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We here at Captivate, are trying to help the readers discover the local unkown in the Sacramento region. We are also here to promote local growth of the Sacramento economy and culture to the visitors and even locals aswell. Captivate is here to make your Adventure in Sacramento evolve into something more meaningful and always moving.

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ingenuity Information on art related happenings to attend.



Anything related to music in Sacramento.








Discover the tasteful food that will full your tummy.

Sacramento does anything coffee related better.





32-33 JUST TO GET BY Find your way through Sacramento with this useful inforaphic map provided by the creators of Captivate Magazine.








Hailing from Sacramento, CA , David stands as a regular guy trying to figure out how the universe is holding up. He seeks for what is new in the outside world but is just your average joe. He loves to enjoy that cup of joe from the nearest Java city. You can find him roaming around the steets of Sacramento. David has done the photos for INGENUIT Y.

Sharon Kim is one unique person coming from the the land of Diamond Bar, CA located in Southern California. Sharon loves to hike around and be with the loves of her life aka her family friends and boy friend. With her calm attitude there is nothing that catn go wrong. She has a strong go getter Sharon has done the photos for DISTINCT.

A Bay Area native Pamela always seeks for wanderlust where ever she goes. Pamela is a certified foodie and loves to explore the different types of food each place has to offer. Do not mind her weird personality. Her go with the flow attitude has gotten where she wants to be today. Family is her no. 1 and her boy friend feeds her like a queen. Pamela has done the photos for DEFAULTS.

Slavik is one crazy coffee lover. Where ever you see Slavik always expect him to be holding a cup of coffee in had. You can say that he is a coffee enthusiast. No one really knows the reason why he is in love with coffee, but do not question it or he will come out to you with nonstop coffee facts. He also has mad love for design. Slavik has doene the photos for ESPRESS GUIDE.

Our Mission is to build healthy and sustainable relationships with producers who share our passion for quality coffee

1901 8th St.

Open Daily 7am- 7pm



››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ From woodwork, ceramics, fine arts, sculptors, and jewelers at this year’s 16th annual Sacramento Art Festival. With 225 of Sacramento’s best contemporary artist bring their work for sale and display. This event will exhibit over 15,000 of their unique original works. Alongside twenty-five ceramic artist with eighteen woodworkers, each specializing in exotic woods, and offer works, such as, candlesticks, salad bowls, jewelry boxes, tables, and chairs. Forty-two fine art painters of Sacramento are also will be present to sell and talk to visitors. Twelve sculptors and forty jewelers will be present to show their works of art. This will be held at the Sacramento Convention Center, a 134,000 square feet Exhibit Hall. The Convention center has three levels of 61,000 square feet of 31 meeting rooms. So the Sacramento Art Festival has more than enough space to have different displays of art from artist throughout the city of Sacramento. In additional to extraordinary visual art, the festival also has a Main Stage entertainment including the Kurt Ribak Jazz Quartet, the GG Amos Blues Band, Dirk K, jazz guitarists and Scott Meltzer & Katrine Spang-Hansen, comedy jugglers.

››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ››› ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ ‹‹‹ WRT TEN BY DAVID NGUYEN

photos created by: DAVID NGYUEN



This 16th annual Sacramento Art Festival is trying to have

something different. Chalk Art is something we have done throughout everyone’s childhood. However, some have taken it to a different level. Julia Flippo from Rancho Cordova is on her knees for hours at a time. The painstaking process isn’t easy but the final result is well worth the effort. Julia has been playing with chalk all her life but has been seriously in chalk art for a couple of years. The amazing skill and artistry was not learnt in one day. Julia is also skilled in pencil, charcoal, oils and painting.


Experienced artist such as Julia is

not the only ones who like to draw on the ground. The person right beside is 17 year old Joanna and her twin sister, drawing Dr. Sues, both of their faces covered in chalk. This type of art is both fairly new and old practice, depending on your childhood and environment. But now this event is sponsored for education and cancer research, which will only do well for the people of Sacramento and Art.

