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Discovery Education Streaming Overview

Discover Education streaming Every Guilford County Schools teacher can have his/her own streaming account. To log in, use the URL

Log in Screen

If you have a username and password, enter the information in the Existing User section and click Login. If you forgot your username, your media specialist or I can get this information for you. If you forget your password, you can have it emailed to your GCS email account.

Help and Admin User Guide It will be very helpful to you to either print or save a copy of the DE Admin User Guide or know how to get to it quickly so that you can take care of any questions or concerns regarding DE streaming at your school. If you look to the right of My Admin on the home page, you will see Help. Click Help and scroll to the bottom of this page to User Guides, on the right. Click DE Administrative Site and you will see where you can download or open the guide. This 33 page guide has important information that will help you with your role of Admin for your school site.

streaming Homepage From your Discovery Education (DE) homepage you can view new content updates and weekly teacher tips. At the top of the screen, click on My DE.

You can change your profile and preferences at this homepage. At the DE homepage, you also have access to your My Content and On This Day calendar. Click on streaming to go to your DE streaming account.

Video Search Results Keyword Search: Use the Keyword Search to conduct targeted searches for specific media types such as video segments, images, articles, and clip art. The search results will return video titles and all content descriptions that contain the keyword you entered. You can narrow your search by grade level, as well. Advanced Search: The Advanced Search keyword option supports more powerful searching capabilities that allow you to focus on a specific media publisher or limit your search to include only Editable, Closed Captioned, Spanish or New Titles. You can also choose to exclude Spanish or Classic titles from your search results.

Video Search Results Subject Search: Click on one of eight core subject areas to view a complete listing of media resources that match the subjects that you teach. Grade Search: Select a grade range to view a complete listing of DE streaming content appropriate for your students. Curriculum Standards: Videos in the DE streaming library have been cross-referenced to teaching standards for our state. Use this tool to quickly locate videos and images that match the NC state curriculum standards. The state field is pre-populated to reflect your school location. Select the subject and grade and click Go. Then find the standard you are interested in and look for links to videos that meet those standards.

Video Search Results The video search results page includes a thumbnail image, content title, # of segments, and video length.

“Roll over� a title to review more information including a description, preview, copyright, and producer and quick links to view curriculum standards or add to My Content.

Video Search Results Unless you specify that you only want one media type, you will see the Full Views first, then Video Segments.

Length (Time) Play in media player Full Screen

Closed Captioning

Full Video Description All videos have a description with information about the grade level you selected and shows the number of segments available with times. Note the ability to generate a “printer friendly� page and rate the content. You can also check out the Related Materials. You can stream the full video by clicking on the Play button , save the video on your computer by right clicking on the Download button and selecting Save Target As, or add the file to your My Content libraries.

The More to Explore section includes content that is relevant to the selected title.

Video Segments Video Segments divide the selected video into short segments that can be streamed or downloaded for use with presentations, classroom projects, and student activities. Click on a segment to play or right click on the Download icon to save video segments to your computer. Click the drop down box next to Add selected items to box if you wish to include the segments in assignments, quizzes, or Playlists in your My Content materials.

Other Features and Tools Print Video Information: Generate pages that include video information and are printer friendly by clicking on the gray link labeled Printer Friendly.

Email a Friend: You can send page links by email to other DE streaming users by clicking on Share>Email. Simply type your colleague’s email address in the field provided, type a personal message and click the gray Send Email button.

Other Features and Tools

Add: With the Add feature, you can add selected video segments to folders in My Content, Quizzes, Classroom/Students, Writing Prompt, or Assignment. 1.Check the box next to the video segment you wish to add. 2.Scroll to the bottom of the screen and make you selection from the Add menu. 3.Click the Add button.

Other Features and Tools You can view a video segment “live” or stream it “real-time” by clicking on the Play button. The quality of the video streaming experience will depend on many factors including the speed of your Internet connection and the number of people at your school who are online at the time you choose to stream video content.

Step 1: Choose your Media Settings: * Select Media Type: > Windows Media Player for PC > QuickTime for MAC * Make your Player Selection: > Embedded in Web Browser (plays right on the page) > Stand-Alone Application (opens a new player window)

Other Features and Tools

Step 2: Click the Play button next to the desired video segment to view the video. NOTE: Playing/streaming video is recommended for previewing, while downloading is recommended for classroom use. Downloading insures a smooth and uninterrupted playing experience that will not be diminished by bandwidth or connectivity issues.

