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cence - Program for care, mobilization and incidence pro childhood and adolescence


Program for care, mobilization and incidence pro childhood and adolescence - Program for care, mobilization and incidence pro childhood and adole

To be a strong organization in political actions, coherent, committed to children, adolescents and their rights. To be known by the actions made for promotion, defense and enforceability of their rights and the impact generated

Our Vision

when improving their quality of life.

We are an institution defined as co-responsible in the fulfillment of children and adolescents rights. Maximizing protagonist participation and promoting the accomplishment of their rights in order to contribute a dignified life. Our political framework of action is the Children Rights Convention and currently we have 3 main projects: “Semilla”, “Entre amigos” and public policies.

Our Mision

R.1.1 Self-governing movements of children and adolescents

R.1.2 Equal citizenship participation of children and adolescents is empowered

R.2.1 Empowerment of the access to educational options for children and adolescents in vulnerable situations

OE1 Maximize the protagonist participation Contribute to of children have children and adolescents and adolescents

R.3.1 Functioning with social management focus

R.2.2 Empowerment of the institutions pro OE2 fulfillment of Promoting children and fulfillment of adolescents children and rights

adolescents’ rights

enjoying a decent life

OE3 Institutional empowerment for PAMI

R.3.1 Economic sustainability is reinforced for PAMI

R.2.3 Citizenship participation is promoted pro prevention of violence against children and adolescents


The institutional and political role is empowered in promotion, defense enforce-ability of children and adolescents´ rights

Our objectives and expected results

(1989-1992) It was founded in 1989 with the purpose of strengthen the technical, administrative and financial capacity of NGOs and other organized groups in the integral health areas, maternal, infant and communitarian growth. (1993-1998) In 1993, PAMI obtained legal personality and capitalized the recent ratification by the State of Guatemala during the Convention of Children´s rights, enlarging their horizon pro children and adolescence in general. PAMI started an initiative in 1993 to promote essential children and adolescents rights as a social risk. (1998-2003) In 1998, PAMI concludes with the decision of specializing in the working children and adolescents. It defines their efforts for investigation, institutional empowerment, direct carefulness models, public policies management and social communication, others. It started with the project “Semilla” at the area of Panajachel, Sololá, with the purpose of contributing to improve the quality of life of the

Our history

working children and their families. Also developed a project in the village El Carpintero, en Chiantla, Huehuetenango with working boys and girls; coordinated the follow up instances related to the working children´s topic. (2003-2013) PAMI extends their topics to children and adolescents human rights. In the same period, a project pro literacy for adolescent women within an Education frame and decentralization of that department in alliance with CISS and the Health department. During the same period, PAMI established an alliance with PRONICE, CONACMI and ECPAT Guatemala in order to launch a project against abuse and commercial sexual exploitation. By 2005, the alliance remains with CONACMI and PRONICE and contributed to launch a social communication campaign related to the same topic. In 2005, PAMI in consortium with PRONICE, subscribed an agreement with the European Union’s Guatemalan delegation, in order to develop a project to stop the children and adolescence illegal traffic in the borders of Jutiapa and San Marcos, Suchitepequez and Izabal. In 2006, with the

same cooperation and strategic partner, another project is subscribed as “Protection Systems”, developed in Retalhuleu, Mazatenango and Panajachel. During 2006 and 2007, with the support of Save the Children Norway, Save the Children Netherlands, ICCO and Pestalozzi Foundation; four projects of psychosocial support and risk management are developed for the most affected departments by the tropical storm Stan, in the area of Atitlan and other towns with the same psychosocial needs. Starting on 2005 and forth, PAMI has been a member of the Municipality Boards after initiating a process pro children and adolescents actions, financially supported by this inter-institutional party and other partners such as Soros Foundation (2008-2009), Trocaire (2007-2013), Oxfam Great Britain (2010-2011) and the Guatemalan Delegation of the European Union (2013-2015). This process has been developed in 11 towns of Sololá and it has intervened with information, formation and sensitization during two government periods and three commonwealths of that department.

Our history

In the periods of 2007-2011 and 2013-2015, PAMI associated with Taksvaarkii Ry from Finland, to develop two projects: the first one against sexual abuse and commercial sexual abuse in 11 towns of Guatemala. This initiative also started the same number of youth networks and seedbeds that collaborated against the same circumstances. The second one is to promote adolescence and youth’s citizenship in 6 municipalities of the country.

Where we are? We work in 17 towns and 4 departments of Guatemala: Coatepeque, Malacatán, Mazatenango, Zunilito, Puerto Barrios, Morales, Panajachel, San Antonio Palopó, San Andrés Semetabaj, Sololá, San José Chacayá, Santa Lucía Utatlán, San Juan La Pto. Barrios Morales

Malacatán Coatepeque Panajachel Mazatenango

Laguna, San Pedro La Laguna, San Pablo La Laguna, Santa Clara La Laguna y Santa Cruz La Laguna

The direct beneficiaries of our projects up to 2013 in these geographic regions are: 320 women and 322 men, total of 642 participating in

29 organized groups.

Our beneficiaries

The indirect beneficiaries: o 3,210 persons that are part of the families of the boys and girls. o 170 authorities, municipalities’ members, commonwealths, health sectors and education. o 9,640 boys and girls that level of information and knowledge has been multiplied.