Another amazing artist in the

Sacramento Art Festival is Gorgeous Gwen. Her choice of media is pen and ink, which her advance skill is unimaginable. Pen and ink is considered an old fashion or traditional style of art, like a Chevy Chevelle versus Acura TL. However, the work of pen and ink is not like paper and pencil, where mistakes can be erased and redrawn. In pen and ink, once the ink touches the paper, canvas, or art board, it is permanent. This is what makes pen and ink a difficult media to do, proficiently. Gorgeous Gwen uses the finest inks the art stores can offer to portray her magical details of this earth through this media. The finest pens used for accurate and exact drawings, each drawing requires at least one pen each. She won the Best of Show in the Drawing Category Tempe Festival of the Arts. To view her astonishing work in person, Gwen will be at the Sacramento Art Festival booths 129-133.

is Eileen Sorg. Her choice of media is colored pencils and actually a member of the Colored Pencil Society. The bright and vivid colors in her work are intense with a since of movement in every piece. Eileen main subjects are birds, mammals, insects, and amphibians. The drawings seem to have a story aspect behind each portrait and that what makes them interesting. The realism of her work can be view at booths 115 at the Art Festival.


The fine artist which also caught my eye

The Sacramento Art Festival has

been held 16 years displaying Fine Art, Paintings, Sculptures, and much more. Sacramento art scene is well deserved to be publicized because of the entirely unknown genuine modern artist and art, in the Capital city. A place to meet the original artist and see their work in person is what this festival provides. Viewing original works of art in history books is far from experiencing art physically in front of you. Food, music, and entertainment provided will also make this event even better.

A classical Chinese artist named

Caroline Young will be presenting her astonishing work also. Her work is more of a history of China and events of the past. What makes her work fascinating is her unique style of art mixed with old fashion traditional way of Chinese art. Traditional Chinese paintings consist of calligraphy and mounted on scrolls. However, Caroline born in Hong Kong, her mother would teach her art when she was young. Now in America she is considered a contemporary artist, mixing both modern and traditional style in her work. Some of her work has been sold for up to $15,000 or more depending on the piece. I recommend viewing her work at the Sacramento Art Festival, her booth 618-620.



What is unusual and captivating? Music. There are so many different types of music, instruments, and genres. From classical to electronic, people have many different preferences and taste. Sacramentoembraces so many diverse types of music and everybody is a little different. Indie music is coming alive in Sacramento and there are so many artists becoming more known. Indie music is something you must search for and discover for yourself. It is like its own ‘hidden treasure’. People who love to listen to something unique and different, that is not mainstream, will fall in love with Indie bands. Their unconventional and eclectic beats, always draws people in. Sacramento is rich with artists from this genre and you can discover them at small shops and venues. We want to help you to discover these places and artists, so that you can be informed with the newest/ hippest bands and make yourself stand–out. We want to help pass the bounds of what is usual and familiar to something more unconventional with a distinct sound.


photos created by: SHARON KIM




Indie music is short for Independent music that is not produced by major record labels, although there are some that are. This genre of music is something you search for because it doesn’t just come up on your regular radio stations. This makes it all the more fun because you get to discover the unknown bands and songs that you can share with others. There are subsets of Indie music such as Indie rock, Indie pop and Indie metal. There is also folk music that is blended in, which has a more acoustic sound with different instruments such as a banjo. All of them are somewhat influenced by each other, therefore connected. Usually the sounds are very melodic, simple instruments, and well textured. It is very much Do-It-Yourself which brings the creativity and artistry of the music. Sacramento has a large amount of Indie artists who are talented and unique. Searching for these bands and venues can be tough to find, but we have you covered!


