippery or sometimes treacherous. Being on the trail activates a myriad of large and small muscles to keep your legs and body in balance. While ligaments are being stretched on the trail, knee and hip joints experience a much higher usage than when walking in a park or on the road. Trails offer the best tonic for musculature and bones.

How Do You Become A Better Hiker? Practice on the trail is the way to mastering this skill BY ANDREAS A. KELLER

An easy start: building your own support group We know we should exercise but few of us do this regularly; even less often do we incorporate it into our way of life. And why, we wonder? Because rote exercise is not fun. One way to make exercise enjoyable is in learning the mastery of integrating both the mind and body. Go on a hike with a group of like-minded nature lovers; socializing in fresh air and going for a beer and a burger afterwards is a good and easy

Ok, so you’re probably not ready for a summit climb... but you don’t need to go to extremes to challenge yourself.


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