• • • •

Taksvarkii Ry Trócaire KNH IM

Our Partners

• Delegación Guatemala de la UE

• Coordinadora Institucional de Promoción por los Derechos de la Niñez –CIPRODENI- (Institutional Coordination of Promotion pro Children Rights) • Redlamyc • Mesa de Municipalización (Municipalization Board) • Red de Trata (Trafficking Rapporteur) • Movimiento Social por los Derechos de la Niñez, Adolescencia y Juventud. (Social Movement pro Children, Adolescence and Youth´s Rights)

Coordination Slots that we participate

Project “Semilla” Overall Objective To help promoting the fulfillment of children and adolescents rights in Panajachel, Sololá. Specific Objectives • Empower the educational options for children and adolescents at Panajachel that are in vulnerable situation. • Promote the citizen´s participation of adults, boys, girls and adolescents of the towns. Target Group: Direct and Indirect Boys, girls and adolescents of project “Semilla”and other public schools: 882 beneficiated in total. Also 603 direct beneficiated for a total of 1485. We propose achieving the objectives through the following components: a. Improving the protection of boys, girls and adolescents that belong to the Integral Development Center “Semilla” and Panajachel b. Maximizing the success of the children in preschool and adolescents. c. Education´s quality is improved in the project and 3 other schools in Panajachel. d. Competences growth for boys, girls and adolescents lives that are in school and impoverished that belong to the project or are at Panajachel.

Our projects

Project “Entre Amigos contruimos ciudadanía” It´s developed in 6 towns (Puerto Barrios and Morales, from Izabal; Mazatenango and Zunilito, from Suchitepéquez; Coatepeque, at Quetzaltenango; Malacatán, at San Marcos). In order to assure the construction of citizenship, with adolescents and youth, the following development´s objective has been established: “Contributing to position the rights and dignity of children and adolescents in the core of Guatemalan´s political management” and, in order to assure compliance, we are convince about the importance of “maximizing youth´s participation, fair and protagonist, on behalf of their towns”. We have developed methodologies that allow us three great results: “Youth leadership impulse in social dynamics and municipalities policies”. In consequence, social capital has been built on behalf of the communities but, it also contributes to leave “self-governed youth movements”. The previous actions also set a “strong politician dialogue between the self-governed youth movements and decision instances”. The activities to achieve the results are: democracy education, citizenship and politics, communitarian projection such as praxis of the education, introduction to decision making environments, basis expansion; building and implementation of plans, political agendas with children and adolescents´ rights approach and their socialization; lobbying and negotiation to implement proposals;

Our projects

processes of social audits and their socialization; participation of each group and 2015 election process movements. In order to guarantee the appropriate execution, it´s important to have human resources, educational equipment, work-related environment and resources to facilitate communication between all parties. The methodologies that will be used are related to: participation techniques and popular education, political incidence, information and communication that allow multiplying the information. The expectation is to reach 150 adolescents and young people per year and 60 authorities, 10 per town.

Our projects

Public policies incidence Overall Objective: Contribute to the local and regional growth by enforcing public policies and the applicable quality investment pro most excluded children and adolescents from Sololá. Specific Objectives: To empower the political dialogue pro children and adolescence exercise between civil society, municipal authorities and commonwealths from Sololá. Target Groups: Directs: • 180 adolescents and youth. • 186 adults integrated in municipal movements, municipal or regional commisions and local authorities. Indirects: •

52,000 boys, girls and adolescents and 40,000 adults will be reached through municipal and regional public policies.

Our projects

Protection of children and adolescents The objective is to empower institutionalism to protect children in 10 towns of Sololá. The strategy is building, organizing and swear in Protection Municipal Boards pro children and adolescents in each town; this is a program with the Human Rights Attorney. Target Group: Directs: • 51 integrants of Protection Municipal Boards in 10 towns of Sololá • 2 Human Rights auxiliary offices Indirects: • 80 boys, girls and adolescents protected annually by this local slot.

Among other documents: • Construyendo sistemas Municipales de Protección. (Building Protection Municipal Systems) • Opciones y decisiones. Manual de reflexión sobre sexualidad para adolescentes (Options and decisions. Meditation Manual about adolescents’ sexuality) • El momento es hoy. Versión mediada de la Ley Electoral y de Partidos Políticos (The moment is today. Version mediated by Electoral Law and Political parties) • Transformando Conciencias. Manual de educadores populares para la construcción de Semilleros. (Transforming consciousness. Popular Education Manual for Seedbeed building) • Protejamos a la niñez (Let´s protect the children) • Hagamos comunicación. Manual de comunicación para adolescentes (Let´s make communication. Manual of Communication for adolescents) • Transformando nuestro municipio en una zona segura. (Transforming our town in a safe zone) • Educación ambiental para adolescentes. (Enviromental Education for adolescents) • Metodologías para la participación de la niñez y adolescencia para la conservación y protección del medio ambiente. Módulo de multiplicación de pares. (Methodology for the participation of children and adolescents pro environmental conservation and protection. Multiplication by pairs module)

Produced documents

Contact us! Address: 11ÂŞ calle 10-36 zona 2, Ciudad Nueva Phone Numbers: (502) 2254-1486 y (502) 2254-4236 Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter @PAMIGuatemala

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