The Honey Trees are an Indie pop band from Sacramento. The band is made up of Becky Filip and Jacob Wick. Their style of music is dreamy and melodic. They have a charm to their songs that are influenced with many different melodies. The main vocalist Becky Filip has a quirky tone and interesting vocal techniques. They released their first album called ‘Wake the Earth’ which had a very unique sound from their voice to their instrumentals. They started off doing very small shows and tours in California. Then they did a month long tour with Wesley Jensen and The Wildcats. Now they are concentrating on creating another album and working on their sound. The Ganglians are also from Sacramento who’s music is very psychedelic and roughed up differently. They are a refreshing band to listen to and remind you of kids in basement rocking out to music. Autumn Sky is a great solo artists who’s music is soft and quirky. Her music is unique and she puts her own individual style. She is from Sacramento and gaining popularity. Her melodies are soft and mellow making you fall in love with her.



There are many venues where different artists perform at around Sacramento. The biggest one people are most familiar with is Sleep Train Arena, but there are so many more smaller places that you can experience. More of the mainstream and popular bands play at the Sleep Train Arena, but not so much of Indie bands. You can find Indie bands more at low-key venues such as Ace Of Spades, Assembly, Bows and Arrows, and etc. Ace of Spades is a venue for all ages and genres. They are located in Downtown, Sacramento’s “R Street District.” They have VIP booths and special bonuses that allow you to meet the artist. It is a great place to search for your favorite artist or see upcoming artists play. The prices are affordable and available online, so its only a click away. Assembly is a hip and fun venue also located in the heart of Sacramento. This new musical venue is unique and quirky from the typographic designs in the front to an intimate space to see the artists. You can find local and touring bands here at this venue. This well designed and musically thriving venue will surely attract the creative class and grow the musical life in Sacramento. Bows and Arrows is a shop located in downtown, Sacramento that hosts a variety of things. They are a café, vintage shop, gallery, and music store. There is always something going on at this creative place. They are a house of inspiration and like to bring creativity, quality, love and attention to their passions. They are an Independent business that likes to bring something unique to the table, including their music. They have small bands playing often and you can see their schedules on their calendar.


Final Note Be apart of something lasting and creative, here in Sacramento. There is so much to see, hear and experience, so don’t miss out on something exciting and fresh. There are a lot of unseen places that most tourists and locals do not know about, so we want to bring them to light. Immerse yourself in different Indie music and discover the unusual beats that will capture your attention.



Enjoy a movie, live music, or comedy show in the beautifully restored Crest Theater, Sacramento’s last interactive movie place

Box office hours: Mon-Fri 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m

Location: 1013 K Street Downtown Sacramento



DEFA •18•feature


FOOD FOR THOUGHT Fast food chains of any sort are never acceptable when traveling to a new city, state, or country. People tend to go to the default to what looks familiar and “safe”. Basically as a traveler you are staying inside of your comfort bubble and not exploring what that place has to offer and at the same time memories are not being created. Taking that first step in eating out of your comfort bubble maybe difficult but after you pass that hump, the light at the end of the tunnel seems clear and comforting. As a new traveler to the area of Downtown Sacramento or even local, there are many things that go unnoticed usually because it is not a familiar to that person’s eye.

photos created by: PAMEL A PAL ACIO

They tend to avoid non-fast food chains even though these places hold so much promise in their quality and taste. What is important about these unnoticed or “hidden” places is that they are usually locally based and made. As a traveler the atmosphere of these food places are comforting and welcoming. The greater area of Sacramento is vast and that it would be hard to cover all food places in this city. But the best area that will supply your food consumption will be located in Downtown Sacramento. Downtown Sacramento is a perfect example of diversity within their food and culture. By venturing out to this area you are not only learning about the culture but also how their taste buds are fulfilled to its fullest potential and the history that went behind the food.




What a better way to start your day in Downtown by eating a hearty breakfast. Waking up in Downtown, you have plenty of choices to choose from like Evan’s Kitchen, Orphan Breakfast House, or Tower Cafe. These three places range in what type of breakfast foods you are craving but all have a similarity of giving big portions to their customs.