Downloading and Saving Discover Education streaming Videos • •

Log on to your computer using a teacher login---you cannot download videos using a student login because students are not allowed to download. Choose the video or video segment you want to download. Click on the download icon.

• •

Choose Save in the File Download window. You will be asked to select where you want the video saved. In the first window (which will be the desktop) open Student Activities, 1Templates, then the Unitedstreaming folder. You can create your own folder inside the Unitedstreaming folder. You can rename the video file as long as you keep the expension. (.asf) at the end.

Citations Since all of the digital media on the Discovery Education streaming site is protected by copyright, it is important to include the proper citations for the videos, images, and articles you download from the site. The Citations tab displays the essential information in three accepted formats. Just copy the data from this page and paste it into your presentation and lesson files. Citations information is provided for videos, video segments, images and articles. Click on the Citations tab to view MLA, APA, and Chicago Manual of Style formats.

Protecting Discovery Education streaming Content All users are bound by current Terms of Use that can be accessed by clicking on the Terms of Use link at the bottom of any Discovery Education streaming webpage.

Related Materials When you click the Related Materials tab, you will see links to a variety of resources including Teacher Guides, Blackline Masters, Quizzes and more. Blackline Masters: These are supplementary materials such as worksheets, quizzes, word searches, crossword puzzles and other classroom tools that support DE streaming video content. The PDF format makes it easy to download and print these materials.

Related Materials Teacher’s Guides: These contain program objectives, discussion questions, and lesson plans that support Discovery Education streaming video content. Many of the Teacher’s Guides also contain the full script of the video programs which may be helpful in the creation of additional student handouts. The PDF format makes it easy to download and print these materials. Quizzes: Quizzes can be used to test student comprehension or survey prior knowledge on a particular subject. Many DE streaming videos contain pre-made quizzes. Students can access quizzes through the Student Center.

Related Materials My Content: This feature allows you to collect, organize, share, and retrieve your favorite DE streaming media resources, assignments, quizzes, and writing prompts. Located in the navigation bar, My Content is accessible from anywhere on the site. You now have the ability to add DE streaming content to folders you create. You can create subfolders inside of folders. You may also share your content within your school and your district.

The purpose of My Content is to bookmark the resource to avoid searching for it again. All files and projects are stored on the DE streaming servers, not school servers.

Related Materials Add a Media Resource to My Content: 1.Locate a resource that you wish to add to My Content. 2.Select My Content from the Add to drop down menu and click ADD. Note: Make sure to allow pop-ups from DE streaming when adding material to My Content. 3.A pop-up window will open. You may add the resource to the My Content default folder, select a folder, or add it to a new folder. 4.If you select Add to New Folder, follow the prompts and enter a folder name and folder location. My Content allows you to create folders within folders. 5.Click on ADD and the window will display a confirmation message, telling you that your content has been added.

Related Materials 6. To access your content, click on the My Content link on the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Put the flexibility of My Content to work for you. Once you have added media resources to My Content, you can use the pull down menu to move, share, rename, and delete them at any time. You can sort your resources by type, name, creation date, subject, or grade. Use the arrows to move resources up or down the list, so that they are organized in the way that is most useful to you.

Builder Tools These tools allow you to build activities that can be used in supplement video activities provided to enhance your classroom use of DE streaming.

Assignment Builder

With the Assignment Builder, you can create online activities that feature videos, images, encyclopedia articles, and calendar events that you select from the DE streaming libraries. Students visit the Student Center to access these materials.

Quiz Builder

With the Quiz Builder, you can modify existing quizzes or create your own online assessments using digital resources from the DE streaming libraries. As with projects created with the Assignment Builder, students visit the Student Center to access these materials or log into their own student accounts to access assigned quizzes or assignments by their teacher.

Writing Prompt Builder

The Writing Prompt Builder provides a tool to let you create your own writing activities using digital images from the DE streaming library. You can use the completed prompts directly from the site or give students access through the Student Center.

My Classrooms

With My Classrooms, you can build and manage your classrooms and assignments. Students visit the Student Center to access these materials.

Teacher Center

The Teacher Center contains a variety of instructional resources and tools..


The Calendar tool is a great way to locate videos that are associated with important events in history, prominent people, and commemorative events and cultural celebrations.

Lesson Plan Library

Choose from over hundreds of full lesson plans created to accompany selected videos in the DE streaming library. The lessons can be downloaded or added to My Content, and most are available in both PDF and Microsoft Word formats.

