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The Silver Lake Magazine A collection of artwork and poems by the campers at Silver Lake from the summer of 2011

Edited by Denali Hawk Blumert Produced by the Congregational Church of Salisbury, UCC

True Generosity By Christina Williams

Generosity, It’s the way God calls us to live. To give what we can, money and mind alike. He gives us personal gifts, and expects us to use them to help. Generosity is not only a word, but a way of living our lives. Generosity can be through anything. Money, actions, thoughts and more. So God calls us now to share with the world true generosity.

Fun in the Son Rap By Mary, Amanda, Danielle, Amanda, Alex, Janae, Kendra, Rebecca, Conor You wanna hear some knowledge, Cuz we know you gotta thirst So listen to us rap about the U.C.C. first Chorus:

Errybody’s welcome, erry errybody’s welcome Errybody’s welcome, erry errybody’s welcome Errybody’s welcome in the U.C.C.

We love Pakistan, Australia, Iran went all the way to Europe to hug my friend Stan We love you if you’re from China or Japan We love Canada We love Ukraine We love you if you’re Einstein or even if you’re insane Chorus Your first time at camp? We’ll help you face your fear You’ll make friends real fast Cuz everybody’s welcome here Chorus First woman ordained, you know she made a change You prolly didn’t know it, we had the first black poet You could hear everybody yell when they saved the Liberty Bell Chorus

The conference Amazing Grace has adopted a closing activity called “Paper, shapes, and treasures”. The purpose of this activity is to share “warm fuzzies” and silly comments with each other. These are a collection of “Paper, Shapes, and treasures” that embody the Silver Lake atmosphere.

My Dream Savannah H.

Elevated to the top Dancing in outer space “It’s out of my grasp” you think Fear not For God knows No dream is unreachable Sure you are minute in comparison But I know You must Plan precisely Prepare with prayer Execute with joy Pursue with persistence For with God catching you at every fall You can soar and obtain… Your dream

Words of our Soul By Written Word conference 2011 Our words have power, beginning to end The power to heal and the power to mend And words of compassion can build up this world While words of destruction will tear down the whole Chorus: Our greatest power is the words of our soul Choose these words wisely for you have control And God who is glory and found us in night broke down the darkness and said, let there be light. Our power comes from our God above Made our world whole and filled with love And then God spoke the words of creation Making the scripture our inspiration Chorus In the beginning was the word, So watch your words and mind your mouth Say what’s right and use God’s might Chorus

Moving By Sydney Smith-Romanski-Pirocameac Mountains and valleys, Commas and tallies, Circles move round and round They never seem to close. Broken tears and heartbeats, Footsteps on the beach, Tracing pathways in a circle We go round and round again Love and confusion, Dark and direction, Spruce trees and fresh meat, Rhythm to the moving beat Don’t sit down Don’t take a seat; Don’t ever give into defeat Listen to all the voices Pay attention to all the noises Words and notes Sail away on God’s sacred boat Just stop Take the time To know what’s thine; I need time To know what’s mine Take the time and you might find Something that was hidden behind You might find me Sitting on that tree The one next to your house Quiet, quiet as a mouse My heart and my head I’m good and I’m fed Fed and full of God’s love Let’s move it forward Forward in a circle Cause love darling, Love never ends.

Silverlake By Samantha Cross

The great open field The beautiful chapels The gentle floating raft The kind, wonderful, amazing staff But yet The songs I sung The books I read The things I did But yet The lake I saw The pictures I drew The friends I made But yet The counselors The deans The reverends The swim buddies The conferences The pines The cedars The hillside But yet The mess hall The camp store The amphitheater But yet SILVER LAKE!

Peace Eternal By Hanako Agresta A thin strand of pure gold glimmers in the waking sun Baby pink tints the sky with a soft glow And I am caught in a sense of wonder There is nothing trapping my soul Nothing making it slow as it floats to the now pale blue sky it has become Ever so gently I allow myself to fall down into the field and look up at the amazing world I know I’m a part of. Butterflies drift lazily across my peripheral vision I close my eyes, letting the sun’s rays caress my body Then, a dreamless sleep takes me into a world of eternal peace

Here I am Standing between the light and the dark Learning control Mastering the balance For when they are combined, drawn together Amazing things are possible So dance with me Between the light and dark And see if the world will not change See if it can stand being contained in its prison Once it knows of its potential Dance with me and bring a future that no one will resist. Poem by Jacob Brown Drawing by Reverend Karen Johnson

Silver Lake Magazine  

Created by 2011 campers at Silver Lake Camp

Silver Lake Magazine  

Created by 2011 campers at Silver Lake Camp