But from these three Orphan Breakfast House has to rank 1st with their Latin flavors and Asian Accents. People can contest to that, but the menu items they offer at this breakfast joint in unbelievable. You can get your good corn meal pancakes to your nicely chopped corn beef hash with rosemary. Oprhan also servers fresh brewed coffee to you liking or fresh juice that can wake up your spirits. With Oprhan you feel right at home, from their cozy in and out door seating with there infused friendly staff and a welcoming family location. Just do not forget to have cash on hand or you can take out from their provided ATM machine.





From venturing around Downtown Sacramento, as either a traveler or local, you might get a little hungry and want to grub on something for lunch. Some places to venture out too can be Paesanos, Magpie, or Krush Burger. These places also give you are variety of flavors and tastes. From fresh sandwiches to organic foods the lunch selection in Downtown Sacramento is never disappointing. If you are feeling more for the Italian side then Paesanos would be your choice. With their choice of high quality and fresh ingredients and the way the meals are combined of simplicity and complexity, Paesanos will have your taste buds in a whirl. The decor ranges from cozy to rustic and the atmosphere is chill where conversations are taken place. Paesanos lunch plates consists of fried ravioli to a yummy Greek pizza, while other choices of soups, salads, pizzas and sandwiches are at hand. Every bite that you take out from this place you are learning about the chefs history and past with food. Just be aware of parking in that area and make sure to read the signs.





Nighttime in Downtown Sacramento consist of plenty of people walking and soaking in the night. Depending on how nice the night is Downtown Sacramento it can be lively through the characters of people and through their food. Dinner in Downtown Sacramento can go from the formal to the casual. Usually the case is going for the casual aspect. You can get a light drink and a great dinner meal at Red Rabbit Bar. Red Rabbit Bar has

the atmosphere of hipsters down to dramatic lighting. Getting the pork belly entrees is always must but if you are not into that type of meat then there is always other entries to choose from like their pastrami stir-fry or their red-rabbit burger. When eating at Red Rabbit you also have an array of choices when it comes to drinking the cocktails, like choosing from the classics like an Old Fashion or concocting your own drinks.




Straying away from the norm is always important when adventuring to new places. It is important to stray away from your comfort zone to not only learn about the past of that community but to be apart of how the locals live their lives day to day. Why waste your money away by going to the same chain restaurants that are provided at home. Do yourself a favor and seize the day by trying something new and exciting. Support local eateries by consuming at these hidden gems because you never know how long these places will be standing in the near future.



GINGER ELIZABETH’S CHOCOLATES chocolates, macarons, cookies, and more!

SUN-MON: CLOSED TUES-THURS: 10 : 00 AM-8: 00PM FRI-SATU: 10 : 00 AM-10 : 00 PM 1801 L Street Suite # 60




With Starbucks at every corner, mediocre coffee is the norm in Sacramento. That’s the coffee shop that everyone knows and that’s the coffee shop that everyone goes to. Coffee shops are a place where culture happens. It’s where people interact, meet each other, socialize, play music. This is where creativity flourishes. This is where economy grows. Small local coffee rosters and coffee houses are passionate about coffee and treat it with a sense of artistry and craftsmanship, and that shows through when you visit them. The Baristas are knowledgeable and really, masters of their craft. Each Barista is unique in the way they pull their espresso.