Thematic Focus Themes

Each week, a new Thematic Focus is posted on the site and each unit includes discussion guides, lesson plans, media links, student activities, and related materials. Here is a small sampling of the Social Studies themed units that you can download and use with your students.


Inspired by Discovery Channel's landmark ATLAS series, DE streaming provides a unique video guide to our world. Featuring exclusive clips from Discovery's ATLAS series, this interactive map provides thousands of videos that show off the wonders of countries ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Zoom in to each country and learn about its culture, government, history, and the natural world.

Professional Development Discovery Education offers a host of staff development options designed to help you make the most effective use of DE streaming digital resources. Among the options are self-paced tutorials, online sessions, and professional development materials.

Creating a Hyperlink to a Video Segment What is a hyperlink? A hyperlink is a text or graphic element that points to a specified web page or opens a digital file that has been saved on a local computer or network server. After you have downloaded and saved DE streaming video segments, you can create hyperlinks using text or images. Users simply click the text or image hyperlink to open and play a video segment. Hyperlinking is a simple way for teachers and students to play video files within a separate media player window that provides access to player controls such as volume, play, pause, and stop. Create a Hyperlink to a Video: (In PowerPoint) 1.Download a video segment to a designated folder. 2.Save your new or revised PowerPoint in the same folder. 3.Highlight the text or select the image on the page that you wish to use for the hyperlink. 4.Go to Insert>Hyperlink. 5.Click to select the video file that you wish to link to the text or image in your document. 6.Click OK.

Embedding a Video Segment What is embedding? When you embed a downloaded file, you insert it right into your document much as you would a picture or clip art file. Embedding makes use of the multimedia capabilities in software such as PowerPoint, Appleworks, and Keynote and allows teachers to create presentations that do not rely on separate media players. Embedding is an effective way to add video content to existing presentations, create interactive learning projects with menus and text prompts, or develop slideshows in which video files play automatically. Embed a Video in PowerPoint: 1.Download a video segment to a designated folder. 2.Save your new or revised PowerPoint document in the same folder. 3.Go to Insert>Media>Video>Video from File. 4.Click to select the video file that you wish to insert in your document. Note: With some software versions, you may have to Browse for File and navigate to your saved file. 5. Select the automatic play option or choose to start the video with a mouse click.

Changing your Password You can change your DE streaming password but you cannot change your username. 1.Click on Profile. 2.As you are scrolling down to the Reset Password section, check make sure all your other information that has been entered is correct. 3.At the Reset Password section, enter your current password, create and enter your new password and enter it again to confirm. You will be asked to choose a Security Question and Answer as well.

If your account was set up for you, you should change your password as soon as possible!

Teacher’s View To view a page as the teachers see it, click on Teacher on the right side of the screen next to Admin. This will help you in case one of the teachers at your school is having a problem. You can select the Teacher view and walk through the steps they have gone through when trying to troubleshoot a problem.

Manage My Admin There will be times when you will need to Add Users, Find Users, send users their username and password and more. To do this, you will click on My Admin in the upper right corner of the page. You are the only one at your school that has these capabilities. On this page you will see Manage My Account, Manage Reports, Manage My Content, Manage My Student Access and more.

Adding a New User 1. Click Add User to give a new teacher access to DE streaming. 2. Under Site, select your school name and select Go. 3. At Role, select Teacher. 4. Do not change Optional Roles. 5. Enter the teacher’s first name, last name, and their GCS email address. 6. For their username, try their email address without the If this does not work, add an underscore (_) and the first letters of the school name. Ex. Jamesp3_ts and click Submit.

Finding a User There may be times when one of your staff members may forget their username, password, or you need to change their roles. You can do all of this by going to Find Users. You will type in their name and select Search. From here you can select to send them their username and password and check the role they have. Please do not Archive staff‌send their names to me and I will do this. ď Š

Reports There are a variety of reports that you can look at or run for your school.

You can check the usage of DE at your school or by individual user, check to see what the top videos and non-videos are and run a copy of a variety of reports. None of these items are required to be run by you.

Creating Classrooms To add students to your classroom or access classrooms you’ve already created, click on My Classrooms. To create a new class, click on Create a Classroom. To access a class you’ve already created, click on it at the bottom of the page.

Importing Students Importing students provides administrators with another option to create student accounts. The import feature allows administrators to import numerous student accounts at once. Click on Import students to access this page. Click the User Management Guide to view the complete directions.

Teacher Resources You will find a variety of extra resources in this section. There is clipart, a puzzle maker, a featured puzzle and a Guide for Educations (by Kathy Schrock) has a multitude of items to help in your classroom.

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