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Effects of parents Behavior on teenagers mind development Bd life queries 3/11/2018


Effects of parents Behavior on teenagers mind development In the teenage period, teenage boy or goes through both physical and psychological changes in their body and mind. In this case parents and family are actual friends to lead with society and community as natural person. As well as they give the right direction of teenage child to tackle the radical changes like a teacher also.

Teenagers Mind and Brain: 

At the age of 9-16 they have realize that they are grown with bodily and other mentally.

They have come more emotion in friendly and romantic relationship, this time they didn’t want to share all of the feelings with family & others.

They think that they know well from others and whenever any person wants to prove them wrong they can’t accept it. And express the irritable mood.


When the relationship between father and mother is not good & they make argue in front of child it is consequently affects of them. They seem too guilty of own.

Parents Responsibility of teenagers growth at all sphere: Respect people & community:Father can give the actual guidelines for respect of other people when his child goes with him. it may be market, school, social programmed, attending any developing work. Mother also can teach to her child when they remain with him. They follow the attitude of mother which is delivered with another person.

Support of every interest and opinion if positive:When we go to any work related to our family, sometimes we did not give any priority of our junior member of our family. We need to respect any opinion of teenage child because they are not infant & their brain has some extraordinary idea which can be more importance to get any decision.

Honesty is the best policy of parents:The age of Teen they didn’t know what is right for them? Sometimes they do any kind of dishonest work for own opportunity but face harmful to another. Parents have to remember that they are the best guide when they can show their promise fulfill. Parents must be keep similarity with giving speech and work. This is the best policy to teach Honesty of their child.

Cooperation with teenager at home, school, college, & all activities:Parents have more expectation from their child that is must be remain grade level at school. They need to cooperate their child to make homework, inspiration to perform any knowledgeable contest, like: debate, quiz. They also need to qualify all of the cultural programmed arranged by the school, college, & community. Parents can make mentally strong to teenager attending all of this with confidently.

Unawareness of parents which teenagers fall on unexpected situation:Now a day we notice that technology and digitalization make us developed and world connection is possible through many social sites. But this technology has harm to teenager .they can get any antisocial, prohibited, curse and ban thing from such site among internet. It is not so easy to enforce a teenage boy or girl. Parents should be careful about teenage period of their child. If this time boy or girl becomes violent, depressed parents must be communicating with their children's directly and freely.

Some boys or girls can be addicted either make fun of or influenced any evil companionship (bad friends).

They commit - 1. Cigarettes 2. Drugs 3. Alcohol 4. Addicted to sexual attraction. Besides this parents have to feel what is the need of their children? Only their proper counseling may reduce the stress and depression. They can come-back from such unexpected & useless life. Family psychologist, DAVID SWANSON says that-“Kids have plenty of reason to manipulate their parents�

Analysis under all of discussion we may give some tips for solution:For teenager daily reminds that1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

He/she is excellent. His/her positivity is his/her own pleasure. He/she can celebrate by his/her individuality. He/she can do everything. He/she prepared to all success.

=> Teenager must be share with parents all of the problems and parents should give the actual solution. => So that a child not become a victim of parents anger. => Teenagers must be practice a daily routine which is good for health & career. => Parents should not fixed up about dress up and choosing career of a child. => Which behavior a child can not adjust with family & which attitude cannot accept from parents that must be notice and take into consideration for conciliation.

=> Awareness of committing suicide aspect of religion & inhumane sides parents must be conscious all illness, dirty, hateful, abnormalities activities. => Parents must be give more time to their child at this time and need to travel out at every weekend.

Finally, Teen has some social contribution also----

Every generation have more updated history, they always face with new history of world. When any harmful activities come to the society they can overcome it and can conscious about that. Like gas, natural disaster, working the awareness of HIV, Blood donation, Bad impact of attempt to suicide etc. through this kind of work the teenager can change the future generation. They should not affect with any bad companions & bad habit. In a word, a group of teen can make a good life for another teen.

Parents behave  
Parents behave  

In the teenage period, teenage boy or goes through both physical and psychological changes in their body and mind. In this case, parents and...