photos created by: SL AVIK GURMEZ A



CHOCOLATE FISH When I was at chocolate fish and was talking to the baristas, one of them was done with their shift and another one was just starting his shift. And the first thing he did is calibrate the machines to his specifications, he fine tuned the grinder, the temperature of the espresso machine to get the perfect timing of how long it takes to pull the shot. He meticulously found the coffee, pulled a shot, made adjustments to the grinder, ground more coffee, pulled another shot. This repeated until he got his preferences perfect. You can taste this meticulousness in the perfect cup of coffee you get when you visit chocolate fish. They are also coffee roasters who bring high level of artistry to their roasting process. From the sourcing of the beans straight from their partnering farmers with who they have exclusive contracts so they are the only roster to have a certain variety of coffee to their actual roasting process by which they aim to bring out the most sweetness and fruit acidity out of the bean. As opposed to the ever so popular dark roast that simply chars the beans, rids it of it’s natural flavors and uniqueness. They describe themselves as a New Zealand style coffee shop and that means it’s a very espresso based coffee shop with more New Zealand style drinks. As well as a very modern and unique interior that makes it a great place to enjoy.

TEMPLE If you are a tea lover, this is the place for you. In addition to having great coffee, Temple has the wide variety of teas that are served in a tea pot and you pour it in to your cup when it’s done steeping, which is a pleasant experience that has a certain charm to it. Temple is a great place to go hang out in the evening, they close at 11 p.m., which is not very common among coffee shops that usually close around 6 or 7 p.m. Their Fair Oaks location is a great place for students as it is 5 minutes away from Sac State. The downtown location, like Fair Oaks, is very modern, and minimal. Their rosary is located in their midtown location which has a slightly more rustic flare to it, with brick walls and a large romantic patio. Their “Farm-to-Cup” sourcing promotes sustainability from throughout the whole process and economic growth of the farmers and regions where the coffee is grown, as well as ensuring to quality of the beans.



OLD SOUL Old Soul brings a cozy vintage/rustic atmosphere that is pleasant to be in and enjoy a company of friends, or just study and get work done. And if you get hungry during your study session, they have very good sandwiches with a salads. Forty Acres location brings tasty coffee to the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento. Weatherstone’s beautiful patio with vines running along the brick creates a wonderful outdoor atmosphere. The Ally is literally in the ally behind Crapeville, the former warehouse has been reimagined into a roasting felicity, the roasting equipment and sacks filled with coffee stacked up on pallets add a certain charm to the open and light atmosphere. Old Soul supports other local businesses by providing wholesale beans to a wide range of restaurants around Sacramento.

INSIGHT The first thing you’ll see what you come into Insight is a giant mural that says “Source, Roast, Brew,” set in a very hipster handcrafted wood and metal interior that is really cool to look at. As well as the art pieces on the wall such as a giant slice of a tree that has been mounted on the wall. Even the espresso machine fits the theme and looks all vintage and handmade. The menu is very minimal, with few selections, and no 20 different lattes, they do a few things but they do them well. Just like the previous coffee houses, Insight controls the quality of their beans right from partnering with Farmers and skipping the middlemen, to bringing out the most flavor and individuality of each bean with their roasting process, to talented baristas, hans the slogan “Source, Roast, Brew”.




This infographic map will be useful for the readers. These extra places are provided for the reader so that they have options to choose from if they do not wish to visit the places in the articles. This will be helpful for you, the reader so they can keep on exploring out of their norm and to help the local economy of Sacramento. This infographic map has been broken up in the sections in relation to the articles. You will get a little bit of everything so you will never get bored. Use this map to your fullest potential and use it with care.

infograph created by: PAMEL A PAL ACIO



















Ace of Spades 1417 R St. (916) 930-0220

Broadarce Coffee 1014 10th St. Mon-Sun 7am-11pm

Assembly 1000 K St. (916) 341-0176

Naked Lounge 1500 Q St. Mon-Sun 6am-11pm

Art House 1021 R St. Mon-Sat 10am-6pm Sun 11am-4pm

Jacks Urban Eats 1230 20th St Mon-Sat 11am-9pm Sun 11:30am-8pm

Smith Gallery 1020 11th St #100 Mon-Sun 10am-6pm Sat 11:30am-5pm

Magpie 1409 R St #102 Mon-Wed 10:30am-9pm Thurs-Fri 10:30-10pm Sat 8:00am-10pm Sun 8:00am-2pm



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